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Silo Tv Series


Silo is a dystopian science-fiction drama on Apple TV+. This series is an adaptation of the “Wool” series by Hugh Howey and premiered on the platform in May 2023. Plans to adapt the book began in 2012, starting with a film project, which was changed to a TV series for AMC in 2018, before it was finalised as an Apple TV+ series in 2021.


Graham Yost became the showrunner, with the main cast including Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, etc., and Morten Tyldum as the director. The series revolves around Rebecca Ferguson as the engineer, Juliette, working in a 144-level steel tomb, where harsh regulations mask unsettling secrets.


Critics praised its suspenseful exploration of survival, truth, and the price of control. Silo garnered positive reviews and a dedicated fanbase, drawn to its thought-provoking mysteries and the simmering tension beneath the silo’s artificial sun.


With its exploration of societal fracturing and hidden truths resonating in our own turbulent times, Silo proved a success beyond mere viewership. It offered a chilling glimpse into a future humanity might build, urging us to question the walls we construct, both literal and metaphorical.




Official Announcement on Silo Season 2


Silo is a TV series that was adapted from Hogh Howey’s sci-fi novel series. The first set, Wool has been made into Silo Season 1 for Apple TV+. Many have tried to adapt Hugh Howey’s creations into films or TV series, but they all failed to materialise till Apple TV+ took over the production.


The first season of Silo was greenlit in May 2021, and the show premiered in May 2023. With the tremendous response to the series, Apple TV immediately renewed the series for season 2 in June 2023.


The script was finalised for Silo season 2, but with the call for strike from WAG and SAG-AFTRA, the production was delayed. Initially, the show creators called for a week-long hiatus in solidarity with the writers.


However, the production was postponed indefinitely as the strike continued. We have good news to report to all fans of Silo: Filming of Silo Season 2 has resumed in Hertfordshire, UK in the last week of December 2023.


Once filming is completed, we can expect season 2 to premiere towards the end of 2024.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Silo


As mentioned earlier, Silo is an adaptation of the novel series by Hugh Howey. The first series “Wool” was used as the basis for season 1. The series has 10 episodes in season 1 and each episode is approximately 50 minutes long.


In season 1, we are introduced to a world where mankind is living underground in massive colonies called Silos. Juliette is an engineer who works as one of the silos, and she becomes increasingly curious about the world beyond the silo.


Their lives are governed by strict rules set up by the Judicial to control the people with fear and manipulation. This kind of environment creates a sense of oppression and hopelessness that is conveyed through colossal sets and musical scores.


Season 1 of Silo received rave reviews from most of the critics, with the performance of the cast drawing maximum praise. The cast has many strong performers like Tim Robbins, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Harriet Walter and more, but Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette shined the brightest.




Where to watch Silo


Silo is a series produced by Apple TV+, and it can be streamed on the platform across the world. Viewers in the UK, USA, and Canada can stream Silo only on Apple TV+.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Silo Season 2


The Apple TV+ series, Silo premiered in May 2023, and it immediately caused a stir among audiences. It received praise for its atmospheric music, fine acting performances, and suspenseful plot.


Fans and followers lapped up the episodes and made it a huge success for the platform, thereby encouraging the executives to renew the series for season 2. You can see their affection for the series on Google trends that were high all through May and peaked in June and July of 2023.


With the start of the writer’s strike in July, the production was delayed. This caused the trends to dip, but there were regular tidbits of information from the cast about the upcoming season that ensured the curiosity never died.



Social Media Engagement of Silo Season 2


Same as with the trends on Google search, social media also buzzed with admiration and affection for Silo between June and July of 2023. This was the effect of bingeing on the show and the immediate news of its renewal.


However, the production of season 2 was delayed, and the buzz died out subsequently. When the filming resumed in Hertfordshire, UK in December of 2023, fan activity also picked up.


Facebook, X (Twitter) and Reddit saw maximum traffic of fans and followers showering their affection for the series. Snippets of interviews by Rebecca Ferguson discussing the series, have been shared and liked by thousands online.


With the filming having resumed, we can expect more activity, photos, videos, memes and articles on social media regarding Silo season 2.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Silo


As Silo is following the novel series by Hugh Howey, we can rest assured that the plot for Silo season 2 exists. Although the series has made some deviations from the story narrated in the novel, it still broadly follows the character development and timeline of the story.


Following that, we saw that by the end of season 1, Juliette has stepped out of the Silo and survived the outside world. This refuted the claim by the Judicial that the outside world is toxic and uninhabitable.


In Silo season 2, we can expect Juliette to venture out and locate other human colonies and discover the truth that Judicial has always tried to suppress. However, if we observe the novel series, the story of the follow-up series to “Wool” is “Shift”.


This series is a prequel to “Wool.” Hence, we will most likely see a lot of flashback episodes that will link up the current situation to a past event and explain the world.


All this is an attempt by the showrunner to expand the Silo universe and ensure series continuity.



Important Characters of Silo


1. Juliette Nichols

Juliette Nichols


Rebecca Ferguson’s character Juliette Nichols, featured in Apple TV’s Silo, is nuanced and essential. She was formerly an expert engineer who maintained the Silo’s generators, but following an unexplained death, she was forced into the position of sheriff.


She embarks on a covert uprising against the repressive government because she is torn between duty and discovering the truth. Her quest to learn more about the world outside the Silo reveals undiscovered facts about its beginnings.


After deciding to flee the Silo and fight for a brighter future outside of its gates in the face of treachery and danger, Juliette transforms into a symbol of defiance and optimism.


2. Bernard Holland

Bernard Holland


Tim Robbins’s character Bernard Holland in Silo personifies both mysterious power and ulterior intentions. He controls the information flow in the Silo as head of IT, projecting a calm, professional exterior.


But rumours portray him as a master puppeteer, controlling things from behind closed doors. Bernard gives in to pressure and takes on the role of acting mayor, although his loyalty is still unclear.


He hinders Sheriff Juliette’s access to some secrets while concurrently supporting her inquiry. His reasons are still unknown, so it’s difficult to tell if they’re self-preservation, control, or something else entirely.


This makes him an intriguing character.


3. Martha Walker

Martha Walker


Martha Walker (played by Harriet Walter), an acerbic electrical engineer imprisoned in the lower levels of Silo, is troubled by a prior heartbreak. She is a lonesome but accomplished mechanic who has her own workshop and serves as Juliette’s tough but kind tutor.


Martha’s scepticism belies a profound grasp of the inner workings of the Silo, information that she has retained through years of seclusion and is forbidden to share. She finally supports Juliette’s revolt by providing critical technological know-how and a glimmer of defiance against the repressive system despite her reluctance to trust and dread the repercussions.


Her transformation exemplifies that hope may be found even in the most isolated areas of a closed society.


4. Robert Sims

Robert Sims


The dynamic viper that leads Silo’s judicial security division is Robert Sims. He is portrayed by Common as having a refined exterior that belies a vicious thirst for power. Although his charisma makes him likeable, below lies a ruthless enforcer who is solely interested in furthering his own goals.


Motivated by bitterness for his deprived upbringing, he takes advantage of the system, controlling Judge Meadows and keeping a covert loyalty to the mysterious Bernard Holland. Sims is a brilliant manipulator whose genuine intentions are unknown, which makes him an alluring antagonist whose every action veers between premeditated brutality and unanticipated tenderness.


5. Lukas Kyle

Lukas Kyle


Avi Nash plays Lukas Kyle, an inquisitive and capable IT employee at Silo. Though he was at first dubious of Juliette’s inquiry, there was a simmering rebellion and a desire for knowledge within him.


His technological know-how helps Juliette by serving as a liaison between the IT division and her investigation. Lukas, driven by a desire for the forbidden outside world, struggles to balance his growing need for independence with his allegiance to the Silo.


Lukas isn’t the main character just yet but his function as Juliette’s guide and dependable ally implies that he might play a significant part in revealing Silo’s mysteries and determining its destiny.



Important Crew Members of Silo


1. Creator: Graham Yost

Creator: Graham Yost


The mastermind of Silo’s dystopian universe, TV showrunner Graham Yost, is a seasoned pro at crafting intricate storylines with nuanced character development. His filmography is extensive, ranging from classic successes like “The Pacific” and “Band of Brothers” to contemporary masterpieces like “Justified” and “The Americans.” In Silo, Yost masterfully combines raw reality with emotional depth to create a universe full of captivating human interactions and vividly realises Hugh Howey’s post-apocalyptic vision.


Yost is a master of tension who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats by gradually revealing the mysteries of the Silo. His love of crafting stories centred on characters makes each citizen feel authentic and approachable, from the mysterious mayor to the disobedient engineer.


2. Book Author: Hugh Howey

The creator of the Wool series, Hugh Howey, calls himself an “accidental author.” With little idea that the Silo trilogy would become an international sensation, this former bookseller started with a straightforward short narrative that he self-published.


The claustrophobic world-building of Howey’s novels, in which mankind struggles to survive inside a stifling, towering Silo, is a resonant element. But beyond the grim exteriors, there are hints of optimism and defiance, spurred on by common people.


Howey’s skill is in creating intricate psychological portrayals in which villains display surprising weaknesses, and heroes struggle with moral uncertainty.


3. Screenwriter:  Graham Yost, Jeffery Wang, Lekethia Dalcoe

While Graham Yost serves as the showrunner and primary writer for Silo, adapting Hugh Howey’s Wool trilogy was a collaborative effort involving several talented screenwriters:  Graham Yost: As a showrunner, Yost spearheaded the overall adaptation, crafting the series’ narrative arc, tone, and character development.


He wrote several episodes himself, and provided significant creative input across the entire production. Jeffery Wang: Jeffery Wang is a writer, director and production assistant who worked in acclaimed series like “Justified,” “Grifters,” etc.


Lekethia Dalcoe: Dalcoe is an award-winning playwright who worked as a staff writer in Silo. She is also known for her writing in the series “Two Sentence Horror Stories.”  Additional writers: While their specific contributions haven’t been publicly detailed, other writers are credited for individual episodes, indicating a collaborative writing team behind the series.


4. Director: Morten Tyldum

Morten Tyldum, the director of Silo, brings a distinct and nuanced vision to the show’s dystopian world. Known for his atmospheric and character-driven films like “Headhunters” and “Passengers,” Tyldum excels in crafting worlds that feel both tangible and claustrophobic.


In Silo, he masterfully utilises the confined setting to amplify the characters’ anxieties and the oppressive nature of their society. He utilises flashbacks and fragmented memories to delve into the characters’ backstories, adding depth and complexity to their motivations.


His work on Silo showcases his skill in building atmosphere, exploring complex themes, and bringing relatable humanity to even the most isolated corners of a dystopian society.


5. Music: Atli Örvarsson

For Silo, Icelandic composer Atli Örvarsson creates a soundscape that reflects the place’s isolation and tension. His compositions combine delicate electronic sounds, ethereal voices, and minimalist strings to create a hauntingly beautiful whole.


The eerie melodies connect with the protagonists’ unsaid feelings and anxieties, while the minimalist style reflects the immense emptiness of the Silo. Örvarsson skillfully employs silence as a tool, creating a sense of suspense and expectation at pivotal points.


The main theme perfectly captures the show’s atmosphere of confinement and yearning for liberation with its gradual, increasing beat and mournful violins.



Similar shows as Silo


1. Foundation



The epic sci-fi saga Foundation, unfolds across millennia. Based on Isaac Asimov’s visionary novels, it follows Hari Seldon, a mathematician predicting impending galactic collapse. He established the Foundation, a sanctuary entrusted with preserving knowledge and shortening the dark ages.


The story leaps across centuries, introducing descendants grappling with Seldon’s prophetic plan and navigating treacherous power struggles. With stunning visuals and sprawling casts, Foundation depicts a galaxy in turmoil, where heroes rise and fall amidst crumbling empires and technological marvels.


2. Severance



Severance is a series that plunges viewers into a chillingly plausible sci-fi world where work-life balance takes a sinister turn. Employees of Lumon Industries undergo “severance,” a procedure surgically dividing their memories between work and personal life.


Mark Scout is an employee who encounters a mysterious colleague, cryptic messages, and unsettling discoveries that chip away at the carefully constructed walls between his two selves. Severance masterfully blends psychological thriller with dark humour, exploring themes of identity, free will, and the consequences of burying your truest self.


3. Hijack



Hijack is a series where a Dubai-London flight gets hijacked mid-air, trapping 200 souls and thrusting corporate negotiator Sam Nelson into a high-stakes battle of wits against the hijackers. Sam must leverage his skills to de-escalate, protect passengers, and uncover the motive behind the hijacking, all while facing a ticking clock and the ever-present threat of disaster.


The tension mounts as secrets unravel, loyalties shift, and the line between hero and villain blurs. Buckle up for a gripping thriller where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.


4. The Last of Us

The Last of Us


The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic series. Twenty years after a fungal apocalypse ravages Earth, hardened smuggler Joel escorts 14-year-old Ellie, immune to the infection, across a brutalised America.


Their harrowing journey becomes a bond forged in hardship, hope flickering amidst violence and loss. The infected, brutal hunters and desperate survivors test their resilience, forcing them to confront their pasts and redefine family.


Prepare for a gripping tale of survival, love, and humanity’s enduring flame in the bleakest of winters.


5. For All Mankind

For All Mankind


For All Mankind is a series that rewrites history. It goes back to 1969, when the Soviets landed on the moon first. This sparks an alternate space race, pushing the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to ever-greater feats. Women and minorities join the astronaut ranks, lunar bases rise, and Mars beckons. It’s a thrilling sci-fi saga laced with Cold War tension, exploring ambition, sacrifice, and the human drive to reach for the stars.


So buckle up because, in this reality, one giant leap wasn’t enough.


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