Defending Jacob Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Defending Jacob


A lot of people found it difficult to make peace with the fact that Chris Evans retired his glorious beard and himself as the amazing Captain America in Avengers: Endgame.


While he certainly did sign new and exciting big-screen projects, he also aimed to try his hands on the small screen. Enter Defending Jacob, which premiered on Apple TV+ in April 2020.


Based on William Landay’s novel of the same name, the show opened to good reviews from both viewers and reviewers. Its story is set in a small town where an assistant district attorney is caught between his sworn duty to uphold the law and his unconditional love for his son after a shocking crime rocks their life.


It was a refreshing change to see Evans playing the part of a father in the series. Needless to say, those who are fond of him were rather quick to devour Defending Jacob; a crime drama series that also stars IT’s Jaeden Martell as the titular character.


Now that the first season has successfully culminated, fans have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of a second season.




Official Announcement Of Defending Jacob Season 2


If you’ve seen the show, you may have noticed that there were some loose ends at the end of the first season. These loose ends may have made some people believe that the story will be continued with at least one more season.


However, some sources claim that Apple TV+ has not yet renewed the show and that it is not likely to come back for a new season. Be that as it may, we must remember that the original eight-episode instalment doesn’t provide absolute clarity to the fans of the show.


Not only that but the finale also teases a brand new storyline, which plays a pivotal role in getting our expectations high for a new season. That being said, it’s also been said that there is a strong possibility that showrunner Mark Bomback may not have the appropriate rights or a storyline to move forward with new episodes; at least not yet.


That is arguably the main reason there has been no news about the show’s second season. Also, it is imperative to mention that Defending Jacob was originally envisioned as a limited series so the chances of its renewal were less anyway.


But, since it ends with a tad more optimism, it makes us wonder if are going to see the plot getting extended in the near future.




Previous Season And Episodes Of Defending Jacob


Viewers will agree that the first season of Defending Jacob plays out like a traditional procedural. However, it finds its roots in the family by showcasing familial dysfunction which some of us can easily relate to.


Chris Evan delivers as Andy Barber, who, aside from being the son of a convicted killer, is also the father of a fourteen-year-old who is accused of murdering a classmate.


Needless to say, he goes all out in defending his child and ensuring that his life isn’t wasted on the case. While the series doesn’t necessarily build towards a tidy conclusion, it does show some optimism towards the end; all while bringing forth questions of morality and loyalty.


As expected, the ending takes a different route from what’s penned in Landay’s source material. Some of the best-rated episodes in the show are titled Job, Everything Is Cool, Poker Faces, Wishful Thinking, and After.


Each of the episodes is 45-65 minutes long. Some of the episodes have been criticized for the pacing and length but the series overall has certainly been praised for its emotional weight, performances, and ambiguity.




Where To Watch Defending Jacob


Fans will be elated to know that the show is available for streaming on Apple TV+ in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. So, what are you waiting for?


Just go ahead and hit the play button on Apple TV.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Defending Jacob Season 2


It is no secret that once the makers decide not to go ahead with a series, the search trends related to its forthcoming edition see an automatic decline on Google.


However, the case is slightly different with Defending Jacob. Now, we still aren’t sure if Apple TV+ will opt to expand the storyline beyond a limited series, but what we are certain of is the fact that the viewers pretty much are open to seeing it return.


We suggest so because the search trends related to the show’s second season have yet to hit rock bottom on Google. While the drama has definitely seen periods of decline, they have been followed by an almost instant rise.


That being said, it has to be noted that Defending Jacob was originally promoted as an eight-episode miniseries. Therefore, it’d only be wise for its audience to not expect it to return.


But, the search trends pertaining to its second season seem to have a story to tell for now. Irrespective of whether the critics have been raving about its overall quality or not, people still seem to be searching for its second instalment; or at least that’s what the Google trends indicate.


Be that as it may, we are certain that if Apple decides not to go ahead with a new season, the searches related to the same are going to witness an obvious decline.



Social Media Engagement For Defending Jacob Season 2


Those who like Chris Evans may have found it a bit easier to like Defending Jacob. Needless to say, some of them have been waiting for its continuation ever since the first season climaxed.


They also seem to think that more people should get down to watching the show. Indeed, they have even voiced their opinions on a social media platform like X (formerly Twitter), aiming to convey that they are still disappointed that Chris Evans never got nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe for his commendable performance in the show.


Some people have tagged Apple TV’s official account in their posts and requested them to do a season 2 of Defending Jacob with Evans, for they’d like to know how Andy Barber is doing post the events of the first season.


However, there is a minority group that believes that a continuation shouldn’t come and is even unlikely because the ending of the first season was altered when compared to the show’s source material.



Expected Plot Of Defending Jacob Season 2


Allow us to reveal that the debut season of Defending Jacob culminates without clarifying whether or not Jacob killed his classmate. However, the stirring finale does go on to show that Laurie attempts to kill herself and her son by deliberately crashing a car.


In the present, we witness Andy doing his best to explain what happened during a deposition. At the same time, Laurie is riddled with guilt due to her actions. That being said, the final is exactly where the show deviates from the ending mentioned in its source material.


According to the book, Jacob is forced to bid adieu to the mortal world following the aforementioned crash. So, since the finale takes a different route, it opens up a possibility for the story to go in a couple of directions in the new season.


While the makers can focus on the public’s reaction to the Barber family drama, things can be made a little more exciting by introducing an entirely new suspect. Also, they could attempt to show what happens when Jacob enters college.


There, he could be shown dealing with his past while trying to trust Laurie again. Either way, it’d be fun to catch the titular character doing all he can to prove his innocence.



Top Characters In Defending Jacob


The following characters do their best to keep the suspense in Defending Jacob alive.


1. Andrew Barber

Andrew Barber (Defending Jacob)


Andy Barber may seem calm and composed on the outside but a storm seems to be raging within the man throughout the series. He happens to be in a state of ceaseless dilemma mentally.


While he certainly does want to believe his son, he is also equally invested in finding out the truth. But, time and again, he ends up denying that his son might be a murderer; irrespective of what the evidence suggests.


Later in the story, we also witness him denying that his wife Laurie may have attempted to kill their son Jacob. He was brought up in a dysfunctional home but he never thought that his own family could end up being the same over time.


2. Laurie Barber

Laurie Barber (Defending Jacob)


Laurie Barber seems to be withstanding an emotional crisis after having discovered that her beloved son has been accused of murdering someone. Since she has no clue what the truth is, she ends up seeing him in an entirely different light.


As the story progresses, she gets to learn a ton of things about both her son and her husband; therefore, making her even more uncertain about her life with them.


3. Jacob Barber

Jacob Barber (Defending Jacob)


The beauty of Jacob Barber is that he is quite complicated and complex. He doesn’t seem to be rattled by the death of his classmate Ben, primarily because he used to be bullied by him.


Even though he is accused of murdering him, he doesn’t seem to be taking the accusations as seriously as one would expect a murder suspect to. It is not surprising then that one ends up feeling that he may have a ton of things to hide.


His cold eyes and stone-cold personality only make us suspect him even more.


4. Neal Loguidice

Neal Loguidice (Defending Jacob)


Neal Loguidice is the assistant district attorney of New England who has been put in charge of the Ben Rifkin case after Andy was removed from it for obvious reasons.


However, he comes across as biased because he seems to have convinced himself that Jacob is guilty of the murder and that there cannot be any other suspect. Not only that but he despises Andy as well, which becomes quite clear when he ends up dragging his name in the court of law.


Be that as it may, it’s tough to deny that the man is good at what he does.


5. Billy Barber

Billy Barber (Defending Jacob)


Andy’s father Billy Barber may have made peace with his life and personality. He is a murder and rape accused who is serving time in jail for his crimes. The man seems to have an affinity for power and, therefore, wants every situation to turn out the way he wants them to.



Important Crew Members Of Defending Jacob


Aside from the screen performers, the following people are responsible for bringing Defending Jacob to you.


1. Mark Bomback

This able screenwriter is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he focused on English Literature and Film Studies. While he is credited with being the screenwriter for numerous blockbuster films, he is also the creator of Defending Jacob.


2. Morten Tyldum

Before Morten Tyldum shot to fame for directing the historical drama The Imitation Game and the science fiction film Passengers, he had already made a name for himself in his home country of Norway by helming the thriller film Headhunters.


It is not surprising then that he was roped in to direct the eight episodes of Defending Jacob.


3. Chris Evans

It is critical to mention that Chris Evans is one of the executive producers of Defending Jacob. The man began his career with roles in television series such as Opposite Sex in 2000 and shot to global fame after having played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, as well as Steve Rogers / Captain America in various Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) full-length features.


4. Atli Örvarsson

Atli Örvarsson, who has served as a composer on some of Hollywood’s biggest projects, has provided the music in Defending Jacob along with Ólafur Arnalds. Apart from the series, his work includes titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean series, Angels & Demons, The Holiday, The Eagle, Vantage Point, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and A Single Shot.


Add to that the fact that the man has collaborated with Hans Zimmer for the Zack Snyder Superman reinstallment Man of Steel.


5. Ólafur Arnalds

On the other hand, Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and producer Arnalds lent his own distinct touch to the music. Matter of fact, he was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, for having worked on the title theme of Defending Jacob.


The man has served as a drummer for hardcore punk and metal bands Fighting Shit and Celestine. Not only that but he is also known to have formed an experimental techno project, entitled Kiasmos, in 2009.



Shows Similar To Defending Jacob


If you had a great time sitting through Defending Jacob, we are certain that you are going to love streaming the following shows as well.


1. Your Honor

Your Honor


Headlined by Bryan Cranston, Your Honor introduces us to a judge who is forced to cover up the crime of his son after he gets entangled in a hit-and-run case, which involves a member of a mafia clan.


2. Kvodo



The dark and gripping Kvodo is the show that inspired Your Honor. In it, we catch the life of brilliant judge Micha Alkoby turning upside down after his teenage son is involved in a hit-and-run.


Sooner than later, they learn that the victim is a member of a merciless crime family.


3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is a gripping crime drama series that also stars Bryan Cranston in the lead. In the show, we catch his character going all out to protect and provide for his family after he is diagnosed with a terminal illness.


To ensure that his family’s future is secure, the man turns to making drugs.


4. For Life

For Life


In For Life, we are introduced to a determined man who is wrongly convicted and imprisoned. After losing all hope, he decides to take matters into his own hands by overthrowing his conviction.


He decides to become and lawyer for his case and, in the process, ends up casting light on the criminal justice system in the United States of America.


5. Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood


The revival of the beloved Showtime series Dexter opened to positive reviews. It is no secret that the leading character here is a serial killer who assumes a fake identity and aspires to live a quiet life in New York.


However, the return of the son he abandoned turns his life upside down.


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