Schitt’s Creek Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Schitt's Creek


“Schitt’s Creek” is a critically acclaimed Canadian television sitcom that premiered in 2015. It gained widespread success for its humour, unique storyline, and exceptional performances. Created by father-son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, the series follows the wealthy Rose family who suddenly find themselves financially ruined.


They are forced to live in the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which they once bought as a joke. The show’s success can be attributed to its clever writing, quirky characters, and genuine chemistry among the cast.


Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara lead the ensemble cast, portraying Johnny and Moira Rose alongside Dan Levy and Annie Murphy. The characters’ growth and the show’s positive representation of LGBTQ+ relationships also contributed to its popularity. “Schitt’s Creek” garnered numerous awards, including Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series, writing, directing, and acting.


The sixth season in 2020 received widespread acclaim and swept the comedy categories at the Emmy Awards, making it a beloved and successful cultural phenomenon. The show’s legacy lies in its humour, heartwarming moments, and the way it subverted traditional sitcom tropes, leaving a lasting impact on television.




Official Announcement on Schitt’s Creek Season 7


Schitt’s Creek is a comedy satire created by Eugene Levy and Dan Levy. They created the show in 2015 and were ready to wind up the plot in season 5.


But as they received a two-season renewal deal, Schitt’s Creek ran for six seasons from 2015 to 2020. In the final season of Schitt’s Creek, they provide a satisfactory and well-rounded closure to all the main characters of the series.


They appeared to have made peace with their new lifestyle and found happiness in their own way. With this, many fans thought that the series had truly ended with six seasons.


However, in an interview with Radio Times, co-creator Eugene Levy hinted that there might be another season. He also said that there was no concrete plan around reviving the series, but if the opportunity arises, Dan and Eugene Levy were ready to make another season of Schitt’s Creek.


With this open-ended statement, fans’ hopes for Schitt’s Creek season 7 have picked up once again. Although there was no news about any pre-production work or studio plans, we can hope for another season of our favourite comedy show in the near future.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Schitt’s Creek


The concept for Schitt’s Creek came from Dan Levy, and along with his father, Eugene Levy, he pitched the concept for many Canadian and American networks. Finally, CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, agreed to the concept.


In America, the show was distributed by Pop Media Group. The series premiered in January 2015, with 13 episodes. All the first four seasons had 13 episodes each, while seasons five and six had 14 episodes.q The premise of the series is the struggles of a wealthy family who lose all their money and end up poor.


Throughout the series, we watch each member of the Rose family learn to adjust and accept this new reality where they are not wealthy anymore. The show has an average rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb and a 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes.


The first season was slow picking up audiences. But from the second season onwards, Rotten Tomatoes rated the series 100% fresh for each season. The proof of its popularity can also be seen in the number of awards and nominations as well.


It earned a total of 178 nominations and earned a total of 65 awards throughout its run. Chief among them are the two Golden Globes, two SAG awards, nine Primetime Emmys, and more.




Where to watch Schitt’s Creek


Schitt’s Creek was initially telecast on CBC and Pop TV. Later, the show was available on many more channels, including Comedy Central, Netflix, ABC Comedy, TV2, etc. For viewers around the world, you can stream all six seasons of the series at your home on your devices.


In the USA, Schitt’s Creek is available on Hulu and Freevee HD. In the UK, the show is available on Netflix and Sky-Netflix bundles. In Canada, the series is available on Gem.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Schitt’s Creek Season 7


The sixth season of Schitt’s Creek came out in 2020, but till now, the cast and crew are fondly remembered and closely followed by their fans. Due to this, we can still find interviews and podcasts filled with questions about the series whenever any of the cast or crew are invited.


This constant curiosity about the series has kept the show high up in Google Search trends despite the three-year gap since the last season. It is also in one such interview that Eugene Levy dropped hints that the show might come back.


This vague hint of the series revival in the form of a new season or even a film sent fans into a tizzy, and the search trends spiralled. If we look up the trends for “Schitt’s Creek Season 7”, it is a rollercoaster.


Every new interview or article on the show causes more curiosity among fans.



Social Media Engagement of Schitt’s Creek Season 7


On the different social media platforms, the trends are similar to Google Search. With a large number of articles, interviews and podcasts discussing the series, fans have taken to Facebook and Reddit to show their love for the series.


The LGBTQ+ theme of the series has appealed to the audiences, and they are hopeful for more of Schitt’s Creek, be it series or films. We can find more fan activity on Facebook and Reddit than X (formerly Twitter) and Pinterest.


All the latest projects of Schitt’s Creek cast and crew inevitably trend on social media due to all the speculation regarding the future of the series.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Schitt’s Creek


The creators of Schitt’s Creek, Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, planned to end the series with season 5, but due to the two-season deal, they made Season 6 their finale.


All through Season 6, they tried to bring closure to as many characters or plots as possible. Primarily, we see that everyone from the main cast has learned to accept their new life and started working towards making their dreams come true.


Particularly in the final episode, David and Patrick get married, and Johnny and Moira plan to go to California for Moira’s soap opera. Johnny’s plan for the Rosebud Motel also seems to be optimistic.


Alexis also plans to try out her business in New York. In this way, everyone has new beginnings, and the series ends on a happy note. However, with quirky characters like the Rose family and friends, there is no end to drama and awkwardness.


So, if a new season is in the pipeline, we can still expect fireworks from every member in a new season.



Important Characters of Schitt’s Creek


1. David Rose

David Rose


David Rose was a bundle of contradictions: a high-flying businessman brought down to earth, hiding vulnerability under gruffness and masking insecurity with flamboyant suits. He loved his family intensely, even if expressing it clumsily.


Deeply loyal, he’d fight tooth and nail for them. He is a master of dry humour and witty barbs. Initially, he clings to his past wealth, exhibiting snobbery and entitlement.


Yet, he is a man deeply affected by his fall from grace. Despite his initial resistance, David eventually embraced Schitt’s Creek, finding purpose in unexpected places and proving that even a prickly cactus can bloom in the right environment.


2. Moira Rose

Moira Rose


Moira Rose, the flamboyant former soap opera star, is the eccentric heart of Schitt’s Creek. Initially resistant to their new life, she throws herself into every venture with theatrical gusto, whether running the motel’s Cabaret or becoming the town’s unofficial arts maven.


While often hilariously self-absorbed, Moira masks deep insecurity with her dramatic flair. Gradually, she bonds with the townspeople, revealing a caring nature and rediscovering her forgotten talents. She is most remembered for delivering iconic lines and her unforgettable fashion moments.


Moira’s journey is about embracing imperfection, finding purpose in unexpected places, and proving that a little extra drama can enrich even the smallest town.


3. Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose


Johnny Rose, Schitt’s Creek’s optimistic patriarch, is a fish out of water. Formerly a video empire CEO, he approaches their new life with a mix of resilience and naiveté. He clings to his business acumen, dreaming of rebuilding their fortune, but stumbles adorably in a world of cattle troughs and motel management.


Yet, Johnny’s true strength lies in his adaptability, empathy, and his unwavering love for his family. He’s the glue that binds them, encouraging them to embrace their new reality and find joy in the small things.


With his infectious optimism, endearing quirks, and unwavering support, Johnny becomes the heart of the Rose family and a beloved citizen of Schitt’s Creek.


4. Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose


Alexis Rose, the once-pampered socialite, crashes into Schitt’s Creek like a sequin-clad meteor. Initially lost and out-of-place, she clings to her glamorous past, weaving wild tales and struggling with retail jobs.


Yet, beneath the designer labels and witty one-liners, Alexis is fiercely loyal and resourceful. She embarks on unexpected journeys, from studying veterinary medicine to launching a PR firm. Her growth lies in finding her own definition of success, embracing self-sufficiency, and forming genuine connections with the townspeople.


Ultimately, Alexis Rose proves that even a former “Ew!” princess can blossom into a genuine, hilarious, and surprisingly grounded member of Schitt’s Creek.


5. Roland Schitt

Roland Schitt


The wacky mayor of Schitt’s Creek, Roland Schitt, alternates between personas. As the fourth-generation leader, he is proud and occasionally naive. He descended from the town’s founders and is committed to upholding tradition, no matter how odd that may be.


He is an expert at sidestepping and avoiding real labour, but he also manages to keep the unstable status quo in place rather effectively. He provides endless entertainment and inspires the Roses’ follies with his funny malapropisms and naive pronouncements.


Despite his frequent grumpiness, Roland has a soft side. He looks out for David and Jocelyn, guards the Rosebud Motel, and provides grudging support when needed. Roland keeps the town’s fabric woven together, however loosely, by fostering connections and organising events.



Important Crew Members of Schitt’s Creek


1. Creators: Eugene Levy and Dan Levy

Creators: Eugene Levy and Dan Levy


Schitt’s Creek sprang from the minds of father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy. Eugene, a seasoned actor with comedic chops, brought years of experience and the quirky charm of Johnny Rose.


Dan, a fresh voice with a sharp wit, penned the script and breathed life into the sarcastic David, showcasing his talent as a writer and actor. Together, they crafted a world of love, laughter, and second chances, weaving in relatable humour with profound messages of acceptance and community.


Their shared vision and genuine affection for their characters both quirky and kind are applaudable. Together, their unique blend of humour, heart, and inclusivity turned a small-town sitcom into a global phenomenon, proving that love and laughter can bloom even in the most unexpected places.


2. Directors: Paul Fox, Jerry Ciccoritti, and Andrew Cividino

While Schitt’s Creek boasts many talented directors who each contributed their unique flair, three stand out for their significant contributions:  Andrew Cividini: A veteran director known for his comedic timing, Cividini helmed many of the show’s early episodes, establishing the quirky tone and pacing that became synonymous with Schitt’s Creek.


Paul Fox: He worked prominently in the first three seasons of the series. He is also known for comedies like Workin’ Moms, The Lake, Everything’s Gone Green, etc. Jerry Ciccoritti: He is a well-known director in Canada and his forte is working on provocative subjects.


His other famous works include Straight Up, Trudeau, My Life with the Walter Boys, etc. Their combined expertise in comedy, drama, and character development allowed Schitt’s Creek to evolve beyond a quirky sitcom, weaving humour and heart into a tapestry that resonated deeply with audiences worldwide.


3. Writers: Dan Levy and David West Read

The main writer of Schitt’s Creek is undoubtedly Dan Levy, who co-created the show with his father Eugene. Dan served as the showrunner and wrote the majority of the episodes, infusing them with his sharp wit, quirky humour, and heartfelt character arcs.


He brought to life the iconic voices of David Rose and Alexis Rose, and his personal experiences as a gay man in the entertainment industry enriched the show’s themes of acceptance and belonging.


Other writers, such as David West Read also played important roles in specific episodes, adding their own unique perspectives and voices to the show’s tapestry. Since most of the other writers contributed to a few episodes, it is fair to say that Dan Levy and David West Read steered the series in the specific direction it was intended.


4. Casting: Jon Comerford and Lisa Parasyn

The magic of Schitt’s Creek owes much to casting directors Jon Comerford and Lisa Parasyn. They defied expectations, prioritising chemistry and character authenticity over established names. They discovered hidden gems like Annie Murphy (Alexis) and Emily Hampshire (Stevie), giving them breakout roles alongside seasoned comedic veterans like Eugene Levy (Johnny) and Catherine O’Hara (Moira).


Each character, from quirky Roland Schitt to lovable David Rose, felt perfectly at home in the town. The diversity of personalities and backgrounds enriched the story and fostered genuine onscreen relationships.


They saw beyond stereotypes, casting actors who could not only deliver the laughs but also reveal vulnerability and growth. John Hamm’s iconic guest appearance as Stevie’s love interest is a testament to their ability to find surprising depth.



Similar Shows as Schitt’s Creek


1. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation


Parks and Rec is a sunny mockumentary about Leslie Knope, a perky bureaucrat in Pawnee, Indiana, who dreams of turning a pit into a park. It’s a love letter to the government, local heroes, and waffles.


Expect sweet goofiness, government shenanigans, and a quirky cast who become your best friends. Laughs come from Leslie’s optimism, Ron Swanson’s grumpy libertarianism, and April’s deadpan humour. It’s a feel-good show that celebrates community, friendship, and making the world a little better, one waffle at a time.


2. The Good Place

The Good Place


In “The Good Place,” Eleanor, a self-absorbed soul, mistakenly ends up in heaven. Facing eternal sunshine and frozen yoghurt choices, she hides her past and embarks on a hilarious, heartwarming journey to become a better person.


With a sassy AI named Janet, a demon disguised as a philosophy professor, and a soul squad of oddballs, she grapples with ethics, morality, and what it truly means to be good.


Expect philosophical twists, witty banter, and tear-jerking moments, all wrapped in a quirky comedy that redefines the afterlife and leaves you questioning your own choices.


3. Arrested Development

Arrested Development


Arrested Development dives headfirst into the hilarious downfall of the Bluths, once-wealthy eccentrics clinging to dysfunction. Michael, the straight man, tries to hold the family together while each member exists on a different tangent.


Expect witty wordplay, running gags galore, and cameos from Ron Howard himself. It’s a quirky, layered comedy that rewards repeat viewings, with hidden jokes and Easter eggs popping up like Lucille Austero’s loose feathers.


Prepare for side-splitting laughter, absurd situations, and a family so lovable that even their terrible decisions are pure delight.


4. New Girl

New Girl


New Girl takes a bubbly teacher named Jess and throws her into a loft with three single guys: a grumpy bartender, a womanising douchebag, and a former athlete adjusting to civilian life.


Laughter erupts from Jess’s quirky charm clashing with their bachelor pad routines, from crafting DIY forts to belting out Taylor Swift. Expect awkward dating disasters, heartwarming friendships, and Jess’s infectious enthusiasm for everything from sock puppets to Thanksgiving turkeys.


It’s a feel-good sitcom about found family, chasing dreams, and finding love in the most unexpected places, all served with an extra helping of adorkable charm.


5. The Big Brunch

The Big Brunch


“The Big Brunch” whips up a heartwarming competition with a dash of sass. Hosted by Dan Levy, it pits 10 chefs against brunch-time challenges, vying for a life-changing $300,000. Expect mouth-watering creations, from savoury waffles to decadent pastries, alongside heartfelt stories of the chefs’ dreams and community contributions.


Judges Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara offer guidance and witty critiques, while Dan adds his signature charm and a sprinkle of dry humour. It’s a feel-good feast for the senses, celebrating culinary passion, diversity, and the magic of brunch, proving it is more than just breakfast and lunch.


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