The Chosen Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Official Announcement Of The Chosen Season 4


Created and directed by Dallas Jenkins and starring Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, The Chosen is a highly-rated historical drama series that aims to depict the life, ministry, demise, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The show tries to read between the lines in depicting the ministry of its beloved leading character. Arguably the largest crowdfunded television project in history, it tells the Gospel story through the eyes of the people who chance upon Jesus in their complex journey of life.


Therefore, as the story progresses, we witness Him helping the son of a carpenter, a fisherman, and a woman battling demons, among others. His wisdom comes to the fore as He preaches to those who wish to listen to and follow Him.


Those who have seen The Chosen believe that it has managed to carve a niche for itself among a plethora of Jesus-inspired shows and motion pictures out there. It is not surprising then that the biblical series has gone on to scale new heights of success.


It has managed to attract casual viewers who acknowledge it for its historical accuracy, period setting and other elements. On the other hand, those who hold the Bible close to their hearts have resonated heavily with what’s depicted in the show.


That’s precisely why it has been streamed more than 500 million times and has been seen by over 108 million people since the premiere of its first season.




Official Announcement of The Chosen Season 4


While talking about the future of The Chosen in a podcast/live stream, actor Jonathan Roumie and director/creator Dallas Jenkins went on to confess that there is a strong possibility that the subsequent seasons of the series might be coming to theatres.


This might not come as a surprise for the ardent fans of the show since they have been able to catch a couple of episodes in cinema halls already. That said, the lead performer has stated that not only is the new season going to be deeper but it is also the one where he had to truly put his best foot forward.


Needless to say, the makers are more than confident about the fourth season being the most impactful one yet, both emotionally and spiritually. We are expecting The Chosen Season 4 to be released in either January or February 2024.


At present, things seem to have come to a bit of a halt courtesy of the writers’ strike.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of The Chosen


If you are a fan of Biblical stories, you’d know that a ton of full-length features and television shows about Jesus Christ have been released over the years. However, not many of them have had the kind of impact that The Chosen does.


One of the most popular streaming shows available at the moment, it offers a distinctive perspective on Jesus and, therefore, has its own following. Each episode in the series reveals some new truth or revelation, which is perhaps why ranking the best of them could be a task.


However, we believe that our readers are going to love the following episodes the most: Two by Two (Season 3, Episode 2), Beyond Mountains (Season 2, Episode 8), Clean, Part 2 (Season 3, Episode 5), Physician, Heal Yourself (Season 3, Episode 3), and I Am He (Season 1, Episode 8).


As the series progresses, you’ll notice that the run time of the episodes ranges from 20 to 100 minutes. The multi-season, episode-based portrayal of Jesus is being watched by thousands across the globe as you read this.




Where to Watch The Chosen


In the United Kingdom, the show is available for streaming on Plex. On the other hand, in the United States of America, it is easily available on popular streaming services like Peacock, Apple TV, Fubo TV, and Amazon Prime.


The viewers in Canada can choose to stream The Chosen on streaming platforms such as Paramount+ and Amazon Prime. In fact, one season of the show is available on Netflix, Plex, and Tubi, respectively.




Google Trends Data Analysis for The Chosen Season 4


There’s no denying that The Chosen has seen its popularity skyrocket in the recent past. Its faithful portrayal of the Bible and mission to share its message with a broader audience seem to have been super successful; for not only has the series managed to garner superb ratings on its numerous streaming platforms but it has also turned out to be one of the most searched shows on Google.


Needless to say, the search trends related to the show have barely hit rock bottom yet; at least not in the past twelve months or so. In fact, the worldwide data available on Google shows that the viewer’s interest in the show continues to remain quite stable.


That is perhaps why a ton of articles pertaining to the fourth season of the show have been published in 2023. What is most remarkable about the series is that it does not have the backing of a major studio.


Its production depends entirely on its innovative funding strategy, which may pretty much help it in sailing through the writers’ and actors’ strikes.



Social Media Engagement for The Chosen Season 4


As the fourth season of The Chosen rapidly approaches, it is imperative to mention that its fans have taken to social media to share their excitement. While some are elated about the fact that they might be able to catch the show on the big screen as well, others seem to be busy predicting the potential plot of the forthcoming season.


Those who have truly loved the faith-based storytelling of the series have been quick to praise Jonathan Roumie, whose portrayal of Jesus is both very humane and relatable. That said, some people are also excited about seeing what some characters with grey shades will be up to in the fresh season.


Needless to say, they add to the intrigue factor of the story in their own ways; therefore, ascertaining that Jesus isn’t the sole reason for some viewers to binge-watch the program.



Expected Plot of The Chosen Season 4


While the plot of the forthcoming season has not yet been revealed, creator, director, and co-writer Dallas Jenkins has ensured that a handful of promotional material related to the same is available on YouTube.


Indeed, the videos available have already made it quite clear that the fourth season might be more emotionally challenging than the series has ever been. One of the most significant events that is supposed to be shown in the new series is the death of John the Baptist (played by David Amito).


Those who have seen the show or have read about the potential story would know the importance of the event, given that he was not only a prophetic proclaimer of God’s message but also Jesus’s friend.


It is not surprising then that the lead actor mentioned that the new season will possibly be the hardest to shoot. In fact, Jenkins has even gone on record to say that the seventh episode of the fourth season might just be the most surprising one.


While some episodes have already been shot and edited, others will hopefully be completed soon.



Top Characters in The Chosen


1. Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


A lot of people mention that they haven’t truly liked the modern depictions of Jesus in various television shows and motion pictures. Most of them have been given a one-dimensional spin over the years.


However, the character shown in The Chosen is arguably one of His finest portrayals ever by a main lead. Played by Jonathan Roumie with effortless charm, Jesus thrives on his humility, power, divinity, and even sense of humour.


What’s special about Him is that he seems to be quite aloof and unperturbed by the events that unfold around him. And, when he suffers, there is little evidence of the struggle on his face.


2. Matthew



A lot of people mention that they have been able to relate to the core of who Matthew is. The character has been played sincerely by Paras Patel and he has done a fine job at ensuring that his socially awkward quirks come off as normal, easy, and somewhat relatable.


Since the history of the real Matthew deserves better, you’ve got to give it to Patel to make sure that he gets his due. Indeed, his performance makes the character one of the better ones in the program.


3. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene


The beauty of Elizabeth Tabish’s voice and the humility in her eyes were pitch-perfect assets that she utilized amazingly to do full justice to her character projection of the magnificent Mary Magdalene.


Since her journey in the series is the most captivating one, you find her delivering a ton of different emotions convincingly. Her “I was one way, and now I’m completely different. And the thing that happened in between was Him” is arguably one of the finest dialogues in The Chosen.


4. Quintus



The strength of Brandon Potter’s Quintus lies in the fact that he is delightfully snarky. It seems like the makers of the show have taken some of the most annoying human character flaws and used them to sketch the memorable Quintus.


Needless to say, when Potter says his lines as the character, you can’t help but stay glued to the screen. He adds to the show’s intrigue value in his own way and the scene where he meets Jesus for the first time is unforgettable, to say the least.


5. Andrew



One reason why I feel Andrew should be mentioned is that he is quite the opposite of Peter. Not only is he very passionate but he also comes off as a bit more level-headed and righteous to me.


That’s one reason why I can personally relate to the guy. Also, if you’ve seen the show, you’ll love how he rolls his eyes at his brother at times. Credit to Noah James for pulling off this character better than one would have initially expected.



Important Crew Members of The Chosen


1. Dallas Jenkins

 Dallas Jenkins


If you have followed the projects Dallas Jenkins has been involved in ever since he started working in the entertainment industry, you’ll notice that his career has been focused on faith-based media.


Not only is the man a film and television director but he is also a writer and producer. Today, he is perhaps best known as the creator, director and co-writer of The Chosen, which has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from its viewers of late.


2. Ryan Swanson and Tyler Thompson

Ryan Swanson


Ryan Swanson and Tyler Thompson have served in The Chosen as writers. While the former is known for his work in titles such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Drop Dead Gorgeous, the latter is primarily known as a film producer.


Over time, Thompson has gone on to be involved with projects such as Black Swan, RUSH, Black Mass, American Made, Ides of March, and Everest.


3. Dan Haseltine and Matthew S. Nelson

Dan Haseltine and Matthew S. Nelson


Best known as the lead vocalist for Christian alternative folk rock group Jars of Clay, Dan Haseltine has done his best to do full justice to the music in this ultimate faith-driven show.


Founder of the non-profit organization Blood: Water Mission, he is also a songwriter, producer, film composer, and art designer. Matthew S. Nelson, on the other hand, is a composer, a cellist, and a guitarist who has also put his best foot forward in The Chosen.


Along with Haseltine, he composed the soundtrack for the program, which included the theme song “Walk on the Water”.


4. Akis Konstantakopoulos

Akis Konstantakopoulos


Akis Konstantakopoulos has worked in maximum episodes as the cinematographer. A graduate of Harvard University and the American Film Institute (AFI), he has lensed more than 20 full-length features thus far.


In The Chosen, his work is aided by the contributions of Petros Antoniadis and Brent Christy.


5. John Quinn and Adam Lutge

John Quinn


John Quinn and Adam Lutge have served as editors on the show. While the former is known for his involvement in features such as 57 Seconds and Axis, the latter is known for titles like The Interrogation and 1-800-Hot-Nite.



Shows Similar to The Chosen


1. Jesus: His Life

Jesus: His Life


Jesus: His Life is one show that comes very close to following the patterns of The Chosen. This comprehensive tale of Jesus’ life is based on the accounts provided by the people who were perhaps the closest to him.


Needless to say, these accounts have withstood the test of time and have, therefore, found their way into the series. The miniseries stars Greg Barnett, Houda Echouafni, Cassie Bradley, Mark Goodacre, and John Hopkins in pivotal roles.


If you have loved The Chosen, chances are that you might end up liking this one as well.


2. Tetelestai



The main objective of Tetelestai is to perhaps bring the landmark changes that gave way to Christianity to light. Not only does the miniseries present the entirety of the Christian faith but it also chronicles the Creation of the Universe to the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ.


Needless to mention, creators J. C. Andre and Marcelo Enns do their best to present ancient heroes whose stories have been passed on for centuries.


3. The Young Pope

The Young Pope


Created by Paolo Sorrentino and actors such as Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando, Javier Camara, Scott Shepherd, and Toni Bertorelli, The Young Pope introduces us to the young cardinal Lenny Belardo.


As the story progresses, we catch him becoming the pope of the Catholic Church. However, things become a tad complicated for the guy when he learns that the practices of the Vatican go against his beliefs.


The show does a great job of bringing to light the politics associated with the Church’s highest dignitaries.


4. Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder


Sons of Thunder takes the onus on itself to convey that the road to redemption and atonement is never too far in our lives. So, if we really do believe that we need to redeem ourselves, all we need to remember is that it’s never too late to begin our path of atonement.


The aforementioned message is reflected in the story of Simon. As he sets off on his motorcycle across the country, we find him stumbling upon people and helping them in whatever way he can; all while trying to atone for his past sins.


This tale of forgiveness and redemption is a must-see for fans of The Chosen.


5. The Bible

The Bible


If you want to sit through the remarkable events that gave the universe its Messiah on-screen, this miniseries, aside from The Chosen, might be the one to begin. The landmarks and events leading to the Crucifixion of Christ have been shown rather vividly in this one.


Driven by the essence of faith and belief, The Bible has been created by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.


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