Obliterated Season 2: Everything We Know So Far



Obliterated is a Netflix series that was launched on November 30th, 2023. It is a series with high-octane action and comedy debauchery. The series is the brainchild of the Cobra Kai trio, Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Heald.


The series is about an elite special forces team that rushes headfirst into Las Vegas to defuse a nuclear threat. But after a victory-fueled bender, they discover the bomb was a decoy – the real one ticking away.


After that, hangovers collide with hijinks as the intoxicated team scrambles to save the city. Obliterated’s success lies in its unique blend of adrenaline-pumping action and laugh-out-loud humour, all sprinkled with Vegas glitz and a dash of poignant character moments.


Fans lauded the show’s sharp writing, energetic performances, and skilful balance of genres. Whether you’re a fan of explosive shootouts or witty banter, Obliterated offers a refreshing cocktail of entertainment, proving that even heroes get hangovers too.




Official Announcement On Obliterated Season 2


Obliterated is an action-comedy series that was created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the famous (or rather, the infamous) trio behind Netflix’s Cobra Kai. The show was a sleeper hit as no one expected the show to be a success.


In fact, pundits panned the show as a mindless hodgepodge of brutality, raunchiness, sloppy characters, and half-baked plots. They simply pegged the series as a ‘Hangover meets action movies’ genre.


However, audiences completely disregarded the review of these pundits and made the series an uproarious hit. The series jumped to Netflix’s most-watched series list and stayed there, surprising everyone. Fans and critics alike are waiting with bated breath to see if Netflix will renew the series for a season 2.


The creators of the series were eager and willing to take up the challenge to up the ante in Obliterated Season 2 with more mischief and action in other party cities across the world.


Netflix has not released any news or comments on the future of Obliterated Season 2 as yet. It has only been a month since the release of season 1. Therefore, we can all be hopeful for some good news in the coming months.


Considering how complicated the Netflix algorithm to renew the series is, we can expect the audience voice to trump critics’ ratings. If we go by the optimism of the show’s creators, we can expect an update on Obliterated season 2 by mid-2024.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Obliterated


Obliterated premiered on Netflix in November 2023 with just one season. Season one has eight episodes of 45 minutes each. The cast of the series includes Shelley Hennig, Nick Zano, Terrence Terrell, Paola Lázaro, C.


Thomas Howell, Kimi Rutledge, Eugene Kim, and Alyson Gorske as the elite team. The series was initially pronounced as a low-IQ action flick with no plot or character development. However, the creators used witty dialogue, explosive fights, and bawdy humour to overcome all critiques.


They made the series a hit despite the apparent drawbacks. While it is too early to speak about awards and accolades, fan reviews have been pouring in praises from all sides.


Creators Hurwitz, Heald and Schlossberg appear to have found the right mix of humour, wit, action, and sleaze to make a hit series.




Where to watch Obliterated


Obliterated is a Netflix series that premiered on November 30th, 2023. Viewers in the USA, the UK and Canada can watch the series on their Netflix platform and binge it as much as they want.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Obliterated Season 2


The show was released in November 2023 and it has been trending on Google search ever since then. Not only the series but the cast of Obliterated was also among the top searches for quite a while.


Now that season 1 has whet the appetite of fans, everyone is eagerly looking forward to Obliterated season 2. On Google Trends, the search term Obliterated season 2 is also trending on the higher side.


It appears to peak every time an interview from the show’s creators or a tweet from them is published. This is a clear indicator of how enthusiastic the fans of the series are.



Social Media Engagement of Obliterated Season 2


Similar to Google Trends, social media sites have also been agog about the new Netflix series Obliterated. The action-comedy series was well-received by viewers, and there were immediate tweets for season 2.


X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Reddit are buzzing with discussions and comments on a possible Obliterated season 2. Every comment, interview and post of cast and crew is being scrutinised for leads on the plots or release dates of season 2.


As Netflix has not made any official comments on the series or its renewal, fans are hopeful of getting what they want, which is more action-packed and fun-filled seasons in other party cities with the special forces team.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Obliterated


The new Netflix series Obliterated has been streaming for just about a month and has already amassed a sizable fan base. The show’s creators, Hurwitz, Heald and Schlossberg, have combined Hangover-style raunchy comedy with high-octane action in the world’s biggest party city, Las Vegas, to form a winning combination.


Witty dialogue, sarcasm, debauchery, and car chases have been the hallmarks of Obliterated Season 1. From the comments of Hurwitz and Heald in various online magazines, we can deduce that the team is ready with the plan for Obliterated season 2.


So what can we expect for the new season? There is definitely more edge-of-the-seat action, rib-tickling comedy, and enough racy scenes to satisfy the toughest critics. However, all this will move to a new party city, possibly Ibiza, Miami, Rio, Cabo, etc.


Another aspect of the series is the dynamic between the team members. While they all work closely, we could see more chemistry between Ava and Chad based on their confessions from season 1.


New cities, new villains, new challenges, this is what the next season of Obliterated promises us.



Important Characters of Obliterated


1. Ava Winters

Ava Winters


The head of the elite group tasked with locating the nuclear weapon and preserving Las Vegas is CIA operative Ava Winters. Unlike the rest of her team, Winters finds it difficult to shut off while being a very skilled employee.


As Ava Winters, a top-tier CIA agent who leads the operation against a bunch of terrorists attempting to blow up Las Vegas, Shelly Henning steals the show in Obliterated. Winters, who was initially thought to be the stiffest member of the gang, finds it difficult to relax after completing their goal and battles to regain his composure after having an affair, becoming inebriated, and even vomiting up.


Hennig’s most well-known performance is from Teen Wolf and its sequel as Malia Tate.


2. Chad McKnight

Chad McKnight


Working under Ava as a SEAL unit leader to combat terrorists in Vegas, Chad McKnight has a strong masculine demeanour and is prepared to engage in full-scale combat. Played by Nick Zano, he is a ladies’ guy who likes to yell “USA” while strolling about without a shirt on.


Winters had captured his heart in secret. After the mission, McKnight sleeps with her. He frequently lets his rage get the best of him in his attempts to break the terrorists, but he also has a compassionate side that takes some time to come out.


What I Like About You, The Final Destination, Minority, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow all featured Nick Zano in a significant role as Nate Heywood.


3. Trunk



As Trunk, the team’s bulwark and McKnight’s sidekick who comes out as homosexual early in the season, Terrence Terrell never stops bringing in the laughs. Tension arises between him and his closest buddy McKnight since he is a Navy SEAL and he is keeping a significant secret from him.


Due to a terrible case of the munchies, Trunk is always looking for food. To keep the mission moving forward, he also makes every effort to conceal his gay orientation from his squad.


Terrell is well-known because of his roles in Bosch, Bigger, and B Positive.


4. Maya Lerner

Maya Lerner


In all eight episodes, Kimi Rutledge plays Maya Lerner, an NSA tech agent who demonstrates her incredible hacking skills while also displaying a crazy sense of humour that makes her known to the squad as “Tech Girl.” She has a huge soft spot for McKnight.


Beginning with a strong infatuation with him, Lerner walks in on Winters and McKnight together, causing her relations to become very awkward with Winters. She also ends up making some very dramatic decisions about her life.


With roles in Shrill, The Wayfarer, and Half Sisters, Rutledge made his Hollywood debut in 2019.


5. Paul Yung

Paul Yung


The most morally upright member of the special squad is Eugene Kim’s character, Paul Yung, a pilot who unintentionally consumes a dish of chips and guacamole laced with psilocybin and LSD.


He is an Air Force pilot who gets sidetracked when he finds out that his teenage daughter is also in Las Vegas. Yung is monitoring the team’s activities from the air, and his fears are compounded by the fact that his 18-year-old daughter is visiting Las Vegas.


After making appearances as a guest performer in episodes of Dice, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Obliterated offers Kim the largest role of his career.



Important Crew of Obliterated


1. Creators: Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg

Creators: Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg


Obliterated was created by the comedic dream team of Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Heald. These three amigos, known for the “Harold & Kumar” franchise and the “Cobra Kai” revival, are Hollywood’s comedy alchemists.


They cooked up a laugh riot by blending raunchy humour with unexpected warmth, and Obliterated is their latest concoction. Their vision for Obliterated included the Sin City hallmarks and a hangover-riddled special forces team tasked with saving the world.


They used all the usual tropes associated with Vegas, made them more absurd and added a touch of vulnerability to create this series.


2. Writers: Joe Piarulli, Bob Dearden, and more

Writers: Joe Piarulli, Bob Dearden, and more


While the core creative team of Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald were the driving force behind Obliterated, they weren’t the only writers credited for the show’s eight episodes.


Here’s a glimpse into the broader writing team:  Joe Piarulli: A writer known for his work on “Cobra Kai,” Piarulli reportedly wrote at least one episode of Obliterated, though specific details remain under wraps.


Additional contributors: While their names might not be as prominent, several other writers like Bob Dearden, Rachele Lynn, and more, collaborated on different episodes and story elements, adding their unique voices to the mix.


3. Directors: Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg

Directors: Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg


While no single director helmed Obliterated, it was spearheaded by the dynamic trio of Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald. They wore many hats – creators, showrunners, executive producers, and yes, directors!


Their fame stems from their comedic tryst, having penned the “Harold & Kumar” franchise and co-created the global phenomenon “Cobra Kai.” Their ability to blend outrageous humour with genuine heart drew audiences to Obliterated, much like it did with Cobra Kai.


So, while you won’t find a single credited director for the series, remember the names Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Heald – the comedic masterminds behind Obliterated laugh-a-minute mayhem.


4. Cinematography: Abraham Martinez

Cinematography: Abraham Martinez


Obliterated used a cinematographer who brought the neon-drenched chaos of Las Vegas and the adrenaline-fueled action sequences to life. Abraham Martinez is a seasoned professional who lent his distinct style to different episodes, crafting a visually cohesive but multifaceted experience.


Martinez is known for his work in series like The Lincoln Lawyer, The Chi, and The Queen of the South. He also worked in action flicks like Spider-Man 3, Fast & Furious, Flight Plan, etc.


His unique style painted a visually stunning and tonally consistent Obliterated. Martinez’s ability to switch between grounded action sequences and lighthearted comedic moments contributed significantly to the show’s success, leaving viewers both breathless and in stitches.



Similar Shows as Obliterated


1. Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai


In Cobra Kai’s dojo, nostalgia kicks in as Johnny Lawrence, the once-mighty king of karate, reignites his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, the underdog who stole his heart and trophy. Decades-old grudges ignite, fueling a hilarious, action-packed battle of the egos (and fists).


Teenagers become pawns in this grown-up war, drawn to the Cobra Kai’s ruthless teachings and Miyagi-Do’s balance. Expect sidekicks, crane kicks, and lessons about honour mixed with teenage drama and awkward crushes.


The show’s magic lies in its balance. It’s a love letter to the original Karate Kid franchise, but one that punches with its own humour and heart.


2. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan


Prime Video’s “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” reimagines the iconic analyst as a 21st-century hero. John Krasinski sheds his “Office” charm, tackling Ryan’s role with an intensity belying his paper-pushing origins.


A suspicious bank transfer thrusts him from his desk into a global web of terrorism, pitting him against shadowy figures and his own growing doubts. Action crackles through tense investigations, thrilling chases, and close combat, all grounded in Ryan’s analytical mind and tactical skills.


Expect political intrigue, moral dilemmas, and a reluctant hero questioning his place in a world teetering on the brink.


3. The Terminal List

The Terminal List


Navy SEAL James Reece returns home as a broken man in Prime Video’s “The Terminal List,” haunted by the ambush that wiped out his platoon. Memory glitches and paranoia gnaw at him, fueling suspicions that the mission was a setup.


His grief turns to vengeance as he scrawls a list of names – those he believes responsible. Chris Pratt sheds his comedic charm, tackling the role with raw intensity. Action sequences crackle with brutal realism, punctuated by Reece’s descent into a moral grey area.


Thriller twists weave through PTSD-fueled flashbacks, blurring the lines between reality and paranoia.


4. Peacemaker



Peacemaker streaming on Max is a hilarious, action-packed spin-off of “The Suicide Squad.” John Cena reprises his role as Christopher Smith, a jingoistic doofus who believes achieving peace justifies any violence.


Released from prison, Peacemaker joins a new black ops team tasked with stopping butterfly-like parasites controlling human bodies. There is action alongside dark humour as Peacemaker grapples with daddy issues, toxic masculinity, and his own questionable morals.


Cena shines, nailing the awkward charm and disturbing sincerity of a man convinced killing for peace is heroic.





Netflix’s FUBAR is a hilarious father-daughter spy adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first scripted TV series. Luke Brunner is a seasoned CIA operative nearing retirement. But one last mission throws him headfirst into chaos.


His partner is his estranged daughter Emily, a skilled agent he didn’t know existed. We get to see Arnold wise-cracking and awkwardly bonding with his daughter over blown bridges and bullet ballet.


The action sizzles with explosive stunts and witty banter, while the comedy delves into family drama, poking fun at generational gaps and dysfunctional parenting.


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