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Inside Job Season 3 Updates


Inside Job Season 3 Inside Job is an animated TV series comprising two seasons with a combined total of eighteen episodes.


Season 1 aired on Netflix on October 22, 2021. Season 2 went live on November 18, 2022. The show delves into Deep State politics and gives it an engaging and comedic spin.


It features theories, rumours, and conspiracies galore. However, the characters in the show see everything as fact and aim to keep the truth hidden from the general public in a classic ‘government cover-up’ style.


The misadventure focuses on full-time jobs held by the core characters within the Deep State and how their work ensures national security or rather helps those in power hold on to power.


This premise makes Inside Job run like a trendy workplace comedy worth watching. The shadow government at the heart of the plot is a fictionalized American organization called Cognito, Inc.


Apparently, they are one of six in total who control the world. The story does not shy from including reptilian shape-shifters – no conspiracy-ridden world-domination tale can be complete without these guys – and not to forget some ‘Hollow Earth’ madness.


Taking a Sci-Fi sitcom to a whole other level, Inside Job has earned rave reviews and critical acclaim, particularly for its social commentary, humour, voice acting, and animation. It was created by Shion Takeuchi for Netflix.




Official Announcement for Inside Job Season 3


The show is known for some of the finest conspiracy comedies to come from the animation sector.


Inside Job has two amazing seasons so far and fans of the series have been eager to know what’s next.


However, Shion Takeuchi (the show creator) took to the Internet in January 2023 to share some bad news. The series will not be going forward at Netflix, or elsewhere.




Previous Seasons & Episodes of Inside Job 


Though Inside Job Part 2 ended on quite the cliffhanger, the show has been cancelled and won’t get a third season.


That’s not stopping fans (or us) from discussing what’s been happening at Cognito, Inc. They are packed with plenty of crazy-good tropes and elements worth appreciating.


The two seasons so far include six secret organizations distributed all over the world. In fact, they are collectively ruling society in their capacity as shadow governments.


Aside from Cognito, Inc. – the focal organization in Inside Job led by a mad tech genius – there are the Illuminati, the Reptoids, the Atlantians, the Juggalos, and the Catholic Church.


You read each of those entries right. Part of their work is to keep dangerous truths and conspiracies from the public lest it cause panic, or whatever their ‘excuse of the hour’ is.


Some of the wackiest characters include a mushroom with psychic powers, shape-shifting reptilian aliens, a hybrid entity that’s half human half dolphin, and more.


The show went to some strange places, including within the Earth. Scenes exploring the infamous ‘Hollow Earth’ theory are their own kind of crazy.


A handful of episodes even cover popular conspiracies like the stoned ape theory (in episode 13), reptilian shapeshifters (in episode 3), JFK’s assassination (in episode 2), the Moon landing (in episode 8), the flat Earth theory (in episode 6), and the Mandela effect (in episode 17).


Characters like Reagan Ridley, Randall “Rand” Ridley, Brett Hand, Gigi Luigi, Glenn Dolphman, Dr. Andre Lee, Myc Celium (the sentient mushroom we referred to earlier), J. R. Scheimpough, and Alpha-Beta make seasons 1 and 2 of Inside Job come alive in the most entertaining ways.




Where to Watch Inside Job


If you love conspiracies and workplace humour, not to forget scandals, secrets, and shocks of the secret organisation kind, then you will love what this trendy animated series has to offer.


It is currently streaming on Netflix in the USA, UK, and Canada.




Inside Job Series Google Trends Analysis


This Sci-Fi sitcom surprisingly didn’t see a solid start when it aired on Netflix in October 2021.


It peaked a bit and then stayed at an average level, as per its Google Trends analysis, for a few weeks and then some.


However, by the time the second season aired in November 2022 the following year, the show attained peak popularity and gathered momentum by the day.


Its Google Trends chart metrics show admirable peaks with little to no dips. The hit series gradually lost a bit of focus as time went on.


But fans and sundry all over the world are still showing interest in it. The fact that a potential third season was cancelled hasn’t dampened curiosity in this remarkable and funny breakout series about conspiracies and shadow governments.



Inside Job Social Media Engagement


Plenty of things can be said about an animated series containing a generous helping of conspiracies and scandals of the occult, sci-fi, and unidentified kind.


This sitcom has gained a steady set of fans.


Expected Plot of Inside Job Season 3


Since fans received confirmation that season 3 of Inside Job has been cancelled, only speculations prevail about any potential plot going forward.


In the first two seasons, Reagan Ridley’s character arc grows to a place where she is hopeful about a major promotion.


Moreover, there is still room to explore her crazy relationship with her now-incarcerated father Randy Ridley, in whose mind conspiracies hold more substance than anything else.


Negligent employees aside, Reagan and Brett also have room for growth as friends (perhaps more) who are searching for their own happily ever afters.


Then there are the Shadow Board characters, some of whom can benefit from further exploration and branching out. Sadly, the show has been cancelled, so we might never know how the writers planned to carry the plot forward.


No conspiracies were responsible for the cancellation, by that way.



Top Characters in Inside Job


More than a few names pop to mind when we think about top characters in the TV series Inside Job.


Here we will cover just a few of them, but remember that the show is rife with diverse and significant characters who balance it in remarkable ways.  


1. Reagan Ridley 

Reagan Ridley 


As short-tempered as she is socially awkward, Reagan Ridley went to work for Cognito Inc. hoping to make the world a better place.


Was she in for a surprise! Between irresponsible colleagues and a much-desired promotion, Reagan finds herself at her wit’s end about her future there.


The young woman also has Asperger’s syndrome, which she vehemently denies every time someone brings it up. In this show, Reagan’s dad is later sent to Shadow Prison X, thus paving the way for her own efforts to be recognized.


The office of CEO beckons to Reagan Ridley and she wants in, mainly because she stubbornly believes she can still make society a better place.


Reagan Ridley is voiced by Lizzy Caplan.


2. Randall “Rand” Ridley 

Randall “Rand” Ridley 


This is Reagan’s dad and he is quite the paranoid CEO. He co-founded Cognito Inc., adding to the tensions between him and his daughter who works there. The man came close to outing the entire Deep State, a moment that almost got him fired.


Then there was his mad scheme to destroy the sun as a viable ‘solution’ to skin cancer. As vengeful as he is alcoholic, Randall is a handful for just about anyone.


The Shadow Board reinstates him as CEO mainly because he holds the most company shares. His reality-warping device and Project Reboot are not met favourably and Randall is soon ousted from power.


Randall “Rand” Ridley is voiced by Christian Slater. 


3. Brett Hand 

 Brett Hand 


Reagan’s colleague and a typical ‘yes man’ hailing from Washington DC, Brett leads a double life as a frat boy who is not at all like his ‘tribe’.


As compassionate as he is sensitive, there’s more to Brett than meets the eye. He routinely strives to bring out the best in those around him.


He harbours dreams of becoming a puppet designer someday. The young man’s super-simple appearance makes him a challenge for facial recognition software.


It remains unclear whether or not this was the core reason behind why he was hired to work at Cognito Inc. in the first place. Brett Hand is voiced by Clark Duke. 


4. Gigi Luigi 

Gigi Luigi 


Cognito Inc. has a curious PR officer, who is quite the speed-talking department head.


She leads the Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages department of the company and is the de-facto queen of company gossip.


Gigi is also a relentless flirt who is constantly after Brett. And don’t get us started on her narcissistic tendency for self-praise.


Gigi Luigi is voiced by Trisha Campbell. 


5. Myc Celium 

Myc Celium 


This non-human character certainly deserves this spot. His name is a play on the word ‘mycelium’, which is technically what he is.


This psychic mushroom hails from within the Hollow Earth where he was once part of a hive mind. This, in itself, makes him a perfect fit for Cognito Inc.


As skilled as he is sarcastic, Myc Celium has been part of almost every crazy event in the company.


To hear him tell it, he believes his ancient ancestors were responsible for evolving the human race, who may have breathed in their spores and grown a set of smarts over time.


As if all this wasn’t enough, Myc Celium is also the direct source of a pure bio-Sorbitrate chemical that Cognito shamelessness milks and applies to their memory eraser guns. Myc Celium is voiced by Brett Gelman.



Important Crew Members in Inside Job


Aside from the fictional crew working at Cognito Inc., the TV series has a strong and talented crew of its own who made magic happen for this show.


Though there are plenty of valid names worth praising, we had to go with only a handful here. And what a handful they are.  


1. Vitaliy Strokous – Director 

 Vitaliy Strokous – Director 


Helming the most number of episodes in the Inside Job series, Vitaliy brought an interesting ‘vitality’ to the story.


He directed some memorable moments that went on to define the overall series. Vitaliy has previously worked on the animated TV series Clarence.


His work in animated movies includes Disney’s Brave and Sony’s The Mitchells vs. the Machines.   


2. Alisha Brophy – Writer 

Alisha Brophy – Writer 


Bringing unmatched wit and humour to the Inside Job series along with a team of competent writers is Alice.


This staff writer worked on all eighteen episodes of the show. Her previous work includes fun projects like Ninjago and intriguing ones like Hemlock Grove.  


3. Andrew Borno – Technical Director

Andrew Borno – Technical Director


Animation was a signature factor in Inside Job, and we have this man’s ‘inside job’ to thank for how well it turned out.


Along with a team of skilled technicians and animators, Andrew helped bring this wacky story to life in more ways than one.


His previous work includes hit animated TV series like Harley Quinn and Captain Fall. He has also worked on Niko And The Sword Of Light and The Midnight Gospel.



Top 3 Shows Like Inside Job


Inside Job gave genre fans and the world a narrative-controlling story rife with conspiracies and shadow governments, to say nothing of different entities and humanoids, all wrapped in a witty and comedic package.


Let’s explore three similar shows that you may want to add to your watchlist.   


1. Futurama



Simpsons-style animation, an engaging voice cast, and amazing writing set noteworthy tones in this series which expertly blends Sci-Fi with workplace comedy.


The story sees a humble pizza delivery guy named Philip J. Fry being cryogenically frozen in the year 1999 only to be brought back in the year 2999.


The things he sees and experiences in the far future are nothing short of maddening, in the most entertaining sense of the word.


Futurama is currently streaming on Disney+ and Hulu. 


2. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman


A sharp edge of humour and existential angst define this series featuring a bunch of humanoid animals dealing with anything from personal crises to mental health challenges.


The titular BoJack Horseman was once the star of a yesteryear show called “Horsin’ Around” which made waves in the 80s and 90s.


But he’s all washed up now and staring at an uncertain future in Hollywood. From his constant complaints to colourful sweaters, the ‘horse man’ sets captivating and funny tones in the series.


BoJack Horseman is currently streaming on Netflix. 


3. Q-Force



Featuring a team of LGBTQ+ secret agents and super spies, this show went where few animators would’ve been anxious to tread.


It gives voice to different types of gay people (male, female, and more) while focusing on the characters’ extraordinary adventures.


A generous helping of glam and gloom defines this series, which also contains plenty of lighthearted workplace comedy tropes.


Q-Force is currently streaming on Netflix.


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