Top 20 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time

top 20 best gambling anime of all time [2023 updated]


Gambling is one of the most exciting themes that we can find in any medium of entertainment. The hype of seeing a few characters wager their money, relationships, or even their own life for the sake of winning something more is just unreal.


And to cater to this hype, anime provides some fine gambling series that we can watch to satisfy our thirst.


However, even then, there’s always this question of the best gambling anime out there. And while it is indeed a great thought, let’s just say that only one incredible anime isn’t enough for the audience.


Therefore, to meet the public demand, I have created the Best Gambling Anime List. Choose the one that meets your liking and give it a go.


I hope you enjoy it. 




1. One Piece Film: Gold


one piece film: gold


Let’s talk about One Piece Gold. This is an anime that can’t be compared to any other at all.


And that’s what makes it so impressive for the audience. The story talks about Gran Tesoro, a place where some filthy rich pirates make a home for themselves.


The entire place is filled with a ton of reasons for all of us to just sit down and make the most out of the situation.


It involves gambling and games. However, the water is far more exciting than you might imagine. Although this place may seem pretty simple on the outside, on the inside, it is nothing less than an articulated trap for the Straw Hats. Will they be able to make it out alive?




2. Kaiji – Against All Rules


kaiji - against all rules


This is the continuation of the original series. And let’s just say that the insanity of this show only gets better and better.


The anime talks about Kaiji facing some of the most mind-boggling experiences of his life. Currently, he is done for his entire life as he stands in the pit of debt.


And so, he has no choice but to work it all off as a worker in a hideous workplace.


That’s exactly what makes the show so impressive to the audience. It is the wild nature of the show and the risk factor that makes it nothing less than incredible for the audience.


Therefore, if you haven’t watched the anime yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible. It’s worth all your time and effort.




3. Kaiji – Ultimate Survivor


Kaiji - Ultimate Survivor


Kaiji is probably the best gambling anime series in the entire world. The hype of this anime is unreal, and the grace goes far beyond comprehension.


The show focuses on none other than a man named Kaiji who is nothing less than fascinating for the audience as he tries to make sure that he survives in this risky world.


However, his gambling lifestyle takes some serious turns when he travels on a special ship. This is where Kaiji will realize the true essence of Gambling as every game will make him bet upon his own life.


And if that doesn’t sound horrifying to you, then I don’t know what will. If you haven’t seen this man in action yet, make sure you do so as soon as possible.




4. Kakegurui




This anime is all about fun and entertainment that can’t be compared to any other. And that’s why it is ranked so high.


Kakegurui focuses on the life of Yumeko Jabami who has taken part in an academy. This academy seems to have an interesting way of dealing with things.


And that interesting way is called Gambling. You must be a compulsive gambler to hold your own in this world of gambling.


The students can have their entire life at stake in this school. Gambling decides it all. And that’s why this entire anime pushes a narrative that seems nothing less than amazing for the audience.


If you haven’t watched the anime yet, make sure that you do so.



5. Kakegurui XX


Kakegurui XX


Kakegurui XX is the second season of the Kakegurui series. And let’s just say that the fun and entertainment skyrockets like none other.


Kakegurui is all about gambling. And the second season talks about the Momobami family coming together to make sure that they have the finest individuals competing against them.


While we don’t see the entire family on the battlefield, we manage to see all the others who may have felt out of place at first.


However, that’s just the beginning of these characters. What lies behind them is mystery and history. And this mystery and history will only be explored through the means of gambling.



6. Akagi




This anime is going to give you some serious vibes. And that’s why it is worthy of your love and recognition.


The show talks about the game of Mahjong. And let’s just say that this game is a lot more horrifying than you might imagine.


It talks about a guy named Akagi who is on his way to having his first game of Mahjong.


Unfortunately, the stakes are a bit too high for him. And these stakes can get out of hand for everyone.


He might end up losing his life for good. Although it seemed like his end was on the horizon, a mysterious man entered the situation, replaced Akagi, and won the game.


That’s when Akagi realized who was his role model. And so begins the journey of this man.



7. Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust


Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust


This anime focuses on the struggles that Run has to face since she has gotten herself into this pit of gambling without any concern for herself.


And that’s why she deserves a spot on this list. The series talks about the hardships that Rune has to experience because of her search.


She is going to make sure that her killer is brought to justice. And although this attempt has made her land at Eggnog Blue Casino, let’s just say that things will be a lot more interesting from this point.


The games will get scarier and life will falter right in front of your eyes. This is why the story is so important for the audience.


And that’s where all the fun is hidden for us to enjoy.



8. Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion


Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion


This anime will make you question some happenings in your life. And that’s why it is placed here on our list.


The show talks about Rune Balot who is in search of another psyche. However, that search doesn’t seem to take her anywhere and it all seems pointless now.


Luckily, someone decides to provide aid to Rune and help her out. However, this character is going to experience some mind-boggling things in her life as she faces situations turning upside down and everything falling apart.


While this may seem fruitless at first, in the end, it is worth it. And maybe, all the incidents that take place are connected with Gambling in one way or another. There’s only one way to find out.



9. Osomatsu-san: Ouma de Kobanashi


Osomatsu-san: Ouma de Kobanashi


This series wasn’t a full-fledged anime on its own. Instead, it was sort of a promotional video that was made for the homage of collaboration that took place between Mr. Osomatsu and the Japan Racing Association.


If you have a rough idea about the functioning of races, you will know that those are high-stakes sports that can’t be overlooked in any case whatsoever.


And that’s what makes the show so impressive to the audience. The series goes on to prove itself as one of the finest promotional videos of its time.


And with some fine work of art in place, this frame will work its way into magic for all of us in the show.



10. Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya


Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya


This anime talks about the rise of an incredible gambler. And that’s why it is so impressive for the audience.


The show focuses on none other than a guy named Tetsuya who is on his way to becoming an amazing gambler.


Although, the beginning of his story wasn’t as simple as that. The show talks about Tatsuya when he was facing nothing but misery in his life.


It is during this situation that people started realizing what is important in their life. And since some couldn’t afford it, they started gambling.


Tatsuya was the one who realized that this way of life might bring him some fortune. However, it would also bring him to the deepest depths of horror as well.



11. Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu


mahjong hishouden: naki no ryuu


This anime is all about Ryuu and his excellence as a player. While the opponents on the other end wonder how he did, what he did, he manages to fascinate them even more without breaking a sweat.


The most interesting part about Ron, his seamless final move, is the fact that it is also pronounced as “Naki” in Mahjong.


And since that has the same pronunciation as “Crying” in Japanese, Ryuu’s name manages to shape itself. I guess now you have a rough idea about this show and the entertainment it offers to the audience. Make sure that you enjoy it.



12. Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu (1991)


Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu (1991)


This OVA episode was made by none other than Studio Gainax. Therefore, you can rest assured that this anime will be a lot more fun than you would have imagined.


This series focuses on a guy named Ryuu who happens to be a great player in his gang. They don’t know much about him so he is nothing but a secret soul to them.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that this character is nothing but fascinating for the audience. Why? Because he can do something that we can’t even imagine.


And that something is, being able to take down his enemies with a single move. Just one move and he will make sure that you lose. And that move is called Ron.



13. Usogui




This story is more of a Survival story that keeps its focus on gambling. In other words, Survival is action.


And gambling is the method for that action. The show talks about a guy named Bak who is involved in some serious business.


And because of that, he has no choice but to gamble along with other individuals who are nothing but thirsty for his death.


If there’s anything that this man can do, it is to attempt to take down his enemies. And that’s what makes Usogui so special for the audience.


Bak must make sure that he outperforms everyone else in the story. Or else, it might very well be the end of his story. Therefore, he deserves a spot on this list for sure.







This anime revolves around one specific format of gambling. And let’s just say that this is just the beginning of the show.


The anime goes on to tell you about the dice that get rolled around on the board. It is a music video so we can’t expect much from the installment altogether.


However, since the animation of the music video is quite aesthetic, I think it deserves your attention for sure.


It focuses on a character who seems to have a lot of cues of gambling going on above his head.


And the entire theme of the poster makes it look like this character has always been involved in this stuff.


This is why he is placed so high on our list. Let’s just say that this is only the surface of the video.



15. Dorei-Ku: The Animation


Dorei-ku: The Animation


This anime takes the typical Gambling narrative and adds some supernatural flavor to it. The show talks about a story that seems to have descended from the dark world.


And everything that stands as part of the story is nothing but extravagant for the audience. The series goes on to push itself and instills the concept of a situation where the characters are served as either Master or servant.


And that’s the reason every character happens to have some or the other feature making them exceptional. Needless to say, everyone wishes to be the master.


However, what does it take to be a master in the first place? That’s going to be the backbone of this series. And I hope you look forward to it.



16. Rio: Rainbow Gate!


Rio: Rainbow Gate!


This anime is all about gambling. And let’s just say that it goes beyond our expectations with its content.


The show talks about a resort called the Howard Resort. And a girl named Rio is part of this resort as a dealer.


She is someone who deals in cards. And all these cards hold extreme values in the world of Card providers.


Therefore, Rio managed to make a name for herself in the market. However, that’s not all. Rio also happens to have the most precious card in the entire series, called Gate.


And that is the reason why everyone looks up to Rio and desires her card so much. Because you can’t be the most valuable card dealer without Gate.



17. High Card


high card


Get ready for a wild ride with ‘High Card,’ a Japanese creation that’s part of the multimedia world!


Created by the dynamic trio – Homura Kawamoto, Hikaru Muno, and TMS Entertainment, this anime series, brought to life by Studio Hibari, hit the screens from January to March 2023.


Meet Finn, a lovable thief on a mission to raise funds for his orphanage.


His gig? Being a part of High Card, a crew tasked with retrieving the legendary “X-Playing cards” that dish out superhuman powers.


These cards got scattered all over after a daring heist attempt, and now it’s Finn’s time to shine.


Joining High Card undercover as Pinochle car company salesmen, they’ve got their hands full dealing with rival car company “Who’s Who” and the Klondike mafia family.


The anime’s got a poker theme, throwing in nods to various card games. 



18. Kakegurui Twin


kakegurui twin


Step into the thrilling world of Kakegurui Twin, a Japanese anime that doubles as both a spin-off and a prequel to the gripping Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler series.


Courtesy of MAPPA, this anime hit Netflix in August 2022, bringing the gambling drama to new heights.


Meet Mary Saotome, the main focus of the story and a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy.


This academy doesn’t follow the usual student hierarchy; here, it’s all about your gambling skills.


Mary dives headfirst into the school’s unique gambling system, leading her down a path of gambling madness she becomes famous for.


The story unfolds a year before Yumeko Jabami, the main series protagonist, makes her entrance.


Get ready to witness Mary’s journey as she navigates the intense hierarchy of Hyakkaou, aiming to climb the ranks and secure enough cash to free her friend Tsuzura Hanatemari!



19. No Game No Life 


No Game No Life 


Disboard, a realm overseen by the One True God Tet, is home to sixteen sentient races.


Among them, Imanity, comprising humans without magical abilities, occupies the lowest rank.


In this world governed by games, Sora and Shiro, step-siblings and renowned online gamers known as “Blank,” find themselves transported from Earth after responding to a mysterious message.


Tet reveals the absolute rules of Disboard to them before departing, prompting the duo to seek information and a place to settle.


Their quest leads them to Elkia, the last standing kingdom of Imanity, where they encounter Stephanie Dola, a passionate individual yearning for sovereignty.


Motivated by Stephanie’s zeal, Sora and Shiro join forces with her to restore Elkia’s former glory, aspiring to claim rulership over the enigmatic realm.



20. Death Parade 


Death Parade 


While it isn’t a gambling anime directly, it does have a similar vibe to it. 


Upon death, certain individuals are led to Quindecim, a mysterious bar where pairs of people who die together gather.


Decim, the enigmatic arbiter of the bar, subjects these patrons to perilous games that determine their afterlife fate: either reincarnation or oblivion.


As the games, such as darts, bowling, and fighting, unfold, the true essence of each individual is unveiled through high-stakes wagering.


However, when an amnesiac with black hair arrives, Decim’s usual methods are thrown into doubt, leading him to question his own rulings and reexamine the nature of his role in this enigmatic realm.



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