No Game No Life Season 2: Is It Cancelled?

no game no life introduction


The first season of “No Game No Life,” a well-liked Netflix anime series from Japan, has concluded, leaving fans to wonder if the streaming giant has approved season 2.


This is an anime for gamers. The story includes young gamers trying to beat the “God of games”. To achieve this they play numerous board games. But as the story progresses it becomes more and more difficult to dethrone the Gods.


In recent years, Netflix has become an amazing platform for some of the best anime out there.


The show is also streaming on the evergreen online platform Crunchyroll, which is jam-packed with an assortment of manga, anime, and Japanese dramas (classic as well as modern).


You can also catch the “No Game No Life” also known as the “NGNL” series on Hulu and Amazon Prime.



Everything We Know About No Game No Life So Far


Based on the Japanese novels written by Yū Kamiya, the show carries over plenty of literary charm and outstanding characterization.


This series falls well within the ‘Isekai’ genre of anime. Directorial excellence from Atsuko Ishizuka has made this series beloved among anime fans since it premiered in April 2014.


The show enjoyed a steady run through to June of that year. It grew so popular that it even earned itself a prequel movie, which aired on 12th July 2017.


From the various races of Disbord to a mesmerizing core narrative, season one gave fans plenty to look forward to.


Most of them are anticipating a face-off between Shiro and Sora. Now there’s a battle if ever there was one!


The books have most probably covered these angles, but not every anime lover is fluent in Japanese, obviously.




Official Announcements and Updates on No Game No Life Season 2


Let’s put it this way: Fans want more! They want to see more of this story, more about its characters and certainly have their questions answered from season one of the series.


Netflix has been shown to give the go-ahead for shows that rank quite high on the viewer popularity meter.


This series certainly checks all the right boxes, meaning we can expect a next season of “NGNL”.


As official announcements go, there have been none as yet. The show’s action sequences are still fresh in fans’ minds as they await news of a potential season two.


The books are still ongoing, with author Yū Kamiya’s latest instalment having been published on 25 January 2018. The light novels are still being released in Japan, which means there is no shortage of content for the second season. 


He only released one book in that year, as well as in 2016. In 2021, only one volume of light novels was released, and the year passed without any update on season 2.


But then we got a light novel published on February 25, 2023, named “Looks Like the Gamer Siblings and Friends Will Challenge the Devil!” and the English version is all set to be released on November 21, 2023. 


Even though we have a new novel, there is still no sign of a new season for the anime. Let’s take a look at the source material. 




More Source Material Information for No Game No Life Season 2




Anime is no stranger to adapting games, light novels, and of course manga. Readers are surely aware that “No Game No Life” season one and the movie based on the franchise were both adapted from the light novels by Yū Kamiya.


It’s a no-brainer to assume that season two is going to go in an entirely original direction. Fans believe that the story and the characters have a lot of potential and can easily have an original drive for the second season. 


It is due to unfulfilled story arcs and incomplete character journeys that thousands of fans even want a season two of “No Game No Life”.


So far, ten light novel volumes are circulating in Japan. There are also a couple of mangas based on the novels themselves.


One is essentially a retelling of the original, and the other is a spin-off. 25th January 2018 saw the release of Kamiya’s latest volume in this super-popular anime.


Light novels volumes 1-3 were adapted to make all of season one, and we know that the movie version made good use of volume 6.


This infers that light novel volume 4 is going to continue the series if or when it eventually does manifest into season two.


Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 April 21, 2015
Volume 2 July 21, 2015
Volume 3 October 27, 2015
Volume 4 March 22, 2016
Volume 5 December 20, 2016
Volume 6 July 25, 2017
Volume 7 October 30, 2018
Volume 8 April 2, 2019
Volume 9 October 29, 2019
Volume 10 February 18, 2020

Volume 11

Volume 12

November 25, 2021

February 25, 2023



Six existing books are yet to be adapted, leaving fans with the realization that there is enough source material for season two of “No Game No Life”. 




Popularity details of No Game No Life Season 2


Doubtless, the show is loved by thousands of fans all over the world. This is despite the fact that the series’ official website was last updated back in 2018.


Ever since they shared their thoughts on ‘Guidebook’, we haven’t heard a peep from the showrunners about season 2 of “No Game No Life”.



With over 120K followers on Twitter, anyone will agree that the series has an, um, following.


A recent tweet on the official Twitter handle announced the rebroadcasting of season 1. This announcement came on June 25 of this year.


Till now no tweets about season 2. But we should not lose hope and see other indicators.


no game no life season 2 google trends


If we see trends for season 2, we find that there is no actual trend at all. Instead, the trend is going down on average.


It peaked around early 2020 and since then it’s going down. Since creators haven’t revealed any plan for season 2, its popularity is bound to fall.


Not a good sign and we hope the studio and concerned party understand this.


Google Searches

Organic Google searches for a particular term show, how many people are interested in knowing information on that term.


Since these people took the time to search on Google, it shows that they are really interested.


As you can see global searches are around 48K which was a few months back more than triple.


In recent months searches are continuously falling and it may be attributed to the fact that no updates about season 2 are letting fans’ hope down.


But the searches are still very high just like demon slayer season 2 or one punch man season 3.


Many anime which were left for a long time got renewed this year. It may happen with NGNL too.


We are hoping that it will return soon.



Expected Plot of No Game No Life Season 2


The story is expected to be much lighter than what unravelled in season one. Logically, the after-effects of the alliance between the show’s main characters and the werebeasts will need to be explored.


Team Blank may quite readily head off on a new adventure, most probably teaming up with a male Dhampir and the character Izuna.


The home of the Sirens, namely Oceanado, looks set to come into focus in season two.


It’s going to be interesting if this is the case because we know the protagonists have been looking to awaken the Siren Queen.


There is also a must-win challenge that Team Blank needs to address versus the Werebeast God.



Online Reactions for No Game No Life Season 2


Rumour has it that the anime’s author Yū Kamiya has been experiencing some health issues, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Light novels have always come first on the market before any scripting even began for a visual adaptation.


Fans of “Noragami” experienced a similar scenario, which is why they were denied a season 3 of that show.


The prequel movie “No Game” gave the franchise a much-needed boost in fame and funds.


It also kept the series alive in the hearts of fans everywhere, even going so far as to stoke the flames of a potential season two.


They’re still stoking those flames, by the way. As far as source material goes, the author is spoiled for choices, as we’re certain he himself knows.


It’s quite literally a matter of time, money, and creative vision that is keeping this show on the back burner, awaiting its turn to give fans another chapter in its excellent narrative.


online reactions for  no game no life season 2



Ratings and Popularity Scores for No Game No Life Season 2


imdb ratings graph of no game no life


Leading the rating meters on IMDB, we have 22.8% of users who gave the show a solid 10/10 rating, and around 25.6% gave it a steady 8/10.


And we have 19.4% of them standing at the 9/10 mark, making “No Game No Life” a surefire favourite. There is no doubt that this anime is too popular to not get a second season. 


On Anidb too, the show has ranked quite high. The site has millions of users and comprises anime fans from all, over the globe.


Around 17.9% have noted an interest in watching the show. Over 76% have already seen it and given it a stellar rating.


The series ranked #1 in its starting year, 2014. The latest votes have placed it only at #37 since.


Rating Website Rating
IMDb 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes 73%
Myanimelist 8.23 (Ranked #272/ Popularity #10)



Top 5 Best-Rated Episodes 


No Game No Life is an awesome anime with tons of fans all over the world. All the fans are waiting for the next season.


Till then, let’s take a look at the top 5 best-rated episodes from the show.


1. Interesting (Episode 6) 

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. The episode starts with Sora and Shiro challenging Jibril.


To make the match fair, they bet their tablets, and Jibril bets her freedom.


2. Fake End (Episode 8)

The rating for this episode is 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. Sora and Shiro are at the Eastern Federation Embassy.


They are ready to challenge, and they issue a warning that if they don’t accept the challenge, Sora and Shiro will reveal their secrets to the elves.


3. Killing Giant (Episode 11)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Sora and Shiro leave the virtual world behind and go back to the real world.


Later, they are in a game of thieves and police.


4. Rule Number 10 (Episode 12)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, even after all the hard attempts, Shiro and Sora lose the fight.


Later, Izuna also gets defeated by Stephanie.


5. Expert (Episode 3)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. When Kurami was getting crowned, Sora told everyone that she was cheating and using powers and magic given to her by an elf.



Sales and Profit Information For No Game No Life Season 2


It’s often a sequel, or in this, a second season, that either benefits or loses out based on profitability.


The first season of “No Game No Life” stood its ground and earned a sufficient reputation and popularity among anime fans.


But how will a season 2 fare? We can judge that based on certain statistics related to this show’s profit and sales data that is already on record.


Blu-Ray Sales

Japan enjoyed a 6-disc (not Blu-Ray) release for this series and each one recorded sales in excess of 9,000 copies.


In 2016 (24th February), fans were given a gorgeous Blu-ray Disc (BD) Box, aka BD-Box, of “No Game No Life”.


This sold around 1,000 copies. As an accepted rule of thumb, anime that sells around 10,000 copies usually get a vigorous nod for a sequel, and it looks like “No Game” had no game in this regard.


However, there are exceptions to the rule. “Accel World” springs to mind, another anime that despite hitting it big in BD-Box sales failed to get a season 2.


Movie Box Office

When “No Game No Life Zero” was released in 2017, fans of the franchise knew it was going to make it past the finish.


The movie, directed by Atsuko Ishizuka, grossed ¥700,000,000, which is somewhere around $6.5 million. Not bad, not at all.


Add to this the fact that the movie version of the popular manga sold more than 40,000 Blu-Ray copies in Japan, and you have yourself a winner worthy of a season two.


The movie saw an immense profit margin, especially estimated that it cost around $1,500,000 to make.


A successful anime movie often dictates the future of its series counterparts, something that fans of “Konosuba” are familiar with.



Action figures are the best merchandise when it comes to an anime rich in characters. “No Game No Life” has forty-five to its name, which includes various designs on the following characters: Stephanie, Schwi, Jibril, Izuna, and Shiro.


Tapestries, mugs, towels, and shirts based on the show cover around 500 unique products. Sales for these are not half bad, meaning they could induce the show creators to give eager fans a season two.


Though three years have come and gone since the release of “No Game No Life Zero” (the movie), 2020 still saw an announcement for six new action figures based on the franchise.


This seems to have set the tone for the future of this evergreen show.


Action Figures

WonFes 2020 saw the announcement of six new action figures based on popular characters in this franchise.


Manufacturers would have done their own research to ascertain the relevance and current fan demands.


This means “No Game No Life” still has fans waiting to enjoy some merchandise while they wait for a potential season 2 announcement.


Light Novels

We obviously need to cover sales data on the source material of this fantastic franchise, namely the light novels from which the anime was even adapted.


Volume 9 went on the market in 2016 (25th August), and saw sales exceeding 160,000 copies.


Volume 10 which came out in 2018 did slightly better, selling over 170,000 copies. Granted, these light novels are not cash cows for the “No Game No Life” brand, but they are an essential element regardless.


This franchise has duly earned its place among the top 5 anime bestsellers by volume.



There are plenty of other income avenues for “No Game No Life”. From OST (original soundtrack), international licenses for Yen Press and Sentai, mobile games, and web radio coverage to streaming collaborations with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.


The show has proven that it has a large fan base. Now it’s only a matter of how popular the series still is going into 2023.



Popular No Game No Life Characters


Many characters from the first season became fan favorites and they are likely to appear in season 2. Let’s have a look brief look at them.





The one who originally summoned several heroic favourites into the world of Disboard must surely make a comeback in season 2 of the series.


We believe he should anyway. The ‘One True God’ lives in a chess piece, specifically the King.


He earned his status after winning the ‘eternal war’, using his cunning and wit to grab the ‘Suniaster’ before any of the other gods could get to it.


Most fans assumed he was one of the ‘Immanity’, but technically Tet belongs to none of the Disboard races.





The werebeast girl renowned for her overuse of the word ‘please’, and a favourite of both Shiro and Sora, will definitely make for a great re-entry to the show.


She encountered the twins when they forced the Werebeast race to become part of the ‘Elchea Federation’.


Miko dispatched Izuna to learn more about the twins after that. Izuna shares many a similarity with the twins.





The strategy prodigy, prime member of ‘Blank’, and orphan who heavily relies on his step-sister, Shiro.


He is as funny as he is loving toward his sis, and it has done him great credit in the eyes of fans.


A rough childhood drew him to gaming, which he indulges with aggressive passion. A dedicated brother and enthusiastic gamer, Sora must obviously return for the second season.





A logician and calculation expert, the other half of ‘Blank’, and the pea that completes the pod containing two of this anime’s leading characters.


Fans enjoyed watching how well these two gelled when together and felt panic attacks when apart.


Along with her brother, Shiro is a non-negotiable element of this series.



Though not a major character, her narrative gave viewers a detailed look at the core natures of Shiro and Sora and their collaboration as ‘Blank’.


She saw talent in the step-siblings before anyone else did. Within the series, Queen is the strongest member of a guild called ‘Night Opera’ numbering 1200 gamers.


Her possible return to season 2 is more than warranted.



The ‘flügel’, aka ruthless angelic race known to harbour great power. The 6000-year-old Jibril who belongs to this race will be an exceptional addition to season two.


In the first season, fans saw her earning Elkia’s library from Stephanie Dola’s grandfather. Many a story arc (sirens, Dhampirs, and more) has benefited and will stand to gain, with Jibril being involved in the show’s second season.



Though she only made her appearance in the finale, the Werebeast High Priestess put on quite the show in season one, and fans are eager to see what she brings to the follow-up.


Her transition and character arc in the series have been outstanding, earning her a continued arc in season 2.


Her ‘Blood Break’ ability could prove enormously useful going forward.


Stephanie Dola

Granddaughter to Elkia’s (race of Immanity’s) former king, she hails from a complicated line and has a frown-worthy backstory, making Stephanie an integral character-driven addition to this anime’s roster.


Her interactions with Shiro and Sora make for interesting viewing and will continue to do so if she returns to carry out her duties in season 2.


Chlammy Zell

From her charm to her personality, this character seems to have accrued her own fan base.


A human who joined forces with the race of Elves, Chlammy Zell brings some captivating ideas to the show.


This has made her something of a game-changer, one worth adding to the character cast of season 2.


A wealth of significant events took place in season 1 with Chlammy Zell smack in the middle of them.


Feel Nilvalen

Fans have seen her gaming with Chlammy and using her magic to help her friend win games.


Her tenderness and adorability are sure to work in season two’s favour, much as it did in season one.


Her age and appearance are worlds apart. And her past Elf-slave relationship with Chlammy Zell was quite the jaw-dropper in season 1.


Her kindness toward Chlammy will most certainly push the season 2 narrative forward in several ways if she is brought back.



Other Decisive Factors for No Game No Life Season 2


We have looked at many indicators of season 2. Most of them are positive prompting us to believe that indeed there is going to be NGNL season 2. But did you consider, whether the creators have left any clue or not?


We may know by looking at the ending of season 1 and the controversies that surround it. 


No Game No Life Season 1 Ending

There is immense confusion here, especially among fans. It seems that to insert a cliffhanger, the creators of the series ended up adding a finale that was way ahead of the then-ongoing season 1 narrative.


The prequel movie that came out around this time adapted the manga’s volume 6 storyline.


The finale scene for “No Game No Life” the movie matches the final story sequences that occupy the final episode of the series.


The final movie scene precedes the final series episode. This is where a lot of things went wrong for this otherwise great show.



Controversy Behind No Game No Life Season 2

The controversy surrounding the show concerns a ‘visual design’ lawsuit that ties in with plagiarism claims.


Madhouse must have been mad not to resolve that matter early on because it could well be the reason why a possible season 2 of “No Game No Life” has been delayed this long, and counting.


Nothing has been verified, this is just internet hearsay being shared here as a fact of its existence, not proof that said claims are to be believed.


The controversy rests in the fact that there are no current legal issues for the team.


Fans are now wondering why they haven’t resumed creating season 2 or at least announcing it.



Top Similar Anime Like No Game No Life 


1. Noragami (2014-2015)

It is an anime series that aired from 2014 to 2015. With a rating of 7.9 on IMDb, it falls under the genres of animation, action, and adventure. The story revolves around a minor god named Yato, who dreams of becoming widely recognized and worshipped by humans.


However, he is a struggling deity with no shrine or followers.


2. Overlord (2015- )

It is an ongoing anime series that premiered in 2015. With a rating of 7.7 on IMDb, it falls under the genres of animation, action, and adventure. The story follows a gamer named Momonga, who is trapped inside the virtual reality game “Yggdrasil” when its servers are about to shut down.


To his surprise, Momonga’s in-game character, an undead sorcerer named Ainz Ooal Gown, remains conscious and is transported to a new fantasy world.


3. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015- )

It is also known as “DanMachi,” an anime series that started airing in 2015. With a rating of 7.4 on IMDb, it falls under the genres of animation, action, and adventure.


The story takes place in a fictional world where gods and goddesses descend to Earth and form alliances with humans known as “Familias.”


4. Akame ga Kill! (2014)

Akame ga Kill! is an anime series that premiered in 2014. With an IMDb rating of 7.8/10, it falls under the genres of animation, action, and adventure. The series features a talented voice cast including Sora Amamiya, Yukari Tamura, Satsuki Yukino, and Aya Suzaki.


5. Sword Art Online (2012- )

Sword Art Online is an ongoing anime series that first aired in 2012. It has garnered an IMDb rating of 7.5/10, showcasing its popularity among viewers. Combining elements of animation, action, and adventure, the show takes viewers into a virtual reality gaming world.


The talented cast includes Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Bryce Papenbrook, and Cherami Leigh, who bring the characters to life with their performances.





Keep your ears peeled and your eyes open. An announcement can come anytime for this show. “No Game No Life” is simply too popular to be forgotten or shelved.


We at ENTOIN suspect a possible 2024 holler from the creators/author concerning this amazing anime.


Bear in mind that anime studios do not churn out content overnight, it takes years to get quality work out to viewers.


Given the surge in streaming due to the pandemic, such studios are keeping the flame of anime spreading wide, meaning they are all far too busy to make promises they cannot keep.


Announcements have been shown to take a few years to reach public ears. Patience is key where this series is concerned.


One may even go so far as to say “No calm? No game, no life.”


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