Top 29 Most Popular Fire Force Female Characters

top 29 most popular fire force female characters


Fire Force is one of the most outstanding anime of all time. And this is one of the many reasons why people love this series so much. After all, the show has action, animation, drama, and a ton of fan service.


Looks like the recipe for success. However, a good amount of credit for the success of the series should go to their characters. More specifically, their female characters. Therefore, I have ranked all the female characters in the series and brought some more light to them.


This is the Best Female Characters in Fire Force list. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Iris




Iris, a former sister of The Holy Sol Temple, is now a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Little did she know that she was both the Eighth Pillar and the Doppelgänger of Amaterasu.


Iris has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and she wears a habit that includes a tunic, scapular, veil, sandals, gloves, stockings, and a brooch with a cross-like symbol. Despite being somewhat incompetent in a fight, Iris is brave on the battlefield and a caring, kind-hearted person who desires to help and support those in need.


She is known for her prowess in prayers and medicine. She is appreciated by fans all around the globe for her skill that allows her to treat anyone as quickly as possible and bring solace to infernals, all thanks to her prayers and chants. Iris is a character that shapes the experience of every viewer regarding Fire Force. 




2. Kotatsu Tamaki


kotatsu tamaki


Formerly a member of the elite Special Fire Force Company 1 and a Third Generation Second Class Fire Soldier, Tamaki Kotatsu joined the Special Fire Force Company 8. However, due to her allegiance to Rekka Hoshimiya, Company 8 disciplined her.


Despite her clumsiness, boastful nature, and Lucky Lewd Syndrome, Tamaki is known for her friendly and kind personality, as well as her strong sense of justice and courage in protecting those around her.


She may have some degree of insecurity towards herself, but that doesn’t change the fact that she fights head-on against villains. And it is said that this girl happens to have Tsundere traits. What’s important to note here is that Tamaki is often considered as a character who holds feelings towards Shinra. 




3. Oze Maki


oze maki


As the leader of the Tokyo Special Fire Force Company 8, Maki Oze is a former soldier in the Tokyo Army and the daughter of General Oze. Her physical appearance includes violet eyes, dark hair, and a muscular build, with her outfits adorned with patches displaying her affiliation to Company 8.


While she possesses impressive fighting abilities, she is a romantic at heart and values her relationships with her teammates. Using her Second Generation pyrokinetic powers, Maki can defend her entire team by reflecting incoming fire attacks and turning an opponent’s flames against them.


Oza Maki is appreciated beyond the realms of Fire Force by fans who have yet to watch the series. They appreciate her masculine frame and the energy that she portrays to people who haven’t even started watching the show. And that gives us an idea of how her character goes beyond any story. 




4. Hibana




Princess Hibana also referred to as Hibana previously held the position of captain in the Special Fire Force Company 5 and is a Third Generation pyrokinetic. Described as an attractive, shapely young woman with light-pink hair and blue eyes, her early portrayal shows her to be sadistic, manipulative, and ambitious.


She enjoys causing pain to Infernals and considers herself superior to her peers. However, her demeanour changes after meeting Shinra Kusakabe, and she becomes more friendly and compassionate, revealing her true character.


Hibana is heavily appreciated as a savant in the story. It is often said that she is gifted with incredible intelligence. And that allows her to be a professional scientist who can alter the colour of flowers using her chemical processes. This may not seem all that impressive at first but that’s what her character boils down to. 



5. Arrow




Arrow, the former pyrokinetic and Primary Vice-Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame was the Third Pillar’s guardian. She is a loyal servant of the Evangelist and believes that human emotions have no value in the face of inevitable and global change, showing a detached outlook on the world.


Arrow is willing to harm others to aid her master and has difficulty dealing with Haumea’s flippant and childish nature. She lives to serve Sho and follows him anywhere, displaying a strong sense of loyalty and duty towards him.


As a Third Generation, she can create a bow and arrow made of flames using her Ignition Ability, making her a long-distance combatant.



6. Amaterasu




Amaterasu was a survivor of the Great Cataclysm and possessed an Adolla Burst, which made her incredibly powerful. She was placed in the Eternity-Style Thermal Power Generation to generate power for Tokyo after being found by Yona, who encased her in a container to restart civilization.


Despite her immense power, Amaterasu was regarded as the Pillar of Madness due to her misanthropic attitude and palpable hatred of humanity. She could appear before other Adolla Burst users through the Adolla Link.


Haumea would later absorb her powers and unleash colossal explosions.



7. Haumea




Haumea is a member of the White Clad and possesses an Adolla Burst, making her the Second Pillar. She has a sadistic personality resulting from constantly hearing humanity’s darkest thoughts over the years.


She utilizes her Ignition Ability as an Electric Shock User, which allows her to manipulate electrical systems and use electrical signals to manipulate people’s nerves and control them, making her valuable in missions where she is separated from her team.


Haumea is known for her uniqueness and fun element that can’t be compared to anything we have seen in the anime. And therefore, if you haven’t watched her yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible. 



8. Kasugatani Inca


Kasugatani Inca


Inca Kasugatani was a former member of the White Clad, a group of fanatics with the goal of bringing about the end of the world. Inca gained fame in Tokyo as a Fire Thief, rescuing people from fires and accepting goods in exchange for her rare ability to predict the path of flames by their scent.


She later gained the ability to manipulate fire as a Third Generation pyrokinetic after awakening her Adolla Burst. Although she values life above all else, she is largely indifferent to the lives of others, viewing them primarily as tools to achieve her own goals.


Inca has a passion for danger and excitement and strongly believes in her own destiny and fate.



9. Isaribi Lisa


Isaribi Lisa


Lisa Isaribi used to be a Third Generation Pyrokinetic and a member of the Knights of the Ashen Flame, but she later defected and joined Special Fire Force Company 8.


She has a curvy figure, light red hair, and light burnt orange eyes. Her uniform includes the cross of the Holy Sol over a white robe. Initially, Lisa was kind and honest, but she revealed her true nature as a servant of the Preacher and is willing to be ruthless in achieving her goals, while still showing concern for her colleagues.


Lisa is deeply afraid of being abandoned by Dr Giovanni, who had brainwashed her for several years.



10. Asako Hague


Asako Hague


Asako Hague was previously a lieutenant in Special Fire Force Company 6. She has pink hair, a short stature, and a noticeable bust that resembles her grandfather, Sōichirō Hague. Her uniform consists of a white collared shirt, a darker layer, and a white apron held in place by a slash.


She also wears an armband with the Cross of the Holy Sol Temple, indicating her company’s association with the institution. Her character is a lot more diverse than this. However, in order to grasp it in the best way possible, you need to watch the show when you get the chance.



11. Mari Kusakabe


Mari Kusakabe


Mari Kusakabe was a devoted mother to her two sons, Shinra and Shō, supporting Shinra’s aspirations to become a hero while also disciplining him when necessary. When Shō was surrounded by the Adolla Burst flames, Mari transformed into a Demon Infernal, sporting two curly white horns and a spiky tail.


She died soon after, likely due to Haumea’s actions. Leonard Burns saved Shinra from the Inferno, but the Evangelist took Shō. Witnessing his mother’s death caused Shinra to develop a nervous grin and a determination to save people and uncover the person responsible for her demise.



12. Kayoko Huang


Kayoko Huang


Rewritten: Kayoko Huang, previously the leader of Special Fire Force Company 6 and currently the head physician at their hospital, is characterized as a tall woman with short, boyish black hair and a methodical demeanour.


She typically wears the Special Fire Force jacket and metal-neck protection, with a black dress and high-heels instead of the standard trousers. In battle, Kayoko treats Infernals as patients and swiftly eliminates them with carefully chosen tools and weapons.


As a Third Generation Pyrokinetic, she can use her Ignition Ability in the form of an asklepian to speed up cell division and amplify the body’s regeneration.



13. Puppeteer




The Puppeteer is a Haijima Industries’ Skills Development Laboratory employee who uses fire-powered puppets called Dominion. Despite her cheerful personality and research efforts to appeal to children, she shows a sinister and condescending side when angry.


She has the ability to use a powerful robot called Dominion of Punishment, armed with sharp claws, and is immune to electromagnetic interference. She sees people and robots the same way and has no qualms about using children for her goals.



14. Ritsu




Ritsu is the Guardian of the Fifth Pillar and leader of the Knights of the Purple Smoke. With her Necro Pyro ability, she can control the ashes of the deceased and Infernals to reanimate them as her puppets, including creating a new form of Giant Infernal by fusing a living Infernal with the reanimated deceased.


Despite being focused on the safety of the Fifth Pillar, Ritsu is willing to use any means necessary to achieve the Evangelist’s goals, including manipulating corpses and killing civilians. Furthermore, she sees humans and Infernals as mere kindling for her abilities and takes a playful approach to force people to become part of her giants, considering them as mere tools.



15. Orochi




Orochi, a former member of the Knights of the Purple Smoke in Fire Force, possesses the Ignition Ability known as the Medusa Whip, which enables her to control a fiery whip with incredible speed, generate multiple tails for the whip, and use her flames as a shield.


Despite her initial direct and controlled demeanour, Orochi is capable of expressing sarcasm and condescension. Her whip can cut through a human being with great force and can pierce the skin of a Third Generation pyrokinetic through continuous pressure.


After being brought back to life, Orochi develops a romantic interest in her former target Hajiki and displays a more reserved side of her personality.



16. Hikage




Hikage, a former Third Generation pyrokinetic from Asakusa, is part of Special Fire Force Company 7 with her twin sister, Hinata. She is known for her jolly and mischievous personality and her mean-spirited language.


Hikage and Hinata have identical abilities that allow them to cover themselves in flames and resemble the head of a kitsune. They easily defeated adult opponents using this ability and even forced Tamaki to evolve Nekomata to beat them.


Hikage also has a close relationship with her twin sister and enjoys sweets. She does not like to keep secrets from her sister to avoid making her angry.



17. Hinata




Hinata is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 7 and a former Third Generation pyrokinetic from Asakusa. She shares her appearance with her twin sister Hikage, except for her hairstyle, which is tied in a bubble at the back and brushed to the right side of her face.


Hinata wears a black kimono with a blue stripe across the waist, signifying her affiliation with the Special Fire Force. Hinata has a mischievous personality and enjoys using the mean-spirited language she inherited from Benimaru.


Despite this, she is close to both Konro and Benimaru. Hinata and Hikage have identical Third Generation abilities that allow them to cover themselves in flames, with their heads resembling those of a kitsune.



18. Evangelist




The Evangelist is a mysterious figure who leads the White Clad and possesses various inhuman abilities, including passing through the Tear in Space, causing earthquakes, and blinding those who look at her directly.


Her identity and origin are unknown, but she has taught the White Clads about Spontaneous Human Combustion, the Bugs, and the Adolla Burst, and has kidnapped children to test their compatibility with flames to obtain the Adolla Burst.


Additionally, she has obtained The Second Pillar, Haumea, and grants Fourth Generation abilities through a connection called Grace to those who possess the Adolla Link.



19. Madoka Oze


Madoka Oze


Madoka Oze is married to Danrou Oze and has two children, Maki and Takigi. She shares physical similarities with her daughter but has a less muscular physique. Despite her gentle and elegant personality, Madoka emphasizes manners and etiquette and can become very angry if her family does not behave appropriately.


She previously served in the military with her husband and has second-generation abilities, which she passed down to both of her children. However, she recognizes that her daughter Maki is much more powerful than she is.



20. Konyango




Konyango, a previous member of Special Fire Force Company 1, is a confident and daring young woman who wears a loose-fitting nun outfit, fingerless gloves, pants, and black shoes for mobility.


Despite her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and her ability to attack and beat Infernals with her bare hands, Konyango’s recklessness during missions has resulted in admonishment from her peers. Her hot-blooded and pugnacious nature has led to comparisons to Rekka Hoshimiya, as she eagerly engages in combat with Infernals without hesitation.



21. Saeko




Saeko was the wife of the manager of Kawaguchi Metal Fittings Corporation who turned into an Infernal. Although she burned everything in sight like any other Infernal, she was protective of the corporation and tried to shoo away the Fire Force when they confronted her.


Her intelligence was peculiar among Infernals. Her body was engulfed in flames, but she retained most of her feminine features. Being a First Generation, she had several fire-related abilities such as fireblasts and fire-enhanced melee combat.


Saeko was agile, fast, and more hostile than regular Infernals.



22. Gold




Gold, a former member of the White-Clad’s Destroyers, is a proficient assassin specialized in eliminating ability users. Her outfit is similar to that of the White Clad, featuring a golden gauntlet on her right arm and a gold alchemical symbol on her forehead.


As a Third Generation pyrokinetic, she possesses the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and heat gold. She can use this power to levitate objects, control magnetic metals like iron, stop bullets in mid-air, redirect them, and effortlessly lift heavy objects.


Due to her high resistance, she is practically invulnerable to attacks and can eliminate opponents undetected.



23. Saki




Saki is a citizen in Tokyo who happened to face an assault by a man. And that’s all her for her character. While it may not seem a lot, she does have a good name since Saki stands for Blossom.



24. Sakko




As a resident of Asakusa, Sakko was a single mother who raised her son in the area. However, tragedy struck when she turned into an Infernal during her son’s childhood, leading to the Asakusa Fire Fighters being dispatched to her location.


In the ensuing battle, Hibachi Shinmon killed Sakko, causing her son to develop resentment towards him. Later on, the son even took revenge by stabbing Hibachi in the back.



25. Mikako




Mikako resides in the Iriya District of Tokyo in the Fire Force anime series. She sports short, dark hair and wears a school uniform, which consists of a black jacket, white shirt, tie, and white skirt.


Mikako was once a happy and joyful individual, but everything changed when her father transformed into an Infernal, leaving her shocked and traumatised. Fearing that she might face the same fate, Mikako became concerned about Spontaneous Human Combustion.


After the arrival of Special Fire Force Company 8, they helped send her father’s soul off in peace, while Mikako wept and muttered to herself.



26. Mrs. Boyle


Mrs. Boyle


Mrs Boyle is a citizen of Tokyo who, along with her husband, left their son, Arthur, to skip out on their debts. Despite being more sensible than her husband, she still enables his schemes and is dismissive of any harm she might have caused.


She is completely self-absorbed and doesn’t believe her husband’s stories of the Evangelist and her manipulation of society, staying with him out of devotional love. Mrs Boyle and her husband had another three children after Arthur and began living in the Netherworld.


Years after leaving Arthur, they encounter him alongside other characters in the Netherworld.



27. Sakura




Sakura, a former member of the St. Raffles Convent, was transformed into a Demon Infernal as a result of Sumire’s experiments. Prior to her transformation, Sakura wore a habit and had freckles.


However, after becoming an Infernal, she gained black skin and horns. In the Post-Ōbi’s Rescue arc, when Hibana confronted Sumire over her actions against the convent’s sisters, Sakura and other Demon Infernals appeared below Sumire. Nevertheless, the Fire soldiers were able to flee.



28. Sumire




Sumire, also known as Sumire Sugita, is a servant of the Evangelist and the Seventh Pillar who has been creating Pillars for 200 years. She is responsible for burning down St. Raffles Convent and its residents. Sumire is a cynical and misanthropic older woman who has become disillusioned with humanity, believing that they have no free will and are easily swayed by trends such as religion, government, and media.


She was persuaded by the Evangelists that humans needed to be burned away. Sumire is a powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic with the ability to create vibrations that transform into kinetic energy, allowing her to create earthquakes.



29. Woman in Black


Woman in Black


Woman in Black was a regular human taken by the Evangelist, bitten by one of its bugs, and transformed into a powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic. She created the Oasis in the Chinese Peninsula, a place that sustained and prolonged the lives of the animals living there.


After sacrificing herself to the Tabernacle, the surrounding area received abundance. The Woman in Black has the Adolla Burst, allowing her to expose her flames to individuals and cure them of hunger.


She can establish an Adolla Link, grant Adolla Grace, and communicate with other Adolla Burst wielders. Spending centuries in the Shintai weakened her, and she has severe burns from being in the Tabernacle for 250 years.



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