Let The Right One In Season 2: Everything We Know So Far



Based on the bestselling 2004 novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist and its 2008 Swedish feature film adaptation of the same name, Let the Right One In tells the story of Mark, a single father who goes to extreme lengths to protect his beloved daughter Eleanor, who turned into a vampire about ten years ago.


Even though we are familiar with the story, the show’s new setting and warm approach to the tale make it worth seeing. Mark does everything he can to find a cure for his girl who’s been stuck at the age of 12 ever since she turned into a vamp.


Needless to say, their complex situation has forced them to be on the run for the better part of Eleanor’s life. Now, they seem to have found a haven in New York City, where the little girl chances upon and bonds with a 12-year-old boy, Isiah.


Sooner than later, Mark gets in touch with scientist Claire Logan and requests her to help find the cure for vampirism to make life a little less difficult for his daughter.


As you’d have guessed, there are plenty of compelling bloody sequences in the series. However, it derives its strength from the father-daughter bond it strives to showcase. That being said, things continue to be rough out there in the world of streaming, for several acclaimed shows have been cancelled despite having a strong debut season.


Unfortunately, Let the Right One In was also added to the list by Showtime and its future remains uncertain to date. Let’s wait and see if there’s any hope for its revival in the near future.




Official Announcement Of Let The Right One In Season 2


If you’re someone who liked the series and was hoping for it to continue, we’ve got some bad news for you. Showtime has opted out of renewing Let the Right One In for the second season.


While some people believe that the stakeholders might not be too happy with the ratings, others state that the decision is the outcome of Showtime getting integrated into Paramount+. However, it is imperative to mention that the horror drama has been cancelled only at Showtime.


So, if its makers really do want to revive the show for another season with a strong storyline, they certainly can pitch the idea to other networks. But, as of now, the show remains cancelled with little to no chance of a revival.


Allow us to tell you that along with Let the Right One In, Showtime will also no longer be moving forward with shows such as Three Women and American Gigolo.


The decision to not go ahead with these projects has come under the guidance of new exec Chris McCarthy. Now, it seems like the creators of the aforementioned programs have no option but to shop them on other networks.




Previous Season And Episodes Of Let The Right One In


Let the Right One In, which is based on a Swedish novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, introduces us to a father-daughter duo who seems to be battling a rather complex issue.


The daughter, Eleanor, has turned into a vampire years ago and the father, Mark, is doing everything he possibly can to find a cure to make her human again. Indeed, the man is willing to cross any line, as dark as it may be.


Due to their precarious situation, they are forced to move to different places more often than not. The show stars Demian Bichir as Mark Kane and Madison Taylor Baez as Eleanor, his daughter.


Other cast members include actors such as Anika Noni Rose, Grace Gummer, Ian Foreman, Nick Stahl, Jacob Buster, and Kevin Carroll. Even though the finale of the debut season was twisty, leaving the core audience asking for more, the show has still not been renewed for another season.


Sure, Showtime may have decided not to go ahead with the program, but creator and showrunner Andrew Hinderaker thinks the story has plenty of life left. In the first season, the episodes that manage to stand out are What’s Done in the Dark, Monster, More Than You’ll Ever Know, Broken Glass, and Or Stay and Die.


There are a total of ten episodes in the show, each with a runtime of 45-59 minutes.




Where To Watch Let The Right One In


Let The Right One In is available for streaming on Crave in Canada. However, the show is not available for free streaming on any platform in the United States of America and the United Kingdom right now.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Let The Right One In Season 2


There is no denying the fact that Let the Right One In is a psychological thriller and supernatural drama that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Since the show is far from typical, its audience was always going to be a tad niche.


That is one reason why the first season may not have been able to amass remarkable numbers on Showtime. While the program comprised Mark as a devoted father willing to go all out to take care of his daughter, it is tough to measure if the audience was able to feel devoted towards the story.


Going by the Google trends data analysis of its potential second season, it is clear that Let the Right One In hasn’t been able to intrigue a large number of viewers.


The data reveals that people have not really been waiting for the second season to release, for the search trends related to the same have quite literally hit rock bottom.


We can’t stress that this is entirely surprising since supernatural dramas often cease to fetch popularity among the masses. The search trends and the viewer ratings could be the reasons the show is being shopped to other potential homes.


So, if at all it continues, it may be renewed elsewhere for another season.



Social Media Engagement For Let The Right One In Season 2


It’s quite clear now that Let the Right One In will not be renewed despite having a strong first season. However, it’s not the only show that has got the axe at the network.


While it is understandable that cancellations are a part of making television, it is tough to digest a series being cut short immediately after the first season; especially if it opened to critical acclaim.


Now that the second season of Let the Right One In will not see the light of day again, some people have expressed their disappointment over the network’s decision on social media platforms.


On Reddit, some users have claimed that the show managed to hold its own despite being inspired by a well-received novel. Matter of fact, a handful of users are even open to sending emails to the parent network of the program to tell them that there are people out there who have been waiting for it to continue.


You’ll be surprised to learn that some users have even decided not to start a series if it’s bound to be cancelled after just one season. Likewise, on X (previously Twitter), there were a couple of people expressing their “extreme disappointment” in Showtime for not renewing Let the Right One In for another season.



Expected Plot Of Let The Right One In Season 2


Let the Right One In is another on-screen adaptation of the novel of the same title. However, the program is slightly different from the previous takes on this story. We say so because the series finds new narrative ground that is heart-wrenching, to say the least.


On the contrary, the previous screen versions of the tale were mainly about showcasing how the young girl managed to form connections while dealing with vampirism. That being said, Showtime has gone on to announce that there’s not going to be a second season of the dramatic thriller.


However, if a second instalment ever goes into production, it can show just how far Mark was willing to go for his child. We could have seen if there is a potential for a treatment or a cure for Eleanor’s ceaseless blood lust.


If yes, many steps and obstacles to the cure could have been introduced to make the show even more dramatic and appealing. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely now since the program has been called off entirely by its parent network.



Top Characters In Let The Right One In


Several actors come together to form the cast of the latest reworking of Let The Right One In on Showtime. Needless to say, they have all done a good job of playing the following characters:


1. Mark Kane

Mark Kane


Actor Demián Bichir, who has a history of playing a successful father, plays Mark Kane in Let The Right One In. As a doting dad, he not only tries his best to procure human blood for his vampire daughter but also ensures that they keep changing places from time to time in order to not let anyone suspect them.


2. Eleanor



Madison Taylor Baez may be relatively new to acting, but her performance in Let the Right One In doesn’t make you feel that. The young girl, who first made an impression as a singing contestant on America’s Got Talent, features as the 12-year-old Eleanor in the series.


Her complex character is struggling with her hidden life as a vampire.


3. Naomi



Played by Anika Noni Rose, Naomi is one of the most interesting figures in the story. While she happens to be a homicide detective, she once used to be an able singer.


Needless to say, her career change goes on to tell a lot about her character and the many life choices that she’s made over the years. Even though Anika may not have been able to put her singing abilities on display in Let the Right One, she proved her musical skills as Tiana in the animated romance musical The Princess And The Frog.


4. Claire



Grace Gummer’s Claire portrays a doctor who shares a rather conflicting relationship with her father in the story. We also get to see that the latter happens to be a disgraced figure in the pharmaceutical world.


5. Zeke

Zeke, enacted by Kevin Carroll, is a successful figure in the restaurant business and one of Mark’s closest mates. However, their friendship hits rock bottom as Mark tries to focus more and more on finding a cure for his daughter at all costs.


Carroll is also known for playing one of the main characters in The Leftovers.



Important Crew Members Of Let The Right One In


The following crew members have given their best to ensure that you have a decent time sitting through this supernatural drama.


1. Andrew Hinderaker

The creator of Let the Right One In is Andrew Hinderaker. He happens to be a Resident Playwright of Chicago Dramatists, an ensemble member of the Gift Theatre, and a two-time Jeff Award nominee, respectively.


Allow us to mention that his play, Suicide, Incorporated, premiered at The Gift in 2010, under the direction of Jonathan Berry. It also featured The Gift Co-Founder Michael Patrick Thornton.


2. Seith Mann

Seith Mann is a film and television director who has directed Five Deep Breaths and has gone on to direct for The Wire, Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe over the years.


He has gone on record to state that he wished to become a director after he ended up seeing the Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing.


3. Dan Romer

Dan Romer is a film composer, music producer, and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Aside from providing the score for motion pictures and television shows, the man has also scored the Ubisoft video game Far Cry 5.


Add to that the fact that he has produced music for numerous artists such as A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.


4. Giosuè Greco

Giosuè Greco is an Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has worked on the music of Let the Right One In along with Dan Romer. Besides the mentioned program, he has also provided the music in The Academy Award-winning short film Period. End of Sentence, The Good Doctor, Superman & Lois, and The Space Between.


5. Eric Branco

Eric Branco, who was born in the Bronx, New York City, has taken care of the cinematography department of Let the Right One In. He is also known for his work in projects such as The Forty-Year-Old Version and Clemency.



Shows Similar To Let The Right One In


If you had fun watching Showtime’s Let the Right One In, we are most than sure that these shows are going to be worth your time as well.


1. True Blood

True Blood


The raunchy and dramatic True Blood introduces us to Sookie Stackhouse, who works as a barmaid in Louisiana. While she has the remarkable ability to read people’s minds, her life turns upside down when the vampires residing in her town decide to reveal themselves to the world.


2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a retelling of the young witch Sabrina’s tale. In it, we catch the titular character doing her best to reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, and half-mortal as her 16th birthday inches closer.


At the same time, the girl also has to deal with the wicked forces that threaten her and her family.


3. The Passage

The Passage


In the dramatic thriller series The Passage, we witness Amy becoming a test subject for Project Noah, which is a secret initiative to find a cure for all illnesses. However, Brad, her government escort, decides to come to her rescue by trying to protect her from the scientists’ life-threatening scheme.


4. Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes

Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes


Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes is a thriller program in which a woman tries to keep her family’s funeral home business afloat by sacrificing human lives. Add to that the fact that she has to deal with her insatiable hunger.


5. NOS4A2



The weirdly-titled NOS4A2 takes the pain to get us acquainted with Charlie Manx, an immortal who feeds off the souls of young children. However, he starts to get a taste of his own medicine when his world is disrupted by the supernatural ability of a young woman, named Vic McQueen.


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