How I Met Your Father Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

How I Meour Father Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


Those who were born during the late ’90s have a special place in their hearts for the hugely popular and successful sitcom How I Met Your Mother. The show had an intriguing premise and was a commendable blend of comedy and drama.


It thrived on its spectacular performances and continued for a staggering nine seasons comprising two hundred and eight episodes. So, of course, it was only about time that the powers that be decided that a spin-off must follow to appease the loyal fans of the aforementioned series.


And, that kids, is how How I Met Your Father went into production. While it carried the essence of the original series and was a great throwback to the era gone by, it ceased to impress the critics.


Sure, no sitcom can hope to re-create the magic of How I Met Your Mother but its spin-off did indeed try. In How I Met Your Father, we are introduced to Hilary Duff’s Sophie, who seems to be telling her son the story of how she met his beloved father.




Official Announcement of How I Met Your Father Season 3


The Hilary Duff-led Hulu comedy has failed to answer how the central character in it goes on to meet the father. This is because the network has taken the tough call to cancel the sequel series after two seasons.


Even though the show was trying its best to emulate the success of the original series, it simply failed to impress most people. Needless to say, Hilary Duff’s promising act couldn’t help the story either.


So, while the news of cancellation may have been a shock of sorts for those who were waiting for the third season, the critics weren’t exactly surprised for they didn’t take to the show anyway.


While it is true that the identity of the father may not be revealed, it’s also imperative to mention that several other questions have been left unanswered as well. Be that as it may, the show’s makers are not keen to renew the project for another season for the ratings are just too low on popular user sites such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of How I Met Your Father


While the first season of the show did a decent job of introducing us to the main characters, it also paved the way for what was to follow in the second season.


So, as the second instalment of the series hit our screens, we saw Sophie confessing her resurfaced feelings for Jesse. Meanwhile, we also witnessed Sid and his wife Hannah’s marriage breaking after she suspected something to have happened between him and Sophie.


Not only that but we even got to see Valentina making out with Sophie’s ex Drew, but, instead, getting back into a relationship with her last boyfriend Charlie. Needless to mention, the third season of the show had a lot of potential, but Hulu has not yet revealed the show’s future.


That being said, the first two seasons of the show comprise a total of 30 episodes with a runtime of 22-25 minutes. According to IMDb, the top-rated episodes of the show are Okay Fine, It’s a Hurricane (Season 2, Episode 20), Timing Is Everything (Season 1, Episode 10), Daddy (Season 2, Episode 11), Rewardishment (Season 2, Episode 8), and Shady Parker (Season 2, Episode 19).




Where to Watch How I Met Your Father


Both seasons of How I Met Your Father are available for streaming for the American audience on Hulu. On the other hand, only the first season of the show is available for streaming on Disney+ in countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada.




Google Trends Data Analysis for How I Met Your Father Season 3


It’s never good news when a show that has potential is called off by its makers for reasons they deem valid. While it leaves fans disappointed, it also has its repercussions, for the interest in the previous seasons take a hit as well.


That’s precisely what seems to have happened to How I Met Your Father. We believe that the series and its targeted audience did indeed deserve better. Unfortunately, it has gone down in history as yet another program which has been canned due to poor ratings, financial factors, or other unspecified reasons.


The unexpected cancellation feels even more outrageous if you take into account the fact that the fundamental question, which led to the inception of the show, has been left unanswered.


Those who’re watching it intently seem to have lost interest in a new season of the same of late. When it comes to the search trends related to the third season of the show on Google, we see that fewer people have been looking it up now.


That being said, there was certainly a spike in the trends in July 2023 when the second season of the show culminated. However, the searches have gone down considerably since the announcement of its cancellation was made.


We may notice people taking a bit more interest in the project if a fresh season is announced in the near future.



Social Media Engagement for How I Met Your Father Season 3


Even before How I Met Your Father hit our respective screens, we weren’t expecting it to surpass the innovation, impact, or viewership of How I Met Your Mother. While it was ambitious of its makers to base their story on the same lines as the original, they may not have been looking forward to creating a word of mouth on its levels, though.


However, the spin-off series tried its best to become a worthy companion to the original. It may not have been as funny or relatable as the latter, but it certainly had enough potential and momentum to continue for at least one more season.


But, ever since the show has been called off, several users have taken to social media to voice their opinion on the same. On X (Twitter), some users were seen using the hashtag #SaveHIMYF after it was cancelled.


On the other hand, some viewers raved about how invested they became in its second season, which made them laugh out loud routinely. Not only that but a few others were also of the opinion that shows like How I Met Your Father need the desired space to breathe and develop its storyline and characters; especially since its second season opened to comparatively better feedback.



Expected Plot of How I Met Your Father Season 3


We will probably never be able to guess who the father in How I Met Your Father was since Hulu decided to pull the plug on the show after just two seasons.


As a matter of fact, there are several other dynamics that the makers have failed to explore. And, now that the series has been cancelled for good, there is a strong possibility that a lot of our questions are going to remain unanswered.


That said, our sources tell us that one of the reasons the show may have not been renewed for a third season is that the script wasn’t ready. Clearly, if the scripts were not written, it means that the makers may not have been too keen to go ahead with the third season.


But, even though not a lot had been obvious in the show, some fans were theorizing that Sid could be the father following the end of the second season. What’s astounding is the fact that we may never know the things we so desire to know.



Top Characters in How I Met Your Father


If you’ve seen the show, you must have had at least one character that you resonated with. If you ask us, these are the five characters whose antics kept us hooked on the story.


1. Charlie



We get drawn to Charlie because he seems like an amalgamation of Marshall and Barney. While he can come across as naive at times as Marshall did, he also happens to be arguably the funniest in the group, like Barney was in his.


Needless to say, Charlie has gone on to become the most likeable character in the series. He is someone who moved from abroad to pursue love and is trying his best to make the best of things in a different city.


Not only does he try to impress the girl he likes but he also wants to make new friends and get a taste of adulthood.


2. Sophie



Initially, Sophie comes across as someone who is burdened with steering the series and is hopelessly looking for love. We can often see her making mistakes and turning to her beloved friends for help.


However, she ensures that she is not let down by the thoughts of her disappointing childhood anymore. The loveable character has been portrayed by the likeable Hilary Duff, who makes us want to root for her character.


3. Valentina



Valentina pretty much has a make-or-break role to play in the series. While she comes across as a bit unpredictable in the first season, we see her being comparatively mature in the second.


Since she loves to have fun, a lot of it happens when her pals are around; therefore, strengthening their bond. Even though she can get offended easily, she’s also proven to be a loyal friend to Sophie.


4. Jesse



If you find quite a few similarities between Jesse and Ted, it’s because they do actually share them. Like the latter, Jesse could also get a tad sceptical from time to time.


However, he is one character who seems to have the maximum room for development. His storyline would have looked promising had the show continued, primarily because we would have loved to see his changing views on the possibility of true love.


5. Future Sophie

Future Sophie


As expected, Future Sophie is quite different from her younger version. Along with many experiences in life, she also carries a positive vibe and comes off as a lot more quick-witted than her older self.


Her carefree demeanour makes her perfect for the role of the show’s narrator. That said, she also tends to overshare things with her son while narrating her story, which makes her even more fun.



Top Crew Members of How I Met Your Father


The following are the people who are responsible for bringing How I Met Your Father to us. So, let’s get to know them a bit as well.


1. Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker

Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker


Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker are the creators of How I Met Your Father. The former is a producer and writer who is known for her work in projects such as Love, Simon, Love, Victor, and This Is Us.


The latter is a producer and writer, who, aside from How I Met Your Father, has also worked with Berger on Love, Simon and This Is Us.


2. Pamela Fryman

Pamela Fryman


Pamela Fryman has directed the maximum number of episodes in How I Met Your Father. She is a sitcom director and producer who kick-started her career in the entertainment industry while working as an assistant to the talent coordinator on The John Davidson Show.


The lady made sure to try her hands at stage directing before her mainstream directing career took off.


3. Jeff Cardoni

Jeff Cardoni


Composer Jeff Cardoni has provided the music in How I Met Your Father. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been a student of classical piano. The man can play drums and guitar as easily and has, therefore, been a part of numerous bands over the years.


In fact, he worked with the rock band Alien Crime Syndicate for a while. You’d be surprised to learn that he studied engineering at Pennsylvania State University.


4. Gary Baum

Gary Baum


Gary Baum was entrusted with the task of working as the lead cinematographer in the series. It is said that the man was always a camera enthusiast and could be seen holding one at all times during his younger days.


He was quite fond of taking pictures of his neighbourhood, family, and close friends.


5. Russell Griffin

Russell Griffin


Russell Griffin is one of the main editors to have worked on How I Met Your Father. He primarily serves as a sitcom editor and director and has worked on projects such as Mad About You, Family Reunion, The Upshaws, and Raven’s Home.


The man happens to be a member of the editing honorary society, American Cinema Editors (ACE).



Shows Similar to How I Met Your Father


If you truly had fun watching How I Met Your Father, we are more than certain of the fact that you’ll have a great time sitting through these shows as well.


1. How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother


How I Met Your Mother is the great OG. It made its premiere in 2005 and struck a chord immediately with the audience. So, if you are really keen to watch How I Met Your Father, we suggest you start with the series that inspired it.


Not only is this going to be your ticket to go back in time and enjoy the simplicity of life but it will also enamour you with strong doses of humour, romance, and inside jokes.


And, yes, watch out for the complex but incredibly amazing characters, played by some of the finest screen performers.


2. Friends



One of the most popular sitcoms in the world, Friends derived its strength from the fact that each of its characters was relatable to the common man in their own way.


Indeed, the loveable cast managed to resonate with a large audience and the group of on-screen friends went on to become the very definition of friendship for the people who grew up in the second half of the ’90s.


The show is full of our everyday concerns like breakups, jobs, and family drama.


3. Younger



Younger is a slightly different program that premiered in 2015 and ran through 2021. The series has some fresh insight to provide on the New York dating scene. In it, we are introduced to a 41-year-old named Liza Miller, who fibs about her age to revive her career.


However, things become a bit too complicated for her as she finds herself in a troubling situation when other people get involved. Needless to say, she has to sail through the complexities of her life while doing her best to maintain the lie.


4. New Girl

New Girl


New Girl is more comedy than drama. It gets us acquainted with a quirky teacher named Jessica Day, who takes a call to start living with three, single, male roommates.


We soon catch her becoming close friends with her housemates after her break-up. However, she also becomes “more than friends” with one of the eligible bachelors. As trite as the plot may sound, watch out for the chemistry that the lead characters share in this one.


We are quite sure that it’ll make you want to move into an apartment full of strangers.


5. Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry


Young & Hungry may have failed to garner the following the aforementioned shows, but it truly is an underrated sitcom. If you think you found How I Met Your Father to be watchable, we are certain that you are going to like this under-hyped series even more.


In it, we are introduced to Gabi, a personal chef, who starts working for an affluent tech entrepreneur named Josh, whose snarky employees take it personally as he starts getting closer to the newly-employed chef.


And, that is where the fun begins. That said, if you look closely, you’ll find Gabi sharing a ton of similarities with Sophie from How I Met Your Father.


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