Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Update


“Tiny Pretty Things” is a Netflix drama series based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The show is a mix of drama, mystery, and thriller genres and revolves around the competitive and secretive world of an elite ballet academy in Chicago. “Tiny Pretty Things” delves into the lives of the talented and ambitious young dancers, exploring their relationships, rivalries, and the dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface.


It is set in the  Archer School of Ballet in Chicago. The main cast of the series includes Lauren Holly as Monique Dubois, Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer, Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw, Daniela Norman as June Park, and Brennan Clost as Shane McRae, among others.


The success of “Tiny Pretty Things” can be attributed to its engaging storytelling, complex characters, and the combination of ballet, drama, and mystery. The series offers a unique and compelling narrative that keeps viewers hooked as they try to uncover the mysteries surrounding the academy.


It also addresses themes such as ambition, identity, and the pursuit of excellence, which resonate with a wide audience. The diverse cast and their strong performances further contributed to the show’s appeal, making it a hit on the Netflix platform.




Official Announcement on Tiny Pretty Things Season 2


Tiny Pretty Things is a Netflix mystery-drama based on the novel of the same name written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. It premiered on the platform in December 2020 and was soon cancelled as well.


The reason for the cancellation was not provided, and neither was any official announcement made by Netflix or the show’s creators. It was confirmed much later by Brennan Clost, who plays Shane, that Netflix wanted to keep the series evergreen, hence no official announcement was made about the cancellation.


The platform did not want to discourage new viewers from discovering the series by making it known that there would not be a season 2. Despite all this secrecy, it was confirmed that there was no hope for Tiny Pretty Things season 2.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Tiny Pretty Things


Tiny Pretty Things had only one season with 10 episodes in it. The show was set in an elite ballet academy called Archer School of Ballet. The most interesting and endearing part about the series was that all the ballet performances in the show were done by the actors themselves.


Body doubles, or stand-in performers were not used for any of the ballet sequences. Hence, the show was more entertaining, believable, and realistic. While the show was about a ballet school, it was also a suspense thriller where one of the main dancers was pushed off the top of a building, causing her to go into a coma.


As the police investigate the crime, we see the internal drama, competition, and personal strife of each of the characters.




Where to Watch Tiny Pretty Things


Tiny Pretty Things is a show created by Netflix and is available on that streaming platform. All viewers in the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada can stream the show on their Netflix account.




Google Trends Data Analysis on Tiny Pretty Things Season 2


Tiny Pretty Things is a Netflix drama that is based on the novel of the same name. The show was greenlit by Netflix in 2020, and after the first season, it was discontinued.


As a result, it has not been in the public eye for a few years. This has impacted the volume of searching Google. While the drama series Tiny Pretty Things has an average search volume, it has fluctuated greatly.


However, the trend has been steady. When we look at the search trends for Tiny Pretty Things season 2, the volumes fluctuate more wildly. The trends are low as well.


This Google Trend indicates that while audiences seem to like and follow the series’ season 1, they have given up hope on season 2.



Social Media Engagement


The trend on social media is much more grim for Tiny Pretty Things season 2. The volume of articles on the series has been steady, but they have not caused any splash on Facebook, X, or Reddit.


The article from Goodreads on the novel by the same title received a better response. There is no buzz surrounding Tiny Pretty Things season 2 on any of the social media platforms.


While it is sad to see this, it is also understandable considering the gap since season 1 was first put up on the platform.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Tiny Pretty Things


We are all aware that the series is about the attempted murder of one of the main dancers, Cassie. While throughout the series, there were speculations and rumours that Bette was the suspect, we never had any conclusive evidence.


As the season 1 finale drew near, Cassie recovered from her coma and returned to the academy. It is revealed that Bette was not the perpetrator. Instead, it was Delia who pushed Cassie out of jealousy.


As shocking as this reveal was, we are shown another shocking crime where Ramon Costa is stabbed to death. This was the perfect setup for season 2. Who killed Costa would be another investigation that could become the perfect plot for the next season.


There were other minor subplots too, like the rivalry between dancers for the post of Prima ballerina and the relationship status of the different couples in the show. There is also the burning question of who will replace Ramon Costa, the best choreographer at Archer School of Ballet.



Important Characters of Tiny Pretty Things


1. Shane McRae

Shane McRae


Shane McRae is a captivating character from “Tiny Pretty Things.” He is portrayed by Brennan Clost. As a talented and ambitious ballet dancer, Shane possesses a raw, untamed talent that sets him apart in the fiercely competitive world of the Archer School of Ballet.


With his striking good looks and charismatic charm, he exudes an air of mystery and danger that draws people in. Shane grapples with personal demons and a tumultuous past, which adds depth to his character.


His edgy demeanour conceals vulnerability, making him a complex figure who seeks validation and success in the demanding realm of dance. Shane McRae’s presence is both enigmatic and magnetic, leaving us intrigued by the layers of his character as the story unfolds.


2. Oren Lennox

Oren Lennox


Oren Lennox is a compelling character played by Barton Cowperthwaite. A dedicated and disciplined ballet dancer, Oren is known for his unwavering commitment to perfection and classical grace on stage.


With his striking features and serene demeanour, he stands out amidst the chaos of the Archer School of Ballet. Oren’s calm exterior hides a stormy personal life and a complex web of secrets, adding depth to his character.


His journey in the competitive world of ballet is marked by resilience and a deep desire for success. Oren Lennox’s character is a poignant blend of poise and inner turmoil, making him an intriguing figure whose story captivates us.


3. Neveah Stroyer

 Neveah Stroyer


Neveah Stroyer is played by Kylie Jefferson in the series. As a newcomer to the cutthroat world of ballet, Neveah represents a breath of fresh air and a departure from the traditional elite dancers at the Archer School of Ballet.


Her nature is defined by resilience, determination, and a fierce sense of justice. Neveah’s presence challenges the status quo and exposes the dark underbelly of the ballet world, including issues of racism, discrimination, and competition.


She’s a beacon of hope for change, striving to break down barriers and bring fairness to the world of dance. Neveah’s role is pivotal, as she not only pursues her dreams but also becomes a catalyst for transformation and truth in a world filled with secrets and lies.


4. Bette Whitlaw

Bette Whitlaw


Bette Whitlaw is portrayed by Casimere Jollette. She is a highly skilled ballet dancer at the Archer School of Ballet, known for her elegance and ambition. Bette comes from a prestigious ballet lineage, and her fierce determination to uphold her family’s legacy drives her relentlessly.


Her character is defined by a potent mix of competitiveness and vulnerability as she navigates the intense world of ballet, grappling with the pressures of perfection and the desire to stand out.


Bette’s complex relationships with her fellow dancers and sister add depth to her character, making her a multifaceted figure who must confront her own insecurities and ambitions as she pursues her dreams in a demanding and cutthroat environment.


5. Cassie Shore

Cassie Shore


Cassie Shore is a central character played by Anna Maiche. She is a talented and resilient ballet dancer at the Archer School of Ballet, known for her fiery passion and unmatched determination.


Cassie is a survivor, having faced personal hardships that have shaped her into a tenacious and fearless performer. Her character is defined by her unwavering pursuit of excellence, even in the face of adversity.


Cassie’s journey through the competitive world of ballet is marked by her inner strength and an unyielding commitment to her craft. She is the victim of a jealous outburst that leaves her in a coma for most of the show till she recovers and discloses the truth.



Important Crew Members of Tiny Pretty Things


1. Writers – Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton

Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton


“Tiny Pretty Things” is a novel co-authored by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. Sona Charaipotra is a talented writer, journalist, and former ballet dancer known for her captivating storytelling. Her experiences in the world of dance bring authenticity to the novel’s portrayal of the competitive ballet scene.


On the other hand, Dhonielle Clayton is a renowned author and editor celebrated for her contributions to young adult literature. Together, they have created a gripping narrative that delves into the lives of aspiring ballet dancers at the Archer School of Ballet, exploring themes of competition, ambition, friendship, and identity.


Their collaboration results in a rich and layered story that keeps readers engrossed, shedding light on the complex and often tumultuous world of ballet.


2. Directors – Samir Rehem, April Mullen, Gary Fleder

Samir Rehem


“Tiny Pretty Things” is a Netflix series with multiple directors for its episodes. The notable directors involved in the series are Samir Rehem, April Mullen, Gary Fleder, etc. Samir Rehem is a Canadian director known for his work on various television series and films.


He directed episodes for popular TV shows like “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Rehem’s knack for capturing drama and suspense on screen made him a fitting choice for the series.


April Mullen is a Canadian filmmaker known for her versatility in directing both television and film. She directed “Wynonna Earp” and “Killjoys.” Mullen’s dynamic storytelling and innovative visual style contributed to the series’ compelling narrative.


Gary Fleder is an American film director with an impressive resume, including directing feature films like “Runaway Jury” and “Kiss the Girls.” His involvement in “Tiny Pretty Things” brought a seasoned touch to the series, enriching its overall cinematic quality.


3. Creator – Michael MacLennan

Creator - Michael MacLennan


The Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things” was developed by Michael MacLennan, who served as the showrunner and one of its creators. Michael MacLennan is a screenwriter and producer known for his extensive work in television.


He has contributed to various successful series, including “Queer as Folk,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Bomb Girls.” MacLennan is celebrated for his ability to tackle complex and diverse narratives, often exploring themes of identity, relationships, and societal issues.


In “Tiny Pretty Things,” MacLennan played a crucial role in adapting the source material into a binge-worthy series. He brings to life the competitive and dramatic world of ballet while delving into the personal struggles and aspirations of its characters.


4. Dancers – various

Dancers - various


The series featured a talented ensemble cast of actors who portrayed ballet dancers at the Archer School of Ballet. The actors who did their own dance routines without backup dancers were: Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer: Neveah is a newcomer to the Archer School of Ballet, determined to prove herself in the competitive world of ballet.


Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw: Bette is a fiercely ambitious ballet dancer driven by her family’s legacy in dance. Daniela Norman as June Park: June is a dedicated and hardworking dancer with her sights set on greatness.


Brennan Clost as Shane McRae: Shane is a talented and enigmatic ballet dancer known for his raw talent and charisma. Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil Limyadi: Nabil is a talented and ambitious dancer who navigates the challenges of the ballet world.


Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon Costa: Ramon is a charismatic dance instructor at the Archer School.



Similar Shows as Tiny Pretty Things


1. Spinning Out

Spinning Out


“Spinning Out” is a gripping Netflix series that delves into the world of competitive figure skating. The show revolves around Kat Baker, a talented figure skater who faces personal and professional challenges after a devastating fall on the ice.


Determined to make a comeback, Kat grapples with her own inner demons, family secrets, and the intense pressures of the sport. She forms a new partnership with a talented but troubled partner.


The series explores themes of resilience, mental health, and the pursuit of dreams amidst the cutthroat world of figure skating. “Spinning Out” is a dramatic and emotionally charged series that combines the grace of skating with the complexities of human relationships.


2. Bunheads



“Bunheads” is a delightful Netflix series that combines elements of comedy and drama. The series is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, known for her work on “Gilmore Girls.” The show follows the life of Michelle Simms, a Las Vegas showgirl who impulsively marries a man from a small coastal town called Paradise, where she ends up teaching at a local dance studio.


The series beautifully weaves together themes of art, family, and self-discovery as Michelle connects with her students, each dealing with their unique challenges, dreams, and aspirations. With wit, charm, and a touch of quirkiness, “Bunheads” offers a heartwarming exploration of the joys and struggles of pursuing one’s passions in a tight-knit community.


3. Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone


“Flesh and Bone” is a dark and gritty Prime Video series created by Moira Walley-Beckett, known for her work on “Breaking Bad.” The show delves into the merciless world of professional ballet, following Claire Robbins.


She is a talented yet troubled dancer who joins a prestigious New York ballet company. As the series unfolds, it explores the physical and emotional toll of the art form, revealing the cutthroat competition, personal traumas, and the relentless pursuit of perfection that defines the dancers’ lives. ”Flesh and Bone” is a haunting and intense drama that provides a raw and unflinching look into the beauty and brutality of the ballet world.


4. Dance Academy

Dance Academy


“Dance Academy” is an Australian television series that immerses viewers in the exhilarating and demanding world of ballet. Created by Samantha Strauss and Joanna Werner, the show revolves around Tara Webster, a young aspiring dancer.


She secured a spot at the prestigious National Academy of Dance in Sydney. The series skillfully intertwines the struggles and triumphs of Tara and her talented peers, addressing themes of ambition, friendship, love, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the art of dance. 


“Dance Academy” is a captivating and heartfelt drama that offers an authentic glimpse into the joys and challenges of pursuing one’s passion within the competitive realm of dance. Stream the series on Netflix.


5. Navillera



“Navillera” is a heartwarming South Korean Netflix series based on a webtoon of the same name. The show beautifully explores the themes of dreams, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness at any age.


It follows the unlikely bond between Duk-chul, a 70-year-old retired mailman who aspires to pursue his lifelong dream of ballet, and Chae-rok, a talented but struggling 23-year-old ballet dancer. Together, they embark on a transformative journey that challenges societal norms and showcases the enduring power of passion and mentorship. 


“Navillera” is a touching and inspirational series that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, reminding viewers that it’s never too late to chase one’s dreams.


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