Top 50 Most Popular Pisces Anime Characters

Top 50 Most Popular Pisces Anime Characters


Pisces, one of the most diverse zodiacs, were born between 19 February and 20 March. Whether it is related to the imaginative power or the empathetic nature, everything balances well in their life.


From their emotional success to their recreational activities, Pisces has diversity in almost every aspect. One thing that makes them quiet away from others is their love for the water, like fishing, surfing, swimming, or walking on the beach; and their art, like music or writing.


Talking about all these anime characters then there are varieties of characters who fulfill all the characteristics of Pisces, like being mystical, romantic, witchy, pleasure-seeking, and empathetic.


So without further delay let’s dive into the 50 most popular Pisces anime characters.




1. Light Yagami (Death Note)


light yagami (death note)


Due to his hard work, genius, talent, and unique perspective, Yagami fits well under the list of this category. Whether it is related to his problem-solving skills in planning things or his good at mapping scenarios, Yagami defined everything at its best.


In the series, he appears to be a cold and ruthless person who can do anything to achieve his goals.


Overall, he is an idealistic individual who is ready to go on extreme measures just to defend his idea of justice which is away from others.


Known for his utmost confidence and excellence as a character, Light is a PIsces that everyone needs to look up to. There’s a reason why everyone who is standing as a Pisces, is proud to be one as they share the same sign as Light.


He is a menace of a character and that’s why he is so special for the audience as well as others. 




2. Ginko (Mushishi)


Ginko (Mushishi)


Yoki, known to be as Ginko in the series, appeared to be solving Mushi cases. At the beginning of the series, Ginko carried the very least of Pisces characteristics as he was a laid-back person.


However, he can be serious when the situation arises in his favor. He has somewhat of a great sense of honor and stands responsible for his mistakes in many cases.


Ginko always tries to live the best of the situation by living a simple and quiet life while traveling between the cases or areas.


Due to the same nature, he is shown to be a person who easily gets excited about minimalistic things.




3. Umi Sonoda (Love Live!)


Umi Sonoda (Love Live!)


Umi is a second-year student of High School who later on graduated with perfect scores. Shown to be generally shy when it comes to interacting with others, Umi is somewhat of a highly logical and intellectual person.


Moreover, she is disciplined and easily gets hard on others. The mixture of almost every shade of the characteristic of Pisces gives her a strong will that makes her suitable for a leader.


It can be seen through her organization of business-related actions and logical appeal.




4. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)


hinata hyuga (naruto)


Serving as one of the main supporting characters of Naruto, Hinata Uzumaki was shown to be a chūnin level kunoichi of the Hyūga Clan.


At the beginning of the series, she had a love interest in Naruto, later on, became his wife, and had two amazing kids, defining the romantic side of Pisces.


Being a thoughtful, kind, and shy person, Hinata is also a polite girl who always carries respect for elders.


Despite being a shy person she, later on, appeared to be more open about her opinion and emerged as a confident character.


She is ready to pull her life back and push the lives of her friends and family for the sake of their happiness and comfort. 


Hinata is someone who will always be standing as a woman of value and appreciation as she continues to impress that audience and all those around her, thanks to her sweet nature and passionate personality.


She is one of the best girls in the entire series. And that’s why, Pisces are proud of being associated with her. 



5. Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)


Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)


With an average appearance and strange look, Clear is somewhat of a formal person. He has a very polite manner and rarely uses any kind of slang in his conversation.


Being cheerful and rarely getting angry, Clear is an energetic person who lacks some common sense of the world.


Despite being happy in the series, he is an insecure person that’s why never took his mask off. Due to the same reason he has trouble understanding the opinions of people, especially toward him.


Coming to the core personality then it is away from empathy however, his being capable of meeting the needs of others stands to the point of Pisces.



6. Sunao Fujimori (Sukisyo)


Sunao Fujimori (Sukisyo)


Sunao is a high school student who has a second personality hidden inside his name called Ran. Sunao is somewhere typical Pisces with diversity in nature however, one of the demerits comes with his easily irritating persona.


Being the polar opposite of his roommate, Sunao is a composed person and a perfect Pisces who loves to be alone.


Despite having a rough edge when he deals with some people, he is also a kind one. Having hydrophobia at night, Sunao fits well in the definition of a balanced Pisces with a sensitive and cold nature.



7. Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)


Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)


Also known as Ryuuen Chou, Nuriko serves as the lead of Fushigi Yuugi. Her being Pisces can be seen through her unique and determined nature towards life and happiness.


It can be seen through her dialogue, “Because if you live your life worrying over losing what you have, then you’ve already lost it. You can’t be happy when you’re worrying like that–and you can’t love to the fullest if you’re guarding yourself, either.”


Continuing it, she said, “So, you just have to be strong, love as much as you can…and hope that, when the day comes that you lose something, you’re strong enough to get through it.”



8. Hiroto Kanazawa (Kiniro no Corda)


Hiroto Kanazawa (Kiniro no Corda)


Just like his name which means a wide, broad, large, and big person, Hiroto indeed stands well in these meanings.


He is a teacher who is in charge of concurs and is very popular among students because of his easygoing personality.


His approach towards life is something that comes through music. However, his fear of failure made him not sing anymore, even though he loved opera.


But when it comes to reality then he can’t get away from it at any cost as it gives him many perspectives of the world in an appealing manner.


Coming to his zodiac nature then it was seen as his cool nature remains the same in every situation, resulting in working both in his favor and out.



9. Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)


mitsukuni haninozuka (ouran high school host club)


Apart from a child-like appearance with a cute and attractive sight, Mitsukuni is a highly intelligent and clever character.


Most of the time he appears to be a positive person however, his anger cannot remain unnoticeable. Even after having a cute and childish appearance, Honey is more of a mature person for his age.


One of the best things about him is his capability to advise others, which works in his favour, most of the time. Coming to him being Pisces then has positive traits like kindness, sensitivity, imagination, intuition, and selflessness.


However, his negative traits also work in favor of him being specified to this particular zodiac, like idealism, escapism, weak will, indolence, and over-sensitivity.


The fun personality that this character has to offer is what separates him from the rest. Therefore, make sure that you enjoy his presence at all times in the series. 



10. Sanji (One Piece)


Sanji (One Piece)


Also known as Black Leg Sanji, Sanji is a cook of the Straw Hat Pirates as well as a Straw Hat Grand Fleet’s senior officer.


He is the representation of all perfection, with no flaws. He is very good at shunning any problems instantly and can bloom well in difficulties.


He is a muscular man with long legs and blonde hair which makes him quite attractive. One of the best qualities in him that easily gets noticed is his cool, calm, kind, and collected nature.


Due to the same reason, he talks in a very composed manner even in difficult situations, making him more like Pisces.


Sanji is a more prospective person than an enthusiastic one. He never feared showing his emotion in front of others when the situation goes in his favor like losing his temper or being capable of crying.



11. Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling)


marin kitagawa (my dress-up darling)


Marin is one of the most beautiful characters in all of anime. And that’s one of the many reasons why people look up to her in My Dress-Up Darling. However, it is important to note that her personality and hype aren’t just limited to her being a beautiful girl.


Absolutely not. Instead, her personality extends to being a beautiful person who manages to capture attention all because of her sweet course of action. And that’s why, she is a fitting individual to portray the Pisces sign as she manages to be sweet, humble, and yet a fun person to be around.


Marin is a gem and everyone knows about it. Therefore, make sure that you look up to her. 



12. Osaki Nana (Nana)


Osaki Nana (Nana)


Born on 5 March 1981, Nana Osaki was shown in the anime as the lead vocalist of a band called Black Stones.


Despite her gothic and punk look, Nana is the total polar opposite of her appearance as she is a kindhearted and devoted friend.


Her hardship goes well with the Pisces characteristics which can be seen through her determination in her band. Despite having an independent persona, she is somewhat easily dependent on others for help.


Nana always wanted to focus on her career and feared losing herself in it. She is somewhat of a warm person who hates being powerless, one of the characteristics of Pisces.



13. Aimaru (Toriko)


Aimaru (Toriko)


Known to be the leader of Gourmet Knights, Aimaru is also known for first being the close friend and then the rival of Toriko.


He is a calm, humble, and fair character who fits well as the most popular Pisces. Aimaru is a physical and intellectual person who can cure any disease, from bacteria to viruses.


Despite his strict authority, he is rather a calm and composed person. His being a Pisces can be seen through his leadership skills which make him an effective person.


Apart from his physical qualities, his mental abilities are beyond limits.



14. Italy Veneziano (Hetalia Axis Powers)


Italy Veneziano (Hetalia Axis Powers)


Shown to be a representation of the northern part of Italy as well as of the Axis Powers, North Italy is also referred to as Italia Veneziano.


Just like any typical Pisces, Italy is also a cheerful and energetic character but at the same time, a crybaby.


Italy has a very strong attraction towards arts like music and food. Due to his keen interest in art, he easily gets friendly with others.


Due to his imaginative character, Italy easily fits well in one of the most popular Pisces anime characters. It can be seen through him enjoying his thinking while others are talking about him.


Despite being a delicate person, he is also a peaceful character who easily uses his abilities for his good.



15. Kyoko Sasagawa (Reborn 20)


Kyoko Sasagawa (Reborn 20)


Kyoko is a student and the youngest sister of Ryohei Sasagawa. She is an air-headed girl who lived her life carefree without questioning her life.


Her being Pisces can be seen through her caring and kind personality. It can be seen through her behavior and caring for her older brother and friends.


Unlike other Pisces characters who easily get angry at times, Kyoko is someone who is rarely seen in a heated mood.


She is an enthusiastic character who is surrounded by family members with a simple personality. Due to her sympathetic and most importantly empathetic attitude, she appears to be a wonderful role model.



16. Subaru Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon)


Subaru Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon)


Subaru, like his sister Hwang, is a quiet character. Serving as the protagonist of the anime, Subaru appears to be a beautiful, honest, kind heart person with a great sense of people as well as things.


As a teenager, he used to be very cheerful and devoted himself to the help of others. One of the best things about him is his loyalty which never fails in his life.


Whether it is related to the person he always admired or loved or hated, Subaru always served his best to everyone.



17. Fuji Shūsuke (Prince of Tennis)


Fuji Shuusuke (Prince of Tennis)


Shūsuke Fuji, also known as Syusuke, is one of the Prince of Tennis characters. Born on 29 February with the horoscope of Pisces, Shūsuke rarely knows his limit.


He is a relaxed character but when it comes to his younger brother Yūta then he somewhat becomes a protective one.


Shūsuke rarely takes anything seriously, even the sports which he loves the most. His genius can be seen in the games that come with real challenges, resulting in his breaking out of a normal light-hearted nature and becoming a fierce personality.


Like most Pisces, Shūsuke is also someone who is away from reality. He is also one of those who has a tough character, almost impossible to read what is going on in his mind.



18. Eiri Yuki (Gravitation)


Eiri Yuki (Gravitation)


It is said that Pisces are one of the best when it comes to imagination and career, that is what Eiri is.


When it comes to the angle of romance, it fulfills the best at Pisces then Eiri also stands in that corner.


He is an experienced writer with a great reputation in literature. His writing has clarity like water that flows well with depth.


Because of his outward personality, a lot of people take him as an extrovert but in reality, he rarely shows any emotion.


At an early age, especially in his teenage years, Eiri was somewhere of an easygoing person with a cheerful personality almost similar to Shuichi, however, later on, he changed to be a more serious one.



19. Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)


Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)


It is very common in Pisces to be reinviting, kind, loving, and calm but when it comes to Shirayuki then she is somewhere away from these things.


She has nothing to do when it comes to emotional equilibrium however, her optimism and faith in herself work in the favor of this Zodiac.


It is also very common in Pisces to be weak at times and unable to handle the guts but at the same time, her ability to reinvent herself is quite remarkable.


The same goes for Shirayuki who is more of an emotionally motivated character rather than a logical one. And due to the same reason she easily gets influenced by herself and never feels afraid of her creativity.


Shirayuki is also remarkable in the series for tackling any situation at its best.



20. Michiru Kita (Zombie Loan)


Michiru Kita (Zombie Loan)


Serving as the main character of the anime called Zombie Loan, Michiru Kita is a weak-spirited girl. It can be seen through her not revealing her thoughts, especially during the hard times.


After the death of her parents, Michiru appeared to be a numb living character who had no will to live or achieve any glorious thing.


However she, later on, became a stronger character who always protected her friends and loved ones. Due to her sympathetic and empathetic nature, she sometimes gets into trouble.


Despite her strong nature, she always panicked over little things but at the same time always found solutions to problems.



21. Nemuri Kayama (My Hero Academia)


Nemuri Kayama (My Hero Academia)


Being a faculty member of U. A. High School, Nemuri was a Pro Hero and known to be R-Rated Hero: Midnight.


Shown to be a flirtatious and peaceful character, Nemuri is also a serious and temperamental person. It can be seen through her anger which easily comes when someone tries to interrupt her or insult her.


Appearing as a wimp most of the time, Nemuri never hesitated to act like a sexual representation of her gender.


Despite her anger and short temper, Nemuri is an intelligent and perspective character. It can be seen through her logical explanation in the interview which defines the reason behind why some heroes have revealing costumes.


Due to her moody and varied personality, Nemuri fits well to be a Pisces.



22. Leorio Paladinight (Hunter x Hunter)


Leorio Paladinight (Hunter x Hunter)


Leorio Paradinight also known as Boar, his code name of Zodiacs is a medical student who has the aim of becoming a doctor.


Shown to be a cruel and selfish person who has focused on material wealth, Leorio appeared to be somewhat of a trustworthy and loyal character in the later part of the series.


One of the best things about him becoming a Pisces can be seen through his priority which always comes with his friends and dream of becoming a doctor.


In most parts of the series, Leorio has provided comic relief that was pleasure-seeking for the audience. However, he carries an impulsive nature which causes some trouble for those around him.


He is a balanced character who speaks to the point and is on the face through many situations.



23. Tenten (Naruto)


Tenten (Naruto)


Apart from being a member of Team Guy, Tenten is a kunoichi who always gave her best to become one of the most powerful kunoichi and that’s why puts all her weaponry and skills into it.


Born on 9 March, Tenten naturally became an observant and analytical person which can be seen through a dream of becoming one of the powerful kunoichi.


Due to the same dream, she became a strong opinionated woman who defended other girls. Her hatred towards those who depend upon others and show weakness can easily be seen in the series.


Despite being an inquisitive character, Tenten is somewhere a fierce person shown to be caring and kind. It can be seen through her being together with friends who had low and hard times in their life.



24. Ai Nanasaki (Amagami SS)


Ai Nanasaki (Amagami SS)


First shown to be one of the female protagonists of the anime, Nanasaki, later on, became the main protagonist of the Fourth Arc.


She is a student and one of the members of the swimming team, and later on, became the President.


Coming to her personality then it is colder and reserved rather than cheerful one which is common in Pisces.


However, a romantic side can be categorized as one of the characteristics of why she falls under the most popular Pisces anime character.


Due to her calm and cool nature, Nanasaki has gained some fans at the school. Her being mature as compared to the others of the same age comes with the amalgamation of a little childish behavior, which defines the diversity of Pisces.



25. Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)


Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)


Serving as one of the supporting characters in Demons Slayer, Shinobu is one of the slayers of the demon in the series and is the younger sister of Kanae Kocho.


Born on 24 February, eventually makes her a Pisces and her personality also falls in the same category. Shinobu was always shown in the series as a cheerful, bright, and friendly person who loves to tease others.


But when it comes to her dealing with demons then she is rather cruel and kills them ruthlessly. Later in the series, Shinobu appears to be a calm and peaceful character however, one cannot avoid her hatred towards the demon because she lost her sister at a young age.


Due to this hatred, she was almost in a constant state of anger which later on led to an inferior complex.



26. Mitabi Jarnach (Attack on Titan)


Mitabi Jarnach (Attack on Titan)


Shown to be one of the three Elite soldiers of Garrison, Mitabi also fought in the Battle to Retake Trost.


He was also shown to be a member and team leader of the Garrison. One of his most unlike traits that makes him away from Pisces is his doubtful nature in the situation which easily makes him nervous.


At the beginning of the series, Mitabi appears to be very terrified; however, later, this changes with time. It can be seen through him taking a group of Titans away from Jaeger.


Coming to appearance then he has brown hair with a short beard and wears the typical uniform of Garrison with a green shirt.


Overall, he defines a bit percentage of being a Pisces, including his birth and variety.



27. Hina (One Piece)


Hina (One Piece)


Just like Smoker, Hina is also a Marine officer who leads the Black Cage Corps. She was also introduced in the series as a captain who was born on 3 March, making her a natural Pisces.


One of the most adorable behaviors of Hina is her certainty in speaking in the first person which appears to be very cute for the audience.


But when it comes to reality then her effort does not make her cute but rather a stoic character.


However, her real and no-nonsense characteristics make her Pisces as she was shown to be a respectful as well as a rational person who admitted her loss towards protagonist Luffy.


Apart from these, she is remarkable for her knowledge of historical facts.



28. Smoker (One Piece)


Smoker (One Piece)


Shown as a Marine officer, Smoker is also a commander of the G5 Marine base. He was first introduced in the anime as the captain with the mission of capturing the protagonist named Luffy.


He is one of the infamous characters present in the anime because of his obstinate and rebellious attitude. He often comes with a conflict against his superiors due to disagreeing with the methods.


His obstinate nature can be seen through his following his code of justice rather than following the rule of Absolute Justice.


Smoker is more of a serious man who rarely smiles and has a sharp attitude. One cannot ignore his dedication towards protecting innocent people and his mates from danger, making him Pisces.



29. Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, is the son of Jin Itadori. He was living a normal life till the time he met Megumi and ate one of the fingers of Sukuna.


Yuji is a caring character, not just for his loved ones but also for those who are strange to him.


He values his life the most and it can be seen through his passionate nature where he focuses on particular goals and gives his all to them.


However, the same thing delivers a stubborn nature in him. Even after having a good nature and friendly behavior, Yuji is also somewhat of a cruel person.


His willingness to sacrifice his life for others came with the last word of his grandfather. It can be seen through his eating the finger Sukuna and saving Megumi whom he met for the first time on that day.



30. Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Serving as one of the supporting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuta Okkotsu is nothing less than the main protagonist which he, later on, becomes in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High.


He is a second-year student at a high school who works as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. Coming to his personality makes him fall under the category of Pisces then it comes with his diversity in nature.


He is a timid person with a lonely nature who easily gets bullied by others. Due to the same reason he lost all his confidence and became a shy person.


Despite losing confidence, Yuta never lost his care for others. However, later in the series, he becomes a social and extrovert person who interacts with others normally.


His determinant nature can be seen through the way he trained himself and took the words of his friends and mentors to his heart.



31. Shanks (One Piece)


Shanks (One Piece)


Commonly known to be just Red Hair, Shanks is the chief of the Red Hair Pirates as well as one of the Four Emperors who ruled the New World.


He is serving as one of the prominent characters in One Piece who loves to pass his time by traveling around the world.


He used to be very playful and innocent in his youth but was somewhat of an immature person. Appearing to be a simple person, Shanks is of a complex moral code.


However, his ignorance of chaos and disorder makes him quite appropriate for this list. He always ignored useless bloodshed until and unless some of his loved ones were in danger.


Shanks has always carried immense respect for those who are kind, polite, and brave. However, he sometimes goes out of the expectation of others even after carrying a calm nature.



32. Elaine (Seven Deadly Sins)


Elaine (Seven Deadly Sins)


Elaine is one of the prominent female characters in the Seven Deadly Sins who was killed two times and resurrected two times.


Elaine is someone who never trusts humans but it all changes when she meets Ban and develops feelings for him.


Due to her soft corner for Ban, she forms a romantic side for him, making her one of the typical Pisces.


Her kind and caring nature towards her close ones also fall in the same category. However, one cannot ignore her short-tempered nature which can be seen through the encouragement of Ban in trying out ale.


Her jealousy towards those who come nearby Ban sometimes becomes darker but eventually lands on her innocent nature which becomes her signature behavior.



33. Rumi Usagiyama (My Hero Academia)


Rumi Usagiyama (My Hero Academia)


Also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko, Rumi is a character who always speaks whatever is going on in her mind.


As a hero, Rumi appears to be independent and fearless while facing opponents. One of the best qualities in Rumi that makes her a balanced Pisces is her handling life-threatening situations with a bright and light nature.


Her smile in danger solves almost every problem. Rumi never took even a step backward when she is surrounded by enemies but what she does is calm herself in the preparation for facing them.


Her determinant nature cannot only be seen in the battles but also her capability of enduring pain without even losing a single focus.



34. Kisame Hoshigaki (Naruto)


Kisame Hoshigaki (Naruto)


Known for being the Monster of the Hidden Mist, Kisame is a shinobi of the Hoshigaki Clan. He became an S-rank missing-nin after joining Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.


Kisame is someone who loves to seek pleasure, making him a typical Pisces, through fights. His sadistic nature and no hesitation in giving torture to his opponents come with an aggressive tone.


He is very focused when it comes to the battles however, his soft corner can be seen through Itachi and his death.


His loyalty towards his friend Itachi is of a different level. Despite having a sadistic nature, Kisame is also known for being playful and having a kind of sense of humor that lights up serious situations.


His honesty and humbleness towards his mates can be seen in many events that made him fall under this category.



35. Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi (Bleach)


Rojuro Otoribashi (Bleach)


Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi is known to be the captain of the 3rd division in Gotei 13 and a captain for almost 100 years before his exile.


His unique perspective towards life and love is quite appreciable. Despite having this interesting behavior, Rōjūrō cares about his fellow mate.


His cheerful nature can be seen through his interest in music and the discussion of the singles that were recently released.


One of the best scenes in the series related to Rōjūrō is the way he rises from the rubble of a building.


His focus and battle are of different levels which starts with a speech on human nature to come together against a common enemy.


Apart from his determined and hard-working nature, Rōjūrō is also known for being a kind and empathetic person.



36. Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)


Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)


Appearing for the first time in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Sakura is shown to be an outgoing and respectful character.


Due to her diversity in nature, from being energetic to cheerful and hard-working, Sakura is also a focused person in battle.


Shown as a rough character at the beginning of the series, Mika is a determined and noble spirit who does her best in martial arts training.


Due to her mystical and empathetic nature, she is a perfect example of Pisces. Apart from her innocent and disciplined nature, Mika is patient and acknowledged as a great fighter with great potential.


Due to the same nature, she has gained the friendship and admiration of many other characters.



37. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Ryūnosuke Akutagawa is one of those characters who believe in the saying of survival of the fittest as he believes weak people should not exist in the world.


His confident and bold nature can be seen through his being fearless toward pain or defeat. Shown to be a ruthless character with a short temper, he maintains a detached approach.


When it comes to his behavior with subordinates, he is more like a distant person in social interaction. Due to all these negative aspects, Ryūnosuke appears to be at the very least all the characteristics of Pisces but one thing that makes him fall into this category is his diversity in nature through many transitions.


He is one of the honest characters present in the series even if it is a brutal or unnecessary thing.



38. Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter)


Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter)


Also known as Mika Nanakawa, her birth name, Rainbow Mika is a wrestler of Iwashigahama Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling who was trained by Yoko Harmageddon.


Born on 15 March, Mika has some of the characteristics of Pisces. It can be seen through rough performance with appropriate potential.


Despite her stubborn nature, Mika is a courageous character which can be seen through her behavior in front of opponents.


The best thing about Mika is her nature toward her friends. She always protected her friends and that’s why she took a punch from Balrog to defend Ibuki. Mika is known for being a technical as well as a tricky character in the series who developed rapidly.



39. Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa)


Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa)


Chaiki Nanami, one of the best Pisces anime characters, is known for her quiet and sleepy nature which can be seen through her sleeping while standing.


Her lively nature can be seen through video games which become excessive at times as she forgets to breathe while playing games.


Chaiki appeared in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair as a student of Hope’s Peak Academy as well as a Killing School Trip participant.


Her typical Pisces nature can be seen through her kind, calm, and quiet nature which leads her to be sympathetic and empathetic.


Despite being an analytical character, Chiaki lacks a variety of knowledge, especially on ordinary subjects. Despite filling all the characteristics of Pisces, she becomes exceptional in terms of romance.



40. Yui Takamura (Muv-Luv)


Yui Takamura (Muv-Luv)


Serving as the main character in Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Takamura is strict with no-nonsense characters. Her strictness goes well at times but when it comes to getting acquainted with others then it works against her.


Born on 13th March, Takamura is indeed a Pisces, however, her nature works against it except for her to-the-point things.


It can be seen through her excellency in her studies as well as work. Her kind and polite nature cannot be ignored in the anime which can be seen through her close relationship with Lt. Colonel Iwaya Eiji, her uncle.


Despite her kind nature, Takamura has an ill relationship with her mother because of her strict nature but Kyoko helped her through difficult situations.



41. Takahashi Ichimonji (Muv-Luv)


Takahashi Ichimonji (Muv-Luv)


Ichimonji Takahashi is one of the most charming and charismatic Pisces anime characters. Serving as the side character in the series called Muv-Luv, the impact of Ichimonji in his own Zodiac is nothing less than a leading one.


Ichimonji is a very skillful person who has a great athletic career. The same goes for his relationship with women as he carries the optimum strategy to seduce them.


Apart from his birthday which is on 1 March, Ichimonji serves as one of the best in Pisces because of his diversity in nature, whether it is related to being mysterious or pleasure-seeking behavior.


Coming to appearance, Ichimonji is a good-looking person with brown hair and eyes and a fit physique.



42. Yokumiru Mera (My Hero Academia)


Yokumiru Mera (My Hero Academia)


Serving as the acting president of Hero Public Safety Commission, Yokumiru Mera is quite a different personality from other Pisces characters.


He is someone who usually complains about things that lead him to an unenthusiastic attitude in the work. His laziness can be seen through the Provisional Hero Licence Exam where he was looking toward the end of the examination so that he can get rest.


However, one cannot ignore his inspirational nature, especially while giving the speech. It can be seen through his speech about the next generation of Heroes as well as giving hope to the students who failed in gaining the license.



43. Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)


Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)


Being one of the most distinguished warriors in the era of Sengoku, Sanada Yukimura was one of the poster boys of the series.


Shown as a hot-blooded and battle-crazy person, Sanada is somewhere the polar opposite of Oushū. He is a genuine person who gives his best in battles with no cheating or tricks.


His ambitious and intelligent nature can be seen through his dream of becoming a perfect warrior and that’s why tests his skills.


Coming to his nature related to the opposite sex may be found to be a romantic one, then he is completely ignorant of anything that belongs or is related to the opposite gender.


However, his respectful manner towards others in speaking makes him stand in the list of popular Pisces anime characters.



44. Naoya Shirokawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)


Naoya Shirokawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)


Also known as Shiroyan among friends, Naoya is an unofficial leader of the Moron Trio. At first, Naoya was shown to be a mischievous person who troubled Maid Latte for no reason but later on, he changed his behavior towards her and became a kind person.


His caring, especially empathetic nature came towards his mother who always wanted to see him at his good and best.


Due to the same reason, Naoya never wanted to see her cry or in trouble as he said, ”Don’t worry. I’m not that idiot who will make my mother cry anymore.”


Naoya was known to be a delinquent person however, his good leadership gave a balance to his character.



45. Aya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge)


Aya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge)


Apart from being a member of the Juken Club, Aya is also known in the anime for being a sister of Shin Natsume and Maya Natsume.


Nothing much of her diverse characteristics can be seen in her which makes her Pisces, apart from her birth.


However, a romantic side towards Souichiro can be counted as one. Aya has chased Souichiro throughout the series to marry him as it was a tradition of the women to marry the first man who saw them naked.


Due to this chase, a rift between her and her sister Maya emerged at its peak due to the existence of mutual feelings between Maya and Souichiro.



46. Kaori Senoo (Saki)


Kaori Senoo (Saki)


Shown as a second-year student of an Academy, Kaori was also known for being the childhood friend of Satomi Kanbara.


She is a shy girl who easily gets nervous in certain situations. Kaori is one of those typical Pisces that easily trusts other people which leads her to join the match that goes against Mako.


Her real enthusiastic nature can be seen through her playing mahjong and carrying different perspectives. The best thing about her is to confuse her opponents through her mahjong luck which sometimes leads to a winning situation.



47. Sanae Katagiri (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)


Sanae Katagiri (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)


Before continuing her dream to become an idol, Sanae was a police officer and that’s why uses a lot of police terminology in her conversation.


Her kind and responsible nature can be seen through her role of becoming an older sister to her fellow idols.


One of the best characteristics of Pisces is putting her needs after the needs of others; however, it results in looking like a fool.


She is a very cheerful character with an empathetic nature who is quite nervous when it comes to tea and ceramics.


Her weakness is getting drunk which can be seen through the moment of her transition in emotions, especially sorrow.


Sanae easily gets upset when someone mentions her as a single person.



48. Tsubomi Takane (Mob Psycho 100)


Tsubomi Takane (Mob Psycho 100)


Tsubomi Takane, a middle school student at Salt Middle School, holds immense significance in the world of Mob Psycho 100 as Shigeo Kageyama’s unrequited love interest. While the manga primarily relies on the perspectives of Mob and other characters to portray Tsubomi’s personality, the anime adaptation grants her additional scenes that deepen her character and reveal her compassionate side.


Within the manga, it becomes apparent that Tsubomi is conscious of her public image, as she conceals her runny nose during a bout of sneezing to avoid potential judgment. This implies that she values the opinions and perceptions of those around her.


Moreover, Tsubomi displays genuine gratitude when Mob offers her a handkerchief, showcasing her appreciation for his kind gesture.



49. Princess Hibana (Fire Force)


Princess Hibana (Fire Force)


Before becoming the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5, Hibana was a Third Generation pyrokinetic. At first, Hibana was shown as a sadistic person who enjoys seeing others in pain but she became a good-hearted person at the end of the series, defining perfect Pisces characteristics.


Her beauty and charm have also become an excuse for herself to get away from a difficult situation. She is an elder sister of Holy Sol Temple who defined a good nature by making her sister happy through her power.


Hibana became cynical toward the world and decided to be a wise person with stronger nature during the time of experiments on infernals.


She is a highly intelligent girl with scientific knowledge that was shown in many situations.



50. Baji Keisuke (Tokyo Revengers)


Baji Keisuke (Tokyo Revengers)


Keisuke Baji, an integral member of Valhalla and the First Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, takes on a prominent role in the Tokyo Revengers. Baji possesses a wild and unpredictable personality, thriving on the adrenaline rush and not hesitating to engage in random acts of violence for sheer enjoyment.


His trademark grin remains a constant during combat. Baji’s unswerving loyalty lies with Toman, and he willingly assumes the role of a villain in the eyes of his friends and comrades to protect them.


Ultimately, he demonstrates his readiness to make personal sacrifices, ensuring Toman’s moral compass remains intact and relieving Kazutora of any self-reproach.



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