Carnival Row Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Carnival Row Season 3; Everything We Know So Far


Created by René Echevarria and Travis Beacham and based on A Killing on Carnival Row by Travis Beacham, Carnival Row is a Victorian fantasy with an incredibly exciting crime-thriller narrative.


The series features an ensemble cast headlined by actors such as Cara Delevingne, Indira Varma, Jared Harris, and Orlando Bloom. Thanks to its magical adventures and enthralling mysteries, it has managed to develop a niche following of its own ever since its first season premiered on Amazon Prime Video in mid-2019.


In the story, we get to see an adroit human investigator and a fairy rediscovering their passion in the world of Victorian fantasy. However, a major twist makes its way into the story after a monster is revealed following several gruesome murders.


So, while things certainly do turn upside down for our central protagonists, they end up making the narrative of this fantastical crime thriller far more fascinating for the viewers.




Official Announcement of Carnival Row Season 3


If a show thrives on the many mysteries and adventures that are a part of its storytelling, there will usually be a dedicated fanbase that will be anticipating the arrival of a fresh season.


The case was no different with Carnival Row; for the shocking season finale of the second season only left the viewers famished for more. We don’t blame them as the latest season ventured deep into the often inexplicable and broken world of Burgue.


The climax of the second season was deemed important also because the maiden season, regrettably, failed to live up to the expectations of its makers. That said, even though it had a sizable studio behind it, the second season of Carnival Row was pushed to go behind schedule courtesy of the 2020 lockdown.


However, it managed to succeed despite the obvious delay. Be that as it may, Amazon seems to have made a decision to not renew the show for a third season.


One theory suggests that the series has been cancelled because it apparently costs a lot to produce. Well, that actually is quite possible if you take into consideration the amount of CGI work, number of intricate sets and period costumes involved.




Previous Season and Episodes of Carnival Row


Since Carnival Row pretty much looked like the kind of series that banks heavily on its slick and fashionable fantasy mystery to make an impression, there was no denying that its uniqueness was going to raise eyebrows.


Add to that the fact that the romance between its main characters got the job done. The result was two seasons which comprised some truly entertaining episodes. The ones that we feel that you will like the most are The Gloaming (Season 1 – Episode 8), Kingdoms of the Moon (Season 1 – Episode 3), Unaccompanied Fae (Season 1 – Episode 6), The World to Come (Season 1 – Episode 7), and Reckoning (Season 2 – Episode 5).


There were a total of 18 episodes in both seasons and each of them ran for about 50 to 67 minutes.




Where to Watch Carnival Row


If you truly enjoyed what the series had to offer and wish to binge-watch it again, allow us to tell you that it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada, respectively.



Google Trends Data Analysis for Carnival Row Season 3


Carnival Row’s unique sense of style may have managed to charm its targetted audience for the first two seasons, but the searches related to the third one have been seeing a downward trend on Google in recent months.


As many of you may have guessed, the sole reason for this could be that its makers have decided that the series must come to an end. While a ton of theories concerning the astounding decision have been doing the rounds on the internet, the fact of the matter is that the makers’ decision hasn’t gone down well with viewers who were looking forward to watching a fresh season.


Needless to say, the search trends related to the same have plummeted on Google. That being said, we have noticed that quite a few users were searching for the third season in March 2023, which is perhaps why the chart shows a peak during the month.


However, these trends have also now been deterred by the decision of the makers to call off the third season.



Social Media Engagement for Carnival Row Season 3


Ever since it’s been announced that Carnival Row will not be renewed for a third season, several articles related to the same have been published on the internet. These pieces have gone on to generate a certain amount of interest among viewers who may have been waiting for a fresh season with bated breath.


Unfortunately for them, they might have to wait a tad longer. Irrespective of whether a new season is released, the decision of the makers hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their views regarding the same online.


On X (Twitter), some people can be seen mentioning that they invested a lot of time and subscriptions to wait for the second season of the show to see where it’s heading.


Therefore, to simply call off the third season without giving any solid reason to them was simply not done. Indeed, those who have truly loved the show have posted tweets “begging”, “screaming”, and “crying” for a new season.


Needless to say, Amazon, which takes pride in the customer experience that it provides, seems to have a job at hand.



Expected Plot of Carnival Row Season 3


Carnival Row fans seem to have appreciated the fact that the second season aimed to cast a light on the divide between ordinary humans and supernatural beings. If you have seen the show as well, you’d share our opinion that it went on to expand the scope of storytelling by focusing more on the Burgue.


Unfortunately, the series will not go into production again. But, if the makers ever decide to renew it for a third season, we can expect further exploration of Ragusa, the Pact, and the New Dawn.


In addition, there is scope to delve into the fae’s earliest days. A select few characters like Darius and Sophie could also have pivotal roles to play in the narrative of the third season.


For now, though, all that we are mentioning is mere speculation that Carnival Row may not be returning to Amazon Prime Video again.



Top Characters in Carnival Row


1. Runyan Millworthy

Runyan Millworthy


Carnival Row’s niche audience holds the opinion that Runyan Millworthy is one of the best characters on the show. If you’ve noticed his rise and progression in the story, you’d probably share the same perspective.


The man starts as a performer and actor in the Burgue and, within no time, is seen counselling the future chancellor Jonah Breakspear. Yes, his rise within the Burgue is palpable, but that doesn’t deter him from being a fae sympathizer.


Later, he could also be seen working for the good of Fae. Even though he found himself in the position of acting chancellor at one point, it didn’t really make him greedy or obnoxious, for he happily went back to performing soon after.


2. Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate

Rycroft "Philo" Philostrate


Orlando Bloom’s Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate may be a complex individual but he is also an expert detective in the Burgue. He became far more enigmatic after having reignited with his old flame, the fae Vignette.


Not long after that, we soon get to learn of his half-fae identity. In the second season, we notice that he truly likes Vignette and wants nothing more than to fight for the Fae.


At the same time, he also feels inclined to help his former colleagues. Sooner than later, we catch him making peace with the way things are in the new order.


3. Tourmaline Larou

 Tourmaline Larou


This lovable faerie was pretty much inseparable from Vignette. In a way, she is able to hold her own after Philo makes a dashing entry into Vignette’s life. While she certainly admires Vini, she doesn’t want her to get her hopes up only for them to be squashed in the end.


Over time, we see Tourmaline gaining powers. However, she accepted the end of it all if it meant that it’d help others. Be that as it may, the tenacious lady wouldn’t give up easily and be seen putting up a fight to survive against the Sparas with Darius, Vignette, and Philo.


4. Darius Prowell

Darius Prowell


Those who have seen the show find Darius Prowell to be an intriguing character as well. He was Philo’s best friend from his military days and was turned after having been bit by a Marrok during their time in Tirnanoc.


Like it or not, we find him getting inflicted by the wolf’s curse, getting imprisoned and experimented on. Not only did Philo wish to keep his mate alive but he also took good care of him in the second season.


Darius brings his selfless side to the fore when he sacrifices himself to save Tourmaline from the Sparas.


5. Vignette Stonemoss

Vignette Stonemoss


Cara Delevingne shines as Vignette Stonemoss in Carnival Row. She is someone who always tries to do right by her own kind. Sooner than later, we find her doing her best to smuggle other fae out of war-torn Tirnanoc.


Things change for her after she gets romantically involved with Philo though. Following the culmination of the second season, we are able to sense that Vignette is prone to trusting the wrong people when it comes to making the most important decisions.


Even though she means well, her chemistry with Philo eventually fails, and she ends up tying the knot with Tourmaline back in Tirnanoc.



Important Crew Members of Carnival Row


1. Travis Beacham

Travis Beacham


Travis Beacham studied screenwriting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He started working on the independent feature Dog Days of Summer soon after having graduated in 2005.


So far in his career, he is credited with writing and co-writing projects such as Pacific Rim and Clash of the Titans. However, the man put his full creativity on display when he put forth the concept for the Amazon Prime fantasy TV series Carnival Row. 2016’s science fiction short film The Curiosity marks his directorial debut.


2. René Echevarria

René Echevarria


Screenwriter and producer René Echevarria moved to New York to work in theatre soon after having completed his graduation. While he has worked as an assistant director in plays, he is perhaps best acknowledged for his work on a number of television series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dark Angel and Castle.


In fact, the man is credited with being one of the creators of the intriguing shows 4400 and Carnival Row.


3. Thor Freudenthal and Andy Goddard

Thor Freudenthal


Thor Freudenthal, who has helmed the maximum number of episodes in Carnival Row, is known to have served as a screenwriter, director, animator, and special effects artist on several projects.


He was raised in Berlin, Germany, and Steven Spielberg and his work are the reason he decided to kick-start his career within the entertainment industry. Welsh director and screenwriter Andy Goddard has also helmed a handful of episodes in Carnival Row.


He is known for writing and directing Set Fire to the Stars and directing and co-producing A Kind of Murder. Aside from this show, Goddard has also gone on to helm five episodes of the popular period drama series Downton Abbey.


4. Nathan Barr

Nathan Barr


Seasoned film and television composer Nathan Barr is the music composer for Carnival Row. The man has made a name for himself by using a variety of instruments for series pertaining to different genres.


For his work on the miniseries Hollywood, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music in 2020. Not many are aware of the fact that Barr started studying music in Tokyo, Japan at the tender age of four.


5. Chris Seager

Chris Seager


Born in 1949 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England, UK, Chris Seager shouldered the responsibility of providing the cinematography for Carnival Row. Aside from the series, he has also worked on projects such as The Alienist and Six Minutes to Midnight.



Shows Similar to Carnival Row


1. Supernatural



Sam and Dean make a formidable team while hunting down and fighting monsters in the longest-running North American sci-fi/fantasy series. While at it, they make many friends and search for their missing father.


Since their job is so tough, it is obvious that they have to sail through many wild adventures; each of which helps in making the episodes worth seeing. Also, the deep love between the brothers is a reason solid enough for the viewers to watch the series.


2. Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone


When Alina Starkov unleashes extraordinary powers, dark forces conspire against the orphan mapmaker to change her fate once and for all. However, she is able to discover her powers only after following her friend Mal on a dangerous mission to cross the Fold.


Young adults will surely find the chemistry that the two leads share mesmerizing here. Add to that the fact that the series is exciting enough to make you stick to your seats.


3. Being Human

Being Human


In Being Human, we catch a trio of supernatural creatures going all out to tackle their paranormal problems. Even though the trio comprises a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf, their sole aim is to live among humans in peace.


However, things take a turn for the worse when bloodlust, full moons, and undead powers start to arise out of nowhere. The project is as exciting as a supernatural project can be and the viewers cannot possibly get enough of the steamy scenes included in its storytelling.


4. The Sandman

The Sandman


The Sandman has got to be one of the most unique television projects. In it, we catch Morpheus – the King of Dreams, the Sandman, or just Dream – being imprisoned for well over a hundred years.


Now, he has only one objective: to take back what’s been stolen from him and set things straight. Gaiman’s vision has been brilliantly captured by Strurridge’s adroit character projection. Also, the CGI and set designs used for the story look quite appropriate.


5. Wednesday



The very talented Jenna Ortega anchors Wednesday; a show whose popularity has only grown in recent years. We catch Wednesday Addams attempting to master her emerging psychic ability while being pushed to attend Nevermore Academy.


There, she not only tries to track down a killer but also fights off cute lads. While Ortega has proved her skills in a handful of movies, it is her portrayal of Wednesday that continues to fetch her fame.


In fact, her iconic dance has been recreated across social media. The show is full of talented screen performers, a fascinating love triangle, and several magical creatures.


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