Top 23 Best Chainsaw Man Female Characters

Top 23 Best Chainsaw Man Female Characters


Chainsaw Man is one of the greatest anime that was released in the year 2022. The thing that makes it great is the amalgamation of a great story, great design, great plot, and most importantly great characters.


Almost every character present in this anime has something unique to differentiate and at the same time something common to integrate.


The balance between these characters was appreciated but at the same time, a lot of people considered it misogynistic anime.


But if one will look at the core then anime is more balanced because female characters are also given the same importance as males.


Almost every female character present in the anime has a different angle of empowerment. Whether it is related to the female devils or Devil Hunters, each one of them describes certain powers.


So here are the best Chainsaw Man female characters for you all.




1. Makima




A nice, gentle, friendly, social, and benevolent character present in the anime with all amalgamation is what Makima is.


She is a cunning character with a manipulative nature. Known in the anime as a higher-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, she, later on, came as the Control Devil and got reincarnated as Nayuta.


Having first appeared in the first episode itself defines that she is definitely an important character in the anime.


It can be seen through her confident nature and the smile she carries all the time. But when it comes to her core personality Makima is more of a Machiavellian character which was revealed just in front of Denji.


She wants to create a world where sadness is out of the question. That’s the only thing she cares about. And how is she planning to achieve it? By making sure that the Chainsaw Man is on her side. 




2. Power




Serving as a member of the Public Safety saga, Power was also a Public Safety Devil Hunter and one who worked under the Special Squad of Makima.


She is a Blood Fiend, having the devil as well as fiend form in the anime. Power is a habitual liar who is a greedy and childish character.


One thing that is very much likeable in her personality is her attitude toward victory. However, it results in her boasting of her superiority over other Devil Hunters.


She is not loyal to anyone, despite her observation towards victory as a whole. She goes on to change sides whenever she realizes that her chances are slimming down, making her an absolute beast to look out for. 




3. Himeno




Working under the special squad of Makima, Himeno was also known for having a partnership with Aki and being a Public Safety Devil Hunter.


Appearing for the first time in episode 4, Himeno was shown to be an experienced character with a mature personality.


She is very blunt and careful in her duty as can be seen through her response even in small matters.


She is a caring, sympathetic, empathetic person who always cares for her fellow members. Even after having a cheerful and fun presentation of herself, Himeno is someone who has a pessimistic worldview.


And you can’t blame her, considering that she witnessed a ton of different deaths throughout her lifespan, including that of characters who are near and dear to her. Therefore, Himeno is someone you can’t afford to just overlook. 




4. Akane Sawatari


akane sawatari


Before having a contract with Snake Devils, Akane Sawatari was known to be a civilian Devil Hunter who worked with Gun Devil.


Her appearance is of a young woman with a casual outfit the personality of Akane also appears the same, casual and calm.


Despite having a calm nature, Akane is somewhat of a cold-headed person who easily becomes panicky. It can be seen through the time when her subordinate started dying with the counterattack of Makima and she was not able to do anything.


One of the gestures of Akane that is well-known in the anime is her hands in her pockets.


Snake Devil was the one who took Akane’s nails. And so, she is a bit constraint with her appearance since she wants to hide the fact that she lost her nails. Moreover, this design choice adds more personality to her character. 



5. Quanxi




Also known as Crossbow Devil and First Devil Hunter, Quanxi is a well-known Devil Hunter coming from China. She has two forms in which the human form comes with tall features with a ponytail and the hybrid one comes with sharp teeth and hard arrows with curved hands.


Quanxi is a shameless person when it comes to discussing this business. She rarely shows any kind of emotion but that doesn’t mean she never cares about her fiends.


It can be seen through the time when Quanxi always made sure of basic needs, like human rights and education for her fiends.


Quanxi and her ruthless nature add fun and flavour to the overall story since she goes on to create havoc for anyone and everyone who watches the show by blasting enemies to different sides of the battlefield. 



6. Reze




Reze is the one who was sent on a mission to steal the heart of Chainsaw Man. She is the antagonist of the Bomb Girl arc and that’s the reason why her name is Bomb Devil or Bomb Girl.


At first, Reze appears to be a very gentle and kind girl who has a crush on Denji. But later on these all things are revealed to be a strategy to get closer to Denji.


However, one cannot forget the time when Reze has shown her mercy towards Denji, despite carrying a mission against him.


Reze is a manipulative character but never liked killing or harming others. She tries to avoid all these things until and unless it becomes the only way to her mission.



7. Master Santa Claus


Master Santa Claus


Controlled by the help of Doll Devil, Santa Claus is totally different from regular humans. She is known to be a mysterious woman who has a contract with the Doll Devil and also the one whose mind was sent into the Halloween Dimension.


Having a different personality from the rest of the characters is something that remains unique but is at the same time very strange.


Santa Claus is a strategic and tactical character. Her strangeness does not just end here as it continues with her ruthless nature by giving her pain to the puppets in the world.


Coming to abilities then she has multiple powers of Doll Devil Contract, Doll Creation, Mind Transfer, Perfect Doll Creation, and many more.



8. Kobeni Higashiyama


Kobeni Higashiyama


After having battled with the Dark Devil in hell, Kobeni has resigned herself from the experimental squad. She used to appear in a black and white dress, like most of the Public Safety Devil Hunters present in the anime.


Unlike most of the Devil Hunters, Kobeni is known for her cowardly nature and few moments where she showed her courage.


It can be seen through her confrontation with the Eternity Devil which resulted in babbles and paralyzing. Due to the same reason, Kobeni easily cracks into pressurized situations.


She can’t do anything except for letting her tears fall down her cheeks. Apart from it, she is also known for proving herself as a cold-headed person who later on became efficient because of her actions.



9. Cosmo




She is the one who is also known as Cosmos Fiend and for being one of their girlfriends of Quanxi.


It is none other than Cosmo who is known for her attitude. One thing that became a signature of Cosmo is her repeating of words called Halloween.


Cosmo has two personalities in which the first one is outward and appears to be very emotionless. The second one is her inward personality which is different by having a straightforward manner with a lot of conversation.


Coming to abilities she has a devil power called Total Understanding. Through this power, Cosmo can send the mind of a person into a different dimension that is somewhere similar to the gigantic library.



10. Prinz




Prinz or Princi are no two different characters but the same under the name of Spider Devil. Because of being the Spider Devil, she has become a symbol of the fear of a spider.


She is also from Tokyo Special Division 4, serving as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Just like her name suggests being a spider, she has a spider body with legs with pointed curves.


Like most of the devils, Prinz too had two forms in which the human shape is taken to add friendliness to humans and to work as a Devil Hunter.


Even after having a human shape, Prinz never prevailed in her mercy on humans and still likes killing the people who look at her in the wrong way.



11. Asa Mitaka


Asa Mitaka


The quiet and antisocial girl who later on changes to clumsy nature is what Asa Mitaka is. She is the protagonist of Academic saga and also a high school student who, later on, became the host of War Devil.


Asa is an introverted person who never liked her classmates and always wished them to die. It can be seen towards her priority and preferences which was given more to the study rather than to making friends.


However, she, later on, realizes that it is nothing less than jealousy. Even after having no social life, Asa always desires to have friends and make a boyfriend.


Her nature changed when she gained a second chance at life, resulting in her kind nature toward humans and also toward devils.



12. Michiko Tendo


Michiko Tendo


Having debuted in the 9th episode of the anime, Michiko Tendo was shown to be a Public Safety Devil Hunter coming from Koyoto.


She is a sensitive person which can be seen through the time when she was ready to step out and give space to Aki.


Like the other members of Public Safety Devil Hunter, Tendo also appears in the uniform of a white shirt and black pants.


If one goes in history then one can see the life of Tendo being ruined by Gun Devil, thus resulting in her joining Public Safety Devil Hunter.


She indeed joined the group with a mission of taking revenge but never tried to kill as it was considered to be an impossible thing for Tendo.



13. Nayuta




Now we have Nayuta or the incarnation of the Control Devil. She is a young girl with dark brown hair and yellow eyes.


Being a reincarnation character, Nayuta always avoided being her old self and was taken by Denji. Nothing much is known related to the personality of Nayuta except for the fact that she loves dogs.


It can be seen through the time of an incarnation when she shares a great bond with the dog of Makima.


Even after avoiding the similarities with her previous self, Nayuta shared a common place by sharing an equal relationship with family and friends.



14. Pingtsi




Pingtsi, a cheerful and talkative girl, is known for being one of the fiends of Quanxi in Chainsaw Man.


She has dark hair and wears a long-sleeved black dress all the time. One thing that made her separable from the rest of the fiends of Quanxi is her shorter height.


Apart from it, she is also known for sharing things and her conversation, even though it remains useless, just impresses Quanxi.


Coming to the devil’s powers then she has Magnifying Glass Power through which her ponytail can change into a magnifying glass and detect information.


Another power she carries is Contract Perception which gives her allowance to have information related to the contract. Pingtsi also carries Bilingual Skills as she can speak Japanese as well as Chinese.



15. Asa Mitaka’s Mother


Asa Mitaka's Mother


With no appearance in the series, Asa Mitaka’s Mother remained an unnamed character who was murdered at the hands of Typhoon Devil.


Just like the suggested name, she is the mother of Asa who is known for her kind and warm-hearted personality.


Unlike any mother who balances herself and her children, Asa Mitaka’s Mother remains one-sided with Asa and accepted all her laws.


It can be seen through the time when Asa was feeling down and there was no one else but her mother.


Coming to the appearance of the mother then she and Asa share a high resemblance with their average height.



16. Fami




Fami or Famine Devil is a student of 4th East High School and also a member of Four Horsemen.


She is also a member of the Devil Hunter club whose first appearance came in the Academy Saga. Fami is known for carrying a mysterious personality as no one can read her face which carries very little or no emotion.


However, it goes the opposite for her as she is very good at reading people and their minds. One of the uniqueness which can be seen in her is her absurd politeness which came in the strange situation.


Despite having very little interaction with other characters, Fami always treats Yoru as a little sister for whom she is ready to do anything.



17. Long




Long is a dark character with a shaggy appearance and was known in the series for being a fiend of Quanxi and also for being one of the members of the harem.


She is an expressionless or emotionless personality who appears to be very submissive. Like any other devil who carries some special abilities or powers, Long also had one called Fire Breathing.


With the help of Fire Breathing, she can breathe a large amount of fire or can suck it from her mouth.


Despite carrying a devil power, Long remained weaker in terms of abilities if one compares it to the rest of the devil characters present in the anime.



18. Division 4 Female Member


Division 4 Female Member


Just like the Class President whose name remained unknown but whose position and identity are clear, Division Four Female Member is also the same with an unknown name but a fixed identity.


She is known for being a member of the Tokyo Special Division and also the one who was with Madoka.


Division Four Female Member is shown to be a very mature person who always cares for those around her.


It can be seen through her nature at the newbie welcome party as well as the time when she comforted Kobeni.


Her friendly nature can be seen through the time when Division Four Female Member decided to sit next to Kobeni and started a conversation about hobbies to know her better.



19. Leech Devil


Leech Devil


The one who creates the fear of leeches in humans is what Leech Devil. By having the first appearance in episode 4, Leech Devil was shown to be a minor antagonist of the Bat Devil arc.


It is very common for the devil to have hatred towards humans and the same goes with Leech Devil who shares a great hatred for the whole race.


Even after being a ruthless character, Leech Devil had a soft corner for Bat Devil as they both shares the same dream of conquering the world of human and their existence.


Just like all devils, Leech Devil also has certain powers like blood consumption, reincarnation, and fear empowerment.



20. Class President


Class President


Unlike her unknown name, Class President shares a known identity for being the student council president. Despite being a minor antagonist present in the Justice Devil arc, the Class President remains an influential character who had deal with Justice Devil.


She is a mild-mannered character but is always present in the anime as a supportive one. It can be seen through the time when the Class President decided to console Asa Mitaka in the tough moments.


But at the core, she is more of a narcissist who always cared about herself and her pre-assumption. One of the best examples is the time when she believed in her illusion of Asa having a romantic side with Tanaka, their teacher.



21. Yuko




Apart from serving as the main antagonist of Justice Devil arc, Yuko is also known for being a member of the Devil Hunter Club.


Like most of the characters present in the anime with different forms, Yuko also has two forms in which the first one is the Transform and the second one is the Devil Form.


From the outer appearance, one can find Yuko to be very kind and social and easily becomes friends with other characters.


But when it comes to her core personality then she shares a very twisted sense of justice. She is more of a cold-hearted person rather than an empath as she has no remorse and no concern when it comes to the killing of people.


The only character with whom she shares a great relationship is Asa whom she calls her best friend. At the end of the anime, she gains remorse with perspectives and regrets killing people.



22. Yoru




Also known as War Devil, Yoru serves as the main antagonist present in the War Devil arc. She is a confident character but at the same time very prideful and treats her opponents as nothing but dust.


The only mission she carries is to destroy her rival called Chainsaw Man and that’s the reason why she attended the same school as Denji.


While carrying the identity of a human, Yuro was more of a blurry and bleak person who remained unpopular among her schoolmates.


She is an anti-social person who easily gets jealous of her classmates, however, she shares a good relationship with a Class Representative who remains her only friend.


Yuro carries great hatred towards the devil but never wanted to kill them.



23. Whip Hybrid


Whip Hybrid


Serving as a secondary antagonist in the Control Devil arc, Whip Hybrid is a human devil hybrid that got amalgamated with Whip Devil.


In human form, her appearance comes with short stature with brown hair; while in hybrid form, her hands change into multiple whips and also got exposed teeth.


The exact personality of Whip Hybrid is unknown as she was under the control of Makima in every appearance.


Apart from hybrid transformation, she has many other powers called Augmented Body, Blood Consumption, and Nigh Immortality. With the help of blood consumption, Whip Hybrid can heal her wounds by consuming blood and coming back into her old self.



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