Top 7 Best Tennis Anime of All Time

Tennis Anime


Tennis is one of the most admired sports in the world. It is a challenging game that demands a lot from your body. However, it is also one of the most fun sports to watch on screen. And so, people love to enjoy such games and entertain themselves.


In fact, according to Gitnux, tennis is the 4th most popular sport in the world with approximately 1 billion fans. Now that’s insane. And so, no medium of entertainment is going to leave the opportunity to make incredible pieces for hardcore tennis fans.


And anime is no exception to it. Therefore, to shed some light on this we have the 7 best tennis anime you can watch today. Keep in mind that we will be only discussing anime in this list and there won’t be any sequels or spin-offs since we intend to make this list concise for you and avoid any redundancy.


I hope you enjoy it.




7. Ultra Maniac


Ultra Maniac


This story is a lot more focused on the love aspect of the show. However, there’s no denying that the tennis element isn’t just left out. The anime talks about Ayu Tateishi who happens to be a calm girl trying to make sure that her crush notices her.


However, all of this comes to an end when Nina Sakura makes an appearance. And the thing about Nina Sakura is that Nina is a witch-in-training. She is supposed to find the five Holy Stones and due to some unforeseen circumstances, Ayu is now supposed to help her.


This results in both of them having a beautiful friendly bond among them. Therefore, fans are going to love this show once they watch it.




6. Stars Align


Stars Align


This anime will show the dark side that follows the life of every competitor. And that’s why you need to watch it, no matter what. The story talks about a school where the boys’ soft tennis club is outperformed by the girls’ soft tennis club.


This resulted in the disbandment of the club as they were neither producing results nor leading to anything worthwhile. However, things start to take shape when Maki Katsuragi ends up joining the club. And that resulted in a situation that people wouldn’t have expected at all.


Maki is a very skilful player who is going to make a name for himself among all the other players. However, he is also going to be the reason for conflicts among club members. And that’s just the beginning of the story.


We will experience growth in this anime. However, we will also witness the bitterness that follows. It’s a beautiful depiction.




5. Softenni




The story of this anime is very interesting and fun. It may not be the most groundbreaking, mind-bending series ever created. However, it does give us an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of life and all the excellence that follows.


The show talks about the female middle school soft tennis team that is trying their level best to reach the finals. Needless to say, the process isn’t going to be straightforward. Some days will be a breeze. Some days will be tough.


At the end of the day, things are bound to be incredible, if not today, then tomorrow. However, the journey of that is going to be something worthwhile. And so, all of you need to watch this anime at all costs.




4. Teekyu




This anime is absolutely brilliant. And there’s no denying that at all. The show talks about four girls. Let’s put some light on them individually, shall we? Firstly, we have Kanae Shinjou who tends to get bored very easily. And that leads her to break the laws of physics on her own terms.


Yes, you heard that correctly. Next up, we have Nasuno Takamiya who is very wealthy and uses her methods to get her work done. I hope you can imagine where this could go. But nothing beats the insanity of Marimo Bandou who would probably be a subject of arrest as she does some of the weirdest things such as eating panties or kidnapping children.


A bit too much of madness, right? Well, to put a bit of a pause here, we also have Yuri Oshimoto who is just a normal child and stands as the only member of the school’s tennis club. With all these fun characters coming together to learn and enjoy the sport, insanity is bound to come forward.


And that’s why you need to watch this show no matter what.



3. Aim for the Ace!


Aim for the Ace!


Aim for the Ace is a fairly old show. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the overall story of this anime is still relevant and manages to entertain the masses without breaking a sweat. The series talks about Hiromi Oka who was inspired by Reika “Ochoufujin” Ryuuzaki as she was playing tennis.


Soon enough, Hiromi joins the tennis club and understands the true meaning of this sport and the hardships that follow. Not only that, their school’s tennis club coach also ended up changing, resulting in a situation where even Ochoufujin was challenged.


However, Hiromi managed to make space for herself in the team and that’s when things started to get interesting for her. After all, there’s a reason why she is going to be a subject of self-doubt against her seniors.



2. Baby Steps


Baby Steps


This anime is a lovely story that allows people to step out of their comfort zone and witness a world that they wouldn’t have witnessed otherwise. That’s what Baby Steps is. Baby Steps is a series that talks about Eiichirou Maruo who is very studious.


However, he knows that he must get some workout in or else he will be putting a risk to his health. That’s why he decided to join the Southern Tennis Club. While he was spending his time there, he ended up meeting Natsu Takasaki who is a first-year student, just like him.


However, she is very passionate about the sport of tennis. On the other hand, Maruo is a man who is not so passionate about his life as it is mostly filled with studies. However, he realizes that his love for tennis is a lot more than what he had imagined and soon enough, he finds himself loving the game and competing to become one of the best.



1. The Prince of Tennis


The Prince of Tennis


This anime is going to be an eye-pleaser for you as you will understand the beauty and elegance of the sport of tennis, while also enjoying the enthusiasm that follows with it. The Prince of Tennis talks about Ryouma Echizen who happens to be a prodigy at the game.


His father has asked him to come to Japan and pursue his career here as a Japanese freshman. And while many are reluctant to accept him in their team, his determination and skills allow him to make a name for himself.


Soon enough, this man is set on a mission. And that mission is to become the best tennis player in the country. However, with tons of incredible teams standing against him as rough competition, the dream isn’t going to be as simple as you might expect.


This show is known for its entertainment and fun factor and that’s why it is one of the best anime you can watch when it comes to the sport of Tennis.


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