Full Metal Panic Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Full Metal Panic Season 5


Full Metal Panic! originates from a light novel series created by Shoji Gatoh and artistically brought to life by Shiki Douji. It centres on the character Sousuke Sagara, an operative affiliated with Mithril, a covert anti-terrorist private military organization.


The core plot revolves around his mission to protect Kaname Chidori, a lively high school student from Japan. The series initially appears as serialized chapters in Monthly Dragon Magazine, later compiled into paperbacks published under Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko.


This narrative unfolds within an alternate universe where the Cold War extends beyond 1991, and the advent of Arm Slaves, and mechanized combat units, reshapes the battlefield. Sousuke Sagara, a member of an international anti-terrorist group, adopts an undercover identity to safeguard Kaname Chidori, following directives from his superior. “Full Metal Panic!” has transitioned into various media forms, including manga and anime television series.


The anime adaptation, under the direction of Koichi Chigira and produced by Shigeaki Tomioka, Tsuneo Takechi, Masafumi Fukui, and Toshihito Suzuki, features an evocative musical score composed by Toshihiko Sahashi.


Originally broadcast from January 8, 2002, to June 18, 2002, this anime iteration continues to enrapture audiences with its captivating storyline.




Official Announcement Of Full Metal Panic Season 5


The eagerly awaited Full Metal Panic Season 5, while lacking an official announcement as of now, remains a hopeful prospect for fans. The history of this beloved mecha anime series has been a bit convoluted in terms of release schedules.


Based on Shoji Gatoh’s 1998 light novel series, the anime adaptation has seen several seasons spanning over the years. It all began in 2002 with the debut season produced by Gonzo.


Following that, Kyoto Animation took the reins in 2003 for Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu, serving as a companion series. In 2005, “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid” continued the storyline.


After season 3, Kyoto Animation’s involvement ceased. However, in April 2018, “Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory,” Season 4, was brought to life by Studio Xebec. The journey towards Season 5 has been a rollercoaster for fans.


While some may have lost hope at times, author Shoji Gatoh’s support rekindled optimism. The timeline for Season 5’s release could potentially land around 2023 or 2024, given the series’ historic 2-3 year gaps between seasons, with some exceptions.


Thankfully, there’s enough source material, around 3 volumes (Volume 10 – 12), from the light novels to continue the story, ensuring that fans’ patience may ultimately be rewarded. Despite the closure of Xebec Studio in 2019, the anime’s legacy lives on, and the anticipation for Season 5 remains high, fueled by hope and the enduring popularity of Full Metal Panic.




Previous Seasons and Episodes Of Full Metal Panic


The anime adaptation of the Japanese light novel Full Metal Panic! is divided into three seasons. The initial season, titled “Full Metal Panic!”, aired its 24 episodes from January 8, 2002, to June 18, 2002.


Subsequently, the second season, known as “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu,” graced screens from August 26, 2003, to November 18, 2003, encompassing 12 episodes. The third season, “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid,” unfolded its 12 episodes from July 14, 2005 to October 20, 2005.


Lastly, the 4th season consists of April 13, 2018, to July 18, 2018. Each episode maintained an approximate duration of 24 minutes. While specific awards for “Full Metal Panic!” could not be identified in my current sources, it has garnered a favourable reception from their audience.


On MyAnimeList, it boasts a score of 7.601 based on evaluations from 238,642 users, securing a ranking of #1422 in terms of popularity. Reviews frequently praise the series for its skilful fusion of action and comedy, well-developed characters, captivating action sequences, and intriguing, well-researched mecha designs.


However, some critiques suggest that the series occasionally grapples with its identity, wavering between being primarily an action series with comedic and romantic elements and a romance narrative framed within action and comedy.


Despite these occasional identity struggles, “Full Metal Panic!” remains an enjoyable and engrossing watch for many viewers.




Where to watch Full Metal Panic


In Canada, anime enthusiasts can enjoy “Full Metal Panic” through the streaming platform Crunchyroll. For viewers in the United Kingdom, this action-packed series is readily available on multiple platforms, including ITVX, FUNIMATION, and Crunchyroll.


Meanwhile, in the United States, fans have a variety of options to catch “Full Metal Panic,” as it can be found on FUNIMATION, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Tubi. Whether you’re in North America or the UK, there are multiple streaming services offering this beloved series, ensuring that fans can access its exciting blend of mecha action, comedy, and romance from various regions.




Google Trends Data Analysis


The Google Trends Data seems to be showcasing some interesting figures to us. It looks like the anime and its sequel frequently act as a subject of interest for anime fans as the pattern highlighted in this graph is quite obvious to have waves of popularity for the series.


Simply put, the anime will be trending for a short period of time and once that period is over, the hype for the series will die down. In light of this, the anime peaked from 5th February to 11th February and the reason for this peak seems to be the announcement of Full Metal Panic being available on ITVX.


All in all, the hype for the series seems to be high at times but mostly dies down fairly quickly.



Social Media Engagement


Fans are creating countless memes online, highlighting the fact that Full Metal Panic still doesn’t have a 5th season. And many fans are speculating if the series will have a 50th season at all.


Therefore, the heat of the series is still there among fans. However, due to arson attacks and the closure of Xebec, fans have realized that the renewal for another season will be a tough task and that’s why none of the new studios have taken it up.


However, the fact that everyone is unanimously hoping for another season and doesn’t have any notable criticism towards it is a good sign.



Expected Plot Of Full Metal Panic Season 5


Full Metal Panic! Season 5 is eagerly anticipated by fans who are hopeful that the anime adaptation will delve into the untapped source material from Shoji Gatoh’s light novel series.


With volumes 10-12 of the light novel series remaining unexplored, the potential for an exciting new season is evident. Previous seasons have followed a pattern of adapting two or three volumes of the light novel series, making it plausible for Season 5 to continue this trend.


One of the primary expectations from devoted fans is that Season 5 will closely follow the narrative arc presented in volumes 10 to 12 of the light novel series. While spoilers for the upcoming season are scarce, this storyline is a likely candidate for adaptation, promising fresh adventures and character developments for Sousuke Sagara, Kaname Chidori, and their comrades.



Important Characters Of Full Metal Panic


Here are the characters that made you laugh and cry. These are some of the finest individuals that have been crafted for this anime and their presence made the series so much more interesting.


The upcoming 5 characters are the reason why we all are still watching the show.


1. Sousuke Sagara

Sousuke Sagara


Sousuke Sagara, the protagonist of Full Metal Panic!, is characterized by his medium height, tan skin, and brown hair and eyes. He typically dons a school uniform, either black in winter or a white buttoned t-shirt in summer, and sports an x-shaped scar on his chin.


Despite his somewhat handsome appearance, Sousuke’s unconventional upbringing in war-torn areas has left him socially inept. He lacks fashion sense and common social awareness, often resorting to military tactics for everyday situations.


His paranoia and readiness to use weapons can lead to destructive outcomes. Sleep deprivation further exacerbates his condition, but at his core, Sousuke is a well-intentioned individual, especially towards those close to him.


2. Kaname Chidori

Kaname Chidori


Kaname Chidori, the series’ female protagonist, is admired for her confident demeanour, featuring waist-length dark-blue hair tied with a red bow and a distinctive school uniform. Her upbringing as a UN official’s child in both Japan and the United States has left her with a blend of American and Japanese qualities.


While projecting confidence and order, she grapples with underlying vulnerability and insecurity, occasionally displaying a short temper. Her classmates respect her but find her unapproachable. However, her life takes a turn when Sousuke Sagara, a new transfer student, enters the scene, intriguing her with his presence.


3. Teletha Testarossa

Teletha Testarossa


Teletha “Tessa” Testarossa, the commander of the Tuatha De Danaan submarine and its AI, Dana, serves Mithril, an Anti-Terrorist private military organization. Born in the United States, she spent her life on submarines and military bases.


Tessa is a remarkable child prodigy who achieved the rank of Captain at the young age of 16. With distinctive silver/platinum hair and grey eyes, she’s later revealed as a Whispered, although her scientific abilities are overshadowed by her older brother’s.


Despite not being very athletic, she excels in swimming but dislikes alcohol.


4. Melissa Mao

Melissa Mao


Melissa Mao, a Chinese-American private military contractor affiliated with Mithril, is a former Marine known for her Arm Slave combat proficiency, characterized by her aggressive firearm tactics, although her precision can be lacking.


While she occasionally opts not to pilot an Arm Slave later in the series, she retains excellent piloting abilities, albeit not matching those of Sousuke Sagara and Kurz Weber. Beyond her proficiency in English, Melissa is also fluent in Cantonese, a skill honed during her time in Hong Kong, particularly in Kowloon.


5. Kurz Weber

Kurz Weber


Kurz Weber, a mercenary affiliated with Mithril and a key member of the Tuatha de Danaan’s Special Response Team, bears the callsign Uruz 6 and holds the rank of Sergeant, specializing in sniper rifle marksmanship.


He stands tall with an attractive appearance, sporting shoulder-length blonde hair styled as a mullet, complemented by light blue eyes. While on duty aboard the Tuatha de Danaan, he dons the standard sage-green Mithril uniform and brown laced boots.


Kurz is characterized by his outgoing and flirtatious personality, earning a reputation as a ladies’ man who frequently employs informal or irreverent language.



Important Crew Members Of Full Metal Panic


The excellence of Full Metal Panic lies in the hands of the incredible staff that existed for the series. And so, the anime crew deserves a lot more love and recognition from all around the globe.


In this section, we are going to improvise on the same.


1. Kouichi Chigira

Kouichi Chigira


Koichi Chigira, born in 1959, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of Japanese animation, renowned for his directorial prowess. Commencing his career at Tatsunoko Production in 1979 and later collaborating with Madhouse, Chigira’s distinctive contributions have often intersected with the studio Gonzo.


He achieved acclaim for his direction of notable anime series like “Full Metal Panic!” and “Last Exile,” leaving an enduring impact on the industry. His involvement extends to the Gundam franchise, and he took charge as director for the film “Brave Story.” Chigira’s artistic legacy resonates deeply within the anime landscape, shaping its evolution significantly.


2. Shouji Gatou

Shouji Gatou


Born on July 11, 1971, in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Shouji Gatou has garnered acclaim as both a Japanese author and anime screenwriter. His most iconic creation, the “Full Metal Panic!” franchise, encompasses light novels, manga adaptations, and anime series.


Beyond this renowned series, Gatou’s creative prowess shines in his contributions to other celebrated works, including Amagi Brilliant Park and Hyouka. His significant influence and recognition within the anime industry reflect the depth of his impact.


3. Gonzo



Founded on February 22, 2000, Studio Gonzo, also known as Gonzo K. K., emerged from the talents of former Gainax staff members and now operates under ADK’s ownership. This Japanese anime studio has made a name for itself through its expertise in anime project planning and production.


Its noteworthy catalogue includes titles like “NHK ni Youkoso!”, “Hellsing”, “Rosario to Vampire”, “Full Metal Panic!”, and “Kaze no Stigma”. Despite experiencing financial difficulties during the period of 2008-2009, Gonzo has remained a steadfast contributor to the anime industry.


4. Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation


Kyoto Animation, commonly referred to as KyoAni, is a highly respected Japanese animation studio renowned for its top-tier animation craftsmanship and character design. Within the context of “Full Metal Panic,” Kyoto Animation took on the role of series producer for “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu” and “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid,” supplanting Gonzo in this capacity.


These series marked some of the studio’s initial forays into anime television production. Kyoto Animation’s involvement in the “Full Metal Panic” series has garnered widespread praise, underscoring its commitment to intricate animation and storytelling.


5. Xebec



Xebec, an anime production company situated in West Tokyo, held a significant position within the “Full Metal Panic!” franchise. After a prolonged hiatus in the anime adaptation of the franchise following Season 3, Xebec took the lead in its revival in 2018.


The company officially announced and then released Season 4, titled “Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory,” on April 13, 2018. This marked the commencement of a new chapter in the “Full Metal Panic!” series and emphasized Xebec’s steadfast commitment to preserving the enduring appeal of this cherished franchise.



Similar Shows To Full Metal Panic


Here are 5 anime that you should watch if you enjoyed Full Metal Panic. These anime will make you feel just the way Full Metal Panic did. However, all of them have something or the other unique and new for the audience, keeping everything fresh and worthwhile.


1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a Japanese anime produced by Sunrise. It unfolds in an alternate world where the Holy Empire of Britannia, having conquered the globe, including Japan (now “Area 11”), sets the stage.


Lelouch, a member of the imperial family, acquires the Geass ability, enabling him to control others with a single command, which he wields in leading a rebellion against Britannia. Remarkably, this series shares common elements with “Full Metal Panic,” such as the prominent use of mechas in warfare and intelligent protagonists employing strategic acumen to navigate intricate political and military scenarios.


Additionally, both series explore themes encompassing identity, loyalty, and the ramifications of wielding power.


2. Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma


Kaze no Stigma is a Japanese anime series that intricately weaves science and magic into its narrative. At its core is Kazuma Yagami, a scion of a wealthy family celebrated for their mastery of fire magic.


Yet, his inability to harness fire magic leads to his expulsion from the family. After a four-year absence, Kazuma returns with expertise in wind magic. However, when wind magic becomes the tool of a series of family member murders, Kazuma is thrust into the role of the prime suspect, compelling him to clear his name.


Similar to “Full Metal Panic,” the series shares common elements, such as featuring a resilient male protagonist safeguarding a strong-willed female character within a high school backdrop. Both shows boast action-packed sequences while maintaining a delicate balance of comedy, drama, and romance.


Moreover, they delve into themes encompassing past traumas and the intricacies of complex relationships.


3. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a Sunrise-produced Japanese anime series that unfolds its storyline in the year 2307 AD. In this futuristic world, the survival of humanity hinges on three massive solar power systems controlled by multinational power conglomerates.


The narrative orbits around Celestial Being, a paramilitary organization armed with four cutting-edge humanoid mobile suits named “Gundams” and an enigmatic technology called the “GN Drive.” Their mission is a paradox—to obliterate war by engaging in conflict themselves.


Comparatively, “Full Metal Panic” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” share common traits, including the prominent role of mechas in combat and warfare. Both series feature highly intelligent protagonists who employ strategic acumen to navigate intricate political and military landscapes.


4. Martian Successor Nadesico

Martian Successor Nadesico


Martian Successor Nadesico is a Japanese anime series crafted by Xebec and under the directorial helm of Tatsuo Satō. It unfolds its narrative in the year 2196 within a backdrop of Earth’s conflict against the alien race known as the “Jovian Lizards.” At its core, the story revolves around Akito Tenkawa, a protagonist with an enigmatic past.


He fled the annihilation of Mars’ Utopia colony by the Jovian Lizards and found himself on Earth, devoid of recollections regarding his journey but haunted by an intense dread of the invaders.


Akito harbours a deep-seated aversion to combat and aspires to become a chef. Notably, “Martian Successor Nadesico” shares commonalities with “Full Metal Panic,” including the prevalent use of mechas as pivotal instruments in warfare.


Both series feature protagonists endowed with high intelligence and strategic prowess, skillfully navigating intricate realms of politics and military affairs. Moreover, they delve into profound themes of identity, loyalty, and the repercussions of wielding power.


5. Spy x Family

Spy x Family


Spy x Family is a Japanese manga series masterfully crafted by Tatsuya Endo, weaving a tale where a spy, known by the codename “Twilight,” embarks on a mission to construct a family.


Little does he know, that the girl he adopts as his daughter possesses the gift of telepathy, while the woman he consents to marry is a formidable assassin. This gripping manga has found its home in the biweekly serialization on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ application and website since March 2019.


The commonalities between “Spy x Family” and “Full Metal Panic” are multifaceted. Both narratives feature characters endowed with extraordinary abilities, navigating the intricate blend of slice-of-life, thriller, and action genres.


Furthermore, they are situated in a timeline where the Cold War remains an enduring backdrop. In these series, the male protagonists grapple with the challenge of assimilating into ordinary school life, often exhibiting soldier-like interactions with the characters they encounter.


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