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Britannia, a British-American historical fantasy drama, is set in the year 43 AD, when the Roman Empire is actively trying to occupy Britain. Created by Jez and Tom Butterworth, the show blends historical fiction with Celtic mythology and supernatural elements, resulting in a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience.


Produced by Sky, Epix, and Amazon Prime Video, Britannia boasts an impressive cast led by Kelly Reilly and David Morrissey. Reilly portrays Kerra, a fierce Celtic warrior queen, while Morrissey embodies the ruthless Roman general Aulus Plautius.


The show’s diverse ensemble also includes Mackenzie Crook, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Eleanor Worthington-Cox, each delivering captivating performances. Britannia’s unique blend of genres garnered critical acclaim for its storytelling and immersive atmosphere. The show’s visuals received praise for their stunning landscapes, elaborate costumes, and hauntingly beautiful depictions of the Celtic underworld.


However, Britannia’s unconventional approach also divided audiences. Some viewers praised its originality and willingness to subvert historical accuracy in favour of a more mythical and symbolic narrative. Others found the pacing slow and the plot convoluted.




Official Announcement of Britannia Season 4


Britannia is a historical fantasy drama created by James Richardson, Jez Butterworth, and Tom Butterworth for Sky Atlantic and Amazon Prime Video. The first season was released on both networks in January 2018. From the second season onward, Amazon Prime Video withdrew its funding, and Sky continued along with Epix as its US partner.


After the second season, the show was renewed for the third season, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, when Britannia season 3 was released in August 2021, the ardent fan worship had cooled down quite a bit.


Coincidentally, Epix was undergoing a rebranding under the ownership of MGM to become MGM+. All these reasons, along with the high production costs of Britannia, resulted in the cancellation of the series by Sky after season 3.


Although season 3 ended with a cliffhanger, Britannia season 4 was cancelled by Sky without any official comment in March 2023. This left fans and followers hoping that any other broadcaster would come forward to pick up the show and renew Britannia season 4.




Previous seasons and episodes of Britannia


The historical fantasy drama Britannia was released on Sky Atlantic on January 18 and on January 26 on Amazon Prime Video. The first season had nine episodes, averaging around 60 minutes each. The average rating for season 1 was 7.4/10 on IMDb.


Britannia season 2 was renewed in March 2018, and it has 10 episodes in it. It was telecast on Sky Atlantic in November 2019. This time around, Amazon Prime Video dropped the series. Britannia season 3 got the green light in January 2020, and this time its US partner was Epix.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was delayed, and season 3 was released in August 2021. After this, everyone was waiting for news on the renewal of Britannia season 4, but in March 2023, Sky cancelled the series without any comments.


The show has a critic rating of 6.9/10 for all three seasons, with season 3 earning the lowest rating.




Where to watch Britannia


All three seasons of Britannia are available on different platforms in different countries. Fans in the USA can stream the show on Fubo TV and MGM+. Viewers in Canada can stream it on the platform Gem.


While in the UK, Britannia is available on Sky.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Britannia Season 4


The TV series Britannia presented historical events in a fictionalised drama that included fantasy themes, with Druids and Celts resisting Roman occupation. This fictionalised drama captured fans and followers, and this was clearly reflected in the Google search trends.


The Britannia series constantly trended on Google, even when the show was not on air. In the past 12 months, the trend has taken a downward turn after Sky announced the cancellation of the show.


This news dashed the hopes of some fans for the renewal of season 4. If we closely observe the trends for Britannia season 4, they have fluctuated dramatically with many peaks and troughs.



Social Media Engagement for Britannia Season 4


On social media, the TV series Britannia registered very low activity. The announcement of the cancellation of the show caused a major spike in volumes and activity. However, Britannia continued to maintain a low profile online.


The search term Britannia season 4 also did not have high volumes. It caused disappointment and sadness among fans when the news broke out.



Expected Plot of the Upcoming Season of Britannia


The plot of the historical fantasy drama of Britannia might be fictionalised to include the myth surrounding druids and the like, but the broad story still follows British history. In accordance with this theory, the series Britannia still had close to 400 years’ worth of factual historical events until the Romans left Britain.


At the end of Britannia season 3, Cait, the Celtic woman from the Cantii tribe, is betrayed by her mentor. There are more hexes, possessions, visions, and demons in the third season. But we can see that all the Britannic tribes will be united only under the mythical Spear of Silver Dawn.


In this scenario, Britannia Season 4 will continue the quest for the powerful spear. As shown in one of the visions of the druid, Divis, Cait could end up in Rome with Aulus. So, she could work towards the destruction of Rome from within the empire.


Another plot line for season 4 would also have to concentrate on the wipeout of the Druids, which further scattered the Celtic tribes and strengthened Roman occupation.



Important Characters of Britannia


1. Aulus Plautius

Aulus Plautius


David Morrissey portrays Aulus Plautius, the iron fist of Britain. He is merciless, ambitious, and motivated by an unshakeable faith in the potential of the conquest to make Britain into a civilised society.


He is the epitome of Rome. Plautius, a seasoned commander wounded in previous conflicts, sees the Britons as barbarians who must be subdued. His strategies are harsh; he uses fear and crucifixion as instruments to strengthen Roman rule.


However, beneath the tough façade lies a man tormented by grief and the sacrifices his ambition has forced. Plautius battles inner demons, a weakness that shows more and more in the face of resistance from the Brits.


Aulus Plautius is a multifaceted antagonist who is a guy caught in the traps of history as well as a parody of Roman cruelty.


2. Cait



Cait is a firebrand in Britannia. A young Cantii woman, who was sold as a child bride, is thrust into the midst of the Roman invasion by accident. When the exiled Druid Divis saves her, Cait ignites with a renewed sense of purpose.


Despite her wild and impetuous nature, she possesses a secret strength manifested in her visions and cryptic statements. Cait becomes a bridge between realms as a result of being torn between the customs of her tribe and the prophecy that foreshadows her fate.


She faces the brutal general Plautius, makes her way through Druid forests and Roman camps, and picks up magic skills. Cait struggles with love, loss, and the weight of being the one chosen.


Cait embodies the essence of disobedience; her struggle for liberty is emblematic and very personal.


3. Divis/The Outcast

Divis/The Outcast


Divis wanders the periphery of Britannia. He’s an outcast Druid who has strange visions and is shunned for his unconventional behaviour and outlandish statements. Nevertheless, there is a strong charm lurking beyond the madness’s surface.


Divis appears to be insane, yet he has a very important purpose. Divis believes he is on a mysterious mission and searches for answers to his catastrophic visions. He finds the Cantii warrior Cait and saves her from the Roman flames.


Their paths cross, with Divis taking on the role of mentor and guardian, his power keeping her safe. Divis is a wildcard in Britannia’s game of power and destiny, but he also holds the key to prophecies and hidden routes, despite his frequent obscurity.


4. Veran



Veran is regarded as a complicated conundrum in Britannia. He is the mysterious leader of the Druids, endowed with both political shrewdness and magical might. Even with his calm exterior, Veran’s eyes sparkle like a snake, and his words are mysterious.


He controls fate by arranging sacrifices and rituals and using death as a tool. Veran’s allegiance is to the survival of the Druidic order, not to specific people, even if that means sacrificing monarchs or using Cait as a pawn.


As a skilled negotiator, he skillfully navigates the perilous terrain of Roman occupation and tribal conflicts, causing uncertainty and amazement in his wake. Britannia’s storm-brewer, Veran, is a formidable character whose exact intentions are still hidden in the mists around the island.


5. Phelan



Phelan balances ambition and allegiance in Britannia. As the heir to the Cantii tribe, he finds himself torn between the harsh reality of the Roman invasion and his cunning wife Amena, as well as his vindictive father.


Phelan’s courteous demeanour belies a smouldering rage as he struggles to balance respecting his history with appeasing Rome. He wants to restore his ancestral territories, but he is a worrier and is frequently outwitted by more crafty players.


The tragedy of Phelan is that he always finds himself being manipulated, despite his persistent need for control. He is the troubled spirit of Britain, a prince pining for a throne he may never win.



Important Crew Members of Britannia


1. Creators: Jez and Tom Butterworth

Britannia boasts two creators, the brothers Jez and Tom Butterworth. Jez, the elder, is a renowned playwright and screenwriter, having won Olivier Awards and Tony Awards for his critically acclaimed plays like “Jerusalem” and “Mojo.” He’s also written screenplays for films like “Ford vs.


Ferrari” and “Edge of Tomorrow.” Tom, while less visible publicly, co-authored several of Jez’s plays, “Ashes to Ashes,” “Hustle,” “Silent Witness,” etc. Together, the Butterworth brothers breathed life into Britannia’s unique blend of history, myth, and drama, solidifying their place as innovative storytellers on both stage and screen.


2. Directors: Luke Watson, Rob Savage

Britannia doesn’t have a single director overseeing the entire series. Instead, each episode boasts a different director’s talent, bringing their own vision and flair to the show’s diverse landscapes and characters. Some notable directors who helmed episodes include:Luke Watson: He is an award-winning director who worked in “Holby City,” “Shameless,” etc.


Rob Savage: He is the multi-award-winning director of “Host,” “Dawn of the Deaf,” etc. Joasia Goldyn: She has worked on projects such as “Suffragette,” “A Town Called Malice,” etc. This diverse team of directors ensures a fresh perspective for each episode, keeping Britannia visually engaging and dynamically shifting to match the evolving narrative and character arcs.


3. Writers: Jez and Tom Butterworth, and more

The series boasts a talented writing team, including renowned historical fiction author Jez Butterworth himself, known for his award-winning plays like “Jerusalem” and “Mojo.” Other esteemed writers include Mackenzie Crook (“Detectorists”), Tom Butterworth (“Ashes to Ashes”), and Richard McBrien (“Merlin”), who each contributed their unique storytelling expertise to different episodes.


So, while Britannia doesn’t have one singular writer as some shows do, it benefits from a diverse and well-established team of creative minds, each bringing their own flavour to the tapestry of the show.


4. Music: Neil Davidge

Neil Davidge is the most well-known composer who worked on Britannia’s soundtrack for all three of its seasons. Under his direction, the original scores for seasons two and three were composed of music that is just as complex and varied as the program.


Imagine eerie Celtic melodies that are mingled with throbbing electronic beats, reflecting the conflict between antiquated customs and contemporary sensibilities. Entrancing chanting and tribal drumming blend with lush orchestral flourishes to take you right into the centre of Britannia’s legendary realm.


Davidge’s music does more than just fill in the background; it actively directs the story, building suspense, enhancing emotional resonance, and giving the show an unearthly depth. Thus, Britannia’s music is a vivid tapestry of sound, fusing organic and synthetic, modern and ancient, to produce a genuinely immersive and singular auditory experience.


5. Cinematography: Balazs Bolygo, Ollie Downey, and Si Bell

The TV series Britannia had a team of cinematographers. They include Balazs Bolygo, Ollie Downey, Si Bell, and more. Ollie Downey is known for his work in series like “Temple,” “Silo,” etc. Si Bell has displayed a distinctive visual style in “Britannia,” combining lush landscapes with gritty, atmospheric lighting to capture the mystical and historical elements of the show.


His work often involves dynamic camera movements and inventive framing, contributing to the series’ immersive and otherworldly feel. Balazs Bolygo is a BAFTA-nominated cameraman who worked on projects like “World War Z,” “Me Before You,” “Centurion,” etc.



Similar shows to Britannia


1. Domina



“Domina” is a historical drama series that follows the life of Livia Drusilla, the influential and ambitious Roman empress. Released in 2021, the show provides a gripping portrayal of Livia’s journey from a young girl witnessing political turmoil to becoming the formidable wife of Emperor Augustus.


With an emphasis on power dynamics, political intrigue, and familial relationships, “Domina” explores the complexities of ancient Roman society. The series is praised for its strong performances, particularly by Kasia Smutniak in the lead role, as well as its lush production design and attention to historical detail, offering viewers a compelling and immersive trip back to ancient Rome.


You can stream the show on Fubo TV and MGM+.


2. Celtics



Celtics (2022–present) paints a bold fantasy picture through the lens of Celtic mythology. It promises to portray the clash between powerful Celtic gods and the encroaching Roman Empire. Imagine epic battles between thunder gods and Roman legions, magical prophecies intertwined with political intrigue, and ancient Celtic folklore brought to life. “Celtics” delivers a unique mythological epic unlike anything on mainstream television.


Despite the unknowns, “Celtics” is a visually stunning and culturally rich exploration of Celtic mythology.


3. Frontier



Frontier (2016–2018) plunges you into the brutal fur trade wars of 18th-century Canada. Declan Harp, a half-Cree, half-Irish outlaw, leads a rebellion against the ruthless Hudson’s Bay Company’s monopoly. Expect gritty action as Declan navigates treacherous alliances, hunts for fortune, and clashes with the company’s iron-fisted Lord Benton.


Stunning wilderness landscapes clash with fur-trading posts and Native villages, while political intrigue, forbidden romance, and revenge simmer beneath the surface. Buckle up for a wild ride where loyalty is fleeting and survival demands cunning.


Follow the series on Netflix.


4. Knightfall



In 12th-century France, Knightfall unveils the Templar Knights’ twilight hour. Landry du Lauzon, a disillusioned warrior, rediscovers faith after witnessing the Holy Grail, reigniting the Templars’ waning purpose. But their glory masks perilous secrets and mounting tensions with King Philip IV.


Brutal battles clash with intricate palace intrigue as papal decrees condemn the Templars, igniting a race against time to protect the Grail and their sacred oath. Landry wrestles with doubt, loyalty, and forbidden love, while betrayal lurks within their own ranks.


Will the Templars fall with grace or crumble under persecution? Knightfall’s explosive finale answers in a blaze of faith, fury, and fallen stars. Stream the series on Apple TV.


5. The White Queen

The White Queen


The White Queen’s crown is stained with blood and tears. In 15th-century England, Elizabeth Woodville, a beautiful commoner, ascends to the throne through a whirlwind romance with King Edward IV.


Facing ruthless power struggles, forbidden love triangles, and the War of the Roses, Elizabeth navigates a treacherous court where family is weaponized and alliances shift like sand. Through Elizabeth’s cunning and resilience, witness the rise and fall of kings, the machinations of scheming Dukes, and the whispers of witchcraft and prophecy.


The White Queen paints a vivid tapestry of York and Lancaster battles, royal betrayals, and the fierce fight for survival in a kingdom ruled by ambition and shadows. Follow the series on Amazon Prime Video.


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