Top 50 Ugliest Anime Characters Of All Time

top 50 ugliest anime characters of all time


Who is the ugliest anime character? There are quite a few reasons why fans can consider a character uglier than others.


But the beauty of these characters is that it makes them unique and memorable.


One might forget a normal side character or any other character but one will always remember if there is a different-looking character with strong and abnormal features 


For example, Nindo is probably the most obvious candidate, but you can also choose one from Bleach or Death Note. 


There are many more, though. To see them all, check out our most Ugly Anime Characters list.




1. Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)


witch of the waste (howl's moving castle)


Howl’s Moving Castle is a 2004 Japanese animated fantasy film based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones. It was produced by Toshio Suzuki and distributed by Toho and features a Japanese voice cast.


The film stars Lauren Bacall, Jean Simmons, and Christian Bal. Josh Hutcherson also appears in a small role. The film’s snarky humour and goofy character designs will make even the most jaded anime fan smile.


The Witch of the Waste is an antagonist in the Japanese animated film Howl’s Moving Castle. The Witch is an evil witch who is determined to kill Howl.


Her mission is to free the missing prince from a neighbouring land, but she has her work cut out for her.


Fortunately, Sophie proves herself to be an excellent witch, and she takes the lead in solving the murder of the prince and his evil witch. 


Her appearance is purposely made as horrible as possible without making it too obvious. And that’s because her character is supposed to depict evil and highlight the “bad” element that she has going on for her.


And let’s just say that the creators managed to succeed very well. 




2. Charlotte Linlin (One Piece)


charlotte linlin (one piece)


As you can see, she is pretty ugly. She is the ugliest anime character in the manga and is one of the main characters, Big Mom or Charlotte Linlin.


This character tends to be very cartoony and has an ugly look. However, some characters make me laugh. One Piece’s Charlotte Linlin is a good example.


She has a crooked head and no neck, and her face is a funny blend of pink and devilish eyes. 


Charlotte Linlin is a character who will be remembered as one of the most crucial ugly characters in any anime.


She may not be the most appealing, however, there’s no denying that the sheer impact that she holds on this franchise is nothing less than fascinating and captivating. 




3. Buppa (Tokyo Tribe 2)


buppa (tokyo tribe 2)


The main villain in the Tokyo Tribe 2 series and the live-action film is the fat, obese Buppa. He is a crime lord who dominates Tokyo by robbing the underworld of its wealth.


Originally portrayed by Daisuke Gori (voice of Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z), Buppa in the live-action movie was portrayed by Riki Takeuchi.


In addition to being a cute and ugly character, Buppa also has a variety of unique abilities. He can also impersonate any form, including his own.


While he looks like an ugly anime character, he also has several superpowers, including an enhanced sense of smell, a powerful attack with a bow, and the ability to levitate enemies to the ground. 


This character is quite uninviting, to say the least. And the way he has been portrayed in the series, makes him even more uninviting from the audience’s perspective.


However, that’s what adds more flavour to his character as we continue to watch Tokyo Tribe 2. 




4. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti (Re: Zero)


petelgeuse romanee-conti (re: zero)


Petelgeuse Re: Zero has a distorted vision of the world and creepy movements. Though he is at first funny, his killing of Rem is horrifying, as Subaru screams, “It’s not fair!” and licks his face.


It’s an awful and disgusting character. I’m not sure if I can even stand this character, but I can’t look away from the ugly anime character.


Petelgeuse was a slender man who remained at 180 centimetres tall, marginally taller than Subaru. His cheeks were emaciated, and the skin on his bones was curiously dainty.


If not for the sparkle of frenzy in his dim eyes, the Archbishop would show up absent any essentialness.


His tone and lips, reflecting the remainder of his figure, were spooky pale and had a debilitated green colour.


Sloth’s dark green hair was genuinely short yet to the point of getting somebody’s attention. 


This character is absolutely horrible. Not only in terms of his looks but also his conduct in the story. His actions always result in a miserable situation.


And let’s just say that there wouldn’t be a single viewer in the world who like Petelgeuse. That’s how good of a villain he is. 



5. Me-Mania (Perfect Blue)


me-mania (perfect blue)


Me-Mania is the secondary antagonist of the 1999 anime Mr. Perfect Blue. This ugly character has a tragic backstory and is a reflection of our modern world.


It depicts an unhealthy fan obsession and toxic entitlement that can grow into cancer. Throughout the film, the audience is compelled to root for the main character, despite his many shortcomings.


The hulking form of this starfish-like figure has made him a popular anime villain. Originally inspired by a notorious child killer, the character has grown into a gigantic monster.


In addition to his disgusting physical appearance, he has a deep obsession with Joan of Arc. The character is based on the same child killer as his fanciful counterpart. 


This character is purposely made as horrifying as possible since he is supposed to add that touch of darkness to the story.


Perfect Blue is a movie that has a dark theme to it that is much more immersive with the portrayal of its characters and its animation overall. 



6. Smiling Titan (Attack on Titan)


Smiling Titan (Attack on Titan)


The Smiling Titan’s appearance in the first season of Attack on Titan is a revelation for fans of the series.


The character was played by Dina Fritz, a member of the Eldian Restorationist movement.


Many people believe that she murdered Eren’s mother because she was the wife of the Grisha Titan.


However, this storyline is still in development. Some other plotlines in the series may be more interesting to fans.



7. Foxy the Silver Fox (One Piece)


Foxy the Silver Fox (One Piece)


While not necessarily ugly, Foxy the Silver Cat from One Piece is a cartoon character, which is not uncommon.


He is the mascot of the Straw Hat Pirates and is a half-human, half-giant combination. He is originally a reindeer, but after a magical encounter with the Straw Hats, he became half-human and was shunned by his family.


He eventually met Dr. Kureha, who passed on all of her medical knowledge to him. Now he is a token character in One Piece, a character who never really gets a lot of screen time.



8. Amayo Jingoro (Basilisk)


Amayo Jingoro (Basilisk)


The Amayo Jingoro Basilisk has some rather peculiar features. The characters are not particularly cute, with square faces, weird moustaches, and a lack of any kind of feminine beauty.


If we were to compare him to a human, he would much more resemble an ugly mutant. The show’s plot centres on the feud between the noble houses of Japan and the Shogun, in which both noble houses stage assassination attempts on the heir of the opposing house.



9. Hajime Fukuroda (Great Teacher Onizuka)


Hajime Fukuroda (Great Teacher Onizuka)


You may not have noticed, but the character of Hajime Fukuroda is incredibly ugly. He is an unattractive, single, 30-year-old teacher who teaches physical education.


He is so ugly that he is a laughingstock in the school and is often teased in class for his appearance.


Unfortunately, the character is not even a good example of what it means to be ugly. Onizuka, however, doesn’t have to be ugly.


Kikuchi is an extremely smart and intelligent student, attending Holy Forest Academy classes three and four. He has a much higher IQ than Onizuka and has even achieved the top score in Japan on a national exam.


In addition, Kikuchi is an extremely adept user of PCs, but he has been accused of being ugly by his classmates, on the other Fukuroda used to be the ace of his swimming club in his college years, but has now turned out to be the ugliest and hated character in the school.



10. Yubaba (Spirited Away)


Yubaba (Spirited Away)


Yubaba’s most significant power was her ability to grant someone certain status. By contrast, she was able to change the outcome of an event.


Her ability to contract people with certain outcomes was her most dangerous, and it is her primary means of controlling employees.


Yubaba Spirited Away continues to explore these powers and how they can help the characters in the series. It is unclear how she obtained these powers, but the film shows that her magical abilities can also be channelled through her hands.


Although Yubaba is a scary character, she has some redeeming qualities. She is kind and honourable but can be scary when angry.


At times, she can be creepy and mean, but she always follows her words. In a world where people can be untrustworthy, Yubaba is the perfect role model.


Yubaba is the first villain in Spirited Away, and she embodies the qualities of a typical character.



11. Dodoria (Dragon Ball Z)


Dodoria (Dragon Ball Z)


Dodoria is a villain from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. The ruthless bodyguard of Freezer, Dodoria is one of Frieza’s two most powerful Generals.


The character’s name derives from the Japanese word for durian fruit. Dodoria is the worst villain in the series, and his presence will cause the entire world to fall apart.


Unlike her fellow Hollows, Dodoria is a sadist, which gives her some appeal. While Zarbon demonstrates limits of cruelty, Dodoria has no limit.


She revels in putting other people through misery and pain. She even pleadingly kills Vegeta so he can keep his evil memory hidden.


However, the evil-doer’s sadistic nature will make her a popular character in the series.



12. Alvida (One Piece)


Alvida (One Piece)


The first female pirate in the One Piece series is called Alvida. Her name, ‘Good Bye,’ is derived from Hindi.


She has a round face with an evil smile and short legs. She carries an iron club and is cruel to anyone who insults her appearance.


However, she makes her crew work harder and takes on bigger and more dangerous enemies. Luffy eventually defeats her in one blow, and she vows to never look back.


Some critics have called One Piece characters ugly, but they are not all necessarily ugly. Several designs of characters in One Piece were made with an intentional “ugly” tone in mind.


For example, big characters, such as Charlotte Katakuri and Oden, are deliberately ugly. Oda’s approach may have taken the idea from Dark Souls, but it doesn’t make sense in the context of One Piece.



13. Ichiya Vandalay (Fairy Tail)


Ichiya Vandalay (Fairy Tail)


Is Ichiya Vandalay from Fairy Tail an ugly anime character? Yes, he is, and his look certainly shows it.


He has a pig-like face, long orange hair, and an almost straight face. Despite his “awesome” powers, he is also a weak and stupid character.


And the best part? His ugly features are accentuated by the fact that he thinks he is attractive. The sexy appearance of Hibiki makes him seem less scary than he is.


However, Hibiki is never serious in public, and he stops flirting with other women after meeting you. His teammates congratulate him for finding meaningful love, but he is wary of other women.


His awkwardness around women is also a problem, and he can be very cheesy.



14. Kinnikuman (Seigi Choujin vs. Senshi Choujin)


Kinnikuman (Seigi Choujin vs. Senshi Choujin)


The third theatrical film based on the manga series Kinnikuman is Kinnikuman: Seigi vs. Senshi Choujin. It is also known as Zheng Yi vs. Gu Dai Chao Ren is the second to be made into a film.


The story follows the journey of Kinnikuman, a lazy chojin, and his journey from Earth to the five evil gods. The sequel to the popular series features a new hero, Seigi Choujin.


After switching to wrestling, he disappears from the series but later returns as part of the new generation of superheroes.


Seigi Choujin is accompanied by Detective Iwao and Gobugari. In the manga, he battles with his rivals to win the New Generation Replacement Tournament.


The sequel is the third theatrical film based on the popular manga and anime series. The film is also known as Seigi Choujin vs. Ancient Choujin.


It was written by Yudetamago, who also wrote the original manga series and anime series. The film stars Shibata, Hidekatsu Shibata, Koji Yada, and Ayakashi Hirako.



15. Gecko Moria (One Piece)


Gecko Moria (One Piece)


The first thing to note about Moria is that she is a human! This may be a bit surprising considering that One Piece has only seven different species of non-human creatures, but it’s true nonetheless.


Many viewers do not believe that she is a human, because of her monstrous face and size. 


She is quite large, but not quite as big as a Giant. Besides that, her appearance doesn’t make her stand out much.


Compared to other characters in the series, she’s not particularly impressive. Nevertheless, her sexy attire is a draw.



16. Vellian Crowler (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Vellian Crowler (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Dr. Vellian Crowler is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links video game and the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. Suppose you’re looking for a new character to play in Yu-Gi-Oh!


You’ll want to check out Vellian Crowler. This character is not only in the video game, but she also plays a key role in the anime series.


Dr. Vellian Crowler is a mysterious character with a British accent. She has an appreciation for Italian culture and has a vaguely British accent.


Her dark powers are fueled by her Shadow Charm, which she acquired from the Gravekeeper’s Chief. She can initiate the Shadow Games, which results in sealing her soul within the card.


Duelling with Vellian Crowler can be a challenge, but it’s worth attempting it for the full effect.



17. Drosselmeyer (Princess Tutu)


Drosselmeyer (Princess Tutu)


In the series, Princess Tutu, the ugly duckling, finds her ending in the form of a little duckling. It is a shattered heart, a mere speck of light, dependent on its Fakir, who protects it.


He is a very talented ballerina, and the ballet school students admire him for his ability to dance. In this story, he becomes attracted to Princess Tutu and wants to know her.


Despite its ugly appearance, the story has a unique approach to its themes. Its characters often act out their conflicts through ballet dancing.


While Princess Tutu follows a formula, the stories rarely feel predictable. The plot also deconstructs fairy tales and the traditional way fairy tales were told.


As a result, Princess Tutu is a unique anime experience.



18. Miss Merry Christmas (One Piece)


Miss Merry Christmas (One Piece)


Ugly anime characters are not uncommon, and Miss Merry Christmas is no exception. Miss Merry Christmas is also known as Drophy in the anime. 


The hapless ground digger horror is only one facet of the character, and she has a variety of personalities.


However, her unique and adorable look should not discourage you from purchasing her merry merchandise.


Her wacky outfits are sure to delight fans, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. She also has the Devil Fruit named Mogu Mogu no Mi. 



19. Wapol (One Piece)


Wapol (One Piece)


While many of the characters in the popular series have aesthetically unappealing bodies, Wapol is a prime example. The character of Wapol is the former king of Drum Island, but he is now a pirate captain.


He is also a member of the Black Cat Pirates, a band of pirates led by Kuro, Django, the Meowban Brothers, and the Hyena.


Unfortunately, Wapol’s crew is mostly comprised of his former army. This makes him one of the ugliest anime characters.


Another one of One Piece’s most unattractive characters is the titular character, Jango. Designed after Michael Jackson, he is cowardly, stupid, and unreliable.


He moonwalks and hypnotizes himself whenever he notices that someone is watching him, which he does to avoid attention.


He picked up the ability after eating a portion of a mushroom.



20. Grand Fisher (Bleach)


Grand Fisher (Bleach)


The obnoxious and somewhat ugly character Grand Fisher appears in the series’ second half. He is a hollow whose origins are mysterious and a bony-cheeked character.


Bleach is one of the most successful anime series ever, and this new film is set to continue this tradition.


In the manga and anime series, Grand Fisher is also called Kukaku. He wears a prosthetic right arm in the anime, but the manga has him adorned with a stump.


His appearance in the series is also a defining characteristic of the main character.



21. Happa Yamao (One Piece)


Happa Yamao (One Piece)


Happa Yamao is one of the civilians in Water 7s, where he helped Usopp get the supplies and wood for the Going Merry.


Happa is a tall chunky man, effectively overshadowing Usopp, with spiky dim hair and facial hair growth of a similar shape.


He has a scar under his right eye. He additionally wears an unfastened blue nabbed shirt with an earthy-coloured leaf plan on it, with a white shirt underneath it.


He seems, by all accounts, to be a thoughtful man, as he gave Usopp some rice balls when he understood that Usopp was ravenous.


He was ready to take what minimal expenditure Usopp had for him regardless of it not being sufficient to pay for what he purchased.



22. Jagi (Fist of the North Star)


Jagi (Fist of the North Star)


In the Japanese manga series Fist of the North Star, a warrior named Kenshiro fights in an alternate universe in which humans have evolved to fight on their own.


The series is set on post-apocalyptic Earth after a nuclear war and follows the adventures of Kenshiro. The manga also focuses on his martial art, Hokuto Shinken, and the secret vital points of his body.


The main plot of Fist is about a post-apocalyptic world in which muscle power is more important than wits.


The series’s main characters are split into two groups, the hapless victims and the goons. The enemies in Fist are reminiscent of the evil forces of the 20th century, such as the barbarian Conan the Barbarian.


Meanwhile, their opponents are pseudo-fascists in military uniforms. While they are ugly on the outside, their inner nobility is reflected in their appearances.



23. Fuusuke (Ninku)


Fuusuke (Ninku)


After losing his parents at a young age, Fuusuke possesses a good moral code and a pure heart. He will go to great lengths to protect those around him, including sacrificing himself to protect an orphanage from Ajirada’s soldiers.


In addition to this, he is very mature and well-mannered. However, Fuusuke’s character traits could also be considered weaknesses.


He is also known as Fuusuke the Wind. While waiting for his friends, Fuusuke encounters a motorcycle gang he had seen before.


He recognized the gang and decided to stop them but was stopped by Hiroyuki’s rope. Later, he discovers that the motorcycle gang had abducted Mika.


As a result of his actions, he returns to save his friend.



24. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


One of the antagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is Gluttony. This male character results from a failed experiment by the father, who wanted to create a new Gate of Truth, which would provide humans with access to alchemical knowledge.


In the manga, Gluttony dies by being eaten by Pride. While her personality remains nearly the same, the anime alters her origins more sinisterly.


The protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the second-youngest Homunculus after Lust. This Homunculus shares a close bond with Lust and is often partnered with him.


The manga version has a slightly different personality from the anime, but the basic nature of his character is the same.


His three head-like appendages are also similar to those in the manga, and he possesses the Sense of taste, which is similar to his manga counterpart.



25. Ukon (Naruto)


Ukon (Naruto)


The anime series ‘Naruto’ features a series of unattractive characters. One of these characters is Ukon Naruto, a former ninja from the village of Iwagakure who was forced to join the Akatsuki after bombing a village.


Ukon is considered the ugliest ninja globally and was once the target of a terrorist bomber, Itachi Uchiha. But after becoming a teacher to Naruto, Ukon becomes his first ally and saves him from a kidnapping by Mizuki.


While his appearance is ugly, the character is powerful. Ukon tries to regain his lost left arm after a fight with Sasuke.


He also tries to kill the allied ninjas preparing for the Fourth Ninja War. He then goes to Konoha to fight the evil Sasuke and his friends.


This battle is his way of punishing Team Kakashi for their crimes.



26. Ryuk (Death Note)


Ryuk (Death Note)


The anime series Death Note features the emo-disguised Shinigami, Ryuk. This character possesses the Death Note, which gives him the power to kill anyone by knowing their face or name.


He is a very unusual Shinigami, as he has a very beautiful heart. Rem also has long, twisted arms and is covered in bones.


He despises the Yotsuba Group and Kyosuke Higuchi. The main character of the series, Ryuk, looks like an overgrown, bloodlust bastard.


His appearance is reminiscent of a demon. The character is so ugly, and it’s scary to watch. He can’t seem to get a break!


The sour environment and horrifying look of Ryuk are also very unsettling. Although he is a powerful character, his appearance is very unsettling.


The anime is one of the most famous manga series in history. The manga version of Death Note features Ryuk as an overly-cute man, while the anime version features a more sexy and sexually-orientated character.


The manga version also features the cute Ryuk as a sidekick. As a result, Ryuk is a popular character in anime.


Among many other things, he is a popular mascot for the series.



27. Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)


Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)


If you are not familiar with the Japanese animation series, One Piece, you may be wondering how this series came about.


The story of the One Piece series centres around an army of pirates who are fighting the evil Marines.


Originally, they were called the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and Marshall D Teach was one of them. But, unfortunately, his bucktooth face and nasty smile running across his face ruin the fans’ mood.


He is the main antagonist of the series and purported the entire battle at Marineford when he defeated and nabbed Ace.


He further handed over Ace to the Marines. However, shortly after his rescue, he was killed by Akainu, thus attracting fans’ hate in the process.



28. Tomoko Kuroki (No Matter How I Look, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular)


Tomoko Kuroki (No Matter How I Look, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular)


In it’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular, an ugly anime character takes on the role of a high school girl.


Unlike other teens, she is not shy, and she is constantly irritated by her older brother. In the series, she becomes increasingly more unpopular as her relationship with her brother worsens.


The show focuses on a teenager named Tomoko, who is a little too young for her good, and with limited life experience.


Tomoko plays video games throughout the series, making up scenarios and listening to special audio. For example, Tomoko looks through a window at the “Love Hotel” to see two people making love in one episode.


She is horrified by the detail of the games, which she tries to hide behind her innocent words. Eventually, Tomoko and Yu reunite, and she discovers that Yu was wearing glasses during middle school, which she discarded for contact lenses.



29. Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Bleach)


Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Bleach)


Marechiyo Omaeda is a character from the anime series Bleach. She has black hair and eyes. She has a large mouth and comes across as arrogant and dull.


She is also lazy. She often eats fried rice crackers and is often beaten up by Captain Soifon for letting the crumbs fall into her hair.


She is also the only female character in the manga. Omaeda is the vice-captain of the second squad. He is arrogant, gluttonous, and stubborn.


However, despite his elitist and snobbish traits, he is a loyal, if not cocky, team member. He is also very obedient to his captain and is incredibly loyal.



30. Masao Murasako (Shiki)


Masao Murasako (Shiki)


When I first started watching this manga, I was shocked to see how ugly it was. The character combines the “ugly” and “rotten” categories.


In many ways, he is reincarnated as the devil, with his appearance reflecting his rotten feelings. His appearance reflects his rotten thoughts, but his actions also do.


This character is so hateful from the inside that he mocks his own life and celebrates the death of others.


This manga is based on a Japanese horror manga series called “Vampire Hunters.” The series features a group of townspeople who hunt the risen dead, and they attack comatose Shiki in the day.


When the sun rises, they are tied to poles and burned. Traditionally, vampires burn in the sun. While Shiki is incredibly ugly, the underlying theme of the manga is one of survival, which is what makes it so interesting to me.



31. Rem (Death Note)


Rem (Death Note)


One of the most well-known and lovable Shinigami from the Death Note series is Rem. He looks skeletal and is the same height as the average human, and his face is often highlighted with a light blue shade.


His hair is also purple, and his facial features are outlined in a light blue shade. Rem does not display the typical Shinigami traits like a sexy appearance, unlike the other Shinigami.


In Death Note: The Last Name, however, Rem declares to be a female Shinigami, which leaves the gender ambiguous.



32. Hollows (Bleach)


Hollows (Bleach)


In the anime and manga series, Hollows are supernatural beings that possess human characteristics. They are distinctive creatures who are born out of human souls.


Due to various reasons, they are not able to cross over to soul society after their demise. Those who have hollow souls are known as Soul Reapers, and they can be very dangerous to those who hunt them.


Although they can be as harmless as mice, Hollows have also been known to put up impressive fights, so the player must be careful when attacking Hollows.



33. Honest (Akame Ga Kill)


Honest (Akame Ga Kill)


Although Prime Minister Honest of Akame Ga Kill is one of the most unsexy characters in Japanese animation, he is a worthy antagonist.


Although he is taciturn and doesn’t have many social skills, he is extremely powerful and is the leader of the Jaegers, the most dangerous and lethal unit in the entire series.


He cares deeply for his team but is utterly lacking in empathy. One of the biggest problems of Akame ga Kill! is its difficulty balancing the serious and comedic elements.


In one episode, Tatsumi learns that his family tortured two of his friends. He then witnesses one of his childhood friends die in his arms.


The episode also makes clear just how depraved the Capitol is. Although this episode has many flaws, the show does manage to reach the upper echelon of the past season and is almost worth watching just for Esdeath.


Although Prime Minister Honest is a great villain, he is far from the only one. He is one of the four Near Pure Evil villains in Akame Ga Kill!


His heinous standard makes him a worthy antagonist. While the original manga version of the series stars Satomi Akesaka as the eponymous Prime Minister, the anime version features Christine Auten as the villain.



34.  Nendou Midori (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)


Nendou Midori (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)


Nendou Midori is a hilarious and lovable character in the anime series “Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan” (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.). As one of Saiki Kusuo’s classmates, Nendou stands out for his larger-than-life personality and unconventional antics.


Nendou is known for his boisterous nature, often speaking and acting without filter or restraint. With his loud voice and energetic demeanour, he frequently disrupts the tranquillity around him. Despite his seeming lack of intellect, Nendou possesses an unexpected sincerity and a heart of gold.


One of Nendou’s defining characteristics is his unwavering loyalty and friendship. He genuinely cares for those around him and goes to great lengths to support and defend his friends, including Saiki.


Nendou’s loyalty extends even to those who may initially find him troublesome, ultimately winning them over with his genuine kindness and good intentions.



35. Frieza (Dragon Ball)


Frieza (Dragon Ball)


As the ruler of Universe 7, Frieza is an unattractive anime character. He also dislikes his new look, so he uses it to his advantage in battle.


Despite his disgusting appearance, he considers himself to the highest standard because of his background and ancestry.


In Dragon Ball, the main villain, Frieza, is an ugly character who hates Saiyans. His horror is evident in several episodes, but he’s more appealing about his appearance than his abilities.


Unlike most anime characters, his ugly appearance has led him to be referred to as “The Monster King” in several movies and television shows.



36. Cui (Dragon Ball)


Cui (Dragon Ball)


Vegeta, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, is a beautiful and powerful warrior who serves as Frieza’s right-hand man.


Although his name is derived from the Japanese word for pomelo fruit, he is better known as Zhu Luan.


According to Beckett Anime, Zarbon is one of the top five greatest anime henchmen. Unfortunately, the character’s character development is one of the series’ weak points, but it does highlight how much he has grown over the years.


In the Saiyan Saga, Cui is the rival of Vegeta before Goku. While his strength rivals that of Vegeta, he has little to offer in threatening Goku and his friends.


Vegeta’s integration into the main cast was a smart move on Toriyama’s part. While Cui’s character arc has its pros and cons, he also serves the series aims to introduce the concept of Zenkais, which is crucial for implying that Power Levels do matter.


However, Cui’s reveal ruins the series’ discourse by making him a less interesting character.



37. Shigaraki Tomura (My Hero Academia)


Shigaraki Tomura (My Hero Academia)


If you’re a fan of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series, you may be wondering: why is Shigaraki Tomura such an ugly character?


In the manga, Shigaraki is a character that has been portrayed as a victim who fell through the hero system.


He represents the Jungian shadow of society and the neglect and ignorance of people like Eri. Shigaraki’s backstory is heartbreaking and explains his behaviour.


He has scars on his neck that he got from being angry. And he was bullied and put down by his family.


Like the other members of the League of Villains, Shigaraki was recruited by the pro-hero Izuku, who has a difficult time adjusting to his role in the League of Villains.


However, he believes that having a purpose in an evil-filled world will satisfy his emotional and spiritual needs and quench his thirsty soul.


He is a truly ugly anime character, and it’s worth watching the series to find out more.



38. Ikumi Itou (Shiki)


Ikumi Itou (Shiki)


Ikumi Itou is a compelling and complex character in the anime series “Shiki.” As a resident of the quiet village of Sotoba, Ikumi plays a significant role in the unfolding supernatural events that shake the community to its core.


Ikumi initially appears as an ordinary, cheerful and friendly young woman who works as a nurse at the local clinic. However, as the mysterious deaths begin to plague the village, Ikumi’s character undergoes a transformation.


She becomes increasingly involved in the investigations and displays a relentless determination to uncover the truth behind the epidemic. What sets Ikumi apart is her unwavering courage and resilience in the face of the horrifying events surrounding her.


Despite the escalating danger and the growing darkness that envelopes Sotoba, she refuses to succumb to fear or despair. Instead, Ikumi becomes a beacon of hope and strength, inspiring those around her to stand up against the sinister forces threatening their lives.



39. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (Overlord)


Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (Overlord)


Entoma Vasilissa is a battle maid from the Pleiades, a supporting character in the Overlord light novel series. She is the creation of the author Genjiro and is voiced by Kei Shindo in the Japanese version.


Tia Ballard provided the English voice for Entoma, and Corinne Sudberg played the role of the character’s sister, Arche Eeb Rile Furt.


Though Entoma resembles a girl, she is a blood-lusty monster who consumes human flesh. Though her tastes are mainly based on female flesh, she has shown a preference for men’s muscles.


While she appears to be a normal human, she does not always eat people out of pure hunger. She does so only if they bother her.


That’s why she is willing to sacrifice humans for the pleasure of eating them.



40. Koji Koda (My Hero Academia)


Koji Koda (My Hero Academia)


The recurring question of “Why is Koji from My Hero Academia so ugly?” is a perennial one in fandom.


One theory is that the character is quite nice. Koji is a quiet boy who summons animals during combat in the anime series.


Moreover, this quirk requires a creative mind as well as brute strength. The other theory suggests that Koji is an ugly anime character – but that is a completely different question!


The answer to this question depends on your perspective. For example, one person may see Koji Koda as cute or even sexy, but another may view him as ugly.


In that case, anime fans may prefer the handsome Koji Koda, who resembles a man. However, in reality, the character is ugly.



41. Biwamaru (Dororo)


Biwamaru (Dororo)


One of the most memorable aspects of this anime is the title, “Biwamaru is an unattractive anime character.”


Biwamaru means “ugly monster,” and the title is taken from a song by the Japanese pop group Avicii.


The series takes a dark look at feudal Japan, demonstrating how wars can break out at the drop of a hat.


As a result, children can lose their parents and limbs. The characters are also unattractive, including the obscenely ugly Hyakkimaru, which sells body parts at night.



42. Babidi (Dragon Ball Z)


Babidi (Dragon Ball Z)


If there’s one villain in Dragon Ball Z that doesn’t make you cringe, it’s Babidi. His cartoon appearance is reminiscent of an orange-colored rotten fruit with bulging eyes.


His henchmen are equally ugly and lack personality. They don’t do much for Babidi’s appeal.


The one character who makes Babidi stand out is Spopovich, the henchman who takes on Vegeta and the rest of the team.



43. Bonolenov Ndongo (Hunter X Hunter)


Bonolenov Ndongo (Hunter X Hunter)


The characters in the show are very much in the “ugly” category. This includes Bonolenov Ndongo, who is both a member of Phantoms and an ugly anime character.


Bonolenov Ndongo belongs to a tribe that was roped in by the Phantom Spiders due to him being quite strong.


But Bonolenov Ndongo is thoroughly covered by bandages to hide all the holes that his body has, to pass the air, making it more grotesque in the process.



44. Hand Demon (Demon Slayer)


Hand Demon (Demon Slayer)


The Hand demon is a large, hulking monster. Its skin is olive green with blood-red fingernails. Its yellow eyes have cross-hatch pupils.


It resembles the Golem from Lord of the Rings, with gigantic hands, arms, and legs. It’s pretty creepy, but we’re not going to go into it.


Instead, try this one if you’re looking for an ugly anime character!



45. Phryne Jamil (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)


Phryne Jamil (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)


Acquiring the craving of Ishtar and her familia could appear as though you’re behaving recklessly. Yet, the goddess and her company realize they make them continue and seem like they would treat a swashbuckler right.


Unfortunately, the equivalent can’t be said for Phyrne. In addition to the fact that Phyrne Jamil is significantly more pompous than Ishtar herself.


She seems like a frog that would probably gulp down you assuming you dismissed her advances and has no issue about double-crossing her clique if it implies getting a portion of that sweet Bell rear. Stay away from it no matter what!



46. Chudelkin (Sword Art Online: Alicization)


Chudelkin (Sword Art Online: Alicization)


We won’t ever be aware of why Quinella would need to have this person filling in as her subordinate.


OK, Chudelkin is faithful to the Axion Church’s extremism precisely and has some genuine fire magic that allows him to change into a supervisor beast… However, please!


Chudelkin couldn’t cry without looking unreasonable and disgusting, a reality just coordinated by the fact that he is so frantic to knock hips with the ceaselessly bare Administrator.


He’s a huge heretic in a little bundle that needs hitting the tanning beds.



47. Pesci (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)


Pesci (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)


The man has no jawline. Please accept my apologies, yet it simply looks peculiar. Pesci is essential for a killing unit that is collaborating with, in fact, a lot of insane-looking individuals (it’s JoJo, is there any valid reason why they wouldn’t be?).


However, the key contrast is that any semblance of Risotto and the rest had every one of their joints perfectly positioned. Pesci seems to be an eggplant that got mystically transformed into a human.


Yet, unfortunately, it’s JoJo, so some young lady out there presumably has a heap of his doujinshi and a banner of him on her divider.



48. Melody (Hunter x Hunter)


Melody (Hunter x Hunter)


Melody is quiet, and sympathetic, and makes for one amazing songstress, and she seems to be a moderately aged, going bald mole man.


And many viewers and even the characters predicted that Melody is a man, but later she revealed that she is a woman. 


However, that happens when you hear one note of the Sonata of Darkness. Regardless of her appearance, Melody has substantiated herself a fit guardian and one you’d be glad to frame a party with.


She’s simply a disgrace cursed to live, seeming to be a beaver crossover. The teeth alone could be sufficiently awful, yet did the Sonata need to crush the remainder of her? Unjustifiable.



49. Caster (Fate/Zero)


Caster (Fate/Zero)


He’s just a single step away from looking comparably gross as the goliath, executioner starfish he gets a kick out of the chance to bring.


It’s somewhat fitting in light of everything since this Fourth Holy Grail War Servant is propelled by one of the most notorious kid executioners ever, something he brings to the Fate-stanza in a revolting point of interest.


His slumped at this point massive structure, how his eyes continually appear to be nearly jumping out of his skull, the treacherous fixation he has with Joan of Arc… definitely, we were happy to see him go.



50. Carnage Kabuto (One Punch Man)


Carnage Kabuto (One Punch Man)


There are several reasons why One Punch Man’s Carnage Kabuto is an ugly anime character. For starters, the monster is a product of scientific experimentation.


Introduced in Season 1, Episode 3, Carnage Kabuto was created by the mad scientist Dr. Genus. Countless studies were conducted on the beast, which he then called his masterpiece.


Carnage Kabuto is a smart and intelligent being who can make his victims suffer despite his ugly appearance.



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