Top 50 Best Psychological Anime To Watch

Best Psychological Anime to Watch


Though it’s rare, psychological anime is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys action-packed thrillers. Sometimes they can get stuck in your mind. 


In addition, they usually tackle mature themes, making them a great choice for those who seek something that will tear them up and leave them in a state of shock.


But before you can start binging on this genre, you should know that the season’s offerings are slim. So, what should you look out for?


Read on to discover which series is best for a chilling psychological drama!




1. Death Note


death note


The psychological aspects of the series are incredibly engaging and captivating. In short, Death Note is one of the best psychological anime you can watch.


If you love mystery, action, and twists, you’ll love this series. The plot of Death Note is a well-crafted thriller about human nature and personality.


The mysterious figure known as Kira is accompanied by a strange phenomenon that riles people from all walks of life.


L, or Lawliet one of the smartest detectives in the world, took the case in his hand and was on a manhunt to find Kira.


He has a hunch that Light Yagami is the person he is looking for, and that is revealed quite early in the series.


The entire series revolves around the mind game between Light and L, who are in a constant stiff. The series was well supported by Misa Amani, Ryuk, Rem, N, M, and the core group who was investigating the case.


The series’ ending is one of the most affecting psychological anime ever, and you’ll find yourself humming the theme throughout your viewing. 


What makes Death Note so special is that it offers a comprehensive experience to the viewer as it manages to take the entire fandom by storm.


Whether it is the music, the animation, the screenplay, or anything else, the series is just as beautiful as it gets. 




2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


code geass: lelouch of the rebellion


This episode of the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion focuses on the brutality of a young leader.


Although he has been known for his cold demeanour, Lelouch is a very kind and loving older brother to his sister, Nunnally. Furthermore, Lelouch cares deeply for his subordinates, and he even shows a preference for Kallen.


The show’s recurring themes of self-destruction, betrayal, and violence narrate the character’s path of self-destructiveness, and its characters develop due to the character’s traumatic experiences.


A good sci-fi anime is the Code Geass series, well-known for its complex plot. Lelouch, a prince who has been raised in a nation destroyed by the Holy Empire of Britannia, must overcome obstacles and lead a rebellion against the oppressive empire.


Fans of psychological warfare will appreciate this series. And what separates this anime from the rest is that this show is nothing less than fascinating for the audience.


It is one of the few anime that will shape your experience towards the anime medium and make you fall in love with it, without breaking a sweat. 




3. Psycho-Pass




Psychological anime have a reputation for making viewers think. In addition to being intense, these shows explore more mature and complex themes than most of the usual anime, the same goes with Psycho-Pass.


This sci-fi anime series is set in the near future and is an exploration of societal themes. A government organization is using psycho-passes to measure an individual’s personality and mental state in order to fight crime.


It has two seasons and a movie. Regardless of your preferred genre, this show has something to offer everyone. While you may find some of the themes in this series a bit heavy-handed, it’s well worth watching if you’re a fan of psychological anime.


The main protagonist, Akane Tsunemori, works hard to maintain her financial stability. She has been working closely with Veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, to maintain Justice.


Psycho-pass is an anime that will shake you from the core and challenge all your morals like nothing you have experienced before. It is a series that will make you understand the complexities of life and let you go through the depths of anime storytelling as a whole.




4. Steins: Gate


steins: gate


Steins: Gate’s loaded with fun visual contacts are classily planned and vivified. It is set in Tokyo’s Akihabara area – a Mecca for everything electronic and nerdy – and is ideal for its otaku-educated story, while its personality plans are splendid and unmistakable.


Rintaro Okabe is a self-broadcasted “insane lab rat” who accepts that a global association is plotting to reshape the world as indicated by its advantages.


He and his companion Itaru Hashida incidentally make a gadget ready to send messages to the past. This instrument’s revelation and trial and error become the impetus of central modifications to the present.


Negligent of the results of their activities, Rintaro, and his companions wind up making changes of appalling extents. He should then attempt to figure out how to return as close as conceivable to the first course of events to save his valuable lab individuals. 


While this anime isn’t psychological directly, it’s a series that will entertain the audience with its methods of expression and use of time travel.


It will shake the audience from their seats and they will understand how incredible story telling can be in any form of anime. 



5. Monster




If you’re looking for the best psychological anime, you’ve come to the right place. This type of anime focuses on the main plot without getting bogged down in a number of subplots.


Many viewers consider this one of the best psychological anime of all time. Monster follows renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzou Tenma and his team of neurosurgeons.


Despite their scientific expertise, they have no idea about the mysterious lifeforms that live in the human body. After the disaster, the human government discovers the life forms that are capable of immortality, power, and even Godlike.


The government soon realizes that the people’s only hope is a new government. The entire plot revolves around the discovery of the life forms that were responsible for the catastrophe.



6. Death Parade


Death Parade


If you are looking for an anime that can make you feel like you are experiencing the afterlife, Death Parade might be the right choice.


This series plays with the very nature of human beings and the trials we face as we pass from this life to the next.


While the characters in the series are distinctly human, this does not make them completely evil. Instead, the series shows how these characters can be driven to madness if they fail to live up to their potential.


Both Angel Beats and Death Parade deal with death, moral judgments, and other things that make life and death decisions difficult.


While Angel Beats is more graphic, Death Parade is far more emotional and creative. Both show the dark side of life and explore the meaning of life.


The characters are well-drawn, and the plot is intriguing. In the end, both series are excellent options for psychological anime lovers.


While Angel Beats is more graphic than Death Parade, it is still an excellent choice for viewers who enjoy anime with dark themes and a good story.



7. Erased




If you are looking for the best psychological anime, you’ve probably already seen Erased on MAL. It was the hottest show on the market when it first came out.


First of all, it’s well worth the wait. This intense psychological thriller will have you up late at night watching it.


The anime is not depressing or dramatic, but it is very intense and focuses on the main storyline without veering into sub-plots that don’t contribute to the plot.


Unlike much other psychological anime, this series highlights the dark side of human nature. The series also explores various aspects of bullying and animal abuse. And it’s an excellent watch for any age group.



8. Serial Experiments Lain


Serial Experiments Lain


If you’re a fan of advanced psychological mysteries, Serial Experiments Lain should be on your list. The story follows Lain as she closes one world and opens a new one, and it explores philosophical themes such as communication and identity.


Fans of this series have praised its originality, and its depiction of a world where paranoia is rampant and extra dependence on technology is the norm.


The first episode of the series features the titular character, a shy and quiet fourteen-year-old junior high school student.


However, the story quickly shifts as she gains multiple personalities in the physical and Wired worlds and gains more friends.


She also discovers that she’s an autonomous sentient computer program designed to breach the invisible barrier between the real world and the Wired.


As she discovers the secretive nature of her existence, she begins to question her existence.



9. Ergo Proxy


ergo proxy


If you enjoy science fiction, you’ll love Ergo Proxy. The sci-fi anime follows a mechanized human weapon that sets out to use her abilities for good.


But, she meets an equally powerful rival who wants to take advantage of her newfound powers. The plot is layered, and while it’s initially complex, it ultimately grows into a psychologically profound and self-aware drama.


A fantastic opening theme sets the tone for a series that explores the dark side of life. The plot of Ergo Proxy is as compelling as its storyline, which revolves around a young woman’s relationship with an android.


Initially, her relationship with the AutoReivs is rocky, but she’s eventually reconciled with them, and the show becomes one of the most memorable episodes.


As a result, fans won’t soon forget the storyline. In addition, the emotional toll that Ergo Proxy takes on the characters makes this a compelling watch. 


Ergo Proxy isn’t an anime for everyone. It’s a series that’s meant to challenge the viewer and his viewing experience and push them to the limits of human comprehension and expression.


It is meant to make you lose your mind and that’s what makes it so beautiful. 



10. Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue


In this season of Japanese anime Perfect Blue, the main protagonist Mima is a J-Pop singer who has left the band.


While she seems dedicated to protecting Mima, Rumi is unhappy that she’s losing the persona she wants. Rumi is a former pop idol who transitioned to manage entertainers.


She tries to recapture her glory days by making Mima into a pop idol. However, when she realizes that Mima wants to go back to her former life, she loses her grip on reality.


Nonetheless, Mima’s life starts to change definitely after her takeoff from the gathering. Needing to shed her pop-symbol picture, she takes on a job in a wrongdoing dramatization series.


Her profession as an entertainer progressively becomes intense and burdening for Mima and her administrator, Rumi Hidaka.


To add to Mima’s developing anxiety, a fixated fan unequipped to tolerate that Mima has stopped being a guiltless icon starts following her; another mysterious site imitates her existence with many-sided detail; and CHAM!


Additionally seems, by all accounts, to be improving without her. Individually, each upsetting advancement drives Mima to fly off the handle and become unfit to recognize reality from their dream.



11. Terror in Resonance


Terror in Resonance


Among the best psychological anime, Terror in Resonance is a must-see. The story revolves around two teenage brothers who steal an atomic bomb prototype.


Both boys are survivors of atrocious human experimentation, and they are developed into human weapons. These brothers are determined to stop these boys and keep the world safe.


As they do so, they will encounter many dangers. However, they must stay alive to achieve their goals. In this spooky thriller, an impostor is trying to control the world, causing chaos.


However, a powerful new technology allows the team to take on any challenge. The group eventually reaches the goal of saving the world by battling the Demon God.


However, it is only a temporary victory because the world will be destroyed if they fail. However, the journey will leave you shook and scared, and Terror in Resonance is definitely worth watching.



12. Paranoia Agent


Paranoia Agent


Paranoia Agent is worth checking out if you like horror films and TV series. It is a satirical look at commercialism and the human tendency toward paranoia and fear.


The characters in Paranoia Agent are portrayed with great personalities and charm, which will have you laughing every time you watch them.


It also contains some of the best character stories of all time. Here are some of the reasons why this series is one of the best anime series.



13. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion


The series takes apart its projects’ injuries while exposing them to heightening torture and researching the aggravation that accompanies human association.


It’s additionally very ruthless; the savagery isn’t straightforward animation brutality. It’s horrendous, spontaneous, and startling. At 14 years of age, his father carried Shinji Ikari to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 following a long time of division.


He hesitantly recognizes the task of transforming into the pilot of a goliath robot by the name EVA01 and safeguarding the world from the bewildering intruders known as “angels.” 


Even though he on and on questions why he has recognized this mission from his distanced and cold father, his doing as such, helps him with gradually enduring himself.


Nonetheless, why are the holy messengers going after them, and what his dad’s actual goals are yet to be unwound.



14. Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul is a fascinating blend of horror and psychology among the best psychological anime series. The plot revolves around the protagonist Ken Kaneki, a shy schoolboy who accidentally meets a ghoul girl on a date.


As a result, the boy, or Ken Kaneki becomes a half-ghoul who must eat human flesh to survive. The series is considered one of the best anime series and is definitely worth watching.


The series starts with the opening sequence, a count-down in sevens from one thousand. Then, we see Rin Okumura create intense blue flames at the end.


The anime’s plot isn’t as violent as Tokyo Ghoul, but it still tells a decent story. It has many good points, including the strong characters and excellent storyline. Tokyo Ghoul is a masterpiece in its own right.



15. From the New World


From the New World


When it comes to psychological anime, there are several great choices. Utena is one of the most famous and ground-breaking coming-of-age stories.


It explores heavy themes while turning fairy tales on their heads. It also draws inspiration from real-world philosophers. This series is both fun and profound.


If you love anime and philosophy, you will find it interesting. In the first episode, a group of smart children discovers the dark truth about the orphanage where they’ve been raised.


So they plan to escape to free the children. Meanwhile, an intelligent high school student embarks on a crusade to eliminate criminals, but she isn’t sure what to believe.


Finally, she learns that anyone’s name can be written in a notebook, and whoever finds the notebook will die.



16. Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied might just be your one if you’re looking for a good psychological anime. This psychological horror anime is about a boy with a strange power who loves to explore his fantasies.


He’s also a punk and terrorizes the campus in his spare time. However, one day, his life turns upside down when he discovers he has supernatural powers and is tortured by the government.


There are many different ways to enjoy Elfen Lied. This is only a small sampling of the best psychological anime on the taking.



17. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Pullela Magi Madoka Magica


One of the most popular psychological anime series is Puella Magi or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magic, set in a children’s hospital.


It follows a group of intelligent children as they discover the dark truth of the orphanage and plot an escape to free all the children.


Meanwhile, another psychological anime series follows Lain Iwakura, a high school student who follows a mysterious email into the world of Wired and becomes the newest member of a group of teens.


Based on the manga of the same name, this Japanese psychological drama is one of the best. Its main characters are smart students named Yuki and Sasuke.


Their relationship isn’t romantic, but it does involve psychic powers. They are drawn to each other in their school, and each has a unique personality.


This shows the power of imagination and how it affects us. This is a fantastic series to watch with children.



18. Ping Pong the Animation


Ping Pong the Animation


The plot of Ping-Pong the Animation is heart-warming, with wonderful dialogue and excellent character work. The Animation is also quite funny and has a fantastic art style based on actual Chinese characters.


Those who are familiar with table tennis will find the story remarkably realistic. There are a lot of interesting characters in this anime, and the game is both realistic and intense.


Ping-Pong the Animation is definitely worth watching if you are interested in sports and anime. However, if you enjoy anime and don’t know much about table tennis, this is a good show to check out.



19. Berserk




Berserk is one of the most popular psychological anime series in recent years. The first season was an instant hit and is still one of the most acclaimed titles in the genre.


Its high stakes make it entertaining, and characters rarely lose. Yet it was still very psychological, and its protagonist, Guts, is out of his element for most of the two-season series.


Yet, despite his inexperience and naivety, he possesses an innate sense of compassion and human vulnerability.



20. Texhnolyze




The story is set in a dystopian society where the city of Lux has been artificially constructed underground by people.


It is ruled by the Organo, a criminal organization that holds Lux, while the Salvation Union tries to protect it.


Racan, the protagonist of Texhnolyze, is a group of young individuals affected by the Texhnolyze.



21. Mononoke




While it’s rare to find a truly top-notch psychological anime, it’s well worth the wait when you do. These stories typically deal with mature themes and are often incredibly gripping, emotionally draining, and action-packed.


The plot of Mononoke comprises short horror events that take place across feudal Japan. The main character, a ruthless medicine seller, travels around Japan searching for evil spirits and gaining valuable knowledge.


Meanwhile, two students are introduced to the titular character, a special type of human called a Diclonius. She is a victim of government experiments and must learn to understand her spirit’s shape and reasoning to defeat them.



22. Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell


This list includes all the psychological anime series that have captivated audiences. The most popular of these is Ghost in the Shell, but there are many others you should know about.


While the original Ghost in the Shell was a popular series, the most recent series SAC_2045 is also a great choice.


Regardless of your preferences, we recommend starting with the 1995 film or the first season of Stand Alone Complex.


Author Brian Ruh has been watching Ghost in the Shell for over 25 years and is a big fan.


He recommends starting with the 1995 film if you’re new to the series, and if you’re unsure where to begin, you can watch the first season of SAC_2045.



23. The Future Diary


Future Diary


Some of the best psychological anime is Future Diary. Yukiteru (Yuki) Amano is a maverick who never truly collaborates with individuals and leans towards composing a journal on his mobile phone.


His main sidekick is a fanciful companion named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. Notwithstanding, Yuki discovers that Deus isn’t a fabrication of his creative mind yet genuine when Deus makes him a member in a fight royale with eleven others.


Inside this “Journal Game,” the candidates are given exceptional journals that can anticipate the future, with every journal having exciting elements that give it the two benefits and inconveniences.


This anime combines psychological thrillers, and it oozes suspense. Though there’s no action, it makes up for it in the atmosphere.


The series has more psychological stunts than the rest, and the mind games are brilliant. But it still has its moments of suspense, making it a standout psychological anime.



24. Parasyte: The Maxim


Parasyte: The Maxim


If you’re looking for a new series to watch, try Parasyte: The Maxim. The manga series ran from 1988 to 1995.


This series is an excellent choice for horror and bizarre science fiction fans. Although some scenes may be graphic, you will still find some humor and mystery.


In addition to being entertaining, this series explores the psychological aspects of being human. The series also explores extreme ideas, including alienation and the power to change one’s hand.


Its protagonist, a boy with psychic powers, manipulates his hand to help him survive and fights off the alienated Parasytes, who demand to eat human brains.


The anime is a great choice for fans of the psychological genre, as it features both visual and psychological elements.



25. Higurashi: When They Cry


Higurashi: When They Cry


The Japanese visual and sound manga series “Higurashi: When They Cry” aims to convey the story through sound and atmosphere, with the gameplay focusing on reading individual scenes.


Higurashi: When They Cry has been adapted into various media, including an anime series and a manga. While the series shares some commonalities with the original Higurashi, there are some differences.







BTOOOM! is one of the most memorable psychological anime. It follows Ryota Sakamoto, a twenty-two-year-old video game enthusiast who spends most of his free time playing.


The series’ central premise is that Ryota is the world’s top player at Btooom!, but he doesn’t remember how he got to that point.


Until one day, he wakes up on a mysterious island with no memory of how he got there. Luckily, his in-game wife, Himiko, rescues him.


While the anime story isn’t ground-breaking, it’s still entertaining. There’s great suspense in this show, and the characters’ flaws are used to their advantage.


For example, when one character realizes they’re a liar, watching the entire series is a joy. It’s slow at times, but the characters’ character development is surprisingly realistic and engaging.



27. Danganronpa: The Animation


Danganronpa: The Animation


Danganronpa: The Animation is an anime television series based on the 2010 visual novel series by Spike Chunsoft.


It was created by animation studio Lerche and directed by Seiji Kishi, who also directed Persona 4: The Animation and Devil Survivor 2: The Animation.


The anime series originally ran on Japanese television but is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. In the United States, the animated series has been licensed by Funimation, while CBC and Manga Entertainment have distributed it throughout Europe.


In addition, the DVD release of the animated series has been accompanied by a collectible box.



28. Kakegurui




One of the best psychological anime that features Gambling. It is a nail-biting psychological drama that stars a heroine with heavy eye makeup.


The show is set in a cyberpunk future, in which humans are forced to live in a domed city after an apocalyptic event decimated their population thousands of years ago.


The show follows the newbie inspector’s career and existential struggles. The premise of this show is based on a novel by Homura Kawamoto that takes gambling in an interesting new direction.


While gambling has long been a game of luck, this show is about the psychology of the game. It develops through brilliant strategies, with a sword of unpredictability and a psychological flavor.


Despite its absurd premise, the show is incredibly entertaining and engaging.



29. Grisaia No Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia)


Grisaia No Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia)


Grisaia No Kajitzu is one of the best psychological anime series out there. Unlike much other psychological anime, this series is character-driven, relying on the talented cast to carry the series.


Its focus on relationships and human psychology set this series apart from other psychological anime. It’s a gripping, emotionally draining, thrilling tale of friendship, revenge, and obsession.


The visual novel adaptation of the manga series is excellent, with alternate routes and uncensored content.


It was followed by an anime film, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, and season 2 of the visual novel. The visual novel also has a sequel and season 2.



30. Classroom of the Elite


Classroom of the Elite


If you are looking for a good anime series, you should check out Classroom of the Elite. This anime is set in a dystopian society where superior students are treated better than others, but one wrong move can turn the world upside down.


Anime fans should check out the series to see how it develops its characters and how it challenges stereotypes.


The series also features an adorable little girl named Ai, who hears a voice encouraging her to change her future.



31. School-Live




This series takes the psychological element of horror to a whole new level and is great fun. The characters are immensely powerful but can only take on a human form with a strong will.


One of the terrifying episodes features a devil attempting to take over the world. A strong-willed host can gain devil powers, but only a few are fortunate enough to gain such power.


The main character, Akira Fudou, is one of the few strong-willed human hosts to have this power. As the only one who can protect his loved ones from being killed by the devil, Akira Fudou is determined to save his family and friends.



32. Hell Girl


Hell Girl


“Hell Girl” is a series of twisted episodes that takes its inspiration from real-life situations. The character Mayumi is a nurse who attempts suicide and is eventually tossed to Hell.


This episode reveals that she may have secrets of her own, and the ringmaster spends the episode pursuing her.


The show also shows that the image that the characters project isn’t always so attractive, and it’s easy to see why this character might be prone to psychopathic behavior.


The Hell Girl anime series was produced by one of the pioneer production houses of the industry. Aniplex and Studio Deen aired in Japan from 2005 to 2007.


The first season spanned 26 episodes and aired on Nippon Television. It was directed by Takahiro Omori and starred Sayuri Iwata as Enma Ai, Saayi Irie as Shibata Tsugumi, and Hirohiko Tsubaki as the main character. Hell Girl has since been translated into English as Hell Girls.



33. Inuyashiki




For Halloween, Inuyashiki is the perfect anime for you. If you like creepy things, gore, or scaring people for life, this is the perfect series.


The characters are interesting, and their morals and concepts of love are interesting enough. It’s also a very good spook!


But beware: it’s rated R, so be warned that you’re likely to see some gore. Inuyashiki follows high school student Takumi Nishijo, who becomes increasingly suspicious after witnessing a murder.


She surrounds herself with suspicious girls and becomes especially suspicious of a pink-haired girl she finds near the crime scene.


Its psychological elements and plot twists will keep you interested, no matter your age. While it may not be the best anime series, Inuyashiki is well worth watching.



34. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Both brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric look for the Philosopher’s Stone, wanting to re-establish their bodies, which were lost when they endeavored to utilize their speculative chemistry abilities to restore their departed mother.


Edward, who lost just appendages, enlists in the State Military, which allows him to proceed with the hunt as he attempts to re-establish his sibling, whose spirit is fastened to earth by a suit of covering.


Nonetheless, by all accounts, Edward and Alphonse are not the only ones looking for the strong stone. As they search, they learn of a plot to change the whole country because of reasons they can’t understand.


Fortunately, a few of us were peculiar thinker kids in school, went through years watching these kid’s shows, and presently work for distributions that permit us to expound on them on the web.


Genuine philosophical suggestions can be found in an entire host of anime, from the most particular to the intense.


Yet, we will begin with seemingly one of the most incredible anime/manga series to at any point elegance our presence, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.



35. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (The Tatami Galaxy)


Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (The Tatami Galaxy)


As one of the most important series in Japanese Animation, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is one of the best psychological anime to watch.


Its premise is intriguing and refreshing, resembling the plot of a movie like Groundhog Day. Though the series is only 11 episodes, it packs a powerful punch in visual quality and storytelling.


This series takes its characters into parallel universes and poses a myriad of “what-ifs” and questions. The first season opens with the premise of an alien parasite descending from space to feed on the brains of weak-willed humans.


Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, has avoided becoming an alien zombie until the parasite decides to live in his arm.


Now the two must work together to survive. As with most psychological anime, Parasite Attack is a brutal, gritty horror story that deals with human nature and cheap emotions.



36. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-Hen


Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-Hen


After the first season’s events, Kaiji is haunted by his insurmountable debt and begins a journey through the streets.


His search for Endou leads him to an underground construction site, where he is subjected to labor and meager portions under the watchful eye of his manipulative foreman.


Ultimately, Kaiji sees only one way out as he embarks on an underground dice game to gain freedom and clear his debt.


Although the first season was quite successful, the second season fails to live up to its first-season high. Kaiji’s character development suffers, and we are left to guess what will happen next.


We have less insight into the mind and psyche of Kaiji, and we are left to speculate about the game and strategy, which is less entertaining and engaging than in the first season.



37. Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World (Kino’s Journey)


Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World (Kino’s Journey)


The story revolves around a young traveler named Kino. She travels to different countries with her talking motorcycle, Hermes.


In each country she visits, she encounters different people, food, and customs. She tries to experience each culture without prejudice.


In the fourth episode, she confirms that she has sex. Kino is a skilled fighter who borrows the name from another traveler.


Despite its strange subject matter and unorthodox plot, Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World is well worth watching. The character concept of the show is incredibly clever.


The series isn’t just about Kino, yet about how we can all gain something from his undertakings. It’s memorabilia’s critical that the episodes aren’t just about the cruiser’s undertakings, but they’re likewise intended to incite thought processes.



38. The Lost Village


The Lost Village


The Lost Village satirizes the conventions of horror movie storytelling and subverts them. Rather than using the usual methods of plotting horror, the characters bicker, their backstories are absurd, and the main narrative is largely unimportant.


For example, Lovepon suggests public executions with no hint of distrust. Other characters are burnt at the stake for being spooky.


As with most psychological anime, The Lost Village has its share of twists and turns. The first couple of episodes mislead us, but later episodes begin to lean more toward psychological than straight-up horror.


The result is an odd mix of styles, which gets louder and weirder as the series goes on. So if you’re looking for a psychological anime that’s both satirical and creepy, look no further than The Lost Village.



39. Angels of Death


Angels of Death


This drama-horror title is based on a video game and is an excellent example of this genre. Fans of psychological horror titles will enjoy the underlying mystery and the twisted characters.


The story itself consists of two main characters, Rachel Gardner and serial killer Zack. They are both connected, and several different plot lines unfold.


Rachel just wants to die as she doesn’t have anything in life that excited her. And the best thing is that she is stuck in an unknown place with a serial killer named Zack. 


He promised to kill her after they figure out how to escape from this place. 


But how do they ultimately come to terms with their respective situations? 



40. Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (Umineko When They Cry)


Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (Umineko When They Cry)


While many of its rivals interact with characters, Umineko is a unique case. The story is framed as a game between the author and the reader, and it is expected that the reader will actively attempt to solve the mysteries.


The series’ first episode features 18 characters. In addition to the story itself, the visual novel series contains several short stories.


You can even read the bios of these characters by right-clicking them.


It is about who is going to be the new head, as the current head of a really wealthy family is sick. So it is about all the rich characters fighting and strategizing to get the position. 



41. Gunslinger Girl


Gunslinger Girl


A psychological anime series can take many forms. In this case, it could be the 13-episode Gunslinger Girl or its sequel, Il Teatrino.


Each series is based on a manga by Yu Aida. The manga has 11 volumes in Japan. A psychological anime can be a great gateway to the genre for children.


The anime is not only good but also kid-friendly. Gunslinger Girl has a unique take on Japanese anime. Unlike most anime, this one doesn’t focus on cyborg assassins or violent gangsters.


Instead, the main protagonist is a girl with the mental strength to take down even the evilest of opponents.


The main character, Triela, is an ingenious and calculating killer. She uses a full-size bayonet to target her enemies and tries to make them die.



42. Boogiepop and Others


Boogiepop and Others


The first season of the Japanese psychological anime series Boogiepop and Others was released in November 2015. The main focus of the series was on five high school students who investigated the influence of a mysterious new drug on their lives.


The series’ narratives follow numerous subplots and narrative threads. The series is so long and encompassing that it almost feels like an epic anime series.


Moreover, the series’s premise is so engaging that it’s impossible to put it down. The story begins with Keiji Takeda, who is looking for his girlfriend, Touka Miyashita.


He comes across the man who had helped Miyashita the previous day on his way. The man introduces himself as “Boogiepop.” Miyashita is a split personality and is unaware of his existence.


The split personality is created through a process that alters Miyashita’s memory. Takeda further made sure to become friends with the man, and they both start to understand each other.


Boogiepop is the split personality of Miyashita, and the two develop an understanding and a bond between each other.



43. Beastars




If you’re looking for a new anime series that explores the mental state of its characters, you’ve found it with Beastars.


Despite its dark theme, the series is chock full of drama and surprisingly charming characters. In addition to its excellent 3D animation, this series features an enthralling soundtrack.


Furthermore, its psychological aspects make it worth watching. And if you’re looking for a good new series to binge-watch, look no further than Beastars.


This show will leave you thinking about the psychological state of the world and what happens when you die.


Psychological anime is also a good way to learn about human psychology. Death Note is a great series to watch if you like to explore suicide and the human mind.


You’ll meet a diverse cast throughout the series, from a bent golden bat to an elementary school kid. And the series is a great way to learn about how the mind works and how to get rid of negative thoughts.



44. Aoi Bungaku


Aoi Bungaku


The Aoi Bungaku Series is one of the best examples of the psychological anime genre. It has six adaptations of classic Japanese stories and puts the audience in the protagonists’ shoes in each.


The series is incredibly realistic and delves deeply into the human mind. Fans will be drawn into each character’s psyche and survival tactics, and they’ll be left with a lot to think about.


The Aoi Bungaku Series and Ayakashi YCH both come from book adaptations. Aoi Bungaku has top-notch production values, while JCH’s looks very dated.


As a result, both are excellent psychological anime. However, Aoi Bungaku is better than JCH.



45. Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil)


Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil)


If you are into psychological horror, you will want to check out Aku No Hana. This Japanese anime series revolves around the psychological torment of its main characters.


The main character is obsessed with poetry and even puts his favorite poet’s portrait in his room. Now that is some weird behavior. 


It follows Sawa and Takao as they become involved in an unlikely relationship. Though the plot is slow-burning and unrelenting, it’s well worth watching.


The animation style is unique and rotoscoped. This means that the characters are rendered without any blood but still manage to convey a terrifying sense of horror.



46. Subete Ga F Ni Naru (The Perfect Insider)


Subete Ga F Ni Naru (The Perfect Insider)


The mystery novel Subete ga F ni Naru was originally written in Japanese by Hiroshi Mori. It has since been adapted into visual novels, manga, and live-action anime.


It was the first broadcast in Japan on October 8, 2015. In addition, anime television adaptations of the book are now available.


Read the full review below. What are some of the main themes of this Japanese mystery novel? The mystery in Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider is genuinely intriguing.


The characters involved make the mystery more interesting. Unfortunately, while the payoff is solid and the ending is logical, the movie lingers too long, sacrificing a logical conclusion.


There are moments in the film when the plot becomes tedious, and the characters feel like cardboard cutouts.



47. Casshern Sins


Casshern Sins


The psychological elements of Casshern Sins are very well-developed. The main character, Casshern, suffers from amnesia. As a result, he has no idea why everyone blames him for the world’s demise.


While he is lonely when not fighting, he is very pretty, as are his companions Dio and Margo. These three characters make Casshern an ideal role model, and they all have a believable history in the story.


A mysterious girl named Luna has been summoned to save mankind. But before she can bring that salvation, she is hunted by three cyborg warriors, and Casshern kills them all.


The series’ plot continues with the world on the brink of extinction, and the only way to stop it is to save Luna.



48. Promised Neverland


Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland is a captivating and suspenseful anime series that takes viewers on a thrilling journey of survival, mystery, and the indomitable spirit of children. Set in a seemingly idyllic orphanage called Grace Field House, the story revolves around a group of exceptional orphans, led by the intelligent and resourceful Emma.


However, their world is turned upside down when they discover a sinister truth about their existence: the orphanage is a facade for a dark and horrifying reality. Determined to escape their fate of becoming food for demons, Emma and her friends embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the secrets behind their existence and find a way to ensure their survival.


The Promised Neverland skillfully blends elements of mystery, psychological suspense, and strategic planning as the children navigate through a series of tense encounters and intricate puzzles.



49. Happy Sugar Life


Happy Sugar Life


The title of this anime may sound positive, but you wouldn’t know that it contains an underlying sinister plot.


It is a disturbing and sometimes hard show to watch. Nonetheless, it is a magnificent illustration of the force of anime’s high shock esteem.


While the show is extremely hopeless now and again, it is exceptionally lovely by its own doing. I’d prescribe this anime to any individual who appreciates mental anime series.


While both series deal with borderline psychos, Happy Sugar Life is a BIT creepier and emotionally bleaker. It was more violent and more brain-breaking, but its characters and story were very similar to Higurashi’s.


And while both series are based on true stories, there are some similarities, including the main characters’ names. In the end, both are psychological thrillers and have their fair share of action.



50. Banana Fish 


Banana Fish


Banana Fish is a gripping and emotionally charged anime series that weaves a complex narrative of crime, corruption, and the power of friendship. Set in the gritty streets of New York City, the story follows Ash Lynx, a young and enigmatic gang leader with a haunting past.


When Ash encounters a mysterious drug called Banana Fish, which induces madness and violence in its users, he becomes embroiled in a dangerous web of conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power.


With the help of Eiji Okumura, a kind-hearted photographer from Japan, Ash sets out on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind Banana Fish and confront the demons of his past. “Banana Fish” tackles a wide range of themes, including trauma, identity, and the consequences of power.


Through its intense and often heart-wrenching storytelling, the series delves into the depths of human emotion, exploring the connections that bind us together and the sacrifices we are willing to make for the ones we love.



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