Top 25 Best My Hero Academia Villains

top 25 best my hero academia villains


My Hero Academia is a new-gen banger that gained a massive audience right from the get-go.


And while there can be countless reasons for the success of this show, the characters are some of the most important ones for sure.


However, while I have made a list of the best characters, that list is filled with a majority of heroes.


And as you all know, My Hero Academia also deals with a ton of great villains as well.


Therefore, today, we will be taking a look at the bad guys and enriching our evil with the Best MHA Villains.


So grab your favourite pendant, lie down on your couch, and dive deep into the realm of evil.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. All For One


all for one


In a world where eccentricities are everything, being able to steal someone’s individuality and make it your own would be quite meta.


And that’s exactly what makes “All For One” so devastating. He is the main antagonist of the series, and his quirk allows him to take someone else’s quirk and use it of his own accord.


However, his menace doesn’t stop there. His quirk also allows him to give someone else a quirk that he has.


And with such amazing power under his control, All For One becomes the biggest threat in the realm of My Hero Academia.


One For All was created with the intent of putting an end to All For One. And that’s why he is such a monster for the series. 


Just his presence in the anime is enough to make anyone realize how capable he is. And as the story continues, his plans start to become more and more complex and clever. 




2. Tomura Shigaraki


tomura shigaraki


Tomura Shigaraki is one of the lead characters in the series and is often considered one of those characters in anime capable of leaving a lasting impact on viewers.


Just like most anime villains, he also went through hell in his past. And it is because of that past that he ended up as detrimental as he is.


However, to make his character even more interesting, he seems to be sharing blood relations with All Might’s teacher, Nana Shimura.


This is why his being a villain and going against society adds more sentimental and emotional value to the overall story that this character has to portray. His quirk can disintegrate anything he touches, which involves his opponent’s face.


And oh boy! Soon enough, he gets so powerful that his abilities far exceed anything that we have seen so far. This man is bound to make this world go insane. And that’s why he is placed here. 




3. Dabi




Now we have Dabi. He is one of the major villains in the show whose quirk is Blue Fire.


However, he is most well-known for his relationship with the Todoroki family. It is said that Dabi is Touya Todoroki.


Soon enough, the series does prove this connection with an all-out arc that highlights the fact that Dabi is in fact part of the Todoroki family. 


And that’s how his personality came to be so charismatic and charming. Just like most villains in the show, he joined the League by following Stain’s ideology.


And this fact acts as the foundation for this character’s principles, objectives, and activities. All in all, it’s a great monster to deal with.




4. Toga Himiko


Toga Himiko


Toga Himiko is a fan favourite when it comes to villains. She is part of the League of Villains and is known for her assistance to the overall series.


While characters like Dabi haven’t been all that lively in terms of direct contact with our main cast, Toga has gone head-to-head against them multiple times.


And this is why she gets a lot of screen time and has interpersonal relationships with them.


Moreover, her quirk allows her to transform into any character using their blood. That’s right, if she has your blood, she can alter herself into you.


And if there’s a ton of blood from your body in her hands, she can also copy your quirk, your voice, and your aura very well.


This makes her a menacing miscreant in a fight.



5. Stain




This character acted as the foundation for every single villain in the initial segments of the show.


And that’s why he’s ranked so high on this list. Stain is one of the lead characters in the show, and only looking at him as a villain would be kind of incorrect.


He is an antihero who is against the Hero System that selects heroes in the realm of My Hero Academia.


This man singlehandedly made the entire series have a bunch of new villains. However, that wasn’t his objective. His objective was to change the rigged hero profession system. 


He always admired and respected ‘All Might,’ because, according to him, All Might is the only hero who deserves to be.



6. Twice




With a past so tragic yet relatable, we have Twice.


He is one of the side characters in the show who happens to be part of the league as well.


He is known for his capability to create multiple individuals from himself. And these individuals will have various personality traits from the original body of Twice.


However, what makes him even better is the fact that he has gone through unreal despair and discomfort before being as hilarious as he is.


If you removed his mask, his head would start to split. And it is then that we realize how troublesome he can be.


He keeps on smiling while abiding by the most brutal pain in the world. It seems relatable, right?



7. Gentle Criminal


Gentle Criminal


Gentle Criminal is one of the notable villains from the latest seasons of My Hero Academia and is known for being quite lively on social media.


The purpose of Gentle was to ensure the world knew of him.


And while he has his reasons for that, he ensured there were different and unique ways of achieving this fame.


His first appearance took place in the Cultural Festival Arc, and in that entire arc, he was the only villain to be dealt with.


His quirk allows him to bend and manipulate anything he touches. And his skills make him quite a formidable opponent.


However, Deku still manages to take him with his quirk and finally gets the best out of this trickster.



8. Gigantomachia




This monster wasn’t born. He was created. And he was created by none other than Dr Daruma. Gigantomachia is said to be one of the minor antagonists in the show. However, he is not a minor in size.


He hasn’t faced off with our main character yet. However, when he does, he will annihilate everyone he goes up against.


According to the series’ narrative, Gigantomachia is a gift from All For One to Shigaraki as his successor.


However, Shigaraki must win Gigantomachia’s trust to gain control over him. And in the final segment of the show, he manages to barely do so.


And once he does, oh boy! Things get back in control very quickly. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Gigantomachia is name that must be remembered by anyone who has watched My Hero Academia. 



9. Overhaul




This man is beyond scary when it comes to a battle. And so, his excellence just can’t be ignored.


An overhaul is one of the main villains in the realm of My Hero Academia and acted as the major antagonist for the majority of the 4th season.


His quirk allows him to exploit the physical structure of any object he touches using his hands.


And this quirk is very similar to the concept of alchemy present in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


He was part of the Shie Hassaikai and acted as the successor leader of the same.


Therefore, his importance to the group and the overall storyline was insane. And his battle against Deku was one of the most beautiful fights in the entire series.



10. La Brava




She acts as an assistant to the Gentle Criminal. And the way she deals with that is quite fascinating and healthy.


She is one of the side villains in the show whose real name is Manami Aiba and also has a second name Loverlover.


She is known to be one of the most crucial characters in the 4th season of the series.


And as a character from the Cultural Festival Arc, she serves as a secondary villain.


She always wanted to support Gentle Criminal and make him the biggest and most popular criminal of his era.


However, Deku managed to get both of them, and so, her dreams were broken. However, she also realized that her evil ways couldn’t be ignored.


Initially, she was just a schoolgirl and as the story progresses, we see a change in her disposition as well.



11. Kurogiri




He is known for being the messenger between the League and our heroes. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he can be a threat on the battlefield.


Kurogiri is one of the main characters in the show, and his personality is quite skilled.


It was later divulged in the show that he was Eraser Head and Present Mic’s long-lost friend.


That’s right, Kurogiri is Oboro Shirakumo, who was slain during his internship. And his soul was twisted and used to make Kurogiri.


Later on, it was confirmed that Kurogiri was a Nomu who was mutated from the remains of Oboro.


And as the show progresses, this fact gets cemented when Eraser Head and Present Mic talk with him.



12. Mr Compress


Mr. Compress


He managed to pull off something that changed the course of the series forever. Coming from the League of Villains, we have Mr.


Compress. His eccentricity allows him to condense any person into small marble-like balls. And this makes kidnapping quite convenient.


In one of the major arcs of the third season, he performed his quirk on Katsuki Bakugo.


And that gave rise to the Bakugo rescue arc in the show. It was because of his successful event that Bakugo’s character changed forever, and he started to blame himself for All Might’s retirement and closure to his hero powers.


From a narrative standpoint, Mr Compress has done quite a lot as a villain, and that should be admired by the fans.



13. Nine




Although he isn’t from the series, he is still an extremely influential and impactful villain in the show.


Nine is the main antagonist of the movie My Hero Academia Heroes Rising. And his quirk is very similar to that of All For One.


He was an outcast from society who was taken in by Dr Daruma, and so he was given the power that All For One has.


The only difference is that, unlike All for One, he can only store up to 9 quirks in his own body.


And even while he does that, his body will break from the inside. His disease makes him weaker in the series, which is a good thing.


Otherwise, he would have been a completely unreal monster in the movie and, to a point, could have been invincible.



14. Re-Destro




Working as the successor to the mission that Destro laid out, we have Re-Destro. He is one of the major antagonists in the fifth season of My Hero Academia and acts as the leader of the Meta Liberation Army.


And that makes him a villain whose skills are beyond amazing. He can convert his rage and aggression into raw power.


And using that raw power, he goes head-to-head against quite a lot of opponents.


Interestingly enough, Re-Destro wasn’t defeated by a hero. Instead, Tomura Shigaraki took care of him, and so he decided to hand over the entire Meta Liberation Army to him after noticing his passion and focusing on what he wished to achieve.



15. Dr. Kyudai Garaki


Dr. Kyudai Garaki


This character never dared to show up at the front lines. However, what he has done in the background is beyond blame.


Dr Kyudai Garaki is one of the major villains in the series who is known for his insane assistance to the villainous attempts of All For One.


To put it simply, he is the mind behind all the plans that All For One has kept in store.


And he manages the execution of the same. In the latest season of the show, he managed to make Shigaraki into a completely new monster.


And later on, he blessed him with a power so remarkable that his strength levels would go beyond his comprehension.


There’s a reason why he looks like the evilest person in the entire show.



16. Rappa




Rappa is one of the side villains in the show. He appeared in the Shie Hassaikai arc and was quite impactful while on screen.


Just like Stain, calling him a villain would be slightly incorrect since he never deeply wished to cause harm to anyone, as his boss Overhaul did.


Instead, all he wanted was a potent fighter to spar with. And this is why people love Rappa’s character, one way or another.


He went against Kirishima in the 4th season, and that fight is one of the most underrated in the entire franchise.


By referring to Kirishima as a man, Rappa proved his morals and principles were those of an incredible warrior.


And this is why the fandom respects him quite a lot as well.



17. Nomu




This monster first appeared in the first season of the show. And it was during his appearance that the audience realized how drastic the show could get with its themes and narratives.


Nomu is one of the minor antagonists in the show who goes toe-to-toe against All Might while the students of Class 1A are stuck in the training facility.


This makes this character remarkable and popular at the same time. However, Nomu, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t exactly one character.


Instead, it can be called a breed of villains who appear in the show quite a lot of times.


These are mutated beings who have abilities with the intent of destroying villains. And in the anime, they act as the prime weapons for the League of Villains.



18. Flect-Turn




Since the movie hasn’t been popular enough yet, I would try and avoid any sort of spoiler.


But basically, Flect-Turn is one of the major antagonists of the show who takes the lead in the movie titled My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission.


He is the leader of a group known as Humarise. And this group isn’t about a bunch of normal villains.


Not at all. Instead, Humarise is a group of terrorists, and he wishes to use this group to avoid the end of civilization.


He explains the concept of Quirk Doomsday and uses it as a justification for his actions.


His major aim is to take care of all the pro heroes and quirk users to collapse society.



19. Spinner




He may not seem all that menacing at first. However, his actions speak otherwise. Spinner is one of the major antagonists in the show who joined the League of Villains for the sake of making Stain’s dream come true.


He is part of the Vanguard Action Squad, and that makes him a remarkable character from a narrative standpoint.


Moreover, he is also quite popular for his dedication and loyalty toward Stain and the League of Villains.


He is now said to have become a part of the Meta Liberation Army and stands as the lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front.


If you ask me, it’s a well-known position.



20. Muscular




This man is evil. And when I say evil, I mean pure evil. Muscular is one of the side villains from the series who was part of the League of Villains and served as one of the members of the Vanguard Action Squad.


However, his presence in the anime reached far beyond that. His quirk allows him to expand his muscles and enhance his physical capabilities to the point that his strength becomes immeasurable.


To put it simply, he can become so strong that his body becomes somewhat invincible.


And it is because of this deadly quirk that he has that he manages to bear all the attacks from Deku even when he uses 100% of One For All.


However, in the end, he was taken care of when Deku used 1 million percent.



21. High-End




This nomu caused absolute havoc in the city. And his appearance created the fear that the league needed to assert its dominance.


High-End Nomu is one of the minor antagonists of the show who was a human before he became the misery he did.


He became part of the League of Villains and was later on transformed into a subspecies of Nomu called the High End, which allowed him to have communication and intelligence in place.


This was a massive victory for the League of Villains because, from here on, every single Nomu will be beyond incredible in terms of danger.


And it took a ton of effort from the number one hero, Endeavour, to take care of this beast.



22. Chronostasis




Chronostasis is one of the minor antagonists in the series and is known to be the right-hand man for Overhaul.


He is a man who has done the unthinkable and changed the course of the series forever.


How? Well, because he shot our boy Mirio and took away his quirk. He was the one who assisted Overhaul in his attempt to bring back the Yakuza.


And so, he was also the one who was quite dominant in the Shie Hassaikai group.


In the anime, Chronostasis is shown to be quite loyal to Overhaul, and he stood his ground until the very end for that man.


Therefore, despite being a villain, he has his fair share of good things to bring to the table if the situation calls for it.



23. Nemoto




This man is known to be one of the most loyal beings to Overhaul. And has proven his value more than once.


He is one of the minor antagonists in the show, and as someone who loves to serve, he has been quite entertaining.


Nemoto is a con artist whose quirk is also in coherence with his capabilities. His quirk is called “Confession,” which, just as the name suggests, makes the user confess to him regarding anything he asks for.


This quirk may not seem all that powerful at first. However, when they both get together, Nemoto uses his quirk in an extremely clever way to con his opponents and make them confess to things that he wants.


This is what makes him so remarkable in the show.



24. Mustard




He can make you fall asleep without breaking a sweat. This is what makes Mustard so remarkable.


He is one of the minor antagonists in the show whose quirk is named Gas.


This quirk allows him to release a gas that makes his opponents fall asleep. The catch here is that Mustard himself is not immune to his attack.


Therefore, his attire includes him wearing a mask that protects him from falling asleep.


And this is why Mustard happens to be a bit of a hurdle villain in the show.


He is shown to have a bit of jealousy toward UA High Academy students and the way society treats them.



25. Geten




Geten is one of the minor antagonists in the show whose character has appeared fairly recently in the show.


His villain name is Iceman, and his rank as a villain is known to be B.


Furthermore, he is quite captivating as a person; however, because his face is not properly shown, he appears to be a rather enigmatic individual.


His quirk is quite useful in the sense of battle. He is known for being extremely problematic for the league when they were against the liberation army.


All in all, he is a great villain in situations where the opponent isn’t a fire user like Todoroki.


And the prowess that Geten has in fighting against his enemies is just insane. There’s a reason why he was able to hold his own against Dabi.



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