Top 50 Best Yakuza Anime To Watch

Top 50 Best Yakuza Anime


Yakuza is basically the Mafia of Japan. And so, this group has had countless features in various mediums of entertainment, including anime. However, fans admire this troupe so much that they always want to see something new and fresh on the table regarding this troupe.


And that’s why, we will be taking a closer look at the situation today. In this article, we will be admiring some of the best anime on the planet, that use the Yakuza theme in the most creative, unique, and entertaining way possible.


There’s no time to waste so let’s dive deep into this list. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Akira




In 1988, a young boy unleashes a devastating explosion with his psychic powers, triggering World War III in Tokyo. He is captured and disappears. By 2019, Neo-Tokyo, a reconstructed city, is plagued by gang violence and terrorism.


Shoutarou Kaneda leads a group known as “the Capsules,” recognized for their distinctive motorcycles and ongoing clashes with the rival gang “the Clowns.” During a skirmish, Shoutarou’s closest friend, Tetsuo Shima, has an encounter with an esper who managed to escape from a government facility.


As a result, Tetsuo begins to develop his own enigmatic abilities.




2. Dorohedoro




Hole, a desolate and lawless district, lives up to its name as a haven for the strong preying on the weak and a constant presence of death. In this realm, magic users hold dominion and view the inhabitants of Hole as insignificant.


The powerless dwellers suffer brutal treatment, including murder and experimentation, with no regard for their lives. Kaiman, a man with a reptilian head, embarks on a relentless quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding his existence and return to a normal life.


With his trusty bayonets and immunity to magic, he hunts down the magic users while receiving support from Nikaidou, his companion who runs a restaurant.




3. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor


Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor


Kaiji Itou, a disinterested and unemployed man, faces mounting pressure from loan sharks when a coworker defaults on a debt. Struggling to repay the large sum with his own meagre resources, Kaiji receives an enticing offer: a night aboard the prestigious Espoir, a ship where all debts can be eliminated.


However, what initially appears as a simple gambling opportunity quickly transforms into a dangerous game of strategy and betrayal. In this ruthless tournament, losers face a lifetime of servitude under insurmountable debt.


To survive, Kaiji must navigate this treacherous world, carefully choosing his actions and forging alliances.




4. Golden Kamuy


Golden Kamuy


In the early 1900s, after surviving the Russo-Japanese War, Saichi Sugimoto relentlessly searches for gold in Hokkaido. Dubbed “Sugimoto the Immortal” for his fearlessness in battle, he is determined to fulfil a promise to support his deceased friend’s family.


When Sugimoto stumbles upon the legend of stolen treasure and a coded map, his world takes an unexpected turn. The discovery of a corpse bearing the same tattoos leads him into a life-threatening encounter with a grizzly bear.


Miraculously, Sugimoto is rescued by Asirpa, a young Ainu girl whose people were victimized by the same criminals.



5. The Way Of The Househusband


The Way Of The Househusband


In a surprising turn of events, the notorious gangster Tatsu, known as the “Immortal Dragon,” has forsaken his criminal life to embrace the role of a modest househusband. Now residing with his wife in an apartment, Tatsu is fully committed to a peaceful existence.


Donning his trusty apron, he immerses himself in the art of homemaking, stunning both his former subordinates and adversaries. From cooking delectable dishes to mastering supermarket bargains, Tatsu showcases a remarkable range of skills.


Despite his controversial past, Tatsu’s unconventional journey into domesticity promises to be filled with peculiarities and unexpected adventures.



6. Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon


Rokurou Okajima, a dedicated salaryman, has his world turned upside down when a business deal in Thailand goes horribly wrong, leading to his abduction by the merciless pirate mercenaries known as the Lagoon Company.


Abandoned by his company, Rokurou makes an audacious decision: he joins forces with his captors instead of begging for his release. Immersed in the lawless and corrupt city of Roanapur, Rokurou must adapt to this treacherous environment where survival is paramount.


Alongside his volatile colleague Revy, he must navigate dangerous alliances, evade rival crime syndicates, and confront the demons of his past.



7. City Hunter


City Hunter


Recognized by the moniker “XYZ,” the notorious group of contractors known as “City Hunter” has gained a reputation for their unwavering dedication to accepting and accomplishing any task that crosses their path, effectively eradicating the corruption that infests the streets of Tokyo.


At the forefront of this organization stands Ryou Saeba, the pivotal figure in City Hunter, armed with his reliable Colt Python revolver and unparalleled precision. Alongside him is the assertive and spirited tomboy Kaori Makimura, forming an unbeatable partnership.


Together, they fearlessly confront challenging cases and navigate the countless dangers that accompany their profession. However, during moments when Ryou isn’t pursuing criminals and adversaries, he indulges in his pursuit of beautiful women, much to Kaori’s displeasure, who keeps him in check with her formidable hundred-ton hammer.



8. Baccano!




Set in 1930s Chicago, the transcontinental train Flying Pussyfoot embarks on a notorious journey, leaving a trail of bloodshed across the nation. Meanwhile, in New York, the determined scientist Szilard and his reluctant assistant Ennis search for missing vials of an elixir that bestows immortality.


The escalating mafia war further complicates matters. In a parallel storyline set in 1711 aboard the Advena Avis, alchemists are on the brink of uncovering the true price of eternal life.


Based on the acclaimed light novel, Baccano! intricately weaves together seemingly unrelated events, spanning different times and locations, into a grand narrative encompassing alchemy, survival, and the quest for immortality.



9. Days




As a child in Lawless, Angelo Lagusa witnesses a horrifying event: the Vanetti mafia family ruthlessly kills his parents and younger brother. Bereft of everything, Angelo assumes the new identity of Avilio Bruno and leaves behind his name and hometown.


After seven years, he receives a mysterious letter beckoning him back to Lawless. Following the call, he encounters Nero, the son of the Vanetti don, and endeavours to befriend him, utilizing the skills he has quietly sharpened over the years.


Taking place during the Prohibition era, 91 Days chronicles Avilio’s dark and blood-soaked path to seek vengeance, meticulously eliminating each person involved in the murder of his family.



10. My Hero Academia Season 4


my hero academia season 4


My Hero Academia Season 4 continues the journey of Izuku Midoriya and his fellow students as they embark on Hero Work-Studies.


They confront the formidable Shie Hassaikai group, determined to thwart their sinister plans of creating a Quirk-Destroying Drug and rescuing a young girl central to their mission. This season also encompasses the Remedial Course Arc, the U.A. School Festival Arc, and the initial segment of the Pro Hero Arc.


During his collaboration with Sir Nighteye, Midoriya unravels the criminal activities of Chisaki’s syndicate and the complex dynamics involving a mysterious girl named Eri. Additionally, viewers witness the unveiling of the new hero rankings following the retirement of one of the world’s most prominent heroes.


This season particularly involves the Yakuza and so, it managed to become a part of our list. 



11. Great Teacher Onizuka


Great Teacher Onizuka


Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old former leader of a motorcycle gang, aspires to become the greatest high school teacher in Japan for an unconventional reason—to find a young and loving wife in his old age.


Despite being a perverted, money-hungry, and lazy troublemaker, Onizuka possesses hidden qualities that set him apart. Against all odds, he secures a job as the homeroom teacher for Class 3-4 at the prestigious Holy Forest Academy, a class notorious for breaking the spirits of their teachers.


However, Onizuka is not an ordinary instructor. With his unique methods and unpredictable nature, he tackles the deep-rooted issues faced by his students, including bullying, suicide, and sexual harassment.



12. Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom


Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom


In the crime-ridden streets of America, the mafia reigns supreme, carrying out frequent assassinations. The shadowy organization known as Inferno orchestrates most of these deadly acts, employing an almost invincible human weapon called “Phantom.” During one operation, a Japanese tourist unintentionally becomes a witness to Phantom’s latest murder.


Fleeing for safety, the tourist seeks refuge in an isolated building. However, Phantom, a young woman named Ein, and the leader of Inferno, known as “Scythe Master,” capture the tourist and subject him to mind control.


Renamed “Zwei,” the once peaceful tourist is transformed into a puppet of Inferno, devoid of his memories.



13. Kemonozume




Concealed within society, the Shokujinki, humanoid creatures with the ability to transform into ravenous beasts, have coexisted with humans for centuries. Maintaining equilibrium is the clandestine Kifuuken dojo, dedicated to exterminating the Shokujinki by severing their arms.


Toshihiko Momota, son of the Kifuuken leader, falls under the spell of an enigmatic woman named Yuka Kamitsuki. However, their connection becomes entangled as they uncover Yuka’s true identity as a Shokujinki, and Toshihiko is bound by duty to eradicate her kind.


Simultaneously, the Kifuuken faces an internal struggle as Toshihiko’s brother, Kazuma, challenges tradition and seeks to modernize the dojo.



14. Ojou to Banken-kun


ojou to banken-kun


Ojou to Banken-kun, also known as A Girl & Her Guard Dog is a delightful romantic comedy anime series. The story centres around Isaku Senagaki, a high school girl who happens to be the granddaughter of a yakuza boss.


Her family background has made her an outcast among her schoolmates. However, determined to live a normal life, debut in high school, and perhaps even discover love, Isaku’s plans take an unexpected turn. Her devoted guardian, 26-year-old Keiya Utô, a loyal family servant, enrols in the same high school with the sole purpose of safeguarding her.


The anime beautifully explores the evolving bond and affection between Isaku and Keiya, transcending their vastly different backgrounds. It’s a heartwarming tale of overcoming challenges and personal growth.



15. Salaryman Kintaro


Salaryman Kintaro


Yajima Kintarou, the once-notorious leader of the Hasshu League biker gang with over 10,000 members, undergoes a significant change when he falls in love with Akemi, a partially sighted girl.


Their love story takes an unfortunate turn when Akemi passes away during childbirth. Her dying wish implores Kintaro to become a salaryman and raise their son, Ryuta, in a stable environment.


Unable to refuse her request, Kintaro seizes an opportunity to transform his lifestyle when he saves the life of Yamamoto Construction’s CEO. However, the supposed stability of a salaryman’s life shatters as Kintaro uncovers corruption within the company.



16. Hinamatsuri




While basking in the joy of acquiring a prized vase for his collection, Yoshifumi Nitta, a member of the yakuza, has his peace shattered when a peculiar capsule suddenly falls on his head.


To his surprise, the capsule contains a young girl with blue hair named Hina, who possesses incredible yet destructive powers. In order to prevent calamities, Nitta becomes Hina’s caregiver. To grant her the freedom to use her powers without consequences, Nitta involves Hina in a construction project, which goes smoothly.


However, their lives take a chaotic turn when a rival yakuza group secretly attacks Nitta’s boss, and Nitta is unjustly blamed.



17. Texhnolyze




Within the dark depths of the underground city known as Lux, its inhabitants live in constant despair and terror, subjected to the oppressive rule of various criminal factions. Secluded from the surface world, these gangs engage in mining a rare substance called “raffia,” which serves as the city’s lifeline.


Exclusive to Lux, this precious material forms the foundation for “texhnolyze” transplants, enabling individuals to replace body parts with cybernetic prostheses that do not trigger immune responses. The secretive “Class” oversees the research on these unique prosthetics and controls raffia production through the delegation of executive authority to a group called Organo, led by Keigo Oonishi.



18. K Project


K Project


In a realm where extraordinary individuals known as “Kings” possess supernatural abilities and have the power to enlist others into their clans, safeguarding their clansmen’s lives and honour is their paramount duty.


When a viral video depicting the brutal killing of a member of the Red Clan emerges, an unassuming student, Yashiro Isana finds himself wrongly accused of the crime. Thus begins a relentless manhunt, leading Yashiro to encounter the notorious “Black Dog” Kurou Yatogami, a highly skilled swordsman and martial artist driven by loyalty to his late master, the Seventh King.


Meanwhile, the current Red King, Mikoto Suou, confronts his own impending demise as the search for Yashiro intensifies. Yet, amidst Yashiro’s quest to prove his innocence, a more intricate conspiracy unfurls behind the scenes, casting doubts on his very existence as clouds enshroud his memories and close friends question his reality.



19. Gungrave




Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell, close friends akin to brothers, have their lives shattered in a brutal and abrupt manner, revealing the harshness of the world they once knew. Their existence was previously marked by simplicity and carefree pursuits, engaging in local brawls, pursuing women, and engaging in petty crimes for survival and entertainment.


Unbeknownst to them, the transience of happiness and the inevitability of change loom large in this unforgiving reality. Milennion, the dominant and notorious mafia syndicate, offers both Brandon and Harry entry into their ranks, assigning them menial roles.


While Harry harbours ambitions of climbing the ladder and usurping the position of Big Daddy, the supreme leader of Millennion, Brandon’s sole objective is to support his friend and gain the favour of Big Daddy, who has taken custody of the woman Brandon loves.



20. Jormungand




Raised in a war-torn environment, Jonathan “Jonah” Mar despises weapons and those involved in their trade. However, when Koko Hekmatyar, an international arms dealer, recruits him as one of her bodyguards, Jonah is compelled to embrace a life he detests.


Alongside other former special operations soldiers, Jonah’s mission is to protect Koko and her lofty dream of achieving global peace, amidst the countless perils inherent in the arms trade. Jormungand follows the exploits of Koko, Jonah, and their team as they traverse the globe, conducting illicit weapon sales through the HCLI international shipping company.


Operating beyond the boundaries of international law, Koko must constantly outmanoeuvre local and international authorities while dealing with various armed forces, private militias, and insurgent groups.



21. Heisei Inu Monogatari Bow


Heisei Inu Monogatari Bow


Bow is an unowned canine, leading a carefree life and finding contentment in its simplicity. Unlike a superhero, Bow exhibits typical dog behaviours such as drooling when hungry, wagging its tail when happy, and barking in excitement.


However, Bow’s lack of intelligence and innocent clumsiness often lead to unforeseen mishaps. Interestingly, people are enchanted by Bow’s allure. School children, solitary cartoonists, and even a family involved in illicit activities play significant roles in Bow’s journey.


Despite its peculiar appearance and perceived lack of intellect, Bow manages to deeply touch the hearts of those it encounters, leaving a lasting impression on their lives.



22. Banana Fish


Banana Fish


Raised by the notorious mafia boss Dino Golzine after being taken off the streets of New York City, Aslan Jade Callenreese, known as Ash Lynx, grows up to become the leader of his own gang at the age of 17.


Intrigued by the enigmatic phrase “Banana Fish,” repeatedly uttered by his war-traumatized brother Griffin, Ash embarks on an investigation into its meaning. However, his quest is interrupted when Dino’s subordinates target him at an underground bar where he seeks refuge.


Within the bar, Ash encounters Shunichi Ibe, a Japanese photographer, and his assistant Eiji Okumura, who are documenting American street gangs. Their conversation is abruptly disrupted by a warning call from Shorter Wong, a trusted ally, about Dino’s imminent threat.


Chaos ensues as Dino’s men storm the bar, capturing Skip and Eiji.



23. Gokusen




Kumiko Yamaguchi, a brilliant and enthusiastic individual, eagerly begins her dream job as a math teacher at Shirokin Academy. However, her first day reveals a distressing reality: the all-boys high school is infested with troublesome students and fearful teachers, who show no interest in self-improvement.


Little do her mischievous students know, behind Kumiko’s nerdy façade lies the acting leader of a formidable yakuza clan, possessing extraordinary capabilities. To preserve her position, Kumiko must keep her remarkable strength and criminal connections hidden.



24. Nisekoi




Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is burdened with being the heir to a formidable yakuza family. A decade ago, he made a heartfelt promise to a dear childhood friend, but all he possesses now is a pendant locked with a missing key.


As he navigates his teenage years, Raku yearns for a peaceful existence, keeping his yakuza connections at bay while harbouring feelings for Kosaki Onodera, his crush since middle school. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when the American Bee Hive Gang intrudes on his family’s turf.


Raku is compelled to pretend to be in a romantic relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, the chief’s beautiful daughter, to maintain peace.



25. Back Street Girls: Gokudolls


Back Street Girls: Gokudolls


Following repeated failures, yakuza members Kentarou, Ryou, and Kazuhiko face a grim choice: surrender their organs or undergo sex reassignment surgery to become pop idols in Thailand. Now reborn as Airi, Chika, and Mari after intense training, they strive to rise as prominent idols known as The Goku Dolls.


However, their yakuza roots persist despite efforts to feminize them. To rectify this, their boss hires legendary manager Mandarin Kinoshita, renowned for never having an idol group fail under his guidance.


With their lives hanging in the balance, the reluctant yakuza must collaborate with their new manager to unleash their inner charm and attain success as idols, satisfying their tyrannical boss.



26. Tight Rope


Tight Rope


The storyline of Tightrope revolves around a yakuza heir who reluctantly embraces his destiny and his childhood friend, delving into the growth of their heartfelt connection that originated during their school days and persists as it develops with unwavering determination.


Tight Rope is a series that may seem normal at first. However, the more you dive into it, the more you will appreciate its complexity.



27. Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha


Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha


A decade has passed since the mysterious emergence of Heaven’s Gate in South America and Hell’s Gate in Japan, shrouding the night sky and defying the laws of nature. Within the vicinity of Hell’s Gate, in a Japanese city, Misaki Kirihara, the Chief of Section 4, finds herself entangled in a clash with a renowned Contractor known as Hei, who is infamous as the “Black Reaper” in the realm of the underground.


Hei and his associates carry out missions on behalf of the enigmatic Syndicate, gradually unravelling the dark secrets veiled within a malevolent conspiracy that poses a dire threat to the very existence of Contractors.



28. Durarara!!




Amidst the lively rumours and cautionary tales of Ikebukuro, Tokyo’s downtown district, one urban legend stands out—the legendary headless “Black Rider” who traverses the city streets astride a sleek, jet-black motorcycle.


Longing for the vibrancy of city life, Mikado Ryuugamine heeds the invitation of a childhood friend and decides to make Tokyo his new home. Little does he know that his arrival will coincide with the sighting of the mysterious Black Rider, instantly fulfilling his yearning for excitement.


However, as supernatural events begin to unfold, ordinary citizens like Mikado, alongside the eclectic denizens of Ikebukuro, find themselves swept up in the chaos and intrigue consuming their beloved city.



29. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure V: Golden Wind


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure V: Golden Wind


Corruption thrives in the coastal city of Naples, with law enforcement colluding with criminals, rampant drug use among the youth, and the mafia reigning with an iron hand. However, a series of significant encounters are on the horizon.


Introducing Giorno Giovanna, a 15-year-old with a peculiar connection to the renowned Joestar family. Surviving by taking up odd jobs and engaging in pickpocketing, Giorno possesses an enigmatic power known as “Gold Experience.” This Stand ability enables him to bring life to plants and animate lifeless objects, earning him a reputation.


Captivated by the power and influence of local gangsters, Giorno yearns to rise through their ranks and become a “Gang-Star.”



30. Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop


In the year 2071, humanity expanded its presence to other planets, creating settlements plagued by crime, drugs, and theft. To combat this, a growing number of resilient bounty hunters pursue intergalactic outlaws for a living.


Among them are Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, who navigate the vastness of space in search of criminals, while carrying their own emotional baggage. Spike, beneath his carefree exterior, is haunted by a violent past, while Jet grapples with his own memories while caring for Spike and their ship, the Bebop.


Alongside them are the alluring con artist Faye Valentine, the peculiar child Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, and Ein, a bioengineered Welsh Corgi.



31. Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter


Hunters dedicate themselves to perilous endeavours, spanning from venturing into unexplored realms to seeking out rare entities and artefacts. To become a Hunter, individuals must first overcome the treacherous Hunter Examination, a selection process infamous for its high mortality rate.


Motivated by their own personal reasons, determined candidates face the daunting exam, including 12-year-old Gon Freecss, driven by the desire to reunite with his father, Ging, an esteemed Hunter. Convinced that following the path of a Hunter will lead him to his father, Gon embarks on this challenging quest.



32. Beastars




Within a civilized society of anthropomorphic animals, an uneasy coexistence prevails between carnivores and herbivores, marked by mutual mistrust. At Cherryton Academy, this delicate balance is shattered when a tragic incident claims the life of Tem, an alpaca belonging to the school’s drama club.


Legoshi, a grey wolf who harbours a lifetime of fear and suspicion due to his predatory nature, finds himself entangled in the aftermath. As he conceals his primal attributes, much to the disapproval of Louis, a dominant red deer and the drama club’s revered star, Legoshi’s path converges with Haru, a white dwarf rabbit who endures rejection.



33. Tekkon Kinkreet


Tekkon Kinkreet


In the bustling urban landscape of Treasure Town, an infamous legend circulates about “The Cats,” a powerful entity governing the city streets, holding the knowledge of every event and ensuring order.


However, the true identity of this influential force surprises all: The Cats are none other than two indomitable orphan boys named Black and White, fearless and unyielding. Their dominion over the streets encounters a formidable challenge when the Yakuza arrives, introducing changes that disrupt the tranquillity they once enjoyed.


Left with no reliance except on each other, the audacious Black and carefree White must reclaim their cherished Treasure Town and restore it to its former glory.



34. The Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting


The Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting


Known as “The Demon of Sakuragi” in the criminal underworld, Tooru Kirishima has earned a fearsome reputation for his unwavering reliance on violence. However, when his actions jeopardize a fragile peace treaty, his boss assigns him a daunting mission: to care for Yaeka Sakuragi, a seven-year-old girl and the boss’ beloved daughter.


This responsibility is intended to teach Tooru the true meaning of accountability for another life. Initially, Tooru and Yaeka struggle to connect due to their contrasting personalities. Tooru grapples with his lack of knowledge in communicating with children, while Yaeka finds it difficult to express her emotions.


Yet, as they spend more time together, they gradually develop a mutual understanding, transcending their differences.



35. Twittering Birds Never Fly


Twittering Birds Never Fly


In this tale, Yashiro, a member of the yakuza, has only ever harboured affection for Kageyama. However, everything changes when he encounters Doumeki Chikara, his newly assigned bodyguard, and learns about Doumeki’s impotence.


Despite this revelation, Yashiro and Doumeki develop a deep bond. Yashiro possesses traits of being masochistic, provocative, and captivating, whereas Doumeki is reserved, socially awkward, and impotent. The narrative chronicles their intertwined journey as Yashiro, who has never tasted happiness, discovers a previously unknown aspect of himself through his connection with Doumeki.


Simultaneously, Doumeki undergoes a transformation as he gets to know Yashiro, leading to his own personal rebirth.



36. Akagi




Amidst the familiar backdrop of mahjong games enjoyed by families and friends, the game’s darker side unfolds in the shadows of society. Nangou, a compulsive gambler drowning in a staggering debt of three million yen, takes a desperate gamble to erase his financial burden.


He challenges the mafia to a life-or-death mahjong match, but as the game progresses, Nangou’s prospects darken, bringing him closer to his demise. In a surprising turn, Shigeru Akagi, a young fugitive evading the authorities, bursts into the game parlour.


Nangou, clutching at hope, imparts his mahjong knowledge to Akagi and hands him the reins. The mafia, initially smug, soon realizes that Akagi possesses an extraordinary talent for gambling and harbours no fear of death.



37. My Bride is a Mermaid


My Bride is a Mermaid


During his summer vacation, Nagasumi Michishio, a middle school student, visits the Seto Inland Sea. While swimming at Mio Sun Beach, Nagasumi suffers a leg cramp and begins to drown with no one nearby to help.


Just as he’s about to lose consciousness, a mermaid appears and saves him. That night, the mermaid, named Sun Seto, reveals herself as a member of a yakuza mermaid family.


According to mermaid law, if a human discovers a mermaid’s true identity, the mermaid must be executed. To spare Sun’s life, Nagasumi is given an ultimatum: marry Sun or face death at her father’s hand.


Reluctantly, Nagasumi agrees to marry her, and they must keep their marriage a secret while navigating the challenges of living with a yakuza family.



38. My Home Hero


My Home Hero


Tetsuo Tosu, an ordinary salaryman, is devastated when he discovers that his daughter, Reika, has suffered physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Matori Nobuto. In his quest to protect Reika, Tetsuo uncovers a sinister plan orchestrated by Matori to extort money from her wealthy grandparents.


Shockingly, Tetsuo also learns that Matori is a member of a notorious crime syndicate known for murdering his previous girlfriends. Fueled by a combination of rage and fear for his daughter’s safety, Tetsuo takes drastic action and kills Nobuto.


With the support of his wife, Kasen, they meticulously dispose of the body. However, as the syndicate begins to question Nobuto’s sudden disappearance, Tetsuo and Kasen must join forces to ensure their daughter’s well-being and prevent her from becoming entangled in the escalating peril.



39. Sanctuary




After surviving the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge massacres in Cambodia, two individuals forge a solemn agreement to find a place of refuge, prepared to create it themselves if required.


Upon their return to Japan, their paths diverge: one enters the realm of politics, while the other immerses themselves in the criminal underworld. As Asami and Houjou navigate the intricate landscapes of politics and crime in modern-day Japan, they exhibit a willingness to employ any means necessary to protect their positions and uphold their shared commitment.


Bound by loyalty solely to each other, their friendship becomes increasingly strained as they rise within their chosen spheres, testing their unwavering dedication to one another.



40. Wolverine




After discovering the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend, Mariko Yashida, a year ago, Logan is devastated when he receives alarming news that she has been forcibly taken to Tokyo by her own father, Shingen.


As the head of a notorious Japanese criminal syndicate and a supplier for AIM, Shingen’s actions ignite an unyielding determination in Logan to journey to Japan and rescue Mariko, regardless of the risks involved.


Fueled by his unwavering resolve, Logan sets off on a treacherous and uncertain path, ready to confront formidable challenges along the way. With unwavering determination, he confronts the seedy underworld of Tokyo, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Mariko’s safety and reunite with her.



41. Heaven’s Memo Pad


Heaven’s Memo Pad


At first glance, Narumi Fujishima appears to be an ordinary high school student, but his pessimistic nature and outsider status set him apart from his peers. Constantly transferring schools due to his father’s job, he has never managed to find a sense of belonging.


However, his life takes a sudden turn when he reluctantly joins the gardening club and encounters Ayaka Shinozaki, a cheerful classmate. Through Ayaka, Narumi meets Alice, a genius hacker who lives above a ramen shop where Ayaka works.


To Narumi’s surprise, Alice runs a unique private detective agency comprised of individuals known as “NEETs” (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).



42. Otohime Connection


Otohime Connection


This special adaptation unravels, drawing inspiration from Ooya Kazumi’s manga published in Betsukomi Flower Comics. The narrative revolves around an all-male pop group who unexpectedly find themselves operating as detectives.


However, their once-serene existence is disrupted when a haunting past resurfaces, bringing forth a new set of challenges in the present. Amidst this turmoil, the agency’s charming female member becomes the unfortunate target of a kidnapping, thrusting the group into a race against time to rescue her.


As they embark on this mission, they are forced to confront the unresolved traumas from their collective history, making their journey even more poignant and impactful. A great show to look forward to.



43. Offering My Virginity To A Gangster


Offering My Virginity To A Gangster


In an effort to conquer her shyness, Nagisa, a 26-year-old office worker who has yet to delve into romantic experiences, sets off on a transformative journey. Along the way, she serendipitously encounters Sazanami, a yakuza member.


Their paths intertwine in a profound manner, leading to a night where Nagisa and Sazanami share a unique connection. This pivotal moment becomes the catalyst for a blossoming romance between them, as they navigate the complexities of their newfound relationship.


A rather unconventional way to showcase the Yakuza theme but hey, everything new should always be tried.



44. Stop!! Hibari-kun!


Stop!! Hibari-kun!


Following the loss of his mother, a young teenage boy takes up residence in the home of his mother’s departed friend. Coincidentally, this household happens to be the dwelling of a Yakuza family, blessed with four incredibly beautiful daughters.


However, an unexpected revelation arises amidst this scenario: Hibari, one of the daughters, stands out as the most captivating despite being biologically male. As Hibari’s fondness for our protagonist becomes apparent, their shared path leads them on a vibrant and exhilarating adventure, as they navigate the complexities of their unique lives hand in hand.


A renowned anime in the industry, known for its entertainment factor.



45. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan


Ikoku Irokoi Romantan


On a luxurious cruise ship, Ranmaru, the heir of a prominent Japanese yakuza clan, enters into a marriage that is nothing more than a charade. However, the course of the evening takes a surprising twist when an intoxicated Ranmaru finds himself spending the night intimately with the alluring ship captain instead of his intended bride.


Destiny plays its hand when these two individuals cross paths again in Italy, igniting a profound and passionate love story that is set to unfold. Another anime with an amazing plot that revolves around the Yakuza theme of our list.



46. Kasei Yakyoku


Kasei Yakyoku


Taking place in the old Tokyo of August-September 1923 (Showa 12), this story captures the contrasting facets of the city. It portrays a society where the past meets the present, the rich coexist with the poor, and goodness confronts wickedness.


Within this setting, a woman from an affluent family becomes infatuated with a handsome young man named Taka. Alongside his younger brother, who is involved with the Yakuza, Taka finds himself drawn into a complicated alliance.


The lady’s maid, Sara, also encounters Taka, leading to a conflict that promises to end in tragedy, passion, and dishonour. Meanwhile, as time progresses, the narrative approaches a devastating event—the unforgettable day of September 1, 1923.



47. Emblem Take 2


Emblem Take 2


In the year 1983, in Shinjuku, Akutsu Jouji, a member of the Kaeda Yakuza gang, experiences a humiliating defeat against a university cheering squad. This defeat triggers a series of unfortunate events in Jouji’s life, leading to a decade of despair.


However, in 1993, his friend is instructed to kill him, prompting Jouji to escape and ultimately end his own life. To his surprise, when Jouji awakens, he finds himself transported back to 1983, right before the decisive fight with the university students.


With ten additional years of memories and knowledge, Jouji uses his newfound wisdom and determination to triumph over university students. Inspired by this opportunity, he resolves to wear a symbolic gold emblem as he embarks on a fresh start, determined to reshape his life.



48. Meisou-Ou Border


Meisou-Ou Border


Kubota, a naive and inexperienced person, and Hachisuka, a charismatic and good-looking individual, form an unconventional pair. They coincidentally meet in a Middle Eastern desert and later reunite in Japan, embarking on an extraordinary journey filled with unconventional choices.


Their escapades kick off with their involvement in questionable television ventures, where they find themselves landing roles in the creation of fraudulent documentaries. Together, Kubota and Hachisuka navigate through this unorthodox path, facing both challenges and opportunities, as they seek to carve out their own unique way in life.


That’s what the anime is all about.



49. Shura ga Yuku


Shura ga Yuku


Another Yakuza anime that is based on a Yakuza drama manga which was created by Kawabe Yuu and Yamaguchi Masato. The series uses all the conventional Yakuza plots and gives us an anime that highlights the details of any captivating Yakuza story and dives deep into it.



50. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Storm Breaks


Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Storm Breaks


With a rather unconventional take on the Yakuza theme, our first anime on the list is Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Storm Breaks. Yashiro, the president of the Shinseikai Enterprise, lives a double life, indulging in deviant and masochistic tendencies.


With the arrival of Doumeki Chikara as his bodyguard, a distinct connection forms between the two men, characterized by a mix of intense emotions, hidden longings, and unspoken desires.



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