Top 50 Best Witch Anime Of All Time

top 50 best witch anime of all time


Shrouded in mystery with funny spells and potions, cauldrons filled with boiling funky liquids, pointy hats, and a broomstick.


That should be enough to give you a hint of the list we’re going to explore in our series.


They have existed in fairy tales, and satires and are tantamount to vicious and evil beings.


Though they are usually viewed in a disturbing light, witches and witchcraft have superseded our imagination of creating whimsical characters and their world.


Let’s take a look at how anime has celebrated these delinquents yet adorable witches in our recommendation of the Top Witch Anime.




1. XxxHolic




Entity Detail
Title xxxHOLiC
Type TV
Studios Production I.G
Genres Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
Premiered Apr 7, 2006 to Sep 29, 2006
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.001
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Kimihiro Watanuki is a young boy with the ability to see evil spirits who are somehow attracted to him.


He meets a powerful witch, Yuko Ichihara who has a wish-granting shop of her own.


Kimihiro asks her to get rid of his powers.


Yuko agrees but with only one condition, Kimihiro needs to work with her when he discovers the store is nothing like he imagined it to be.


The series also has a crossover with Clamp’s other title Tsubasa Reservoir which is equally loved.


This series is honestly a hit or miss with a lot due to its distinctive art style and creepy characters.


The plot of the series makes you rethink your perspective on fate and the purpose of life.


This anime series stands at the top of our list due to its popularity and niche storyline, which could go either way.


The series is close to a perfect MAL score of 8.1 and an IMDb rating of 7.7.




2. Kiki’s Delivery Service


Majo no Takkyuubin / Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Entity Detail
Title Majo no Takkyuubin
Type Movie
Studios Studio Ghibli
Genres Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Romance, Fantasy
Premiered 1989-07-29
Source Novel
MAL Score 8.221
Duration 1 hr. 43 min.


Ah, of course, it had to be the Ghibli title reaching the top of our list.


Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of the most popular, highest-grossing, and financially successful movies from 1989.


The movie is about a trainee witch named Kiki and her little black cat Jiji.


Once 13, as a traditional witch, needs to leave home and find their niche to become a witch and hone her skills.


Kiki and Jiji settle down in a charming little seaside town, where Kiki establishes her little service of delivering baked goods to the residents of the town.


Kiki starts to interact with the people of the town and begins to realize how some of them are just pure negative.


It begins to affect the only skills that she has managed to hone which is flying the broomstick.


She even can’t communicate with Jiji anymore. We follow this exciting and beautifully rendered story of Kiki and her life as she aims for her dreams.


It’s a beautiful and subtle story with characters dealing with great intricacies. One of the few Ghibli movies that leave a lasting impact on the viewer.




3. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica / Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Madoka Magica.


Entity Detail
Title Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Type TV
Studios Shaft
Genres Psychological, Drama, Magic, Thriller
Premiered Jan 7, 2011 to Apr 22, 2011
Source Original
MAL Score 8.361
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Standing at #9 on MAL’s Best Anime of the Decade 2010, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a thrilling and magical anime series!


This anime is a critically acclaimed series known for its compounded narrative, themes, and visuals.


It is also a multiple award-winning series. Madoka Kaname, a 14-year-old girl comes across a magical little cat known as Kyubey.


Madoka and her friend Sayaka Miki are allowed to make a deal with the magical creature to gain magical powers.


However, Homura Akemi discourages them to go forth with the contract as having magical powers has its downsides as well.


Madoka Magica doesn’t play on the usual “magical girl” tropes but attempts to break apart from them.


The show’s mood ranges from fun and girly to dark and gritty almost seamlessly.


The girls have to fight out evil witches in this apocalyptic setting who drive people to commit suicide.


The series is multi-faceted and is a definite must-watch from this list. To add to it, the series has a stunning MAL score of 8.37 and an IMDb rating of 8.3.




4. Hauru no Ugoku Shiro


Hauru no Ugoku Shiro / Howl’s Moving Castle.


Entity Detail
Title Howl no Ugoku Shiro
Type Movie
Studios Studio Ghibli
Genres Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Premiered 2004-11-20
Source Novel
MAL Score 8.661
Duration 1 hr. 59 min.


Oh, this one’s a classic. Right off the bat, if you haven’t watched this Ghibli movie, you definitely should, right now!!


As you should know Ghibli studio is one of the best anime studios that have a long list of legendary animes.


We all know Miyazaki’s obsession with everything magical, and this one is nothing short of it.


The film’s story is somewhat based on a 1986 novel by Diana Wynne Jones.


Set in a 20th-century fictional kingdom where magic and technology go hand in hand, Sophie a young girl is turned into a witch by an old woman who curses her.


Sophie has a chance encounter with a wizard by the name of Howl and ends up helping him in fighting the resistance.


It is visually stunning, imaginative, elaborate, and intricate, especially the design of that aircraft.


The movie appeals to Western audiences due to the style of characterization making it accessible for audiences outside of Japan to connect with a Ghibli movie.



5. Strike Witches


Strike Witches


Entity Detail
Title Strike Witches
Type TV
Studios Gonzo
Genres Action, Ecchi, Magic, Military, Sci-Fi
Premiered Jul 4, 2008 to Sep 19, 2008
Source Original
MAL Score 6.991
Duration 24 min. per ep.


The prequel to Brave Witches, Strike Witches covers the year when the world was on the brink of destruction.


A mysterious alien race, the Neuroi begin their earth invasion. To run them out, humanity develops a weapon known as the ‘Striker Unit’.


Young Witches from all over the world are brought together to wield this magical weapon to form an elite task force known as the ‘501st Joint Fighter Wing’ also known as the ‘Strike Witches.


What’s worthy of noting here is that each of the witches in the series is based on a real-life ace pilot from WW2.


The story is not as serious as it sounds, it tells the events taking place in a very entertaining manner without dulling the mood of the series.


It’s a great sci-fi series and is a great example of the Mecha-Musume genre. All in all, it’s an amazingly researched, well-structured series.


Now, this might not also be everyone’s pick to watch but it provides fine insight into every growing alternate history of the world.



6. Black Clover


Black Clover.


Entity Detail
Title Black Clover
Type TV
Studios Studio Pierrot
Genres Action, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
Premiered Oct 3, 2017 to Mar 30, 2021
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.021
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Black Clover is one of the best fantasy anime out there right now. The series which started in 2017 will be ending this year in March.


Asta dreams of becoming the ‘Wizard King’ – the title given to the most powerful mage in the kingdom.


But to become the best, Asta must first learn to wield magic and also beat his friend Yuno, who is exceptionally talented in using magic.


After training hard, Yuno receives a grimoire with a four-leaf clover but Asta receives nothing.


Yuno then becomes the target of Lebuty who is after the powers of the clover.


In an attempt to save Yuno, Asta manages to unleash his inner rage and receives the coveted five-leaf clover known as the ‘Black Clover’.


Having defeated Lebuty now, the two take on a journey to becoming the Wizard King.


Now you may think it’s not completely about witches so why so high on the list?


But the characters in the series all ride on broomsticks and there’s an entire arc of the Forest of Witches.


The series however encapsulates everything witchy and wizardly. The series has a solid IMDb rating of 8.1 and a MAL score of 7.4.



7. Rentaru Magika / Rental Magica


Rentaru Magika / Rental Magica.


Entity Detail
Title Rental Magica
Type TV
Studios Zexcs
Genres Mystery, Supernatural, Fantasy
Premiered Oct 8, 2007 to Mar 24, 2008
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.041
Duration 24 min. per ep.


The series revolves around Iba Itsuki, the 2nd President of Astral.


A company that caters to the magical needs of those who need the service to combat evil spirits, rogue mages, and demons.


Astral was run by Itsuki’s father but he had to take over the business unwillingly after his father’s disappearance.


Itsuki now has to play the role of a leader and build the company to be the topmost whilst also dealing with his wacky employees and beating the rival company( Goetia comprising rogue members).


With a total of 24 episodes released from 2007 until 2008. The series follows a non-linear format meaning that the first episode occurs much later in the series.


So, it relies heavily on the exposition of the world which it does beautifully and realistically.


It’s unlike any other magic anime that you may have come across and it’s something you need to watch at least once!


Rental Magic has a MAL score of 7.05 and an IMDb score of 6.4.



8. Witchikurafuto Wakusu / Witch Craft Works


Witchikurafuto Wakusu / Witch Craft Works.


Entity Detail
Title Witch Craft Works
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Genres Action, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy, Seinen
Premiered Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.041
Duration 23 min. per ep.


An adaption of one of the bestselling manga in 2012 and 2013, Witch Craft Works is the story of Honoka Takamiya.


An ordinary student who is best on his own but the presence of the idol Ayaka Kagari pesters him.


One day a building gets flung toward him and Ayaka appears in front of him.


Honoka then learns that she was a witch and is sent to protect him from the evil forces out to get him.


It’s a sub-harem title but has some great fight scenes. It is action-packed coupled with comedy and can be pretty fun to watch.


It makes for a great light watch nonetheless.



9. Mahou Shoujo -Tai Arusu / Tweeny Witches


Mahou Shoujo -tai Arusu / Tweeny Witches.


Entity Detail
Title Mahou Shoujo-tai Arusu
Type TV
Studios Studio 4°C
Genres Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Premiered Apr 9, 2004 to Mar 4, 2005
Source Original
MAL Score 7.081
Duration 9 min. per ep.


Arusu’s beliefs in magic take a complete turn when she gets thrown into mysterious another world.


Here a group of elite witches rules but it’s not all fun and game in this world.


Now coming out of her shock, Arusu realizes that she needs to act according to her now-changed surroundings.


What’s interesting to note here is that there were 40 episodes released with a 9-minute duration.


But having said that, the show’s pace is fast and exciting and builds the world and character arcs for the viewers pretty well.


Making this a memorable experience to watch, the series ranks at a solid MAL score of 7.09 and an IMDb rating of 7.1.



10. Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho / Grimoire of Zero


Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho / Grimoire of Zero.


Entity Detail
Title Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
Type TV
Studios White Fox
Genres Action, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy
Premiered Apr 10, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.081
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Zero is a light-hearted witch who travels the world with her half-beast half-human protector whom she refers to as a “Mercenary”.


Zero is in search of the book known as ‘The Book of Zero’ which hides the secrets of how to destroy the world while the mercenary is only looking to go back to his human form.


We follow these two poles opposite characters on a journey with individualistic motives that tie together towards the end.


Despite, being the most anticipated series for 2017, the series like the past few titles has mixed reviews.


With a MAL score of 7.09 and a popularity ranking at #744 including an IMDb rating of a solid 7, they supersede the disappointed fans of the show.



11. Mahoutsukai Pretty Cure! / Maho Girls Precure!


Mahoutsukai Pretty Cure! / Maho Girls Precure!


Entity Detail
Title Mahoutsukai Precure!
Type TV
Studios Toei Animation
Genres Action, Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy, School, Shoujo
Premiered Feb 7, 2016 to Jan 29, 2017
Source Original
MAL Score 7.111
Duration 24 min. per ep.


An adventurous teenager, Mirai Asahina, and her talking teddy bear Mofurun encounter a witch, Riko, who falls off her broomstick.


The two of them have the same pendant as Rika explains that she’s come to the human realm to find something.


But then Batty an evil witch appears and demands the Link Stone Emerald.


To save each other after Batty unleashes his monster at them, Mirai, Riko, and Mofurun say the magic words and thus transform into the legends.


The Precure universe sure is a magical one, this one is exaggerated magic at its best.


The sceneries are great and some even enjoy the light-heartedness of this Precure series.


It has an IMDb rating of 7.6 and a MAL score of 7.09.



12. Umineko: When They Cry


Umineko no Naku Koro ni / Umineko: When They Cry


Entity Detail
Title Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Type TV
Studios Studio Deen
Genres Mystery, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural
Premiered Jul 2, 2009 to Dec 24, 2009
Source Visual novel
MAL Score 7.101
Duration 23 min. per ep.


From the popular “When They Cry” series comes Umineko No Naku Koro ni, a drama, mystery psychological, and supernatural anime show.


Ushiromiya Kinzou, the head of the wealthy Ushiromiya family is approaching his deathbed as informed by his caretaker and physician.


He then summons the rest of his family to arrive at the family-owned island of Rokkenjima.


However, Kinzou’s dying wish is to reunite with his long-lost love the Golden Witch, Beatrice.


Having studied and used dark magic for most of his lifetime, he can instigate a ceremony to bring her to this realm just in time before his family arrives.


But a typhoon traps the entire family in the estate on the island and suddenly some of the family members are mysteriously murdered.


At the very onset, the plot seems very intriguing but if you were to read the reviews, it says otherwise.


Another hit or miss with the fans but if you want to keep up with the series then do watch this title.


Agree or disagree?



13. Junketsu no Maria / Maria the Virgin Witch


Junketsu no Maria / Maria the Virgin Witch.


Entity Detail
Title Junketsu no Maria
Type TV
Studios Production I.G
Genres Comedy, Historical, Magic, Romance, Fantasy, Seinen
Premiered Jan 11, 2015 to Mar 29, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.141
Duration 24 min. per ep.


An adaption of the three volumed manga of the same name, Junketsu no Maria.


During the Hundred Year’s War in the middle ages between England and France, a formidable witch by the name of Maria emerged.


Maria is sick of the war around her and even stirs up some trouble from time to time.


When the Archangel Michael intervenes in her disruptions, he forbids her from using her magical powers putting a condition on her that she will lose her magical powers if she loses her virginity.


Disregarding the decree completely, Maria continues with her actions as the Church begins to plot against Maria.


This 12-episodic series which was launched in 2015, talks about a teenage girl dealing with her sexuality and dealing with the perils of the warring society.


The series can be a little dark at times but also has a lighter approach to it to keep it funny.


It’s a hit or a miss with most fans.



14. Burn the Witch


Burn the Witch.


Entity Detail
Title Burn the Witch
Type Movie
Studios Studio Colorido
Genres Action, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
Premiered 2020-10-02
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.141
Duration 21 min. per ep.


From the creators of Bleach, comes ‘Burn the Witch, a story of the witch duo Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole.


The story is set in London where a Reverse London exists as well.


The people of the city are unaware of the fact that the cause of the mysterious deaths is the invisible beings and dragons that haunt the city.


But there is a group of beings with magical powers who stand up against these magical creatures, the Wing Bind.


These protection agents save the people from unknown terror for the sole purpose of dragon conservation and management.


This series was released on Crunchyroll as a 3-part movie episodic series in October 2020.


Some consider this to be the downfall of the series but most fans have compared it to the whimsical world of shounen anime that Bleach took them to.


It has a MAL score of 7.17 and a popularity ranking at #1109.



15. Ultramaniac – Magical Girl / Ultra Maniac


Ultramaniac – Magical Girl / Ultra Maniac.


Entity Detail
Title Ultra Maniac
Type TV
Studios Production Reed
Genres Comedy, Magic, Romance, School, Shoujo
Premiered May 20, 2003 to Nov 11, 2003
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.171
Duration 24 min. per ep.


A clumsy witch in line to become the Princess of the Magic Kingdom. Nina Sakura has to compete with her best friend to win the competition.


They both set out to planet Earth to Holy Five Stones.


There she meets with Ayu Tateishi who becomes aware of her being a witch but keeps her friendship intact with Nina.


Although competing with her best friend, Nina manages to make new friends along with Ayu and also finds all the five stones.


The crux is that Nina is struggling to master magic while Ayu tries to manage the words of her heart. 


This juxtaposition of two characters makes it an interesting watch!


There are a total of 26 episodes and were released in 2003. It has a MAL score of 7.18 and an IMDb score of 7.5.



16. Mary and the Witch’s Flower


Meari to Majo no Hana / Mary and the Witch’s Flower.


Entity Detail
Title Mary to Majo no Hana
Type Movie
Studios Studio Ponoc
Genres Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
Premiered 2017-07-08
Source Book
MAL Score 7.271
Duration 1 hr. 42 min.


Based on the book by Mary Stewart from 1971, The Little Broomstick, and also Studio Ponoc’s first feature film, Meari to Majo no Hana.


It explores the story of a young girl Mary who is accompanied by a cute little cat, Tib, to a strange flower deep into the forest.


This strange flower known as the ‘Fly-by-Night’ is the most sought-after flower by witches giving them magical powers.


Walking further ahead, she finds a unique broomstick that begins to glow and lifts her to the sky!


Up to the magical grounds of Endor College, a training ground for witches.


The movie is a delight to watch as the director of the movie, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, creates the whimsy animation we know of from Studio Ghibli.


Many consider the animation style and story similar to that of The Secret World of Arrietty, which Yonebayashi was a part of himself.


For a first-time studio to create such an amazing movie, you know there’s more amazing anime coming from them.


The movie has a MAL score of 7.28 and an IMDb rating of 6.8.



17. Witch Hunter Robin


Witch Hunter Robin.


Entity Detail
Title Witch Hunter Robin
Type TV
Studios Sunrise
Genres Action, Mystery, Police, Supernatural, Drama, Magic
Premiered Jul 2, 2002 to Dec 24, 2002
Source Original
MAL Score 7.271
Duration 25 min. per ep.


Now this one is recommended, you NEED to watch this show only for the sheer amazing characters, amazing storyline, and butt-kicking girls in scary occult.


It has the perfect mixture of creepiness, a supernatural world, and excitement. In modern-day Japan, using magic has become a common affair.


A technique known as CRAFT used by those who can wield supernatural powers is well known.


But those who use CRAFT for evil purposes are deemed as witches.


Robin, a witch hunter, who is a part of the STNJ, has to track down all the evil witches who pose a threat to Japan.


Pretty simple story but the execution of the series is amazing. It may seem a little slow-paced but the plot is intriguing with revelations blowing your mind.


The series has a MAL score of 7.27 and a popularity ranking at #1479.



18. Zero no Tsukaima / The Familiar of Zero


Zero no Tsukaima / The Familiar of Zero.


Entity Detail
Title Zero no Tsukaima
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Genres Action, Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, School
Premiered Jul 3, 2006 to Sep 25, 2006
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.291
Duration 23 min. per ep.


S&M and Moe fans look no further, Zero no Tsukaima is the anime for you.


Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere is a narcissistic mage belonging to royalty.


However, when she joins Tristain Academy, life gets difficult for her.


The other students now start calling her “Louise the Zero”.


Quite literally even resulting in a catastrophic explosion because she can’t get her spells right and use magic correctly.


But out of smoke appears her familiar, Saito Hiraga.


But things begin to look on the upside for Louise when a mysterious mark appears on his hand relating to a powerful mage himself.


The series is an ecchi anime as Louise is a tsundere while the other characters have slapstick elements to them.


This title makes for a great light watch where nothing too serious takes place.



19. Sugar Sugar Rune


Sugar Sugar Rune


Entity Detail
Title Sugar Sugar Rune
Type TV
Studios Studio Pierrot
Genres Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo
Premiered Jul 2, 2005 to Jun 24, 2006
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.461
Duration 24 min. per ep.


We otakus know just how much the Japanese love documenting and animating food.


Taking inspiration from the same, Sugar Sugar Rune is a story of witch best friends who set out on a contest to become the Queen of the Witch World.


The task given is to collect as many human hearts as possible and the one with the most hearts becomes the winner.


The show is girly and makes a decent light watch. However, some fans who have read the manga do have some issues with this version of the show.


It takes forever to reach the plot of the show but if you want to watch a girly and de-stressing show, then try this title.


The series was released in 2005 and continued with 51 episodes until 2006. Phew! It has a MAL score of 7.44 and a popularity ranking of #2962.



20. Hime-chan’s Ribbon


Hime-chan no Ribbon / Hime-chan’s Ribbon.


Entity Detail
Title Hime-chan no Ribbon
Type TV
Studios Gallop
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, School, Shoujo
Premiered Oct 2, 1992 to Dec 3, 1993
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.441
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Another classic title on the list is Hime-chan no Ribbon.


The plot of the story is very simple, Nonohara Himeko, a complete tomboy, encounters a beautiful Princess Erika of the Magical World who is a witch herself.


She gifts her a magical ribbon that allows Himeko to temporarily transform into any person in this world.


Her motive for her was to help those in need. But as it is with mortal items, Himeko begins to face difficulties when she isn’t able to solve people’s problems.


What’s great about the show? Despite the title, the show isn’t completely focused just on the ribbon on her head.


It explores relationships and how Himeko decides to change according to the other characters around her.


The characterization of the Himeko isn’t gimmicky and the creators have kept it very believable given the year that it was released.


At that time, everyone wanted squeaky-voiced and cute-eyed anime girls.


The anime as a whole is sharp, and the animation style is a great example of the transition from the 80’s to the 90’s art style.


The series wasn’t picked up in the overseas market but it was a great success in Japan.


It has a MAL score of 7.45 and an IMDb score of 6.4!



21. Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene


Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene / Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene.


Entity Detail
Title Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene
Type Movie
Studios ufotable
Genres Fantasy, Magic
Premiered 2013-12-28
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.431
Duration 1 hr. 40 min.


Yoyo and Nene are two witch sisters who are experts in curses and reversing cursing. They live in the Magical Kingdom which consists of magical beings.


One fine day a huge tree suddenly sprouts from the ground bringing along with some buildings from Earth entangled within it.


The Kingdom is shaken and tries to make of this new development, the girls too promptly head to investigate the tree.


While investigating the new find, Yoyo gets absorbed into modern-day Japan through an elevator.


Unable to comprehend the situation, Yoyo tries to help 3 children whose parents have turned into gelatinous creatures after the event.


The movie has some great anime art styles with wonderful landscapes and great character designs.


The trailer is so well-cut that you’d want to immerse yourself in their world almost immediately.


The movie is adapted from the manga, Noroi-ya Shimai. The movie which was released back in 2013 has received a mixed bag of reviews.



22. Flying Witch


Flying Witch


Entity Detail
Title Flying Witch
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Genres Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Magic, Shounen
Premiered Apr 10, 2016 to Jun 26, 2016
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.521
Duration 23 min. per ep.


This Spring anime release from 2016, may give you a peek into Kiki’s life as a teenager (from Kiki’s Delivery Service).


This feel-good anime revolves around the life of 15-year-old Makoto Kuramoto.


She leaves Yokohama for the bountiful Aomori along with her little black cat, Chito to pursue her normal teenage life along with her relatives who live there.


But Makoto isn’t your usual teenager, she is a witch in training.


As we move through the lush landscapes along with Makoto, we see her struggle with her training due to her limited skills.


Along with her cousins, she makes the most out of each day to reach her ultimate goal!


The series is so soothing to the eyes, even the poster looks so calming.


The series is not complicated or full of action but it respects the slice-of-life genre well.


Now that is something not many may want, given the title has the word ‘witch’ in it.


It could be a treat to watch for some who are looking for a light watch but for those who want action and complex plots, look away right now!


There are a total of 12 episodes to watch and the manga is still ongoing.


It has an IMDb rating of 7.2 and a MAL score of 7.53.



23. Majo no Tabitabi / Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina


Majo no Tabitabi / Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina.


Entity Detail
Title Majo no Tabitabi
Type TV
Studios C2C
Genres Adventure, Magic, Fantasy
Premiered Oct 2, 2020 to Dec 18, 2020
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.551
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Majo no Tabitabi or The Witch’s Journey by Jougi Shiraishi is a light novel series.


Based on the same series, we follow the journey of Elaina, whose dream is to travel the world and become a witch like Nike.


Elaina studies hard and reads every book possible to become the best out there but gets rejected due to her extraordinary talents until she finds the Stardust Witch.


Elaina receives the title of the ‘Ashen Witch’ and now sets on her journey to conquer the world meeting different faces and places.


It is a beautifully conceptualized series with an unpredictable storyline.


Some do find the ignorance of the protagonist toward those around her narcissistic while some find the character simply following her heart.


The story isn’t completely flawed but what’s great is that Elaina is an observer of the world.


The series is merely documenting her journey of self-growth taking her far and wide.


The series is fairly new on the scene with a total of 12 episodes that ran from October to December 2020.


It has an IMDb rating of a solid 7 and a 7.56.



24. Mahoutsukai no Yome


mahoutsukai no yome


Mahoutsukai no Yome is an anime series that was created from a successful manga series of the same name. It follows the story of Chise Hatori and her journey from the mundane to the magical.


Sold at auction, 15-year-old Chise finds herself apprenticed to the mysterious Elias, an ancient magus in England. She is introduced to a new world surrounded by magical creatures, and she embarks on a new life filled with wonder and learning.


But her cursed past and hidden dangers linger, calling her to hone her magic. She has to navigate mysterious plots at the prestigious college for sorcerers to come out alive.


The series was received with mixed reviews and an MAL score of 8.06, with praise for the magical world and the animation. However, many fans complained that the series failed to live up to the manga series.



25. Ojamajo Doremi


Ojamajo Doremi Series. / Useless Witch Doremi Series / Magical Doremi.


Entity Detail
Title Ojamajo Doremi
Type TV
Studios Toei Animation
Genres Comedy, Magic
Premiered Feb 7, 1999 to Jan 30, 2000
Source Original
MAL Score 7.221
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Ojamjao Doremi follows the story of Doremi Harukaze, a human girl who comes across the Mahodo in the fictional Japanese town of Misora.


There Doremi discovers that the shop owner is a witch! Now the legend of Misora is that witches of the town avoid human contact due to a curse.


A curse from ancient times that turns the humans who find out the witch’s identity into magical witch frogs.


This is what happens to Doremi, now equipped with magic, she must pass all the tests to help the owner turn her back into her normal self.


Doremi is later joined by her friends and sister as well in this new world of witchcraft.


The series is exceptionally well made with a strong emotional quotient encapsulating topics, humor, and relevant emotions as well.


The art style is in the very late 90s but improves as the series progresses over the years.


The TV series aired from 1999 to 2002 with 201 episodes. It also has 13 OVAs and 2 films to accompany the TV series.


With a MAL score of 7.59, Ojamajo Doremi is a kind series on our list.



26. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches


Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo / Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.


Entity Detail
Title Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (TV)
Type TV
Genres Harem, Mystery, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, School, Shounen
Premiered Apr 12, 2015 to Jun 28, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.611
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Now we all know how eccentric certain anime stories can be, this title has to be on the list of The Most Weird but Great Anime Series ever created.


Ryuu Yamada-Kun wanted to leave his rough past behind and lead a productive life at Suzaku High.


Soon bored in his second year there, Yamada’s past catches up with him and he becomes the lazy careless lout that he was.


But get this, on his way back from yet another office visit, he encounters the beautiful honors student, Urara Shiraishi.


Now, this is where things get weird, Yamada-Kun and Urara accidentally trip and tumble down the stairs and end up accidentally kissing which results in the two of them BODYSWAPPING!


Suzaku High’s legend says that seven witches activated their powers with a kiss!


The best part about this is that the witches don’t even know they possess these powers, how is that possible?


Now it’s up to Yamada-Kun and Urara along with the others to unearth the identities of all the seven witches.


The series may seem like a fanservice anime, but don’t mistake it for it. Despite being an odd story flow, it has some great writing with ecchi elements.


This one could be a hit or a miss for many. It has a MAL score of 7.64 and an IMDb rating of 7.3!



27. Ritoru Witchi Akademia / Little Witch Academia


Ritoru Witchi Akademia / Little Witch Academia


Entity Detail
Title Little Witch Academia (TV)
Type TV
Studios Trigger
Genres Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School
Premiered Jan 9, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017
Source Original
MAL Score 7.861
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Little Witch Academia was rated as one of the best anime to be released in 2010.


Created and Directed by Yoh Yashinari and Written by Masahiko Otsuka, became a hugely successful title in English-speaking countries and is moderately well-received in Japan.


Atsuko joins Luna Nova Magical Academy in an endeavor to become a great witch like the much revered, Shiny Chariot.


The academy is no cakewalk for Atsuko due to her crude magic skills and to add to that are the boring lectures and students mocking her idol.


Even so, an opportunity presents itself where Atsuko manages to prove her mettle to her peers and the faculty and graduate proudly despite not having a lineage in witchcraft.


Atsuko’s journey is depicted as a pleasant one with mysterious aspects keeping the audience intrigued.


The anime series aired between Jan 2017 to Jun 2017 and has 25 episodes and a feature film was aired as well.


A Season 2 for the series was in the works but the creators later fell apart to continue working on other projects.


The series has a solid IMDb rating of 7.9 and a MAL score of 7.89.


If the likes of Harry Potter is your jam then give this title a watch!



28. Majokko Megu-chan / Meg the Witch Girl


Majokko Megu-chan / Meg the Witch Girl.


Entity Detail
Title Majokko Megu-chan
Type TV
Studios Toei Animation
Genres Magic, Shoujo
Premiered Apr 1, 1974 to Sep 29, 1975
Source Unknown
MAL Score 6.631
Duration 25 min. per ep.


Probably one of the oldest anime titles on this list, Majokko Megu-chan was released back in 1974 and completed its 72 episodic runs in 1975.


Megu is adopted by Mammi, a former witch who gave up her royal powers to marry a human.


Mammi has two children with her husband, Rabi, and Apo who think Megu is their eldest sister.


Mammi teaches all of them to control their abilities to become the successor of the crown.


It makes for an interesting watch even though it was released what feels like eons ago.


The characters are all fun and interesting and what’s great about these classic titles is that they don’t play much into complexities and keep it tight and simple.



29. Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu


seijo no maryoku wa bannou desu


Sei Takanashi was leading a mundane life before she was magically transported to the land of Slantania. The people of Slantania were under the threat of many monsters who attacked them relentlessly.


Although she appears to have been transported to this land by mistake, Sei uses this opportunity to use her magical talent for potions. She dives into her passion, studying herbs and crafting powerful potions at the research institute.


While she builds a new life, the weight of her abilities and a fateful encounter with a knight commander loom on the horizon. After recognising her special talent for potions, the ruler of Slantania appoints Sei as the Holy Saint for all the life-saving potions she has created.


The series was well received, with an MAL score of 7.42. It was enough to renew for season 2 of the anime.



30. Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint / Magical Angel Sweet Mint


Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint / Magical Angel Sweet Mint.


Entity Detail
Title Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint
Type TV
Studios Production Reed
Genres Magic, Shoujo
Premiered May 2, 1990 to Mar 27, 1991
Source Original
MAL Score 6.371
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Another classic magic shoujo anime is about a girl who happens to be a princess of the dream and magic world.


Just like another title from this list, Mint has to save earth from people losing faith in their dreams as her world is starting to wither.


Mint along with her parents travels to earth to protect people’s dreams.


Magical Angel Sweet Mint makes for a great family watch or even a light watch after a bad day.


The series aired from 1990 until 1991 before the Sailor Moon era and has 47 episodes to its name. it has a MAL score of 6.34.



31. Magikano




Entity Detail
Title Magikano
Type TV
Studios Tokyo Kids
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Romance, Shounen
Premiered Jan 1, 2006 to Apr 1, 2006
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.361
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Imagine if you wake up one day and head to school and your crush wants you.


That’s pretty much the premise of Magikano. Haruo an ordinary boy at school happens to have three magical sisters who keep their powers hidden from him for his safety.


When a transfer student Ayumi begins to seek his attention, Haruo is perplexed.


What he doesn’t know is that Ayumi is a witch with a curse to lose her powers soon and can only be saved if one particular boy breaks this spell.


The series has great humor, a little harem, and great storytelling that will keep you entertained.


This series has a MAL score of 6.37 and a popularity ranking at #6570 and also an IMDb rating of 6.



32. Mahou Tsukai Sally


Mahou Tsukai Sally


Entity Detail
Title Mahoutsukai Sally
Type TV
Studios Toei Animation
Genres Magic, Fantasy, School, Shoujo
Premiered Dec 5, 1966 to Dec 30, 1968
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.401
Duration 30 min. per ep.


This title is considered one of the first Mahou shoujo anime.


This vintage story of sally who is the heir of the magical realm dreaming of visiting the human world and leading a normal life.


Upon interacting with the new human friends, she makes in this world who are unaware of Sally’s powers.


Now attached to her new friends, she decides on staying in this world helping her add new skills beyond the world of magic.


This series which ran from 1966 to 1968 has a total of 109 episodes with half an hour of runtime.


The series has a great comedic and emotional angle as well. The series has a MAL score of 6.39.



33. I’m Standing on a Million Lives


man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru / I’m Standing on a Million Lives.


Entity Detail
Title 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru
Type TV
Studios Maho Film
Genres Action, Game, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Premiered Oct 2, 2020 to Dec 18, 2020
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.431
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Imagine you’re playing an RPG video where you don’t get to choose the character you want to play with and then get a random character of a Farmer.


That’s exactly what happens with Yotsuya when he along with two of his classmates.


Shindou Iu and Hakozaki Kusue get transported into a world occupied by mythological creatures.


An individual is known as the Game Master then grants them limited-time quests, they need to complete to return to reality.


Shindou and Hakozaki turn into a Magician and a Warrior while Yotsuya misses out on all the action.


We follow them on this epic 12-episodic journey. The series has a MAL score of 6.44 and an IMDb rating of 6.4.



34. Esper Mami


ESPer Mami.


Entity Detail
Title Esper Mami
Type TV
Studios Shin-Ei Animation
Genres Comedy, Ecchi, Magic, School, Super Power, Supernatural
Premiered Apr 7, 1987 to Oct 26, 1989
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.441
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Mami Sakura is an Esper who can sense people’s trouble and also help them out.


She seems like a normal junior school girl at the outset of it all but she also possesses supernatural powers.


Using a teleportation gun, Mami can teleport herself to the place of need and help those in trouble.


With the help of Mr. Takahata, her friend and confidant she can solve conspicuous situations.


The story is pretty much a no-brainer, it has no conflicts and she keeps disappearing from her parents most of the time.


Yet it makes it on our list with a MAL score of 6.44 and an IMDb rating of 6.8.



35. Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!!


Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!! / Here Comes the Black Witch!!


Entity Detail
Title Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!!
Type TV
Studios Shin-Ei Animation
Genres Comedy, Magic, School, Slice of Life
Premiered Apr 4, 2012 to Feb 19, 2014
Source Novel
MAL Score 6.491
Duration 7 min. per ep.


Kurotori Chiyoko, a lover of the occult, tries to summon a Cupid after trying to fulfill a love fortune-telling request by her friends.


But instead of Cupid, Kurotori ends up summoning the witch Gyubid.


He claims to be the hottest witch instructor who trains her to become a witch whilst also keeping up with her school studies.


It’s a cute little series that doesn’t fall in the fanservice category but it keeps the pace of the series fresh despite having 60 episodes!



36. Mahou No Yousei Persia / Magical Fairy Persia


Mahou No Yousei Persia / Magical Fairy Persia.


Entity Detail
Title Mahou no Yousei Persia
Type TV
Studios Studio Pierrot
Genres Comedy, Magic
Premiered Jul 6, 1984 to May 31, 1985
Source Original
MAL Score 6.601
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Persia grows up on the lush plains of Serengeti Africa. Her Mama and Papa decide on shifting back to Japan along with her.


On her trip to Japan, she finds herself in the ‘Lovely Dream’ where fairies exist.


Persia then meets with the Queen of the land who informs her that this dreamland was freezing and she would need to collect Love Energy to thaw this kingdom.


She is then given a headband that allows her to become a teenager and summon a wand as well as helping her use magic and find Love energy.


A total of 48 episodes were released between 1984 to 1985 with a 24-minute run time.


It’s a great classic anime to watch with a MAL score of 6.61.



37. Lapis Re: LiGHTs


Lapis Re: LiGHTs


Entity Detail
Title Lapis Re:LiGHTs
Type TV
Studios Yokohama Animation Lab
Genres Music, Magic, Fantasy
Premiered Jul 4, 2020 to Sep 19, 2020
Source Other
MAL Score 6.621
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Tiara is a young witch apprentice who enrolls in a prestigious academy for those who want to excel at magic.


Along with her friend Rosetta and her friends at the academy, she decides to join their idol group known as “LIGHTs”.


Each of the five girls adds their distinct qualities to the group fighting for their survival in a stringent school due to their poor grades.


In the 12 episodic series, you can see that a lot of care and thought has been put into it.


If you love idol performances, cute girly characters, and decent music, Lapis Re: LIGHTs is the title for you.


The series has a MAL score of 6.63 and an IMDb rating of 6.5.



38. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate


Bayonetta: Bloody Fate


Entity Detail
Title Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
Type Movie
Studios Gonzo
Genres Action, Demons, Fantasy, Super Power
Premiered 2013-11-23
Source Game
MAL Score 6.631
Duration 1 hr. 30 min.


When Bayonetta awakens from her 20-year slumber, the only thing she could remember about herself was that she’s a witch and fighting angels is what they do.


Together with the help of a weaponsmith called Rodin, Bayonetta begins to unravel pieces of her past to unlock her present.


The movie is based on a video game by the name of Bayonetta.


What’s cool about Bayonetta is that her hair serves as a magical summoning circle and her twin weapons i.e., four pistols.


She is a confident and headstrong woman who knows what she wants and will go to any limits to achieve her end goal.


It has great no-fuss fight scenes and it does kind of take a while to expand the plot but the movie makes for a decent watch.



39. Majokko Tsukune-chan


Majokko Tsukune-chan.


Entity Detail
Title Majokko Tsukune-chan
Type OVA
Studios Xebec
Genres Comedy, Magic, Seinen
Premiered Aug 24, 2005 to Jan 25, 2006
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.631
Duration 13 min. per ep.


Tsukune chan is a witch who wants to do good for those around her.


But she has a weird sense of justice and sometimes she cannot see that her magical skills don’t help them.


This trope of the show makes it a fun light watch keeping the viewers entertained.


The art style of the anime is somewhat chibi or cartoonish. It makes for an enjoyable watch with all the random stuff going on in anime.


This OVA series has a total of 6 episodes with a runtime of 13 minutes per episode and it was released in 2005 ending in 2006.


It has a MAL score of 6.64 and a popularity ranking at #8332.



40. Eko Eko Azarak


Eko Eko Azarak.


Probably one of the only titles on the list that can be classified as horror.


A high school girl, Kuroi Misa gets a request from a high-class Japanese hotel owner with an odd request.


He reveals that the customers of his hotel were committing suicide by hanging themselves in the garden of the hotel.


Misa learns that the garden was earlier an execution ground and the atmosphere was filled with negative and vile spirits.


Misa asks the owner for a fee of 10 million yen to be paid since she can only expel the dark spirits using black magic, that could go either way.


If you cannot digest animated horror don’t try this title but if you are adventurous, yeah go for it!



41. Nurse Angel Ririka SOS


Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.


Entity Detail
Title Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
Type TV
Studios Gallop
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo
Premiered Jul 7, 1995 to Mar 29, 1996
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.731
Duration 24 min. per ep.


10-year-old Ririka Moriya along with the help of her friends Seiya and Kanon has to save earth from the dark powers of The Evil Forces of the Dark Joker.


They must find the illusory Flower of Life that will aid them in helping defeat the evil Dark Joker.


In the era of Sailor Moon reigning as the magical girl queen in Japan and western countries, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS too became a popular magical girl during the same time.


It has the typical 90’s era-style anime which is great for all the anime fans who love a little bit of nostalgia.


The series has 35 episodes that were released in July 1995 and ran until Mar 1996.


It’s a light-hearted fun show that you can watch with some popcorn and sugary goods.



42. Mahou No Princess Minky Momo


Mahou No Princess Minky Momo / Magical Princess Minky Momo


Entity Detail
Title Mahou no Princess Minky Momo
Type TV
Studios Production Reed
Genres Magic, Shoujo
Premiered Mar 18, 1982 to May 26, 1983
Source Original
MAL Score 6.741
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Time for the classics to roll in. Momo is a little witch who lives in a land distant from Earth known as Fenarinarsa.


Momo has been sent to Earth as the people have started losing faith in their dreams and it is up to Momo to help them regain their trust in their dreams.


Momo along with her friends helps the people of Earth achieve their dreams no matter what!


Oh, so dreamy! The series aired from March 1982 to May 1983 with a total of 63 episodes and a 23-minute run time.


Magical Princess Minky Momo has a MAL score of 6.73 and a popularity ranking of #6192.



43. Shuumatsu no Izetta / Izetta: The Last Witch


Shuumatsu no Izetta / Izetta: The Last Witch.


Entity Detail
Title Shuumatsu no Izetta
Type TV
Studios Ajia-Do
Genres Action, Historical, Military
Premiered Oct 1, 2016 to Dec 17, 2016
Source Original
MAL Score 6.761
Duration 25 min. per ep.


The Imperial nation of Germania launches a sudden attack on its neighboring nation engulfing the whole of Europe into a whirlpool of war.


The small town of Elystadt sees the influx of Germanian soldiers entering their picturesque town.


Izetta is a resident of this beautiful little place and is a descendant of the witch race in town.


She and her grandmother have been hiding their powers from the humans and living on the streets.


In a time of crisis when the daughter of the ruler of the Principality of Elystadt, Fine, gets kidnapped by the soldiers.


Izetta becomes the last surviving witch in the Elystadt army fighting against the enemy forces to save the princess.


This series mixes witches and war almost efficiently. Izetta and Fine may be young but are portrayed as strong and taking hard decisions in times of crisis.


The animation style is fresh and the landscapes created are truly beautiful. The series has 12 episodes and it aired between Oct 2016 to Dec 2016.


It has a MAL score of 6.76 and an IMDb rating of 6.7.



44. Brave Witches


Brave Witches.


Entity Detail
Title Brave Witches
Type TV
Genres Action, Ecchi, Magic, Military, Sci-Fi
Premiered Oct 6, 2016 to Dec 29, 2016
Source Original
MAL Score 6.791
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Ah, the list gets interesting so are the titles!


As humanity is fighting the war against the Neuroi, a second task force has been formed known as the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, a.k.a. Brave Witches.


Based on Orussia, Hikari and her team battle it out against these brutal alien forces.


Brave witches focus on duty and friendship and a little bit of fanservice as well.


The magical witches fighting it out for the common good of the world is a treat to watch.


If you love watching girls fighting in burly and well-designed aircraft and guns, give this one a go and you will not be disappointed.


The series also has a prequel and sequel known as Strike Witches, which is equally great!


The series has a MAL score of 6.81 and an IMDb rating of 5.5.



45. Rozario to Banpaia / Rosario + Vampire


Rozario to Banpaia / Rosario + Vampire.


Entity Detail
Title Rosario to Vampire
Type TV
Studios Gonzo
Genres Harem, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Vampire, Fantasy, School, Shounen
Premiered Jan 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2008
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.811
Duration 25 min. per ep.


When Tsukune Aono gets enrolled into an unlikely school known as the Yokai Academy, where youkai disguised as humans also roam the hallways.


Tsukune can hide his real identity since the students are expected to put up a human front during school hours.


But when Tsukune runs into Moka Akashiya who is a vampire herself as he tries to escape the school to survive.


Things begin to get a little difficult for him after Moka can sniff his blood even from afar.


However, Tsukune can control Moka by removing the rosary her turning her into a gentle and kind young woman.


The series is entertaining that is only if you are an ecchi and love getting some fanservice.


Being a spooky series though, it does pack some action given the fact that most of the characters are ghosts.


All that being said, Rosario + Vampire has a solid IMDb rating of 7.



46. Majimoji Rurumo / Magimoji Rurumo


Majimoji Rurumo / Magimoji Rurumo.


Entity Detail
Title Majimoji Rurumo
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Genres Comedy, Magic, Ecchi, Fantasy, School, Shounen
Premiered Jul 9, 2014 to Sep 24, 2014
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.841
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Kota Shibaki, a high school pervert gets his hands on a particular book that’s said to possess powers to summon witches.


Being the careless boy that he is, Kota decides on playing along with the joke and ends up summoning Rurumo Maji Mojiruka.


She tells him that he has two days to live but after she gets to know him, she decides otherwise.


We follow the lovely relationship of Kota and Rurumo helping each other through their peculiar tasks which will help her become a witch and him simply stay alive.


The series doesn’t follow the usual harem tropes but it does have some fanservice moments.


And even though everything may seem a little too usual, the storytelling of this series is unusual.



47. Pandane to Tamago-Hime


Pandane to Tamago-hime / Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess


Pandane to Tamago-Hime is the story of a trapped little Egg Princess by a witch known as Baba Yaga who lives in the forest.


The princess is made to do all the hard chores of the mill by Baba Yaga.


The Egg Princess is a little sick and tired of her life but cannot do much.


One night, while on her usual chore round, the princess witnesses a mound of dough coming to life due to the witch’s spell.


The two now exchange the horrors the witch confines on them and they decide to run away from the mill, but how?


In case that doesn’t sound whimsical enough for you to watch it.


This 12-minute little movie is written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and released by Studio Ghibli.


A true Ghibli fan knows this title but if you want to explore more of Miyazaki’s works, definitely give this one a watch.



48.  Beast Tamer 


Beast Tamer 


In a world where extraordinary creatures roam, a distinct category called the “ultimate species” reigns supreme with their unmatched strength and magical capabilities.


These rare beings are highly coveted by humans, pushing some species to the brink of extinction.


Rein Shroud, a skilled beast tamer, utilizes the aid of diverse animals for various tasks, ranging from reconnaissance to logistics.


He joins a party led by the deceitful hero Arios Orlando, but his lack of combat skills leads to his expulsion after six months.


However, unbeknownst to his former team, Rein possesses a unique potential among beast tamers.


His true abilities come to light when he forges a contract with Kanade, a cat spirit who belongs to the ultimate species.


Empowered by this newfound partnership, Rein embarks on an adventurous journey, steadily ascending the ranks as he encounters more of these extraordinary beings.



49.  Mahoutsukai no Yoru 


Mahoutsukai no Yoru 


In the waning years of the Showa era, rumours circulate about a witch residing in an old mansion located in Misaki town.


Aoko Aozaki, after moving into the mansion, embarks on a journey to acquire sorcery knowledge from Alice Kuonji, a young mage rumoured to be the witch herself.


Being the heir responsible for safeguarding the land of Misaki, Aoko takes her duty seriously.


However, the tranquillity of Misaki is disrupted by unknown intruders, prompting Alice and Aoko to launch an investigation.


During their pursuit, they encounter an attack from a mannequin or puppet, which they successfully vanquish.


Concurrently, they become aware of a civilian who has witnessed the manifestation of magic, and they make efforts to prevent their escape.


In an unexpected twist, a young boy named Soujuurou Shizuki is inexplicably drawn to the mansion and becomes a resident alongside Aoko and Alice.



50. SEN / Soul Eater Not!


SEN / Soul Eater NOT!


If you think this anime is anything like Soul Eater then you’ll be highly disappointed, because it’s NOThing like it.


Tsugumi Harudori looks like a seemingly normal girl on the outside, but she a walking talking weapon.


Tsugumi gets transferred to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where humans can transform into weapons.


There, they learn to wield those weapons efficiently.


This Slice of Life Moe series is a decent light watch for when you want to keep your brain aside and watch only for the heck of relaxing.


Despite having a slow start to it keeps its pace the show is seemingly enjoyable.


But if you liked the shounen series this spin-off will not be your cup of tea.



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