Top 30 Best Religious Anime To Watch

Religious Anime


In life, there are moments when you just want to be spiritual and religious. There are times when you want to walk on the path created by God for you. And that is where the role of religion comes into play.


Regardless of which religion you follow, every religion has its own share of practices and beliefs that set the foundation for what you are supposed to do as a human. And so, today we will be taking a closer look at all these religions through the lens of anime.


Let’s try and understand what the anime industry thinks of religion and how it approaches it. This is the list of the best religious anime you can watch today. I hope you become a better person after going through this list.




1. Prince of Light – The Legend of Ramayana


Prince of Light - The Legend of Ramayana


To all my Hindu brothers and sisters out there, this anime will be something that you will cherish with all your heart. After all, it’s about HIM. The Perfect Human. Shree Ram. The series talks about his valour, strength, skill, and most importantly, his morals and ethics.


This anime was produced in an alliance between India and Japan, to make it as accurate as possible. Plus, the story highlights important religious themes of victory of Good over Evil and the need to perform your duties in a very comprehensive and captivating way.


It also features incredible characters like Lord Hanuman and Mata Sita. This is an anime that you should watch if you want to get closer to God. And that’s why it is a gem that must be appreciated and acknowledged by everyone.




2. Bakemonogatari




Bakemonogatari, while not being directly focused on “religion” per se, has a ton of cultural references that are just way too good to ignore. The entire narrative of Bakemonogatari focuses on our main character Koyomi Araragi who will help some girls with their supernatural problems.


And every girl he meets will resemble a supernatural phenomenon that is referenced in Japanese culture. Plus, there’s a ton of wordplay in this series, and the way the dialogues are phrased and the story unfolds along with screenplay and animation, is just genius, to say the least.


This series deserves more love and appreciation from hardcore fans. However, if you are a new fan, you might wanna wait a bit before you watch it.




3. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion


This is yet another anime that uses a ton of religious connotations in its story to make a statement to the audience. The good thing is that most of them are just references and nothing very inculcated within the story.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still worth your time. NGE uses themes from Christianity and Kabbalah. One instance of this being very vibrant is the mention of “Tree of Life” which is something that has been implied in Kabbalah.


Moreover, we will also get the opportunity to witness characters that happen to have common names with characters mentioned in the bible. It is a deep anime that will shake you from the core. And so, make sure that you watch it whenever you get the opportunity.




4. Fate/Zero




The fabulous anime from the Fate series, Fate/Zero is something that you would wanna watch if you are into religious anime or anime with some significant religious connotations. This anime happens to have representations from the Bible and focuses on the story of the Holy Grail War.


However, the Holy Grail War here is something that is extremely Unholy as it will result in the deaths of thousands of people. Moreover, it will also talk about the lives of spirits and how these creatures are going to make it in this seemingly ultra-competitive environment.


The references are there but they aren’t necessarily how you would expect them to be. But that doesn’t change the fact that the anime as a whole is very freaking entertaining and fun to watch.



5. Fire Force


Fire Force


In this anime, religion plays a crucial role since it talks about a world where the Sun plays a crucial role. Thus, the religion in question is the Holy Sol Temple, which focuses on Sol, the Sun God. The anime, in this case, tries to highlight both sides of a religion and aims to critique it a bit.


The idea is to put into perspective that the existence of religion in any circumstances, leads to a situation that resembles that of a cult. Moreover, it also pushes the idea that a believer and a non-believer, are equally likely to commit wrong deeds.


This is why the religious element of this anime is something that people would wanna watch, especially once they realize that it is a bit unique and fresh in its approach.



6. Trinity Blood


Trinity Blood


This anime talks about a world where humans have to go up against vampires. This world happens to have a place called the “Vatican Papal State” which is governed by the Pope. I hope you all know where this reference is coming from.


Moreover, we also get to experience other Christian elements such as Cain and Abel as well as a unique approach towards the idea of religion. The good thing is that the religious entity in question plays a crucial role in this anime.


After all, they are some of the most powerful sources in the entire story and people are bound to look up to them. Therefore, anyone who hasn’t watched Trinity Blood must do so as soon as possible.



7. Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist is a beautiful anime that everyone should watch at least once. However, it is even more beautiful for people who are very much into the idea of religion as there are quite some connotations for us to enjoy.


Let’s start with the obvious one here, we have the main characters being sons of an unfathomably menacing demon. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and, Shintoism are brought into the story and involve exercises such as Exorcism that are clearly references to religious activities.


This is why Blue Exorcist might end up being your favourite anime if you are very much into any of the religions mentioned above.



8. Devilman: Crybaby


Devilman: Crybaby


This anime might be something that you would wanna watch with caution. Because it explores a side of the world that people aren’t ready to see. It talks about the menacing, dark side of Christianity and how humans have evolved over the years.


The main character gets possessed by a demon but retains his human consciousness, resulting in him becoming something called the “Devilman”. The show highlights an apocalyptic world and uses the themes of demonic possession, personal hell, and struggles between good and evil, to move the story forward.


The references and connotations are so heavy that you might not be ready for them just yet.



9. Noragami




This anime is heavy with religion. Like very heavy. However, it won’t cause any trouble for you, even if you are watching it without any religious connotations planned. The show talks about a God named Yato who wants to have a shrine of his own.


The series is based on the understanding of Shintoism and happens to highlight the idea of people worshipping multiple Gods. It focuses on Yato’s journey to gather as many followers as he can for himself by fulfilling their best wishes.


The series is very deep into the Shinto themes with countless references and a push for the idea of superiority that exists amongst Gods as well. A great anime that all of us can enjoy at some point in time.



10. Ikkyuu-san




This anime talks about the early life of Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyū during his stay at Ankoku-ji Temple. The series has a ton of references to the Zen culture along with some beautiful to-watch and experience easter eggs. These include the use of Zen meditation along with the sound of a wooden temple block, the chime of a meditation bell, and so much more.


In the grand scheme, the show is all about Ikkyuu and his life at this place as he strives to pave his way through life with his wit and intelligence. The show also talks about his mother and how much he longs for her.


All in all, it is a beautiful series that you will appreciate with all your heart.



11. David gwa Goliath


David gwa Goliath


This entire movie is nothing but an adaptation of a story that exists in Christian religious texts. I think there’s nothing more religious than that. The show talks about David and Goliath, two exceptional individuals who were going to provide the experience of a lifetime to everyone who will be reading their story in the future, including us.


The show focuses on the idea of a young shepherd who is out and about with his daily life. And the other person in question is an elite warrior named Goliath who is a force to be reckoned with. The series will highlight beliefs such as Good over Evil, faith, courage, etc.


And these themes are quite common in numerous religions, making it something worth watching.



12. In The Beginning: The Bible Stories


In The Beginning: The Bible Stories


This anime is in-depth with stories from the Christian religious text. If you are interested in Christian culture then you can’t afford to overlook this series. The story focuses on a set of stories from the Bible’s Hebrew Scriptures. This set of stories includes the Creation, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, and Solomon.


I mean come on. Who wouldn’t wanna enjoy such incredible stories on TV? Therefore, this show is something that every anime fan who wants to get into the religious aspects of anime must aim to watch as soon as possible.



13. Maria the Virgin Witch


Maria the Virgin Witch


This anime is very focused on our main character and explores the ideas of religion in a very unique way. It talks about a witch named Maria who is very capable and her powers are just impressive. However, different situations lead her to not have the capability to do what’s right.


Instead, she ends up in a situation where she has to do what is being told to her. For instance, she loses the ability to use the magic of the archangel Michael. Moreover, this show criticizes a ton of thought processes in interesting ways that will make you fall in love with it even more.


So make sure that you watch these shows at all costs.



14. Oseam




A calm and soothing anime that will give you a completely new outlook on life. That’s what this anime is. And that’s why each one of you should watch it. It talks about Buddhism and how two people enter the Buddhist temple and learn the lessons that are offered by this place.


This show is very interesting and fun as people learn a lot but also understand why religion can be a critical path in life. It is something that will make you understand the beauty and elegance that this world has to offer and the way it offers it.


The scenes in the anime are intense and fun to watch with a ton of flashbacks. But overall, the story is fairly slow in its pace.



15. Vatican Miracle Examiner


Vatican Miracle Examiner


This anime dives deep into the ideas put forth by Christianity. More specifically, Catholicism. The show talks about two guys who are working for an organization that is supposed to look after all the miraculous happenings in the city and figure out how they happen.


In their tenure, they find things that are very intriguing, mostly murder cases. The show is quite captivating as its take on Christianity is something that we don’t see much these days. And that’s why all those who want some Christian shows for themselves must try and get their hands on this beautiful piece.



16. The Book of Bantorra


The Book of Bantorra


An interesting and fun take on the idea of life, death and religion. That’s how anyone would describe the story of this anime. The show talks about two groups of people. The first one is called the Armed Librarians who take care of a library.


Now what’s so special about this Library? Well, this library doesn’t have your typical books. Instead, it features a group of books that happen to come into existence due to the death of other people. Yup, when someone dies in this world, they turn into a book and enter this library.


Moreover, the opposition wants to use this power for their own benefit and will do so no matter what it takes. This battle is going to be something worth remembering all your life.



17. Sunday Without God


Sunday Without God


This anime will highlight the importance of God for everyone who is watching it. It talks about a world that has been abandoned by God. And this has created an interesting phenomenon for the viewers. The story not only talks about a world where God has abandoned all living creatures but also the same world experiencing his last mercy as he allowed the dead to be buried properly.


However, this is going to be interesting since in this world, dying is just as complex as it gets. The main character is someone assigned with the task of putting the tormented being to rest. And thus, we get an insight into how the world would be if God were to abandon us.



18. Superbook




This is one of the most beautiful anime that you can watch with your family and friends as it is something that is meant for everyone’s appreciation. The show talks about the events of the Bible’s Old and New Testaments.


Therefore, this anime heavily relies on Christian religious texts for its narrative and storytelling. The anime is around 52 episodes long and that’s why it is something that dives deep into the stories without much hassle. It focuses on a guy named Christopher Peeper who gets his hands on an ancient Bible called Superbook that allows his friends and himself to dive into the actual realm of the historical stories of the Old and New Testaments.



19. The Laws of the Universe: Part 1


The Laws of the Universe: Part 1


An absolutely stunning show that encompasses a ton of religions together with its narrative. The series focuses on the life of university students who are meant to fight against reptilians. Now they are not just regular reptilians. Nope. Instead, these are extremely capable reptilians who are from outer space.


Now that’s some interesting stuff. Using this premise as the foundation for the series, the show dives deep into various religious connotations that will be appreciated by fans who are just getting into this series. The good thing about this anime is that it has a very anime-like story with a religious presence that will entertain the masses without breaking a sweat.



20. The Journey


The Journey


If you are a believer in the Islamic faith, this is an anime that deserves your viewership. Evil general attempts to put the city of Mecca into submission. He issues a dire warning that should the civilians resist, the town and their revered Kaaba structure will be reduced to dust.


Despite the overwhelming might of the so-called general’s army, Mecca’s people are left with no alternative other than making the ultimate last stand. Lubaily, a reformed sinner, teams up with a cynical mercenary, Zurara, Mecca’s protector, and old accomplice to, Lubaily’s melodious and fatal sword.


The belief in Lubaily’s redemption blows zeal into Zurara, convincing Mecca’s parent town of assurance. Thus held together by the newfound ideal Lubaily gave up on life a decade ago, the two lay down their life in defence of Mecca.



21. Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing Ultimate


This is a show that will highlight some issues that won’t be very pleasing to watch on screen. I mean it talks about morality, redemption, evil, and so much more. However, more than that, it talks about the Protestant Hellsing Organization and the Catholic Iscariot Organization.


And this duo is always on their rivalry. The show tries to use a lot of metaphor, religious symbolism, and a ton of historical allegories that highlight a key theme in the show. And this theme is a bit unsettling so I would request you to explore the theme yourself.


However, even if you keep the religious elements aside, the show is quite fun to watch regardless.



22. Castlevania




Castlevania is a beautiful series that loves to dive deep into the ideas of faith and religion. The series focuses on the story put forth by the Church of Wallachia with their actions being part of God’s will is something that will spike your interest in the series.


However, the series isn’t just limited to a few sentences and instead, highlights the essence of faith and the reality of religion in a much broader sense as well. Castlevania is appreciated for its slick animation and just unreal storytelling with insane fights.


So yeah, you have a lot to appreciate if you wish to enjoy Castlevania any time soon.



23. Saint Young Men


Saint Young Men


This anime will keep your mouth open throughout its entire run time. I mean just look at the synopsis of this show, it is unreal from every angle. The show talks about a world where Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha are roommates, living life in Tokyo.


The entire premise of this show is to use its modern setting to push the old ideas and teachings into the minds of the viewers. Simply put, they highlight how the old, religious teachings can help you in the modern world today and how anyone should look at these teachings in the first place.


Needless to say, the tone of this show is a bit humorous but it is definitely something that you would wanna watch.



24. Angel’s Egg


Angel’s Egg


Angel’s Egg is a rather unique series. Unlike other anime on this list that are mostly fixated on the idea of promotion of religion, this one does the exact opposite. This anime dives into the existential themes and religious symbolism that exist in this world.


But the way it approaches it is certainly unique. It is speculated that the creation of this story is a result of the director’s personal loss of faith in Christianity. And that’s quite something if you think about it. The core premise talks about a girl who is carrying an egg that seems to resemble hope and her interaction with a man who resembles Jesus.


And this interaction will shape the way you look at faith, religion, and spirituality.



25. Persona 4 the Animation


Persona 4 the Animation


Based on the popular Persona 4 video game, this is the anime adaptation that fans love with all their heart. The show talks about a teenager who just moved to a new place. And while everything seems normal, his TV is encompassing an entirely new world inside it.


The moment this man explores that place, things start to get more and more interesting. This anime, while not diving directly into the themes of religion, uses similar themes of discussion such as identity, truth, and friendship. Moreover, it also talks about the spiritual and philosophical side of things.


Persona is an amazing and globally admired franchise so it is bound to have love from everyone in the industry.



26. Chrono Crusade


Chrono Crusade


This anime is filled with some insane action. And you will realize that the moment you come across the narrative that this anime has to offer. It talks about sisters of the Church exorcising demons. Now this isn’t anything out of the ordinary.


However, the show takes some interesting approaches and goes on to highlight a world that is nothing like the ordinary. I mean, imagine sisters holding guns to kill demons. Now that’s something you don’t witness regularly. And that’s one of the many religious symbols that this anime plays around with, within its narrative.



27. Tannishou wo Hiraku


Tannishou wo Hiraku


The entire series is focused on a man who joined hands with a Buddhist monk. And I guess that’s enough for you to understand where this series might be going with this. The main character in question is none other than our boy Yuien.


And he is very troubled with his life. However, all that comes to a halt when he meets Shinran who will be teaching him about the questions of life and what this world has to offer. This series will dive into philosophical and deep questions that will provide you with a rejuvenating experience.


And this is why you must give this anime a try at least once in your life.



28. Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence


Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence


This show gives you an interesting perspective on Christianity. After all, the show challenges a very common trope that all Christians are Catholics. Instead, it talks about the life of two Protestants and how things go for them. The idea is to shed some light on the Protestant side of things and make people understand that Christianity is a lot broader than what most people assume it to be.


I mean just look at this show, it has elements of romance, comedy, and religion, all infused together to create something that people can wrap their heads around without breaking a sweat. A beautiful show that is just way too good to ignore in the anime realm.



29. Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha: The Great Departure


Osamu Tezuka's Buddha: The Great Departure


This anime is the closest you would get to an understanding of how Buddhism was established. Why? Because it talks about the man himself, Gautama Buddha and his life before he walked the religious path. The movie focuses on the life of Siddhartha Gautama who will be taking a new route in his life.


Despite being born into a royal family, he will abandon his life and dive into a world where things are much more complex and surreal than the typical activities of war and misery. This anime will highlight the journey to that world through the eyes of Buddha himself.


It’s an old anime but it encompasses the story very well.



30. Death Parade


Death Parade


This anime isn’t going to talk about religion in a straightforward way. However, it would definitely dive deep into the ideas of life, death, and what comes after. The series talks about a world where, after your death, your soul is judged based on the task assigned to you and once you are done with it, it will be decided whether you will be giving birth again or your soul will be gone for good.


This show dives deep into the idea of morals, ethics, and what people are willing to do when death is staring right at them. It’s a lovely story with a banger intro music. And so, if you haven’t watched Death Parade yet, make sure that you do so.


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