Black Summoner Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Black Summoner Season 2; Everything We Need To Know


Black Summoner is a captivating Japanese light novel series penned by Doufu Mayoi. The story revolves around the protagonist, Kelvin, who awakens in a mysterious new world devoid of memories from his past life.


He soon discovers that he traded his memories for formidable new abilities during his recent journey to this unfamiliar realm. Kelvin is no ordinary individual here; he bears the prestigious title of an S-class summoner.


Interestingly, his very first follower in this world is the goddess responsible for his arrival. As Kelvin embarks on his journey in this strange land, he unravels his latent passion for combat, revealing himself as a battle enthusiast.


The series chronicles Kelvin’s exhilarating adventures as he eagerly confronts a succession of formidable adversaries. From duelling the Black Knight of the Ancient Castle of Evil Spirits to confronting the demon hidden within the Sage’s Hidden Cave, Kelvin’s path is paved with thrilling battles.


Kelvin’s ultimate objective is to amass substantial mana points to manifest his beloved goddess in physical form. To achieve this, he must level up by engaging in combat with formidable foes and forming contracts with even more powerful companions.


The anime adaptation of Black Summoner originally aired from July to September 2022, garnering praise from audiences and solidifying its status as a must-watch for fans of action and fantasy genres.




Official Announcement of Black Summoner Season 2


As of now, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the renewal or cancellation of Black Summoner Season 2. Nevertheless, there’s significant speculation about the show’s future, given its popularity.


The first season adapted the first five volumes of the light novel series, and there are a total of 18 volumes available as of April 2023. This abundance of source material suggests the potential for a second season and possibly more.


Speculation points to a production timeline similar to the first season, which took about a year to complete. If this pattern continues, fans can expect Black Summoner Season 2 to premiere around 2024.


However, this is purely speculative and requires confirmation from the studio or publisher. While Crunchyroll, the streaming service, has yet to make an official statement, it’s worth noting that factors such as declining ratings, creative disagreements, and fan backlash could affect the show’s future.


Nevertheless, the series has gained significant popularity since its 2022 debut. Financially, the success of an anime is influenced by various factors, including source material availability, sales, and overall popularity.


Black Summoner is based on a light novel series with 18 volumes, leaving ample room for adaptation. Despite relatively low Blu-ray sales, streaming fees and merchandise sales also play a role in determining an anime’s success, making the situation more complex than disc sales alone.


Ultimately, fans will have to wait for official news regarding Black Summoner Season 2.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Black Summoner


Black Summoner is a Japanese anime series that graced screens from July 9, 2022, to September 24, 2022. It originates from a light novel penned by Doufu Mayoi. The narrative unfolds around Kelvin, our central character, who awakens in an enigmatic new realm devoid of his past life’s memories.


He discovers that he has willingly traded his recollections for newfound potent abilities during his recent transmigration. The inaugural season of Black Summoner comprises a dozen episodes, each running for approximately 23 minutes.


Interestingly, the source material potentially extends to support six full 12-episode anime seasons, as of September 2022. Regarding reception, Black Summoner has secured a MyAnimeList score of 7.091, drawing from the opinions of over 102,937 users.


Notably, it hasn’t garnered any notable awards, as far as available information indicates. Reviews for the series exhibit a mixed bag of reactions. Some viewers laud its animation quality and sound, offering ratings as high as 8/10 and 7/10, respectively.


However, others dismiss it as another addition to the overflowing heap of Isekai genre titles. Despite the criticisms, some viewers derive enjoyment from the show and express their willingness to explore hundreds more anime of a similar ilk.




Where To Watch Summoner


For Black Summoner, Crunchyroll is going to be your best option. Why? Because that platform is the headquarters for most of the anime you watch. Whether you are a resident of the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, this platform will always be something you can look forward to.


That’s what makes it so amazing in the first place. So all you Black Summoner fans out there, make sure that you get yourself a Crunchyroll subscription as soon as possible.



Black Summoner Season 2 Google Trends Data Analysis


The Google Trends Data seems to be quite interesting for Black Summoner. The series had a lot of hype during October 2022. And that’s because the anime ended in September 2022.


This goes on to show that the series was searched a lot when the first season concluded. However, ever since then, the amount of searches has only reduced. This is what creates a sense of pessimism since an anime can be considered popular if its sequel is being searched for years after its release.


However, we can see that the amount of searches for Black Summoner is only declining and it highlights the fact that the hype is just dying with each passing day.


However, just Google Trends Data is not enough to draw a conclusion so let’s look at the social media engagement of the series.



Black Summoner Season 2 Social Media Engagement


The social media engagement of the series is quite horrible. The show doesn’t have many fans talking about its sequel. And the conversations are extremely low altogether. No discussions, no optimism/pessimism, nothing.


And that’s why it is an extremely bad display of fan appreciation towards the anime. If anything, fans are seen to be criticizing the show in one way or another.


And that’s a piece of negative news altogether since if there is no fandom waiting for a sequel, the possibility of a sequel reduces drastically. All in all, the social media engagement for Black Summoner isn’t good at all.



Expected Plot of Black Summoner Season 2


The plot of the second season is expected to pick up where the first left off, continuing Kelvin’s adventures in the new world as he strives for personal growth and unravels the mysteries of his past.


In the upcoming season, viewers can anticipate several intriguing plot developments. Kelvin’s likely confrontation with Victor, the enigmatic leader of the Demon Lord’s army who shares a mysterious connection with him, is poised to be a pivotal moment.


Additionally, Kelvin may cross paths with Clotho, another goddess who claims to be his true companion, presenting him with a complex decision. The ongoing war between humans and demons and Kelvin’s role in fulfilling an ancient prophecy could add layers of suspense and intrigue to the storyline.


Furthermore, fans can look forward to Kelvin’s continued development of his unique abilities, including his black magic and summoning prowess. His relationships with his diverse group of followers, particularly Melfina, Efil, and Sera, are likely to undergo further exploration, as their distinct feelings and expectations create dynamic interactions.


The vast source material from the light novel series, along with hints from the final scene of Season 1, suggest that Black Summoner Season 2 is on the horizon, promising more thrilling adventures and character growth for Kelvin and his companions



Top Characters In Summoner


Here are 5 of your favourite characters that made the show as awesome as it is today. The series was enthralling in various aspects. However, the characters held everything together and that’s why they are all standing here today.


1. Kelvin



Kelvin, a former Earth resident transported to another realm upon his demise, is widely recognized as a “Battle Junkie” due to his unwavering love for combat. He’s easily identifiable by his all-black attire, featuring a black battle robe with metallic accents and touches of royal blue.


Curiously, he sports a mysterious sword-like ornament behind his left ear, the purpose of which remains a mystery. His arms bear the mark of Skill Eater, and he wields the formidable Black Staff of Disaster as his primary weapon.


Despite his combat prowess, Kelvin maintains a generally relaxed demeanour. Beyond the thrill of battle, he enjoys socializing with the female members of his party, navigating the entertaining chaos caused by Gerard, and looking after his stepsister, Rion.


2. Sera



Sera, a demon princess and the offspring of Demon Lord Gustav captivates with her striking beauty, characterised by a slender, well-proportioned frame and ample bust. She bears typical demon traits like horns, bat-like wings, and a tail, although her Clip of Camouflage renders them invisible while retaining their functionality for flight and combat.


Having grown up sheltered within Gustav’s castle, Sera possesses an inherent innocence and childlike demeanour. However, her nature is also marked by genuine brightness and cheerfulness, particularly in her deep affection for Kelvin.


Her interests primarily revolve around fishing and musical instruments, exemplified in a bonus story from Volume 3 (light novel) where she procures a piano.


3. Melfina



Melfina possesses a unique talent: the power to reincarnate individuals into another world. Initially, her presence manifested as the silhouette of an exquisitely beautiful woman with long hair, discernible only to Kelvin due to their unique connection.


Yet, Kelvin couldn’t summon her due to her overpowering divine essence. To conceal this power, she assumed an artificial body that perfectly mirrored her true form, enabling Kelvin to successfully summon her.


In her artificial guise, Melfina dons a white goddess gown adorned with metallic details, complemented by blue eyes and violet hair crowned by a silver tiara. Her demeanour is laid-back, and she harbours a deep affection for Kelvin and her companions.


4. Efil



Efil, a half-elf deeply devoted to her Master Kelvin, prioritizes his well-being above all else. She is frequently seen donning a maid outfit, initially a hand-me-down from Claire’s daughter, but meticulously modified as her sewing skills improved.


In Volume 4 of the LN, she proudly wears the Rank S Battle Maid Uniform V. Efil is renowned for her unwavering dedication and strong work ethic. Her determination to care for Kelvin sometimes leads to excessive self-sacrifice, only relenting after a collapse and her party members’ insistence on hiring more maids.


However, when it comes to what she considers “maid responsibilities,” such as cooking, sewing, and cleaning, Efil sets exceptionally high standards for herself and her fellow maids. Her teaching style is characterized by its directness, clarity, and a kind yet unwavering demeanour.


5. Clotho



Clotho, a tamed slime monster in Kelvin’s possession, starts as a standard sky-blue slime but undergoes an impressive transformation into a Slime Gluttonia. These legendary beings have the unique ability to change their size at will, allowing Clotho to switch between its usual Blue Slime form and its massive slime monster guise.


Clotho is a lively and insatiable creature, displaying affection towards Kelvin, akin to a cherished pet. Party members often admire and pamper him, recognizing his unwavering loyalty, formidable strength, and the fact that he was the first entity Kelvin formed a contract with the new world.


Clotho’s peculiar quirk involves bathing in the blood of his vanquished adversaries.



Important Crew Members of Summoner


The excellence of this show lies in the hands of these incredible individuals. The crew members of Black Summoner are the game-changers that made the show as amazing as it is today.


They are the genius minds behind it and we should respect and recognize them.


1. Mikito Kyo

Mikito Kyo


Mikito Kyo has earned acclaim within the anime industry, known for his versatile roles as a director, producer, and editor in both TV and film. He has made notable contributions to various popular anime series, serving as a producer for titles like Bokutachi no Remake, Saihate no Paladin, Kuro no Shoukanshi, and Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to, among others.


Furthermore, his involvement extends to the planning stages of anime series such as Tengoku Daimakyou, Golden Kamuy 4th Season, Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid 2nd Season, and Seija Musou: Salaryman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi.


2. Yoshimasa Hiraike

Yoshimasa Hiraike


Yoshimasa Hiraike commands respect in the anime industry, recognized for his diverse roles as a storyboard artist, screenwriter, and director. He has collaborated notably with director Junichi Sato on projects like Aria, Kaleido Star, and Prétear.


Hiraike’s directorial portfolio boasts popular titles such as Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, Working!!, Amagami SS, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Momokuri, Nyanko Days, and, most recently, Black Summoner. In addition to directing, he has contributed his talents as a storyboard artist and episode director in various series.


3. Kazuomi Koga

Kazuomi Koga is a prominent figure in the anime realm, earning recognition for his multifaceted roles as a director, storyboard artist, and episode director. His impressive contributions span across various beloved anime series, encompassing Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Akame ga Kill!, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Enen no Shouboutai, Goblin Slayer, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, Kanojo, Okarishimasu, and Steins; Gate 0, among others.


Beyond directing, Koga’s involvement extends to storyboarding in series like Goblin Slayer, Kanojo Okarishimasu 2nd Season, and Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou.


4. RetBear



RetBear, an innovative music project initiated by renowned Vocaloid producer Kairiki Bear in June 2022, introduces a distinctive concept of “anonymity.” Each song in this project features Kairiki Bear collaborating with an undisclosed vocalist who adopts a pseudonym for the performance, creating an intriguing air of secrecy surrounding every track.


One standout composition from RetBear is “Dead End in My Brain” (頭ん中DEAD END) [Atamannaka DEAD END], released on July 10, 2022. Kairiki Bear takes on the roles of lyricist, composer, and arranger for this song, which also serves as the opening theme for the anime “Black Summoner” (Kuro no Shoukanshi).


The project has garnered praise from fans who admire its unique concept and the music’s exceptional quality.


5. Satelight



Studio Satelight, Inc. is a renowned Japanese animation studio that was established in Sapporo, Hokkaido, in late 1995. The studio is under the leadership of its Representative Director, Michiaki Sato, and benefits from the guidance of Shōji Kawamori, a celebrated anime director and creator who serves as a Special Adviser.


Studio Satelight has earned a solid reputation for its production of both independent projects and franchise entries like Aquarion, Symphogear, and various iterations of the Macross series. They have also contributed to notable works such as Fairy Tail, Log Horizon, Hellsing Ultimate, and Black Summoner.


The name “Satelight” derives from Sapporo, Animate, Technology, and Entertainment, symbolizing the studio’s commitment to delivering top-tier animation and innovative storytelling to the anime industry.



Top 5 Shows Like Summoner


Here are 5 anime you should watch if you had a fun time with Black Summoner. All these series have something or the other similar to what Kelvin and his gang offered.


However, there’s something new and unique in each and every one of them as well. Therefore, you can anticipate some insane hype from all this.


1. The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero


In a world filled with magic, nobility, and enchanted academies, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière stands out as a mage with a glaring flaw—she’s utterly inept at spellcasting, earning her the unflattering moniker “Louise the Zero” among her peers at Tristain Academy.


Her magical mishaps culminate in a summoning ritual gone awry, resulting in a massive explosion. To everyone’s amazement, a young man named Saito Hiraga emerges from the wreckage. Saito, now bound as Louise’s familiar, is subjected to servitude and humiliation.


However, a mysterious mark on his hand hints at his true potential as Gandalfr, a powerful familiar.


2. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


Ichirou Suzuki, a worn-out programmer approaching his thirties, finally gets a break from his demanding job, allowing him to catch up on sleep. However, when he awakens, he finds himself in a fantastical RPG realm, a blend of the games he debugged in his former life.


Here, he not only inhabits a younger version of himself but also goes by the name Satou, a moniker he once used during beta testing. Before Satou can fully comprehend his new reality, he faces an onslaught from an army of lizardmen.


Faced with no other choice, he unleashes a devastating spell that annihilates them and elevates his level to an astonishing 310, maxing out his abilities.


3. My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World

My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World


Yuuji Sano, having toiled to the brink of exhaustion in a hostile corporate world, is granted a second lease on life when he finds himself transported to a fantasy realm resembling a video game.


Though he initially aspires to lead a quiet existence, Yuuji discovers he holds the title of Monster Tamer, the lowest rank among adventurers. Armed with this newfound ability, he befriends and tames a multitude of slimes, harnessing their magic to ascend to the status of a Sage—a secondary profession that exploits his potential.


Despite gaining immense power, the scars from his former life restrain Yuuji from fully unleashing his capabilities. However, his efforts to conceal his strength may be in vain as unforeseen threats loom, endangering the world that has become his new home.


4. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer


Goblins, known for their savagery, cunning, and rapid reproduction, often go underestimated due to their reputation as the weakest of monsters. They raid rural communities, abducting females of other species for breeding, while adventurers prioritize more lucrative missions with bigger rewards.


On her first day as a Porcelain-ranked adventurer, a 15-year-old Priestess joins a group of rookies to investigate goblins responsible for abducting village women. Their inexperience leads to a deadly ambush in a cave, leaving the Priestess as the sole survivor.


However, the Goblin Slayer, a Silver-ranked adventurer, arrives to effortlessly rescue her and wipe out the entire goblin nest.


5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero


The Four Cardinal Heroes are a group of ordinary men transported from modern Japan to the troubled kingdom of Melromarc, tasked with saving it from the recurring Waves of Catastrophe.


Each hero receives a unique weapon: sword, spear, bow, or shield, to combat these Waves. Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku, becomes the “Shield Hero” and is scorned for his perceived weakness and lacklustre personality.


He is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, leading to widespread discrimination. Determined to clear his name, Naofumi sets out to strengthen himself. He eventually buys a near-death demi-human slave named Raphtalia to assist him.


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