Bloodline Season 4: Everything We Know So Far



If you happen to be born into a family that is secretive, fascinating, dysfunctional, and a touch over-dramatic, Bloodline and the Rayburns might just have a lot to offer to you.


Introduced by Netflix to us in 2015, the clan was full of complicated members who were willing to go to extreme lengths to protect their reputed family name. They were indeed special and popular, but that’s precisely what led to their eventual doom.


As soon as the first season commences, you realize that this is a group to whom pride and loyalty matter more than anything else. Over time, the ceaseless search for these very virtues ends up ruining them.


The debut edition of the show opened to rave reviews and managed to impress the audience and critics alike. Matter of fact, many started seeing this gripping tale of betrayal as a promising rival to projects such as House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black at the time.


However, following the culmination of the second season, it became almost certain that the sweat-soaked family drama may not be able to uphold its buzz in popular culture; especially with the market being populated with a ton of globally popular series.


Be that as it may, one can and should catch the show for its beautifully written and portrayed characters, who do their best to ensure that the narrative remains captivating even when it deviates.




Official Announcement of Bloodline Season 4


The third and final season of Bloodline was released in mid-2017, following which the show bid adieu to the audience. Soon after the Florida-based project got renewed for the third season, its creators were made aware of the fact that Netflix was planning to call it off.


Now, we must tell you that cancelling the project was a rare move by Netflix at the time because it seldom used to let go of shows. However, today, the streaming service is known to have called off quite a few shows, often hinting at financial issues.


It is imperative to mention that the tax incentives played a key role during the shoot of its first two seasons in the Sunshine State. However, those incentives ended in between the second and third seasons, therefore, making the cost of production unusually higher than before.


It appears that Netflix may have been heavily dependent on the tax incentives, for they not only cancelled the series but also shortened the final season from 13 episodes to 10 and slashed its licensing fees.


That being said, its creators were thought to have been satisfied with how things went down, despite the fact that they were initially planning to run the show for at least five seasons.


Either way, the fact of the matter is that the renewal of Bloodline after three seasons and all these years seems highly unlikely.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Bloodline


For the better part of its three seasons, Bloodline was entertaining to watch. It thrived on its amazing visuals, commendable character performances, and plots wrapped in mystery. The first season of the show introduced us to a bunch decent decent-looking people who love to do bad things.


We witness the Rayburn family struggling to deal with their well-kept secrets and troublesome past following the homecoming of their mysterious son Danny. The first instalment kicked off with the return of Danny Rayburn and culminated with his unfortunate demise.


On the other hand, the second commenced with the surprising return of Danny’s son Nolan, who came looking for his dear dad. His inquiries about his father’s whereabouts primarily drove the second season and left enough room for the third to see the light of day.


Until the very end, we saw John indulging in a debate with himself. He wasn’t exactly sure whether it would be better for Nolan to learn the truth or continue to be averse to the facts.


He approaches Nolan to seemingly tell him the truth but there is a also strong possibility that he doesn’t. Who knows! Bloodline’s three seasons comprised a total of 33 episodes, which were at least 48-68 minutes long.


Some of the top-rated chapters in the series are: Season 1 – Episode 12, Season 2 – Episode 10, Season 1 – Episode 13, Season 1 – Episode 11, and Season 1 – Episode 10.




Where to Watch Bloodline


Fans will be elated to learn that the thrilling family drama series is available for streaming on Netflix in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada.


So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and hit the play button on Netflix.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Bloodline Season 4


Bloodline may not have been a show which went too mainstream or whose future looks certain, but it certainly is a Netflix original that managed to keep its target audience interested at all times; so much so that even after six years, fans are eager to learn what transpired with its fourth edition.


If you trace the search results related to the fourth season of the show on Google over the past twelve months, you’ll notice that its periods of decline have been short-lived.


Meaning, that its viewers may have acknowledged the fact that the story went pretty deep into character and emotion in the third season. Indeed, if they hadn’t taken to the third season, there would have been a noticeable drop in the search trends related to the fourth.


However, the searches showcase a rather erratic pattern which doesn’t signify a lack of interest among the fans at all; at least not yet. Needless to say, the finale of Bloodline may have led to a lot of conversation among the fans.


Today, they might look back and feel that it was a complete piece.



Social Media Engagement for Bloodline Season 4


There’s no denying that Bloodline appealed to its target audience. It wrapped up entertainingly without leaving any room for complaints or demands. Since the number of episodes in the final edition was brought down, we feel that there may have been enough time for Kessler and his fellow writers to adjust most of their plans concerning the third season.


The final season of the show kept the viewers on their toes and that is precisely why those who’ve been through all the seasons continue to chit-chat about the probability of a fourth edition on social media; especially after having seen that the third season ends on a surprising note.


Sure, the series ended much earlier than fans or its creator could have foreseen, but it managed to pretty well do what it set out to do in 2015. It is not surprising then that there are many fans on social media platforms such as X (Twitter), who are still hoping to see the fourth season go into production.


Indeed, it is tough to move on sometimes.



Expected Plot of Bloodline Season 4


Bolstered by powerful performances, Bloodline is an intriguing and suspenseful family drama series that revolves around the Florida family of Rayburns. Through the many character projections in the show, we get to see how a family can be toxic and fractured from within despite having everything that they possibly can in the real world.


Indeed, something is fascinating about watching the lives of these chaotic people who seem to get away with almost every bad deed that they do on the small screen. They have been responsible for worse things than you and I and, therefore, manage to leave you wondering and often on the edge of our seats.


If you’ve seen the third season of Bloodline, you’d have noticed that the tale feels unfinished and that more characters will be needed to take things forward if the series is indeed renewed in the future.


While it is highly unlikely that it will get another season, it is also tough to forget how the final episode closes and the screen goes black. So, the show climaxes when John is preparing to approach Nolan about his father.


However, we are not sure if the latter learns the truth or continues to be innocent. There is a possibility that John may have finally let it all out, or maybe, just maybe, he decided to perpetually keep the information as one of their many family secrets.


Needless to say, the purpose of that finale is for the viewer to pick up from where the screen goes pitch black. A lot is, therefore, left to our imagination.



Top Characters in Bloodline


Trust these characters to make the show a bang for your buck.


1. John Rayburn

John Rayburn


Kyle Chandler’s John Rayburn is one of the key characters on the show. Many call him the absolute worst because he goes on to kill his brother and then continually covers it up to protect the family name.


Over time, his deed gets other family members involved as well. It is not surprising then that by the beginning of Season 3, he seems to be spiraling out of control, given that he now has a ton of secrets to keep.


2. Meg Rayburn

Meg Rayburn


The gorgeous Linda Cardellini plays Meg amazingly. She turns out to be a huge player in the cover-up of Danny’s death. She certainly is an integral part of the controversial Rayburn family and is someone who seems to be fighting her demons.


Indeed, we see her fiance breaking up with her due to her unfaithfulness in the very first season.


3. Kevin Rayburn

Kevin Rayburn


Norbert Leo Butz has been aptly cast as Kevin Rayburn. He plays the short-tempered guy to great effect and manages to leave an impact on the show. Not only did he keep getting into an argument with his brother Danny in the first season but he is also seen killing Marco (Enrique Murciano) in the last moments of the second.


Also, the man can be seen abusing drugs and alcohol.


4. Sally Rayburn

Sally Rayburn


The mother, Sally, may come across as someone who seems to be protective of Danny in the present. However, it is not easy to forget that she ignored the abuse Danny endured at the hands of her husband years ago.


Not only that but we even saw the lady leaving the clan at one point.


5. Danny Rayburn

Danny Rayburn


Danny Rayburn may have not lived long on the show but his impact is the most noticeable. Actor Ben Mendelsohn brings the antagonistic character to life with his outstanding performance.


At one point, you even feel that he wants the best for his family and is, therefore, looking forward to working on his relationship with them. However, it becomes quite clear that he harbours malice in his heart and can go to any extent to exact revenge on the people who have wronged him.



Top Crew Members of Bloodline


Aside from the characters and actors who have worked on the show, the following crew members also deserve enough credit for making Bloodline as engaging as it turned out to be.


1. Glenn Kessler

Glenn Kessler


Glenn Kessler is a screenwriter, television producer, actor, and director, who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. He was a student of Harvard University and attended the New York University’s Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts.


The man, a co-creator of Damages and Bloodline, is known to have signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios in the past.


2. Todd A. Kessler

Todd A. Kessler


Todd A. Kessler is best known to have written and produced the third seasons of HBO’s The Sopranos and Michael Mann’s Robbery Homicide Division. Not only that but the man is also credited with working on the debut season of Providence.


He started working as a screenwriter on films and television after acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee hired him. He happens to be one of the co-creators of Bloodline.


3. Daniel Zelman

Daniel Zelman


Daniel Luke Zelman is known to have served as an executive producer on the FX drama series Damages. He co-created the project with Todd A. Kessler and Glenn Kessler. The trio reunited for the thrilling family drama series Bloodline which ran for three seasons.


Along with the Kessler brothers, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the pilot episode of Damages.


4. Mikael Håfström

Mikael Håfström


Mikael Håfström has helmed the episodes Part 22, Part 25, Part 27, Part 29 and Part 32 on Bloodline. The Swedish film director and screenwriter is perhaps best known for the 2003 film Evil.


In addition, he is known to have worked on the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s short story 1408.


5. James Scott Levine

James Scott Levine


James Scott Levine has provided the music in at least twenty episodes of Bloodline. A member of Remote Control Productions, he has won seven BMI awards and seven ASCAP awards so far.


The man is also credited with providing additional music in full-length features such as Madagascar, Pearl Harbor, and Something’s Gotta Give.



Shows Similar to Bloodline


If you’re someone who truly liked Bloodline, we assume you’ll end up enjoying these shows equally, if not more.


1. Bates Motel

Bates Motel


A rather underrated show, Bates Motel thrives on the outstanding performances of actors Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. In this amazing suspense drama series, we are introduced to Norman Bates and his mother, whose life spins out of control when the former’s mental health deteriorates.


We see the mother doing her best to fetch him the help he needs while trying to protect him from the people in the town.


2. Ozark



In the critically acclaimed drama series Ozark, we are shown the dangerous journey of the Byrde family. Led by a cast comprising talented screen performers such as Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, we are introduced to Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde, who takes his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks in the hope of improving their lifestyles.


However, things worsen for the family when he is pushed to launder money to pacify a drug boss.


3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


Just like Bloodline, Breaking Bad has it all. It tells us the story of a man who goes all out to ensure that the future of his beloved family is sound and secure.


Just like the Rayburns go all out to ensure that their family name remains protected at all times, Walter White leaves no stone unturned to keep his wife and son safe.


However, through the course of his journey, he is forced to find his way into the murky and inescapable world of crime.


4. The Americans

The Americans


This long-standing series has two amazing performers playing Russian spies from the ’80s. Their characters are married to each other and they are seen posing as Americans while residing in Washington DC.


While it may seem like they are going about their respective lives normally, you must know that their only apparent aim is to spy on the American government and convey things back to the Soviet Union.


5. Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood


This much-awaited revival of the beloved Showtime series Dexter sure had its loyal audience on the edge of their seats. In it, we catch the titular serial killer assuming a fake identity and living a seemingly uncomplicated life in New York.


However, we are soon surprised to see how a series of events makes him fear the revival of his terrible homicidal tendencies.


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