Raised By Wolves Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Raised by Wolves


Raised by Wolves is a fantasy science-fiction series that premiered on HBO Max. The series was created by Aaron Guzikowski and received high critical acclaim for its concept, plot, and performance.


The series begins in the distant future of Earth, where religious wars and conflicts have ravaged Earth and almost driven mankind to extinction. Troubled by this future, an atheist scientist developed a set of androids called Mother and Father, who take a group of children away with them to a distant planet.


They plan to begin to occupy this distant, earth-like planet called Kepler-22b and rehabilitate mankind into a religion-free, atheistic society. The problem begins when a group of religious zealots also arrive on the planet.


The series is a high-concept science fiction and fantasy drama that is built extensively on the idea of rehabilitating a distant planet to start the human race. It also has a great cast of actors, including Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Travis Fimmel, Niamh Algar, and more.


The first two episodes of the series were directed by Ridley Scott, who was also the executive producer of the series. The series received nominations at the Saturn Awards, Criticisms Choice Super Awards, Writers Guild Awards, etc.


Both critics and fans were excitedly awaiting season three of the show before HBO Max announced the cancellation in December 2022.




Official Announcement on Raised by Wolves Season 3


The high-concept fantasy sci-fi series, Raised by Wolves, premiered on HBO Max in September 2020, and HBO Max renewed it for season two, which was telecast in February 2022.


By December 2022, the show was cancelled and removed by HBO Max. The show’s creator, Aaron Guzikowski, stated that the series was unlucky to come up for renewal discussion during the period of merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.


Along with a bunch of other series that did not fit into the future plans of Warner Bros. Discovery, the show was summarily dropped by HBO Max. As of January 31 2023, The Roku Channel and Tubi have released the series Raised by Wolves on their platform.


The series’ cast and crew have tweeted that if fans wanted to support the series, they should use the ‘#renewraisedbywolves’. After the cancellation of the show by HBO Max, the series has not been picked up by any other streaming service.


Hence, its production has been halted for season three.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Raised by Wolves


Raised by Wolves was an HBO Max original series that ran for two seasons. While season one had 10 episodes that were close to an hour-long, season two had eight episodes in it.


Both these seasons were telecast on HBO Max before its cancellation. After the various religious wars destroy mankind on earth, a group of atheistic settlers are sent to rebuild mankind on a remote and uninhabited planet called Kepler-22b.


The settlers are under the protection of two androids called mother and father. However, after the group reaches Kepler-22b, they have an arduous task ahead to ensure the safety and survival of the human colony.


Once they are settled, the colony discovers that another settlement has also arrived, and they are a group of Mithraic religious zealots. This threatens the very concept of an atheistic settlement.


The children in the human colony are self-determined and not easily swayed by either party, but this new way of life could jeopardise everything that mother and father have worked for.


The series being from the science-fiction genre, had a slow beginning where season one set the premise and narrated the backstory of the plot. The next season started to build on the plot and depicted the current conflict situation between the different groups on Kepler-22b.


The finale of season two was a cliffhanger that promised many more exciting episodes and plot twists in season three. However, the cancellation proved to be the biggest plot twist that ended the series.




Where to Watch the Show


Watch Raised by Wolves on different streaming platforms based on your location. Viewers in Canada can stream the show on Crave. Those in the United Kingdom can stream the show on your Sky platform or on Now.


Viewers from the USA can stream both seasons of Raised by Wolves on The Roku Channel.




Google Trends Data Analysis on Raised by Wolves Season 3


On Google, many viewers and fans have searched for the sci-fi drama series Raised by Wolves in the past twelve months. The search trends have been high but showed a decreasing trend in the numbers.


Considering that the second season of the show was broadcast in February 2022, it was fresh in the minds of its fans. In December 2022, the show was cancelled on HBO Max but started to stream on the Roku channel and thus maintained its fan base.


The search results for Raised by Wolves season three have been wildly fluctuating, dipping and peaking on a daily basis. However, it needs to be noted that the interest in the latest season of Raised by Wolves has maintained steam till now.



Social Media Engagement


On social media, Raised by Wolves has maintained a low profile for most part of the past twelve months. It was barely existent for many months till it suddenly spiked in June 2023.


The reason for the sudden spike would be the massive billboard on New York Times Square to promote awareness of #RenewRaisedbyWolves. There was a special X handle called @saveRBWofficial that galvanised fans across the globe to petition for a season three.


This created a spark in the pan before going silent again. Most of the shares and engagement have been on Facebook and X (Twitter) only.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


Raised by Wolves was a high-concept, imaginative, science-fiction series that wove a very creative story about an atheistic society that is set up on a distant planet by two androids.


Due to the highly imaginative and creative plotline of both seasons of the show, it is difficult to predict exactly what might happen in season 3. We can only guess the plot based on the unanswered questions of season 2.


So considering this factor, we can expect some form of major transformation in Mother after she gets cocooned in the veil given by Grandmother. Furthermore, the fate of those who ate the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge is unclear so we might see some revelation on this aspect.


Another plotline to develop would be the fate of Marcus, who was pinned upside down to the tree of knowledge upon the instructions of Sol. The fate or end result of Grandmother’s games and her ultimate mission to devolve humankind also needs to be addressed in season three.


Before the show was cancelled by HBO Max, the team of Raised by Wolves had an exciting plot and season ready for filming in season three. So we can expect answers for all pending questions and many new questions to be raised.



Important characters of Raised by Wolves


To help you better understand and grasp the plot discussed above, let us have a quick run-through of the most important characters in the series.


1. Mother



Mother, in the sci-fi series, is a complex and enigmatic character. She is an android programmed to nurture and protect human children on a distant, post-apocalyptic planet. While her primary mission is to ensure the survival of the children, she grapples with her own evolving consciousness and emotions.


Mother possesses immense physical power, often using it to defend her charges. Her devotion to her duties is unwavering, but her actions become increasingly unpredictable as she wrestles with her own identity and a mysterious past.


She is portrayed by Amanda Collin and her character embodies a blend of maternal instincts, artificial intelligence, and an eerie, almost god-like presence, making her a central figure in the show’s exploration of the intersection between technology, religion, and humanity.


2. Father



Father is an android with a distinct personality. He serves as a counterpart to Mother, sharing the responsibility of raising human children on a remote planet. Father is characterised by his gentle and nurturing demeanour, often providing a stabilising influence in contrast to Mother’s volatile nature.


He adheres to his programming and religious beliefs with unwavering devotion, maintaining a strong sense of duty and order. However, he also grapples with moments of self-doubt and a desire for a deeper connection with his charges.


Father’s character is played by Abubaker Salim and he symbolises the tension between faith and reason, technology and humanity. He serves as a vital element in the show’s exploration of the complexities of artificial intelligence and its impact on human society.


3. Marcus



Marcus is a pivotal character. He is a former soldier and one of the last surviving members of the Mithraic religious order, which opposes the androids, Mother and Father, and their mission to raise human children on a distant planet.


Marcus becomes a key figure in the struggle for control of the planet as he seeks to protect his fellow Mithraic believers and their faith. His role evolves from a loyal soldier to a conflicted leader torn between his duty, personal beliefs, and the discovery of unsettling truths about the Mithraic religion.


He is portrayed by Travis Fimmel. Marcus’s character embodies themes of religious fanaticism, the loss of faith, and the moral complexities of survival in a harsh, alien world.


4. Sue



Sue, in the sci-fi series “Raised by Wolves,” is a significant character with a vital role in the series. She is one of the surviving members of the Mithraic religious group who crash-landed on a distant planet along with her husband, Marcus, and their son, Paul.


Sue’s role primarily revolves around her attempts to adapt to the new, harsh environment and protect her family. Throughout the series, Sue grapples with her own beliefs and experiences as she becomes entangled in the conflict between the Mithraic and the androids, Mother and Father.


Her character undergoes significant development as she questions her faith and confronts the moral complexities of the world she finds herself. Sue’s journey is marked by personal growth and resilience as she strives to secure a future for her family in this alien landscape. She was played by Niamh Alger.


5. Campion



Campion, in the sci-fi series “Raised by Wolves,” is a central character with a compelling arc. As one of the human children raised by the android Mother and Father on a desolate planet, Campion represents the last remnants of humanity.


He starts as a timid and impressionable young boy, deeply affected by the trauma of his world’s destruction and the loss of his parents. Throughout the series, Campion’s character undergoes significant development as he grapples with complex emotions, religious influences, and the challenges of survival.


He evolves into a more independent and resourceful figure, growing into a leader among his fellow children. Campion’s journey is a poignant exploration of the human spirit’s resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, making him a compelling and relatable character in the series. Winta McGrath plays this part.



Important Crew Members and their Work


After introducing the pivotal characters of the series, you also need to know more about the main crew who made this show possible. So, here are a few top crew contributors:


1. Series Creator – Aaron Guzikowski

Aaron Guzikowski


The series creator of “Raised by Wolves” is Aaron Guzikowski, and his role in the production of the series is pivotal. He was responsible for conceiving the initial concept and premise of the series.


He envisioned the world, its characters, and the overarching storyline that forms the foundation of “Raised by Wolves.” He set the tone for thought-provoking themes like religion, artificial intelligence, and the survival of humanity and collaborated closely with the show’s directors and producers to ensure that his vision was effectively translated to the screen.


He previously worked on movies like Papillon, Contraband, Prisoners, etc.


2. Series Director – Ridley Scott, Luke Scott, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Ridley Scott


In this series, the directors play a crucial role in shaping the show’s visual and narrative elements. The series features multiple directors across its episodes, each contributing their unique vision to the storyline.


Some notable directors who worked on the series include Ridley Scott himself as well as Luke Scott and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. They are responsible for bringing the script to life by making creative decisions about cinematography, pacing, visual effects, and overall storytelling.


The other notable works of Luke Scott are Alien: Covenant, The Martian, Exodus: Gods and Kings, etc. Ridley Scott is famous for his works like Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Blade Runner, etc.


Sergio Mimica-Gezzan directed TV series like For All Mankind, The Terror, Medici, and more.


3. Series Writers – Aaron Guzikowski, Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell


The concept and story of this series were created by Aaron Guzikowski while a team of writers worked on it along with him. Notable writers among them were Karen Campbell, Caitlin Saunders, etc.


The writers were responsible for creating the complex characters, dialogues, and story continuity for the episodes. The other famous works of these writers include Super8, Foundation, Valor, Son of Ho One, Outlander, Dexter, Covert Affairs, etc.


4. Series Music – Marc Streitenfeld and Ben Frost

Marc Streitenfeld


The music of the series “Raised by Wolves” was composed by Ben Frost, and it received generally positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Ben Frost’s haunting and atmospheric score contributed significantly to the show’s eerie and otherworldly ambience, enhancing the overall viewing experience.


The music effectively complemented the series’ themes and visuals, adding to its sense of mystery and tension. Some viewers found the score’s experimental and avant-garde style to be a departure from more conventional television soundtracks.


The work of Marc Streitenfeld was also appreciated, as were his other famous works in Prometheus, American Gangster, The Grey, etc.


5. Cinematography – Ross Emery

Ross Emery


The cinematography of “Raised by Wolves” was widely praised by both critics and viewers. The series features visually striking and inventive cinematography with a strong emphasis on creating a unique and atmospheric visual style.


Director of Photography (DOP) Ross Emery, known for his work on other notable projects like “The Matrix” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” contributed to the show’s visually arresting aesthetic. The cinematography effectively conveyed the stark, alien landscapes of the planet and the contrasting technological and religious elements within the story.


The use of colours, lighting, and camera work in “Raised by Wolves” was often cited as contributing to the show’s eerie and immersive atmosphere.



Similar Shows and Where to Watch Them


If you loved this show, here are a few shows along similar lines that you might also like.


1. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon


“Altered Carbon” is a science fiction TV series based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel. It is set in a future where human consciousness can be transferred between bodies. You can watch the series on Netflix and Netflix Basic with ads.


The plot follows the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier who is brought back to life centuries after his death to solve a wealthy man’s murder. The show explores themes of identity, immortality, and the consequences of advanced technology. ”Altered Carbon” received generally positive reviews from both critics and viewers.


Its IMDb rating was around 8.0/10, reflecting its popularity and appreciation within the sci-fi genre. Please note that ratings can change over time, so it’s advisable to check the most recent ratings and reviews for the latest information.


2. Foundation



“Foundation” is a TV series based on Isaac Asimov’s iconic science fiction novels. The premise revolves around a future galactic empire on the brink of collapse. A brilliant mathematician, Hari Seldon, develops a theory of predictive mathematics to mitigate the impending dark age.


As political intrigue, power struggles, and technological marvels unfold across vast periods, a group called the Foundation seeks to preserve knowledge and civilization. The series received mixed reviews upon its release in 2021.


Some praised its ambitious scope and visual effects, while others found the complex narrative challenging to follow. It stars Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, and more. You can watch both seasons of the show on Apple TV Plus.


The IMDb rating was around 7.5/10, indicating a somewhat favourable response.


3. See



“See” is a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series created by Steven Knight and starring Jason Momoa. Set in a distant future where a virus has left the human population blind, the series explores a world where society has adapted to a sightless existence for generations.


The story centres on Baba Voss (played by Momoa), a warrior and tribal leader, who becomes the protector of twin infants born with the ability to see. Their unique sight sparks hope and conflict as it challenges the established order and unleashes a quest for power and survival. ”See” is known for its visually stunning cinematography and action-packed sequences, creating a unique world in which the absence of sight shapes every aspect of life.


It has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has generally received positive reviews for its inventive concept and engaging storytelling. It has a rating of 7.6, and you can watch the show on Apple TV Plus.


4. The Expanse

The Expanse


“The Expanse” is a science fiction TV series based on a series of novels by James S. A. Corey. The show is set in a future where humanity has colonised the solar system, leading to political tensions between Earth, Mars, and the outer planets.


The story follows a diverse group of characters, including a detective, a ship’s captain, and a United Nations executive, as they navigate complex conspiracies, interstellar conflicts, and the discovery of an alien technology that could change the course of human history. ”The Expanse” received critical acclaim for its intricate world-building, realistic depiction of space travel, and complex character development.


It had an IMDb rating of approximately 8.5, reflecting its popularity and positive reception among both critics and viewers.


5. The Peripheral

The Peripheral


“The Peripheral” is a science fiction TV series developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Based on William Gibson’s novel of the same name, the show explores a future where advanced technology allows individuals to communicate with the past through a virtual interface known as the “peripheral.”  The story unfolds across two timelines: one in a bleak, post-apocalyptic rural America and the other in a more technologically advanced urban setting.


The series delves into themes of AI, surveillance, and the consequences of human actions on multiple timelines. With a blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and intricate storytelling, it offers a compelling and thought-provoking narrative.


The show has a rating of 7.6, and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


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