Top 42 Most Popular Anime Twins

Twin Characters In Anime


Anime is known for having all types of characters. Whether it’s young, old, smart, aloof, silly, charismatic, etc. And that’s why fans love this medium as they get to experience different types of personalities that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience otherwise.


However, one of the rarer types of characters are twins. Even in real life, twins are fun to watch. So it is only fitting that we get to experience various twins in the anime realm as well.


And so, in today’s article, we will do exactly that. These are some of the most popular twin anime characters out there.




42. Ami and Mami Futami (THE iDOLM@STER)


Ami and Mami Futami (THE iDOLM@STER)


While both these sisters enjoy teasing their friends, there are a few qualities that set them apart. One of them is their way of tying hair. While Mami ties her hair to the left, Ami does it to her right.


In fact, this distinction is so vibrant in the series that they use it to disguise themselves as one another. And they both operate with the same name Ami. All in all, only the insiders of 765 productions have any idea about the truth about Ami and her twin sister.


And that’s why she is so fascinating to watch in the first place. These twins bring so much flavour to the narrative of Idolmaster.




41. Linze & Elze Silhoueska (In Another World With My Smartphone)


Linze & Elze Silhoueska (In Another World With My Smartphone)


These two will make the show so much more fun for you. And that’s why they deserve to be here on our list. Linze is the one we will discuss first.


She is the younger one of the two who happens to be an adventurer from Refreese Imperium. However, she is capable of all types of magic, except null magic, which makes her very interesting to watch on screen.


Elze is the older one of the two who happens to be quite good with melee combat and separates herself from her sister with her way of dealing with things.


While Linze is shy and a bit composed, Elze is someone who is always ready to get stuff done.




40. Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai (Date A Live)


Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai (Date A Live)


These two look way too similar to be true. And that’s why you need to be very wary of them. They happen to be identical twins and so, the similarities between them are far beyond imagination.


However, despite being carbon copies of each other, if observed with focus, you can figure out a few differentiations between them. And that’s one of the many reasons why you should be respectful of this show as it will allow you to have a very close-call experience about twins with these characters.




39. Diva & Saya (Blood+)


Diva & Saya (Blood+)


Diva and her selfish nature have always been a subject of discussion for fans as she acts like a child in all ways imaginable. Moreover, despite being similar to her sister Saya, her way of life is something that really sets her apart from everyone else.


The core story of this anime focuses on these twins moving to their old home. Once they do, they are going to have new experiences, and relationships, and find a lot more about themselves than what meets the eye.


All in all, these twins are going to be the centre of attention for you if you decide to watch some Blood+



38. Riko & Ako Suminoe (Kiss x Sis)


Riko & Ako Suminoe (Kiss x Sis)


Kiss x Sis is a very interesting anime, to say the least. The series involves a lot of elements that people aren’t going to enjoy on their own. And that’s why people need to be very careful before they check out this show.


The story revolves around our main hero who happens to have two foster sisters, Riko and Ako. And both of them are trying to win him. In this procedure, both of them are competing as they make the most out of their lives and create an impact on the mind of the main character who is in fact their brother.


I don’t know what you think of this show but beware of it and your discretion is very much advised.



37. Mariya & Shizu Shido (Maria Holic)


Mariya and Shizu have a very interesting relationship together. And that’s what makes them so fun to watch on screen. The anime Maria Holic isn’t something that we get to discuss all that often.


However, these twins have given us enough reason to talk about the series. From the two of them, Mariya is the one we need to keep an eye on as this man ends up being a menace in the show.


Not only does he dress up as a girl and attend an all-girls school, but he is also someone who looks very sweet on the outside but has a very sadistic nature on the inside.


That’s why you need to keep an eye on this man as he continues bullying his own twin sister Shizu.



36. Jojiro & Jotaro (Run with the Wind)


Jojiro & Jotaro (Run with the Wind)


I mean, it’s hard to be brothers like them. After all, this duo is having a crush on the same girl. That’s a pure violation of the bro code. Jojiro is the outward and extroverted of the two as his cheerful nature gives him an edge over his social life.


However, unlike people’s expectations, Jotaro is also an extroverted and cheerful person who wants to enjoy his life in the story. However, as these twins continue living together, they decide that they want to distinguish each other and make a name for themselves.


And their endeavours following that thought process is what makes them worthy of your time.



35. Nashiro & Kurona Yasuhisa (Tokyo Ghoul)


Nashiro & Kurona Yasuhisa (Tokyo Ghoul)


How would you feel if your parent were eaten by a monster right in front of your eyes? Well, if you want an answer to that then Nashiro and Kurona will be the best ones to reach out here.


They both had the misfortune to witness their own parents lose their lives to a ghoul. And once that happened, they both were shaken from the inside. They had a beautiful bond together and wanted to open their own pastry shop.


However, it didn’t take long for that dream to become a delusion for them. Soon enough, they joined CCG as Ghoul Investigators and continued living their lives.



34. Luna and Leo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s)


Luna and Leo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)


Leo and Luna is a twin duo that made the show a lot more interesting. They both happened to have green hair which added more personality to them. And the fact that they are part of the main cast of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, definitely says a lot.


After all, there’s no denying that this show is something that has always entertained fans from the depths of their hearts. However, it is only the beginning as characters like Luna and Leo will add the necessary flavour to make the show complete and a great experience to watch altogether.


This is why you need to keep an eye on this duo.



33. Yugi Tsukasa and Amane (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun)


Yugi Tsukasa and Amane (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun)


These two have a very interesting bond together. And the way they operate definitely adds more fun to the overall narrative of the series. Yugi Tsukasa is the one who happens to have a very outgoing and cheerful personality.


And similarly, Amane is someone who is always outgoing and fun. However, what’s important to note is the difference that exists between them. While Tsukasa won’t take a second to commit evil acts and get violent, Amane rarely gets the idea of being violent at all, making both of them opposite of each other.


And this differentiation is what makes the viewing experience so special for the audience as they watch them both on screen.



32. Aqua & Ruby Hoshino (Oshi no Ko)


Aqua & Ruby Hoshino (Oshi no Ko)


Aqua and Ruby are both people who have been reincarnated in this world after losing their lives in the previous world. Aqua is the one who used to practise as a doctor for Ai, who is now his new mother, while Ruby is one of the patients who was treated by the same doctor.


These twins have a clear idea of their past but have no clue why they have been held together as siblings. While Aqua is the one who shows contempt on the outside, he is quite respectful towards Ruby.


Ruby on the other hand understands this sentiment and is quite appreciative of Aqua as well.



31. Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage)


Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage)


The life that they both experienced isn’t good enough to be qualified as life. And that’s why their presence on this list is so important. These two are orphans who were sent to the orphanage because their parents couldn’t afford to have them.


And that’s the beginning of their misery. As soon enough, they ended up getting into the worst possible industry for children to get into. Yes, you are correct, they got into that industry.


And soon enough, their life turned into something far more miserable than what you might expect. Hansel and Gretel deserve more love and recognition in the anime fandom, especially considering how horrible their life was.



30. Yu Fan Xia and Yu Lan Xia (Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid)


Yu Fan Xia and Yu Lan Xia (Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid)


This duo was assigned a very important task. And that’s when fans got to experience their presence in the show. They were meant to take down Kaname and that was going to be quite challenging considering that Kaname is one of the lead characters in the show.


However, this task made it so people would get to experience this duo first-hand on screen. And let’s just say they were both absolutely exceptional. After all, they were able to fight in a way that people couldn’t have even imagined, making them worthy of all the love and appreciation they got.



29. Chii and Freya (Chobits)


Chii and Freya (Chobits)


Chii and Freya have a very beautiful relationship with each other. And this relationship is something that has been nurtured over years of togetherness. Chii was born as Elda and she was created by the same person who made Personacoms.


Moreover, upon his wife’s request, he ended up making Elda as Freya was the first one made by him and thus, Chii ended up becoming Freya’s sister. It would seem a bit complex now but in the anime, the clarification is a lot more interesting and fun.


Moreover, as fans of the show, people always look up to their connection and what they have to offer to the audience.



28. Kanba and Shouma Takakura (Mawaru Penguindrum)


Kanba and Shouma Takakura (Mawaru Penguindrum)


One of them is an expert while the other one has a hard time even talking. That’s the beauty of this duo. Kanba and Shouma are brothers who have a very interesting relationship.


However, keeping their blood relation complexities aside, these two have very distinct qualities that will give you an idea of what makes their character so interesting and fun to watch.


While one of them is nothing less than a player in the story, capable of being a flirt at any point in time, the other one is not even close to being that outgoing and that’s why his presence in the romance game is a lot more fun to watch.


Now which one of them is the player and which one is inexperienced is a question that will be answered once you watch the show.



27. Akari and Kotone Kirishima (Nyan Koi!)


Akari and Kotone Kirishima (Nyan Koi!)


This series is for all those who want to have some cat fun in their life. The show focuses on our main characters being a person who hates cats. Not only that, he has an allergy that gives him even more reason to dislike cats.


However, luck has it that he has been cursed due to his actions. And now, the only thing he can do to lift that curse is to do 100 good deeds for cats.


Moreover, he is always surrounded by cat lovers, including twins Akari and Kotone. One of them happens to be quite sadistic in nature while the other is loud yet shy at the same time.


Isn’t that a fascinating combo?



26. Sora and Haruka Kasugano (Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone)


Sora and Haruka Kasugano (Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone)


This anime is known for being eye-opening for a lot of people. And that’s why you should give it a try, even if it’s because of the twins mentioned in the show.


Sora and Haruka are beautiful siblings who have a very adorable bond between them. While Sora is the shy one who isn’t necessarily comfortable with a life without Haruka, Haruka is the mature one who always stands next to Sora and holds her with pride.


Together, this duo enters a new phase of their life where they experience a changed environment that will define their life from that point forward.



25. Kazuya and Tatsuya Uesugi (Touch)


Kazuya is the one who will hold your attention first. After all, it’s brothers like him that always end up being a pain to the other brother. However, it isn’t in the way you would want it to be.


Kazuya is a hardworking individual who is mature and clever enough to understand what must be done. Moreover, his twin Tatsuya is nothing more than a lazy pervert who seems like he is good for nothing.


While many have a lot of expectations from Kazuya, Tatsuya seems to be on the receiving end of nothing remarkable. However, Tatsuya is the one blessed with raw skills that allow him to hold his own against his brother.


And that’s how this duo comes off in their anime.



24. Nana Astar and Momo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru Darkness)


Nana Astar and Momo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru Darkness)


Nana and Momo make the show so much more fun to watch it’s actually insane. And the sheer similarities and differences that they have is just so mind-blowing for the audience.


If we talk about Nana, she was the one who wasn’t all that attracted to our main character. However, as the days pass by, things start to take shape for Nana as she develops romantic feelings for our boy.


On the other hand, we have Momo who happens to have the ability to speak to plants and also has interesting connections to our main character. Moreover, she was also known for being quite mischievous.



23. Kazuo and Masao Tachibana (Captain Tsubasa)


Kazuo and Masao Tachibana (Captain Tsubasa)


Kazuo and Masao are the perfect examples of blessing with a curse. After all, the anime that they are a part of is all about being the best in your craft.


Captain Tsubasa is a show that talks about a boy named Tsubasa who wants to be the best in football. During his games, he ends up meeting this duo. And let’s just say that they are exceptionally good in this sport.


Moreover, the sheer chemistry that they have with each other is just too good to be true. However, that chemistry is also a curse since they tend to lose track very quickly if they aren’t in perfect sync.



22. Shion And Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)


Shion And Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)


These two are just as mysterious as you might expect. And that’s what makes their character so worth it in the first place. Shion and Mion Sonozaki are part of the horror anime series known as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.


This anime is known for having a very unsettling story. Moreover, fans also appreciate the fact that this duo is part of the main cast. And their personalities are just as fun as you would want them to be.


However, the reality of their lives is brought forth in the later parts of the show. And it is at that moment where we understand the true nature of these twins.



21. Miki And Kozue Kaoru (Revolutionary Girl Utena)


Miki And Kozue Kaoru (Revolutionary Girl Utena)


Miki and Kozue bring the flavour necessary to make Revolutionary Girl Utena, as incredible as it is. And that’s why fans love these twins with all their hearts. These two have a very complex bond with each other that needs to be addressed in the show.


That’s the beauty of this anime. It manages to encompass human relationships so well that it creates room for beautiful characters like Miki and Kozue. And so, if you haven’t watched this show yet, make sure that you do so.


Along with these twins, you will also get to experience the most beautiful shoujo anime of its era.



20. Tsukasa And Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)


Tsukasa And Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)


These twins are part of an anime that is known for having an interesting way to approach humour. And that’s why people love this duo with all their hearts. Tsukasa and Kagami are identical twins who only have a handful of features different from each other, hairstyle and length, etc.


However, what makes them distinguishable is the fact that they are very captivating on screen. While one of them is quite dumb and takes time to comprehend the situation she is in, the other is outgoing and creates an atmosphere where she can make friends quite quickly.



19. Ryou And Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad)


Ryou And Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad)


In this duo, Kyou is the outgoing one while Ryou is the shy one. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they both have a beautiful bond together. Clannad is an anime that always signifies the importance of human emotions.


And so, the sisterly bond meant between them is portrayed beautifully. Moreover, fans always appreciate these characters as they bring the essence necessary to make Clannad, the work of art that it is for the audience.


And that’s why, even though they are unaware of it, Ryou and Kyou make the overall Clannad viewing experience very fun.



18. Zero And Ichiru Kiryuu (Vampire Knight)


Zero And Ichiru Kiryuu (Vampire Knight)


In the world in which they are born, even their presence is exceptionally rare. That’s what makes these twins so special. The story of Vampire Knight makes it so twins are quite difficult to be born as they would compete during their fetal stages in order to attain superiority then and there.


However, it still happened somehow and we ended up getting a pair of siblings with Zero being the stronger one and Ichiru being the weaker one. Being weak made the humble and kind Ichiru long for Zero’s death and that’s how influential power is in this anime.


A key feature to note here is that it is assumed that they both are meant to merge and become one together.



17. Mairu and Kururi Orihara (Durarara!!)


Mairu and Kururi Orihara (Durarara!!)


They both get along very well. In fact, they get along so well that they will go against anyone in order to save each other. They are younger sisters of Izaya Orihara who is the antagonist in the series.


It is important to note that Izaya himself was very upset about this duo as he always assumed that their similarities were too much. Therefore, he once claimed that one of them should be dead since they are basically the same person.


And while it did affect them during their childhood, during their teenage, they got back to normal and enjoyed their lives as they were supposed to.



16. Johan Liebert and Nina Fortner (Monster)


Johan Liebert and Nina Fortner (Monster)


These twins are known for being a pair that redefines a lot of philosophies in the anime. Johan is obviously a beast who is going to make the most difference in the realm of Monster with his actions.


However, his sister Nina is someone who will be fighting to make the most out of her own life in the series. I don’t wish to spoil anything for you but just know that if they both get together, you will be in for an insane ride.


And so, if you are someone who is out there trying to make the most out of his Monster viewing experience, keep your eyes out for Nina Fortner.



15. Para and Dox (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Para and Dox (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


This twin duo is known for being in complete sync with each other. And that’s why they might be the perfect characters for many fans out there. As you guys know, Yu Gi Oh is a series that will always shape the way you look at battling with other people.


And these twins just add more substance to that narrative. However, what separates them from the rest is the sheer coherence that they possess. And that allows them to overpower their opponents at times.


Even their names are quite fun if you think about it. And that’s why deserve to be part of our list.



14. Kasumi and Shizuku Ishiki (King of Thorn)


Kasumi and Shizuku Ishiki (King of Thorn)


These twins are very interesting. In fact, the entire show is very interesting to watch. However, it is advised that people should watch this movie at their own discretion as the series does have some very unsettling revelations that will change the way you look at life altogether.


And let’s just say that Kasumi and Shizuku will be playing a very crucial role in that. The sisters can’t live without each other. However, the way this sentiment will be put forth is going to be nothing less than challenging to watch.


That’s why you need to enjoy this movie as soon as possible.



13. Vash the Stampede and Knives Millions (Trigun)


This is a very interesting duo to watch on screen as they don’t resemble any qualities of twins. These two are very different as one of them is a menace to society while the other is holding it together.


Vash is the one who wants to make sure that everything around him is peaceful and tranquil. However, his brother Knives is wishing for nothing other than humanity’s demise. This duality that exists between these brothers is what makes them so fun and interesting to watch on screen.


After all, there aren’t many people who would experience such bitter yet amazing rivalry between brothers in anime.



12. Atsumu and Osamu Miya (Haikyuu!!)


Atsumu and Osamu Miya (Haikyuu!!)


These twins are very fun to watch as they have a lot of differentiations between them. At times, twins tend to have a lot of similarities that make their character a bit boring to watch.


However, Atsumu and Osamu are so different that you can’t help but love them with all your heart. While Atsumu is quite an aggressive and outgoing person who seems to have trouble holding his composure, Osamu is chill and relaxed and often portrays a poised look on his face.


However, regardless of their differences, on the field, these two are just a force to be reckoned with. After all, they are one of the best spiker and setter duos in the entire anime.



11. Takumi and Isami Aldini (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma)


Takumi and Isami Aldini (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma)


Food Wars is an anime all about making the best dishes humanly possible. And since this craft is exceptionally difficult, it only makes sense that a twin duo will be able to make the best out of it.


And that’s where Takumi and Isami come into play. Just like our main character of Food Wars, Soma, these two also happen to be professionals who have always had the public taste their delicious recipes.


In fact, they both are the heirs of the Italian Trattoria Aldini restaurant, which would explain their culinary expertise in the anime. They are very strong as characters and create some of the most mesmerizing experiences for characters within the story.



10. Nika and Toko (Beyblade Burst)


Nika and Toko (Beyblade Burst)


This duo appears in the realm of Beyblade Burst. And let’s just say that their presence is nothing less than adorable in the series. Toko and Nika are the twin siblings of our main character Valt Aoi.


And the surprising thing here is that this duo holds a lot of significance in the series, especially when it comes to being the supporters of our boy. In fact, they were the first ones to let Valt know that he was amazing.


And that allowed fans to look at them with a positive eye. All in all, this twin is something that fans always look up to. And in the later parts of the show, one of them ends up getting their own Beyblade as well.


Isn’t that great?



9. Enju and Kaede (Fena: Pirate Princess)


Enju and Kaede (Fena: Pirate Princess)


These two are from an anime that hasn’t gotten much heat yet. However, it’s only a matter of time till it all goes down for it. The series talks about a girl named Fena Houtman who happens to be separated from her family and is now present on a deserted island.


She is in search of a place called Eden and happens to have a lot of people accompanying her. Two of them happen to be Enju and Kaede. And the thing about Enju and Kaede is that they both are basically the same person in two bodies.


They are energetic beings who are always trying their luck on some women. This twin duo is very fun to watch and their skills are nothing less than exceptional.



8. Hideyoshi and Yuuko (Baka And Test)


Hideyoshi and Yuuko (Baka And Test)


This anime is quite fun to watch. And you would especially like it if you are still in high school. The show focuses on a world where people are placed in classes based on their scores in the entrance exams.


Needless to say, the lowest gets to the worst class and only gets the bare minimum facilities. Out of the two characters mentioned here, Yuuko is the one who happens to be at the top.


She is part of class A and is very arrogant about it. However, on the other hand, there is Hideyoshi is part of class F. However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart.


He is fairly intelligent and he wishes to pursue acting in the near future. But don’t confuse him for being a girl.



7. Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki (Bleach)


Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki (Bleach)


The worst part about Bleach is that it doesn’t highlight the human elements of its series. I mean come on, there’s no need to just talk about the supernatural aspects of a series because then characters like Karin and Yuzu end up getting very less screen time.


Despite being siblings to the main character, this duo still doesn’t have much going on for them. And that’s quite disheartening if you think about it. However, we do get to experience them on a few occasions such as filler episodes or only a handful of other episodes.


But they do have great personalities as they support their brother in his endeavours, even though they have no clue what exactly he is up to.



6. Sakon and Ukon (Naruto)


Sakon and Ukon (Naruto)


Sakon was quite a challenge in the world of Naruto. If you are a hardcore Naruto fan, you might remember that these guys appeared when the original series was coming to an end.


And the idea was that Sakon had to battle Kiba and Akamaru in the story. However, it was at that moment that we realized that Sakon wasn’t alone as he happens to have a twin brother Ukon who is a part of his own body.


This allowed him to overpower Kiba for a while. Even with Akamaru’s help, he wasn’t able to make much of a difference. And all thanks to Shino that he ended up being saved.


Otherwise, Sakon would have gotten him.



5. Hikaru and Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)


Hikaru and Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)


This duo is known for being hilarious. And that’s one of the many reasons why people love them. They are part of the lead cast of the show which is very satisfying as most twin characters tend to be on the sidelines.


However, Hikaru and Kaoru always entertain the audience with their witty humour and take the viewers on an interesting journey in each episode. There was even an episode where this duo just experienced what most siblings do.


And the visual representation of that was nothing less than gorgeous for the fans of Ouran High School Host Club.



4. Rem and Ram (Re: Zero)


Rem and Ram (Re: Zero)


Probably one of the most popular twins in all of anime, we have Rem and Ram. This duo is very important for the core storyline of the series as they happen to be one of the lead characters in the show.


Moreover, fans even considered Rem over Emilia who is the actual female lead of the series. They have very similar yet contrasting personalities. While Rem is very sweet to our main character Subaru, Ram is just as obstinate as you can imagine.


Moreover, she is very heartless for him as well which really creates a distinction between herself and her sister. However, keeping that aside, Rem and Ram are just amazing as a duo.



3. Muichiro & Yuichiro Tokito (Demon Slayer)


Muichiro & Yuichiro Tokito (Demon Slayer)


Yuichiro and Muichiro is a duo that wasn’t revealed until very late in the series. However, what separates them from the rest is the backstory that they have to offer.


Due to horrible demon experiences, Muichiro and Yuichiro had no choice but to always look and endure the cruelty that life had to offer. Not only that, Muichiro also ended up being the only brother who survived among the two, making him so much more shaken from the inside.


These twins didn’t get much screen time in the show, however, their contribution to the overall story is just too good to overlook.



2. Rin and Yukio (Blue Exorcist)


Rin and Yukio (Blue Exorcist)


This duo is very interesting to watch. And that’s mainly because of how powerful they are and how well they get along with each other. Rin and Yukio are brothers who happened to be Satan’s children.


Now you would think that they would be very evil from their hearts. However, in reality, they are quite noble and are working towards saving humanity. This quality alone makes them fan favourites.


And if we dive deeper into the core story, we will realize how fun it is to watch these twins battle and pave their way to victory. All in all, Rin and Yukio are a force to be reckoned with.



1. Androids 17 and 18 (Dragon Ball Z)


Androids 17 and 18 (Dragon Ball Z)


Android 17 and Android 18 are twins, not by birth, but by creation. And let’s just say that both of these characters played a huge role in the core story of the anime.


I mean, Android 17 is the reason why we are still alive in the Dragon Ball Super universe. Therefore, fans need to respect their presence no matter what. When they first appeared, they were nothing less than menacing and their antagonistic nature made them way stronger than we could have imagined.


As the story continued, their antagonistic era came to an end and 18 married Krillin while 17 was just chillin.


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