Mr. Mercedes Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Will There be a Mr. Mercedes Season 4


“Mr. Mercedes” is a television series based on the trilogy of novels by Stephen King and developed by David E. Kelley. The series premiered in 2017, and it was expected to cover the novels Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch. The show falls into the crime thriller and psychological horror genres.  


“Mr Mercedes” primarily follows the retired detective Bill Hodges, portrayed by Brendan Gleeson, who becomes obsessed with capturing a notorious serial killer known as Mr. Mercedes, played by Harry Treadaway. The series explores the cat-and-mouse game between the detective and the deranged murderer.


The main cast includes Brendan Gleeson, Harry Treadaway, Jharrel Jerome, and Justine Lupe, among others. ”Mr. Mercedes” has garnered generally positive reviews from both critics and viewers.


It’s been commended for its faithful adaptation of Stephen King’s source material, as well as the strong performances of the cast, particularly Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway. The series is lauded for its suspenseful and engaging storytelling, with many noting its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


It combines elements of a classic detective story with psychological horror, creating a unique and compelling narrative. Overall, “Mr. Mercedes” has been praised for its ability to effectively translate King’s work to the small screen, making it a must-watch for fans of the author’s dark and thrilling storytelling.




Official Announcement Of Mr. Mercedes Season 4


David E. Kelley developed the series and it was set to air on Audience Network in 2017. Audience Network is a channel owned by AT&T, and in 2020, they decided to discontinue the series.


They did not make any official announcement about the reason or the future of the series. In September 2020, the series was picked by the streaming platform Peacock Premium, and it has stayed with them ever since.


If there will be a Mr. Mercedes Season 4, only Peacock Premium will announce it. The show was critically acclaimed and much-loved by the fans as well. Hence, we have every reason to be hopeful for a revival of the show.


However, everyone has been silent on its future until now.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Mr. Mercedes


Mr. Mercedes is a crime drama written by the acclaimed author Stephen King. Unlike his usual monster stories, this novel is about the monster in our hearts and minds.


In fact, Mr. Mercedes is a part of the Bill Hodges trilogy, where we see the retired detective struggle to apprehend the sociopathic killer, Mr. Mercedes. As far as the story goes, Mr. Mercedes/Brady Hartsfield is an intelligent sociopath who runs into and kills 16 job seekers at a job fair. Bill Hodges was the police detective who worked on the case, and it remained unsolved till now.


However, Hartsfield is back to taunt and haunt Hodges in his retirement. He begins a game of cat and mouse, determined to make a splash once again. As he uses the people around Hodges as chess pieces, he disturbs Hodges by endangering his loved ones.


As brilliant as Stephen King’s novels generally are, his fans and audience, in general, lauded the suspense thriller for its tight and gripping plot. It received multiple nominations at the Saturn Awards, and Satellite Awards for Best Drama/Television series.




Where to Watch Mr. Mercedes


Mr. Mercedes was intended to be telecast on Audience Network. It was later picked up by the streaming service Peacock. As of now, viewers in the USA can stream all three seasons of Mr Mercedes on Peacock Premium.


Viewers from Canada and the UK can stream the series on their Disney+ account.




Mr. Mercedes Season 4 Google Trends Data Analysis 


The TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Mr. Mercedes was successful with the critics and the audience. That is the reason for its continued popularity despite the gap of over three years since the last season.


The series has been consistently trending on Google, but it saw a sudden spike this year during September and October. This spike in popularity could be due to the fact that Disney+ started streaming the show on its platform in September.


In October, Prime Video added the show to its list of series as well. However, another interesting point is that despite the popularity of the show, there has been low interest in Mr. Mercedes season 4. Apart from sporadic highs every few months, the numbers for Mr Mercedes season 4 have been zero.



Mr. Mercedes Season 4 Social Media Engagement 


Speaking of the interest in the series on social media platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter), Reddit, etc., it has been on the lower side for most of the year. There were sudden highs in activity during February, August and October of 2023, but the rest of the year was calm and silent.


If we were to analyse the reason for the low presence on social media, we can explain it away saying that the three-year delay in season 4 made viewers forget the show.


However, if we observe the highs, we see that it was due to the glowing reviews and appraisals it received. Considering that the show is now available on Disney+ and Prime Video as well, we can expect more viewers to get acquainted with Mr Mercedes and grow in popularity.



Expected Plot of Mr. Mercedes Season 4


We are all aware of the fact that Mr. Mercedes is a series based on the Bill Hodges trilogy written by Stephen King. In the first three seasons, the show dealt with the core cases from the first two novels, them being the mass murderer Hartsfield and the literary fanatic Bellamy.


Apart from a few creative liberties, the series depicted the cases from the two novels. This leaves the final novel, End of Watch, to be dramatised. Seasons one, two and three laid the foundation for the final novel, but it has not come to fruition yet.


When Mr. Mercedes Season 4 is released, we can expect to see Bill Hodges sink deeper into the psychological trap laid by Hartsfield. Will Mr. Mercedes succeed in inflicting his final blow to Hodges, or will Hodges have his way remains to be seen in the new season?



Top Characters in Mr. Mercedes


1. Bill Hodges

Bill Hodges


Bill Hodges, portrayed by Brendan Gleeson in the TV series, is a complex character who embodies the quintessential retired detective. His grizzled appearance and disillusioned demeanour reflect a man haunted by his unsolved cases and the demons of his past.


Hodges is a loner, isolating himself from the world until he becomes consumed by a cold, calculated murderer’s unsolved case, the “Mr. Mercedes” killings. His relentless pursuit of justice is fueled by a sense of duty, pushing him to the brink of obsession.


Hodges’ character undergoes a transformation as he forms unexpected bonds with other characters in his quest, displaying vulnerability and humanity beneath his tough exterior. Gleeson’s portrayal captures the essence of a flawed but determined hero, making Hodges a compelling and relatable figure in the dark and gripping narrative of the series.


2. Brady Hartsfield

Brady Hartsfield


Brady Hartsfield, portrayed by Harry Treadaway, is a chilling and multifaceted character. At first glance, he appears as a seemingly unassuming and introverted young man who works as an ice cream truck driver.


However, beneath this facade lies a sociopathic genius with a penchant for technological manipulation and a sadistic desire for chaos. Hartsfield evolves into the “Mr. Mercedes” killer, committing a gruesome act that sets the series’ plot in motion.


His character is marked by a sinister intelligence, a disturbing fixation on death, and a cat-and-mouse relationship with Bill Hodges, the retired detective determined to catch him. Treadaway’s performance captures Hartsfield’s unsettling charisma and the depth of his twisted psyche, making him a captivating and formidable antagonist throughout the series.


3. Morris Bellamy

Morris Bellamy


Morris Bellamy, portrayed by actor Gabriel Ebert, is a pivotal character in the show. He is a disturbed and obsessive fan of the author John Rothstein, who harbours a deep grudge against the writer for not continuing a beloved book series.


Bellamy is willing to go to extreme lengths to acquire Rothstein’s unpublished manuscripts, even resorting to murder. His actions kickstart the series’ plot when he steals the manuscripts and commits a brutal crime.


Bellamy’s character is marked by his intense fixation, unravelling psyche, and the dangerous pursuit of his literary obsession. His presence sets the stage for a gripping and sinister cat-and-mouse game with the retired detective, Bill Hodges, driving much of the series’ tension and drama.


4. Holly Gibney

Holly Gibney


Holly Gibney, portrayed by Justine Lupe in the TV series “Mr. Mercedes,” plays a multifaceted role. Initially introduced as a socially awkward computer whiz, Holly evolves into a central character who becomes an invaluable member of the investigative team led by Bill Hodges.


Her unique blend of intelligence, innocence, and eccentricity makes her stand out. Holly’s exceptional attention to detail and her unconventional thinking prove crucial in solving the “Mr. Mercedes” case. She also undergoes significant personal growth, overcoming her social anxieties and forming meaningful connections with her colleagues.


Holly’s character adds depth, diversity, and a touch of quirkiness to the series, making her both endearing and essential to the overall narrative.


5. Lou Linklatter

Lou Linklatter


Lou Linklatter is a character portrayed by actor Breeda Wool. She is a complex and dynamic character who plays a significant role in the series. Lou is a brilliant tech-savvy individual with a fierce and independent spirit.


She becomes closely entangled in the central plot when she becomes a victim of the “Mr. Mercedes” killer’s deadly attack, surviving the incident but suffering lasting trauma. Throughout the series, Lou transforms into a resilient and determined woman who not only seeks justice but also contributes to the investigation.


She often uses her tech skills to aid the efforts to catch the killer. Lou’s character exemplifies strength, resilience, and the enduring human spirit, making her an integral and inspirational part of the series’ ensemble cast.



Important Crew Members of Mr. Mercedes


1. Creator – David E. Kelley

Creator - David E. Kelley


The TV series “Mr. Mercedes” was developed by David E. Kelley. Kelley is a highly accomplished writer and producer in the entertainment industry. He is known for his work on numerous successful television series, including “Ally McBeal,” “The Practice,” and “Boston Legal.”  


His collaboration with Stephen King, whose novel “Mr. Mercedes” inspired the series, brought the compelling crime thriller to life. Kelley’s skilful adaptation of the source material and his ability to create complex, engaging characters and intricate storylines contributed to the series’ critical acclaim.  


“Mr. Mercedes” showcases his talent for combining elements of suspense, drama, and psychological thriller to deliver a gripping and thought-provoking television experience for audiences.


2. Director – Jack Bender

Director - Jack Bender


“Mr. Mercedes” was directed by Jack Bender. Bender is a highly accomplished and respected director in the entertainment industry, known for his work in both television and film. He has a notable association with author Stephen King, having previously directed episodes of the popular series “Lost” and “Under the Dome,” both based on King’s works.


In “Mr. Mercedes,” Bender’s direction brought the suspenseful, dark, and psychological aspects of the story to life, capturing the essence of the source material. His skilful direction contributed to the series’ critical acclaim and the success of the adaptation.


Bender’s experience and talent as a director made him a key figure in translating King’s compelling narrative into an engaging and visually captivating television experience.


3. Writers – David E. Kelley, Dennis Lehane, and Bryan Goluboff

Dennis Lehane


The TV series “Mr. Mercedes” is primarily written and developed by David E. Kelley and based on the novel of the same name by renowned author Stephen King. Kelley, a seasoned writer and producer, is known for his work on numerous successful television series.


In addition to Kelley, other writers who contributed to the series include Dennis Lehane, who is acclaimed for his crime fiction and contributed to the show’s writing, and Bryan Goluboff, who also played a role in adapting King’s novel for television.


The collaborative efforts of these writers brought the intricate plot, compelling characters, and psychological suspense of “Mr. Mercedes” to the small screen, making it a thrilling and successful adaptation of Stephen King’s work.


4. Author – Stephen King

Author - Stephen King


The author of “Mr. Mercedes” is Stephen King, a prolific and renowned figure in the realm of contemporary literature. Born on September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine, King is often regarded as the “Master of Horror” due to his extensive body of work, which includes numerous bestsellers, short stories, and adaptations into various media.


His writing style is characterised by his ability to delve deep into the human psyche, often blending supernatural elements with everyday life to create a sense of suspense and horror.  


“Mr. Mercedes” is part of his crime fiction repertoire, a departure from his typical horror genre. King’s storytelling prowess, rich character development, and gripping narratives have solidified his status as one of the most influential and celebrated authors of our time.



Top 5 Shows Like Mr. Mercedes


1. The Outsider

The Outsider


“The Outsider” is a gripping HBO series based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. The show combines elements of crime, horror, and supernatural mystery to create a suspenseful and chilling narrative.


It is available on Max for streaming. The story revolves around the investigation of a gruesome murder that appears to be committed by a beloved community member. As the case unfolds, the detectives find themselves facing an inexplicable supernatural force.


The series delves into themes of doubt, paranoia, and the blurring of reality, maintaining a sense of unease throughout. With a strong ensemble cast and expertly crafted tension, “The Outsider” offers a thrilling and psychologically intense viewing experience.


2. Castle Rock

Castle Rock


“Castle Rock” is a Netflix series that weaves a complex and interconnected narrative set in the eerie fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, a locale often featured in the works of Stephen King.


The show combines elements of psychological horror, supernatural mysteries, and dark drama. It explores a web of sinister secrets, haunted pasts, and supernatural occurrences that impact the town’s residents. With its enigmatic atmosphere and compelling characters, “Castle Rock” captures the essence of Stephen King’s storytelling, drawing inspiration from his extensive body of work.


This series offers a chilling and thought-provoking viewing experience for fans of King’s literary universe and those who enjoy mysteries with a supernatural twist.


3. The Following

Thee Following


“The Following” is a gripping Fox series that combines crime, horror, and psychological thriller elements. The show follows the cat-and-mouse game between a brilliant, charismatic serial killer named Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy, and the FBI agent Ryan Hardy, portrayed by Kevin Bacon.


Carroll leads a cult of devoted followers who carry out his gruesome acts. Hardy is called out of retirement to track him down, and a riveting battle of wits ensues.


The series explores themes of manipulation, obsession, and the blurred lines between good and evil. With its intense storytelling and well-drawn characters, “The Following” is available on Apple TV.


4. Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines


“Wayward Pines” is a captivating Fox series that blends elements of science fiction, suspense, and mystery. The show revolves around Secret Service agent Ethan Burke, portrayed by Matt Dillon, who arrives in the seemingly idyllic town of Wayward Pines to investigate the disappearance of two colleagues.


However, he quickly realises that something is terribly amiss in the town, where strange rules, unexplained phenomena, and a looming, electrified fence create an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. As Burke delves deeper into the town’s secrets, he unravels a complex and chilling conspiracy that challenges his understanding of reality. “Wayward Pines” offers a suspenseful and mind-bending journey that you can follow on Hulu.


5. The Sinner

The Sinner


“The Sinner” is a captivating Netflix series that delves into the psychology of crime and the intricacies of guilt. Each season features a new self-contained mystery, with Bill Pullman in the role of Detective Harry Ambrose, who relentlessly seeks to uncover the truth behind seemingly inexplicable crimes.


The show explores not just the ‘whodunit,’ but the ‘whydunit,’ as it delves deep into the troubled pasts and hidden traumas of the perpetrators. With its dark, character-driven narratives and a superb ensemble cast, “The Sinner” offers a gripping and psychologically intense viewing experience, unravelling the complexities of human behaviour and the haunting nature of secrets.


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