Top 50 Best Wholesome Manga To Read

Top 50 Most Wholesome Manga


Alright! Looks like you are finally done with your 265 unread shounen mangas and now you want something new. You are saturated with those super fast, high-octane, and adrenaline-filled series and now you want something slow and calming.


Something that will make your heart bloom and show you the beauties of life that often go unnoticed. Well, if that’s the case then this is the list for you because in today’s article, we will be taking a look at the best wholesome mangas out there.


Some of them are simple slice-of-life while some of them are filled with a bunch of romance. Either way, the choices are immeasurable and the pool is deeper than ever.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai


kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai


Miyuki Shirogane, renowned for his exceptional academic achievements, assumes the role of president in the esteemed student council of Shuchiin Academy. Serving alongside him is Kaguya Shinomiya, a stunning and affluent vice president.


Despite rumours suggesting they are a perfect couple, Miyuki and Kaguya have developed deep feelings for each other. However, their pride as elite students prevents them from confessing their love, fearing it would be perceived as a sign of weakness.


Determined to make the other confess first, Miyuki and Kaguya engage in a delightful battle of wits and strategies. Through their daily antics and amusing schemes, the comedy of love unfolds as they navigate the complexities of their hearts.


This is one of the best mangas you can ever read. The story is incredible, along with the characters and the flavour that this manga adds is absolutely stunning, making it, a one-of-a-kind portrayal of romance for fans all around the globe. 




2. The Way Of The Househusband


the way of the househusband


Once feared as “Immortal Tatsu,” a yakuza renowned for defeating rival gangs with a lead pipe, strikes fear in both law enforcement and criminals alike. After vanishing suddenly, he reappears with a new occupation.


Adopting the life of a house husband, Tatsu exchanges violence for domesticity, wearing an apron and attempting to lead a peaceful existence. Yet, the role of a house husband proves to have its own unique set of challenges, from navigating the cutthroat world of supermarket sales to facing culinary mishaps in the kitchen.


Even though Tatsu puts in a ton of effort to set things properly, it doesn’t work out as planned and that’s why he tends to get into unnecessary troubles throughout his daily chores. His Yakuza life is going to pull him back into oblivion. And he just doesn’t want to go there. 




3. Komi Can’t Communicate


komi can’t communicate


Shouko Komi enters Itan Private High School and instantly becomes the school’s admired “Madonna” due to her elegant appearance. Despite her popularity, Shouko faces a significant challenge—she struggles to communicate with others.


Hitohito Tadano, an ordinary high school student, finds himself becoming a class outcast after being seated next to Shouko. By chance, he overhears Shouko’s “meow” when he accidentally knocks himself out.


To avoid embarrassment, he pretends not to have heard anything, causing Shouko to flee. This is one of the most beautiful mangas that you can read so, make sure that you read it as soon as possible.


The story is absolutely gorgeous. However, what sets this manga apart is the fact that it continues to shape the love element in the manga medium as a whole. 




4. Nichijou




The daily lives of high schoolers at Tokisadame High are anything but ordinary for Yuuko Aoi and her two eccentric friends. Each day brings a unique and thrilling experience for this trio.


Whether it’s stumbling upon a wrestling match between their principal and a deer or engaging in a comical chopstick battle over a sausage, their lives are a constant source of excitement.


Things get out of hand for the characters as even daily life gets more and more exciting. The series focuses on multiple characters at once and makes it so that the viewer experiences fun and humour all throughout the depiction and portrayal. 



5. Tomo-chan is a Girl!


tomo-chan is a girl!


Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou “Jun” Kubota share an incredibly strong bond as the closest of friends. They engage in rough play and support each other unconditionally. However, a significant obstacle stands in Tomo’s path: she is secretly in love with Jun.


Despite her efforts to convey her feelings, Jun’s dense and simple-minded nature prevents him from recognizing her advances, even when she confesses openly. Adding to the challenge, Jun remains unaware that Tomo is actually a girl.


The question is, will this relationship go beyond the domains of friendship? Or will this end up being a deep bond that never got the opportunity to flourish? The only way to find out the answer to this is by reading the manga. 



6. Horimiya




Kyouko Hori, a high school student admired for her amiable personality and academic excellence, conceals a hidden life. With her parents frequently absent due to work, she assumes the responsibility of caring for her younger brother and managing household tasks, leaving little time for socializing outside of school.


In contrast, Izumi Miyamura is perceived as a brooding otaku who wears glasses, yet he is a gentle person with academic struggles. Behind his long hair, he hides nine piercings and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder.


By chance, Hori and Miyamura encounter each other outside of school, revealing unexpected sides of themselves that defy societal expectations.



7. Drifting Dragons


Drifting Dragons


Mika is a draker aboard the Quin Zaza airship, where he embarks on thrilling hunts for sky-dwelling dragons. These magnificent creatures are not only a sight to behold but also a vital source of sustenance and materials, making the Quin Zaza a cherished draking vessel.


Mika’s talents extend beyond hunting, as he possesses a refined palate and an adventurous spirit when it comes to trying exotic culinary delights. Alongside his responsibilities on the ship, Mika takes on the role of training the novice dragon hunter Takita, ensuring that his days are filled with constant excitement.


Despite the lively companionship of his Quin Zaza crew, the nomadic and perilous life of a draker can be isolating and fraught with danger.



8. Beastars




In a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, a significant prejudice exists: carnivores are often perceived as savage predators by herbivores. The murder of an alpaca named Tem inside Cherryton High School escalates the fear and distrust towards carnivores to new heights.


Legoshi, a grey wolf student, battles his own insecurities despite his intimidating exterior. As his school life is engulfed in turmoil, Legoshi is confronted with the deep divisions between herbivores and carnivores and wrestles with finding his own place in this society.



9. Azumanga Daioh!


Azumanga Daioh!


Chiyo Mihama, a gifted child who has skipped multiple grades, enters high school and finds herself in a class filled with unique individuals. Among her classmates are Sakaki, a tall and enigmatic figure, Tomo Takino, a boisterous and irritating presence, Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga, an absent-minded genius at solving riddles, Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara, who obsesses over diets and loves karaoke despite her lack of singing skills, and Kagura, a competitive and tomboyish girl.


Over time, these classmates form strong bonds of friendship as they navigate the challenges and adventures of everyday life, including school, studying, summer trips, and various humorous escapades.



10. Nana




Nana Komatsu is an inexperienced and aimless high school girl who continuously pursues crushes without success, yet her optimistic spirit remains undeterred. At 20 years old, she heads to Tokyo on a train, hopeful to reunite with her current boyfriend.


In contrast, Nana Osaki is strong-willed and proud. After joining a local band in high school, she develops a deep passion for music and falls in love with one of the band members.


When faced with the choice between her romantic relationship and her musical aspirations, she prioritizes her career and separates from her boyfriend. On her 20th birthday, she boards the same train to Tokyo, determined to become a renowned vocalist.



11. Aria




In a future where Mars has been transformed into the aquatic planet Aqua, people seeking a different life from Earth now inhabit this new world. Neo-Venezia, a town reminiscent of Venice, mirrors the rustic charm of its earthly counterpart.


Gondolas gracefully navigate the waterways, while winding alleys beckon pedestrians to explore. Akari Mizunashi, a young woman from Earth, has made Neo-Venezia her new home to fulfil her dream of becoming a gondolier tour guide, known as an Undine.


Joining the renowned Aria Company, she embraces a simpler and more magical existence than what Earth offered.



12. Laid-Back Camp


Laid-Back Camp


While many girls her age prefer luxurious vacations, Rin Shima finds solace in camping alone near the magnificent Mount Fuji. Self-reliant and content in her solitary world, Rin’s camping routine takes an unexpected turn when Nadeshiko Kagamihara, lost and in need of shelter, stumbles upon her campsite.


Nadeshiko’s initial plan to witness the splendour of Mount Fuji is disrupted as she falls asleep along the way, leaving her with no choice but to seek assistance from Rin.


Despite their spontaneous encounter, the two girls spend a delightful evening together, sharing a warm campfire, enjoying ramen, and engaging in heartfelt conversations.



13. A Girl on the Shore


A Girl on the Shore


Keisuke Isobe and Koume Satou, middle school students residing in a tranquil coastal town, lead rather uneventful lives. However, their existence takes an unexpected turn when Koume’s heart is broken by her crush.


Seeking solace, she enters into a casual relationship with Keisuke, despite having rejected him in the past. Their arrangement, built on emotional voids, becomes complex when genuine feelings emerge, causing repercussions that impact not only themselves but also those around them. “Umibe no Onnanoko” presents a candid examination of love, relationships, and the emotional toll resulting from the choices made by two teenagers.



14. Orange




In the morning, Naho Takamiya receives a letter claiming to be from her future self, outlining events that will occur that day. At first sceptical, Naho’s doubt fades when the letter accurately predicts the arrival of a transfer student named Kakeru Naruse.


As Naho reads on, her future self expresses regrets and urges her to make different choices. These regrets seem to revolve around Kakeru, implying that he won’t be part of Naho’s future with her friends.


Bearing this knowledge, Naho must confront the challenge of making the right decisions to alter the seemingly predetermined course of events.



15. Yotsuba to!


Yotsuba to!


While many see the world as ordinary, five-year-old Yotsuba Koiwai views it as a captivating realm filled with endless excitement. When Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Yousuke, relocate to a new city, she eagerly sets out to explore her new surroundings.


Following amusing encounters at the local park, the Koiwais befriend the Ayase family, their neighbours. Despite being ridiculed, the Ayase sisters—mischievous Asagi, responsible Fuuka, and kindhearted Ena—all grow fond of Yotsuba and enthusiastically participate in her adventures.


Yotsuba’s ability to find joy in the simplest of things both astounds and exasperates those around her.



16. Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl


Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl


Satomi Ooguma’s lack of romantic interest changes when she encounters Mizuki Kanda, a fellow classmate whom she mistakenly perceives as a boy. Despite this initial confusion, Ooguma finds herself drawn to Kanda romantically.


When Ooguma’s friend asks for help finding boys for an event, she turns to Kanda, who reluctantly agrees to assist but playfully requests a date in return. Unexpectedly, Ooguma eagerly accepts.


As Ooguma eventually realizes Kanda’s true gender, she confronts her own emotions. “Ikemen Girl to Hakoiri Musume” follows their journey as they navigate the complexities of their evolving relationship and explore the true depths of love.



17. Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in The Woods


Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in The Woods


In a forest, two diminutive girls named Hakumei and Mikochi live a whimsical existence, standing a mere nine centimetres tall. Dwelling in a tiny house nestled within a tree, they embark on their daily adventures by riding insects and birds.


Crafting umbrellas from leaves and cherishing their petite lifestyle, these girls experience the magic of their small-scale world. Journey alongside them as they navigate their extraordinary day-to-day existence, encountering a variety of tiny individuals and divine beings.


The manga is a bit on the underrated side of things but offers a story that can’t be compared.



18. Given




A haunting tune echoes within Mafuyu Satou’s mind, laden with remorse, longing, and sorrow. Concealed behind his absent-minded demeanour, Mafuyu’s true emotions remain a mystery to those around him. However, a fateful encounter with Ritsuka Uenoyama, a fellow student, may be the catalyst that urges Mafuyu to unleash his voice.


Uenoyama, a guitarist in a band alongside kind-hearted bassist Haruki Nakayama and rugged drummer Akihiko Kaji, hears Mafuyu’s singing and becomes captivated, extending an invitation for Mafuyu to join them.


Collaborating in a band is a challenging endeavour, with emotions having the power to either fracture or strengthen their bond. With Uenoyama’s support, Mafuyu may finally find the courage to express the emotions trapped within his heart.



19. Our Dreams at Dusk


Our Dreams at Dusk


Nestled in the scenic town of Onomichi, a building with an open lounge becomes a meeting place for an extraordinary group of people who share their stories. Tasuku Kaname, a troubled high school student, contemplates suicide after his classmates discover his possible homosexuality.


However, his plans are interrupted by a shocking encounter with a mysterious woman who leaps from a building but remains unharmed. This woman, known as “Anonymous,” is the owner of the building.


Sensing Tasuku’s distress, she offers him a listening ear. As the story continues, interesting things and activities start to unfold.



20. Wolf Children


Wolf Children


Over the course of 13 years, the story revolves around Hana, a 19-year-old college student, who experiences a captivating and seemingly magical love affair with a man capable of transforming into a wolf.


After marrying him, Hana becomes a mother to two children, Yuki and Ame, who inherit their father’s wolf-like traits. Yuki, born on a snowy day, and Ame, born on a rainy day, grow up in secrecy, hidden away from society as “wolf children.” However, tragedy strikes when the wolf man passes away unexpectedly.


In order to protect her children and maintain their secret, Hana decides to uproot their lives and move to a secluded rural town, far from the prying eyes of the city.



21. Game Over


Game Over


During her daily commute, Akemi Toudou, a young office worker, engages in a playful game. She sits beside male passengers on the bus and aims to attract their attention, considering it a triumph if they look at her twice.


This time, she selects a middle school boy as her opponent, hoping to up the challenge. However, to her surprise, he remains completely indifferent and never acknowledges her presence. Undeterred, Akemi persists by repeatedly sitting next to him and employing different tactics, yet he consistently disregards her.


Faced with this unexpected situation, she grapples with the decision of whether to admit defeat and conclude the game.



22. My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness


My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness


Following her decision to leave college, Kabi Nagata’s life takes a dark turn, leading to depression and the development of an eating disorder. She feels immense pressure from her family to conform to societal expectations and a deep longing to find a community where she belongs.


Despite her attempts to address these challenges, her pain persists and worsens. At the age of 28, Kabi reaches out to a lesbian escort service, hoping it will serve as a transformative rite of passage she has been avoiding.


Although the experience doesn’t unfold as she had envisioned, it becomes a crucial catalyst for Kabi to reimagine and rebuild her life.



23. Spy x Family


Spy x Family


Known as “Twilight,” the dedicated agent of Westalis is willing to take on any task for the sake of peace. Assigned to prevent extremists from instigating a war with Ostania, Twilight’s latest mission involves infiltrating Eden Academy, where he must investigate politician Donovan Desmond.


The challenge is immense: he must assume the role of a family man by marrying, having a child, and playing the part convincingly. Twilight finds an orphan named Anya to pose as his daughter and enlists Yor Briar, an absent-minded office worker with a secret life as an assassin, to play his wife.


Unbeknownst to Twilight, Anya possesses mind-reading abilities and discovers their true identities, yet she relishes the thrill of having spy parents.



24. My Brother’s Husband


My Brother’s Husband


When a robust foreigner named Mike Flanagan unexpectedly embraces Yaichi Origuchi, his uneventful day takes an intriguing turn. It turns out that Mike is the widower of Ryouji, Yaichi’s twin brother who left for Canada a decade ago.


Yaichi had been in the dark about Ryouji, aside from his marriage to a foreigner and recent passing. While Yaichi is initially apprehensive, his daughter Kana is thrilled at the notion of having a gay Canadian uncle.


Kana’s lack of awareness regarding Japanese societal views on homosexuality leads Yaichi to contemplate his own preconceptions. As Mike stays with them, Yaichi gradually uncovers more about his brother-in-law’s life and reminisces about his own past with Ryouji.



25. A Bride’s Story


A Bride’s Story


Set in a tribal town near the Caspian Sea during the 19th century, Otoyomegatari delves into the lives of people along the Silk Road, where customs and traditions hold great importance.


Amir Halgal, a skilled archer and horseback rider, embarks on an arranged marriage with Karluk Eihon, a 12-year-old boy. Despite the initial awkwardness caused by their age difference, their daily interactions gradually foster a deep bond filled with love and respect.


Through the experiences of Amir, Karluk, and other couples in Central Asia, Otoyomegatari provides a captivating glimpse into the culture and traditions surrounding brides of that era.



26. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai


Aharen-san wa Hakarenai


Reina Aharen, a petite and adorable student, has difficulty gauging personal space and distances accurately. Whether she’s too close or too far, her classmate Raidou Matsuboshi is the only one who tries to understand her eccentricities.


Despite his initially intimidating appearance, Raidou is a gentle soul with a vivid imagination. Their unusual friendship begins to blossom when Raidou helps Reina retrieve her eraser, a gesture she misinterprets as a sign of deep friendship.


Aharen-san wa Hakarenai explores the intricacies and challenges that arise as their unique bond develops, showcasing the complexities that emerge from their seemingly ordinary interactions.



27. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses


The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses


Kaede Komura finds himself irresistibly drawn to his deskmate, Ai Mie. He adores her cute demeanour and dreams of catching a glimpse of her beautiful eyes behind her glasses. However, Kaede soon discovers that Ai often forgets her glasses and struggles with her vision.


Despite this, Kaede’s affection for her remains unwavering. Determined to support Ai, who relies on him, Kaede becomes an integral part of her life. As they navigate the challenges posed by her visual impairment, their bond deepens and Kaede becomes the person Ai has always wished to see.


Their connection blossoms amidst the unique circumstances they face.



28. Hadi Girl


Hadi Girl


Sae, a timid high school girl, grapples with extreme shyness when it comes to interacting with guys. One fateful day, her world is transformed when a fairy appears before her.


This enchanting fairy presents Sae with a series of unique “love challenges,” including holding hands, sharing an indirect kiss, and providing a comforting lap pillow. The fairy assures Sae that if she successfully completes these tasks, she will be rewarded with true love.


Join Sae on her journey as she confronts her fears and strives to overcome each challenge, all in pursuit of finding love and personal growth.



29. Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie


Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie


Yuu Izumi, a high school student plagued by misfortune and constant injuries, finds a turning point in his life when he starts dating Micchon Shikimori. Shikimori is the embodiment of a perfect girlfriend—adorable, deeply in love with Izumi, and always there for him.


However, beneath her charming exterior lies a formidable side, as she effortlessly becomes the coolest girlfriend when necessary. With her demanding nature and unwavering care for Izumi’s well-being, Shikimori leaves him in awe.


Together, they bring an end to Izumi’s unlucky days and embark on a journey filled with happiness and warmth. This manga will satisfy you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.



30. Yandere Kanojo


Yandere Kanojo


During his morning commute to school, Tanaka Manabu, a self-professed geek, crosses paths with Ryuuzaki Reina, a girl brandishing a bloodied bat and reigning over the school’s female delinquents. The moment their eyes meet, Tanaka is captivated by an overwhelming sense of affection.


This gag manga, employing a mix of 4-koma panels and traditional pages, humorously explores the peculiarities of maintaining a relationship with a yandere girlfriend. The manga is quite interesting and has a story that can melt your heart with time.


This is why you need to read Yandere Kanojo.



31. Giji Harem


Giji Harem


Eiji Kitahama, a second-year high school student, harbours a deep desire for popularity. In an effort to assist him, Rin Nanakura, a fellow drama club member and junior, employs her acting prowess to fabricate a harem of devoted girls around Eiji.


Although these girls express fondness for Eiji, the heartfelt affection of the actress portraying them, Rin, remains undisclosed. Eiji takes pleasure in Rin’s vibrant performances, yet the enigma persists: will Rin ever find a way to capture his heart amidst the roles she assumes?


Giji Harem is one of those hidden gems that need more recognition and love from the fandom.



32. Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san


Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san


Kuroto Nakano, a diligent worker, bears the weight of job-related stress, unaware that it manifests as inner darkness with detrimental effects. Fox deities possess the ability to perceive this darkness and have the duty to rescue individuals before it consumes them.


Seeking to relieve Kuroto of his burdens, Senko-san, an ancient fox girl with eight centuries of experience, offers to care for him. She wholeheartedly commits to soothing his weary soul, employing various methods to alleviate his stress and bring him solace.


Senko-san’s primary goal is to ease the tension that plagues Kuroto and ensure his well-being.



33. Tonikaku Kawaii


Tonikaku Kawaii


Nasa Yuzaki, ridiculed for his peculiar name, strives for a memorable legacy and excels academically. His life takes a drastic turn when he encounters a charming girl one night, instantly falling in love.


Unaware of the imminent danger, Nasa faces a life-threatening situation, only to be saved by the girl. Fueled by his affection, Nasa confesses his love, and she agrees to be with him on the condition of marriage.


However, upon recovering from his injuries, Nasa realizes the girl has vanished. Despite years of relentless search, his efforts are in vain. Nevertheless, when an unexpected visitor appears, Nasa’s world is forever changed as he meets the woman who would become his wife.



34. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!


Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!


Asakusa Midori yearns to bring her anime creation to life, but her lack of confidence hinders her progress. By a stroke of luck, she crosses paths with Mizusaki Tsubame, an aspiring socialite who secretly dreams of becoming an animator.


Together with Midori’s money-driven best friend, Kanamori Sayaka, the three energetic individuals unite their talents and aspirations. With unwavering determination, they embark on a quest to materialize their vision of an extraordinary world.


Through their shared passion and unwavering dedication, they face various hurdles and work tirelessly to transform their dreams into a tangible reality.



35. Kamisama Kiss


Kamisama Kiss


Nanami Momozono, burdened by her father’s gambling debts and subsequent eviction, comes across a man in distress and saves him from a dog attack. Grateful for her help, the man offers Nanami his home, but upon arrival, she realizes it is an abandoned shrine.


Mistaken for the shrine’s former master, Nanami gains the attention of two spirits and a fox familiar named Tomoe. However, Tomoe initially refuses to serve her. When Nanami’s life is endangered, she summons Tomoe and establishes a contract, transforming herself into a human land god.


Now, Nanami must confront various challenges, formidable adversaries, and the passionate nature of her attractive familiar, as she embraces her newfound divine role.



36. Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran High School is an elite establishment exclusively attended by the wealthy and influential. Within its halls, a prestigious club known as the Host Club flourishes, comprising the most elite students.


In their opulent clubroom, six stunning and disenchanted young men captivate beautiful yet bored girls. Haruhi Fujioka, a humble student on a scholarship, initially shows no interest in the Host Club.


However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally shatters a valuable vase in their clubroom. Mistaken for a male, Haruhi is compelled by Kyouya Ootori, one of the club members, to work for them and repay her debt.



37. Shounen Maid


Shounen Maid


Following the sudden demise of his mother, young elementary school student Chihiro Komiya finds himself without a home or any remaining family. However, a twist of fate occurs when he encounters a wealthy and extravagant stranger who turns out to be his long-lost uncle, Madoka Takatori.


Taking pity on Chihiro, Madoka offers him shelter, but upon arriving at his opulent mansion, they are met with an astonishing amount of dirt and clutter. Driven by his inherent need for tidiness, Chihiro takes it upon himself to meticulously clean the entire residence.



38. Hinamatsuri




Yoshifumi Nitta, a mid-level member of a criminal organization, has his existence forever changed by a peculiar incident involving a capsule that collides with his head. Initially dismissing it as a dream, he awakens to find the capsule intact and a young girl named Hina emerging from it.


Utilizing her psychic powers, Hina compels Yoshifumi to cater to her materialistic desires. Reluctantly assuming the role of her caretaker, Yoshifumi’s life takes a whimsical turn. While Hina lounges lazily at home, Yoshifumi finds his status within the criminal world rapidly rising thanks to her extraordinary abilities.



39. Love Live!


Love Live!


Located at the intersection of three cities, Otonokizaka High School is on the verge of closure due to dwindling enrollment. To prevent this, a group of nine determined female students banded together with a bold objective: to form a pop idol group that will rejuvenate the school’s popularity and attract new students.


Their plan is simple yet audacious—to achieve overnight stardom, utilize the power of media exposure, and bring about a transformative impact on their community. Despite their anxieties, they embark on this adventure, firmly believing that with the support of others, they can conquer any obstacle and turn their dreams into reality.



40. Asobi Asobase


Asobi Asobase


Kasumi, a girl with a disdain for games and struggling with her English grades, encounters a whimsical twist of fate through her classmates: the absent-minded Kasumi and the international student Olivia.


Will these three girls embark on numerous gaming escapades? Undoubtedly! But can Kasumi expect any improvement in her English grades? Well, that remains uncertain. Sweet girls with sweet stories. Although it may seem a bit boring at first, the continuous chapters are going to change the game for you as a reader.


And that’s why the manga is a pick, especially for you.



41. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun


Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun


Chiyo Sakura, a high school student at Roman Academy, gathers her courage to confess her feelings to Umetarou Nozaki, a classmate who once saved her from being late. Little does she know that Nozaki is a renowned shoujo manga artist working under a pen name.


Mistakenly perceiving her confession as admiration for his work, Nozaki gives her his autograph. This misinterpretation leads to Sakura becoming Nozaki’s manga assistant, all while harbouring her unrequited feelings for him.


Throughout their amusing journey, Sakura encounters Nozaki’s peculiar team of assistants, who also attend Roman Academy.



42. Non-Non Biyori


Non-Non Biyori


Ichijou Hotaru, an elementary school student, faces the challenge of acclimating to her new life in the countryside after moving from Tokyo with her parents. In her small school, a single class accommodates a diverse group of five students, spanning various grade levels from elementary to middle school.


Together, they navigate the idyllic landscapes and embark on everyday adventures unique to their rural surroundings. The story is simple but the characters are what make this manga so adorable and wholesome.


If you wish to enjoy it in its purest form, the manga is the way to go.



43. Natsume’s Book Of Friends


Natsume's Book Of Friends


Takashi Natsume longs for an ordinary life, but his ability to perceive spirits passed down from his late grandmother Reiko, complicates matters. Inheriting the powerful “Book of Friends” from Reiko, Natsume becomes the target of restless spirits seeking freedom from their binding contracts.


Some spirits approach him for help, while others pose a dangerous threat. To aid him in this extraordinary predicament, Natsume is accompanied by Madara, a shape-shifting spirit who assumes the guise of a plump cat and acts as his guardian.


Together, they navigate the delicate balance between the human and spirit realms, encountering valuable life lessons along the way.



44. Is the Order a Rabbit?


Is the Order a Rabbit?


Cocoa’s love for rabbits leads her to the cozy Rabbit House café, where she becomes a regular visitor. Within the café’s welcoming atmosphere, she encounters a diverse cast of girls.


There’s Chino, a small and cool girl; Rize, who embodies a soldier-like demeanour; Chiya, with her spacey yet distinctly Japanese charm; and Sharo, a modest and dignified presence. Together, they embark on heartwarming escapades, forging deep friendships and creating treasured moments.


In the warm embrace of Rabbit House, each girl’s unique traits and irregularities add to the enchanting tapestry of their shared experiences. Join this lovable group as they navigate the joys and challenges of life, united by their love for the café and each other.



45. Kin-iro Mosaic


Kiniro Mosaic


Join Shinobu, Alice, Karen, Youko, and Aya in a series of delightful 4-koma scenes set in their shared school. The focus of these scenes lies on Alice and Karen, two English girls eager to embrace Japanese culture and master the language.


While Alice hails from England and Karen boasts a mixed heritage, blending English and Japanese roots, their experiences and attempts to acclimate to life in Japan take centre stage. Through the lens of humour and everyday situations, this series charmingly depicts their adventures, shedding light on the cultural differences they encounter and the discoveries they make along the way.


A short yet sweet manga that needs your attention now.



46. School-Live!




Within the halls of Megurigaoka Private High School, Yuki Takeya and her companions in the School Living Club find solace and purpose. Dedicated to embracing self-sufficiency and participating in school activities, their lives revolve around the campus.


Guided by the composed Yuuri Wakasa, the dependable Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the proactive Yuki Takeya, and their supportive teacher Megumi Sakura, the club seems to possess the tools for success. Yet, the unique experience of living at school presents its own set of challenges.


Overcoming daily struggles becomes vital for the School Living Club as they strive not only for graduation but also for a meaningful journey through their school lives.



47. Usagi Drop


Usagi Drop


Following his grandfather’s funeral, Daikichi Kawachi stumbles upon a shy girl named Rin Kaga, who is rumoured to be his grandfather’s illegitimate child. Abandoned by the family due to the stigma surrounding her birth, Rin is left without anyone to care for her.


Overwhelmed by the injustice faced by the innocent child, Daikichi defies societal expectations and takes it upon himself to be Rin’s guardian, despite his own young age, single status, and lack of experience as a parent.


Usagi Drop chronicles the heartfelt journey of Daikichi and Rin as they embark on a path filled with challenges and moments of joy, seeking fulfilment and a sense of purpose in their unbreakable bond.



48. The Quintessential Quintuplets


The Quintessential Quintuplets


Renowned for his exceptional intellect, high school student Fuutarou Uesugi dedicates himself to academics, isolating himself from social interactions. Burdened by his family’s financial struggles, his life takes an unexpected turn when a new student, Itsuki Nakano, challenges him for his lunch spot.


Despite emerging victorious through a contentious exchange, Fuutarou’s regret intensifies when he discovers that he has been hired as a private tutor for Itsuki and her four identical sisters: Miku, Yotsuba, Nino, and Ichika.


Tasked with educating these quintuplets, who possess little interest in studying, Fuutarou confronts a daunting endeavour that tests his abilities and patience.



49. Blend S


Blend S


Sakuranomiya Maika is a person plagued by misfortune, always finding herself in unfortunate circumstances. However, she encounters Dino, the manager of a distinctive cafe. This establishment is unlike any other, as its waitresses are expected to personify specific “attributes” while attending to customers.


This manga may seem like a simple one at first. However, as you continue to read, you will realize that it has a lot more flavours to it than you would have anticipated at first.


Therefore, it is necessary for you as a fan of the wholesome theme you give this one a go. The female characters here are brilliant and that’s why it is a must-read.



50. Himouto! Umaru-chan


Himouto! Umaru-chan


Umaru Doma is a high school student who leads a double life. On the surface, she appears diligent and responsible, but once she returns home to her older brother Taihei, she transforms into a lazy and mischievous little sister.


While Taihei takes care of their household, Umaru immerses herself in gaming and indulges in junk food. This comedy series delves into the complexities of family dynamics, friendship, and the humorous situations that arise when dealing with the peculiarities of our loved ones.


Umaru and Taihei navigate their unique relationship and strive to find a balance that works for both of them.



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