See Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

See Season 4


Apple TV+’s “See” takes us into a dystopian future centuries after humanity has lost its sense of sight. In this world, survival takes on new forms, relying on heightened senses and innovative adaptations. Jason Momoa embodies Baba Voss, a warrior protecting his tribe after the birth of twins with the mythical ability to see.


The series, created by Steven Knight, boasts stunning visuals despite featuring a sightless society. Director Anders Engström utilises sound, touch, and movement to create a tactile experience, immersing viewers in this unique world. Notably, many cast and crew members are blind or have low vision, lending authenticity and nuance to the portrayal of sightlessness.


The ensemble cast shines, with Alfre Woodard, Sylvia Hoeks, and Dave Bautista delivering powerful performances. The series garnered critical acclaim, receiving eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and acting nods for Momoa and Woodard.


Its innovative world-building, gripping narrative and diverse cast resonated with audiences, securing its place as a must-watch on Apple TV+.




Official Announcement on See Season 4


See is a sci-fi drama set in the post-apocalyptic world where humanity has lost its sense of sight. This world was created and written by Steven Knight for Apple TV+. The series premiered on Apple TV in November 2019.


Encouraged by the reviews and ratings, Apple TV renewed See for a second season that premiered in August 2021. However, when See was renewed for season 3, it was decided that it would be the final season.


In June 2022, Apple TV+ announced that See Season 3 was going to be the final season. Accordingly, the show’s writers wound up the plot and gave a convincing or understandable closure for most of the characters.


While the series was doing well for the channel, they decided to end the series while they were ahead. Apple TV has announced that See season 3 would be the final season, and the show’s producer Jonathan Tropper also issued a statement to the same effect, thanking the viewers for their love and support.


With this, it is unlikely that there will be ‘See’ season 4.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of See


‘See’ ran for three seasons and had eight episodes in each season. Each of these episodes was up to 60 minutes long and took its audience on an epic adventure of visually stunning locations, gripping plot, and enigmatic performances.


In a world that cannot see, there are two warring tribes, namely the Payan Kingdom and the Trivantian Republic. Both tribes are fighting for supremacy and power. Caught between their fight is the small tribe led by Baba Voss. With the birth of twins with the ability to see, Baba Voss and his family become the target for both warring parties.


The series started its first season with unfavourable reviews from most critics. However, everyone agreed on the point that the premise and performances (mainly Momoa and Alfre Woodard) were top-notch. By the second season, the tides turned, and the season received an 80% approval rating, with many critics praising the series and performances.


The third and final season also received high praise for its creative and technical achievements. The series was also nominated for multiple awards.




Where to watch See


All three seasons of See are available for streaming on Apple TV+. Viewers from the USA, UK and Canada can watch the series on their Apple TV platform.




Google Trends Data Analysis of See Season 4


See is a sci-fi series that wowed audiences and became one of the most-watched series on Apple TV+. Fans loved the unique world created by Steven Knight, where people were capable of hunting, gathering, fighting and surviving without the sense of sight.


The search trends for See have fluctuated dramatically over the past 12 months but on average, maintain high volumes for the most part. When we observe the trends for See season 4, they are consistent and stronger, indicating that fans want to see more of the series.


Credit for this could be attributed to the show’s creators and cast, including Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard, Dave Bautista, Sylvia Hoeks and more. Their names trend right alongside the series.



Social Media Engagement of See Season 4


The social media activity of “See” is not as strong on Google search. As the series ended in 2022, it phased out of public memory in a way. There are few spurts in activity during March, April and August of 2023.


They are related to reviews of the series and podcasts discussing the series on Apple TV. However, most of the activity on social media is centred on Facebook and X (Twitter), with shares and likes on podcasts and articles about the series.



Expected Plot of the Upcoming Season of See


When Apple TV renewed the third season of “See”, they decided to make it the final season. In accordance with this idea, the writers tied up all the loose ends and gave closure to most of the characters.


In line with their true nature, all major characters either perished while upholding their beliefs, or they fought for their values and became stronger. Baba Voss, Edo Voss, and Queen Kane have perished, while Maghra Kane leads the people towards peace.


If we were to see season 4 of this series, it would depict the new way of life with more sighted people being born. With peace being established, those with vision will have to lead other-sighted people to rebuild civilization.



Important Characters of See


1. Baba Voss

Baba Voss


In the Apple TV series “See,” Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss, a strong and tenacious warrior in a post-apocalyptic world where people have lost their ability to see. Baba Voss is responsible for defending his people from all kinds of dangers as the chief of a tribe, especially from those who would exploit their special talents.


Baba Voss is a stoic man who is devoted to his tribe and confronts personal struggles, such as the delivery of sighted twins. He is a key character in the series’ examination of survival and adaptation in a society devoid of vision because of his strong sense of responsibility, leadership, and courage to face the unknown.


2. Queen Kane

Queen Kane


The character of Queen Kane, portrayed by Sylvia Hoeks in the Apple TV series “See,” is cunning and driven. In a world where sight is lost, she aims to maintain control over her people as the leader of the Payan tribe.


Queen Kane is motivated by an enigmatic prophecy that foretells the birth of seeing twins. She makes calculated and often brutal decisions out of her will to keep control over this foretold future and her position of command.


Queen Kane’s character adds layers of intrigue and political manoeuvring to the tale, adding to the complicated dynamics of power and survival in the visually handicapped society shown in “See.”


3. Edo Voss

Edo Voss


The character Edo Voss, portrayed by Dave Bautista in Apple TV’s “See,” is a violent man. He is the younger brother of Baba Voss, and he is driven by a bitter jealousy that stems from a sense of injustice and overshadowing.


As the commander general of the Trivantian army and a powerful warlord, his brutality belies a deep-seated hurt stemming from betrayal and dysfunctional family dynamics. Edo is a cruel and ruthless man who strives to vanquish not just other countries but also the ghosts of his past.


This culminates in a pivotal battle with his brother that drives them both to the verge of collapse. In Edo’s perverse universe, love is overshadowed by retaliation, making the tragic villain trapped in a never-ending circle of self-destruction.


4. Paris



The renowned Alfre Woodard portrays Paris in “See,” the sage elder and spiritual centre of the Alkenny tribe. She has been blind since birth. Yet, she has a strong sense of intuition and steadfast loyalty.


She serves as Baba Voss’s mother figure, her shrewd wit keeping him grounded and her cool wisdom guiding him through difficult times. As the shaman of the tribe, she maintains their long-standing customs while bridging the gap between the supernatural and the every day by deciphering dreams and predictions.


Paris is still a formidable force, her advice valued and her voice heard despite her deteriorating health. She moulds the future of the tribe and personifies the tenacity of the blind group with her intense dedication and unshakable faith.


5. Maghra Kane

Maghra Kane


The main character of the Apple TV series “See,” Maghra, is portrayed by Hera Hilmar. She is presented as a pregnant lady who is fleeing to the community under Baba Voss’s leadership. Maghra is described as a kind and compassionate person, and the village undergoes substantial changes as a result of her arrival.


Despite being blind herself, she then discloses that she is the biological mother of the twins, who have a sense of sight. Maghra’s role becomes pivotal in the investigation into the twins’ background and the events that transpire to mould the post-apocalyptic world shown in “See.” Her tenacity and maternal instincts are crucial to the plot of the series.



Important Crew Members of See


1. Creator: Steven Knight

Steven Knight, an English screenwriter and filmmaker born on December 17, 1959, is the creator of the Apple TV series “See”. Knight is renowned in the entertainment sector for his adaptable career. His work on films like “Dirty Pretty Things” (2002) and “Eastern Promises” (2007) made him well-known before “See.” In addition, he is the creator of the critically acclaimed British criminal drama television series “Peaky Blinders.” Knight is known for his ability to create compelling storylines for television and movies.


His storytelling frequently features multifaceted characters and delves into a variety of genres. He is now well-known in the screenplay and television creative industries because of his achievements.


2. Writers: Steven Knight,  Jennifer Yale, and Jonathan Tropper

The man behind “See” on Apple TV, Steven Knight, is well-known for his work in both television and movies. Even though Steven Knight was a major influence on the show’s development, other writers worked on some episodes.


Jennifer Yale and Jonathan Tropper are among them. American writer and screenwriter Jonathan Tropper’s notable works include “This Is Where I Leave You” books and his role in the television series “Banshee.” Tropper has successfully turned his writings into motion pictures and television shows.


Jennifer Yale is a television writer and producer. She contributed to several television series, such as “Dexter,” “Arrow,” and “Legion.” Her work frequently examines complicated personalities and storylines, demonstrating her ability to create captivating and interesting television programming.


3. Directors: Francis Lawrence and Anders Engström

The Apple TV series “See” had multiple directors for different episodes. The directors include Francis Lawrence and Anders Engström. Francis Lawrence is known for his work on various films, including “The Hunger Games” series, “I am Legend”, and “Constantine”.


Anders Engström is a Swedish director known for his work in television and film. With a background in both drama and thriller genres, Engström has directed episodes for various TV series, including “Hanna,” “Taboo,” “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” Engström’s work often features atmospheric visuals and a keen sense of pacing, contributing to the intensity and suspense of the narratives he tackles.


4. Cinematographer:  Michael Snyman and Brian Pearson

“See” boasts a talented team of cinematographers who brought the show’s unique world to life through their lens. While the show doesn’t credit a single lead cinematographer, the key individuals who contributed to the series’ visual style include Michael Snyman and Brian Pearson.


Snyman worked in movies like “Invictus” and the TV series “Warrior”. Pearson is known for his work in the series “From Scratch” and film “I Am Legend”. Each cinematographer brought their unique skills and vision to “See,” resulting in a rich and diverse visual tapestry that reflects the show’s complex themes and characters.


The team’s collaboration and understanding of the world without sight helped create a truly immersive and impactful viewing experience.



Similar shows as See


If you are a fan of series with dystopian worlds that struggle to rebuild civilization after an apocalyptic event, then here are more series like that.


1. Silo



Silo is a drama set in a dystopian future where an unknown apocalypse has limited mankind to a few pockets of existence. These pockets of humanity live in silos that have up to 144 levels.


They are governed by strict authoritarian regimes that aim to keep the people in control by using fear and punishment. Our protagonist, Juliette, is an engineer who hopes to uncover the truth.


She plans to rebel against authoritarian rule and breathe the free air outside the silo. However, before that, she has to pass through the labyrinths of power and make the truth known to all.


2. Foundation



Foundation is a series that is set in a distant future where humanity has moved away from Earth and set up multiple colonies across the universe.


After aeons of war, struggle, peace, and prosperity, a mathematician, Hari Seldon, has foreseen the imminent fall of civilizations if we do not learn from history. He secretly sets up a ‘Foundation’ that houses a psycho-historical database that predicts human behaviour in order to preserve knowledge and rebuild civilization.


The aim is to ensure that, through all the strife, struggle, and war, humanity will never fall. Will the Foundation succeed in saving civilization?


3. The 100

The 100


After Earth has been destroyed by apocalyptic wars and events, mankind has been reduced to a few colonies in the circling space stations. The remaining survivors decide to send a group of 100 delinquents to scope out the surface of Earth and set up safe housing colonies.


The 100-member team finds a new society of survivors called Grounders. These grounders pose a new threat to the human colony as they manage to turn over the scouting party. With new allies and betrayals, returning to Earth is not an easy task. It is up to the 100 to rewrite the history of mankind and restore a devastated Earth.


4. For all Mankind

For all Mankind


What if America is not the first to reach the moon? “For All Mankind” investigates an alternate course for history. As the space competition heats up, goals and technology advance. Rival superpowers battle in space, women advance through the ranks, and astronauts strive for lunar glory.


Cold War tensions entwine with personal lives as ambition, love, and grief drive audacious moon expeditions. Will the space competition completely alter the global order, or will America be able to regain its lead? With its exciting quests, poignant human drama, and engrossing parallel history that begs the question, “What if humanity aimed even higher?” “For All Mankind” soars.


5. Severance



Severance is a sci-fi drama in which Lumon Industries offers a radical new surgical procedure that can separate a person’s professional and personal memories.


They aim to redefine work-life balance, but gradually everything starts to unravel. The boundary between both worlds starts to get hazy, and employees of the organisation start to experience side effects.


A covert network of people also works to undermine and breakdown the authority of the Lumon industry. It is up to the employees to choose between identity, free choice, and the terrifying truth behind their working paradise.


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