V Wars Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

When Will V-Wars Season 2 Air


“V-Wars” is a Netflix series that premiered in 2019, based on the graphic novel and an anthology series of the same name by Jonathan Maberry. Netflix greenlit the project in April 2018 to produce the first season of “V-Wars”.


The show features Ian Somerhalder, known for his role in “The Vampire Diaries,” as its lead actor, portraying Dr. Luther Swann. He is supported by  Adrian Holmes, Jacky Lai, Kyle Breitkopf, Peter Outerbridge, and more.


The series generated anticipation due to its vampire-themed plot and Somerhalder’s fanbase. However, despite this, “V-Wars” received mixed reviews from critics. It found success in attracting viewers who appreciate the supernatural genre and the exploration of the consequences of a global vampire pandemic. ”V-Wars” was described as a series that left much to be desired, but it was also fun and eccentric in a  B-movie style.




Official Announcement on V Wars Season 2


V-Wars is a supernatural horror series on Netflix that was inspired by the anthology series and graphic novels created by Jonathan Maberry. The series premiered on Netflix in December 2019, but the following year, the show was cancelled.


Netflix has not made any official announcement about the reason for the cancellation of the series after just one season. However, if we see the response to the series, the low ratings, and the viewership numbers, it makes sense for Netflix to axe the show.


In 2020, Netflix changed its policy of renewing series, and V-Wars fell victim to it as it did not justify its high budget. However, the star of the series, Ian Somerhalder, was positive that the series could make a comeback.


He said that Jonathan Maberry was not done with the tale of V-Wars. Hence, they would continue to try to tell the story and bring it to its audiences.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of V Wars


V-Wars premiered on Netflix in December 2019 and ran for one season. The show had 10 episodes that were about 57 minutes long. It closely followed the graphic novel by Jonathan Maberry.


The series started with the outbreak of a mysterious new disease that was released from the melting ice caps due to global warming. This mysterious illness that was released from the ice turned people into bloodthirsty vampires.


Dr. Luther Swann and his best friend, Michael Fayne, are researchers racing against time to get to the bottom of this new virus. The show had an average approval rating of 6/10 on IMDB and 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.


These ratings are as of October 2023. The show did not make any splash at the award functions either.




Where to watch V Wars


Netflix and Netflix Basic with Ads is the home for the V-Wars series. Viewers in the United States, Canada, and the UK can follow the series on their Netflix streaming platform.




Google Trends Data Analysis on V Wars Season 2


The series V-Wars premiered on Netflix in 2019, and there has been no news on V-Wars season 2 since. This has caused followers to lose hope, and there has been a dip in search trends .


The V-Wars Netflix series has below-average search volumes that have fluctuated greatly over the past 12 months.



Social Media Engagement of V Wars Season 2


V-Wars season 2 did not make any splash on social media in the past 12 months. The interest of fans wildly fluctuates between medium to low on Facebook and X.


There have been quite a few articles on the future of the show. However, fans are not lapping it up as expected. Moreover, after the last update from Ian Somerhalder in 2020, there has been no more news from the show’s creators either.


It can only be said that after three years, V-Wars season 2 appears to be losing its fanbase.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


V-Wars is based on an anthology series and graphic novel of the same name. The creator of the novel has written 4 short stories and 2 comic books in the V-Wars series.


This proves that there is no dearth of plotlines and story ideas to continue the series. If the series were to continue with V-Wars season 2, we can expect many interesting developments in the story.


While the fight for power and an upper hand between humans and vampires continues, the search for the truth behind this outbreak also continues. Dr. Luther Swann has added pressure to resolve this vampire menace as his best friend, Michael Fayne, also gets infected with the virus.


Now, he has to find a solution and find it fast. While Dr. Swann wants to end the virus, Fayne is fighting to find a safe haven for other newly turned vampires like himself.



Important Characters of V Wars


1. Dr. Luther Swann

Dr. Luther Swann


In Netflix’s “V-Wars,” Dr. Luther Swann, portrayed by Ian Somerhalder, is a central character and the show’s protagonist. He’s a brilliant scientist and researcher specialising in diseases. Dr. Swann’s life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious virus outbreak leads to the emergence of a deadly strain of vampirism.


As the world grapples with the sudden vampire epidemic, Swann becomes a key figure in the effort to understand and combat the virus. He not only seeks a cure for the infection but also faces the personal challenge of dealing with his best friend, Michael Fayne, who becomes one of the earliest and most powerful vampires.


The character of Dr. Luther Swann explores themes of science, morality, and the complexities of friendship in a world overrun by a rapidly spreading supernatural threat.


2. Michael Fayne

Michael Fayne


In Netflix’s “V-Wars,” Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes, is a significant character and a central figure in the unfolding vampire epidemic. He starts as Dr. Luther Swann’s best friend but becomes a pivotal antagonist as the story progresses.


When a deadly virus turns people into vampires, Michael is one of the first to succumb to the infection. His transformation into a vampire is not only physical but also ideological, as he becomes a charismatic and powerful leader of the vampire faction.


Michael’s role is essential in highlighting the complexities of the virus’s impact on individuals, friendships, and society at large. He becomes a symbol of the conflict between humans and vampires, challenging the viewer’s perceptions and sparking moral dilemmas throughout the series.


3. Danika Dubov

Danika Dubov


Danika Dubov, portrayed by Kimberly-Sue Murray in Netflix’s “V-Wars,” is a complex and alluring character. She is a Verdulak and forms a very close bond with Michael Fayne. She has many strange powers that she uses to her advantage, and not always for the good.


She releases a type of neurotoxin that helps her control multiple victims at once so that she can draw blood without dirtying her hands. She also uses her powers to evade detection and justice.


She uses her influence on Michael Fayne to manipulate and shadow-control the blood nation, thereby making powerful enemies and allies.


4. Kaylee Vo

Kaylee Vo


In Netflix’s “V-Wars,” Kaylee Vo, portrayed by Jacky Lai, is a vital character with a unique and compelling role. Kaylee is a journalist with a strong passion for exposing the truth, especially regarding the vampire outbreak.


Her character is marked by intelligence, courage, and an unwavering dedication to her work. Kaylee becomes deeply involved in uncovering the secrets behind the virus and its impact on society, making her a central figure in the series.


Her investigative skills and determination led her to cross paths with various key characters, including Dr. Luther Swann and Michael Fayne. Kaylee’s character serves as a bridge between the human and vampire worlds as she delves into the mysteries of the epidemic while maintaining a sense of empathy and morality, making her a captivating and essential presence in the show.


5. Calix Niklos

Calix Niklos


Calix Niklos, portrayed by Peter Outerbridge in Netflix’s “V-Wars,” is a devious villain who abuses his power. He is a secretive government official who introduces himself to Dr. Luther Swann as a scientific advisor to the DNS.


He manipulates the research and expertise of Dr. Swann’s work to build a centre that resembles a concentration camp. He joins forces with another anti-vampire senator to expunge the newly created Blood Nation and impose his authority.


His devious work is revealed to Dr. Swann, who later defects to the side of the vampires and betrays government secrets. He is a highly manipulative, authoritative and devious man who will not hold back from using extreme and cruel means to have things his way.



Important Crew Members of V Wars


1. Author – Jonathan Maberry

Author - Jonathan Maberry


The Netflix series “V-Wars” is based on the comic book series of the same name, and the showrunner and creator of the series is Jonathan Maberry. Jonathan Maberry is a renowned author, best known for his work in the horror and thriller genres.


He has a background in writing novels and comics, and “V-Wars” is one of his notable contributions to the realm of supernatural fiction. Maberry’s storytelling prowess and ability to craft complex, character-driven narratives played a crucial role in adapting the source material to the screen.


With “V-Wars,” he brought his expertise to television, shaping a gripping and thought-provoking series that delves into the complexities of a world grappling with a sudden vampire epidemic.


2. Director – Brad Turner

Director - Brad Turner


Brad Turner was one of the directors who contributed to Netflix’s “V-Wars.” His work on the series was instrumental in shaping its visual and narrative elements. Brad Turner is an experienced director with a prolific background in television, known for his skill in handling action and suspenseful sequences.


In “V-Wars,” he played a key role in creating the intense and gripping atmosphere of the show, particularly during moments of conflict between humans and vampires. His directorial contributions added to the series’ overall style, helping to bring out the tension and drama that permeates the storyline.


Brad Turner’s work in “V-Wars” reflects his expertise in the thriller and sci-fi genres, contributing to the show’s overall impact and entertainment value.


3. Writers – Glenn Davis and Philip Bedard

Philip Bedard


Glenn Davis and Philip Bedard are Canadian television writers and producers known for their work on various series. They were among the creative minds behind the Netflix series “V-Wars,” where they served as executive producers and writers.


Their work on the show involved developing and shaping the narrative, characters, and story arcs. In “V-Wars,” Davis and Bedard played a crucial role in adapting the source material and crafting a compelling, character-driven narrative that delves into the outbreak of a vampire virus and its societal implications.


Their contributions helped create a show that blends elements of horror, science fiction, and drama, exploring themes of morality, conflict, and the human condition in the face of a rapidly changing world.



Similar Shows as V Wars


1. October Faction

October Faction


“October Faction” is a Netflix series based on the comic book of the same name by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. The show follows the Allen family, supernatural hunters who conceal their true identities as they travel the world battling monsters.


Fred and Deloris Allen, the parents, aim to retire from their secretive profession, but their past catches up with them as their children, Viv and Geoff, discover the family’s dark legacy.


The series blends elements of horror, fantasy, and family drama, exploring themes of identity, secrets, and the supernatural. “October Faction” offers a fresh take on the classic genre of monster hunting while delving into the complexities of family relationships.


2. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries


“The Vampire Diaries” is a popular TV series that originally aired from 2009 to 2017. Based on L. J. Smith’s book series, the show is a supernatural drama that revolves around the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, and the lives of its supernatural inhabitants.


It follows the love triangle between Elena Gilbert, a human, and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, each with their own complex and intriguing backgrounds. The series delves into the intricacies of vampire mythology, witchcraft, and the supernatural world while exploring themes of love, loss, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. “The Vampire Diaries” is renowned for its compelling characters and thrilling storylines.


3. Locke & Key

Locke & Key


“Locke & Key” is a Netflix series that premiered in 2020, based on the popular comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The show centres around the Locke family, who move to their ancestral home, Keyhouse, following a tragic event.


Soon, the siblings discover magical keys scattered throughout the house, each with unique powers and secrets. As they explore the keys, they also uncover dark forces that seek to control them. “Locke & Key” combines elements of fantasy, horror, and family drama, and it explores themes of grief, coming of age, and the battle between good and evil.


The series captivates viewers with its blend of mystery and supernatural intrigue.


4. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove


“Hemlock Grove” is a Netflix series that aired from 2013 to 2015. Created by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman, the show is a supernatural horror thriller set in the fictional town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania.


It revolves around the mysterious murder of a teenage girl and delves into the eerie secrets of the town’s residents, including the wealthy Godfrey family and a young gipsy, Peter Rumancek.


The series combines elements of the supernatural, mythology, and dark suspense, exploring themes of monstrosity, identity, and the blurred lines between humans and monsters. “Hemlock Grove” offers a unique and intriguing take on the horror genre, making it a compelling watch for fans of the supernatural.


5. The Strain

The Strain


“The Strain” is a supernatural horror TV series that aired from 2014 to 2017 on FX and is available on Hulu. Created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the show is based on their novel trilogy.


Set in New York City, it follows the outbreak of a vampiric virus and the ensuing battle to save humanity from a vampire apocalypse. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, a CDC scientist, and a group of unlikely heroes face a terrifying adversary.


The series masterfully blends elements of horror and apocalyptic drama, exploring themes of infection, survival, and the ancient evil lurking in the shadows. “The Strain” is a gripping and intense watch for fans of vampire and horror genres.


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