Castle Rock Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Castle Rock Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


Based on stories written by legendary horror novelist Stephen King, Castle Rock is a story based on a fictional town (in Maine) of the same name where strange and unexplained events unravel, leading to dark outcomes.


This particular town is ground-zero for around fifteen of King’s stories. He even references it in twenty-two of his other works.


Suffice to say, some scary stuff is definitely happening in Castle Rock. Spread over twenty episodes and two seasons, Castle Rock was a Hulu (streaming platform) original and was executive-produced by J. J. Abrams and Stephen King, among others. Season 1 aired in July 2018 and season 2 came out the following year in October 2019.


This American psychological horror series delivered suspense, thrills, and chills in good measure. The plot starred amazing artists like Bill Skarsgård, Melanie Lynskey, Sissy Spacek, Paul Sparks, Lizzy Caplan, Barkhad Abdi, Elsie Fisher, André Holland, and Tim Robbins.




Official Announcement for Castle Rock Season 3


With notably high reviews and well-received fan scores, it is still surprising why they cancelled season 3 of Castle Rock.


Although, in theory, it can still be greenlit, Hulu decided to axe the project. It’s not like they have no content to use, because more than fifteen stories from Stephen King’s epic works take place in the fictional town of Maine that’s at the heart of the plot.


But sometime in late 2020 – whether or not the pandemic had anything to do with it, nobody can really know – Hulu bid adieu to Castle Rock.




Previous Seasons & Episodes of Castle Rock


Fans saw Henry Deaver (played by André Holland) heading to Castle Rock in Maine after receiving a strange and mysterious call from a Shawshank Prison inmate.


As if those circumstances weren’t crazy in their own right, the inmate expressly spoke only to Henry, adding to the lawyer’s reasons for wanting to know why.


Other characters too experienced weird and horrible things happening to them in Castle Rock, and they were each trying to survive it in their own ways.


With these scenarios established in season one, the second season saw two warring clans reaching breaking point with their ongoing feud.


Psycho Annie – Annie Wilkes, to be precise – ends up being waylaid in the town of Castle Rock, creating sufficient room, terror, and intrigue for things to come.




Where to Watch Castle Rock


The mystery-thriller series Castle Rock, known also for its elements of horror and suspense, has both its seasons currently streaming on Hulu in the USA, Apple TV in Canada, and STARZ in the UK.




Castle Rock Series Google Trends Analysis


The metrics for Castle Rock on Google Trends remain positive in several regards. The original book by Stephen King is already popular, adding to the interest that accrued toward the series adapted directly from his work.


July and August of 2018 saw notable peaks and only a handful of dips. Halloween season the following year saw renewed interest in the Castle Rock TV series.


Interest gradually petered out after that, but in a normal fashion, for the show.



Castle Rock Social Media Engagement


There is much to be said about a Stephen King adaptation. This is the ‘King of Horror’ and his work is still gold. Whether you’re a fan of the books or any of King’s TV and movie adaptations over the years, chances are you’ll appreciate what fans had to say online about the Castle Rock TV show.


They liked the promising themes and tropes woven into the plotline. Fans of Stephen King appreciated this adaptation, though at times they found it flawed. Then again, books will almost always be better than their screen adaptations.


Some of the acting was admired, but some viewers felt they could’ve done better in this regard. On the other hand, the mystery and supernatural angles were well-received. Everything about Shawshank State Prison felt compelling to different viewers, especially fans of King’s literary work.


Many binged the show and loved the lore value. Fans of the books also enjoyed seeing some interesting easter eggs here and there and they weren’t shy to share some spoilers online.



Expected Plot of Castle Rock Season 3


Since the series has been cancelled after two good seasons, a potential third season could (in retrospect) have gone in any direction.


They will, most assuredly, have used the Shawshank State Penitentiary and Jerusalem’s Lot in some capacity, because both these fictionalized locations played important roles in the books and the first two TV seasons.


Moreover, the team always intended to properly conclude the series after Annie Wilkes’ story arc. Several creative decisions were involved in the show being cancelled, mostly due to a shift in the company’s interest in HBO Max.


We may never know what may have unravelled in Castle Rock season 3, but that only makes the mystery taste sweeter.



Top Characters in Castle Rock


A handful of impactful characters and great writing rendered Castle Rock a delight to watch. Add talented actors to the mix and numerous scenes, locales, and moments from Stephen King’s books came to life on the small screen.


Let’s explore some of the main characters who made Castle Rock so popular.


1. Henry Deaver

Henry Deaver


Playing a defence attorney in his later 30s, Henry Deaver is the protagonist of this creepy tale. He has his own share of emotional burdens to bear, particularly the trauma of becoming the child suspect in his own father’s murder.


This character set a great tone in the series and exhibited noteworthy gravitas. Henry Deaver is played by André Holland.


2. Ruth Deaver

Ruth Deaver


This is Henry’s adoptive mother. She’s now a widow and a retired professor. In her late 60s and suffering from Alzheimer’s, Ruth gathers remarkable empathy as a character, more so when her son Henry continues to care for her.


She too is healing from plenty of emotional wounds, including the part where little Henry was blamed for killing her husband.


Ruth Deaver is played by Sissy Spacek.


3. The Kid 

The Kid (Bill Skarsgård)


So much of the plot revolves around this important character. He’s not only the mystery prisoner in Shawshank State Prison but also the focus of Henry’s investigation into the unexplained events happening in Castle Rock.


Though uncommunicative, the Kid manages to befuddle law enforcement officials at every turn, to say nothing of how much he creeps Henry out.


The Kid is played by Bill Skarsgård.


4. Jackie

Jackie (Jane Levy)


Probably because she’s a barfly and spends a little too much time at a pub called Mellow Tiger, most people underestimate Jackie’s intelligence.


She loves drama on one side and local history on the other. In fact, Jackie knows plenty about Castle Rock which will make most people wonder how they missed that bit of folklore.


She has a knack for showing up when Henry needs help, making her one of the most vital side characters in the plot. Jackie is played by Jane Levy.


5. Alan Pangborn

 Alan Pangborn


In addition to being Castle Rock’s former sheriff, now retired, Alan nurtures a deep and real romance with Ruth.


He may be in his 70s, but the man still has a sharp rational mind, one that refuses to let him accept the possibility that supernatural things are taking place in the mill town of Castle Rock. Alan Pangborn is played by Scott Glenn.


6. Molly Strand

Molly Strand


Now almost in her 40s, Molly’s connection to Henry goes back to when the death row lawyer was a young boy.


Molly fulfils the role of realtor in Castle Rock. Whether or not haunted houses are secretly part of her sales pitch may never be clear.


Her penchant to self-medicate and harbour risky secrets makes her one of the most pivotal side characters in the show.


But it’s Molly’s empathy that makes her genuinely relatable. Molly Strand is played by Melanie Lynskey.



Important Crew Members in Castle Rock


A horror series needs all hands on deck, owing to how much attention to detail and continuity needs to be established.


In Castle Rock, we have a notable crew whose efforts and creativity made the series an intriguing and memorable adaptation of Stephen King’s books.


Let’s see who some of the Castle Rock crew members are.


1. Greg Yaitanes – Director

Greg Yaitanes – Director


He worked on some of the key episodes in Castle Rock. Greg is known for his previous work in hit TV series like House, Banshee, Manhunt, The Twilight Zone, and House of the Dragon.


2. Stephen King – Writer & Author

Stephen King – Writer & Author


We can’t proceed without saying a little something about this legend. Stephen is known for his excellent horror genre novels that have carved their own niche in pop culture.


He has also written Sci-Fi, supernatural fiction, crime, fantasy, and suspense novels over a career that spans decades. This bestselling author was inspired by classic writers like H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. More than a few of Stephen’s books have been adapted into series and movies, and we don’t want that trend to ever stop.


3. Sam Shaw – Writer

Sam Shaw – Writer


He created the series for TV and wrote twenty episodes of it. Sam is also known for his previous work in memorable TV shows like Manhattan, Masters of Sex, and The Evidence.


4. Guy Busick – Story Editor

Guy Busick – Story Editor


He diligently worked on ten episodes in the Castle Rock series and is known for past work in movies like Ready Or Not, Scream, and Scream VI.


Guy has also been part of series like Watch Over Me and Stan Against Evil.


5. Dustin Thomason – Writer

Dustin Thomason – Writer


He too created the show for TV and worked on twenty episodes of it. Dustin is also known for his work in popular series like Lie To Me, The Evidence, and Manhattan.  


6. Heather Thomason – Executive Story Editor

In addition to working on ten episodes of this series, Heather’s work has blessed major TV shows like Siren, Cruel Summer, Lie To Me, Entourage, Finding Carter, and Motherland: Fort Salem.


7. Chris Westlake – Musical Scorer

Chris Westlake – Musical Scorer


The music for this series demanded a nuanced touch, one that Chris certainly delivered. He has previously worked on outstanding movies like Something’s Gotta Give, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and Midnighters.


His work in series includes Suit Up, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and Solar Opposites.


8. Richard Rutkowski – Cinematographer

Richard Rutkowski – Cinematographer


Richard has done noteworthy work in this show, and he’s done just-as-great work in series like The Americans, Manhattan, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Saint X, Boss, Person of Interest, and Falling Water.



Top 4 Shows Like Castle Rock


There are plenty of supernatural mystery shows out there, and Castle Rock certainly has its own vibe. But that doesn’t discount the possibility that fans of this show won’t find a new favourite series just like it to binge on.


Check out our top four picks.


1. Bates Motel

Bates Motel


This is a modern prequel to the original 1960 Psycho movie by Alfred Hitchcock. It focuses on a younger Norman Bates and his mother Norma Bates, and is set in a different fictionalized town where the family owns a motel.


This is also allegedly the place where Norman developed a dysfunctional psychotic streak that would later lead him to commit heinous murders.


The show ran for five seasons and was initially released in 2013. Bates Motel is currently streaming on Sky TV in the UK, and Apple TV in the US and Canada.


2. Servant



This Night Shyamalan series captures supernatural intrigue and spooky suspense like few other shows out there. It was originally released in 2019 and ran for four seasons.


The plot features a Philadelphia couple who mourn the loss of their infant son. A strange young woman enters their life soon after, making miraculous changes that gradually reveal dark and paranormal goings-on.


Servant is currently streaming on Apple TV+ in the US, the UK, and Canada.


3. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove


Creepy Sci-Fi elements with the generous help of Fantasy define this series adapted from Brian McGreevy’s books. The show was originally released in 2013 and ran for three seasons.


The plot features vampire-thriller elements and revolves around a mother and son who call the small Pennsylvania region of Hemlock Grove home.


The young man’s unquenchable thirst for blood, however, threatens to undo more than just the village’s peace. Hemlock Grove is currently streaming on Apple TV in the UK, Tubi in Canada, and Hoopla in the US.


4. Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines


The show was initially released in 2015 and ran for two seasons. It was adapted from the trilogy written by Blake Crouch.


The series establishes a ‘perfect’ American town and gradually peels back mysterious layers to reveal a dark and beastly secret that prevents the residents from leaving for fear of being killed by strange ‘modified’ creatures.


Wayward Pines is currently streaming on Hulu in the US, Apple TV in the UK, and Disney+ in Canada.


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