1899 Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

1899 Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


1899 is a multilingual mystery thriller series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the creators of the hit Netflix series Dark. The series follows a group of European immigrants travelling from London to New York City by steamship in 1899.


When they encounter another migrant ship adrift at sea, their journey takes a dark turn as they uncover a web of secrets and mysteries. The cast of 1899 is an international ensemble, with actors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, and France.


Some of the notable cast members include Emily Beecham, Aneurin Bernard, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernardeau, Maciej Musiał, and more. 1899 received mostly positive reviews from critics, with praise for its complex characters, atmospheric setting, and mind-bending plot.


The show currently has a score of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb and a 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Overall, 1899 is a well-made and thought-provoking mystery thriller with a talented cast and crew.


The show has received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The show’s international cast, complex story, and impressive production values make it a must-watch for anyone looking for a new series to binge.




Official Announcement Of 1899 Season 2


1899 is another mind-bending suspense thriller from the famous duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. They created the successful Netflix series Dark, which led to an agreement for more such shows from Europe on Netflix.


While the show was released on Netflix in November 2022 and had a successful run, it could not guarantee a renewal from the platform. 1899 debuted at the number two spot on the top 10 English shows list during the week of its release.


It remained in the spot for multiple weeks and had a good run, but surprisingly, the show was cancelled in January of 2023. The cancellation was announced by the show’s creators, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, through bo Odar’s Instagram account.


The duo said that they were announcing the end of the show with a heavy heart and that there would be no more seasons of 1899. Netflix did not make any statement on the reasons for the cancellation on its part.


The pundits and insiders, however, have speculated that the reason for the cancellation was the high production value. 1899 was the costliest German production with an international cast and crew.


Others have speculated that the show had a low completion rate, due to which the number of viewers who are likely to stick on till the end of the series was below 50%.


Others have simply pegged it to 1899 being an obscure show that Netflix did not care to renew.




Previous Seasons And Episodes Of 1899


1899 is a mind-bending suspense thriller that premiered on Netflix in November 2022. The series had 8 episodes, and each episode was up to an hour long. The series followed a seemingly mundane ship, Kerberos and its passengers from London to New York.


The series takes a paranormal turn when they encounter an abandoned ship, Prometheus, that also belongs to the same shipping company. From here on, things deteriorate quickly as weird and unexplained events occur and drive a wedge among the passengers.


As the passengers are from different countries and different backgrounds, the narrative becomes more interesting with each episode. Although the main plot of the series takes place on a ship at sea, we travel to different locales due to the time travel and hallucinations.


This makes the narrative more complex and interesting. The series reminds us of the earlier series, Dark, created by the same showrunners, Friese and bo Odar. Fans of that series were thrilled by this series and praised the series for its production quality, plot, and acting.


The series received a rating of 7.3 on IMDb and a 77% score on Rotten Tomatoes.




Where To Watch 1899


1899 is available for viewing on Netflix for all viewers across the globe. Viewers in the USA, the UK and Canada can stream the show on their Netflix platform.



1899 Season 2 Google Trends Analysis 


It has been just about a year since the show 1899 premiered on Netflix and less than a year since its discontinuance. So, the popularity of the show appears to have dropped drastically since the series debuted.


As compared to the time period of its release, the show appears to have lost favour with its audience, and 1899 season 2 is also not a highly trending topic.


However, if we observe the data for the past 3 months alone, 1899 has maintained a strong popularity. The number of searches for 1899 season 2 fluctuates between highs and lows but averages at a decent number.


These trends are for the past 3 months only. I am insisting on these timelines due to the understandable drop in searches once the show is discontinued.



1899 Season 2 Social Media Engagement 


The trend is similar on social media platforms as well. There are many articles, posts and discussions about this suspense thriller, However, the social media engagement has dropped as compared to the initial days of the show’s debut.


The chatter about 1899 is the loudest on Reddit and Facebook, followed by X (Twitter). The show is lauded for its international and diverse cast and crew, suspenseful plot, and the showrunners.


The series is being compared to its predecessor Dark, which received 3 seasons. Many viewers are sad about the abrupt end of the series. While some are admittedly happy the short-lived show can amass an even greater cult following owing to its short life.



Expected Plot Of 1899 Season 2


To predict the plot of the story arc of the upcoming season of 1899, one must fully understand the events that take place in season one, why they take place and what each event means.


Going by the style and intelligence of the two creators, Friese and bo Odar, we can expect that each and every scene ties very closely into understanding the story and the future or even the present of the series 1899.


Without leaking too many spoilers, here is my attempt to predict the plotlines of 1899 season 2: By the end of season 1 of 1899, we have guessed that the events of 1899 are not reality.


The whole episode of setting sail in Kerberos and finding Prometheus, etc., was a simulation, a la The Matrix trilogy. So, in season 2 of 1899, we should get more clues on who is running the simulation and what is the purpose of this simulation.


There is also the question of whether the simulation is for the good or evil of those stuck in it. Throughout the series, we hear the names of people like Cirian, Henry, Daniel, and Elliot.


In season 2, we could find out the reality of these characters, who they are, and how they are related to Maura. We will also learn if these characters are the real deal or imaginary characters from the simulator.


Although at the end of season 1, we see that Maura has exited the simulation into reality, we do not know what this new reality is. There is speculation that she could have just moved from one simulation into another.


In 1899 season 2, we will find out what is this new reality and if it is really the reality or another simulation. In this way, there are many unanswered questions and endless possibilities from the 1899 plot for further seasons.



Important Characters In 1899


1. Maura Franklin

Maura Franklin


Maura Franklin is a fictional character in Netflix’s series “1899.” Emily Beecham played the role of Maura. She is a British woman, a doctor, and one of the passengers on the ship “Kerberos,” which is travelling from Europe to America.


Maura is a strong-willed and resourceful character, and her role in the series revolves around her attempts to uncover the mysteries and dark secrets surrounding the ship and its passengers as they encounter supernatural events during their voyage.


She is determined to unravel the truth and protect her fellow passengers from the eerie and dangerous forces they encounter, making her a central figure in the unfolding drama of the show.


2. Daniel Solace

Daniel Solace


Daniel Solace is one of the mysterious characters in Netflix’s series “1899.” Aneurin Barnard portrayed Daniel. He is one of the most mysterious characters in the series who appears as soon as Kerberos encounters the lost ship, Prometheus.


Daniel’s origin is unknown, and he appears on the ship following a beetle and stays in the room next to Maura. He also becomes embroiled in the mysterious and supernatural events that unfold on the ship.


His support and guidance help Maura in her journey to unravel the truth. However, on many occasions, it is unclear whether he is a good guy or on the side of evil.


3. Eyk Larsen

Eyk Larsen


Eyk Larsen is a character in Netflix’s series “1899.” Andreas Pietschmann took on the role of Eyk. He served as the Captain of the ship “Kerberos,” which was transporting European emigrants to America in the late 19th century.


Eyk is a respected and authoritative figure among the crew, responsible for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the ship. As the passengers encounter mysterious and supernatural events during their journey, Eyk plays a crucial role in maintaining order and addressing the challenges that arise.


His leadership, dedication to duty, and commitment to protecting both the passengers and crew make him a central character in the unfolding drama as he grapples with the growing tensions and uncertainties on board the ship.


4. Elliot



Elliot is another mysterious character in “1899,” portrayed by Fflyn Edwards. He is discovered on the lost ship “Prometheus” by Maura. Elliot’s role does not have much dialogue, and he is silent for the most part, but he is the trigger that sends Maura in the right direction to find the truth.


His presence on the ship also causes a mutiny as many of the passengers believe that he brought death into “Kerberos” and plan to kill him. Elliot becomes the rallying point between the ship’s captain and his team against Tova and the mutineers.


Despite his smaller presence, Elliot plays a major part in the plot.


5. Tove



Tove is a character in Netflix’s series “1899,” portrayed by Clara Rosager. She is a young woman travelling on the ship “Kerberos” with her family in search of a better life in America.


Tove is pregnant and goes into labour during the first episode. She comes from a strict orthodox religious family made up of two younger siblings and two parents. Tove is instrumental in launching a rebellion against the ship’s captain, Eyk, after the death of her sister, Ada.


However, she is later disillusioned after witnessing the behaviour of her group. She reverts to support the captain and her group to find the truth.


6. Jerome



Jerome is a stowaway who sneaks into the ship in the Netflix series “1899.” He hides on the ship “Kerberos” hoping to make his way to America in search of a better life.


Jerome is discovered as he comes out in search of food and clothing. He immediately becomes the target of the ire of the group of passengers who are afraid of the mysterious events occurring on the ship.


He is imprisoned to be handed over to authorities after returning to Europe. However, after the mutiny, he becomes one of the key supporters of Maura and saves her and her team on a few occasions.


He hopes to maintain a low profile but is ready for action to save lives.



Important Crew Members of 1899


1. Creators and showrunners: Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar


The creators of the Netflix series 1899 are Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. They are a German husband-and-wife team who are best known for their previous Netflix series, Dark.


Dark was a critical and commercial success, and it won numerous awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. Friese and Odar are both experienced writers and directors.


Friese has worked on several German television shows, including Tatort and Deutschland 83. Odar has also worked on several German television shows, including Tatort and Who Am I?


Friese and Odar have said that they were inspired to create 1899 by the European migrant crisis and Brexit. They wanted to explore the themes of identity, home, and the search for a better life.


Friese and Odar are known for their complex and challenging stories. They are not afraid to tackle difficult topics, and they often leave their viewers with unanswered questions. 1899 is no exception.


The series is a thought-provoking and suspenseful mystery that will keep viewers guessing until the very end.


2. Director: Baran bo Odar

Baran bo Odar


Baran bo Odar, the director of 1899, achieved significant success with the series. He created a visually stunning and atmospheric show. 1899 is a feast for the eyes, with its lavish sets, costumes, and cinematography.  1899 is a multi-layered show that explores themes of identity, migration, and the search for meaning.


Odar’s storytelling is masterful, and he keeps viewers guessing until the very end. He has a reputation as a talented director. Odar’s previous work on the hit Netflix series Dark had already earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting new voices in television.


This gave 1899 a high level of anticipation before it even premiered. Netflix’s global reach. 1899 was released on Netflix, which has over 220 million subscribers worldwide.


3. Writers: Jantje Friese, Emil Nygaard Albertsen

Jantje Friese


Jantje Friese and Emil Nygaard Albertsen are two of the writers of the Netflix series 1899. Friese is also the co-creator of the series alongside her husband, Baran bo Odar.


Albertsen is a Danish screenwriter who has previously worked on the Danish Netflix series Equinox. Friese and Albertsen are both experienced writers with a passion for creating stories that explore the human condition.


They are also both known for their ability to craft suspenseful and thought-provoking narratives. The writing of 1899 is top-notch. Friese and Albertsen have crafted a complex mystery that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging.


The characters are well-developed and believable, and the dialogue is sharp and witty. Overall, the work of Jantje Friese and Emil Nygaard Albertsen on the Netflix series 1899 is outstanding.


They have created a complex and suspenseful story with well-developed characters and sharp dialogue.


4. Cinematographer: Nikolaus Summerer

Nikolaus Summerer


Nikolaus Summerer is an award-winning cinematographer who worked in 1899. He is a German cinematographer who previously worked on projects like Who Am I, Siege of Jadotville, Dark, etc. He added his unique and stunning touch to the suspense thriller story of Friese and bo Odar to make it even better.


He is a gifted cameraman who has a keen eye for detail. He uses his visual storytelling skills to create a truly immersive world for the viewer. 1899 is a visually stunning series that features some of the most breathtaking cinematography on television.


He captured a rich and complex world in 1899. The series is set on a ship carrying immigrants from Europe to New York in 1899. When the ship encounters another ship at sea, their journey takes a dark turn.


All this was made awe-inspiring with Summerer’s atmospheric visuals and camerawork.



Top 5 Shows Like 1899


1. Dark



“Dark” is a German science fiction thriller series on Netflix that intricately weaves time travel, family secrets, and a mysterious small-town setting. The story begins with the disappearance of a young boy, triggering a chain of events that spans multiple generations.


As the show unfolds, it explores the interconnected lives of four families, revealing a complex web of relationships, mysteries, and eerie caves that house a time portal. The series is from the acclaimed duo Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar.


With a gripping narrative, complex characters, and a haunting atmosphere, “Dark” delves deep into themes of free will, determinism, and the cyclical nature of time, offering a mind-bending and thought-provoking viewing experience.


2. The Sandman

The Sandman


“The Sandman” is a highly acclaimed Netflix series based on Neil Gaiman’s iconic comic book series. This dark fantasy show follows the enigmatic Dream, one of the Endless, powerful and immortal beings representing abstract concepts.


After escaping captivity, Dream embarks on a quest to restore order to the dream realm and confront the consequences of his actions throughout history. With a rich and imaginative storyline, “The Sandman” delves into themes of mythology, morality, and the power of dreams while offering a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience that captivates both fans of the original comics and new viewers alike.


3. Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities


“Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” is a Netflix anthology series curated by the visionary filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Each episode brings viewers into a world of dark and enchanting stories, drawing inspiration from Del Toro’s love for the macabre and the fantastical.


The series serves as a showcase for a diverse range of tales, blending horror, fantasy, and the supernatural. With its unique storytelling and Del Toro’s signature artistic style, “Cabinet of Curiosities” explores the boundaries of human imagination, delving into the bizarre and otherworldly, making it a must-watch for fans of the director’s distinctive brand of storytelling.


4. Manifest



“Manifest” is a gripping supernatural drama series on Netflix that begins when Montego Air Flight 828 mysteriously reappears five years after its presumed disappearance. The passengers and crew find themselves unchanged while the world around them has moved on, leading to a complex mystery.


The show follows their struggles to reintegrate into their lives, deal with unforeseen consequences, and unearth the secrets behind their inexplicable experience. As they grapple with the unexplained, “Manifest” delves into themes of destiny, spirituality, and the unknown, offering a suspenseful and thought-provoking journey that combines personal drama with an enigmatic, overarching mystery.


5. Into the Night

Into the Night


“Into the Night” is a thrilling Belgian sci-fi series on Netflix that unfolds as a group of airline passengers and crew must outrun the sun. A sudden and deadly solar event threatens all life on Earth, forcing the diverse group to constantly travel westward to stay in the shadow of the planet.


As they face resource shortages, interpersonal conflicts, and global chaos, the show explores themes of survival, human nature, and the relentless pursuit of hope. “Into the Night” is a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled series that combines intense action with character-driven storytelling, making it a captivating and suspenseful watch.


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