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HBO’s Vinyl is a high-octane look back at the 1970s music scene. It debuted on our screens in 2016, promising a spectacular adventure through the electric world of 1970s New York music. The formidable team of Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen, and Terence Winter created the series, which offered an excellent background and a tale replete with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.


Bobby Cannavale starred as Richie Finestra, a coke-fueled record mogul clinging to the glory days of vinyl as the disco wave threatened to consume him. Cannavale gave an enthralling performance, capturing Richie’s desperation and all-consuming desire with equal fervour.


Richie was surrounded by a lively ensemble cast, each with their own challenges and goals. Olivia Wilde starred as Devon Finestra, Richie’s attractive and tormented wife, while Ray Romano wowed audiences with his nuanced depiction of Zak Yankovich, Richie’s devoted but conflicted business partner.


Vinyl’s production values were similarly impressive. Scorsese’s distinctive filmmaking technique brought the era to life via painstaking period accuracy and physical intensity. The soundtrack, chosen by Jagger himself, was a musical feast that included both legendary oldies and fresh material written by Jagger and other musicians.


Vinyl’s study of the music industry’s dark underbelly, celebration of the creative spirit, and superb performances make it a must-see for music enthusiasts and Scorsese fans alike.




Official Announcement on Vinyl Season 2


Vinyl was a TV series that premiered on HBO in February 2016 to much fanfare and anticipation. The show did not disappoint in the initial days of its release. The earlier episodes received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.


Fuelled by the high praise, HBO renewed the show for a second season on February 18, 2016, soon after the series premiered. However, after season 1 ended, the network reversed its decision and cancelled the show in June 2016.


The high production cost as compared to the viewership numbers was blamed for the cancellation of the show. Simply put, the show did not garner as many numbers to warrant the high budget, so it ended up making a loss for the network.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Vinyl


Vinyl Season 1 was a power-packed show, which featured a number of cameos from high-profile music legends, a stellar cast, and great music. The show was praised for its historical accuracy and attention to detail.


The season had 10 episodes of up to 60 minutes each. The show followed the struggles of Richie Finestra, a record executive who was losing his touch, as he went all out to get back into the groove and hang on to the glory days.


The show featured music from all genres, including rock, blues, pop, country, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, reggae, punk, disco and hip-hop. Apart from the acting performance and production value, the music of the show received the highest praise.




Where to watch Vinyl


Vinyl is a show that premiered back in 2016. Hence it is not easily available for streaming. Viewers in the USA can only download the series on Google Play Movies or Amazon Prime Video. However, fans from Canada can stream it on Crave, and those in the UK can stream it on Sky.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Vinyl Season 2


The HBO series Vinyl was telecast in 2016 and subsequently cancelled by the network in the same year. However, the music and acting performances in this show left quite a mark on the hearts of the audiences.


Martin Scorsese later mentioned in an interview that he regretted not being more hands-on with the series and its direction. Such comments have kept the series in public consciousness even after more than five years.


The Google search trends for Vinyl Season 2 register sizable volumes even after eight years since the series. Fans are eager to know the future and fate of all their favourite characters and the music group.


The trend fluctuates wildly between high and low but continues to reflect the never-ending curiosity of fans of Vinyl, its cast and crew.



Social Media Engagement of Vinyl Season 2


The social media presence of Vinyl has been at a minimum. The buzz surrounding the music and Martin Scorsese’s TV series had died down with time for the most part. However, a mention of it continues to be made every now and then in interviews.


There has been some activity on Facebook when Ray Romano revealed that Martin Scorsese had no idea who he was. He said he was happy that his fame as Raymond from Everybody Loves Raymond did not impact his casting as Zak Yankovich.


This created a short-term buzz on Facebook. Apart from a few blips like this, Vinyl Season 2 has been quiet on social media.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Vinyl


Although HBO renewed Vinyl for a season 2, it later cancelled the series in June 2016. The showrunner, Terence Winter, left the series over creative differences over the direction of the series. Without one of the original creators of the show on the team and the low ratings, HBO did not want to continue with the show, considering the high cost of production.


The reviews of the show praised the music and performances, but they were critical of the plot and the writing team. Critics panned the predictable and cliched story. The pacing of the story was also blamed for the poor show.


It appears unlikely that the story could move forward after the end of season one.



Important Characters of Vinyl


1. Richie Finestra

Richie Finestra


Richie Finestra (played by Bobby Cannavale) walks a fine line in HBO’s Vinyl. He is the president of American Century Records, a once-powerful label that is now clinging to the dying grandeur of vinyl in the face of disco’s return.


Richie, fueled by ambition and a constant snort of coke, is a vicious dealmaker who is willing to exploit, persuade, or even threaten to keep his label going. However, beyond the vicious façade, there is a true enthusiasm for music, a love for the raw force and soul of a vinyl groove.


He’s a paradox: a hustler with a heart, a dreamer drowning in despair, and a guy seeking success while his demons pursue him.


2. Maury Gold

Maury Gold


Maury Gold, played by Paul Ben-Victor, is Richie Finestra’s friendly confidante and rival record label owner. Maury, with his silver toupee and sardonic smile, is an experienced industry veteran who exudes charisma and shrewdness. He is the voice of reason in Richie’s pandemonium; the calm in his storm.


He’s a survivalist, a long-term planner who adds depth and mystery to the Vinyl universe. He’s Richie’s adversary and partner-in-crime, providing wise counsel one moment and indulging in backroom dealings the next. Maury has a solid grasp of the music business and uses his contacts and skills to remain ahead of the competition.


3. Scott Leavitt

In HBO’s Vinyl, Scott Leavitt, played by the intriguing P. J. Byrne, plays a complex character who discreetly alters the narrative’s pace. Scott, Richie’s chief lawyer and confidante, guides him through the music industry’s legal minefields, protecting him from dodgy transactions and potential lawsuits.


He delivers advice with a caustic wit and a smart mind. Unlike many in Richie’s close group, Scott has a strong moral compass. He constantly recommends prudence and criticises Richie’s most outrageous acts, serving as a much-needed voice of reason amidst the hedonistic turmoil.


He is the gatekeeper who restricts access to Richie, acting as a filter for anyone attempting to get the label head’s attention.


4. Julian “Julie” Silver

In the fast-paced world of HBO’s Vinyl, Julian “Julie” Silver (Max Casella) navigates the perilous seas of A&R (Artist & Repertoire) at American Century Records. He’s a shrewd talent scout entrusted with discovering fresh musical gems in the ever-changing world of the 1970s Fresh York music scene.


Julie scours nightclubs and dives, looking for raw talent simmering beneath the surface. He champions the underdogs, the unheralded talents waiting for their day in the spotlight. His relationship with Richie Finestra, the label’s CEO, is a perpetual tug-of-war, fuelled by a similar passion for music and a desire for success.


5. Lester Grimes

In Vinyl, Lester Grimes, played by Ato Essandoh, epitomises the blues scene’s lost splendour. He’s a former star whose voice was once a force of nature, but today, he manages the failing proto-punk band Nasty Bits.


Lester, haunted by previous horrors and a strained relationship with the music business, navigates a world that has abandoned him. Despite his cynical attitude, Lester’s enthusiasm for music is fervent. He serves as a mentor to the younger Nasty Bits, guiding them via his wisdom and experience.


Lester’s performance is a moving reminder of the ephemeral nature of celebrity and the toll it can exact. He serves as a cautionary story for Richie Finestra, showing him what may happen if he doesn’t address his own issues.



Important Crew Members of Vinyl


1. Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen, and Terence Winter

The series Vinyl was created by Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter. It was developed from a story idea by Jagger, Scorsese, Cohen and Winters that was converted into a teleplay by George Mastras.


The group drew heavily on their experiences from that era, particularly Mick Jagger, who was a member of the rock band ‘The Rolling Stones’.


2. Martin Scorsese and Allen Coulter

The project, Vinyl, was close to the heart of the director Martin Scorsese. He directed the pilot episode of the series, while different directors directed the other episodes. Allen Coulter, who is known for his work in TV series like “The Sopranos,” “Boardwalk Empire,” etc., directed three episodes of the show.


3. Bill Groom and Bob Shaw

One of the aspects of the success of ‘Vinyl’ was the authentic period setting. The show’s meticulous production design transports viewers to the heart of the 1970s New York music scene, recreating the gritty glamour of record labels, opulent nightclubs, and grimy back alleys with stunning authenticity.


The production designers Bill Groom and Bob Shaw researched every detail, from the decor of American Century Records’ plush offices to the graffiti-tagged walls of CBGB. They sourced vintage furniture, clothing, and props, ensuring a level of realism that blurred the lines between fiction and reality.


This ensured the story was told accurately, realistically, and honestly.


4. Vinyl: The Essentials (Best of Season 1)

The music of ‘Vinyl’ is an eclectic mix of different genres, including rock, blues, pop, country, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, and more. The collection of songs was curated by Mick Jagger to include classics from Bowie and Zeppelin.


Original songs from Ty Taylor, Royal Blood, Alex Newell, and DJ Cassidy. Many contemporary artists, like  The Arcs, Julian Casablancas, Trey Songz, Chris Cornell, and Andrew W. K., sang covers of records from the 1950s to the 1970s.


You can listen to this collection on Vinyl: The Essentials (Best of Season 1).



Similar shows as Vinyl


Vinyl is all about the 1970s music scene in New York, the ugly underbelly of the music and crime world. If you like such stories, here are more shows to follow.


1. Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire


Boardwalk Empire is an American period drama television series that chronicles the rise and fall of organised crime in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition era of the 1920s. The series stars Steve Buscemi as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a corrupt politician who becomes the city’s undisputed kingpin.


The show is known for its gritty portrayal of violence and corruption and its complex characters, including gangsters, politicians, and law enforcement agents.


2. Nashville



Nashville follows two country music stars: Rayna James, a fading legend, and Juliette Barnes, a rising pop-infused newcomer. Their ambitions clash in Music City as they navigate love, rivalry, and the ever-changing industry. Set against the backdrop of the city’s music scene, secrets simmer, rivalries ignite, and soulful melodies rise as they fight for their place in the spotlight.


3. Star



Three Atlanta singers, Star, Simone, and Alex, chase music stardom. Their raw talent meets harsh realities as they navigate the industry’s cutthroat competition, demanding managers, and hidden darkness. Dreamy musical sequences punctuate their struggles with love, loss, and betrayal as they fight for their voices to be heard.


Can their sisterhood and raw talent overcome the darkness and propel them to the top?


4. Rolling Thunder Revue

Rolling Thunder Revue


Blurring lines between reality and fiction, Martin Scorsese’s “Rolling Thunder Revue” isn’t your typical documentary. It delves into Bob Dylan’s 1975 musical caravan across America, showcasing electrifying performances and weaving in interviews with iconic figures like Joan Baez and Sam Shepard.


It explores the concert tour through a kaleidoscopic lens, featuring iconic musicians and theatrics amidst a backdrop of America’s cultural upheaval. A captivating blend of music, history, and dreamlike storytelling.


5. The Deuce

The Deuce


Plunging into the gritty underbelly of 1970s New York, “The Deuce” chronicles the rise of the porn industry alongside the lives intertwined with it. Twin gangsters navigate the changing landscape while an ambitious woman carves her own path in the nascent industry.


Sex, violence and the struggle for survival paint a raw portrait of a transformative era.


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