Succession Season 5: Everything We Know So Far



Succession really did succeed like success. The award-winning show is known to have taken home the trophies for Outstanding Drama Series, Directing, Writing, Lead Actor (Kieran Culkin), Lead Actress (Sarah Snook), and Supporting Actor (Matthew Macfadyen), respectively.


It is not surprising then that it also went on to receive the maximum number of nominations for a single series since the final season of the global hit Game of Thrones.


The acclaimed program ran for four splendid seasons and gained massive popularity for its well-written characters and witty humour, but, more importantly, for its detailed exploration of generational trauma through a corporate lens.


In a nutshell, it is the unforgettable saga of the morally, emotionally, and psychologically messed-up Roy clan. The genuinely compelling corporate intrigue has been infused in the storyline while showcasing how the Roy family’s world turns upside down after the father, the head of the biggest media and entertainment company in the world, decides to hang his boots for good.


Now, after four seasons, Succession has decided to bid adieu to its audience. The show managed to go out with a bang as the finale episode was full of twists, surprises, and hilarity.


This series, like any other, wasn’t supposed to go on forever. But, the fact that it’s become so liked and memorable over time that it only makes its fans wonder if a new season or a spin-off can be released in the future.


Even though its makers have confessed that it is highly unlikely that Succession would now return, there has been a passionate call for more among fans and critics. Therefore, it is only fitting that we discover more about the series through this piece.




Official Announcement Of Succession Season 5


First things first, let’s just put it out there that the smash-hit HBO series aired its final episode, “With Open Eyes,” on May 28th, 2023; therefore, closing the door on the Roy family legacy.


Just like the rest of the series, the finale was also well-written. It wrapped up the converging storylines in an engaging, humorous, and seamless manner. Indeed, its stakeholders were pretty clear about wanting to end Succession after season 4.


For those who love the series and want it to continue, it could go on for ages and be turned into something entirely different. However, that wouldn’t do justice to its legacy.


Aside from its makers, its leading patriarch, Brian Cox, also believes that it’s a good thing that the critically acclaimed program didn’t overstay its welcome, for it may not have been the best thing possible.


Even though the story ended very naturally, many fans think that the climax left storylines open for things to potentially continue. Be that as it may, creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong has decided that the fourth season is going to be the final season with no scope for the show’s continuation.


Needless to say, it’s time that we bid farewell to the series for good without trying to withstand the five stages of grief.




Previous Seasons and Episodes Of Succession


Succession is often seen as having increased the standard for high-quality television over the past few years. The show captures what transpires within the Roy family once its head decides to step down.


By the end of the story, the clan finds itself in a position they never wanted to be in. However, unbeknownst to them, they were destined for the same right from the beginning.


Needless to say, the fourth and final season did a fair job of bringing the main characters to a comfortable position where their story could culminate without hiccups. Indeed, the program has ended on a resounding note; something which becomes quite clear when you take note of the fact that the final season was nominated for nine well-deserved Golden Globes.


While the finale of the Roy family’s story managed to make an impact, the excitement in the series also peaked during the streaming of the episodes Connor’s Wedding (Season 4, Episode 3), All the Bells Say (Season 3, Episode 9), This Is Not For Tears (Season 2, Episode 10), With Open Eyes (Season 4, Episode 10), and Church and State (Season 4, Episode 9).


There are a total of 39 episodes in the series, each of which is 56–88 minutes long.




Where To Watch Succession


1. United States of America

In the United States of America, all four seasons of Succession can be streamed on platforms like Max and Spectrum.


2. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the show is available for streaming on Now and Sky.


3. Canada

The four seasons of the series are available for streaming on Crave.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Succession Season 5


Even though its stakeholders have decided that Succession will not be renewed for another season, we must stress that it could very well have continued for another year if not more.


That being said, the fourth instalment opened to fantastic reviews and went on to dominate the awards season. Some people at HBO believe that the network would have allowed the show to continue had its creator Jeremy Armstrong been on board.


But, the man had already made up his mind that the series was going to climax with the completion of its fourth edition. Now that there is no scope or update on the fifth season of the show, the search trends related to the same on Google have been seeing a constant decline.


It is not surprising at all since viewers tend to lose their interest in a show if it’s been discontinued after a few seasons. The case seems to be no different for the much-admired Succession.


Also, the makers would likely have wanted to end the story on a reasonable note given that going out strong hasn’t always been the way for HBO shows in the recent past.


That is one reason why they seem to be content with the way the Roy family tale culminated.



Social Media Engagement For Succession Season 5


Since Succession managed to evoke a ton of emotions among its targetted audience, it seems to have found a way to push them to both love and despise its characters at the same time.


Its fabulous acting and incredible writing have ensured that people cease to get enough of it. However, like most good things in the world, the show has also come to an end, prompting a ton of people to express their opinions regarding the same.


Succession is a winner of several awards, so there’s always going to be a section of fans who want it to return in the future. While a select few believe that it is one of the most hyped shows that people clearly love, others think that it puts an interesting game of power dynamics on display through its depiction of some filthy rich and sadistic characters.


That being said, there’s a strong possibility that it comes across as a show primarily dedicated to showcasing rich people’s problems. However, it is certainly much more than that and those who have taken to the program in a big way can vouch for the same.


Either way, people on social media platforms like X (previously Twitter) and Reddit largely have good things to say about the show and can’t help but wonder if it’ll return with a fresh season or a potential spin-off.



Expected Plot Of Succession Season 5


The story of the Roys might have ended, but trust us when we say that there is still enough scope and space for Succession to continue. If the makers decide to come up with a fresh season in the near future, they could trace what happens to the Roy children after the events shown in the fourth season.


Not only that but we can also be shown what all Tom does after becoming the new CEO and if Greg continues to snake his way to the top! If you think that the aforementioned subplots aren’t enough, a few more can be added exploring Connor Roy’s aspiration to become an ambassador to the United States of America.


Indeed, a lot can be showcased if the makers truly make it a point to make a comeback. However, creator Jesse Armstrong firmly believes that season 4 was “pretty definitively the end” and that he may not be able to come up with anything as good as Succession’s first four seasons again.


So, it’s time we make our peace with the fact that the series is over, but it’s also true that its legacy as one of the best TV shows of all time will live on.



Top Characters In Succession


In HBO’s hit Succession, some well-written and performed characters take centre stage. Among them, the following are the ones that manage to make their presence felt.


1. Siobhan “Shiv” Roy

Siobhan Roy


Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, Logan’s youngest daughter, seems like a well-balanced personality among all Roys. The powerful and headstrong lady is not only known for her liberal ideology but also for her power-hungry and seemingly ceaseless desires.


Actress Sarah Snook lends Shiv some lack of empathy and, yet, ensures that it is believable when she seems capable of love and sadness. Since she has grown up in a man’s world and that too in a family like her own, she had no option other than to be as ruthless as the next Roy.


2. Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy


Since Kendall is often quite aware of his shortcomings, it is obvious that he is the most hardworking of all Roys. He tries his best to make the most of the opportunities coming his way but his endless need for validation and lack of business skills tend to get the better of him from time to time.


While not all his moves are sound-minded, he certainly does want to do better in his personal and professional life; as shown by the remorse he harbours in his heart.


Kendall, who seems to be becoming more and more like his father, is one of the central characters in the story.


3. Logan Roy

Logan Roy


With Logan, the writers of Succession deliberately sketched a character that wasn’t as emotionally developed as other Roys. Needless to say, the man remained a mystery to not only his own children and wives but also to the people who sweat it out at work for him.


The fact that he passes away without choosing anyone to inherit the crown makes him a tad enigmatic to the audience as well. His cold and harsh demeanour and pride didn’t even let him say his final goodbye to his children.


4. Roman Roy

Roman Roy


Roman may make people laugh out loud with his ill-timed or honest jokes, but he’s much more than that to the story. A unique and charming lad, he’s been brought to life by Kieran Culkin’s incredible performance.


Since he is Logan’s youngest child, he knows that he has to take bigger steps to get into the good books of his father. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for him to give up even if he seems to be fighting for the wrong side.


His monumental phobia of his father and naivety make him even more believable.


5. Tom Wambsgans

Tom Wambsgans


Hilarious and ruthless at the same time, Tom Wambsgans isn’t just Shiv’s husband on the show even though he pretty much starts as such. He makes his way into the ranks over time as his charm continues to unfold.


At one point, it even seems like he might just end up becoming the potential heir to Logan Roy’s empire. The man strangely derives his strength from the fact that he’s considered to be an underdog by everyone.


However, it is he who constantly keeps plotting and planning to make things more convenient for himself. Be that as it may, we also seen glimpses of humanity in the man in some high-stakes situations.



Important Crew Members Of Succession


The following people are credited with bringing Succession to life as much as its characters:


1. Jesse Armstrong

Jesse Armstrong


British screenwriter and producer Jesse Armstrong is known for writing several critically acclaimed comedy shows and satirical dramas over the years. A recipient of numerous accolades, he first rose to prominence for co-creating the British comedy shows Peep Show and Fresh Meat.


He is the creator of Succession.


2. Mark Mylod

Mark Mylod


Director and executive producer of film and television, Mark Mylod has helmed the maximum number of episodes in Succession. He is also known for his work on other projects such as Shooting Stars, The Fast Show, and The Royle Family, to name a few.


3. Nicholas Britell

Nicholas Britell


Nicholas Britell is a film and television composer who has received numerous accolades for his work on projects such as Moonlight If Beale Street Could Talk, and Don’t Look Up.


He’s been in charge of the music of Succession as well.


4. Patrick Capone

Patrick Capone


Patrick Capone, the chief cinematographer of Succession, is also known for his work on American Hustle, August: Osage County, and The Big Short, among others.


5. Ken Eluto

Ken Eluto has served as the editor in at least 16 episodes of Succession. He is also known for his work on 30 Rock and The Rewrite.



Shows Similar To Succession


If you had a gala time watching Succession, we suggest you try to sit through these shows as well.


1. Yellowstone



Paramount Network’s Yellowstone is similar to Succession in more ways than one. It tracks the journey of a ranching family in Montana that faces off against others who are encroaching on their land.


2. Mad Men

Mad Men


Mad Men gets us familiar with one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s. We also get to see its enigmatic but talented ad executive Donald Draper and his many eccentricities.


3. Billions



In Billions, we catch the sincere but ruthless United States attorney Chuck Rhoades engaging in an egoistic battle with hedge fund kingpin Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod. Things get intense when they try to get the better of each other in a competitive financial market.


4. The Good Fight

The Good Fight


The Good Fight literally shows us a lawyer, Diane Lockhart, fighting for her life. She loses her entire life savings due to a scam and is forced to quit her job, find a new one, and start afresh to make ends meet.


5. The White Lotus

The White Lotus


Over what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, some truly dark secrets and twisted truths of the guests, the staff, and the locale of a resort are unveiled; therefore, providing a ton of entertainment to the viewers.


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