Top 50 Best Anime Princesses [Most Beautiful of All Time]

top 50 best anime princesses [most beautiful of all time]


Our fascination with royalty has never ceased to exist. The life of royals is that of alluring and fantastical elements.


It is almost a form of escapism from the mundane lives of the ordinary. 


Us otakus have a nimiety of royalties to obsess over, from beautiful to fierce.


Here’s your definitive guide to some of the most iconic Anime princesses that you can feast your eyes on. Excluding Princess Tutu, because she’s a duck!




1.   Hancock BOA


  hancock boa


Anime: One Piece Series


Hancock’s popularity is unmatched as she is the perfect combination of beauty with brains.


She also goes by the Pirate Empress or Snake Princess and rules over the Kuja tribe. Hancock is the most beautiful woman in the world.


She is very tall and slender with long black hair extending past her waistline, she has dark brown eyes with voluminous lashes and pale skin.


Hancock has adorned quite a few many outfits throughout the series.


The prominent one is a revealing red blouse with a loose sarong and the Kuja symbol on it exposing her long legs.


A long white cape adorned with epaulets ga found in the higher ranks of Marines. And to complete her look, red high-heel pumps add to her stature.


She also has a slave mark of the Celestial Dragon on her back, something which she kept hidden for a long time.


Hancock is in love with Luffy and can seem very much in love when he’s around but is emotionless and straight-faced when he isn’t around.


She is also considered very powerful in the Kuja tribe.


She possesses tremendous physical strength and can take down many enemies with much effort. She is also a master of subterfuge and deception.




2. Euphemia Li Britannia


euphemia li britannia


Anime: Code Geass


Euphemia is the third princess of the Britannian Imperial Family. She is Lelouch’s half-sister, the sister he cared for the most after Nunnally.


Euphemia was the Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, but the role never seemed to interest her.


She admires Cornelia for the princess and tactician she is and despises combat but has piloted a Knightmare Frame.


The Imperial Family is known to be a little over the top.


But Euphemia remains a kind-hearted and open-minded daughter of the family giving everyone respect even if they aren’t royal.


Euphemia has sweet pink hair styled downward in two buns and is usually seen wearing a white and pink dress with a rose choker.


She was the second individual in the family to discover her brother’s threatening alter ego.


She develops a close and romantic bond with Suzaku Kururugi since they shared the same belief system.


Euphemia is considered the most beautiful and delicate of all Britannians. 




3. Stephanie Dola


stephanie dola


Anime: No Game No Life 


Stephania is the daughter of the former king of Imanity, after whose death she gambled to become the queen of the land.


She is smart and uses her grandfather’s technique of observing and analyzing the opposite person’s gameplay.


Despite being an Imantian, she has great stamina and physical strength to complete difficult tasks.


Steph gets forced into falling in love with Sora whom she despises at first after she lost consecutive games with him.


She even began losing her mind during the process but she begins to develop feelings for him and falls for him.


Steph is a beautiful and voluptuous girl with short red hair adorned with blue flowers and deep blue eyes.


Steph’s popularity exceeds that of the rest of the characters from the anime series. 




4. Yona




Anime: Akatsuki No Yona


Yona which means “dove” in Hebrew, is the Crown Princess of the Kouka Kingdom and is the reincarnation of King Hiryuu.


She gets forced to flee her castle after a fugitive murders her father.


She then learns it was her cousin who killed him and wanted to usurp the throne to become the king.


Yona has had a pampered childhood but once she witnesses her father’s death, her world completely changes.


She decides to protect the people of her kingdom and goes from being a naïve sweet woman to a fearless toughened warrior whilst maintaining poise and compassion towards others.


Yona works on her skills of archery, swordsmanship, observational skills, and self-defense to defend her honor at all costs.


Yona’s transformation journey is beautiful to watch and she was even voted as the second most popular character in a poll by Hana To Yume in 2014.



5. San




Anime: Princess Mononoke 


A Ghibli Princess on our list, San, also known as Princess Mononoke or the Wolf Girl is the main female character of the film. She is also the Princess of the Wolf Gods.


Since she was raised by the wolves, she acts and thinks like them as well. San is a properly toughened warrior princess and is defined by her appreciation of nature.


After she was adopted by the Wolf Goddess, Moro, San naturally developed animalistic instincts and ends up despising humans.


She is capable of compassion and shows it towards her fellow inhabitants from the forest but warms up to Ashikata and begins to develop admiration and affection for a human.


Many debates over character traits and feel she is contrived but that doesn’t make her any less popular. San is the definitive portrayal of strength and confidence. 



6. Carla / Charles




Anime: Fairy Tail


Carla (Sharuru in Japanese) is an Exceed. She was found by Wendy as an egg and they have been together ever since. She is a small white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes.


She usually wears a mustard top with a skirt and also adorns a bow on her tail! Carla can be very strict and rarely shows any emotion but the only person she truly cares about is Wendy.


In the due course of the anime, Carla despises Happy and resents all the gifts he presents her.


But after he learns the truth about their mission, Carla understands that Happy too shares a similar thought process and shows a braver side.


Carla has many magical abilities like Aera and can even transform into a human.


She even transforms into a Yokai called Suiko and is proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well.


There’s a bit of debate about her actual name but Carla/Charles or Charle are the most common ones. 



7. Usagi Tsukino


usagi tsukino


Anime: Sailor Moon Series


This list cannot be complete without mentioning the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino.


Usagi is the most prominent anime princess out there.


Her origins are from the moon civilization. She later gets reborn as a human on Earth and awakens as the leader of Sailor Senshi.


Usagi can be lazy and selfish but also deeply caring and trusting toward those she cares for.


Usagi as some claim is a feminist’s idol but the storyline suggests otherwise.


This could suggest her unique character trait suggesting that Usagi isn’t some ordinary princess warrior.


But is intelligent and brave becoming one of the earth’s strongest protectors. 



8. Nunnally Lamperouge


nunnally lamperouge


Anime: Code Geass


Nunnally is one of the main characters of Code Geass and the main character in Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally.


She was the former Princess of the Holy Britannia Empire and was the 87th in line to the imperial throne of Britannia and the final viceroy of Area 11. Nunnally is a very puzzling character.


She is known to be inhumanely kind-hearted and understanding which many see as a downfall.


But later she also shows signs of cold-heartedness and ruthlessness.


After being handicapped and blinded by her father as a youngling Nunnally becomes a perceptive and intelligent woman as she performs her duties as a princess before being exiled along with her brother.


A very complex character with a multitude of facades making her story an absorbing one to root for. 



9. May Chang


may chang


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Mei Chang is the Xingese kingdom’s royal princess, ranking seventeenth in line. Although she is very young, she is highly skilled in Alkahestry, so she is entrusted with the responsibility to uplift the Chang clan and to find the secret to immortality for her emperor father.


She takes her responsibility seriously and sets out across the desert towards Amestris with her beloved pet panda, Xiao-Mei, so that she may learn about the Philosopher’s Stone. Mei Chang is an independent, intelligent, and brave girl with remarkable inner strength. 


Although Mei is emotionally stable and keeps her personal feelings separate from work, she occasionally loses focus in important situations when her imagination gets the better of her. Yet, she can come up with imaginative and effective solutions to problems on many occasions.



10. Nefertari Vivi


nefetari vivi


Anime: One Piece


Vivi isn’t your run-of-the-mill princess, she is an extremely humble and perceptive princess.


She puts others’ needs before her own and doesn’t even demand royal respect!


She is a brave, determined and powerful character and can sure-shot defeat enemies.


Despite having less combat experience, Vivi has held her own in a lot of battles. She was the one responsible to bring the Straw Hats together.


Nefertari is compassionate, kind-hearted and an integral character to the storyline of One Piece.


She has long blue hair and almost always wears her hair pulled back.


She has a slim body and is seen wearing various kinds of high heel boots, white high heel sandals, and blue wedges.


Nefertari has been voted as a popular character on many occasions and it’s always a treat to watch her on-screen. 



11. Cornelia Li Britannia


cornella li britannia


Anime: Code Geass


Cornelia is the second princess from the Britannian Imperial Family. One of the more popular sisters after Euphemia, Cornelia is admired by Nunnally for being a great fighter and tactician.


She is skilled in Knightmare Frame combat and is also regarded highly for establishing Area 18.


As ruthless as she is on the battlefield, she is a beautiful woman who can stand her ground firmly.


She has long fuchsia hair and lavender eyes. She is very tall and she is generally seen in wine-red colored outfits with gold accents and heeled boots.


She is mentally stronger and feistier than her siblings but is equally caring towards them as well. 



12. Chi Kiki’s


chi kiki's


Anime: Dragon Ball Z Series


Chi Chi is the princess of Fire Mountain and the wife of one of the greatest anime heroes, Goku. She is the loving mother of two amazingly talented children, Gohan and Goten.


We initially see her as a timid and quiet princess but she later turns into a tomboyish and fierce character.


But fundamentally she is only looking out for her family as she cares for them deeply.


Chi Chi is the typical mother figure in all their lives. She is trained in martial arts but doesn’t find it useful.


We’ve all grown up loving Dragon Ball Z and Chi-Chi represents the 80s and everything we love about our birth givers!



13. Stella Vermillion


stella vermillion


Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Stella is also known as the Crimson Princess of the Vermillion Empire. She has 30 times the magic power of a normal Blazer.


But Stella has issues controlling her power and needs to put in extra hard work to fully use them.


She comes across as hot-headed and feisty at first. But as her character progresses through she becomes mature and calmer towards everyone.


She yearns for Ikki’s attention and can sometimes become perverted too.


When he finally does fall for her, Stella lets him do as he pleases and is the happiest princess in town. She has beautiful white skin with ruby eyes.


Stella has long crimson hair and a voluptuous figure. 



14. Nausicaa




Anime: Nausicaa Valley of the Wind


This list cannot be complete without mentioning Ghibli princesses. Nausicaa the princess of the Valley of the Wind is an amazing well-structured princess.


She is brave, and caring, and has a special connection with animals.


She has been exploring the ecosystem around her since a very young age and considers it lunacy to fight the Sea of Corruption.


She sees war as a pointless activity.


But accepts the responsibilities she has to save her kingdom and those she cares for. Nausicaa is regarded as having high values and an amazing sense of responsibility.


Her ability to lead people to victory by also being aware of nature is a beautiful characteristic that Nausicaa has. 



15. Sakura




Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle


Princess Sakura or Sakura Li is the protagonist of Clamp’s crossover series.


She is similar to the character from Cardcaptor Sakura, but here she has a completely different background.


Sakura is friendly, and caring, and does everything she can to ensure the safety of those around her.


She is sometimes overcome with anxiety for not being able to protect them.


But it does not stop her from keeping a big warm smile on her face and trying. She can go from being cheerful to melancholic as well.


Sakura has big green eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. she has a slender build and is very beautiful. 



16. Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen


rayneshia el-arte Corwen


Anime: Log Horizon 


Raynesia is the princess of the most prestigious family in the East League of Free Cities.


Belonging to such aristocracy, the brunt of society’s attention falls on her.


Raynesia appears to be a model princess, a sweet well-mannered, and perceptive princess.


But what she would like to do more than being a princess is laziness and sleep all day leading a carefree life.


She hates taking on difficult tasks and dislikes the scheming and manipulation conducted by the nobles.


She is renowned for her beauty. She has long silver hair braided onto the side and dark blue eyes. 



17. Shirahoshi




Anime: One Piece


One of the biggest princesses on our list, Princess Shirahoshi is a mermaid princess, of the Ruguyu Kingdom.


She is a huge character compared to her pet Megalo but shorter than her father.


She can be called cute but huge, in a good way. She can hold Luffy in one hand alone!


She has long flowy pink hair and a taiyaki-shaped hair grip.


She wears a halter top covered in pearls and her broadly shaped tail ends in a ruffle around her waist.


Given her size, one might think she has a huge personality but she is very fragile and can cry over the most random of things.


Shirahoshi lived in exile for a very long time and knows very little about the outside world, so she comes across as very curious.


Despite everything, Shirahoshi is a kind and gentle princess who doesn’t even bear resentment or anger toward anyone. 



18. Chibiusa




Anime: Sailor Moon Series


Now the time has come to discuss this dark skin character from the famous sailor moon series.


Usagi “Chibiusa” Small Lady Serenity is the princess of 30th Century Earth.


Like her mother’s name, Chibiusa’s real name (Usagi Tsukino) means “Rabbit of the moon”.


Chibiusa is a feisty, brave little young girl who picks fights with Usagi and doesn’t like her meddling in her business.


She loves being around people and is adventurous.


Chibiusa is desperate to become like her mother and steals the Legendary Silver Crystal.


But in an unfortunate turn of events, she ends up trapping her mother in a quartz tomb.


She is sent into the past by Sailor Pluto to undo the consequences of her actions. Chibiusa has pink hair tied in rabbit-shaped odango and red eyes.


She is seen in a sailor uniform with a red bow but later her outfit turns to blue. Chibiusa is very cute and can win over anybody’s heart with her cuteness! 



19. Pina Co Lada


pina co lada


Anime: Gate


No, her name doesn’t exactly mean the drink. Pina is the leader of the Rose Order of Knights.


Pina has noble intentions and wants to avert war between Japan and her home country which is why she allies herself with the JDSF.


Pina is the only princess ever, to be an otaku herself! She learns of the otaku culture from Itami and is greatly influenced by it.


After witnessing the strength of the Japanese Army, Pina decides that she needs to establish peace with them to save her own country, unlike her father’s decision.


She is an intelligent, capable, and strong leader. Pina has excellent swordsmanship skills, is a great tactician, and has a charismatic personality on and off the battlefield.


Pina has dark red hair and matching eyes.


She is seen wearing light armor with a short skirt and shirt and wields a sword. 



20. Latifa Fleuranza


latifa fleuranza


Anime: Amagi Brilliant Park


The first Girl Boss on our list! Latifa Flueranza is the general manager of Amagi Brilliant Park and the princess of Maple Land.


Latifa is caring, passionate, and committed to preserving Amagi.


After a promise with a wizard goes wrong, Latifa has stripped of her magical powers and leads a human life as the general manager of the park.


She manages to find everything by herself whilst also maintaining the park.


The curse also renders her ageless, she stays 14 forever! Despite these hardships, Latifa always has a smile on her face and has made her commitment to the park very clear.


She wears a peach and white dress with a pink corset and a layered necklace.


Her eyes are blue and she has long blonde hair which she adorns a delicate tiara. 



21. Asseylum Vers Allusia


asseylum vers allusia


Anime: Aldnoah: Zero


In this sci-fi series, Asseylum Vers Allusia is the Empress of VERS Empire from Planet Mars.


Asseylum is a kind-hearted princess and treats everyone equally around her.


She even looks at the humans from Earth in a good light and tries to avert an imminent war between the two planets.


She is said to have immense beauty and can make hard decisions for the benefit of everyone.


She has proven to be instrumental in hand-to-hand combat and possesses a fair amount of physical strength, enough to flip a person with ease.


Asseylum too believes in pacifism but she also feels combat is one of the ways it can be achieved. 



22. Hakuei Ren


hakuei ren


Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


If you’ve watched Magi, then you know that Hakuei Ren is a formidable commander and has a strong sense of justice.


Hakuei has a strong sense of justice and aims for world peace by propelling the Kou Empire.


She is not a mere idealist but displays exceptional resilience even when being put to the sword.


She boasts many attacks using her Djinn Paimon. She is a young woman with average height, dark hair, and blue eyes.


She used to wear a delicate headband but later on wears a metal headband with horsetail crests.


Being a strong commander is her plus point but cooking is not, she’s even 



23. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti


millhiore firianno biscotti


Anime: Dog Days


The princess and suzerain of the Biscotti Republic, Milhiore Firianno Biscotti is a leader and a singer.


Everything about Milhoire is sweet and cute, including her name! But when it comes to protecting those she loves, Milhoire wields her Excelide.


She summons a hero from Earth when her country is nearing devastation. She’s a great fighter and has an undying dedication to her people.


Despite being a royal and performing her duties, she even holds concerts being a successful singer. And all this at the ripe age of 13!!


She has lush pink hair and purple eyes, add cute little pink dog ears, and a tail. 



24. Melty Q Melromarc


melty q melromarc


Anime: The Rising Of The Shield Hero 


Melty Q Melromarc is the second and crown princess of Melromarc. Melty is named the crown princess, first in line for the kingdom, after her elder sister becomes spoiled and self-centered. 


Melty is particularly fair and unprejudiced towards commoners and demi-humans, and unlike other nobles in the Melromarc Kingdom, she does not misuse her position of authority. 


This aspect of her also demonstrates that she has more morality and maturity than her age suggests. Melty, on the other hand, retains the characteristics of a kid her age, which become increasingly apparent when she spends time with Naofumi Iwatani. 


These characteristics make her the complete antithesis of her older sister, Malty S. Melromarc. Melty became quite interested in Filolials, which drew her to Filo and led to the two becoming best friends.





sonia nevermind


Anime: Danganronpa Series


Sonia NEVERMIND was destined to be the princess of the Kingdom of Novoselic since her birth.


A cheery polite girl, Sonia is king and respects those around her even if they aren’t royals.


Because of her upbringing, she can seem tardy at times but she is very smart and is capable of complex political analysis.


In Novoselic, Sonia has always prioritized her people over her royalty showing her dedication to her duties which she takes seriously.


Sonia is a tall young woman, with pale skin and long blonde hair with blue eyes.


She is almost always seen in a green and white dress with a large red ribbon with a silver jewel on her chest.


Her last name has been picked up from Nirvana’s album of the same name.



26. Code 001 / Princess of Klaxosaurs


code 001/princess of klaxosaurs


Anime: DARLING in the FRANXX


One of the most unique princesses on our list is Princess of Klaxosaurs or Code 001. She is almost over 60 million years old!


She was assigned the code 001 by APE, whom she detests, due to her strengths and being the leader of the Klaxo Sapiens.


001 despises humans as they kill her brethren. She expresses her annoyance when she meets Dr. Franxx who has an unusual initial interaction.


Being a part of an advanced race, her features are unique as well. She is blue-skinned with flowy light blue hair and glowing blue pupils.


She has thick dark lines under her eyes and all over her body and also has a long tail. 



27. Angelise Ikaruga (Ange) Misurugi


angelise ikaruga (Ange) misurugi


Anime: Cross Ange


The beloved princess of the Empire of Misurugi, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi.


Angelise has not let her princess hood get in the way of her becoming a better and stronger person.


After witnessing the deaths of her near ones, Ange comes to accept the fact that she is a Norma and becomes a renewed person.


Ange has shown exceptional strength and is skilled in the game of laria.


As most modern-day princesses are portrayed, Ange represents strength and change.


She faces hardships but then also has Angelise a beautiful young girl with what Embryo describes as having flaming pink eyes and blonde hair.


She is slender and voluptuous.


Ange has faced tremendous hardships in her personal life but she always faces perils with confidence.



28. Hime / Lillianne Von Phoenix


hime/lillianne von phoenix


Anime: Princess Resurrection


Lillianne Von Phoenix also known as Hime is the main female protagonist of Princess Resurrection and the princess of monsters.


Unlike her other siblings, Hime does not care about ascending the throne despite having all traits of a ruler.


Hime usually can seem ignorant but shows anger or sadness when facing dire situations. She can even seem sadistic at times to have Hiro’s attention.


Hime is kind and an unchanging soul which does become an obstacle when surpassing her siblings.


She proves her competency during a battle sequence, displaying all traits of a truly strong leader.


She is skilled in using any weaponry at her disposal, it could be a chainsaw, a defibrillator, or various swords.


She has blonde hair on which red eyes and slit pupils.


Hime is usually seen wearing a black gothic dress with gauntlets added much later to her attire.


Despite Hime being an independent girl she still needs the help of her servants to clean and cook for her.


Hime’s a very popular character from the series as she embodies the cute but sweet yet fierce. 



29. Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste


aurora sya lis gooderesre


Anime: Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle


Aurora is the princess of the Unified Human Nation of Goodereste.


She gets kidnapped by the Demon King who wants to spread fear among the inhabitants of the kingdom.


He wants The Hero, whom he wants to fight and end the war between humans and demons.


Princess Aurora is oblivious to what happens around her and would rather find a perfect place to sleep than pay attention to those around her.


But for her to find her perfect spot, she will do all that is necessary even if it means fighting the demons.


Princess Aurora is a petite young girl, who has beautiful flowy purple hair and purple eyes with star-shaped pupils indicating her royal roots.


She adorns a white polka-dotted and purples a white pink robe.


She has purple bear-shaped stockings and pink shoes with white fluff balls. 



30. Himeya Anthy


himeya anthy


Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena follows the crusades of a skilled duellist, Utena Tenjou.


Anthy is known as a mysterious girl said to have no thoughts or desires besides her whatever her current master expects of her.


Anthy is said to have Indian origins as she adorns a small bindi or jewel mark on her forehead.


Due to her abusive past, Anthy at times appears tragic and vengeful. She shifts between selfless love, passive-aggressiveness, and helplessness.


She is also considered one of the darker princesses amongst the rest at the Ohtori Academy.


While performing her duties as the ‘Rose Bride’, Anthy adorns a golden spiked tiara and wears a sleeveless red dress.


But it has several additions such as a military shoulder tassel.


Her dress is bordered with sea-green fringes at the end and has two separate cuffs worn as bracelets. She has long flowy purple hair and deep brown eyes.


Anthy has somewhat childlike mannerisms but is soft-spoken and loyal and exudes a lot of love toward animals.


The complexities in character are very interesting and make Anthy a very intriguing yet loveable princess. 



31. Lucia Nanami


lucia nanami


Anime: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch


Lucia Nanami is a key character in the anime series. Lucia always has a big smile on her face and tackles every task with great optimism.


She is known for her beautiful jewelry artistry.


Lucia has a good heart and is kind to those around her but she does show signs of jealousy when Kaito is around other women.


She’s not the only girl who is interested in him. Like all fantastical princesses, Lucia has an alter ego and hers is that of “Aqua Regina”.


Lucia has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and cute features. To transform into her mermaid or idol form, she needs the help of a pearl, like the rest of the mermaids in the series.


She has bright blonde hair that she leaves open and beautiful blue eyes complementing her Aqua Regina outfit. She also holds Aqua Regina’s staff.


Lucia’s voice, which when she transforms gets transmitted by a microphone-like object known as an e-pitch.


It is proven to be instrumental and very powerful during difficult situations. 



32. Lum




Anime: Urusei Yatsura


Lum, also known as Lum Invader in Japan, is the main female protagonist of Urusei Yatsura.


Lum meets with Ataru Moroboshi when he gets selected by a computer in the game of tag with the fate of the earth on the line.


Her father promises Ataru to get Lum married to him if he can catch her and win, which he does.


He declares his victory and Lum misunderstands his words for a proposal. She becomes determined to become his wife and falls in love with Ataru.


Lum’s appearance is super cute, she has pointy ears and long green hair.


She also has two tiny fangs and two horns on her head making her appear like a cute little devil.


She is normally seen in a Tiger shaped bikini but also wears a school uniform when she’s attending school on planet Earth to act like a typical Earth girl.


Lum has some amazing abilities as well, she can fly up to various heights, generate massive electrical discharges and even create various devices that almost always lead to chaos. 



33. Ayeka




Anime: Tenchi Muyo Series


Ayeka Masaki Jurai is the Princess of the Imperial Family of the planet Jurai.


Some of her characteristics shift across the Tenchi Muyo Series but her role as a timid but strong princess remains.


Ayeka falls in love with Tenchi and does everything she can to get his love. Even if it means fighting her arch-rival, Ryoko Hakubi.


Ayeka can be polite, well-mannered, and aristocratic.


But she also seems snobbish and fierce sometimes, if she feels that someone close to her is in danger.


Ayeka arrives on planet Earth after exiting her suspended animation state after leaving her planet.


She is looking for her half-brother and fiancé, Prince Yosho but is unable to find him on this planet as well.


She detects the presence of Ryoko Hakubi who is responsible for attacking Jurai and abducting Yosho 700 years ago.


That being said, Ayeka could be centuries years old but she remains beautiful and young enough to fight for Tenchi. 



34. Relena Peacecraft


relena peacecraft


Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Series


The daughter of an Earth Alliance Minister and the last surviving heir to the throne of the Sanc Kingdom, Relena Peacecraft is the female lead of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.


She leads a quiet life as a pampered daughter but yearns for more excitement in her life.


She meets Heero Yuy, a Gundam pilot, and gets entangled in the war between the colonies and Earth.


She learns that she was the daughter of King Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom and becomes the voice of the future struggle.


After learning her true reality, she decides on leading a life of pacifism as preached by her family.


Relena later realizes that she cannot win this war without putting up a fight. Heero supports her even if it means risking his own life.


Relena exudes confidence and strength, which is empowering to see as she later becomes a Queen. 



35. Charlotte




Anime: Berserk 


Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham is the princess of the Midlands and the only surviving member of the royal family.


Charlotte is skilled in embroidery making and is also instrumental on the battlefield.


Charlotte has even fought off her father and landed some serious blows leaving him bloody who tries to rape her.


Even her reflexes were quick enough to spot and block a poisonous dart to protect the man she loves Griffith.


She is only a human but is strong-willed yet polite and soft-spoken.


She is in love with Griffith even though some claim that he is egotistical and a traitor.


She defends her love for him and remains devoted to him throughout the series.


Charlotte has brunette hair with a pale complexion and dark eyes. She has a petite build and is seen in ornamental dresses. 



36. Princess Charlotte


princess charlotte


Anime: Princess Principal Series 


Princess Charlotte the protagonist of Princess Principal, accidentally switches with Ange during the outbreak of the revolution.


After that, she is known as, Princess.


Before the revolution broke out, Ange was a pick-pocketer trying to survive.


She then chanced upon Princess Charlotte (the actual Princess of Albion) who is now known as Ange.


Charlotte and Ange become good friends and would often spend a lot of time together.


Despite making attempts to claim that she isn’t Charlotte, Ange begins to live the royal life, a complete contrast from her earlier days.


Princess is friendly, polite, and humble despite her royal status.


She joins the commonwealth spy team (which Charlotte too becomes a part of) to become the future queen of Albion and unify the nation.


This causes suspicions that she is a double agent or not.


Despite the controversies, Princess remains dedicated to her duties understanding the reality of her new life. Talk about a good turn of luck!! 



37. Hime Shirayuki


hime shirayuki


Anime: Happiness Charge Pretty Cure


Shirayuki Hime is also known as Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky.


Hime is a snobbish fashionista who decides to become a Cure to save the Blue-Sky Kingdom.


She is sometimes timid and tries to escape from difficult situations due to her shyness.


Hime possesses a wild imagination that sometimes gets her into trouble.


Like any other Cure Princess, Hime too transforms into various modes amplifying her attacks during fights.


Her motifs are circles, the Moon, the Sun, and feathers. Hime has huge blue eyes and marine blue hair with fluffy bangs resembling a hime cut.


As a Cure Princess, she has light blue eyes and her hair turns to pastel blue. She gets a gold crown and blue bow hair ornament too!


She wears a white-winged sleeved top with a navy-blue vest and has a blue pleated skirt with a frilly white petticoat. 



38. Minami Kaido Cure Mermaid


minami kaldo cure mermaid


Anime: Go! Princess Pretty Cure


Cure Mermaid is the alter ego of Minami Kaido. She controls the powers of water and transforms into a mermaid princess.


Minami in real life attends the Noble Academy and is known as the Academy’s Princess. She is diligent, caring, and has a strong sense of responsibility.


She aims to become a respectable person and wants to grow up to help those around her in some way.


She struggles with fulfilling her dreams and the wishes of her family. Yet comes to a consensus of making strong decisions and following her dreams.


As a Cure Mermaid, her eyes are bright blue, her hair flows into a curled ocean-blue ponytail that ombre towards the bottom and she has purple streaks on her head.


She adorns a blue top with azure and light blue collar, and her flowy skirt in pale pink and white and blue knee boots adds to her cuteness!


As she switches between different modes so do her outfits depicting her various powers. 



39. Princess Emeraude


princess emeraude


Anime: Magic Knight Rayearth 


Princess Emeraude is the ‘Pillar’ of Cephiro. She is the Goddess whom the inhabitants of Cephiro pray to for peace and protection.


She possesses ethereal beauty; having flawless skin, deep blue eyes, and lush flowing long blonde hair.


She adorns a delicate tiara with a green jewel and a soft flowy white gown symbolizing her purity.


Emeraude makes a single mistake of falling in love with a high priest, Zagato. Her mind is consumed by his thoughts.


She must take the difficult decision of giving up her love for the benefit of Cephiro.


Emaruade summons the Magic Knights. On her command, they kill Zagato in a dream state world sending Emaruade into a state of shock.


The shocking transformation of the beautiful goddess into Dark Emeraude is shocking.


She possesses hatred and vengeful thoughts the avenge the death of her lover.


The Knights receive a vision from the good Emeraude and ask to be killed by them to reunite with her love Zagato.


The intricacies and transformation of Princess Emeraude make her a compelling character that one can only be in awe of! 



40. Princess of Traumere


princess of traumere


Anime: 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams


100 Sleeping Prince and the Kingdom of Dreams is a role-playing game that was released as an ONA in 2017.


An anime adaptation was launched later in 2018 and has 12 episodes to its name.


The plot of the game and the anime series is that a girl mysteriously gets transported to the Dream World.


She learns that all the living beings in this world live by the energy of dreams.


Princess Traumere is the protagonist who must defend the Dream World from creatures who steal people’s dreams known as the Dream Eaters.


What is interesting to note here is that modern-day princesses are not projected as a damsel in distresses anymore but as important and fierce characters who add depth to the story and their character arcs



41. Princess Camille


princess camille


Anime: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland


In Little Nemo, Princess Camille plays the deuteragonist.


She plays an important role in the storyline of the movie by having to make some difficult decisions when her father and king of Slumberland get trapped by the Nightmare King.


Camile along with Nemo and Flip must find a way out of Nightmare Land where Camille’s decision-making skills and her princess abilities help them find her father.


She is caring, kind, and friendly but does seem hard to impress at first.


She has beautiful features, long auburn hair slicked into a ponytail over which she adorns a gold crown.


She has fair skin, blue eyes, and pink lips and has a stunning aqua-green gown that accentuates her beauty. 



42. Arete




Anime: Princess Arete 


The 2001 animated movie, Princess Arete, is based on the book “The Clever Princess” by Diana Coles. It is a non-conventional princess fairy tale.


Princess Arete finds her royal life mundane and as she grows her importance grows as well.


As every princess has to find a suitor, Boax comes along and enchants her into becoming a traditional princess.


He takes her away to his castle before the wedding and reveals to Arete that a prophecy was told that a princess by the name of Arete will take away his eternal life.


Arete being the defiant one is released from his spell and escapes from his clutches.


Arete showcases a strong resilience that makes her a non-traditional animated princess.


The movie is regarded as one of the most successful feminist anime movies of all time. 



43. Princess Romy


princess romy


Anime: 80 Days Around the World


The anime adaptation of the Jules Verna book, 80 Days Around the World’s Princess Romy (based on the book Aouda) is about a purple lioness.


She gets rescued by Rigodon and Willy Fog from being burnt alive with her late husband in a funeral pyre in India.


Romy earns the title of a ‘princess’ by marrying an Indian Rajah, she belongs of merchant’s descent. She is the only female in Willy Fog’s group.


Princess Romy joins the group to search for her relatives elsewhere in the world.


As the series progresses, she is devastated to learn that her kin no longer exist.


She acts as the medic for all the wounded the group encounters on their journey as she is a sweet, gentle, and timid princess.


Romy has a black veil around her but after she is rescued, she adorns a white veil.


Toward the end of the series, Princess Romy gets married to Willy Fog and their adoration for each other grows throughout the storyline. 



44. Princess Fala


princess fala


Anime: Go Lion, Voltron: Fleet of Doom


Princess Fala is the princess of Planet Altea and is the heir to the throne.


In the year 1983, when Fala was born, the Galra Empire invasion takes place taking with it the lives of her entire family which resulted in her birth remaining a secret and her being raised in the ruined castle.


In 1999, when Fala turned 16, she encountered five slaves who escaped from Galra.


Together they became the Golion pilots to bring back the coveted entity of Golion.


Adorning a beautiful sleek headband, and a pink and white accented gown, Princess Fala looks like an absolute vision.


Her help in initiating the alliance of five pilots is what makes her character a crucial role in the series.


She even takes on the role of flying the Blue Lion after Shirogane Takashi’s death. Princess Fala plays a key role in bringing the Galra empire down. 



45. Princess Odette


princess odette


Anime: Swan Lake 


This 1981 Anime adaption of the famous ballet, Swan Lake by Pyotr Tchaikovsky is an absolute treat to watch!


The adaption also features beautifully crafted music by Tchaikovsky and remains true to the storyline.


She is under a wizard’s curse that makes her become a swan by day. The wizard’s spell can only be broken when a man truly loves her with all his heart.


Odette is an innocent and slightly passive princess.


She is dressed in a white gown symbolizing her purity which is why the wizard gets attracted to her.


Odette is a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming to save her from the clutches of an evil figure.


Those who enjoy intricate classical pieces and classic anime should watch this anime retelling of a beautiful story. 



46. Leona




Anime: Dragon Quest Dai No Daibouken Series


In the series of Dragon Quest Dai, No Daibouken Series, Leona, Princess of Papnika must help rebuild her kingdom after her father is either dead or missing in the near destruction of her country by Hadlar.


Leona is a sage in training and is well-versed in the arts of magic.


She is good with Mera-type and Hyado-type spells but is proficient with healing spells such as Behoma.


The series focuses on the rebuilding of her world after the return of the Ultimate Demon King.


Leona is instrumental when she is officiated as a member of Avan’s disciples and inherits the 5th mark of Avan from the Queen of Carl, Flora.


Feisty and Brave in all its senses, Leona is a force to be reckoned with in the series. 



47. Princess of Despair / Cure Scarlet – Twilight


princess of despair


Anime: Go! Princess Pretty Cure


Princess Twilight may not have the prettiest of all princesses’ lives but she sure is an amazing one!


She first introduces herself as the daughter of Dyspear to the Pretty Cure to overcome them.


She believes that the only way to be a princess is to be born into royalty and she considers the Cures as fakes.


But then she finds a key and perfume flask that ends up draining all her energy.


She learns that she isn’t Dyspear’s daughter!


After her purification by the Cure’s Trinity Explosion, she discovers that she was a Towa, the Princess of Hope Kingdom.


Twilight starts going by the name of Cure Scarlett and joins the Cures. Twilight’s journey from being an evil princess to a Cure is beautiful and exciting to witness! 



48. Sophie




Anime: Doraemon Movie 30: Nobita’s Great Mermaid Naval Battles


Sophia or Princess Sophia is the mermaid princess of an ancient underwater kingdom called Planet Aqua.


Doraemon, Shizuka, and the gang must help Princess Sophia find a legendary sword that will help her restore peace among the mermaids and the underwater civilizations.


She is a key character in the movie and is also Shizuka’s temporary love interest.


Many regard Princess Sophia based on ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid.


Yet many agree that Princess Sophia is not a complete mermaid and only wears the ‘Mermaid Suit’ to travel underwater. Princess Sophia is cute but brave too.


Towards the end of her movie, we see that Princess Sophie becomes the Queen of Planet Aqua and the Aquarians! 



49.  Lilian Achenbach 


 Lilian Achenbach (Black Butler)


Anime: Black Butler


Lilian Achenbach, an aristocrat hailing from Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire, became one of the many victims of Sateriasis Venomania.


As a result of her own traumatic past, Lilian was possessed by the Demon of Melancholy, granting her the power to induce heart attacks in humans and pass on her genes, causing death and spreading the affliction further.


She endured both ruthless torment and sadistically tormented others, pushed to a mental breakdown at a young age by the pervasive cruelty surrounding her.


Lilian’s obsession with Venomania rendered him immune to his brainwashing abilities.


She firmly believed that eliminating her rivals, even through murder, was the only path to attain Venomania’s attention.


Despite never anticipating receiving love and acceptance from others, she occasionally encountered instances that demonstrated such possibilities were indeed available to someone like her.



50. Princess Mana


princess Mana


Anime: Jewelpet Movie: Sweets Dance Princess 


Mana Hime or as known Princess Mana is the princess of Sweetland kingdom, a country made of sweets!


In the movie, the Jewelpets travel to her country to celebrate Mana’s 7th birthday.


Despite her young age, she aspires to be a Manga artist and loves eating cake and dancing.


She has beautiful pink hair on which she adorns a crown that allows her to collect and use magic in Sweetland.


She has big red eyes and wears a beautiful pink gown with hearts and bows that make her cute. 



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