Top 50 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

top 50 strongest dragon ball characters


The Dragon Ball Franchise is known for having some of the strongest characters in all of anime. This makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for some power-heavy anime with high-octane action and adventure.


However, within the boundaries of this franchise, there seem to be a lot of creatures that catch the attention of the viewers as they search for incredibly strong characters.


And this makes it so that the Dragon Ball series has a ton of personalities whose levels are quite over 9000 or even 9,000,000 for that matter.


And we are going to list some of them. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, in this article, we will be taking a look at the Most Powerful Dragon Ball Characters. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Zeno




This one shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Zeno, the Omni King of the Dragon Ball Universe, is known for being the most powerful creature of all time. He is one of the two kings of all the Universes and can easily destroy anything or anyone with just one move. 


He is supposed to be the absolute God of all the realms present in this world. And his power is beyond any measure.


Nothing even comes close to how strong Zeno is. Moreover, during the Black Goku arc, Zeno manages to turn an entire universe into a void without breaking a sweat.


It was claimed that he erased 6 universes out of existence because of their improper behaviour. This man can delete things as if he is operating a computer.


Therefore, his presence in the series is very intimidating and game-changing for all anime fans who are into the Dragon Ball Super anime series. 




2. Great Priest


great priest


Great Priest is the big daddy of all angels in the show. In terms of raw power, just like Zeno, he is yet to completely express himself.


However, it is assumed that his greatness is beyond amazing. He is known to be the strongest angel in all of Dragon Ball.


This means that he is more powerful than every single God of Destruction in the show. Although the anime hasn’t put this out in a pure format, there have been countless hints within the show that portray that the Great Priest is the absolute beast when it comes to power.


And that’s why he is known to be one of the best in his tasks. Plus, there’s a reason why he was the administrator of the Tournament of Power.


After all, you won’t select a random person to handle Gods of different universes now, would you? Therefore, his presence in the series is more than enough evidence that he is one of the most menacing characters in the entire anime. 




3. The Angels


the angels


It is believed that all the angels within the show are below the Grand Priest. And that’s why they are ranked on this spot on our list.


While yes, we haven’t even met all the angels in the show yet, the ones we have met, created some of the strongest Gods of Destruction that we can’t even fathom.


That’s what angels do. They train Gods Of Destruction to ensure that they are worthy of their title. And the fact that you have been given to train arguably the strongest beings in the entire universe, goes to show that Angels are in a league of their own.


This is why The Angels are known for being one of the most powerful characters in all of the Dragon Ball Franchise.


We are yet to see their action in anime format. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the sheer implications of focusing on these characters are absolutely incredible.


They all are bound to be unfathomably strong and that’s why they are ranked so high on this list. 




4. Whis




Although I did mention “Angels” above, Whis specifically, is an angel we have a great idea about in the show.


He is known to be the teacher of Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. And although the show hasn’t said it out loud, rumours state that Beerus is one of the most powerful Gods of Destruction in all of the universes present right now.


So Whis, being his teacher, would explain his rank on this list. After all, Whis’ abilities aren’t completely shown yet and we can still sense quite a lot of danger from him.


This is why he is so impressive. Without a doubt, one of the strongest tolerant characters in the show who wouldn’t mind being in the background.


However, it would be immature for use to assume that he would stay just as tranquil as he usually is if push comes to shove. Whis is a freak of nature and his capabilities are a lot more visible, giving us a good idea of how strong the other angels might be. 



5. Attendants Of Zeno


attendants of zeno


Remember those 2 guys in the background of Zeno? Yeah, they are the attendants of Zeno. And although some might argue that they are second strongest to Zeno, because they are supposed to protect him, I believe that they are next to the Angels of the universe when it comes to potency.


Why? Because there can be a system where Angels can’t harm the Omni King anyway. Meaning that the attendants only need to be more assertive than other creatures in the show.


And this is why the Attendants of Zeno are on this spot. They are the bodyguards of the prime creature in existence.


So it shouldn’t be hard for us to assume that they are one of the strongest beings in the show.


Now counter-arguments are bound to happen that this assumption is a bit far-fetched. However, we can’t deny that their role in the show is to protect the strongest. 


And so, they can’t be some random weaklings who can barely fight now, can they?



6. Jiren




That will be it with the unreal beings. Let’s take a look at a mortal known to be stronger than God; Jiten.


The presence of Jiten was teased way before the Tournament of Power even started. And when the competition did start, we get to see a glimpse of his insane power.


However, none of that matches the level of absurdity that this character has as we see him fight in the final segment of the show.


In Dragon Ball Super, my man went crazy with his unreal power and fought his opponents with strength and power, never seen before in the series.


He is the strongest when it comes to Mortals. And maybe, just maybe, he might be more powerful than all the Gods of Destruction as well. Who knows?



7. Beerus




Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and is known for being the strongest being in that realm.


His power was first portrayed during the first arc of Dragon Ball Super where Goku tries to find Super Saiyan God, just so he could have a chance against fighting Beerus.


And even then, Beerus was able to defeat Goku without breaking a sweat. While many may argue that Goku with his new Autonomous Ultra Instinct is stronger than Beerus now, it is important to note that even Beerus had somewhat of control over this ability.


And this makes his race much more powerful than Saiyans by default. This is why Beerus is ranked so high on this list.



8. Belmod




The God of Destruction of Universe 12 is popular for NOT being the strongest creature in his Universe. Belmod is designed like a Joker and happens to have his own Trump card in the form of Jiren.


There’s a saying that despite being second to Jiren in his Universe, Belmod is equally strong and holds the capacity to alter situations with his capabilities. And happens to have some of the most refined fighting skills in the entire series.


Now that’s impressive. Plus, even in the anime, Belmod has presented himself as a matter of danger and power which goes on to show that messing with him isn’t exactly the best idea. Let’s see if we get to see more from him shortly after the show.



9. Champa




Champa is the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Being the brother of Beerus, Champa also happens to be particularly strong amongst the Gods of Destruction.


And while yes, his character hasn’t been portrayed as a subject of danger and stuff, he is quite a man when it comes to his skills.


The show has highlighted multiple times that Champa may be second to Beerus but he is no less of a threat than most Gods of Destruction.


This is why he is so high on our list. Amongst the unreal immortals, Champa is one of the unique beings that deserve more love and gratitude from all those who watch him on their screens. This man is quite noteworthy.



10. Vegito




Known to be one of the strongest beings in all of Dragon Ball, we have Vegito. The concept of Vegeto is such that, every time the main cast gains strength, Vegeto too grows his powers.


Vegeto is a potara fusion between Vegeta and Goku. The idea of this potara fusion is that it reproduces the power of both the users and adds the power of the earrings as well.


Therefore, the result of this entire fusion is a being beyond any understanding. Even if he appeared now, Goku’s ultra instinct fused with Vegeta’s Ultra Ego will make him a monster that hasn’t been on screen before. That’s what makes him unimaginable.



11. Goku




This man needs no introduction. Being the main character of the series, Goku is bound to be quite powerful.


And it is very true when it comes to him particularly. He is known to be a mortal who has refined himself to reach the level of God.


The only one who was able to learn Autonomous Ultra Instinct in the middle of a tournament. This guy isn’t just a person, he is an adventure.


From being a little kid who participated in a Martial Arts tournament, to being one of the most powerful beings in reality, Goku has proved his powers and capabilities time and time again, making him a monster that no one can even fathom. And that’s why this man is ranked so high.



12. Vegeta




Now we have the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta. He is known to be one of the strongest Saiyans to ever exist.


And his incredible strength and unreal dedication have been a subject of motivation for every anime fan from around the globe.


There’s a reason why Vegeta haters look up to him now. He is unreal. After all, Vegeta and his ego gave him one of the strongest forms in all of Dragon Ball, known as Ultra Ego.


And unlike Goku, Vegeta has been a solo learner all his life. This is why he is so special as a character. 


Add his pride and boldness to that, and you have one of the most beautifully written deuteragonist characters in all of anime. That’s why he is so phenomenal.


Vegeta later marries Bulma and has two children with her, Bulla and Trunks.



13. Toppo




Belonging from the same Universe as Jiren, Universe 11, Toppo is a being known for his unreal strength as a potent God Of Destruction.


He was a beast whose power levels were so high that he was chosen to be the next God of Destruction by Belmod.


Belmod is very strong, meaning that Toppo is also very strong in the series.


This is why he is ranked so high on this list. As a sole character, we are yet to see him perform some incredible feats in the show.


However, as of now, he is a man who can scare the life out of anyone and everyone if he decides to get into his rage form. That’s why he is here.


Toppo is a strong character who can be a little hot-headed sometimes but is a firm believer in justice and righteousness.


He thinks of himself as a selfless warrior and wants to fight for justice only.



14. Frieza




He is so strong that it only took him 4 months of training to reach Goku’s level of power during his resurrection arc.


Now that’s insane. Frieza is one of the most prominent villains of the show. And one of the notable features of him as a character is that he never gives up.


Even after being brought down multiple times, Frieza gets back up to take his revenge and work his way accordingly.


There’s a reason why he is so powerful in the show. He is pure evil. Or rather, he was pure evil.


But with Goku and his team in place, Frieza has become a lot more humble and polite with his approach.


But that doesn’t change the fact that he is nothing less than a beast.



15. Majin Buu


Majin Buu


Known to be the strongest pure-form villain, Majin Boo is a creature of its kind. In the original Dragon Ball Series, Majin Boo was the definition of Danger.


Not only was he extremely powerful, but he was also unbeatable because of his body structure. Killing him was essentially impossible and it took a lot of effort from our Z Fighter’s end to ensure that there was an end to him.


And all of this happened with Majin Boo, doing NO TRAINING. Yup, he was a menace right from his birth.


And if he would be trained by someone like Whis, his capabilities will exceed anything we have seen so far in the show. That’s what makes him so unreal.



16. Hit




Hit is known for being one of the most notable characters in the series. He was first teased during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 arc.


And there, he was the finite villain whose excellence was unreal. Hit’s time skip was known to be one of the strongest techniques that have ever appeared in the show.


And although his brute strength isn’t all that impressive, he is still one of the best when it comes to fighting with techniques and skills.


This is why Hit is one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball. In the upcoming seasons, we might get another glimpse of him, tagging along with Goku and the team for one or the other mission. Maybe then he would have been an even stronger character.



17. Broly




Broly took the entire Dragon Ball Fandom by storm. He is a monster of his kind and there’s no second thought about it.


Many believe that Broly, one of the last surviving Saiyans in this world, is stronger than Goku and Vegeta.


And while yes the show tries to imply that, it is important to note that Broly is always under the rage.


And under rage, Vegeta was able to hold his own against Beerus and Goku was able to take down Black and Zamasu alone.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that Broly is a beast whose strength had always impressed fans, and his rather one-dimensional nature makes him quite attractive in a way or so. That’s why he is ranked here on our list.



18. Fused Zamasu


fused zamasu


This is a creature that far exceeded the limits of power back when he first appeared. And his appearance was a different level of fear both in the minds of the viewers and the characters.


He was a combination of an immortal God with an incredibly powerful mortal, making him an incredibly powerful God.


However, there were flaws with its character. And that’s why Fused Zamasu was so crucial for the development of the story.


His sheer strength was off the charts and nothing came close to that. I mean he killed every single God in every single Universe, what else do you expect?


And that’s why Fused Zamasu is ranked so high on our list. Although he wasn’t perfect, he was still quite a mess.



19. Gogeta




Formed by performing the famous Fusion Dance, Gogeta is a character whose excellence has been brought to attention thanks to the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie.


He is unreal with his strength and raw power and while he isn’t as strong as Vegeto because the users must be on the same power levels to fuse, Gogeta is still an impressive character.


And with Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue in place, this man managed to become a fan favourite without breaking a sweat.


There’s no denying that he is a man of his fandom and powers that we haven’t seen explored much yet.


And this is why Gogeta is ranked so high on our list, ladies and gentlemen.



20. Black Goku


Black Goku


Oh boy. The idea of Black Goku was genius in itself. Why? Because everybody wanted to know what would have happened if Goku was evil.


And let’s just say that Black Goku portrayed why an evil Goku was a destructive idea. Black Goku was a modified version of Goku, arguably stronger than him, whose burning desire for justice made him lose his mind whatsoever.


His skills were higher than that of Goku and his placement in the show made him look even more dangerous and critical for our main cast.


After all, it isn’t usual for our boys to lose to the same duo twice in a row. And that’s what goes on to show how incredible Goku Black is.



21. Zamasu




Zamasu is a character whose excellence and hunger are far beyond what we have seen in the show. He just kept on grinding and grinding, trying to become a perfect being.


And in the process, he managed to attain a power that no one had seen before. This is why Zamasu was so captivating.


He was insane with his approach and went on to take over entire universes just so he could have his sense of Justice in place.


There’s a reason why his arc was one of the tensest moments in all of Dragon Ball. And that’s why Zamasu is ranked so high on this list. He is incredibly strong and you can’t beat that. After all, no one can beat that.



22. Kefla




Kefla is an earring fusion between Kale and Caulifla.


While it wasn’t quite notable in hindsight since Kefla fought against Goku in the tournament, it is still important to note that Kefla went against Ultra Instinct Goku.


And that is incredible on its own. After all, how else will this beast be conquered? She is known to be exceptionally strong.


And the exponential growth in the power level of this character made it stand out so much more. There’s a reason why Kefla is so popular in the show.


Her presence brought in the adrenaline rush while she lasted on screen. A great touch to the tournament.



23. Kale




Kale is one of the Saiyans from Universe 6. If you guys don’t remember, Universe 6 is identical to Universe 7 in the sense that it consists of the same kind of races.


And so, in Universe 6, there exists their own planet Vegeta where Saiyans are found. One of those Saiyans that managed to be selected for the Tournament Of Power was Kale.


She is known to be one of the most notable characters from Universe 6. And although her sole character wasn’t explored much, she was recognized as a girl of her status.


Moreover, in the tournament, she managed to leave some notable marks on the minds of the viewers. And that’s made Kale stand out so much more.



24. Caulifla




Caulifla is one of the Saiyans selected by Champa for the Tournament of Power to represent Universe 6.


She is a partner to Kale and happens to have quite a distinct personality from her. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she is quite strong with her abilities and powers.


She was able to hold her own against a lot of people in the tournament. And being one of the individuals who unlocked Super Saiyan fairly recently, she was able to get a hold of it quite nicely as well.


Caulifla is notable on her own. And there’s a reason why fans recognized get presence and theorized her potential strengths and weaknesses in the show. Make sure that you give her the credit she deserves.



25. Dyspo




Dyspo is known for his speed. Being part of the troopers, Dyspo managed to gain the spotlight almost immediately after his appearance.


Apart from the memes of him being a discounted Beerus look-alike, Dyspo paved his way as a man of danger, thanks to his skills and prowess.


His speed stood out a lot. And people started realizing the true potential that he might be hiding in his character.


And while it is true that he got eliminated the first out of the three, he was still a solid warrior whose excellence was just jaw-dropping.


Think about it, he was able to hold his own against a variety of warriors, just by using his speed. Now that’s impressive.



26. Future Trunks


Future Trunks


A smug badass who can destroy anyone and everyone if he is in a bad mood. That’s how you can describe Future Trunks in the series.


He has played a crucial role in the anime, thanks to his 2 appearances that change the course of the show for good.


The first one happened when Goku and Vegeta were going up against Cell. And the second one happened during the Goku Black segment.


And in both of these instances, Future Trunks portrayed an insane level of strength of excellence as a fighter, making him a lot more remarkable in the show.


His strongest feat so far has to be his rage mode which allowed him to become incredibly buff in the Dragon Ball Super series.



27. Gohan




Although he has been nerfed a lot in the recent instalments, Gohan is a beast of his own time.


During the original Dragon Ball Z series, Gohan proved himself to be an exceptional being, thanks to Cell and Majin Buu.


During the Cell arc, Gohan dominated his fight against Cell and gave fans memorable combat for the show.


But this wasn’t the end of it. Because after this, Gohan got his hands on a form that no one else had, known as The Ultimate Gohan.


This is why he managed to humiliate Majin Buu for a ton of episodes in the show. My man may not have a remarkable feat right now. However, he is a legend whose prime was unmatched.


One fact about Gohan is that his name is based on Goku’s grandfather. 



28. Android 17


Android 17


Android 17 was the last man standing in the Tournament Of Power. And that is beyond impressive. Imagine being the final man standing in a competition where your competitors are literal Gods.


However, it was because of his dedication and strengths that he managed to stand until the very end. And Goku’s planning also paid off.


In the Cell saga, Android 17 managed to gain the reputation of an absolute badass, thanks to his skills and personality.


And this is why he was so admired by fans, even if he was a villain. There’s a reason why fans still look up to him, even though the show ended years ago. This man is amazing in his rights and you can’t beat that.



29. Android 18


Android 18


Although she has given up on the battle, for now, Android 18 was on par with Android 17 in terms of strength.


She was a real danger back during the Cell saga and people loved her character which made her stand out even more.


In the tournament of power, she managed to knock out a few opponents which helped quite a lot for our main cast in the long run.


Therefore, it was great for fans to see her back in action after years. However, this humble nature from her was absent during the Cell saga.


At that time, she was a beast. And it was because of that era, that she managed to rank so high on this list. Android 18 needs some more love and appreciation from fans.



30. Piccolo




This man has been around ever since the beginning. Piccolo is one of the OG Z Fighters whose presence gave the entire anime a completely new path to follow. His constant boasting about how no one can beat him has led many of his fans to believe that he is egotistical.


His skills are incredible and so are his abilities to fight. The most popular one is that he can grow back his limbs if they are cut off.


And this ability has paid off quite a lot in the long run for fighters as they often get their body parts in danger while fighting.


Moreover, Piccolo has been there to support Goku and Gohan all his life. And this makes him so important from a narrative standpoint that people can’t even fathom it.


Lastly, his new techniques during the Tournament Of Power gave him some serious buff that he needed so much.



31. Agnilasa




Agnilasa or Aniraza is one of the main opponents from Universe 3 whose strength was insane. He was a beast whose presence managed to shake every fan to the core.


And this is why he was so impressive to the warriors themselves while they were fighting in the Tournament Of Power.


The only reason why Agnilasa is not ranked higher is that this character isn’t a single individual.


Instead, a fusion of many members of Team Universe 3. And as a fusion, he doesn’t necessarily get a lot of credibility on his strength.


However, that won’t overwrite the fact that Agnilasa was a beast while he lasted and his presence brought unforeseen hype to fans around the globe.



32. Frost




Known for his deception and wickedness, Frost is one of the prime warriors of Universe 6. He was a parallel version of Frieza.


However, unlike Frieza, he wasn’t all that strong or skilful. He was impressive during the first tournament. However, in the second one, he felt a bit underwhelming.


The important thing here is that he managed to get Vegeta trapped in his cage which is huge if you think about it.


And there’s a reason why a lot of people thought of him being a potential Frieza successor. His deception is quite impressive and his ability to figure out a solution even in a pivotal situation is also game-changing on its own.



33. Botamo




Winnie the Pooh but in Dragon Ball Z. That’s how many people described Botamo back when he first appeared in the Tournament between Universe 6 and 7.


He was known for his incredible physical strength that managed to get anyone and everyone under his grasp. They say that his skills are second to none when it comes to being a great combination of the agile powerhouse.


And his contribution to the overall defeat count for Universe 6 is quite decent on its own. This is why Botamo is such an impressive man.


He is a warrior who deserves more love and appreciation from fans. And shouldn’t be metaphors with Winnie The Pooh for once.



34. Krillin




One of the originals of the series and the one who was there from the very beginning. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about our boy Krillin, Goku’s best friend.


He is known for being an exceptionally strong individual whose skills can’t be overlooked at all. Yes, he isn’t as strong as Jiren or Toppo.


However, he is quite a notable character when you place him in the Tournament Of Power. There’s a reason why every fan was impressed by his performance in the arc.


And as one of the original members of the Z Fighters, Krillin has a lot of moments where he has proved himself and his strength to fans over and over again.



35. Gotenks




Gotenks is one of the 3 fusions present in the anime. And he is quite a notorious guy, to say the least.


He is known to be a fusion of Goten and Trunks, and his abilities are stunning. Even though their opponents dismiss them as a kid, he has proved his excellence time and time again.


I mean he went against Beerus at one point and that’s something. Either way, Gotenks’ golden moments were during the Majin Buu arc when he humiliated Majin Buu and fought him as if he was a child.


And because of this notorious and playful behaviour, Gotenks managed to gain a reputation for himself that doesn’t faze at any cost, whatsoever.


There’s a reason why people look at him as one of the best fusions in the entire Franchise.



36. Cabba




He was one of the Saiyans from Universe 6, alongside Kale and Caulifla. And his skills are known to be impressive from his standardized metric.


In other words, he is quite impressive by the standards of a conventional Saiyan from Universe 6. However, Cabba’s biggest feat was his ability to impress Vegeta and make him his master in a way or so.


This master-apprentice relationship went for a long run and that’s how he managed to gain a ton of attention from fans.


Being a Saiyan means that Cabba is quite impressive. And that’s why he is so sought-after in anime. If you are underestimating my man, you are doing a fatal mistake.



37. Cell




Although he was incredibly menacing when he first appeared, Cell is one of the most outstanding villains in the entire series.


He was the one who organized one of the best Tournaments in all of anime. And that’s how he gained so much traction in the show.


However, none of that compares to anything that we see as he gets his perfect form. Perfect Cell was a freak of nature whose strength was far beyond comprehension.


And if it wasn’t for Gohan and his insane battle against Cell, this man would have been a nightmare.


An absolute nightmare. He had cells of Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, etc. He was close to being a perfect warrior. And that’s why he is ranked here on our list.



38. Auta Magetta


auta magetta


Magetta is one of the lead warriors from Universe 6 whose skills were claimed to be quite impressive during the Universe 6 vs 7 arcs.


He was the one who gave an impressive battle to Vegeta as he strived to encompass his strength in a box.


In the Tournament of Power, Magetta became a lot more menacing and happened to gain a bit more attention from fans all around.


Being from Universe 6, he was quite strong in his regards. However, his synergy with other members of the team made him worthy of this spot on our list.


Let’s just say that we should be seeing more of Auta Magetta shortly after the show.



39. King Cold


King Cold


You know he is menacing when he is Frieza’s father. King Cold is one of the old villains in the show who didn’t gain a ton of attention other than the few times he appeared on the screen.


However, his importance to the overall narrative is incredible. He was the one who brought Frieza to Planet Vegeta and caused the planet to end once and for all.


Moreover, his ruthless nature made Frieza become a ruthless monster, and that caused a ton of problems for all the characters in our series.


He was incredibly strong, considering that the Saiyans went up against him and didn’t quite win. But more importantly, he shaped the show quite a lot.



40. Master Roshi


Master Roshi


The old man may seem close to his retirement. However, he still has a lot of life in himself.


Master Roshi, just like Krillin, is one of the original beings from the show who appeared right from the first season called Dragon Ball.


And he was the one who trained Goku to be just as much of a refined warrior as he is right now.


Master Roshi built the foundation of this series. And as a renowned master, he is also quite powerful as well.


I mean in the Tournament Of Power, the God of Destruction himself appreciated him for his efforts and claimed that he respects him a lot more now. And that’s quite a compliment if you ask me.



41. Tien




Being one of the original Z Fighters, Tien is a man who deserves more love and support from fans.


He happens to be one of the most refined warriors in our universe and an incredible supporting cast member that makes the show, more enjoyable and entertaining.


In recent years, he hasn’t gained a lot of limelight in the series. However, during his prime, Tien had a ton of sacrifices and battles under his belt that made him a warrior of his kind.


And that’s why Tien is ranked here on our list. My man deserves more love from the fandom. And his blinding flash is just as impressive as it was before.



42. Kid Trunks


Kid Trunks


Kid Trunks happened to be one of the most potent Saiyans in the show. Why? Because he is slightly older than Goten.


And since he is Vegeta’s son, he has trained himself to be extremely powerful for his age. Moreover, it is Future Trunks that come to the current timeline from the future.


And this may be a hint that Trunks will be the next Goku of his era. He will be the one who will save the earth as more and more predicaments haunt the planet.


This is why Kid Trunks is such a potent being in our universe. And there’s no denying that anyone who watched Dragon Ball loves Trunks.



43. Goten




Although he seems more of a kid, you can’t deny that this boy has impressed us more times than we can imagine.


He is insane! Goten is one of the main characters in the show and is known for looking like a Carbon copy of Goku.


He is just as cheerful as him and has a strong personality that can make anyone fall in love with him.


He doesn’t seem to have a lot going on for him when it comes to his strengths. However, the reality is that he is an extremely potent character whose skills are yet to be discovered.


He has an incredible partner like Trunks as well who allows him to explore his maximum potential. And with all these factors working together, Goten is a man to be wary about.



44. Captain Ginyu


Captain Ginyu


This warrior is just like his leader. No matter what happens, he just won’t give up. And that’s what makes him so menacing.


Just in case you don’t know, Captain Ginyu is the main leader of Frieza’s squad. More specifically, he is known as one of the prime commanders whose contribution to invading the Earth was quite a lot.


However, soon enough, things start to get interesting when he ends up losing his life in the story. But he manages to survive by having his soul transferred into another being.


And that made him a model as a character. He is also quite powerful with his strong and impressive attacks.



45. Cell Junior


Cell Junior


These small bits of Cells may seem nominal at first. However, you can’t ignore the excellence of this character just yet.


Cell Junior is a minimized version of Cell which are quite high in numbers but not as powerful as Cell himself.


Back when they first appeared in the show, they were quite menacing. And that’s what makes this so cracking.


Moreover, they get annoying after a while as people get stronger and take care of them fairly easily. However, Cell Junior continues to be relevant in the arc.


And that’s why this creature is ranked on this list. Small batteries that pack a high voltage.



46. Ribrianne




She may have been meme material at first, but you can’t ignore her strength in the show.


Ribrianne is a warrior from Universe 2 who is known for being the leader of the group called Kamikaze Fireballs.


She is just as powerful as you might expect and her personality is quite annoying, to say the least.


She is a character who managed to stand out a lot in the Tournament because of her combat skills.


We did see her reach her full potential. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she is a monster on her own.


She may not be entertaining on the outside but on the inside, she is havoc.



47. Bulma




I know what you are thinking. How can Bulma, a human, be so strong? Well, that’s because she has brains.


Although she hasn’t done it yet, Bulma has the potential to go up against anyone and everyone using her technology.


Capsule Corp is known for creating some of the most unreal pieces of tech that match superhuman-level strength.


She might end up creating a mecha suit for herself as she is brought to the battlefield. And that’s why she is ranked on this list.


We can’t ignore her much right now. If the situation calls for it, she will be so useful that no one will be able to match her level of contribution. Just how she was super important in the Goku Black arc.



48. Android 16


Android 16


Android 16 was the first Android to become friendly to our main cast. This man was known for being extremely strong when he first appeared and had decent levels of strength even after Android 17 and 18 popped up.


However, the best part about him is that he managed to become an ally to our leads and happened to gain a lot of love and attention from fans all around the globe.


Moreover, as the show progresses, we get to see him perform a crucial sacrifice that gives him even more personality and character, which makes him even more remarkable. A man to be remembered for years.



49. Supreme Kai


Supreme Kai


You can defeat the strongest being in Universe 7, Beerus, by killing Supreme Kai. However, defeating him won’t be a simple task either.


Supreme Kai is one of the lead characters from the Majin Buu arc in the original Dragon Ball Z series.


And that’s what makes him stand out so much. Moreover, Supreme Kai Shin managed to make a strong and lasting impression on fans as they tried to tackle Majin Buu.


However, he wasn’t able to fight nearly as much as Goku or Vegeta did, but he was still quite admirable during his first appearances. And this is why he is ranked on this list.



50. Mr Satan


mr satan


Now we have the Strongest Human on Earth, Mr. Satan. Mr Satan is one of the lead characters of the show who managed to gain a lot of traction in the show, all thanks to his appearances as the absolute warrior.


Yes, he isn’t directly the strongest to Shin. However, as the strongest human, having him on the list was quite important. He is a world-class martial artist and is one of the best fighters in the series.


He is not only entertaining but also crucial for the narrative and its progression. And that’s what makes him worthy of this post.


After all, we don’t have many characters that shape the show as well as it is.



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