Top 60 Best Anime Villains Of All Time


Villains! Also known as Antagonists and Baddies are some of the most crucial elements in making any anime an experience of its own.


After all, all great stories usually have a protagonist, a lead female, and an amazing villain.


However, I feel that these days, we are not giving enough attention to villains from the industry.


So to tackle this issue and bring more light to our dark warriors, I have created the best Best Anime Villains list.


This list is filled with people who enhanced our experience with a specific anime and taught us what Evil actually means.


So grab your favorite weapon, lay down on your couch and let’s dive deep into the realm of villainy.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Johan Liebert


johan liebert


Johan is the main antagonist of the Monster anime series and oh my, isn’t he incredible?


He is a genius psychopath whose actions may seem insane at first. However, the way he executes them makes them so much more interesting and captivating.


Monster is a series that plays with your feelings and morals. And Johan makes sure to make that play as fun as possible.


And that is why you and I love him so much. I don’t wish to spoil you with any details.


However, I will say this, Johan will change your outlook on villains forever. And that’s why Johan Liebert is standing at this spot on our list.




2. Eren Yeager


Eren Yeager


Winner of Crunchyroll’s Best Antagonist Award for the year 2022, Eren Yeager started off as a beloved protagonist in the popular anime Attack on Titan.


Eren had an extremely painful childhood where he saw his home destroyed and his mother eaten alive. Filled with grudges and sorrow, a young Eren aroused pity and sympathy in the hearts of his viewers.


However, the Eren we see now is far from being pitiful. Eren in Attack on Titan’s latest season finished his transformation from a beloved protagonist to a fearsome antagonist about to commit large-scale genocide.


What is amazing is that he has the entire anime community rooting for him despite his devious plans. Eren is a villain so great that he makes evil look just; we can only see his popularity growing even further in the upcoming season of Attack on Titan.




3. Light Yagami


light yagami


Light is the main character of the Death Note series and yet, he is also the villain of the show.


However, this can be controversial depending upon whom you ask. Light was hoping to make the world a better place which doesn’t seem like the act of a villain.


He killed many Innocents to achieve what he wanted in his life. And that’s why people look up to him so much.


He made us question what makes a protagonist, a protagonist. And what makes an antagonist, an antagonist?


And that’s why my friend, Light is standing at this spot.




4. Freeza




Freeza is one of the main villains from the Dragon Ball series and I must admit, he is a classic villain.


He was part of the longest fight in anime history. He was the reason why people fell in love with Dragon Ball Z.


He is still part of the show since he always tries to return and take revenge.


And finally, he was the reason why our planet was saved in the story. Freeza is that one villain who stands as an idol for the others.


And that’s why he has taken this spot on our list.



5. Madara Uchiha


Madara Uchiha


Madara is an absolute badass. I mean when was the last time a villain went against the entire world and none of them were even able to put a scratch on him?


Yup, he was insane. Back when he was first shown on screen, the fandom had gone crazy over him and his capabilities.


His skills were unreal and calling him a God felt like an understatement. And that’s why I think Madara is so high on this list.


The sheer amusement that this warrior had given to the viewers was more than enough to make them remember him as one of the best.


In fact, within the anime community, he is looked upon as the best personification of an overpowered character.


And that’s why he is here.



6. Meruem




I don’t think ANYONE can disagree with me when I say that Meruem is the best villain of the Hunter x Hunter series.


I mean come on. His genius was portrayed so beautifully in the anime and his excellence was nothing to be worried about.


He was smart, cunning, strong, and dangerous. And with all these things going on for him, his antagonist role was refined to the fullest degree.


It was so fun to watch him plan out the best for his opponents. And I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why people love Hunter x Hunter as much as they do.


Believe it or not but Meruem has an incredible magnitude of contribution to the success of Hunter x Hunter.



7. Griffith




This man is written with complexity and depth. And that’s why fans love to watch him on-screen.


Griffith is the main antagonist of the Berserk series and he is just amazing. Every aspect of being a villain has been pushed to insane degrees for Griffith.


And that’s why you and I would love to watch him battle. Moreover, his morals have been pushed to the limits and his skills are second to none.


A great warrior who looked up with respect and appreciation. However, this same great warrior is going to go against another man who is more correct than him.


How will this face-off turn out? Maybe make Griffith the best possible villain of all time?


I guess we’ll never know!



8. Sukuna




Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen is probably the strongest demon in the series and is also one of the most loved antagonists in the anime community.


We have not seen him in his true powerful glory yet as he is yet to be completely resurrected.


However, the little glimpses of his power that we get in the anime are enough to let us know what an immensely formidable enemy he is.


Known to be the strongest of all demons that have ever existed, Sukuna is literally the king of curses.


Even with just a fraction of his power, he can take down special-grade demons like it is child’s play.


He is devious and ruthless yet has a dangerously charming charisma that you simply cannot resist. He is an immortal demon who is so indestructible that he had to be sealed away.



9. Kira Yoshikage


Kira Yoshikage


Probably the best villain of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, we have Kira Yoshikage. Kira is looked upon as the smartest villain in the series and still serves as one of the best you will ever experience.


His prowess and accuracy are what make him so special and that’s why Kira is such a monster.


You might look at him as a weakling. However, it is only a matter of minutes before he will fight and defeat you while you are thinking of strategies to dodge his first attack.


A genius wouldn’t be an incorrect way to describe him. And dangerous is another word we can use to talk about Kira.



10. Hisoka




He is a pedophile, no questions about it. However, he is also a handsome villain that can beat the hell out of you instantly.


And that’s why my man is standing here on this list. Hisoka is one of the main villains in the Hunter x Hunter series.


And his threat level was portrayed immediately within the anime. He was able to fight a lot of his competition simultaneously.


And that’s why people understood his value as a villain. Over time, he creates a lot of beef between him and the boys.


However, as the series progresses, his character becomes more and more refined. And that’s why Hisoka is a great antagonist.



11. Pain




Back when he first appeared, none of us had an idea that Pain would be as remarkable as he was.


However, I think that’s why they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Pain is one of the lead antagonists in the realm of Naruto.


However, what makes him so amazing is his entry into the series. His invasion arc is still looked upon by many as the best arc in the entire Naruto franchise.


And Naruto vs Pain is still one of the most hyped fights from the series.


And I think that’s why Pain is such a model villain for anime creators.



12. Dio Brando


dio brando


Dio is one of the most popular villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series. And his excellence stands in the fact that his evil nature is brutal.


He will commit any crime without thinking twice and that’s why people love his villainous personality.


No mercy, no consideration. Just pure action! Therefore, Dio is here on our list.


And let’s just say that this man is a lot more menacing than what you might expect.



13. Sousuke Aizen


Sousuke Aizen


Looked upon by many as the most handsome villain of popular anime, we have Sousuke Aizen.


I know I am putting a bit of an emphasis on his looks but I can’t help it, man.


He looks such a badass. Moreover, his intelligence and skills are way far ahead of that of anyone else in the Bleach Franchise.


Therefore, watching him commit his acts makes it so much more interesting and captivating for all of us.


Plus, if you look at his methodology, you will realize his true villainous nature. And that’s why Aizen is one of the most sought-after villains of all time.


Without a doubt, one of the bests.



14. Shougo Makishima


Shougo Makishima


Another white-haired boy has made his way to our list, ladies and gentlemen. Shougo is one of the main villains of the anime we call Psycho-Pass.


And man, I won’t lie, he is quite a mess. He was not only lethal but also clever with his approach.


And as a villain, he gave some of the most captivating and eye-opening challenges to the protagonist.


And these challenges weren’t just physical. They were mentally and morally painful as well that allowed us, viewers, to have an amazing overall viewing experience.


That is why Makishima is here on this list.



15. Izaya Orihara


izaya orihara


Izaya is one of the main villains in the Durarara anime series. And I don’t think we have got any other villain who looks as smug as he does.


Izaya is brilliant, not only in terms of his capabilities but also because of his looks.


He is a handsome hunk who gives off the villain vibes so well that we can’t help but look at him from those eyes.


And he makes sure that we appreciate his villainous intentions by making some of the most insane decisions in the series.


However, even after his presence as a villain, fans can’t help but love the hell out of him.



16. Sebastian Michaelis


Sebastian Michaelis


You may look at him with the eyes of a villain. However, what is important is that he isn’t as simple as you might expect him to be.


Sebastian Michaelis is one of the main characters of Black Butler and wouldn’t you know it, he is a fine gentleman.


He is not only very strong but also well-mannered and stands as one of the best characters you will find in the entire series.


He isn’t a direct villain who is against the protagonist. He works alongside our protagonist and helps him out.


How? Well, to know-how, you would need to watch the anime yourself.



17. Gilgamesh




Ladies and gentlemen, the next person on our list is a handsome hunk. And I am not saying it out of the blue.


Oh no! This man right here is a beast. Not only in terms of looks but also strength.


Gilgamesh is one of the lead characters in the anime we call Fate. And his powers are unreal.


Firstly, he is one of the finest fighters in the show. This says a lot especially in an anime that is all about fighting other people.


Secondly, his status is also crucial in making him an amazing villain. And that’s why he is here.


Gilgamesh is a fantastic character who shouldn’t be ignored at all.



18. Chuuya Nakahara


Chuuya Nakahara


Bungo Stray Dogs has some of the most handsome men of its time, change my mind.


And one such handsome hunk has made his way to the list, weebs. And this one is an antagonist for once.


So all the female fans who are looking for a “Bad Boy”, here you go.


Chuuya is one of the lead villains in the Bungo Stray Dogs series and I do admit that he is quite a hassle.


Within the show, his personality and attitude make him stand out so much. Plus, his actions are as questionable as it gets, and therefore, he is standing there on our list with a smug face.



19. Char Aznable


char aznable


Char Aznable is one of the main villains of the Gundam Franchise. And he was known as ‘The Red Comet’ back in his golden days.


His villainous standards stood for the Universal Century era. And just in that period, he managed to make significant changes in his system and society.


Therefore Char was looked upon as one of the most impressive villains of his era.


And I think you and I can agree as to why that perspective was held towards this young man.



20. Tetsuo Shima


Tetsuo Shima


Akira is one of the classic anime movies of all time. A franchise that is still looked upon as one of the best cinematic experiences someone can have watching anime.


And I believe that apart from the amazing protagonist, a lot of credit for the success of the series must go to the antagonist himself.


Tetsuo Shima is an amazing villain who used to be the main character’s friend. And soon he became a monster that no one in this world could have controlled.


His insanity was unreal and so were his skills. Therefore, he became the beast that he is today.



21. Isabella




Isabella! Man, would I say it, she is quite a mess. I mean, we don’t usually imagine a woman as a cunning and gritty person standing as the villain of the series, right?


However, for this woman, the rules shall be changed for once. Isabella is one of the lead characters in the world of The Promised Neverland.


And I won’t lie, she was horrifying back when she was first introduced. And that’s why she is standing here on this list.


I don’t see villains like her anymore. Villains who play with their victims and give them all the chance they can just to shatter their plans at once.


And that’s why she is so nasty.



22. Ryo Asuka/Satan


Ryo Asuka/Satan


Ryo Asuna aka Satan is one of the lead villains in the Devilman Crybaby anime series.


Now Devilman Crybaby is an interesting anime with a ton of twists and turns. And Satan just adds so much fun into our watching experience by extremely altering those twists and turns.


He plays dirty and stands as a strong being in his universe. Plus, his appearance is also very very unsettling if you think about it.


Like his eyes are blue and his entire body seems to be white. What! Man, that’s some disturbing appearance right there.



23. Izana Kurokawa


izana kurokawa


Izana Kurokawa, a nuanced antagonist in Tokyo Revengers, previously headed Tenjiku and led the Eighth Generation Black Dragon.


Rooted in a traumatic childhood marked by isolation and a revelation of non-blood relation to his adoptive family, Izana turned to delinquency, forming Yokohama Tenjiku.


Motivated by a thirst for revenge against Mikey and the Tokyo Manji Gang’s conquest, Izana’s leadership style is tyrannical, regarding subordinates as expendable tools, significantly impacting the gang’s future.


Despite his villainous deeds, Izana’s character intricately intertwines with a tragic past, crafting a captivating and multi-dimensional antagonist.



24. Itachi Uchiha


Itachi Uchiha


Another incredible character who is a villain for many eyes, and a hero for more.


Itachi was one of the lead villains in the Naruto franchise. And if you haven’t watched the series, I would highly recommend you to check it out.


It is one of the finest anime. And Itachi within that series is one of the finest villains.


He did something that no one would have the courage to do. And that’s why he surfaced as a legend as he is.


He won a war that never happened and that’s why he was a hero looked upon as a villain.


Therefore Itachi is standing here with pride and confidence.



25. Shou Tucker


Shou Tucker


I know some of you might dismiss me for this. However, I believe that Shou Tucker is an amazing character.


No! No, You don’t! Don’t you dare click away just yet? Listen to me first and then decide.


So what do I mean by “amazing character”? Well, I mean that Shou is a very well-presented villain.


Just answer me this, when was the last time you absolutely hated a villain. So much so that you wanted to kill him by teleporting inside the screen?


Have a hard time remembering? Well, guess what? Shou Tucker gives you this feeling instantly.


And that’s why this man is so high on this list.



26. Kirei Kotomine


Kirei Kotomine


For someone who isn’t into the Fate series, Kirei may only be a handsome boy.


However, if you are into the Fate franchise then you know how much of a threat this man is.


Kirei is one of the lead characters in the world of Fate and more specifically, he was the antagonist of the Fate/Zero installment.


He was the master of Assassin in the Fourth Holy Grail War. And just that one feat allowed him to be stronger than anyone around him.


His skills are just as amazing as you can expect. And that’s why, when he was on screen, viewers were under stress.



27. Father




When you talk about pure Evil villains in anime, I think Father should be in your conversations.


Why? Because he was ruthless, he was nasty, he was gory. And that’s why he is here.


Father is the main antagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series. And we don’t really see villains like him these days.


I mean, just the metaphor that he gave to Ed, comparing him to ant was so badass.


I can’t think of any villain yet that can do the same thing and also mean it.


And that’s why Father is here on our list. Make sure to pay your respects.



28. Accelerator




The Toaru fandom can’t emphasize enough how amazing Accelerator is. And I don’t blame any of my fellow fans.


Because he is quite a mess for sure. Accelerator is one of the lead villains in the Toaru series.


And just based on skills, this man is a monster. He is looked upon as one of the strongest warriors in the show and his capabilities are second to none.


His strength is insane and that’s why our main cast has a hard time dealing with him.


This, in turn, makes him a much more of a remarkable character. And that’s why he is standing there on our list.



29. Momonga




The main character is the antagonist. How cool is that? But anyway, let’s get back on track.


Momonga is the main character of the Overlord series. And he is also the villain of that series which is surprisingly unique from an Isekai anime’s standpoint.


I think that’s why he stands out so much. His appearance clearly tells us that he is a beast.


And I believe this notion is what made Overlord stand out as a whole in this world filled with Isekai anime.


Therefore, I believe that Momonga needs a lot more recognition and appreciation amongst anime fans.


And that’s why he is here on this spot.



30. Cell




Well, well! Would you look at that? A Dragon Ball villain. This series has given us some of the most memorable antagonists of all time.


And Cell happens to be one of them. Cell was one of the lead antagonists in the Dragon Ball Z segment and I don’t think anyone can forget his presence.


I mean he was the one who organized the first Tournament Of Power where even Saiyans aren’t good enough.


And that’s when we realized that he is the real deal. He is amazing in terms of power.


And his ideas were just as ruthless as you might expect.



31. Black Goku


black goku


You know he is a threat when he is literally the main character of a show.


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you about Goku Black. He was one of the main antagonists in the world of Dragon Ball Super.


And his first appearance was as lethal as it gets. He isn’t a copy of Goku.


Rather a transformation into Goku for the search of Power and an idealist world. And that is why Black Goku is so powerful.


He will do anything and everything to achieve what he wishes. And even Vegito wasn’t able to get a hold of him with his partner properly.



32. MewTwo




Well, I know many of you might not look at him like that but I do believe that MewTwo was an actual villain.


In fact, if you have watched his movie, you know that he was the strongest Pokemon created from his era.


And that is why he was looked upon as a villain. In the movie, MewTwo tries to recreate a more idealistic society where humans don’t have control over their Pokemon.


However, he soon realizes the reality of his thought process and starts working upon it.


Later, we see him- Oh wait, that’s going into the spoiler territory, sorry! But yeah, from the standards of Pokemon, MewTwo is a great villain.



33. Muzan Kibutsuji


Muzan Kibutsuji


Now before I start to talk about Muzan, can we just appreciate the fact that Muzan Kibutsuji is such a cool name.


I mean, Michael Jackson would have worked fine but I think this one is better.


Anyway, coming back to our topic, Muzan is the main villain of the Demon Slayer franchise.


However, what makes him so amazing is the fact that his danger level is over 9000.


Muzan is looked upon as the strongest demon and they say that even the Hashiras don’t get the chance to even look at him, let alone go against him.


So the fact that the strongest beings in a group can’t even witness him in their lives proves that he is an amazing villain.



34. Takasugi Shinsuke


Takasugi Shinsuke


A lot of times, we hate the villains in a show. However, I don’t think I have seen hate upon Takasugi Shinsuke.


And I think that’s because of his grounded and realistic character. Takasugi is one of the main villains in the series we call Gintama.


And Gintama in general is a very fun show to watch and appreciate. However, what makes Takasugi so amazing is his outlook on his situation.


He has a lot of capabilities and he uses them for the better. And although you might look at him as a villain, many people look at him with respect and appreciation.



35. All For One


all for one


The one who is the reason for all the chaos in the realm of My Hero Academia.


This man is a menace himself, All For One! All For One is the main villain in the world of My Hero Academia.


And the best part was that he had the most overpowered quirk we can imagine.


He had the quirk to take other people’s quirk. And that is why he used to be so threatening.


I mean think about it, he can take your power away from you if you start to overpower him.


And that is why All For One was the biggest threat in this world. He was just too dangerous for humanity.



36. Envy




The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series is filled with a bunch of different characters that are more than capable of being amazing villains.


And one such villain is Envy. Envy is one of the seven deadly Sins in the show.


However, what makes him so much more remarkable is his contribution to the overall series.


He was there till the very end and taught us a lot about true human nature in the process.


He was nasty with his approach and played dirty all the time. However, still, people were captivated by him mainly because of how realistic his claims were.


And that is why he started looking up to him.



37. Suzuki Toichiro


Suzuki Toichiro


Well, would you look at that! Our boy Toichiro is on this list. How cool is that?


However, despite looking like a gentleman, remember that he is a monster. Suzuki Toichiro is one of the lead characters in the world of Mob Psycho 100 and his first appearance happens in the second season of the series.


However, right off the bat, we get an idea of how strong this guy is.


I mean, he claimed to be the strongest person in the world when it comes to Psychic abilities.


And he portrayed his difference in skill soon enough. However, we soon get to see a completely new beast on screen when he goes against Mob.


And that is when we start to respect him so much more.



38. Zeke Yeager


Zeke Yeager


This man right here is a monster. He is the reason for countless deaths and murders and none of us can help but hate him so much.


Zeke is one of the main villains in the world of Attack On Titan. However, what makes him so impressive is the fact that he created a lot of chaos in the realm of the series.


I won’t spoil you with the details but I will say this, if this man appeared, prepare yourself for some serious change in the narrative.


Because things will mold and soon enough, the show will become something completely different than what it was.



39. Garou




He is hilarious, to say the least. Not because he is strong but because he is so much fun to watch.


Garou is one of the main villains in the One Punch Man series and more specifically in the second season of One Punch Man.


However, what makes him so great is his fun nature yet strong ideology. Garou is brutal with his opponents and can break them without being in pain at all.


But despite all of that, he isn’t a bad person. He just wishes to be the strongest and change this flawed society of heroes.


And a lot of fans support him in his quest.



40. Tsukasa Shishio


Tsukasa Shishio


Resurrecting from the world of Dr. Stone, we have Tsukasa Shishio. He was the main villain in the realm of Dr. Stone and his presence was as dominant as it gets. Firstly, he was super strong.


In fact, he was said to be the strongest warrior in his world. Therefore, in the world of Dr. Stone, his powers were as unreal as it gets. Secondly, he held an ideology and that ideology was the sole reason why Tsukasa becomes a villain in the first place.


He wants to achieve something and that something is so important that he will go against anyone and everyone to achieve it.


And that’s why Tsukasa was a danger.



41. Kaiki Deishuu


Kaiki Deishuu


The Monogatari series has quite an interesting cast going along for them. And amongst that cast stands Kaiki, one of the coolest villains you can find.


He made his first appearance in the Nisemonogatari installment and from that point on, there was no going back.


Firstly, he was a well-designed character with great attire and a villainous personality. Secondly, his acts were as questionable as they get and so, people started to look at him with an eye of intrigue and respect.


He was a character with a lot of traits put into him and that is why people love to analyze the hell out of him.



42. Ryuk




Many of you might not even look at Ryuk as a villain in the anime medium.


However, if we witness what he has done, we might change our outlook. Ryuk was one of the characters in the realm of Death Note and he was the primary reason for everything that happened within the show.


Firstly, he was the one who introduced the Death Note to our planet just for the sake of seeing something interesting.


Think about it, he was the reason why many people died unnecessary deaths and that’s why I look at him as a villain.


And although we might not see him that way, he is quite a villainous being.



43. Donquixote Doflamingo


Donquixote Doflamingo


One Piece is an anime filled with adventure and action. However, all of the fun that we used to have from the series just vanished and transformed into a terrorizing mess when Donquixote Doflamingo appeared.


Donquixote is one of the strongest and most dominant villains in the realm of One Piece and just as you would expect, he was a monster.


His strength was so intense that fans actually thought it was going to be the end of the One Piece series.


He was rough and hungry and that just adds more layers to his character. And this, in turn, made him such a great villain.



44. Vicious




A villain from the classics, how cool is that? Vicious is one of the lead characters in the world of Cowboy Bebop.


He was, at one point, an accomplice of my man Spike. However, soon enough, he chose the path he shouldn’t have, and therefore, he achieved a state he mustn’t have.


He became heartless, doing things that his original self would never have the courage and power to do.


However, that’s where reality hits. When accidents happen, people change. They change drastically, just like Vicious.


And that’s why he is loved so much. Vicious will always be special.



45. Askeladd




Ladies And Gentlemen, Dad is here. And I think both you and I must stand up and pay respects to him.


Because he deserves it all. Askeladd is one of the main villains in Vinland Saga.


And I won’t lie, he was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I looked at a villain and said, “Man, I want him to be real.” That’s how well-written Askeladd was.


He wasn’t a villain, he was a hero who chose crude yet realistic ways to achieve what’s best for the world.


Had it been anyone else, he would have succumbed to greed. But Askeladd was different.


Askeladd is different. And Askeladd will always be different.



46. Hanami




Within the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, Hanami emerges as a riveting antagonist, an unregistered special-grade cursed spirit born from the fear of land-based natural disasters.


Aligned with fellow cursed spirits like Jogo, Dagon, and Mahito, Hanami’s malevolent objective is to wipe out humanity, fueled by their perceived disrespect for nature.


He envisions cursed spirits as the true successors to humans.


Despite harbouring peaceful beliefs, Hanami finds joy in the brutality of battle, actively seeking the thrill of conflict.


Displaying a willingness to confront formidable foes for ally rescue, Hanami ultimately sacrifices himself for the group’s plan. 



47. Upper Rank 6 – Gyutaro (Kimetsu no Yaiba)


Upper Rank 6 - Gyutaro (Kimetsu no Yaiba)


Within the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Gyutaro emerged as one of the key adversaries.


Aligned with the Twelve Kizuki, he occupied the esteemed position of Upper-Rank Six alongside his younger sister, Daki.


Originating from a human background, Gyutaro once toiled as a debt collector in Yoshiwara’s Rashomon Riverbank, a destitute area within the Entertainment District.


However, their lives took a dark turn when they were transformed into demons by Doma, the then Upper-Rank Six.


Gyutaro’s appearance was peculiar, characterized by his towering height, well-built upper body, and limbs, starkly contrasted by an unnaturally thin waist and jutting pelvis.


His complexion boasted a pale greyish hue adorned with black dots, while his eyes, slanted downward at the sides, exhibited a combination of green and red hues.


These eyes bore the distinctive markings of the “Upper Rank” and “Six,” symbolizing his esteemed position.



48. Joker




Oh no, ladies and gentlemen! This isn’t the Joker you are looking for. However, he is definitely the Joker you would start looking for.


Joker is one of the villains in the Fire Force anime series. And I would go out of my way and say it, he is horrible.


Joker is just as disturbing as you might expect from him. Rude, cruel, and will do anything to achieve what he wants.


However, his mystical design and his fire prowess clearly give him an advantage over those who are against him.


That is why Joker stands here on this list. Make sure that you are not the one messing with him.



49. Tomura Shigaraki


tomura shigaraki


Shigaraki is one of the most popular additions to the best anime villains catalogue. However, what makes him so much more attractive is his ideologies.


A lot of people believe that Villains shouldn’t have any “purpose” to be crude. Instead, they should be villains because that gives them happiness or satisfaction.


And Tomura Shigaraki is just that. He wants to destroy, anything and everything just so he gets mental peace.


And when you look into it, you will realize how sinister his persona is. And if you still don’t believe him, just wait for the next season of My Hero Academia.


You will know exactly what I am talking about.



50. Ladd Russo


Ladd Russo


He is a bit of a niche character in the medium. However, those who have watched this anime look at him with fear in their eyes.


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you about Ladd Russo from Baccano. Baccano is one of the best anime you can watch today.


And one of the reasons for its greatness is the fact that Ladd is in there.


He is a fearsome gory villain who will do anything and everything to achieve what he wishes to.


He abuses power and is arrogant but that is exactly why people love him. It’s his ruthless attitude that gives him a true “Villain” vibe.



51. Greed




Some villains in the medium are not humble. They are nasty, they are gruesome, and rough on all those around them and yet, they feel so realistic and relatable.


Greed was one of them. He was one of the lead villains in the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series.


And his character was nothing less than amazing if you ask me. He is ruthless with his opponents and during the entire show, he was a part of another character.


And although that character was quite humble, Greed showed us a side of humans that exists but they don’t wish to accept it.


And that is why Greed was loved so much by the fandom. He was stunning with his Calibre.



52. Majin Buu


majin buu


Now we have the legendary, Majin Buu.


Majin Buu is one of the main villains in the dragon ball franchise and oh boy, wasn’t he a threat.


He appeared during the supposed final arc of the Dragon Ball series and his appearance was incredible.


Not only was he funny but also terrifying. In fact, back in the day, Majin Buy was looked upon as the strongest villain ever in the series.


And when he transformed into Kid Buu? Man, that was a whole other story. My man was just too strong.


But he was kind as well so he stood out better.



53. Upper Rank 3 – Akaza


Upper Rank 3 - Akaza


Akaza is the primary antagonist of Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train arc. Being one of the strongest demons under Muzan, he is a formidable enemy.


In the Mugen Train arc, he alone was able to hijack an entire train and put up a strong fight against not just three highly trained demon slayers but also a ‘Hashira’, who is considered to be the strongest amongst demon slayers.


Muzan had especially bestowed great powers upon Akaza to see to it that he can destroy Tanjiro. However, when he failed to do so, he incurred the wrath of Muzan which made his hatred for Tanjiro grow even stronger.


Like any other demon in the anime, Akaza is ruthless towards humans and holds no compassion for them. However, what makes him especially fearsome is his monstrous strength coupled with his rage and cruel nature.



54. Mahito




While the anime Jujutsu Kaisen has numerous strong villains, Mahito is easily the most hated amongst them. He is definitely not the strongest villain in the anime but he is surely one of the most ruthless with an ability so sinister that it would make one’s skin crawl.


He turns innocent humans into cursed spirits whom he can manipulate, sometimes the humans even retain their consciousness but are forced to do Mahito’s bidding in a deformed, demonic state.


Mahito is an absolute sadist who does not show any empathy towards humans and will not think twice before using innocent humans as his tools.


He himself is not human of course but holds a human-like appearance which makes it easy for him to deceive innocent, gullible prey.


He and his group aim to annihilate all humans one day and replace them with a race of demons.



55. Supreme Leader Bosslar


Supreme Leader Bosslar


Supreme Leader Bosslar is the main antagonist of the anime named Love After World Domination. He is very tall and has thick mustaches. 


He is the leader of an evil group named Gekko. He aims to dominate the world and control it by collecting negative energy from humans. 


He does this by harnessing the energy produced from the negative thoughts and feelings of people around him.


Generally, people will think that he is a cruel ruler, but there are some instances in the series that show he is not evil all the time and can show some kindness when needed. 


And this makes him a very loved villain in the series and fans love watching him whenever he appears in the show. 



56. Echidna




Echidna is the name of the evil witch of Greed in the anime Re: Zero. She is a major antagonist in the show and later comes to be known by the name Omega.


She has a hobby for gathering knowledge and has committed numerous atrocities against mankind which include mass manslaughter, numerous illegal experiments, and also terrible psychological abuse.


She conceals her true evil with an apparent charismatic personality which helped her gather numerous devoted followers. Once destroyed by the evil witch Satella, Echidna managed to live on by creating a dream-like realm of her creation.


However, eventually, she was resurrected to the living world once again. Being the witch of the Greed, she has complete authority over the sin of the Greed.


Her presence in the anime is so terrifying that normal people would descend into madness by merely being in her presence.



57. Tetta Kisaki


Tetta Kisaki


Tetta Kisaki, leader of the Tokyo Manji gang, is a nasty schemer and powerful manipulator. He is the prime antagonist of the anime Tokyo Revengers who starts as nothing short of a mild threat but with his deceitful abilities climbs the power ladder to become the evilest villain in the anime.


He considers three people his archenemies – Takemichi Hanagaki, Draken, and Mikey; and will stop at absolutely nothing to end them.


Kisaki is not a threat because of his fighting skills as a fighter he is only sub-par. However, his cunning nature coupled with his vast resources makes him almost unbeatable.


He does not need to use his fists to get his way as he is a master of intimidation.


He is highly ambitious and feels no remorse for the violent and uncouth methods he uses to achieve his aims.



58. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti


Petelgeuse Romanee - Conti


Petelgeuse is one of the major antagonists of the anime Re: Zero. His appearance at once strikes fear and his behavior is nothing short of psychotic.


He is one of the Sin Archbishops of the witch’s cult whose aim is to summon the jealous witch.


He is an immortal being who has been alive for many years. His special ability is being able to manipulate Earth at his will which makes him a truly formidable enemy.


Petelgeuse has a twisted inclination towards diligence and shows absolutely no mercy to those who show the quality of sloth or laziness.


He is a merciless torturer who put the protagonist through absolute hell. The atrocities committed by Petelgeuse alone far exceed those committed by all the other Sin Archbishops combined.



59. Ainosuke Shindo/Adam


Ainosuke Shindo/Adam


Adam is the alternate persona of Ainosuke Shindo in the anime SK∞. He is originally a politician who puts on a mask and takes on a different name when he goes skateboarding.


He is the main antagonist of the anime and has a twisted, intimidating personality. He has a violent method of skateboarding and is willing to hurt anyone or do anything to win a match.


Even though he usually maintains a calm and collected appearance, on the skateboard track he is nothing short of flamboyant and violent.


His skateboarding method almost always involves seriously injuring his opponent. Even as a politician, he is shady and corrupt and is known to constantly downgrade and berate his assistant Tadashi.


What makes him truly terrifying is the fact that he is not only twisted and violent but almost unbeatable in skateboarding a match.



60. Ragyo Kiryuin


Ragyo Kiryuin


Ragyo Kiryuin is the primary antagonist of Kill La Kill. She has a chilling presence and is what one might call a genocidal businesswoman.


Her extreme intelligence coupled with her superhuman strength makes her a truly terrifying opponent. She has the blood of thousands on her hands and is a notorious mass murderer.


She is also a perverted and abusive mother who tortured her own daughters. She would frequently experiment on them to test out the life fibers.


Ragyo is both the CEO of a major company (REVOCS) and the chairperson of an Academy (Honnouji). However, her main goal is to annihilate humanity with the help of life fibers.


However, her goal does not just end on Earth she even tried to spread her life fibers across the galaxy for a larger takeover.



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