Top 30 Most Popular Bungo Stray Dogs Characters

Top 30 Most Popular Bungo Stray Dogs Characters


Bungo Stray Dogs is an anime that can’t be compared to anything else. It has some of the most fascinating characters with some of the most fascinating activities in place.


And that’s what makes the show so impressive to the audience. Therefore, if you want to have some high-octane action within your next watch then this is the show for you.


However, fans tend to believe that the success of Bungo Stray Dogs is dependent on its characters. And that’s why we have created a list here today. This list includes all the notable characters in the entire show and a few words about them.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Dazai Osamu


dazai osamu


Osamu Dazai, who wears a long sand-coloured trench coat and beige pants with bandages wrapped around his body, is a member of the Armed Detective Agency. Previously, he held an executive position in the Port Mafia, an underworld organization, where his enigmatic personality and ominous facade helped him succeed.


His skill in persuasion, particularly through his words, was one of his strong suits, as was his unique ability called No Longer Human. However, despite his dark demeanour, he defected from the Mafia and went underground to fight for the side that saved people.


Sakunosuke Oda’s demise was the reason why the decision was made in the first place. And a charismatic personality along with brown hair are distinct features of Dazai Osamu, making him a fan favourite among masses. 




2. Nakahara Chuuya


nakahara chuuya


Chūya Nakahara, an executive in the Port Mafia, possesses the ability Upon the Tainted Sorrow. He has a small yet muscular physique, grey eyes, and striking orange hair. Chūya is known for his fiery temper and arrogance, as well as his love for fighting, and takes pride in being the strongest martial artist in the mafia.


Despite this, he is dependable and entrusted with various tasks by Mori, the leader of the Port Mafia. While he can be ruthless, Chūya recognizes the value of compromise and rationality and refrains from using excessive violence when it is unnecessary.


Nakahar Chuuya is extremely attractive with his personality and his actions complement his looks so well. The way he deals with other characters is nothing less than incredible, making him worthy of this rank on this list. 




3. Edogawa Ranpo


edogawa ranpo


Edogawa Ranpo, also a member of the Armed Detective Agency, boasts an exceptional talent as one of the world’s greatest detectives, despite not possessing any superpowers. This skill has made him highly sought after by the police.


Ranpo takes pride in his abilities and frequently boasts about them. Although he has a carefree and childlike disposition, he can become serious when the circumstances demand it. He is fiercely devoted to his friends at the agency and will go to great lengths to keep them safe.


Ranpo has been gifted with an ability that allows him to take care of any mystery in only a matter of seconds. And for a series like Bungo Stray Dogs, this ability is the most overpowered feat that any character can possibly hold within his hands. 




4. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke


akutagawa ryuunosuke


Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a member of the Port Mafia, possesses the Rashomon ability. He is portrayed as a merciless and cruel individual who subscribes to the “survival of the fittest” ideology, believing that the strong must replace the weak.


He is dreaded by both allies and enemies, and his subordinates in the Black Lizard obey him mostly out of fear of his volatile temper and low tolerance for incompetence.


Even though Akutagawa has antagonistic tendencies towards the feeble, he prefers to avoid brutality and instead hopes for swift killings whenever it is possible. Moreover, people love his rather unemotional and stoic demeanour as a character. 



5. Nakajima Atsushi


nakajima atsushi


Once again from the Armed Detective Agency, we have Atsushi Nakajima, who sports light grey hair, pale skin, and segmental heterochromia, a result of being bullied during his time at an orphanage.


Atsushi’s outfit comprises a white button-up shirt, black pants, black fingerless gloves, suspenders, and a long black belt provided by his agency after he joins them. He has the ability to partially or fully transform into a white tiger with black stripes.


Atsushi’s horrific past still haunts him to this day, making his life a lot more miserable and terrifying. However, he always holds a sense of gratitude towards all those who are part of his agency as they rescue him time and time again. 



6. Montgomery Lucy Maud


Montgomery Lucy Maud


The presence of this stunning woman adds an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to the viewing experience. Montgomery Lucy Maud is a former member of the American organization, the Guild, and her ability, Anne of Abyssal Red, creates an alternate reality known as “Anne’s Room.” Those who get caught by “Anne the Monster” while playing hide-and-seek are trapped in this realm.


Lucy’s twisted personality can be traced back to her mistreatment at the orphanage and her role as a pawn in the Guild’s schemes. She appears arrogant and impolite to mask her true nature, but her encounter with Atsushi leads her to develop romantic feelings for him.


Lucy has a pale complexion, green eyes, and long crimson hair styled into two braids.



7. Yosano Akiko


Yosano Akiko


Another stunning woman featured in this remarkable series is Yosano Akiko, a personal physician and member of the Armed Detective Agency with a rare healing ability called Thou Shalt Not Die.


Yosano is a feminist who takes pride in being a strong and skilled doctor. She typically appears calm and collected, but when provoked, she can be a formidable adversary, often exhibiting sadistic tendencies in her retribution.


Yosano has a fascination with the macabre and gruesome, as evidenced by her enjoyment in dissecting her patients and healing them with her unique ability.



8. Izumi Kyouka


Izumi Kyouka


This woman is a recent addition to the group, but her presence has already made an impact on the audience and other characters in the series. Kyoka Izumi defected from the Port Mafia and possesses the ability known as Demon Snow.


She is a short girl with black hair tied into two low twin tails adorned with flower pins and blue eyes. Kyoka always wears a red kimono with a sprout pattern and a yellow DateTime, and she carries a tiny rabbit doll with her, along with her cell phone attached to a necklace.


While with the Port Mafia, Kyoka had a doll-like personality.



9. Kunikida Doppo


Kunikida Doppo


Doppo Kunikida, a member of the Armed Detective Agency, stands out significantly among the other characters. He is a tall and slender young man who always wears his glasses and is rarely seen without his distinctive notebook, which he considers to be his ultimate guide to life.


He uses it for several purposes, such as gathering data, planning, improving the world, and most importantly, as a medium for his ability, The Matchless Poet. He is very dedicated and meticulous about his work, constantly feeling the need to organize, collect, and schedule everything, which is why he may come across as somewhat stern and austere during investigations.



10. Miyazawa Kenji


Miyazawa Kenji


The next member on our list from the Armed Detective Agency is Kenji Miyazawa, a young boy from a rural village. Despite his young age, Kenji possesses the ability “Undefeated by the Rain” and is well-known for his friendly and welcoming personality.


He has a strong belief in the sincerity of others and is highly regarded by the city’s residents. Kenji’s rural upbringing has proven to be advantageous in several investigations, and he has a proven track record of solving complex cases.


However, his lack of understanding of basic urban concepts often leads to unconventional problem-solving methods.



11. Gin Akutagawa


Gin Akutagawa


Gin Akutagawa, a battalion leader in the Black Lizard division of the Port Mafia, possesses striking dark grey eyes and long black hair styled in a spiked bun, with shoulder-length sections left down.


She dons a grey v-neck shirt, black trousers, and black heels, completed with a long, flared black coat. Her outfit is accessorized with reddish-grey gloves that extend beyond her elbows, a black choker embellished with a white cross, and a white mask covering her nose and mouth.


Gin’s forte lies in her stealth and agility, as she can swiftly approach her target and slit their throat without warning.



12. Mori Ougai


Mori Ougai


The leader of the Port Mafia, Ōgai Mori, possesses an ability called Vita Sexualis. He is a tall and slender man with straight, chin-length black hair that is slicked back, leaving bangs on either side of his face.


Initially depicted as an ordinary and anxious middle-aged man, Mori later unveils himself as a ruthless and heartless individual who can instil fear in his adversaries. He excels in tactics and preparation, and always calculates the benefits and drawbacks of his actions, opting for the most advantageous outcomes for the Port Mafia as a whole.



13. Fukuzawa Yukichi


Fukuzawa Yukichi


Yukichi Fukuzawa, the head of the Armed Detective Agency in the anime, has a tall stature with long silver hair and metallic blue eyes. He is usually dressed in a green yukata under a black haori with golden borders adorned with a zigzag pattern, along with white tabi and zori.


Fukuzawa is a serious and reserved individual who prioritizes the welfare of his team and holds the Agency and its members in high regard. He commands unquestionable authority over his subordinates and emanates an intimidating aura that causes some Agency members to flinch.



14. Tanizaki Junichirou


Tanizaki Junichirou


Our next character on the list is Junichirou Tanizaki, who possesses the incredible ability called “Light Snow,” enabling him to project illusions in a particular range, resulting in snowfall in the affected area.


Tanizaki has orange hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin, with a slim build. Despite being one of the more reserved members of the Armed Detective Agency, Tanizaki can adapt well to different situations, making him well-suited for reconnaissance missions.


He values his colleagues and sister, Naomi, deeply and is willing to resort to unscrupulous tactics to protect them.



15. Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key


Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key


Let’s examine one of the most notorious characters of the series, Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key. As the head of the Renewed Guild, a faction that arose after the dissolution of the original Guild, Fitzgerald’s reputation precedes him.


He has a tall and slim physique, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Typically donning a pink shirt, tie, and a cream-coloured bespoke suit, he exudes wealth and arrogance.


His ability, The Great Fitzgerald, allows him to increase his physical power proportionate to the amount of money he spends. Despite his haughty demeanour, he holds a deep affection for his family and subordinates, particularly his wife and deceased daughter.



16. Tachihara Michizou


Tachihara Michizou


Michizo Tachihara, the last member of the Hunting Dogs special unit, works undercover as a Port Mafia member and is a battalion leader under Black Lizard. Later, he becomes a double spy for the Mafia on Ogai Mori’s orders and possesses the ability called Midwinter Memento.


Tachihara is an impulsive and arrogant individual, relying on brute force and his dual guns to solve problems. Despite his rough exterior, Tachihara can think rationally, except in the heat of the moment within the Port Mafia.


Much of Tachihara’s joining of the Port Mafia remains unclear, but his identity as the fifth Hunting Dog reveals a much cleverer, driven individual.



17. Higuchi Ichiyou


Higuchi Ichiyou


Let’s now examine another attractive character from the anime who is recognized for her allegiance. Higuchi Ichiyou is a member of the Port Mafia and serves as an assistant and bodyguard to Ryunosuke Akutagawa.


Higuchi is a merciless and intimidating mafioso who shows no mercy to her adversaries and acts quickly. However, she is also easily agitated and hesitant, which her boss and herself believe makes her unsuitable for the mafia.


Despite her shortcomings, Higuchi is determined and courageous, gaining the admiration of her comrades. Her devotion to Akutagawa is almost fanatical, and she frequently fills in for him due to his frail health.



18. Tanizaki Naomi


Tanizaki Naomi


Naomi Tanizaki is a high school student and office staff at the Armed Detective Agency, also known as the younger sister of Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. Despite being a non-ability user, Naomi is a brave and determined young girl who actively involves herself in cases that affect her elder brother’s well-being.


She possesses exceptional intelligence, mental fortitude, and courteousness towards Agency clients. Naomi’s most significant characteristic is her intense and unwavering love for her older brother, extending beyond a regular sisterly bond and sometimes perceived as romantic by outsiders.


The Agency has chosen to keep quiet about their relationship.



19. Kajii Motojirou


Kajii Motojirou


Motojirō Kajii is a Port Mafia member known for his expertise in explosives and his unique ability, Lemonade, which renders him immune to any harm caused by his lemon-shaped bombs.


He has a slender frame and is often seen wearing a worn-out lab coat with frayed sleeves, along with a green scarf. Kajii is a highly eccentric and excitable man who is fixated on science, particularly physics.


He takes pride in his knowledge of physics and regularly questions the concepts of life and death, along with their connections to higher powers like God. Kajii finds the world monotonous and utilizes the creation of his lemon bombs to channel his frustrations, referring to the lemon as the “destroyer of a tedious world.”



20. Hirotsu Ryuurou


Hirotsu Ryuurou


This character will leave a lasting impression on you with his actions and personality. Ryūrō Hirotsu is a member of the Port Mafia and the leader of the Black Lizard unit.


He is a mature man with grey hair, a moustache, and a beard that ends in a pointed spike, and he wears a monocle over his right eye. Despite his calm and collected nature, Hirotsu is a seasoned mafioso who shows little mercy to his enemies, which hasn’t diminished over time despite his age.


He speaks with a degree of respect and formality, even towards his opponents.



21. Elise




While not strictly human, Elise is an integral part of the franchise’s core storyline. She is the physical manifestation of Ōgai Mori’s ability, Vita Sexualis. Elise takes on the form of a young girl with pale skin, bright blue eyes, and long blonde hair, and is often seen wearing a red dress with a frilled white hem, along with black and grey stockings and red Mary Janes.


Her personality is that of a spoiled child with sadistic tendencies, a short temper, and a lack of interest in situations that do not involve her.



22. Haruno Kirako


Haruno Kirako


While you may believe that Kirako Haruno’s role in the series is insignificant, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kirako is a well-known character in the anime who serves as an office staff member at the Armed Detective Agency.


Her appearance features short curly brown hair, olive green eyes, and glasses with a red rim. Her work attire includes a white shirt, grey vest, and long navy blue skirt.


She is known for being a professional, friendly, and dependable worker, but she has a habit of slacking off when unobserved and is easily frightened.



23. Sasaki Nobuko


Sasaki Nobuko


Nobuko Sasaki, the Azure Apostle, is a criminology lecturer at a Tokyo university and the former lover and accomplice of the Azure King. Her goal is to destroy the Armed Detective Agency following her lover’s demise.


Sasaki is a slender woman with pale skin and long black hair that falls to her mid-back. She is often seen wearing a cream-coloured shirt, a white bolero, a light grey skirt, black stockings, and low-heeled shoes.


While initially appearing to be friendly, patient, and kind, Sasaki is actually an astute and resourceful individual who uses her expertise to manipulate criminals from the shadows.



24. Karl




In the anime series, Edgar Allan Poe owns a pet raccoon named Karl. Karl has pointed ears, black and white fur around his eyes, and a mostly brown furry body with black stripes around his tail.


Although he is depicted as an affectionate pet who enjoys being held by others and is sometimes playful, as evidenced by his playful biting of Poe’s head, he is always seen with Poe, often perched on his shoulder or head.


In one episode, he is shown retrieving Poe’s novel during the events of “Cannibalism,” and in another scene, he is seen perched on the head of Ranpo Edogawa, a character in the series.



25. Ango Sakaguchi


Ango Sakaguchi


Ango Sakaguchi works for the Special Division for Unusual Powers as a government worker. Despite being a spy for the Division, he values life greatly and maintains a calm and composed demeanour.


Ango is friends with Osamu Dazai and Sakunosuke Oda, but he feels that Dazai needs someone to keep him under control. He possesses the Discourse on Decadence ability, which enables him to read memories embedded in objects.


However, this ability can be mentally taxing. At Bar Lupin, his true intentions are exposed, and he struggles to alleviate the tension between himself and the other two.



26. Minoura




Minoura is a senior police officer in the same department as Officer Sugimoto, and he is known for his serious and stern demeanour. He has short black hair and typically wears a button, ties, and slacks with a long coat.


Minoura is in his 40s and has deep wrinkles on his face from his serious expression. While he initially viewed Ranpo as a rookie, he is capable of admitting his mistakes and adopting a more humble attitude towards others.


His background is not well-known, but he succeeded Yasui’s position in the police department.



27. Sugimoto




Sugimoto is a young police officer who worked with Yamagiwa and Minoura and ultimately killed Yamagiwa. He has short, choppy brown hair and brown eyes and wears a standard police uniform.


Despite being a rookie, he strives to enhance his skills and adheres to rules and protocols, though he can be jumpy and nervous at times. However, he resorted to unsavoury methods to secure his position as a police officer after failing the entrance exam three times, which earned him a following among the audience.



28. Taguchi Rokuzou


Taguchi Rokuzou


Rokuzō Taguchi, an information broker, initially disdained Doppo Kunikida’s involvement in his life but eventually helped the Armed Detective Agency in collecting information. His father was murdered by the Azure King, and Kunikida provided him with living accommodations and resources.


Although he had no supernatural abilities, Rokuzō possessed exceptional hacking and information-gathering skills. During the Azure Apostle Arc, Kunikida, Dazai, and Atsushi received an anonymous tip about kidnapping cases and visited Rokuzō to gather information.



29. Kyouka’s Mother


Kyouka's Mother


In the anime series, Kyōka Izumi’s mother is a character with long black hair tied into a half-bun. She wears a plain light blue yukata and possesses an ability called Demon Snow, which allows her to summon a phantom wielding a sword.


She passed on this ability to her daughter before sacrificing herself to protect Kyōka from an unknown ability that caused her to lose control over her body. Kyōka’s parents had followed government orders and used their abilities to take many lives.


However, they were attacked by assassins who possessed a blood-manipulating ability three years ago.



30. Yamagiwa




Yamagiwa, a courageous and truthful police officer, was investigating a corrupt politician and diet member. She was in a secret romantic relationship with her subordinate, Sugimoto. One day, her body was discovered floating in a river, prompting an investigation into her murder by Ranpo Edogawa, Atsushi, and Dazai from the Armed Detective Agency.


Despite knowing the risks involved in her pursuit, Yamagiwa remained steadfast in her investigation. She was prepared to take drastic measures to uncover the truth and was passionately devoted to justice. Yamagiwa loved Sugimoto deeply and gave her life to save him.



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