Top 50 Most Popular Fairy Tail Female Characters Of All Time

top 50 most popular fairy tail female characters of all time


Fairy Tail is one of the most popular anime ever created. And there’s no denying that a countless number of features contribute to its success and recognition.


A great storyline with amazing animation and heartwarming moments. Combine all of that and you get a fantastic shonen to enjoy.


However, one more attribute of the show that most people overlook is its characters. Yup, one of the biggest reasons why Fairy Tail is so enjoyable is its characters.


And that’s why it is important to give these characters the love and appreciation that they deserve. And while the male characters get a lot of screen time and attention, the female cast seems to be left behind.


Therefore, I have decided to create the Most Popular Fairy Tail Female Characters list to bring some light to the ladies.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Erza Scarlet


erza scarlet


Known for her fierce yet incredible personality, we have Erza Scarlet. She is one of the most well-known characters in all of the anime and her appearance is also quite fitting for her character.


She is an S-class mage from the Fairy Tail guild and her excellence stands in the fact that she uses the kind of magic that allows her to summon weapons.


Moreover, in the series, there have been innumerable incidents of her being a strict person and being punished for what she does and believes in.


And there’s no limit to how entertaining she can be when she is on the screen. And you better not judge her loyalty or commitment.


Otherwise, you will be sailing against the tides. And let’s not forget that Erza is a character that always stood as a representative of boldness and charm in female anime characters. Therefore, her position on this list makes perfect sense. 




2. Lucy Heartfilia


lucy heartfilia


Lucy is one of the main female characters in the show who works alongside Natsu and his team.


She is just like you would expect. And this is said in the sense that Lucy is a kind-hearted girl with a sunny and fun nature.


However, her prowess in magic makes her a tough opponent for countless numbers of people. She is recognized as one of the best mages from the Fairy Tail guild and this idea gets more and more embodied with every single episode that passes along.


Moreover, fans are always losing their mind when they witness the beauty and elegance of Lucy Heartfilia. She is one of the most sought-after Waifus in anime and that’s why she is placed here on our list. 




3. Juvia Lockser


juvia lockser


A rather uncommon name for someone who hasn’t watched the Fairy Tail anime yet. However, the value that she holds in the story, makes her worthy of every spot on this list.


She is from the Phantom Lord’s Elite Group. And so, her power levels have always been quite amazing against her competitors or peers.


Moreover, within the said team, she was the Element 4 which would explain why she was so recognized by the characters in the show.


Moreover, her character expands more than just battle as she goes ahead and falls for Gray as the story progresses.


This element of love makes it hard for her to hold her own against the other characters. However, the intricacy of her personality makes her even more entertaining.


And let’s not forget the fact that, despite being a relatively unknown characters for Non-Fairy Tail fans, this girl still manages to leave a lasting impression in the minds of Fairy Tail fans once they witness her on screen. 




4. Wendy Marvell


wendy marvell


This cute little girl from the series is going to melt your heart without breaking a sweat. However, that’s not all.


She is also a Sky Dragon Slayer magic user who belongs to Team Natsu. Plus, being from the Fairy Tail guild, she is widely acknowledged as a strong character whose excellence is yet to be discovered.


She is said to be from Natsu’s power segment since she used Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. And this is why she can be a renowned fighter when the time comes right.


The fact that she can heal people and act as a stealth character, makes her worthy of all the love and appreciation that she gets. After all, such a character or teammate is always handy in battle. And that’s why Wendy is so special. 



5. Mirajane Strauss


mirajane strauss


Known by many as the most attractive character in all of Fairy Tail, we have Mirajane Strauss. She is one of the side characters in the show who happens to have a lot going on for her.


Firstly, she is from the Fairy Tail guild which would explain why she gets so much screen time. Secondly, she has been claimed to be a model in the series.


And that’s why she is a character you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Her appearance is particularly eye-catching since she has white hair and her neglected self-presentation is beautiful yet sensual at the same time.


Mirajane is a character that highlights the potential anyone has, even if they are not part of the main story. This is why Mirajane is so captivating and charming for fans all around the globe.



6. Mavis Vermillion


mavis vermillion


Mavis is a beautiful character in the series who will catch your attention right off the bat. The interesting aspect about Mavis is that she is cute on a completely new level.


And her contribution to the series is unmatched. She is the one who placed the Fairy Tail guild in its place and acted as the first master of the guild.


How cool is that! Moreover, this is the reason why you would find a lot of “Mother” references for her.


She is known to have a rather playful disposition and her appearance as a character is also eye-catching and attractive, making her worthy of all the love and gratitude that she gets. However, her nature will go far beyond that.



7. Levy McGarden


Levy McGarden


Teamed up alongside Jet and Droy, we have Levy. She is one of the side characters in the show who is known to be from the Fairy Tail guild.


More specifically, she is from the Shadow Gear of the Fairy Tail Guild which explains why she is so high on this list.


Plus, with her greatness as a character, she is a being whose existence is felt quite a lot even behind the screen.


She is in love with books and all forms of literature. This respect for books that she holds is the reason why she managed to befriend Lucy Heartfilia when the time was right.


Add up her cheerful nature and you get a heartwarming yet delightful character for the show.



8. Ultear Milkovich


Ultear Milkovich


Black hair is rather uncommon in the series of Fairy Tail. However, Ultear manages to pull it off very well.


She is one of the members of the Magic Council in the series. And it seems that she happens to be working for Siegrain in the show.


Quite interesting as you might say. Plus, with time, we realize that she was after the Demon Deliora and wanted to have it under the name of Jelal.


Moreover, she has caused a lot of mayhem for the characters within the series, thanks to her powers and connotations.


Plus, with the advancement of the series, we see her become more and more notable with her actions. Quite a notable character in our series. And that’s why Ultear is ranked so high on our list.



9. Cana Alberona


cana alberona


A character from the Fairy Tail guild. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, Cana will amaze you with her disposition.


She is one of the side characters in the series who happens to have her stamp on the belly.


More specifically, it is there in the lower half of the abdomen. She is known for being quite a beauty with a ton of characters being after her.


And with that, beauty comes a lot of charges as she is recognized to be a fierce character. There’s no disagreeing that her excellence is second to none when it comes to using card magic.


And this is where she gains all the love and gratitude that she gets from the fandom.



10. Erza Knightwalker


Erza Knightwalker


Coming in from the Erza family, we have Erza Knightwalker. She is one of the side characters in the show who is known for being a part of the Edolas Kingdom.


In the said kingdom, she is assumed to be the counterpart of Erza Scarlet. And that would explain the unexpected resemblance of these characters.


However, Knightwalker is a lot more on the seductive side of things with her design and attire. Moreover, the look in her eyes is a lot more fierce and oppressive than that of Scarlett who seemed more secure and emphatic.


Regardless of her impressions, she is bound to be an impactful character for everyone who watches the show.



11. Lisanna Strauss


Lisanna Strauss


Coming in from the Strauss Family, we have Lisanna. She is one of the recognised characters in the show who happens to have a lot going on for her.


Firstly, being a Strauss, she had white hair and a pretty face which explains why the Fandom is insane for her.


Secondly, her character gets even more credit when it is revealed that she is Mirajane and Elfman’s younger sister.


As the show progresses, we also get to know that she belongs to the Fairy Tail guild and well.


And her magic is said to be Take Over. If you look for her stamp, that’s present on the upper left shoulder.



12. Kagura Mikazuchi


Kagura Mikazuchi


I won’t lie, that’s a great name. It just rolls off the tongue so well. And that’s why it is deserving of being recognized here as well.


Kagura is one of the side characters in the show who seems to be an expert in Gravity Magic.


However, she isn’t just restricted to Gravity Magic. In the series, she had been described using other forms of magic.


And unlike most characters on this list so far, she is not from the Fairy Tail Guild. She is from.


The Mermaid Heel Guild. And that would explain why she is ranked so high on our list. Moreover, she was also part of the team that contested in the Grand Magic Games.


This is where she got all her recognition from as well.



13. Charles




If you guys love Happy, you would have a great time with Charles as well. She is an Exceed with the age of 6 and belongs to the Fairy Tail guild.


However, that wasn’t her first union. Instead, she was initially a part of Calt Shelter. Moreover, in the anime, she is a partner to Wendy Marvell which would explain why she is so gorgeous.


As the show progresses, we get to see her use Magic. However, her magic is rather impressive. She uses Sera and Precognition which are quite powerful for specific formats of combat.


But apart from her fights, she is widely admired for her cuteness. And as a cat-like creature, this fondness and praise are rather expected.



14. Virgo




No female fans of Fairy Tail. This is not a sun sign. This is a female character from the show.


Don’t you dare think otherwise. Virgo is one of the side characters in the show who happened to have a lot going on for her with the advancement of the series.


She was in contract with Everlue in the series. However, that became null ever since he was captured. She gave a certain set of keys to Happy and asked for a favour.


The keys must reach Lucy at any cost. And that’s what made her character stand out even more. Moreover, she also helps our team when they require it which would explain why she is so famous amongst fans and those who appreciate the series as a whole.



15. Brandish




Her original name was quite something with a Greek sign in it. But for now, let’s call her Brandish.


She is one of the side characters in the anime who belongs to the Spriggan Twelve. And this allows her to be part of the Alvarez Empire.


And this empire was under the command of Emperor Spriggan. Moreover, she is said to be a leader herself. From the narrative standpoint, she has portrayed incredible leadership and excellence in execution with every factor being ahead of her time.


She was the one who took charge of the Brandish Squad. And that goes on to explain why she is appreciated so much in the anime community. A notable character indeed.



16. Aquarius




Her name is quite obvious for us to understand what her powers will be. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she is a lot more dimensional than that.


She is the Water Bearer, known for her unreal prowess in water magic. Moreover, she is a mermaid who can only be brought into a water body.


Now that’s some exclusivity. Plus, as the show progresses, the series goes on to express that the character in question, Aquarius, is just as selfish as you might expect.


She doesn’t take sides or anything along those lines. And that’s why the character is looked upon as a great villain altogether.


Her beauty is also a subject of appreciation.



17. Irene Belserion


irene belserion


If you are up against her, you better prepare yourself for some losing battle. Why? Because she is the strongest.


She is from the Alvarez Empire and belongs to Spriggan 12. Moreover, as the show progresses, it goes on to explain the excellence of this character.


It doesn’t take an expert to realize how intimidating this being is. The crimson red hair along with the demonic yet confident look in her eye.


And her overall appearance is even more intimidating yet charismatic. This is how Irene gains so much recognition from the characters within the narrative.


And don’t get me started on her power levels. She is insane!



18. Flare Corona


Flare Corona


You can understand the level of insanity hidden inside her, just by looking her in the eye. She is a human in the series who happens to be from the Raven Tail guild and acts as a mage for the same.


She even belongs to the Raven Tail team. Her excellence in Magic is Hair Magic which may not seem all that amazing at first but in the series, you will realize how powerful and damaging it can be.


The important thing to note here is that Flare’s name and colour scheme is quite fierce. With bright red being the vibrant colour, she seems more like a fire magic user than a Hair Magic-user.


But still, she is someone all the characters should be wary of.



19. Lucy Ashley


lucy ashley


A nenw Lucy ladies and gentlemen. I wonder how good she is. Well, just as good as the original one.


She is just like Erza Knightwalker but for Lucy. And that’s what makes her special to our characters. She is known for being a bully toward Natsu and holds pride in doing so.


Moreover, unlike her counterpart, Lucy Ashley is a lot more aggressive and violent with her approach and will go ahead and do whatever she wants to make sure that she has a ton of fun and enjoyment in all that she does.


Moreover, in the anime, she is known for using Whips and these whips make her a notable character altogether.


There’s a reason why some people prefer her over the original.



20. Juvia




Coming from Edolas yet again, we have Juvia. And she is the counterpart for Juvia Lockser from the original series.


This time around, she happens to have feelings for Gray. However, these feelings aren’t as strong as you might expect and so, the love story might not be anywhere.


Or so you might think until you realize that it is Gray this time, who happens to have a huge crush on her.


And that’s how her relationships turn out to be. Moreover, her appearance gets a lot more recognition since she clothing herself a bit too much before any battle.


And with all these features, she is also known for her insane hand-to-hand combat prowess. This is why she is ranked here.



21. Yukino Aguria


Yukino Aguria


A rather simplistic character who has a lot of secrets that can’t be revealed unless you have watched the show.


She is the one who uses Celestial Magic which would explain why she is ranked so high on our list.


However, that’s just the beginning of her character. She is known for having a strong sense of infatuation towards Sorano Neesan and her excellence as a mage has gotten her a ton of love and recognition.


She is known for being a member of Sabertooth. And Sabertooth is the strongest guild in Flore.


Yeah, that’s how impressive she is. But hey, her beauty must not be forgotten at all. It is important to note that this is just the surface of what she has to offer.



22. Meredy




Belonging to the Grimoire hearts, we have Meredy. She is one of the members of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.


And as a side character, she does quite a lot more than just being there. Meredy is known for having distinct personas.


And these personas are responsible for quite a lot of mishaps that take place in her life. While one of her personas seems to be emotionless and cool, the second one is childish and reckless which makes her a completely new person altogether.


Moreover, she is known for being a great friend to Juvia and that’s why the fandom starts to look at her with a positive eye.


Plus, the pink hair will always be more and more notable.



23. Millianna




Coming in from the Incarceration Tube, we have Millianna. She is one of the notable characters in the show who happens to have a lot going on for her.


She first gains traction as a character when it is revealed that she is Erza’s close friend from the time when both of them were enslaved.


And the important thing to note here is that Millianna has a cat-like appearance. This appearance makes her look attractive and adorable but also unique and unexpected.


And this allows us to experience a new type of character altogether. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, you should go ahead and do so since her arc will give a great level of entertainment.



24. Zera




Ever heard about the Red Lizard guild? Yeah, she is related to that. However, this relationship isn’t as simple as you might expect.


Instead, it is filled with a middleman whose name is quite popular in the show, Jezelf. He is the Guild Master of Red Lizard.


And Zera is her daughter. Wow, all of a sudden she seems a lot more intimidating and strong now.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that her life ended in X679. And this miserable incident happened when the Blue Skull decided to raid Tenrou Island.


However, with the help of an illusionary mage, Zera was able to be brought back as an illusion. She wasn’t real but the feel was so good, it felt real.



25. Aries




Look at her Beauty. I bet you are fascinated. And that’s just the beginning of her character. Aries is one of the side characters in the show who is known for her shy nature.


It is rare to see such characters in Fairy Tail as most of the other beings have fierce and outspoken personalities.


However, this makes it so that Aries has a special attitude that makes her stand out more than anything.


In the anime, it was portrayed, multiple times, that this beauty has experienced a ton of horrible things in her life.


And that’s why she is nurtured to be the way she is. However, as time passes by, her mind gets more and more open.



26. Seilah




Coming in from the 2014 fairy tale, we have Seilah. She is one of the side characters in the show who appears for a handful of episodes and then goes on to be a part of the story.


The role that she plays within the narrative is that of an Etherious. And she is not just any Etherious.


She is from the Dark Guild Tartarus and happens to be part of the team associated with the Dark Guild Tartarus.


This team was titled the Nine Demon Gates. And this is why Seilah was able to get a lot of traction in the series.


The character goes on to look like an actual maze and happens to have an attractive design going on for her. With her dark purple hair, she looks even more intimidating.



27. Angel




That’s just a name boss. However, her character is a lot more complex than that of an angel. She is a mage that belongs to the Oracion Seis Guild.


And within the series, she also goes by the name of Sorano. Moreover, as the show progresses, we realize how powerful this character is as she goes on to show off her magic skills with various battles in place.


The Oracion Seis Guild in general has a ton of extremely strong mages which is the reason why Angel was able to get so strong herself.


And her appearance will melt your heart instantly as she smiles in a cunning yet adorable way. A smug in the series as you may like to call it out.



28. Layla Heartfilia


layla heartfilia


Well, a new Heartfilia seems to be taking over. However, she is a lot more notable than you would have initially imagined.


Layla is one of the side characters in the series who happens to be associated with Lucy. And that goes without saying considering her surname.


However, this association is a lot more than just sharing the surname. Layla is Lucy’s mother. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we have the mother figure on our list.


And although we haven’t seen a lot of her actions in the series, we have seen a lot of her actions from the narrative standpoint.


The contributions she made from the background are not only important but also game-changing.



29. Minerva Orland


Minerva Orland


This name may not click many bells at first. However, she was quite an important character once upon a time.


Minerva is one of the side characters in the show who is a part of the Sabertooth guild. As stated before, Sabertooth is one of the most remarkable guilds of all time and that’s what makes her so special in the first place.


Moreover, she was also associated with the Succubus Eye which explains her multi-dimensional character and personality as a whole.


Moreover, the series continues to explain why it is so crucial for her to speak the way she does.


It is an old way of communicating but hey, if that works for her, we might as well appreciate it.



30. Wendy




Pretty sure that the fast-food chain isn’t named after her. Wendy from Edolas is a counterpart to Wendy Marvell from the original series.


However, as you can see from the appearance itself, the character doesn’t quite seem like a befitting counterpart. Apart from the completely flipped appearance and character, she is also quite different from a personality standpoint.


Her attitude is a lot more mature and confident which explains her contrasting nature with the original Wendy. However, the fact that they both have their beloved Blue Hair explains why they deserve the said spot on our list.


Without a doubt, a great character for hardcore fans to enjoy.



31. Levy




Coming in from Edolas yet again, we have Levy. I don’t even need to mention who this character’s counterpart is this time.


She is one of the most notable characters from Edolas as she happens to have a young appearance going in for herself.


Her attire has an outstanding white upper top and her hair happens to catch a lot of attention thanks to its blue colour.


Moreover, she continues to prove herself as a cheerful character, using features like a cap with a ribbon on top of it.


All of this combined gives us a character who can make your heart melt without breaking a sweat. That’s how amazing Levy is.



32. Dimaria Yesta


Dimaria Yesta


She looks pretty adorable. However, that’s just the beginning of her character. Because as adorable as she may look, she can also be extremely lethal.


She is one of the members of the Spriggan 12. And as stated before, this group is no joke.


This group can cause some insane havoc with their skills. So being from that group gives her a notable advantage altogether.


Moreover, her character goes on to improvise as she happens to be part of the Alvarez Empire. And the interesting thing about the Alvarez Empire is that it belongs to none other than Emperor Spriggan.


So all in all, Dimaria has a lot of strong contacts going on for her in the series.



33. Bisca Mulan


Bisca Mulan


She will catch your attention from far away. And her skills will steal your heart. That’s who she is.


The Moulin Rouge, Bisca Mulan. Bisca is one of the side characters in the show who seems to have her origin in the West.


She was an immigrant when she first showed up at our beloved Fairy Tail guild. However, with time, she decided to get taken in by the Fairy Tail guild and serve them.


In the anime, Bisca has proven herself time and time again with her polite attitude and bold personality. And as someone who looks up to Erza, Bisca has retained a great name for herself in the series.


That’s why she is ranking here on our list. She deserves more love and appreciation.



34. Chelia Blendy


Chelia Blendy


Coming in from the Blendy family, we have Chelia. She is one of the side characters in the series who has a strong personality going on for herself.


And she is nothing more than a human in the show. However, she is still a notable mage. After all, it is rare for us to see the Sky God Slayer magic being placed in front of us.


Moreover, Chelia seems to be a part of the Lamia Scale and that allows her to have affiliations with super-strong individuals in the storyline.


And she is also part of the Team Lamia Scale which would explain her contacts. Moreover, she seems to be fond of Love but hates Spicy things.


Well, that’s a unique combination for sure.



35. Sherry Blendy


sherry blendy


We have someone from the Blendy family, I wonder who she is? Oh wait, she is Sherry! We can’t overlook Sherry at all!


She is one of the side characters in the anime and has Doll’s Play magic going on for her.


She is from the Lamia Scale which is a great place for magicians like her to join. However, her character wasn’t placed like this.


Initially, it was her personality being placed forth as one of Reltei Lyon’s allies. And this act took place in the Galuna Island arc.


And her character seems to be in love with Lyon. However, this might not go far because of the things that take place in the show.


All in all, a great character who made the show better for us.



36. Evergreen




A rather unique name isn’t it? I hope her first name isn’t Violet. This is the 20-year-old Evergreen we are talking about.


Her nickname is Ever and she is part of the Fairy Tail guild. More specifically, she is from the Raijinshuu team which has a ton of strong characters within it.


She also possesses a special type of power. And that allowed her to be an exceptional warrior yet not a so-exceptional child.


You see, during her childhood, she was traumatized by the idea of being alone and anti-social. The strength of her eyes that allow her to turn anything she looks at into stone, made it so she can’t make any friends.


And that would explain her current personality.



37. Realight Jenny


Realight Jenny


She uses a special type of Magic. And that is just beyond amazing as I should say. Machina Soul is the magic type that is used by Jenny.


And this magic is also known as a takeover. If we talk about her character, Jenny loves to do her shopping.


And happens to have a negative eye towards shopping. Yeah. That’s how it goes for her. Don’t question it.


She is from the Blue Pegasus. And in the series, she has been placed as the current Miss Flore.


She is quite a gorgeous character altogether. With her blue eyes, blonde hair, and rich appearance, she goes on to depict herself as a symbol of grace and elegance in the narrative of the franchise.



38. Coco




Without Melon. She is one of the background characters in the show who happens to be quite reliable in the story.


Her task is pretty simple. She can run fast so she becomes a messenger for a group of people.


Moreover, she goes on to be an Assistant Chief of Staff in the show which explains her rank below Wizened.


The gap is minimal and can be overtaken anytime. The important thing to note here is that Coco isn’t a character who will break things with her ego.


She is a cheerful, kind, and humble personality whose presence is more than enough to enlighten everyone who watches her. And that’s why she is placed here.



39. Ikaruga




She is one gorgeous being in the series and her character design is unique. Coming in from the Trinity Raven group, we have Ikaruga.


She is one of the notable characters who happen to have the skills of a Samurai going on. However, that doesn’t even come close to the description of her personality as a whole.


The most important attribute about her is her appearance. She looks a lot more intimidating and eye-catching than you might first expect.


And this is why she is ranked so high on our list. She is also a character who needs more recognition as she had a major role in the narrative.



40. Cosmos




Have you heard about the infamous Garou Knights? Yeah, she belongs to that group. Now you would understand why she was so menacing in the first place.


To give you some context, Cosmos is associated with Garou Knights. And this group is known for being the most powerful executioners of Flore.


Now that is intimidating. However, her character does not stop her. She is known for being havoc when it comes to execution and goes on to delete a ton of characters on Will and thus, gets the tag of criminal in the Kingdom of Flore.


She uses Plant Magic which makes her a plant expert with manipulation and control being the top priorities.



41. Anna Heartfilia


Anna Heartfilia


This character is a lot older than you might expect. And that’s why she is worth our recognition and appreciation.


She is one of the side characters in the show who happens to be a Celestial Spirit Mage. Moreover, it is stated in the series that Anna has lived for over 400 years.


Yeah, she is pretty old. And as the surname suggests, she is associated with the Heartfilia family. Her appearance compliments her relations and overall, she is a fun character who has a lot of history and context going on for herself. This is why she is placed here.



42. Kinana




She might be a part of Fairy Tail but she isn’t a mage. And that’s what makes her special as a character.


Kinana is a background character that appears in the anime as a worker in the Fairy Tail guild. And that’s what makes her stand out so much.


She is a woman with a terrible past and that focuses on her life form as a whole. What I mean by this is that she was a snake before being a human.


During her childhood, an unknown being turned her into a snake, and her life was spent in that form.


However, she was then turned back into a human. And she doesn’t know what happened when she was a snake.



43. Connell Asuka


connell asuka


She is one of the most adorable characters in the entire series. And there won’t be any debate about the same.


Connell Asuka is a background character who belongs to the Connell family. More specifically, she is the daughter of Aizack and Bisca.


And both of these individuals have been a part of Fairy Tail. This is why Asuka gets a lot of recognition from fans as they focus on Aizack and Bisca.


This character plays a role that may not seem significant but it does add value to the overall story. 



44. Hisui Fiore


Hisui Fiore


Her green hair will capture your attention instantly. And that’s just the surface of her character. Hisui Fiore is a crucial character in the show who specifically belongs to the Fiore family.


If you have watched the series properly, you would remember that the Fiore family is no joke. They are a family of rulers and so, Hisui is the Princess of Fiore.


Not only that but King Of Fiore is the father of Hisui, making her a strong character from a political standpoint. All in all, she is quite a notable being.



45. Laki Olietta


Laki Olietta


You might not remember her from the start. However, she is a lot more entertaining than you would have thought.


She is one of the background characters in the show who happened to be using a special kind of magic known as Wood Magic.


However, her magic isn’t specific to Wood Magic. Instead, she uses a kind of wood magic that allows her to reshape wood of her own will.


That’s what makes her special as a mage. Her appearance is quite unexpected considering that her magic in consideration isn’t what we might have thought it would be. But hey, she is quite a powerful being so.



46. Cana




Remember Cana Alberona? Yeah, she is an Edolas counterpart for the same. Cana is one of the side characters in the show who is exclusive to the Edolas segment.


She is known to be quite a decent girl. Because, unlike her earth counterpart, she is a lot more considerate.


She is a lot more decent in terms of her attire and self-presentation which sets her apart from the crowd.


And her way of sitting and just her overall attitude is so impressive that you can’t help but appreciate it all the time. This is why Cana is ranked here on our list.



47. Lyra




Lyra may not ring any bells at first. However, she is a notable character for anyone who loved Lucy.


She is a celestial spirit. And Lucy was the one who summoned her. Moreover, she is known for her association with music as she plays the harp that expresses herself and goes on to convey her feelings to those who are listening to her.


Moreover, she has a contract with Lucy. She can only be summoned 3 times a month. And that will be it. Now that’s quite strict if you ask me.



48. Lamy




Ever heard of Dark Guild Tartarus? She is one of the side characters in the show who happens to have a notable feature going on for her.


She is renowned within her series for her giggle. And that’s why she is recognized by multiple fans of Fairy Tail.


Moreover, her contribution to the series lasts for her help to Kyoka with the Demon Registration Process. Plus, if you look at her design, it’s a lot more interesting than what meets the eye.


It is simple yet unique in the sense that we don’t see such appearances in Fairy Tail. And that’s what makes her a noteworthy girl.



49. Beth Vanderwood


Beth Vanderwood


She belongs to the Mermaid Heel Guild. A rather uncommon guild for the show. However, her contribution to the series itself is quite fascinating.


Beth is a notable character who is a mage serving in Mermaid Heel Guild. And her magic is known to be vegetable oriented.


Yeah, vegetable oriented. Don’t question it. However, her magic isn’t plant-based. So there is a notable difference. The one definite difference is that the Holder Type of Droy is different from her magic. Because her magic is caster type.



50. Grammi




Grammi is one of the background characters in the show who has a lot going on for her. She has been part of the Heartfilia family.


However, her connection is not what you might expect. She was a servant for those who belong to Heartfilia.


And she specifically served Layla. In the series, it has been stated that she shares connections with Brandish. And this connection is none other than that of a mother.


That’s why Grammi manages to gain a lot of attention in the anime.



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