Top 32 Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga Characters


Vinland Saga is one of the most beautiful anime series you can ever watch. This show will teach you more about life than anything else. And that’s why fans love it from the depths of their heart.


And while an incredible story is definitely an admired attribute of Vinland Saga, fans also love the action that this show has to offer. And that’s where countless discussions regarding the strongest characters start to take place.


While it isn’t possible to give an objective answer to such a question, there’s no denying that we can contribute to it in our own way. That’s why in this article, we will be taking a look at some of the strongest characters in all of Vinland Saga.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Thors




Often known as the Troll of Jom, he is Thors, the strongest character in Vinland Saga. And the best part about him is that his strength has always been quite straightforward for us as viewers.


One of the most badass moments in this anime was when Thors was requested to come with Floki and he denied kindly. Despite having a lot of men with him, Floki didn’t bother forcing Thors.


Why? Because he knew Thors could kill them all if he wanted to. And that level of fear created by Thors is just something else. There’s a reason why he is often regarded as one of the strongest humans in all of anime.




2. Thorkell




They know him as Thorkell the Tall. And that’s one of the many reasons why he is someone who is appreciated by all those who are part of the show.


Thorkell is known as one of the strongest characters in the series. And the sheer insanity that he has brought forward when it comes to his strength is just fascinating.


We have seen this man play around with hundreds of opponents without breaking a sweat. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to enjoy some high-octane action then you need to be on the lookout for Thorkell and the moments when he is on the battlefield.


Thorkell is appreciated for his raw power and capabilities.




3. Cordelia


She is Thorkell’s child. So you can expect her to be insane with her actions. Cordelia is one of the most prominent characters in the story. While she wasn’t a man on her own, there’s no denying that her childhood brought a lot out of her.


Moreover, despite being a slave under Halfdan, she was so capable that she managed to make space for herself and joined Thorfinn’s crew. This crew was on the way to Vinland and they required capable and strong individuals, making Cordelia worthy of this position on our list.


There’s no denying that this character may slip out of your mind at times but she holds a lot of value to herself.




4. Thorgil




This man is feared by his own father. And that should tell you how insane he is. Thorgil is the son of Ketil. Moreover, he has connections with Olamar as well as his older brother.


What makes Thorgil so strong is the fact that he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This man has had countless fights in his life, making him suitable for any format of combat.


And once you realize that his experience and capabilities are nothing less than extraordinary, you will also understand why he is someone who is often admired in the anime, despite not being that present in the core story.


The scar on his lips is a sign of strength and power.



5. Bjorn




This man was second-in-command to Askeladd. And that’s why he is so important in the story. While Askeladd is someone who is mostly appreciated for his intelligence and wit, Bjorn is appreciated for his power and strength.


This man is a seasoned warrior who can’t be compared to anyone who has been witnessed in the series. The fact that this man has used Berserker mushrooms so many times, adds up to the level of experience he would have had to achieve success as a warrior.


There’s no denying that when he goes wild, you are about to witness something completely out of this world.



6. Thorfinn




This man saw his father die, right in front of his eyes. And that’s how his life started to take shape for him. Thorfinn is one of the most appreciated characters in all of anime.


The fact that this guy went from being a ruthless warrior who sought revenge to a person who is trying to improve himself and understand the complexities of life, proves that Thorfinn is a man with skill, capability and a ton of depth.


The growth that we witness in the show is gorgeous. As for his strength, well, he is able to stand toe-to-toe against Askeladd and Thorkell so I guess that’s more than enough to give us an idea of how amazing he is on the battlefield.



7. Einar




Despite looking like a normal person on screen, there’s no denying that this man is quite strong overall. The fact that he has the necessary settings to hold resentment towards this world after he loses everything is just beautiful.


The story adds so much more personality to his character. And that’s why he is someone who is widely appreciated in the anime. This man was able to handle trees and stumps without much issue.


And that’s how we come to know of his strength and capabilities as a human. However, there isn’t much when it comes to the battlefield. Einar is a great personality to follow overall.



8. Floki




Standing as the Jomsviking commander, Floki is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to war. This man was the one who ended up reaching out to Askeladd to take down Thors.


And while this may seem deceitful, there’s no denying the sheer power that this man holds is nothing short of fascinating for the viewers. His ability to escape and pave his way through political situations proves that his presence is nothing short of fantastic.


Let’s just say that Floki added some interesting flavour to the story and if it wasn’t for his actions, we wouldn’t have experienced this story that we are experiencing today.



9. Snake




Snake has been crucial when it comes to his ability to lead and leave an impact on his team. He is often appreciated for his compassionate nature. And the fact that he is good to both slaves and free men, proves that he is an incredible person from heart.


Being part of Ketil’s armed guards allowed him to understand and learn different ways to fight and this is why he is so fascinating on screen as we watch him take down opponents.


However, instead of just being a mindless monster, his character has a lot more depth and personality, making him so much more interesting and fun to watch on screen.



10. Askeladd




This is the one who made the story for most of us. One of the most admired characters of the series is Askeladd. He is the one who leads a mercenary band that happens to have Thorfinn as part of it.


Moreover, when it comes to his character, it is absolutely genius. The fact that this man has a strategic approach towards various aspects while also ensuring that he is able to hold his own on the battlefield proves that Askeladd is one of the most complete characters in the entire franchise.


And his actions, along with his thought process make him a force to be reckoned with on screen. He is a brilliant character that shaped our experience.



11. Garm


Garm was the one who admired fighting a lot. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons why he was so interested in Throfinn. He realized that Thorfinn has some insane abilities when it comes to combat.


And that’s when he started being so fascinated with our main character. However, that doesn’t shy away from the fact that Garm is someone who will shake you from the core.


Right from his childhood, Garm had showcased insane skills. And those skills were so impressive that people used to lose their minds as they watched him perform his excellence on screen.


Garm is someone that you need to be on the lookout for.



12. Ragnar




Ragnar was the one who always advised Prince Canute. He happens to have very long black curly hair. And that’s one of the many things that allow us to recognize his presence in the series.


He was considered a deep character overall, considering the situation he was in and the way he used to deal with it. The best part about him is that he manages to keep a calm demeanour even when he is facing death.


However, the moment anger starts to roll in, things change and our boy gets into a completely different mode for the viewers. His aggression really helps him stay above everyone else.



13. Ketil




This character featured in the second season of Vinland Saga. And that’s why he is appreciated and admired so much in his story. The fact that it was his farm that was the subject of attention throughout the second season, proves that he is a beautiful and important character in the story.


Ketil holds a very important belief. He feels that everyone should be given a fair chance when it comes to their approach towards freedom. And that’s why, you need to keep an eye on this character.


He is an empathetic leader who gives us an idea of how beautiful some of the characters are in Vinland Saga.



14. Fox




Kitsune is a name that is often used in the series as people are trying to refer to him as Fox. He is a supporting character who happens to be one of the guards for Ketil.


And that’s why his presence was quite vibrant in the second season of Vinland Saga. However, people have noticed that this man is quite a seasoned warrior, despite not being considered a strong character in the story.


Moreover, we also learn that this man happens to be quite a monster, especially when it comes to the amount of damage he can deal to someone. Therefore, you can appreciate his presence in the anime and everything beyond.



15. Halfdan




This man is known for his wealth. And that’s one of the many reasons why he is present on our list. Halfdan is a very strong landowner and also a moneylender.


He is known as the “Iron Chain” and the reason why he has gotten that name is because he uses Iron Chain quite a lot when he is fighting. The fact that he is ruthless and controlling makes him an incredible character to look up to in a story where themes of brutality and cruelty is being pushed forward from time to time.


Halfdan is a warrior who will shape the way you look at Vinland Saga overall and his impact on the core story has been magnificent.



16. Ylva




Ylva is the older sister of Thorfinn and the only daughter of Thors and Helga. She has spent her entire life in Iceland and later on, she married Ari and had four children with him.


However, what separates her from the rest is the fact that this girl isn’t like others. She is quite strong and powerful, not just physically but also mentally. And that mental strength separates her from the rest of the characters in the story.


As a female, she brings more weight and depth to the overall world-building that Vinland Saga has to offer and that’s why she is someone that you need to admire as she continues to make a name for herself in the show.



17. Hilde




Some of you may call her Hild but that’s just one of the many ways you can focus on this character. She is a formidable hunter and a genius when it comes to engineering.


The fact that she was the one who made a crossbow on her own and the way she uses tactics on the battlefield, allows us to appreciate her presence in the story.


Her family was taken down by Thorfinn’s group and from that point forward, she has been after him to seek revenge and make sure that he doesn’t engage in terror ever again.


However, she soon finds it in herself to just forgive Thorfinn for his actions. Hilde is a great character to look out for.



18. King Canute


King Canute


King Canute is the one who has had the highest degree of growth as a character in this series. This man managed to go from a completely weak and timid prince to an absolute beast who could take down anything on his own.


The fact that he is now a brilliant general and a ruthless leader, proves that people can change with the right circumstances coming together. However, that’s not all. Other characters like Askeladd also played a crucial role in bringing out the best in Canute and that’s why he is one of the most sought-after characters in the entire show.


Make sure that you watch this man and appreciate his presence in the core story.



19. Leif Ericson


Leif Ericson


This man was the one who joined Thorfinn as he was trying to find a utopian land. And from that point forward, he has always portrayed the demeanour and personality of an adventurer.


This man is known for his ability to be resilient and wise, even during the most harsh circumstances. And that’s why you need to look up to this person at all costs.


However, that’s just one of the many reasons why you can admire him and his overall contribution to the story as you binge through your favourite season of Vinland Saga anime.


He was the one who shed more light on the idea of exploration and its importance.



20. Torgrim




Standing strong as Atli’s brother, Torgrim is a former member of Askeladd’s group and he happens to have a lot going on for him. He faced something extremely horrible and that’s one of the many reasons why he is still remembered in the series.


This man managed to survive the battle against Thorkell. And that was quite fascinating for everyone. However, the sheer terror of his battle made him lose his mind and reverted his personality back to that of a child.


This is why Torgrim is a character that fans always talk about on forums revolving around Vinland Saga.



21. Atli




Standing as one of Askeladd’s men, Atli is one of the most memorable characters from the series. He managed to fight his own boss when things started to go wrong.


That’s right, he was the one who, along with his brother, decided to lead a rebellion against Askeladd while they were going up against Thorkell. However, this turned out to be a dual expression for him.


While some say that it highlights Atli’s courage to standup against something that he doesn’t believe in, it also showcases his cowardice and fear of death as he was facing Thorkell.


This dilemma is quite interesting on its own.



22. Wulf




This man right here is King Canute’s head thegn and his battle instructor. And that should explain how important he is in the story. He also happens to be one of the personal guards for Thorkell when the story focuses on the Baltic Sea War.


Wulf happens to be married with Estrid in the story and that’s a plus if you ask me. As for his strength, while we haven’t had the opportunity to experience it ourselves, there’s no denying that his accolades speak a lot and suggest that maybe he would have been a brilliant individual in his life, especially during his prime time.



23. Gudrid


Gudrid plays a huge role in this story. How? Well, she was the one who ended up fleeing from her second husband. Luck was never on her side as she lost her first husband as well.


Her life was going miserably until Thorfinn came into the picture and he did something that no one could have done. He gave her the opportunity to explore the world and live life as she wanted to.


That’s how she fell in love with our boy and eventually ended up marrying him. This is why Gudrid is a character that will always be crucial in the anime and you can’t help but appreciate that fact about her.



24. Ymir


Ymir is Floki’s pet to fight Thorkell. There isn’t much known about him and he was only supposed to be a countermeasure to tackle Thorkell. However, just on the basis of his appearance, he seems to be at least 1.5 times as huge as Floki.


And that should explain how formidable he could be. However, since we don’t have much knowledge of his character yet, we can’t say much about him.



25. Gardar




Gardar was a Viking warrior who ended up becoming a slave. And this turn of events led to a situation where we couldn’t appreciate his skill and capabilities as a warrior.


However, there’s no denying that at one point in time, this man was something else. He was the one who took down his master Kjallakr. And the reason why he did it was because he wanted to escape and meet his wife again.


His story allows us to understand important themes such as love, freedom, and realities of the Viking era which, aren’t all that admirable after all. He is a strong and determined character overall.



26. Asgeir




You might know him as Asgeid, Asgautr, Asgaudr, Asgerdr, Ashgate, Asgodr or maybe something else. However, all that’s irrelevant once you realize who he is. He is Thorkell’s first mate.


And that should explain that this man is quite something to be able to stand next to our man Thorkell. Moreover, the fact that this man seemed to have an average build yet managed to make it so high, proves that he goes far beyond than what meets the eye.


He is often appreciated in the story for his calm and collected nature. However, the situation changes when Thorkell is present as he becomes hot-headed and loses all his calm altogether.



27. Vagn


He was the one who decided to battle against Floki. And that’s why he is quite a special warrior on his own. Vagn is one of the side characters in the story who happened to be a Jomsviking commander at one point in time.


And he was one of the only few who decided to revolt against Floki. Why? Because he knew that Floki was the reason why a lot of Jomsviking commanders were losing their lives.


He also made sure that Thorfinn knew that it was Floki who was the actual killer of Thors and allowed him to learn the truth in the best way possible.


He also requested Thorfinn to avenge his father and become the leader of the Jomsvikings.



28. Sigurd


This man happens to have a lot of interesting connections in the story. Firstly, he is the son of Halfdan which explains why many people would look up to his character.


Secondly, he also happens to be his second husband Gudrid. However, that was the reality of the past as he is now Hallgerd’s husband. What makes him so memorable is the fact that he looks so much like his father that you might have a hard time distinguishing him from his father.


Not only that, but his presence in the series and his actions added so much flavour to the overall story that we can’t help but look up to him. All in all, he is a notable name in the show.



29. Eskil


Eskil was a Jomsviking who was known to for his loyalty towards Vagn. There isn’t much to know about him in the story other than the fact that he is blonde.


But the fact that he was part of the Jomsviking, definitely says that he had some degree of greatness inside of him.



30. Wrage


Wrage is a Jomsviking who is appreciated for his loyalty towards Vagn. However, we aren’t really aware of much of his character. He had black hair and he is alive in the story.


But being a Jomsviking isn’t easy now, is it?



31. Drott




He was one of Prince Canute’s personal guards. And his presence is quite intimidating, to say the least. However, we didn’t get the opportunity to know more about him and so, he is still a mystery overall.


But we can’t overlook the fact that he was Prince Canute’s guard at one point in time. That’s quite something.



32. Olaf




Olaf was Askeladd’s father. And he was quite a formidable opponent in the series. He was the one who only cared about women, battles, and drinks. And he was killed by none other than Askeladd himself.


Why? Because he treated Askeladd’s mother Lydia like a dog. And that made Askeladd take the steps that he did. Now there are a lot of questions about him in the series, there’s no denying that this man must have been quite strong in his time since getting access to such a lifestyle wasn’t possible in the Vikings era without being a formidable force.


However, since nothing is official, we can’t be sure.


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