Top 50 Best Thicc Anime Characters Of All Time

top 50 best thicc anime characters of all time


Anime characters come in various forms. We have males, females, and others. We also have tall, short, and average.


And we also have slim, fine, and thicc. And today, we will be focusing on the latter category.


Thicc anime characters have been brought into quite a bit of light lately. And so, this was a great opportunity for us to take a look at some of the thiccest characters in the medium.


And that is what this list is all about. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about the Thiccest Anime Characters.


These are some of the most gorgeous and eye-catching characters you will ever encounter. So grab your favorite Waifu figurine, lay down on your couch and let’s dive deep into the realm of Thiccness.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)


rias gremory (high school dxd)


Rias is a one-of-a-kind girl in the media. She is one of the main characters in High School DxD and stands as the King of the Gremory peerage.


However, what makes her top this list is her beauty. She is one of the hottest characters you will see in anime and has some of the thiccest features to top it all off.


Plus, with her charming personality and pristine self-presentation, Rias manages to capture anyone’s heart. And that’s the reason why this gorgeous lady is on our list.




2. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)


akeno himejima (high school dxd)


Akeno is one of the lead characters in the realm of High School DxD. However, don’t even think about steering your eye away from her.


Because you won’t be able to. She is the Queen of Gremory’s peerage and is known to be a sadist.


However, she is also a skillful warrior with a brilliant backstory and character design to support her presence.


Plus, her hot attitude is just the cherry on the cake we need. And that’s why she is standing here on our list.


Make sure that you watch her on-screen today. 




3. Irina Jelavić (Assassination Classroom)


irina jelavić (assassination classroom)


Irina is one of the lead characters in Assassination Classroom and oh boy, isn’t she hot?


And this isn’t something that fans say. Everyone who watches the show, including the characters themselves, refers to Irina as having a very hot personality.


Whether it’s her style, charisma, fashion, speech, etc you name it. She has mastered a ton of skills to become the insane assassin she is.


And with all these feats under her belt, I believe this is the correct spot for our lady.




4. Mirko (My Hero Academia)


Mirko (My Hero Academia)


Mirko is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia. However, for many fans, she is the thiccest character in the entire series.


She is the rabbit hero Mirko who ranks amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Heroes in the realm of My Hero Academia.


And that is an amazing feat for any character in the series. Plus, if you look at her closely, you can see that she hasn’t been skipping even a single day of the gym.


And that’s another reason why people think that she is the Thicc Hero, Mirko. Either way, we will be getting more action from her in the later seasons.


Looking forward to them.



5. Mountain Lady (My Hero Academia)


Mountain Lady (My Hero Academia)


Coming in from the top of the world, we have Mt. Lady. She is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia.


And while she doesn’t have any remarkable feats in the anime, it is said that she is one of the most popular females in the show.


Plus, in the initial episodes of the anime, it was suggested that the people within the realm of My Hero Academia, are quite admirable towards Mt. Lady and her thiccness. So that goes on to show that she is one amazing female character from the show that deserves more recognition and love from fans around the globe.


I hope you develop a liking towards Mt. Lady as well.



6. Tsunade (Naruto)


Tsunade (Naruto)


Tsunade is, without a doubt, the thiccest character in Naruto. No questions asked. After all, she is the 5th Hokage and the legendary Sanin.


Of course, she is a top-notch character. However, I believe that her biggest reason for ranking so high is her skills.


She is not another fan service character. Tsunade is one of the strongest characters in the entire show, both mentally and physically.


And that is the game-changer here. This is what makes her even better of a pick for thicc characters than others.



7. Jabami Yumeko (Kakegurui)


Jabami Yumeko (Kakegurui)


Even though Kakegurui is not an ecchi anime, it seems like it still manages to have some fine characters.


Yumeko Jabami, the main character of the show, is probably the best one of them all.


She is just a gambling enthusiast who will do anything and everything to make sure that she has fun during her gambling session.


However, the anime had its way of depicting her insane love for gambling. And that method involves flaunting Yumeko’s thicc side.


And a lot of female anime fans took a liking to the same.



8. Busujima Saeko (Highschool Of The Dead)


Busujima Saeko (Highschool Of The Dead)


Busujima Saeko stole hearts right from the get-go. She is one of the main characters in the High School Of The Dead anime series.


And oh boy, her hotness just can’t be measured. Being an ecchi anime, High School Of The Dead takes all the time and effort to make sure that they flaunt Busujima’s Thiccness in the series and make bucks out of it.


Feels like they succeeded very well. However, Saeko is not a one-dimensional fan service character.


She is a woman with personality, charisma, and pride which makes her feel even more real and captivating. 



9. Darkness (Konosuba)


Darkness (Konosuba)


Darkness is one of the main characters of KonoSuba. And while you can say that Darkness isn’t all that incredible because of her insane nature, I believe that it makes her stand out more.


Her irrational masochist behavior makes her feel unique and fresh as a character. Plus, with her Thiccness, she could manage to make any man fall for her without breaking a sweat.


And in the anime, she has been appreciated by the characters for her beauty, multiple times. She brings beauty and glamor to the show.


And that’s why Darkness is here on this spot. Quite fitting if you ask me.



10. Nejire Hado (My Hero Academia)


nejire hado (my hero academia)


Nejire Hado is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia and is known to be one of the most beautiful characters in the entire show.


She won the beauty pageant competition at her school which goes to show that everyone is fond of her appearance and presentation.


And that’s the reason why this gorgeous lady is standing here on our list. Her personality just adds so many layers to her character.



11. Nakiri Erina (Food Wars)


Nakiri Erina (Food Wars)


Erina Nakiri is the peak beauty of Food Wars she manages to grasp the audience very quickly.


Unlike most female characters, Nakiri isn’t frail or timid. Instead, she is dignified and strong which makes her worth all the time and effort you will invest in Food Wars.


Plus, she is widely regarded as one of the most excellent Chefs in her academy.


And that’s quite a notable feat especially when you are studying at Erina’s elite academy.


Moreover, if we talk about her appearance, that’s a subject of its own that deserves a 2-hour podcast of its own.


That’s how excellent it is.



12. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)


Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)


Akame Ga Kill has a lot of gorgeous characters. However, the best one of them all is Esdeath.


And her Thiccness can’t even be measured with a scale. Esdeath is one of the lead antagonists of Akame Ga Kill.


And oh boy, she is quite a mess, isn’t she? First up, she has a strong and captivating physique, followed by great fighting skills and a dominant personality.


Therefore, within the anime, she stands as one of the best characters you can simp upon.


Moreover, with her blue and white color scheme, Esdeath captures an even bigger circle of fans who love her appearance.


That’s what gives her the edge.



13. Albedo (Overlord)


Albedo (Overlord)


Even a blind person will appreciate the thiccness of Albedo. That’s how dominating she is.


Albedo is one of the lead characters in the anime Overlord. And her appearance resembles that of a snake girl.


However, that’s just a part of her beauty. If you watch the anime, you will realize how attractive she is.


Plus, white is one of the most versatile colors so her personality matches her attire very well.


With all these factors in place, Albedo manages to make herself stand out as a thicc character and gains recognition within the anime world.



14. Nico Robin (One Piece)


Nico Robin (One Piece)


Nico Robin is the sweetheart of One Piece. And every One Piece fan knows how ultimately thicc she is.


Nico is one of the lead characters in the show who is part of the Straw Hat Pirates and stands as the archeologist in the same.


Moreover, she is said to be the Devil’s Child and Light Of The Revolution by those within the show.


And that’s what makes her so special to the viewers. But apart from her incredible profile and status, she is also a top-tier beauty, all thanks to her design and presentation.


There’s no denying that fans of Nico will love her no matter what.



15. Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto)


Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto)


Well, this woman needs no introduction. Every anime fan knows who this beauty is and all of them love her as well.


Hinata is one of the lead characters in Naruto and has one of the most remarkable personalities in the entire series.


Moreover, she had been a woman of strength and reliability thanks to her skills and powers.


And the best part about her is her loyalty. If she is loyal to you, she will stay loyal to you forever and ever.


And that’s the biggest attribute someone can have in today’s realm, making Hinata, one of a kind.



16. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)


Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)


Lucy is one of the lead female characters from the realm of Fairy Tail. And people are searching for someone like Lucy in real life.


Why? Because she is not only gorgeous looking but also strong and reliable. In the anime, there have been innumerable instances of Lucy helping out the crowd to ensure that they are safe.


And with the quality to maintain something as precious as friendship, Lucy has managed to make her fans love her even more.


All in all, she is a great character who deserves more recognition now that Fairy Tail has ended.



17. Fubuki (One Punch Man)


Fubuki (One Punch Man)


If you haven’t watched One Punch Man, you need to check it out right this instant.


And you can be certain that quality content will be presented to you because Fubuki is part of the show.


She is one of the supporting characters in the anime and oh boy, isn’t she gorgeous.


A top-tier beauty whose presence can change the mood of any depressed person. And that’s what makes her stand out so much.


In terms did Thiccness, she has no competition. And so, she stands as one of the most popular characters from the One Punch Man series.


I hope you also love her.



18. Yor Forger(Spy x Family)


yor forger(spy x family)


In “Spy x Family,” Yor Forger, a pivotal character, skillfully juggles a double life at the age of 27.


By day, she assumes the role of an unassuming clerk at Berlint City Hall, but come nightfall, she transforms into the formidable assassin known as the “Thorn Princess.”


Yor’s physical allure is characterized by her beauty, grace, long black hair, and striking upturned red eyes.


And her body structure is something that you can’t overlook at all if you are in search for some thicc anime waifus. 



19. Hana Uzaki (Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out)


Hana Uzaki (Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out)


When she first appeared on screen, she was controversial. And even to this day, she is still controversial.


And all of that is because of her thiccness. And I think you all can see what I am referring to.


Hana Uzaki is the main character of Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out and she manages to capture the attention of anyone and everyone who takes a look at her.


Back in the day, there was an internet first as she was animated on screen.


However, with the upcoming season, it looks like the fire is only going to get bigger and bigger.



20. Ikaruga (Senran Kagura)


Ikaruga (Senran Kagura)


Coming in with her black and white appearance, we have Ikaruga. She is one of the lead characters in the Kagura series and has quite an aesthetic physical appearance.


This is why she is so notable in the show. She is not only serious and proud but also strong and capable and so, she is another female character we can look up to with confidence and admiration.


Moreover, she gets quite entertaining as the show progresses and with her Thiccness in place, she is just a beauty and a beast.


All in all, Ikaruga is one fine character who deserves our love and respect.



21. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)


Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)


This character has a lot of thiccness going on for her. And it all starts with her hair.


Yoko is one of the lead characters in Gurren Lagann and has a charismatic personality supporting her.


Moreover, she is quite an impressive figure as well considering how joyful she seems on screen.


In the Gurren Lagann anime, it is easy to mess up and lose your screen time.


However, with someone like Yoko, screen time is blessed with her presence. The best part about her is her attire.


And that’s why she is here on our list.



22. Nozomi Kaminashi (Keijo!!!!!!!!)


nozomi kaminashi (keijo!!!!!!!!)


A popular character who is known for her sly and sluggish nature. However, she is quite a thicc person as well so respect will be given to her no matter what.


Nozomi Kaminashi is the main character of Keijo and if you know the narrative of Keijo, you will know how impressive that show can be about its characters.


And Nozomi is a prime example of the same. Although her personality might seem a bit silly when in Battle, she gets quite serious and impactful.


Plus, with her physique, she is bound to make an impact anyway.



23. Hestia (DanMachi)


Hestia (DanMachi)


Hestia is the Best Tier. No doubt about it. Hestia is one of the lead characters in the anime DanMachi and is widely regarded as a Goddess by fans.


This is because she is not only a Goddess of beauty for the fans of DanMachi, but she is also a Goddess within the narrative of the show.


And that’s what makes her so special to anyone watching. You know, it’s a different feeling when you call your Waifu, a Goddess knowing that she is a Goddess.


Plus, her physique makes her look like a Goddess anyway so that’s another reason why she deserves to be on this list.



24. Yamanobe Tomo (Seikon No Qwaser)


Yamanobe Tomo (Seikon No Qwaser)


You will start to question if she is from an anime or another medium. However, it turns out that she is from an anime only.


And her show is called Seikon No Qwaser. Yamanobe Tomi is one of the lead characters in the series and she is also Mafuyu Oribe’s best friend.


In terms of physical appearance, she is just brilliant. There’s not even a need to mention how amazing she is when we talk about Thiccness or personality.


Looks are really in her favor when it comes to Yamanobe. And that’s why she is standing here on our list.



25. Kurokami Medaka (Medaka Box)


Kurokami Medaka (Medaka Box)


Coming in from the popular series of Medaka Box, we have Medaka Kurokami. There shouldn’t be any need to say this but she is one of the lead characters in the anime and has a very grasping personality.


Her character design is the best part of her. With her blue hair and attractive attire, Medaka manages to capture everyone’s attention in any circumstance.


And that’s what makes her so special. After all, there’s no denying that this thicc beauty will catch our attention in an instant.


But it will take a million years to let go. That’s what makes her stand out so much.



26. Shera L. Greenwood (How Not to Summon A Demon Lord)


Shera L. Greenwood (How Not to Summon A Demon Lord)


Well, this is a beautiful character we will be looking at here. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Shera L. Greenwood. She is one of the lead characters in the show called “How Not to Summon A Demon Lord”.


And just by reading that name, you would have realized that this is an Isekai anime we are dealing with.


Therefore, she is a character who is purposefully drawn as a thicc freak whose presence will annihilate anyone who is against her.


After all, if Master Roshi is against her, he will have a nosebleed fountain.



27. Yukana Yame (Hajimete No Gal)


Yukana Yame (Hajimete No Gal)


Oh boy, I think everyone has an idea of who she is. Even if you don’t, you must have seen her somewhere or another.


Whether it’s a meme, post, or normal photo, this character is quite famous for her personality.


And that’s also why she is here. Yukana Yame is the main character of the anime Hajimete, No Gal.


And she happens to have strong gyaru nature support. What’s Gyaru? Well, Gyaru is a type of behavior pattern where the subject is an outgoing girl.


Therefore, Yukana managed to grasp the situation and became as excellent as she is. And therefore, her Thiccness was brought to the forefront as well.



28. Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)


Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)


Thicc Thighs, Save Lives! Ladies and gentlemen, this is our moment to appreciate the gorgeous and talented Rin Tohsaka for the win.


She is, without a doubt, one of the most popular characters when it comes to the ones with Thicc physical appearance.


Rin Tohsaka is one of the lead characters in the Fate Series. And being in the Fate series means that she is quite well-animated.


However, the animation segment surpasses it all and soon enough, she becomes the most remarkable character in the entire franchise.


That’s how you know she is game-changing.



29. Stella Vermillion (Chivalry Of a Failed Knight)


Stella Vermillion (Chivalry Of a Failed Knight)


This lady right here is quite famous in the anime industry. However, there isn’t much to know about her in person.


But that’s because she is from a rather niche anime. Don’t worry, we will take a deeper look at her now.


She is from the anime called Chivalry Of a Failed Knight. And being from that show, Stella specifically has the A-Rank Blazer going on for her.


Moreover, in the anime, she is the second princess of the Kingdom of Vermillion. To top it all off, she is the love interest of Ikki Kurogane and as the show goes on, becomes his fiance.


That’s how impressive Stella is.



30. Ikumi Mito (Food Wars)


Ikumi Mito (Food Wars)


Without a doubt, one of the best dark-skinned characters of all time, no questions asked.


And that’s why Ikumi Mito is here. She is one of the lead characters in Food Wars and her excellence in her specific cuisine is unimaginable.


She is from the pristine Mito family and wishes to maintain her family’s name in her Culinary Academy.


And if we talk about her appearance, she is a hot mess. After all, her physique is not only strong but also vibrant which makes her stand out.


Moreover, she also has blonde hair which gives her an edge over others.



31. Nijou Aki (Maken Ki)


Nijou Aki (Maken Ki)


This beautiful lady right here might be a person of interest to you. After all, you want some thicc characters for your collection.


Nijou Aki is one of the lead characters of the Maken Ki series. And there’s no need for anyone to cross-check how impressive she is.


In fact, in the anime, she is regarded as someone with the biggest package so clearly, we are on the right track.


However, apart from that, she also had a charming personality and the best part about her physical appearance is certainly her blue hair.


Those are just gorgeous.



32. Grayfia (High School DxD)


grayfia (high school dxd)


Grayfia snatched the eyes of everyone who first watched her. And there’s no second thought about it.


She is one of the side characters in the realm of High School DxD. And anyone who has watched High School DxD knows how cultured that anime is.


Grayfia is one of the most beautiful girls from that show and even though she hasn’t been on the battlefield yet, she is said to be one of the strongest characters as well.



33. Asami Lilith (Trinity Seven)


Asami Lilith (Trinity Seven)


Coming in from the realm of Trinity Seven, we have Asami Lilith. She is one of the lead characters in the series who happens to be attractive as well as contributive to the overall show.


The most gorgeous feature about her is her hair and those make her stand out so much more.


Plus, she also had a cute vibe to herself which makes her even more impressive and memorable.


All in all, a great character who is quite thicc and fascinating if we say so.


And, without a doubt, a character worthy of being called Thicc.



34. Diane (Seven Deadly Sins)


Diane (Seven Deadly Sins)


Seven Deadly Sins has some of the thiccest female characters in all of anime. And Diane happens to be one of them.


She is one of the notable characters in the anime who had an attractive appearance to flex upon.


However, what makes her stand out more than anyone else in her personality and cheerful nature.


Just look at her attire. That’s a charming orange shade we have here. And with that, she had become a lot more valuable than we would imagine.


That’s why she is here on our list.



35. Quetzalcoatl (Fate/Grand Order)


Quetzalcoatl (Fate/Grand Order)


This name is quite interesting, isn’t it? I mean, it would take 3 mins just to pronounce it so that makes it special.


However, what makes it even more special is the person who holds this name. This beautiful lady you see above is the one we call Quetzalcoatl.


And I think we can all see that she is quite a gorgeous woman. She is from the Fate series and had a themed attire and self-presentation going on in the series.


If you haven’t watched the series yet then make sure to do so as soon as you can.



36. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


This red-haired woman stands as one of the strongest in her show. And there’s no denying that her skills are quite fascinating, to say the least.


She is Erza Scarlet. Erza is one of the lead characters in Fairy Tail and anyone who has watched Fairy Tail knows how mind-blowing she is as a character.


After all, there’s no way a female character would be scared so much. That’s a rare occurrence.


And that’s why Erza is a noteworthy character for all of us. However, that’s all about her accomplishments.


If we talk about her beauty, well that has a story of its own.



37. Narusawa Ryouka (Occultic Nine)


Narusawa Ryouka (Occultic Nine)


This character might also come as a surprise to many of you. And there’s no denying that.


After all, she is from an underrated anime. However, what fans need to know about this anime is that it has a few thicc characters to support the plot here.


Narusawa Ryouka is one of the lead characters in the series Occultic Nine and her design is sparkling.


If she walks down the street this evening, I won’t even believe what I see.


And that’s what gives her the appeal that she has. Plus, her personality is also energetic and her design is unique which makes her stand out so much.



38. Sento Isuzu (Amagi Brilliant Park)


Sento Isuzu (Amagi Brilliant Park)


Many anime fans already have an idea of who she is. After all, in her anime, she is probably the most eye-catching character.


And the reason’s quite obvious. Sento Isuzu is one of the lead characters in Amagi Brilliant Park.


And glad a girl, she managed to fetch a ton of fans for herself. Nothing spectacular there.


However, what is indeed spectacular is her beauty. She is just so adorable and pleased that all viewers of Amagi Brilliant Park love her.


And her gorgeous design adds up to the personality she has to offer. Without a doubt, one of the best.



39. Shiraki Meiko (Prison School)


Shiraki Meiko (Prison School)


Well, there’s no need to remark on her with anything. Everyone knows the greatness of this lady right here.


She is magnificent. Shiraki is one of the lead characters in the anime Prison School and she is the vice president of the Underground council.


Therefore, she is considered to be one of the most dangerous women in the entire school.


And if you thought that was menacing, wait until you see her battle. Her skills are too good to be fought with.


And that’s why she is here on our list. As for Thiccness? Even a blind guy can see how thicc she is.



40. Daki (Demon Slayer)


Daki (Demon Slayer)


In the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Daki emerged as a significant antagonist. As a member of the Twelve Kizuki, she held the position of Upper-Rank Six alongside her brother, Gyutaro.


Once known as Ume, Daki and Gyutaro were transformed into demons by Doma, the former Upper-Rank Six. Daki possessed a tall and slender physique, complemented by pale skin, lime green eyes, and long black hair styled in a ponytail held by kanzashi hairpins.


Her eyes bore the markings of her rank. Demonstrating sadistic tendencies, Daki took delight in toying with her victims and displayed a complete absence of guilt or remorse.


She held herself in high regard, dismissing non-Hashira Demon Slayers and reacting with disdain when addressed by Tanjiro Kamado, whom she considered inferior.



41. Rossweisse (High School DxD)


Rossweisse (High School DxD)


Rossweisse is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers you can have in your life.


And there’s no denying that. She is one of the side characters in the series and I don’t think we have seen anyone as attractive as her in a while.


Moreover, for someone of her stature, she is quite unlucky as well. I mean, she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet so that’s a minus there.


But hey, if she was in real life, I am certain that people would die for her beauty and thiccness.


And that’s a motivational lesson in one way or another. Therefore, Rossweisse deserves to be on our list.



42. Makima (Chainsaw Man)


makima (chainsaw man)


Makima, the central antagonist in Chainsaw Man, presents an intriguing fusion of beauty and power.


Renowned as a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, she is distinguished by both intelligence and a ruthless demeanour.


Makima’s remarkable physical attributes, including long light red/pale auburn hair and yellow eyes with multiple red rings, are complemented by a thicc build and authoritative attire.


The term “thicc” takes on metaphorical dimensions as well, symbolizing not just her physical presence but also her substantial influence, formidable abilities, intricate personality, and manipulative tendencies.



43. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)


Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)


This beautiful lady right here has won more hearts than anyone else in her show.


Coming in from the realm of Fairy Tail, we have Mirajane Strauss. She is one of the lead characters in Fairy Tail and happens to have a kind and humble nature.


In terms of appearance, she is quite attractive and that’s what makes her stand out so much in her crowd.


She is not only eye-catching thanks to her white hair but also, sweet in terms of personality and self-presentation.


And that’s why Mirajane deserves to be on this spot on our list. She is quite a thicc character.



44. Kohaku (Dr. Stone)


Kohaku (Dr. Stone)


In anime like Dr. Stone, you might not expect a thicc character to exist here.


However, that’s when you will miss a top-notch beauty like Kohaku. She is one of the lead characters in the series who happens to have a charming personality which also has a thicc physique.


Without a doubt, one of the most attractive characters in recent anime. Moreover, as the show progresses, we get to see her character flourish a lot as well.


And that makes her even more attractive to watch and admire. If you are a fan of Kohaku then you are a man of culture as well.



45. Echidna (Re: Zero)


Echidna (Re: Zero)


Echidna is one of the lead characters in Re: Zero. And she is quite thicc for everyone who watches her.


If you look at her attire, you will notice that her physique is quite impressive, to say the least.


From the upper half, she seems petite and cute. However, from the bottom half, she seems strong and thicc.


And that’s one of the reasons why she is so impressive for the overall series.


Moreover, in the anime, she has a very interesting role and character to play which gives her even more credibility as a person.


Thus, if you are into Re: Zero, you should give it some try to Echidna as well.



46. Ikaros (Heaven’s Lost Property)


Ikaros (Heaven's Lost Property)


Ikaros is so thicc, you might wanna rename her to Thiccaros. Anyway, she is one of the notable characters in the anime Heaven’s Lost Property and happens to be the deuteragonist of the series.


Moreover, she is the first angeloid who was portrayed in the series. Now the deal here is that Ikaros is not a human as fans know.


That’s why people start to ship her in rather unique ways. And that’s when we start to see the creativity from the fandom.


Apart from that, her pink hair is quite catchy as well. And with all these feats under her belt, Ikaros stands as the beauty in her anime.



47. Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling)


Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling)


Marin Kitagawa, the main female protagonist in the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru series, stands taller than average and boasts a slender frame with fair skin. While her natural eye colour is dark brown, Marin frequently wears dark pink colour contacts.


She is recognized for her ample bust and long, sparkling-pink acrylic nails. Her blonde hair gracefully reaches her waist, featuring an ombré effect transitioning to pinkish-red or citrus orange at the tips.


Marin’s personality is vibrant and extravagant, although she occasionally displays a touch of clumsiness. Being a dedicated cosplayer and avid otaku, she holds a deep admiration for magical girl anime and adult video games.


For Marin, cosplay represents the ultimate expression of love and devotion to her beloved characters.



48. Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover)


Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover)


Vanessa Enoteca is one of the lead females in Black Clover who happens to have the beauty of her standards.


She is not only attractive but also skillful and her control of magic is amazing, to say the least.


Moreover, looking at her personality in the anime, she doesn’t look anything less than a model.


Just Google search her images and you will realize what I mean. Either way, her design is also created with great effort and detail.


And with that hat on her head, she gets the witch vibe and impression as well.


Therefore, she is on our list.



49. Fuyumi Yanagi (Blood Lad)


Fuyumi Yanagi (Blood Lad)


This character is rather unknown. However, that doesn’t mean that she is any less thiccer.


Fuyumi Yanagi is the lead female character in the anime we call Blood Lad. And Blood Lad isn’t all that popular anyway.


However, this thicc character is a part of the show so it’s a great motivation for many fans to give this series a try.


Her character is also very simple and straightforward with a lot of moments that will prove that she is a sweetheart.


Therefore, Fuyumi Yanagi is here on this list. Let’s wait for the next season of the series.



50. Azusa Hamaoka (Grand Blue)


Azusa Hamaoka (Grand Blue)


In the anime industry, there aren’t many characters who can stand with dignity just like Azusa does.


And that’s one of the many reasons why she is loved so much. She is one of the side characters in the Grand Blue series and had some gorgeous purple hair.


Her attires are usually not filled enough and she spends most of her time being half-baked.


And that’s the time when we get to know about her Thiccness as well. As a Waifu, fans respect her a lot, thanks to her outgoing and open-minded nature.


Therefore, fans should give Grand Blue a try for sure.



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