For Life Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

For Life Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


Created by Hank Steinberg, For Life is a legal drama television series that is inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr. It comprises a star cast headlined by talented actors like Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Dorian Missick, Tyla Harris, and Timothy Busfield.


In the story, we are introduced to Pinnock’s Aaron Wallace, who is serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. While in prison, he goes on to become a licensed lawyer and starts litigating cases for other inmates, who he thinks deserve to be represented.


At the same time, he can be seen trying to clear his name and get his life back which has, unfortunately, been turned upside down following his conviction. As the story progresses, we catch Aaron trying to comprehend and learn the spikes of law and fight for justice.


Not only does he ensure that his fellow inmates are rescued but he also tries his best to experience the taste of victory when it comes to his own complicated case as well.


Needless to mention, For Life provides a twist to the legal-themed shows most of you must be used to and is, therefore, worth seeing.




Official Announcement of For Life Season 3


For Life premiered at the start of 2020 and proved to be a success on ABC. In fact, its success pushed its eager makers to release the second season towards the end of the same year itself.


But, though the legal drama had a good number of people showing their interest in its storytelling, it failed to fetch the ratings required for a potential renewal. Worse still, it is now reported to be the lowest-rated series that has been ever released on the ABC network.


So, after having produced back-to-back seasons in 2020, the makers have finally decided to call the show off for it failed to go mainstream in the true sense of the word.


Even after having released about three years ago, the ratings for the second season haven’t gotten any better. It is not surprising then that it is likely to be cancelled now, especially since ABC doesn’t own the show outright.


However, even if the network decides not to go ahead with a new season, we can hope for it to move to Hulu. That being said, the chances for a renewal look awfully dim at the moment.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of For Life


While the first season of For Life includes a total of 13 episodes, the second comprises 10 episodes. The makers were hoping to see an increase in the viewership ratings for seeing decent enough numbers was the only way to could have hoped to see a third season. Alas, that wasn’t to be!


In the gripping first season, we catch Aaron being released from prison after having served for two decades. He emotionally reunites with his long-separated wife Marie and daughter Jasmine.


As the plot progresses, we catch him and his lawyer Safiya fighting for justice, aiming to clear his name. In the second season, we witness Aaron withstanding many challenges in his new role as a lawyer.


He encounters a ton of hurdles while fighting for the truth and strives to mend his strained relationship with his family. Some of the top-rated episodes from the first two seasons are Switzerland (Season 1, Episode 11), Fathers (Season 1, Episode 13), Andy Josiah (Season 2, Episode 10), Do Us Part (Season 1, Episode 7), and Closing Statement (Season 1, Episode 12). Each of the episodes in the series is about 43 minutes long.




Where to Watch For Life



In Canada, the first two seasons of the series are available for streaming on Club Illico. One season is also available on Disney+.


United States of America:

In the United States, the first two seasons of the series are available for streaming on Hulu.


United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, the first two seasons of the series are available for streaming on Now TV and Sky.




Google Trends Data Analysis for For Life Season 3


It is no secret that For Life has failed to garner the ratings its creators initially expected, despite having opened to positive reviews. However, it also has to be noted that the audience hasn’t entirely forgotten about the television program yet.


We say so because the trends reveal that people continue to look the show up on Google, albeit sporadically. As a matter of fact, a peak in the number of searches was witnessed in June 2023.


So, even though this smartly-penned series may have been called off, it is imperative to mention that its core audience is highly anticipating another season. If not the television ratings, there is a possibility that the makers may be pushed to change their decision and announce the renewal news of For Life Season 3 courtesy of the search trends on Google, which are yet to hit rock bottom.


Be that as it may, those who truly wish for the show to continue can enjoy its first two seasons on platforms on which it is available for streaming right now.


Until then, you can trust us to constantly provide new information concerning the series and its forthcoming season.



Social Media Engagement for For Life Season 3


There is no denying the fact that TV show ratings are very important, but it is equally significant to acknowledge that programs should be given due time and space to notice a rise in their viewership as well.


While it can’t be said for sure whether For Life has been allotted that space, what, though, can be mentioned is that it is not going to be renewed for a third season.


The series has been receiving significant attention on social media over the past few months. Unfortunately, the live audience numbers and television ratings do not reflect the attention it’s been able to garner online so far.


That said, several articles trying to cover a potential third season of For Life have also been released by various entertainment portals. You’d be surprised to learn that people who liked the show for its exceptional storytelling, quality acting, writing and production have even started a petition asking for its renewal.


They feel that its story does a great job of reminding everyone that those who have been incarcerated also deserve to be treated and considered like any other human being.



Expected Plot of For Life Season 3


By now, it’s clear that For Life has been cancelled by its parent network. It’s a shame that we will not be able to see our protagonist battle the political machine that once put him away undeservedly anymore.


While we certainly did enjoy seeing the man trying to rebuild his complicated life with his loved ones on the outside, there is a strong possibility that his story may not be furthered now.


Despite the network’s decision to call off the program, its lead star Nicholas Pinnock has gone on to state that he isn’t really angry with ABC for its decision. But, even though the third season will not be renewed, it’s difficult to negate that its makers had enough room to add several layers to the story.


We could have seen the third season intensify with Aaron finding himself getting entangled in a dangerous web of deceit and conspiracy. Sure, his legal battles are something to watch out for, but revealing more antagonists in the story would have certainly made things even more exciting; especially since they could have proven to be a deterrent to his freedom.


Be that as it may, it would have been amazing to see Aaron uncover more truth and do his best to protect the innocent.



Top Characters in For Life


These are the characters that make For Life worth seeing. We are certain you’re going to enjoy their antics as much as we did.


1. Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace


Nicholas Pinnock plays the misunderstood Aaron Wallace in For Life. He is a former club owner who was convicted of drug trafficking. The drugs, however, belonged to his friends. Either way, he is now serving a life sentence and the possibility of parole is zero.


Therefore, he decides to utilize his time in prison and earn a license to practice law. Not only does the man intend to help his cause but he also wants to become a support system for his fellow inmates in court.


The leading man has gone on to confess that he was able to gain a deep understanding of the legal system and its many loopholes courtesy of the time he spent working in the series.


2. Safiya Masry

Safiya Masry


Indira Varma’s Safiya Masry is one of the main characters in the series. She serves as the warden where Wallace has been imprisoned. The lady is poised and reform-minded and tries her best to help her inmates in any way she can.


She perhaps believes that every prisoner has a right of his own and that they can improve over time. However, as the story progresses, we see her rapport with Aaron getting strained by her need to look out for her own family’s interests.


3. Marie Wallace

Marie Wallace


Joy Bryant is spot on as Aaron’s wife, Marie Wallace. Over time, her cumbersome situation pushes her to enter into a new relationship with Darius, one of her husband’s friends.


She comes across as a woman of the modern world since she firmly believes in letting go of the past, no matter how significant or secure. That being said, she certainly is sympathetic to her husband’s plight and realizes that he might be having his own demons to battle in prison.


4. Jamal Bishop

Jamal Bishop


One of the main characters in For Life, Jamal Bishop has been portrayed by actor Dorian Missick with conviction. He serves as one of Aaron’s closest friends in prison. In fact, they are so close that you can even find him helping his friend prepare cases from time to time.


5. Tyla Harris

Tyla Harris


Tyla is superb as Jasmine Wallace. She is Aaron’s beloved daughter who believes in his innocence. Unlike her mother, she hopes for him to fight for himself and his family and doesn’t come anywhere close to giving up on him; irrespective of how tough the situation gets.


She dreams of him returning home one day, which is exactly why she comes across as a breath of fresh air in the series.



Top Crew Members of For Life


ABC’s legal drama For Life is truly a show to get stuck into. Arguably the most important reason for the same is the presence of its talented crew members. Here are some of them:


1. Hank Steinberg

Hank Steinberg


Hank Steinberg is a television, film writer, producer and director who is perhaps best known for being the creator of For Life. He is also the creator and executive producer of the series The Nine, which also made its debut on ABC.


He went on to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in English.


2. Russell Lee Fine

Russell Lee Fine


Since Russell already has ‘fine’ in his name, it was a given that he would put his fine skills on display by helming the maximum number of episodes on the show.


Indeed, he helmed a total of nine episodes and was duly acknowledged for the same. The man is based in New York.


3. Dustin O’Halloran

dustin o'halloran


Dustin O’Halloran is a television and film composer and pianist who has also gained recognition as a recording artist in the recent past. He is known to be one-half of the ambient act A Winged Victory for the Sullen.


He released his first solo album in 2004 and has served as a music director in For Life. He has released three studio albums so far.


4. Niels Alpert

Niels Alpert


Niels Alpert’s skills as a cinematographer were used efficiently in For Life. One reason why he may have been chosen for the show can be that he’s had the experience of working in some well-known titles in the recent past.


Aside from the aforementioned series, some other projects that he has so far been a part of are Marvel’s Iron Fist, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Prodigal Son, Sleepy Hollow, and Graceland, to name a few.


5. Anthony Muzzatti and Christopher Rand

Anthony Muzzatti


Christopher Rand and Anthony Muzzatti have taken care of the Editorial Department in For Life. While the former is known for his work in Dr. Death, See, and Dickinson, the latter is perhaps better known for titles such as The Crowded Room, The Staircase, and Godfather of Harlem.



Shows Similar to For Life


Since you’ve liked For Life, we are here with a few more suggestions that might keep you hooked until the very end.


1. Mayor of Kingstown

Mayor of Kingstown


The charming Jeremy Renner drives the Mayor of Kingstown, in which he portrays the enigmatic Mike McLusky. His clan is one of the power brokers and can be seen dealing with critical issues like systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in Kingstown, Michigan.


What makes the place unique and mysterious is the fact that the business of incarceration seems to be the only thriving industry there.


2. The Oath

The Oath


The Oath may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does dive into a world of gangs whose members are sworn to defend and cast a light on corrupt and secret societies.


While these men and women seem to do everything they can to uphold the law, they are also willing to do everything they must to protect one another from enemies.


3. Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt


The show’s name might be Reasonable Doubt but we are more than certain that those who’ve enjoyed For Life will find it worth their time. The story follows Jax Stewart, who is known to be the smartest and most fearless defence attorney in Los Angeles.


However, she is judged by people around her for her antics, questionable ethics, and bizarre interpretations.


4. City on a Hill

City on a Hill


In City on a Hill, which has been headlined by Aldis Hodge and Kevin Bacon, we witness an attorney and a corrupt FBI veteran join forces to take down a family of armoured and dangerous car robbers from Charlestown.


They soon discover that they are putting their lives at risk while on the mission.


5. Bosch: Legacy

Bosch: Legacy


Titus Welliver portrays the titular leading man Harry Bosch in Bosch: Legacy. In it, we catch him embarking on the next chapter of his career. During the course of his journey, he finds himself working with his one-time adversary, Honey Chandler.


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