Top 50 Most Popular Chainsaw Man Characters

top 50 most popular chainsaw man characters


Released on 12 October 2022, Chainsaw Man has gained way more popularity than one can ever think of. It is about Denji who was robbed and left for nothing but a huge debt to his father.


The only one who is giving him company was his pet named Pochita, a chainsaw devil. With the help of his pet, he slays many devils just for the sake of money.


The only thing Denji craves is his simple life and a good environment with many foods. However, things changed when an old contract of Pochita played with Denji and transformed him with devil powers by changing his body into chainsaws.


The anime is known for a lot of things like settings, designs, plot, story, arrangement, and background but the most important thing remaining is the character. The characters were full of entertainment and served the story for betterment and development.


So without further adieu let’s jump into the best main characters of Chainsaw Man:




1. Denji




Denji, the leading character of the whole anime series called Chainsaw Man, is a young boy who becomes a Devil Hunter after coming in contact with Pochita. When Pochita gets his hold and betrays him, Denji dies and turns into a devil.


He is a brave person who always socializes himself. However, one cannot avoid his rude nature which generally comes childishly. Apart from all these, Denji is also known for his empathetic nature, especially towards those who are in danger.


Despite having almost average intelligence, he always comes up with great ideas to take the Devil down. When he changed into his hybrid form then an aggressive and sadistic nature can easily be seen in him which also came with a ruthless nature.


Denji is one of the most admired characters in all of Chainsaw Man. Unlike a lot of shounen anime characters these days, he isn’t weak or fragile in his conduct. Instead, he is ruthless at times, making him a lot more entertaining and fun to watch as he continues to pave his way in the series. 




2. Makima




Taking Denji as her human pet, Makima was a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter and was, later on, revealed as the Control Devil. Carrying the existence of the Control Devil, she was responsible for the embodiment of the fear of control.


After her death, she came back to life again as a character called Nayuta and also served as the main villain of the Public Safety arc. Makima is known to be a very social, gentle, friendly, and nice woman who always carries a smile on her face.


Being a very relaxed woman, she is also confident, especially in difficult times. But when it comes to her true personality then she is somewhat calculating and sadistic. Makima is also very manipulative and cunning when circumstances need her to change.


Makima is one of the most celebrated characters in the entire series. One of the biggest reasons why Makima is looked upon by many as one of the most interesting characters in the series is the fact that her personality and way of living are quite entertaining for a world like that of Chainsaw Man. 




3. Nayuta




Being the incarnation of the Control Devil, Nayuta tried to prevent her previous personality and that’s the reason why she was taken to be raised by Denji. Nothing much is known related to the personality of Nayuta except for the fact that she loves to be around animals, especially dogs.


It can be seen through the time when she easily gets along with the dog of Makima. Whenever she speaks, she tries to be very bold and clear about her speech.


Coming to the relationship between her previous life and reincarnation then she always wanted to have a great relationship and a family like the previous life.




4. Power




Power is a Blood Fiend and also one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters working under the special squad of Makima. She has two forms, one is the devil form and the other one is the fiend which she appears in different illustrations.


Power is a greedy, self-motivated, and childish character made by the makers who easily involve herself in fights. But at the same time, she gets away from it as if it never happened.


Power is a very egotistical character as can be seen through time and she boasts of her power to her fellow Devil Hunters. Due to the same reason, she shares almost no loyalty towards devils or even humans.


She has this tendency that claim that she can do a lot more than she actually can. And let’s just say that this is just part of what makes her so entertaining for the audience. When she does take up a task she can’t actually do, she ends up dropping it midway. 



5. Asa Mitaka


asa mitaka


Asa is the female protagonist of the anime, especially the Academy Saga. Serving as a high school student in the anime, she was also the host of War Devil who later on got the inhabitants of War Fiend.


Even after having a transformation in her personality and existence, she remained more of a human rather than a devil. At the beginning of the series, Asa remained an acquired and antisocial character who never liked her classmates.


She even heated all the devils because her parents were killed by them. Because of her low esteem or confidence, she always considered herself a clumsy person. Whenever a serious situation happens where her presence is needed Asa just gets tripped and falls.


Asa is someone that many of you might not recognize but it’s only a matter of time. The sheer impact that she made on the series as a protagonist is amazing, to say the least. Let’s just say that as fans of the series her presence is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. 



6. Aki Hayakawa


aki hayakawa


Before having contact with the Fox Devil, Aki Hayakawa had it with the Curse Devil and Future Devil. Apart from it, he is known for being a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter who was working under the squad of Makima.


Later in the story, he ends up being killed and possessed by Gun Devil. Aki is more of an emotionless person who acts with very maturity but rudeness always prevails.


But if one looks at his core then he is really a soft-hearted person. One thing that works in his favour and also against him is his friendly nature.


Aki is appreciated within the community for his serious nature. This is why he is placed here on our list. After all, this man happens to have an emotional side as we witness it when he ends up crying with his comrades.


Moreover, he dislikes everyone who takes their job lightly. 



7. Angel Devil


Angel Devil


Also known as the Angel Devil, Angel is a devil who is responsible for the embodiment of the fear of angels. He is a Public Safety Devil Hunter from the 4th division of Tokyo special.


Having an oxymoron name where Angel and Devil lie on the same line, Angel always considered himself as a devil first and then an Angel. And that’s the reason why his hate towards humans is too much and considers them as the one who is worth dying for.


But when reality arrives with the death of these humans then Angel felt a great apologetic nature inside him and showed his affection towards them. He can be considered a stronger fighter but the only thing that stops him from this tag is his laziness which made him refuse the work.



8. Hirokazu Arai


Hirokazu Arai


Being paired with Kobeni Higashiyama, Hirokazu was a recruit of the special squad of Makima. He was also one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters that’s the reason why always appeared in black and white cloth.


Arai is one of the best moral people present in the anime, however, he easily gets frustrated. It can be seen through the time when Himeno promises to kiss that person who will kill the devil.


His caring nature can also be seen towards his teammates as he always tries to support them in every circumstance. Arai is also known for helping those who are in need as he always took care of his mother whenever she was drunk.


One thing that remains his demerit is his jealous nature towards Denji.



9. Fushi




Fushi is a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter who is known for his considerate behavior. It can be seen through the time when he never brings his partners in public as they are too scary for others.


Apart from being a considerate person, he is also a prideful character. Fushi is also the one who is known for his IQ score as he remembers everything in the exact order.


One of the strange things that were found about Fushi is the time when he got drunk and almost got kissed by Himeno. He was one of the devil hunters who got targeted through the plot of Gun Devil who was trying to assassinate some of the members of Special Divisions.


Due to the same reason, some of the gunmen came and shot him to his death.



10. Bat Devil


Bat Devil


Serves as a primary antagonist in the Bat Devil arc, Bat Devil is also the one who is a supporting antagonist in the Justice Devil arc. He is the one who is responsible for creating the fear of bats.


The first appearance one can get of the Bat Devil is through episode 3 in which one can easily get into his motive or hate towards humans. He is also known for having a great sense of taste and that’s the reason why he always treated Power and Denji as a disgusting variety of meals.


Coming to meals, Bat Devil loves to have children as his taste. Even after having so many similarities with most of the devils, Bat Devil shows very less affection to them, however, these things differ in the case of the Leech Devil.



11. Curse Devil


Curse Devil


The Curse Devil, responsible for embodying the fear of curses, manifests as a two-headed skeleton. While not much is known about the Curse Devil’s personality, his power is widely recognized in the anime.


His curse power is his notable ability. When Aki unsheathed the Curse sword and severed Katana’s body into three parts, the Curse Devil was summoned.


Among his powers is the ability to fatally bite his opponents, resulting in their demise. This is demonstrated when the Curse Devil arrives and kills Katana with a lethal bite.



12. Fox Devil


Fox Devil


Known as the Fox Devil, this character personifies the fear associated with foxes and plays a supporting role in the Public Safety Saga.


Making her debut in episode 4 of the anime, the Fox Devil exhibits a friendly demeanour towards humans, allowing her to form contracts with other devil Hunters.


Unlike many other devils, she does not harbour conflicts related to killing or consuming other devils. This is evident in her gentle request to Aki for the head of the Leech Devil.


The Fox Devil possesses a discerning palate, as demonstrated by her fussiness over the taste of hybrids. Her approach to responsibilities is characterized by a minimalist mindset, as reflected in her contractual arrangements.



13. Galgali




Also known as Violence Devil, Galgali goes exactly the opposite of it as he is a polite character. Apart from it, he is also someone who prefers to go straightforward in talks as well as in ways.


These all characteristics can be seen through the time when Galgali apologizes to Beam when he accidentally hit him in self-defense. One of the unique qualities that are not seen in other devils is his possessing some parts of the human brain.


And that’s the reason why he prefers love and peace over battle. Galgali is also someone whose appetite gets filled by seeing someone else filling their appetite or enjoying their food.



14. Beam




Apart from being a Shark Fiend, Beam was also a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter from the 4th division. He has a muscular body but when it comes to personality then it goes in opposition to his innocent nature.


He is somewhat eccentric and always goes according to the plans of Denji, doesn’t matter whether it is crazy or not. His love and respect for Chainsaw Man are so much that he always tries to protect Denji and even got ready to revive him by giving him blood.


Apart from this nature, Beam is also known as one who loves to fight. It can be seen through the situation when he went directly into the group of zombies and started eating them.



15. Eternity Devil


Eternity Devil


The Eternity Devil is the devil who is responsible for the embodiment of the fear of eternity and also serves as the primary antagonist from the Eternity Devil arc. Carrying an appearance of flesh in the shape of the number 8, Eternity Devil is known for his sadistic character.


He is someone who easily gets excited in fear as well as when someone suffers. It can be seen through the time when he was laughing hilariously when Kobeni was in pain.


Just to complete his objectives and aims, Eternity Devil never hesitates to make deal with humans. He has a power called Pocket Reality Creation which can turn the whole floor into a three-dimensional space.



16. Ghost Devil


Ghost Devil


Just like its name, Ghost Devil is responsible for the embodiment of the fear of ghosts. With her cylindrical body covered with white flowers, the mouth and eyes of Ghost Devil are shut down.


Nothing much is known about the personality of Ghost Devil except for its strains. One of the cowardly natures which can be seen inside the Ghost Devil is the time when it refuses to fight or face Katana Man.


But when Himeno has given the whole body as one of the modes of payment then the devil changed its mind very quickly and showed interest in the battle. Coming to the abilities then it comes with physical abilities called Enhanced Strength and devil powers like Fear Perception as well as Ghost Physiology.


However one cannot ignore its weakness called Near Lack Of Senses.



17. Kobeni Higashiyama


Kobeni Higashiyama


Before her battle against the Darkness Devil in hell, Kobeni was a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter who was a recruit for an experimental squad of Makima. Her major appearance came in episode 4 of the anime where one can easily see her cowardly nature with a little bit of courage.


It can be seen through the time when she faced Eternity Devil and went totally paralyzed with fear. Unlike Himeno who stays strong in difficult situations, Kobeni breaks under serious circumstances when the group needs her the most.


Because of her cowardly nature and fear, she went through many drastic actions just to save herself. However, her behavior, later on, changed, and become a very cool-headed person with great actions.



18. Himeno




Himeno was shown in the anime as a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter who worked under the Special Squad of Mikami and that’s the reason why she partnered with Aki.


Exactly like her appearance of being a beautiful woman, Himeno is also known for her beautiful nature, especially her calmness. She is an experienced Devil Hunter who recruits new workers.


Her body language is always on the beat and that’s the reason why she maintains her calm even under stressful conditions. It can be seen through the time when she maintains her calmness while her group was battling against Eternity Devil.



19. Taiyo Hayakawa


Taiyo Hayakawa


Known for being the younger brother of Aki Hayakawa, Taiyo Hayakawa is also known for his fun-loving personality. By being an innocent character, one cannot ignore his caring nature, especially towards his brother and parents.


Carrying a very dark past, Taiyo always tried to focus more on the life of his brother than himself. Coming to the past then it is the time when Taiyo was sick and went to play with his brother.


After having a snowball fight, Taiyo decided to get the ball from the house but suddenly he died witnessing the killing of his parents which also includes his death at the hands of Gun Devil.



20. Kishibe




Before becoming a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter from Tokyo Special Division 4, Kishibe was from Tokyo Special Division 1. He is a straightforward person with stoic emotions. Kishibe is known in the anime for his great skill and strength, resulting in taking his work very seriously but calmly.


And that’s the reason why he shows very less emotion toward the things he does. Carrying a very polite manner towards everything, one cannot think of his action as being brutal, however, it goes with ruthlessness.


Despite being an emotional person, Kishibe was seen to be sentimental at times. It can be seen through his attachment to characters like Power and Denji.



21. Cosmo Devil


Cosmo Devil


Cosmo is known in the anime as one of the girlfriends of Quanxi and for being Cosmos Fiend. She appears to be an emotionless character who rarely smiles. She never speaks except for an alliterative word called Halloween and always follows Cosmo.


When it comes to her inner personality then she is more of a straightforward character. It is more logical than being judgemental that’s the reason why she always feels detached from other characters.


The only reason behind it is her losing a lot of her girlfriends because of their murders, resulting in her emotionless personality. Even after carrying a cold nature, Cosmo appears to be rather understanding the speech of other characters and thinking about certain situations analytically.



22. Yuutarou Kurose


Yuutarou Kurose


Being a member of Public Safety Devil Hunter, Yutaro always comes in a black and white uniform, like other members. He easily gets nervous around Makima and that’s the reason why he insisted on not joining the special division, exactly like Tendo.


Carrying a very noticeable accent, Yutaro always kept his tone down around those people who are from Tokyo. He is also known for his ability called Punishment Contract which comes with a contract with the Punishment Devil.



23. Princi




By having the appearance of a spider with many legs, Princi is also known as the Spider Devil. She is responsible for the embodiment of spider fear. Apart from it, she is also one of the members of the Public Safety Devil Hunter.


Princi has a human shape so that she can show her friendly nature to humans and can work as a Devil Hunter. Carrying a polite nature, Princi is also one who has a proper personality but at the same time, she can kill people if they look at her in the wrong way.


Her fierce nature can easily be seen at the time when she killed the Zombies without any transition or expressions. It can also be seen when she attacks Darkness Devil with no expression on her face.



24. Meowy




Just like a cute appearance, Meowy is a cute cat who is owned by another character named Power. Her appearance in the anime came with the third episode in which she gained quite a few scenes.


Meowy is a character of a white body cat with black ears. The attachment between Meowy and Power is of a different level as they were seen together for a very long time till the time cat was captured by Bat Devil.


Bat Devil captured the cat with a promise that if a human will be brought to him then only he is going to return the cat. However, the cat was later on eaten by the devil as a punishment for bringing disgusting blood.


But when it comes to the ending then Meowy has got its freedom when Power defeated the devil.



25. Leech Devil


Leech Devil


The Leech Devil is the one who embodies the fear of leeches and serves as a secondary antagonist under the Bat Devil arc. Just like most devils she also has a hatred toward humans.


Even after being a cold devil, Leech Devil is known for her caring personality, especially towards Bat Devil. It can be seen through her action while she was trying to take revenge for him after he died.


They both have always dreamed of conquering the human world together. Despite having hatred towards human, Leech steps forward and forgive Denji because of his cuteness. Coming to appearance then she has a wrinkled body with 4 legs and 2 arms.



26. Pochita




Pochita is the one who is Chainsaw Devil, thus embodies the fear of Chainsaw. He was the one called Chainsaw Man before becoming the heart of Denji. He has a devil form as well as a hybrid form.


Pochita is the one who has continuous communication with Denji through the help of dreams. He always cared about him and also saved his life. However one cannot ignore his strange and ruthless nature which can be seen through the time when he easily murders those who express any kind of hostility towards him.


Pochita has many abilities and among them are immense speed, durability, strength, and healing factor. These abilities come under the physical one where he gains amazing speeds and changes his body toughness.



27. Madoka




Leaving the job of a Public Safety Hunter due to the assault of Devil Hunters who were associated with Gun Devil, Madoka appeared in the 7th episode of Chainsaw Man.


Madoka is a man of average height who always wears glasses. He has two scars over his face which become his signature. By going with the safe approach of resigning when things became out of control, Madoka showed his generous nature.


His abilities remained unknown in the anime but due to these unknown abilities, he manage to survive while a mass assassination was happening where a lot of humans died.



28. Samurai Sword


Samurai Sword


Also known as Katana Man, Samurai Sword serves as a human-devil hybrid in the anime that merged with Katana Devil. He is also known in the series as the one whose grandfather was killed by Denji.


Coming to other characteristics then Katana is also known as one of the supporting antagonists present in Control Devil Arc while he remains the primary antagonist in Katana Man Arc.


Katana is a cruel man with a selfish nature who only cares about one thing, which is to kill Denji. He is a sadistic character who can sacrifice innocent people, even his friends or colleagues.


However, one cannot avoid his soft corner towards his grandfather.



29. Tomato Devil


Tomato Devil


The one who embodies the fear of tomatoes is, Tomato Devil. Like the name, the Tomato Devil appears in a big round body, very similar to a tomato. It has multiple eyes that go in several directions.


Apart from this, it also has 8 human-like arms with a vertical mouth. Nothing much is known about the abilities of tomato development except for the fact that it possesses all kinds of standard devil abilities.


But at the same time, its embodiment remains weak as humans rarely get frightened by tomatoes. Coming to power then is Seed Arrival through which the tomato devil can resurrect with the help of its seeds.



30. Akane Sawatari


Akane Sawatari


Before working as a Devil Hunter, Akane was also known for having a contract with the Snake Devil. She is also one of the secondary antagonists present in the anime but from the Katana Man arc.


Carrying an appearance of a normal human wearing a black shirt and oversized hoodie, the personality of Akane is way more than that. Always appeared to be calm and cool, but she can become panicked in frustration.


It can be seen through the time when most of the subordinates were dying at the hands of Makima. One of the habits through which she is known in the anime is putting her hands in her pocket to easily hide her bloody fingernails.



31. Yakuza




Considering one of the main antagonists present in the anime, Yakuza is considered to be a group rather than a growing individual. It is a mafia organization that is known for its restrictive conduct.


Coming to appearance then like most of the characters of the anime Yakuza is also of a strange vision where a saw can be seen going inside the head of the character.


This group is made up of two characters named Katana and Akana in which the Akana remains associated while Katana gains all the attention.



32. Tamaoki




Tamaoki is one of the Devil Hunters from Public Safety Devil Hunter who is ordered to save or protect Denji. The time when Makima found out about the existence of Denji being public in the media then she ordered some hunters of Public Safety Devil Hunters to come into action, among them was Tamaoki.


He is always known for his loyalty towards his mission which eventually came up with death while being bisected in the fight at the hands of Darkness Devil.



33. Michiko Tendo


Michiko Tendou


Michiko Tendo is a Devil Hunter from Kyoto working under the Public Safety Devil Hunter. Being a nervous person around Makima, Michiko appears to be somewhere a sensitive character. Due to the same reason, she does not want to join the special division.


Coming to sensitivity then it can be seen through the time when Michiko was ready to step out and give a little space to Aki when he was seen crying.


In history, the life of Michiko was destroyed by Gun Devil and that’s the reason why she came back to join the Public Safety Hunter in revenge but never tried to kill it herself.



34. Zombie Devil


Zombie Devil


The next one in the line is the one that embodies the fear of zombies called the Zombie Devil. He is one of the antagonists present in the anime who turned many characters into Zombies.


Apart from his awkward and strange appearance, the Zombie Devil is also known in the anime as the one who attempts to kill Denji. He has a great hatred towards humans and especially towards the Devil Hunters.


Since Devil Hunters are trying to kill the devil to take revenge, the Zombie Devil is also doing the same with them in return. He has a very cunning personality and that’s the reason why always manages to trick other characters.



35. Kusakabe




Kusakabe is known in the series as a Public Safety Devil Hunter who comes with dirty blonde brown hair. He always wears black glasses and black suits, like the rest of the members of the Public Safety Devil Hunters.


Known for his regressive personality, he is also the one who easily gets furious. It can be seen through the time in which Denji tries to eat his food. But at the same time, one cannot avoid him having a great personality towards being a bodyguard, as Makima claimed it.


And that’s the reason why he always cares about his mission and comes fully prepared. Coming to abilities then Stone Devil Contract is one of the abilities he possesses that makes his contract with Stone Devil.



36. Death Devil


Death Devil


Nothing much is known about the personality of Death Devil, the appearance also became unknown. Death Devil is the embodiment of the fear of death which was first mentioned in the anime by Makima.


Makima mentions the devil while Makima was trying to finish the rest of the horsemen in the anime. Coming to other horsemen except for the Death Devil then they are Control Devil, Famine Devil, and War Devil.



37. Quanxi




Quanxi or Crossbow Devil is a well-known Devil Hunter from China. She has two forms, the human one which comes with a tall appearance, and the next one is a hybrid form that comes with sharp teeth and arrows.


Quanxi is a very calm person with no shame when it comes to discussing the business but keeps herself resolved in matters of showing emotions. Having very deep care for friends, she can easily fight for their protection and always make sure of their better education and human rights.


Despite her calm nature, Quanxi is totally the opposite in battle where her ruthlessness can be seen when she throws her enemies off the battlefield.



38. Tsugihagi




Unlike any other devil who had any embodiment or name, Tsugihagi goes unnamed in the anime. Without knowing much about the personality of Tsugihagi, it is clear that she has a very loyal nature towards Quanxi for being one of the harem members.


Tsugihagi is known in the series throughout but could not speak a word about her appearance. She has normal pale skin with a dark appearance which comes with stitches over her face.


Coming to abilities then Tsugihagi does not have any contract and that’s the reason why her powers are way weaker than another devil. Due to the same reason, her abilities also remained unknown in the anime.



39. Famine Devil


Famine Devil


Also known as Fami, Famine Devil is a member of Four Horsemen. Apart from being a student at 4th East High School, she is also a member of the Devil Hunter Club.


Carrying a very mysterious personality, Fami shows very little emotion in her behavior as well as her face. But opposite to her facial expressions, she can easily read others. It can be seen through time and she easily describes the characters of Denji and Asa.


Coming to her polite nature then it was seen in one of the awkward situations where Fami forced Asa to kill Denji and then turned him into a weapon. And that’s the reason why she always treated Yuro with kindness as she can do anything for her little sister.



40. Long




Known in the anime as the friend of Quanxi, Long is also one of the harem members. Carrying a dark appearance with dark purple hair, she has a very still expression on her face.


Nothing much is known about Long except for her personality which appears to be submissive. She is also known for her devil power called Fire Breathing which gives her the ability to breathe large amounts of fire with the help of a mouth.


Long does not have any ability to make contracts and that’s the reason why her powers are quite weaker than other characters.



41. War Devil


War Devil


The next in the line is War Devil or Yoru. She is the main antagonist of the anime who appeared to be a high school student and also the one who killed Justice Devil.


Coming to her transformation into War Devil was done after the death of Justice Devil when Yoru formed a contract with Asa. She has a great rivalry against Chainsaw Man who also attains the same school as her.


It can be seen through a dialogue, “Just you wait, Chainsaw Man! I’ll make you vomit nuclear weapons back up!”She is more of a prideful person and a confident one rather than very gentle.


Unlike the rest of the above characters, the War Devil takes pleasure in killing humans as she thinks the human race is degradable.



42. Yuko




Yuko is shown to be a high school student and also a member of the Devil Hunter Club. She is there in the club with Hirofumi and Asa while also sharing a contract with Justice Devil.


The personality of Yuko appears to be very kind and social on the surface and easily becomes friends with others. But at the same time, she always wanted to become a devil hunter so that she can take revenge for the death of her parents.


Underneath her social and kind nature, a sense of twisted justice with a cold-blooded personality can easily be seen. It can be seen through her ruthless way of murdering the neighbor.


Despite the cold nature, Yuko has a very soft corner for Asa, her best friend.



43. Reze




Also known as Bomb Devil or Bomb Girl, Reze is also one of the antagonists present in the anime. At first, she appeared to be a very kind girl with all gentle qualities.


However, one cannot avoid ruthlessness but at the same time, she never enjoyed killing or harming others. She has a love interest in Denji, the protagonist, and that’s the reason why she always seems to be an enthusiastic character around him, like laughing at his jokes.


Her fake crush on Denji was later on revealed as a mission. When it comes to battles or fighting then she loves using manipulative types of fighting that easily catch the opponents in her way.



44. Gun Devil


Gun Devil


Embodying the fear of guns into the characters is what Gun Devil is. It is one of the secondary antagonists present in the anime of the Public Safety saga. Like another devil of the animal, the gender of Gun Devil is also not specified and the same goes for appearance.


The Gun Devil has the appearance of a skeleton whose arms are covered with many guns. The personality is unknown however, one can easily guess the ruthlessness through its character.


It has physical abilities as well as devil powers which come with Bullet Projection and Passive Regeneration. It has great speed through which it can kill millions of people in just 5 minutes.



45. Future Devil


Future Devil


Carrying the embodiment of the future, Future Devil is the one who has seen the future of Aki Hayakawa. Without having a specific gender, Future Devil carries a playful personality like any typical cheerful female character.


The contract of the Future Devil is very costly but after seeing the future of Aki, it gave him a contract upon the condition of being allowed to get inside the eye of Aki and then witness the future.


After showing the visions of the future to Aki, the devil has questioned motives in which the answer comes only through “the future rules”. Coming to appearance then the lower half is of a tree with branches while the mid-body part is of an eye.



46. Bucky




Also known as Chicken Devil who is responsible for the fear of chicken is what Bucky is. Unlike other devils whose gender is not confirmed, Bucky appears to be a male with a headless chicken body.


By ignoring all the typical personalities of a devil, Bucky is somewhat of a cheerful and joking character. He easily gets along with other characters, like students. Without showing any kind of hatred towards humans, he never showed any hope of surviving on his own, which may be considered one of the negative aspects of Bucky.


Coming to abilities then he is not as strong as other devils and that’s the reason why no unique abilities are provided to him.



47. Typhoon Devil


Typhoon Devil


The one who embodies the fear of typhoon is Typhoon Devil, who serves as one of the antagonists of the anime. This devil is respectful and subservient to Reeze. Just for the sake of its own protection, the typhoon is ready to cooperate.


He has many abilities and among them is enhanced strength which makes him extremely strong and capable of destroying buildings just by running into them by creating a wind through his body.


The next power is his devil powers which include Water Communication and Storm Creation. With the spinning of his body, he can easily generate storms and can, later on, use it in the water for long-distance communication.



48. Justice Devil


Justice Devil


This devil is the representation of the fear of Justice and that’s how became a secondary antagonist of the anime. Instead of seeing any person or seeing with a different perspective, Justice Devil always goes for actions that are described as either right or wrong.


It doesn’t matter what the actual morality behind that person or that event is, Justice Devil just categorizes it. Like many demons, Justice also has devil powers called Justice Empowerment.


With this power, he can transform anyone under the sense of Justice. Unlike the word justice, this character stands as a personal Idea rather than the actual morality of Justice.


It can be seen through the transformation of the class president who had many heads, symbolizing many faces of Justice.



49. Hell Devil


Hell Devil


A devil representing the fear of hell is what Hell Devil represents. Having a featureless head with a giant mouth, his appearance is only covered with flashes and flames. Hell Devil has many abilities like making contact with humans and restoring its health by consuming their blood.


Coming to one of its powers called Hell Connection, it is about a giant hand with 6 fingers that connects one of the many doors present in hell and allows people to be sent to hell.


Coming to personality then nothing much is known about the Hell Devil except for the fact that it is ruthless.



50. Haruka Iseumi


Haruka Iseumi


Haruka Iseumi is the president of the Devil Hunter club of the 4th East High School. Apart from serving the president, he is also in the Student Council who claims the identity of Chainsaw Man as his.


Despite having a kind nature, Haruka is more prideful at the core. He is a young man, wearing a military uniform and a black uniform. Behind his sweet face, one cannot acknowledge the things that are going on inside his mind, like being the center of attraction and always considering himself as the focus of every story.



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