Top 50 Most Popular Sailor Moon Characters

top 50 most popular sailor moon characters


If we were to talk about some of the most revolutionary shoujo anime of all time, I think we will mention Sailor Moon for sure. Despite its mostly monotonous nature, it still managed to grasp the attention of millions of fans around the globe.


This series is a part of every 90’s kid’s childhood in one way or another. And that is why it is known as one of the most successful shojo series of all time with various merchandise being sold even to this day.


However, it has been a fairly decent amount of time since we last took a great glimpse of how it all went. Therefore, to pay a visit back to our good old days, I have decided to create the best Sailor Moon characters list.


These are the some of the most loved individuals from the show and they include both heroes and villains. So grab your favourite staff, lay down on the couch and let’s dive deep into the realm of magic.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Tsukino Usagi


tsukino usagi


The one who symbolizes tranquillity in the minds of the viewers. She is the main character of the Sailor Moon franchise named Serena in the English Dub. The meaning of her name is Rabbit Of The Moon and her astrological sign is cancer.


She seems to be very curious when it comes to sleeping, eating, playing some games, and reading manga which seems quite standard for someone of her age. And her favourite colour is said to be Pink and White.


Her favourite class is Home Economics. However, her least favourite class is Math and English. Quite understandable. The fact that this single woman acts as the representative of Shoujo anime, makes her one of the most fascinating characters in the entire series. 


After all, there are people who don’t have a clue about Sailor Moon, yet they have seen Usagi. 




2. Hino Rei


hino rei


Born on 17th April. She is Rei. Rei is also known as Sailor Mars. And another name for this beautiful lady is Guardian of War. She likes to read and fortune tell which explains her outgoing nature.


And her favourite sport is track and field events. This is why she is so energetic and athletic as a character. She loves to learn about ancient writing. However, she isn’t all that big of a fan of Modern Society.


As for her favourite food, that’s Fugu, Thai cuisine. However, her life wish includes being able to deep dive in the sea. Her personality is very sweet and let’s just say that her charisma has managed to fascinate anyone and everyone who watches the show. 


She looks at people with a focused eye. And that’s what makes her so special for all of us. If you haven’t watched her presence in the series, you are missing out big time. 




3. Kino Makoto


kino makoto


Makoto, also known as Mako-chan is one of the lead characters in the series. And she is known to be the one who likes cooking a lot. Her astrological sign is said to be Sagittarius and her blood type is O.


Her favourite activities include ballet. Basketball, and skating. If we talk about her favourite colour, which is claimed to be sugar pink. She also likes to study Home Economics in the home economics lecture.


However, she isn’t a big fan of physics though. Mako is also called Sailor Jupiter in the show. Her personality is quite dominating and her charms stay within that realm. She is bold and straightforward and that’s exactly what makes her attractive to anime fans who are into Sailor Moon. 


Considering that she is Sailor Jupiter, her personality does make a lot of sense if you think about it. 




4. Aino Minako


aino minako


Aino Minako, also known as Sailor Venus, is one of the lead characters in the series who seems to be quite fond of yellow and red colours. Not only that, but she is also fond of Physical Education when it comes to academics and her favourite foods include Curry, Ramen, and Gyoza.


However, if we talk about her least favourite food, that includes Shiitake. Moreover, she also happens to dislike Mama and police officers which is interesting, to say the least. And her favourite stone is called Topaz.


Her motto for life is about loving yourself and appreciating your own value. This woman was showcasing self-love before it was cool. And that’s why she is a character that manages to attain respect and appreciation from all those who watch her on screen. 



5. Mizuno Ami


mizuno ami


With the astrological sign of Virgo, we have Mizuno Ami. Mizuno Ami, also known as Sailor Ami, is one of those members of the show who loves to read and play chess.


However, this isn’t the end of her liking factors. She also loves to swim and look at the light blue colour. Moreover, she is a fan of the Mathematics lecture and surprisingly, she doesn’t dislike any of her subjects at all.


Known by many as the Guardian of Wisdom, she is quite smart when it comes to wisdom and facts. Her control of her words is what makes her so special. She is often appreciated for her maturity and understanding which seems to be much better than anyone else we see in the series.


And in an anime where there are countless people who will be competing against you, Sailor Ami is out there outperforming all of them.



6. Chiba Mamoru


Chiba Mamoru


The leading male in the show manages to capture anyone’s heart without breaking a sweat. Chiba Mamoru is one of the few males in the show and is known as Moonlight Knight in the series.


Moreover, he is also a Leo in terms of his astrological sign and happens to be a fan of chocolates. And it looks like he is an amazing foodie since his least favourite food is nothing.


He seems to love everything he eats and physics happens to be his favourite subject. There isn’t anything he dislikes in particular, as it would seem.


As for his favourite colour, that’s, black. And his troubles start from the top of the needle. But all in all, he is one fine character for a shojo series.



7. Luna




This cute-looking cat is quite important to the overall narrative of the show. And every Sailor Moon fan knows that. She is Luna who has appeared in the first episode of all mediums of this Franchise.


She is said to be one of the servants of Princess Serenity in Silver Millennium and her vows last as long as Princess’ life. Moreover, she was also claimed to be the advisor of the Queen in the series.


As the show advances, Luna develops a strong bond between her and Usagi. And this is why she gets so much appreciation and gratitude from fans all around the globe.


And she also has a story dedicated to her in which she falls in love with a human.



8. Artemis




This is the kind of character we call a companion creature. And Artemis is very strong in that aspect. She is one of the supporters of the leader of the Guardian Senshi.


Moreover, she goes on strong with her to the point that she continues to stay with her as long as Sailor Venus is born. His memory is quite sharp when it comes to learning about the Silver Millennium.


And in the series, she is claimed to have made quite some significant changes. For trivia, let’s just say that this white cat has multiple eye colours across multiple mediums.


The anime has blue while the manga has green. And the gender was changed to female in some versions of the show.



9. Zoisite




Coming in from the depths of the lore of the series, we have Zoisite. He is also known as Zoycite in the English version of the anime. And his stature is that of the Shitennou.


More specifically, he is the third Shitennou in the series. And in terms of rank, he is the second-lowest. His age isn’t all that much either. He is the youngest one in the show whose age varies between 16-17.


And with his low age comes his sense of immaturity and idiocy which are some factors of their own if we think about it. Moreover, as the show advances, we get to see this man grow as a character with a lot more mature and eye-pleasing actions taking place in the show.


And this is why he is ranked so high on this list.



10. Nephrite




Nephrite, also known as Nephrite, is the second of the Shitennou to appear in the series. And in terms of rank, this man is the second highest. Now that’s quite a feat.


However, being at the top means that his behaviour is also filled with a lot of ego and insolence toward others. Moreover, he is also claimed to be quite expressive in the show as well.


If we talk about his age, it is somewhere around 19 which would explain why he is one of the oldest in the show. In the manga, this man only had one objective.


And that was to get his hands on the Silver Crystal. However, in the anime, his goals become a lot more complicated and diversified.



11. Queen Serenity


Queen Serenity


This woman right here is not a normal person. She is a miracle in her way, a reincarnation that changed the course of the series for good. Queen Serenity is an incarnation of the Moon Goddess Seren and is also the Queen of Silver Millennium.


As one of the individuals with these titles on her head, she is supposed to look after the Silver Crystal with all her heart. However, she also wishes to raise her daughter properly in the process.


And if she does so, her daughter, Princess Serenity, will become a suitable and successful heir for her place. In the realm of Sailor Moon, this is an important feature to take place.


And that’s what makes this lady so special.



12. Jadeite




Jadeite, also known as Jedite, is the first guy to appear in the series as a Shitennou. And he was ranked the lowest in terms of skills and strengths. In the series, he is said to be around 18 years old which makes him quite young for his place in the hierarchy.


Not only that, but he is also quite symbolic as a character. His stature is that of the head of the Dark Kingdom’s Far-Eastern Division. And his name is derived from the mineral called Jadeite.


In the manga, it was claimed that he had to track down the Silver Crystal as his mission. However, he ended up gathering life energy for us for Queen Materia instead.



13. Kunzite




This one seems to have the most unique name out of everyone. He is known as Kunzite in the show. However, in the English version, his name was changed to Malachite and that’s where it all begins.


He is the fourth member of the Shitennou and that’s what makes him the final member of the group. He is claimed to be the strongest out of all of them and is said to be the greatest of the four.


Not only that but he is also regarded as the majesty of an Arabian King which gives him a lot more credibility and strength for us to look at. That’s what makes Kunzite so special in the show and makes him rank so high on our list as well.



14. Umino Gurio


Umino Gurio


This man is known for being the stand-out character in the show. And his appearance may give you an impression of him. He is one of the side characters in Throw and is said to be the smart one from the Sailor Moon Franchise.


He used to be from the same school as Usagi Tsukino and Osaka Naru. Moreover, he is depicted as the stereotypical nerdy guy who just focuses on his studies and has no other significant personality traits whatsoever.


And as a character who is supposed to fill that role, he can pull it off quite well. And lastly, he is also known as Melvin McCellbellum in the series as one of his aliases.



15. Queen Beryl


Queen Beryl


She looks pretty attractive if you have that perspective. However, this perspective will change instantly when you get close to knowing about her. She is a villain in the series and is said to be the first one out of every villain that appears in the Sailor Moon franchise.


She is claimed to be the first in every medium from the franchise. She is known to be a strong individual whose name was influenced by the mineral Beryl. And that’s where her identity comes from.


Moreover, she was known for her excellence in magical powers and her use of energy to direct Queen Metaria in the series. Without a doubt, one of the most significant characters in all of Sailor Moon.



16. Rhett Butler


Rhett Butler


This is quite a niche character in the series. However, she manages to hold her own in the anime altogether. He is one of the side individuals in the show who appeared in episode 31 of the series.


He is a fat blue cat who managed to grab attention when he saved Luna using his skills. Luna was getting chased by a lot of alley cats who were made over her for some other reason.


It was then that Rhett Butler captured the attention of fans as he used his fish skeleton to get rid of all the alleycats and prove his dominance in the show.


It isn’t all that’s strong on the outside. However, from the inside, he is a completely different being whose personality is unreal.



17. Osaka Naru


Osaka Naru


She might not ring any bells at first. However, hardcore fans have a very good idea of who this lady is. She is one of the side characters in the show who is known to be a great friend of Usagi.


Now this in itself is not enough to make her get the screen time that she gets. And that’s why she is also said to be known for her contributions as a victim in the show.


She has suffered a lot of attacks from Youma. And it is because of those attacks that she manages to stay entertaining and interesting in the storyline of the series.


Moreover, as a trivial fact, her mother owns a jewellery shop which is quite fortunate if you think about it.



18. Tsukino Shingo


Tsukino Shingo


The surname will explain it all. However, he isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. He is the brother of Tsukino Usagi and happens to have a very annoying personality.


He is also known to be the only recognized sibling of a Sailor Senshi and that’s what makes him stand out even more. Just like his sister, he is also an attractive individual who, despite his behaviour, manages to capture quite a lot of attention when he is on screen.


And that’s why he is ranked here on our list. He appears in the first instalment of every medium of the franchise. And that’s why he is said to be quite notable as well.



19. Amade Yusuke


Amade Yusuke


He is known to be quite popular in the story of anime. However, outside of that, he is just a casual side character. He is one of the background individuals who was known for his skills as a classical pianist.


However, that was the case only in the first season of the anime. Moreover, he was said to become a part of Jadeite’s mischief and ended up getting attacked by Youma.


However, luck was on his side when he got saved by Sailor Moon. And soon enough, he gets the courage to confess his feelings for Akiko Yanagi. Now, they are both married within the narrative of the series.


Which makes his character quite appealing and notable altogether.



20. Thetis




She isn’t a friend to any of us. She is a foe. A pure foe. Thetis was one of the side characters in the show who was said to be under the direct control of Queen Beryl.


All of this took place in the 12th episode of the series and that’s what makes her a bit niche in one way or another. Not only that, she is quite outstanding as a character as well.


And this is because of her design. Her overall appearance makes it look as if she doesn’t have a mouth. And that’s what gives her a rather unappealing and fearsome look.


Moreover, this series makes sure to keep her in control to maintain entertainment and drama.



21. Tsukino Ikuko


Tsukino Ikuko


Yup, it’s time to talk about the mother. Tsukino Ikuko is one of the side characters in the show whose personality isn’t all that great. It isn’t bad in any way.


It’s just a bit too unique for anyone to develop a liking for it. They regard her as a quirky and rather obscure character who doesn’t seem to have a strong idea of what is happening around her surroundings.


However, this is also the reason why she is appreciated in the show. After all, it is because of this behaviour that Usagi manages to do great deeds. Although, Ikuko is upset with Usagi for her not-so-impressive grades in school and her messy nature.



22. Grandpa Hino


Grandpa Hino


Coming in from the family of Rei, we have Grandpa Hino. He is one of the side characters in the franchise who is known for his unique and rather interesting personality.


Just like Rei, he is also claimed to be a stubborn individual who doesn’t care about anyone or anything whatsoever. Not only that but he is also regarded as lecherous in the show which explains the interesting part of his personality.


He lives with Rei at the shrine. However, apart from his behaviour, he is known to be an excellent priest whose martial arts skills are just as impressive as you would expect.


And this is one of the reasons why people have a positive outlook toward this old man as well.



23. Kumada Yuuichirou


Kumada Yuuichirou


Coming in from the Hikawa Shrine, we have Kumada Yuuichirou. He is one of the side characters in the show who is known as Chad Holdenford in the series. He is a rather rough-looking man who happens to be connected with the Hikawa Shrine.


His appearance as a character is only limited to the anime and as a character, he seemed to have a surfer’s way of talking. Moreover, in the anime, especially in the English version, he refers to himself as a struggling musician which makes him quite a niche for any Sailor Moon fans out there.


And this is the reason why Kumada is up here on this list.



24. Usagi’s Friend


Usagi's Friend


She didn’t get much screen time but she still managed to make herself known enough. Usagi’s friend is one of the background characters in the show who wasn’t as vibrant as you might expect.


Instead, she appeared in the first season of the anime and happened to get the maximum amount of screen time during that phase. Her design is also said to be chubbier and shorter than other characters which makes him a bit more notable and captivating.


However, in the grand scheme of things, she is just way too much of a side character to get enough notice to be ranked higher on this list.



25. DD Girls


DD Girls


Coming in from the records of episode 45, we have DD Girls. These 5 Youma were supposed to be the villains of the show. And the one common feature that all of them possessed was that they all had wings which made it easier for them to fly around.


Moreover, they were supposed to act as a hurdle and stop Sailor Senshi to make sure that they don’t move on ahead. The sailor Senshi managed to reach the D point and it was then that it was decided that they will be stopping them altogether.


These 5 Youmas were quite dangerous when they first appeared. However, our main cast took care of them one way or another and that’s why they are here.



26. Murid




Murid isn’t a positive character. And the appearance is more than enough to explain that. She was a Youma who was owned by Jadeite and her look is quite frightening.


She looks like a villainous robot who was created for the sake of mass destruction or something. And while in reality, she wasn’t committing mass destruction or anything, she has been notable for causing trouble to a lot of people within the narrative of the show.


And that’s what makes her a bit of a noticeable character within the premise of the show. However, we have to agree that her design is quite something when it comes to causing fear.



27. Tsukino Kenji


Tsukino Kenji


This man right here is the one who gave rise to the world we see in Sailor Moon today. Tsukino Kenji is the Earth’s father of Usagi and so, he is also the father of Sailor Moon in one way or another.


However, despite being in such an important position, this man is completely unaware of Usagi’s secondary activities which include her being a Sailor Senshi and saving the planet in her way.


That’s what gives this guy the tag of clueless in the show. However, despite that, he is shown to be a great individual who loves his family and appreciates their betterment more than anything else.


As a human, that feeling is quite impressive if you think about it.



28. Balm




Coming from the darkness depicted in episode 39 of the series, we have Balm. He was a Youma who was summoned by Jadeite for the sake of draining energy from humans.


That’s quite hideous for someone of his stature to do. Moreover, Balm was a notable villain in that episode since he managed to create havoc and terror amongst anyone and everyone who were present during his attack.


The Sailor Senshi group took care of him but his presence made the show look a bit more serious and engaging. And just by looking at his design, we can already see why he is a villain, to begin with.


He has ugly-looking features to make him frightening anyway.



29. Furuhata Motoki


Furuhata Motoki


He is the one who managed to melt Usagi’s heart. And in a series like Sailor Moon, that’s a massive win for a character. He is one of the side characters of the show who was looked upon as a prince by our main character Tsukino Usagi thanks to his charming appearance.


He was Usagi’s crush during the initial episodes of the series and was called Motoki-oniisan by her. However, the truth was that this man already had a girlfriend and her name was Reika.


Not only that, but he also had a little sister named Unazaki who was a friend of Usagi and the group.



30. Grape




This character was part of a trio in the show. And needless to say, she is not a good character. Grape is a part of a team that included Suzuran and Housenka from the anime.


These were Youmas who were controlled by none other than Zoisite during episode 24 of the anime. Grape was asked to assist his team with Nephrite in the series. As for her appearance, she is quite attractive and has a villainous look altogether.


Her hairstyle is also unique and eye-catching and this is the reason why she manages to gain a massive number of people to look at her when she attacks.



31. Kunitachi




He is one of the background characters who appear in a specific episode. However, this man named Kunitachi appears quite early in the show. He first appeared in the 15th episode of the series which makes him a memorable character in one way or another.


His story began when our main cast went to a park to have some fun and he was present there to take care of the park. This is where he gets a substantial amount of screen time, making him a notable character for that show.


However, in the grand scheme of things, he is just a normal being trying to make ends meet. And we respect that!



32. Lake Monster


Lake Monster


Appearing in the 40th episode of the series, we have Lake Monster. She was one of the ancient monsters in the series. And her group was filled with a lot of strong creatures.


However, she was never given a name for herself. Therefore, her common name came into use and people began to call her Lake Monster in general. Not only that but her design is also very impressive and respectable since it matches the theme and vibe of the Lake Monster name very well.


The attire and self-presentation are what makes this character go from okay to good. And this is also the reason why this monster is standing here on our list.



33. Matsuno Hiromi


Matsuno Hiromi


How would you feel when you feature yourself while you are creating a fictional story? Yeah, that’s close to how Matsuni Hiromi must have felt when he introduced himself in the anime he was making.


Let me explain. Matsuno Hiromi was an animator who was part of the team assigned to the Sailor V anime. Yeah, that’s quite interesting, I know. However, what makes this character even more interesting is the fact that he was attacked by a group called the Twin Youma.


And she had to face a lot of trouble because of that. Moreover, it all happened in the show thanks to a pencil which adds another layer of curiosity for this character.



34. Tesuni




Oh my, now that’s villainous. And I don’t think there’s anyone who would look at this monster and say that she could be a hero. She is Tesuni, a Youma who was owned by none other than Nephrite.


And her appearance is quite deceiving because, in terms of sheer design patterns and stuff, she looks more like a male than a female. However, in the series, she has been mentioned as a female so we can’t do anything about it.


Moreover, her introduction was also taken care of in a unique way. She was hidden as an essence in the racquet used by Rui Saionji. And that’s what makes her so notable in the episode she was featured in.


And her design is also a strong reason.



35. Urawa Ryo


Urawa Ryo


This man became famous in the show for two simple reasons. First is that he managed to get the maximum marks in his examination which brought a lot of spotlight to him.


Secondly, he is later revealed to have a supernatural ability that allows him to look into the future. However, in the anime, it was never mentioned if he used this power to get the score that he did.


He has feelings for Ami Mizuno and seems to have a strong crush on her as well. However, it seems that he doesn’t dare to speak up to her about it.


His spotlight shines during the Rainbow Crystal Arc and so, he manages to gain a ton of attention during that period.



36. Widow




Showing up in episode 16 of the series, Widow was one of the females Youma. And this female Youma was in control’ by none other than Nephrite. She was sent out with just one objective.


And that was to drain energy from the home economics teacher in the show. However, she must drain her energy only when she reaches her peak. And this is the reason why Widow managed to capture a lot of attention in the show.


After all, as stated earlier, Home Economics is a notable subject within the narrative, not the show. As for her design, a widow is known to have a tiger-like appearance with purple hair and red eyes.



37. Asahina Nana


asahina nana


This character is one of the background individuals who only appeared for a few episodes or less but managed to capture the attention of a lot of fans of the show.


Asahina Nana is said to be a photographer in the show working for a specific newspaper. She tries to grab her opportunities and derive some stories out of the Sailor Senshi creatures but things don’t seem to work out for her.


Not only that, but she is also the one who gets in trouble because of her stubborn nature but thanks to our main cast, she gets saved by those who were present for the rescue.


Her attire is also quite interesting with red being the prominent color.



38. Countess Rose


Countess Rose


Known to be the one who worked for politics, we have Countess Rose. She is one of the English Aristocrats in the show who was also a teacher. She was known for her depiction of manners and etiquette.


And this is the reason why she ran for Princess Seminars. If she would win, she would explain and teach other girls about mannerisms. And that’s what makes her so notable for the narrative of the show.


However, later on, it turns out that she was a Youma who transformed thanks to Kunzite. And this makes her character a lot more remarkable and notable for fans who watched the episode.



39. Crane Game Joe


Crane Game Joe


From the files of the 25th episode of the show, we have Crane Game Joe. The entire premise of Crane Game Joe is to depict a cool character who is trying his best to stand out and capture attention.


Not only that. He is also said to be the carrier of the red Nijizuishou. And this is what brings even more attention to him within the story of the show.


As for his next appearance, it was around the Game Centre Crown and that was because he was known to be an expert when it comes to arcade games. Moreover, his attire also depicts the cool-kid kind of character from the old anime days.



40. Housenka




Housenka is part of a trio that includes Grape, Suzuran, and Housenk. And all of them were tasked to assist Kurozuishou from Nephrite.


And this is when she first appears on the show. Moreover, her appearance in terms of episode numbers takes place in 24 which explains why she was so vibrant for the fans who watched the first few seasons of the series.


Moreover, she manages to get her hands on Oosaka which changes the course of that episode. However, just as you would expect, Sailor Senshi managed to put an end to her without anything miserable could happen.



41. Janelyn




Coming in from the depths of episode 39, we have Janelyn. She is one of the figure skaters who first appeared in the said episode. However, her introduction wasn’t a solo one.


Along with her, Misha, another character in that episode was introduced. Therefore, Janelyn was introduced as a part of a duo in a way or so. Moreover, in the anime, it is said that both of them got possessed by Kunzite.


And this is where the darkness in their life begins. As they became a part of the Dark Kingdom, they started to take a look at Sailor Senshi, more specifically, Sailor Moon.


However, like always, Sailor Senshi took care of the situation without breaking a sweat.



42. Jumeau




This character showed up in episode 18 of the series. However, just as her design might explain, she is not exactly a good character. She is one of the female Youmas who were sent by Nephrite.


And she was sent for a hideous task on the battlefield. She had to make sure that she collects and drains the energy of Mika Kayama once she reaches the peak of her energy.


Mika Kayama was one of the doll makers in the show. And that is what makes Jumeau, a fairly notable character. And her design is also quite interesting with a hollow physique and dead personality.


Impressive as always.



43. Katarina




Oh my, she is quite an important woman. Why so? Because she’s one of the only civilians who know about the existence and functioning of Sailor Senshi. Not only that, but she is also aware of Youma’s and how they work to be safe.


She is an Interpol officer in the series who is also a great friend of Minako. They met her as Sailor V when she was focused on a Youma. And on her focus, she also followed her way to London.


Now that’s quite impressive for a civilian like her. And just as you would expect, her design is also incredibly attractive and adorable for anyone and everyone to admire and appreciate.



44. Misha




He is one of the duos of Misha and Janelyn who were misfortune enough to get themselves in possession of Kunzite.


Not only that, but he is also part of the Dark Kingdom and wishes to find the Sailor Moon. Both of these characters made sure that they gathered people around the Skating rink and made sure that they figured out the girl who was the current reincarnation of Queen Serenity.


However, things didn’t seem to work out when they found out about Makoto Kino instead. And that’s what made this duo and Misha specifically, so notable in the show.



45. Oosaka Mother


Oosaka Mother


Her name is Mayumi Oosaka. However, for the sake of convenience, we will call her Osaka’s mother. She was one of the side characters in the show who received her name only in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series.


However, in every other part, she wasn’t addressed with any name whatsoever. She is said to be owning a jewellery shop and this is a common occurrence in all of the instalments of the series.


However. The best part is that she would get possessed by Youma in some instalments and that’s what made her stand out even more than this. And that Youma would act as a major villain for our main cast.


But she is so pretty that the audience forgives her.



46. Pollux




From the files of episode 21, we have Pollux. She is part of a duo in the series which involves her and another character named Castor. However, just as their design might explain, she is not a good character.


She is a Youma who had none other than Nephrite. Not only that, it is said that this duo was Nephrite’s strongest duo in the show. And that’s what allows Pollux and Castor to shine out.


Moreover, in the anime, it is also claimed that they were both asked to take off Sailor Senshi directly which is quite a task considering that Sailor Senshi is a strong group whose powers are incredible.



47. Priest




This man may not seem all that notable at first glance. However, soon enough, you will realize that he was one of the most important characters in the episode he featured.


The Priest first made his appearance in episode 26 of the anime. And in the first few minutes of the episode, it was revealed that this man is the one who somehow has possession of Orange Nijizuishou in the show.


And for those of you who know what Nijizuishou is, you also know how important it is to the overall narrative of the show. After this episode, we had seen him in the cemetery of Yokohama.



48. Princess Dia


Princess Dia


Princess Dia is one of the side characters in the show who appears quite rare in the overall series. Her first appearance is in episode 22 of the anime. And if we talk about the manga, she took her first panel in Act 4 of the story.


She is a princess of the D Kingdom in the show. Now, what’s the D Kingdom you may ask? Well. The D Kingdom is known as the Diamond Kingdom in the show.


And she also seemed to have a certain type of crystal known as the Silver Crystal. At least that’s what Luna and Queen Beryl initially thought. However, soon enough, we get to know the truth about the stone possessed by her.


And that’s what makes this character rank at this spot on the list.



49. Ramua




Not a big question as to who she is. She is one of the Youma’s who was summoned and brought forward to battle by none other than Jadeite. Her task was to make sure that she drains a lot of energy.


And how will she be able to do it? Well, that’s by draining the energy of unsuspecting shoppers. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, they planned to drain a ton of everything using this method.


And that’s what made Ramya stand out so much in the show. Moreover, she is said to have first appeared in episode 9 of the anime. And her appearance resembled that of pale skin and purple hair.



50. Redman




Now, this might very well be a homage to the Sentai series. Redman was a Sentai hero who seems to have made a cameo of some sort in the Sailor Moon series.


Not only that but he is also said to have appeared in the initial segments of the show. More specifically, he appeared in episode 32 of the franchise. He was part of a special kind of show called Redman Show.


In that segment. Redman would fight a monster and Oosaka and Union went to take a first-hand look at the entire situation. This is the reason why Redman managed to make it here on this list.



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