Tidelands Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Tidelands - Update on Season 2


“Tidelands” is an Australian TV series that premiered on Netflix in 2018. Created by Stephen M. Irwin, Nathan Mayfield and Leigh McGrath, the show is a supernatural crime drama that explores the mysterious and dangerous world of a coastal town inhabited by half-siren/half-human Tidelanders.


The series boasts a talented cast, including Charlotte Best as Cal McTeer, Elsa Pataky as Adrielle Cuthbert, and Aaron Jakubenko as Augie McTeer. The show’s achievements include its unique blend of supernatural elements, crime, and drama, which set it apart from typical crime series. “Tidelands” also garnered attention for its breathtaking coastal locations and intricate world-building.


The show explores themes of identity, belonging, and the clash between two worlds, and it resonated with audiences who appreciate dark, atmospheric storytelling.


The production crew, including the creator Stephen M. Irwin and director Toa Fraser, played crucial roles in bringing the mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere to life.


The show is recognized for its visually striking scenes and the unique folklore-inspired mythology it presents, making it a noteworthy addition to the world of supernatural television.




Official Announcement on Tidelands Season 2


In 2017, the idea of Tidelands was greenlit by Netflix when the streaming giant opened its Australian hub. This supernatural series was a healthy mix of supernatural, crime and drama.


It gathered a strong follower base when it premiered in December 2018. However, the trouble started when the series was not renewed for season 2, yet it was also not cancelled.


Both Netflix and the show’s cast and crew have maintained radio silence on all news and updates. Many publications and news sites have speculated that this situation is both promising and alarming.


It could mean that the show’s creators are in talks with Netflix for a renewal. Hence, the silence till the details are ironed out. But, it could also mean that Netflix has silently cancelled the series and does not want to drive away the viewers who might watch it for the first time.


Most of the cast of the series are also busy with other projects, be it films or other Netflix projects, so even if the script was ready, it would take time to block a filming schedule for all the cast members.


All this could only mean that the hope for Tidelands season 2 is a distant dream after all.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Tidelands


Tidelands only had one season till now, with eight episodes. Each episode ran for up to 45 minutes on Netflix. The series creators, Stephen M. Irwin, Nathan Mayfield and Leigh McGrath, brought out the folklore about sirens in seaside towns and made an interesting plot that included modern-day crimes.


While the plot revolves around the evil schemes of the half-sirens/half-human group of people in the community of Orphelin Bay, the story centres around the efforts of Cal McTeer, who returns home after serving her prison term for murder.


The story sounds very interesting, and it boasted strong performances from its cast members, but it was met with mixed reviews. Many critics praised the series for its plot, dark atmosphere, and action-packed drama series.


At the same time, many top critics slammed the series for unnecessary violence, nudity and wooden performances. They felt that the plot fell short despite such an interesting concept. Ultimately, the series has an IMDb score of 6.8/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 77% as of October 2023.




Where to Watch Tidelands


Tidelands is an Australian production about the half-siren half-human community that lives in the small town of Orphelin Bay. Yet, it has found fans and followers around the globe. You can also watch the series on your Netflix platform in all countries, including the US, the UK and Canada.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Tidelands Season 2


The Netflix series Tidelands has been waiting for a renewal since 2019. While the series has not been cancelled, both Netflix and the showrunners of Tidelands have been silent on the future of the show.


This has affected the popularity of the show, as seen from its Google Trends. The data shows that the show has low numbers that occasionally rise due to some fake news update on the show or gossip about the cast.


Although the search numbers are not absolute zero, they are below the halfway mark, indicating a loss of interest.



Social Media Engagement of Tidelands Season 2


Social media has also been silent on the Netflix series. Due to the lack of any concrete updates from the production team of Tidelands and the cast members, fans have to rely on gossip and fake news.


This has led to low activity and interest on Facebook, X (Twitter), Reddit and Pinterest regarding Tidelands season 2.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


While there is no official announcement on the renewal or cancellation of the show, the expectation from Tidelands season 2 is high. If the plot of season 1 is anything to go by, we might see a whole lot of new characters and new storylines to develop in season 2.


To discuss what can happen in season 2, we need to speak about where season 1 left us. At the start of the show, Cal McTeer thought that she was human, but slowly, she realised that she too is half-siren half-human like the Tidelanders.


This gave Cal McTeer a chance to fight Adrielle for the post of queen, and she defeated Adrielle. As a result, we were shown a group of sirens communing ashore to meet Cal McTeer.


Season 2 could throw light on what happens to Cal after meeting the sirens and what secrets are unearthed. We all see that there were quite a few deaths in season 1, and other main characters like Augie McTeer and Dylan are grievously injured.


Their fate remains to be seen in season 2, making it an interesting prospect for the plot.



Important Characters of Tidelands


1. Cal McTeer

Cal McTeer


Cal McTeer is the central character in the Netflix series “Tidelands.” Portrayed by actress Charlotte Best, Cal is a complex and determined young woman who returns to her hometown of Orphelin Bay, Australia, after spending time in juvenile detention.


The show explores her quest to uncover dark family secrets, mysterious occurrences, and the supernatural elements of the fishing community she once called home. Cal is marked by her rebellious spirit, sharp instincts, and a striking connection to the enigmatic Tidelanders, a group with a deep connection to the sea and its secrets.


As she navigates a web of intrigue, betrayal, and danger, Cal McTeer becomes the audience’s window into a world filled with ancient folklore and modern intrigue.


2. Adrielle Cuthbert

Adrielle Cuthbert


Adrielle Cuthbert, portrayed by actress Elsa Pataky, is a pivotal character in Netflix’s “Tidelands.” She is a mysterious and alluring figure who serves as a central antagonist in the series.


Adrielle is the enigmatic and powerful leader of the Tidelanders, a group of sea-dwelling beings with supernatural abilities. Her role in the series is that of a power-hungry person who will not shy away from using any means, however despicable, to achieve her power.


Adrielle’s presence adds an element of intrigue and mystique as she navigates a world of ancient rituals, hidden agendas, and her deep connection to the sea.


3. Augie McTeer

Augie McTeer


Augie McTeer, portrayed by actor Aaron Jakubenko, is a significant character in Netflix’s “Tidelands.” Augie is Cal McTeer’s (played by Charlotte Best) older brother and a pivotal figure in the series.


He is a resident of the small fishing community of Orphelin Bay, where the story unfolds. Augie is a loyal and protective sibling who becomes entangled in the complex and often dangerous web of secrets, betrayals, and supernatural elements that define the Tidelands world.


His character provides a grounded and relatable perspective as he grapples with the unfolding mysteries and his family’s connections to the enigmatic Tidelanders. Augie’s presence adds depth and emotional complexity to the series as he navigates the challenges and moral dilemmas of the coastal town.


4. Dylan Seager

Dylan Seager


Dylan Seager, portrayed by Marco Pigossi, is a character in the Netflix series “Tidelands.” He is a multifaceted character with a significant presence in the show. Dylan is a charismatic and charming local fisherman in the town of Orphelin Bay, where the story takes place.


He is known for his rugged and independent nature, embodying the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of the coastal community. Despite his tough exterior, Dylan possesses a kind and compassionate side, often getting involved in the various conflicts and intrigues that surround the Tidelanders and the mysteries of the sea.


His character serves as a bridge between the two worlds – the terrestrial and the supernatural – and he plays a pivotal role in the unfolding drama and the relationships that develop throughout the series.


5. Bill Sentelle

Bill Sentelle


Bill Sentelle is portrayed by Peter O’Brien. He is an exiled Tidelander who works to help Cal McTeer in her fight against Adrielle. He is a friend of the family, and also the first one to recognise that Call is a Tidelander herself.


Bill was once in love with Rosa McTeer. He is bitter that Adrielle killed Rosa. He is one of the honest do-gooders who wants to end Adrielle’s reign as queen.


He is also against the drug dealing business that the Tidelanders are using for their selfish needs.



Important Crew Members of Tidelands


1. Creators – Stephen M. Irwin, Nathan Mayfield and Leigh McGrath

Nathan Mayfield


Stephen M. Irwin, Nathan Mayfield, and Leigh McGrath played pivotal roles as the creators and creative minds behind the Netflix series “Tidelands.” Stephen M. Irwin, an author and screenwriter, co-created the concept for “Tidelands.” Known for his work in the mystery and supernatural thriller genres, Irwin contributed to crafting the unique blend of crime drama, supernatural elements, and folklore that defines the series.


Nathan Mayfield, a producer and co-founder of Hoodlum Entertainment, contributed to bringing “Tidelands” to life. Leigh McGrath, another co-creator, brought his expertise as a writer and producer to the project.


His contributions include shaping the characters, plotlines, and overall narrative of the series.


2. Directors – Toa Fraser

directors - toa fraser


Toa Fraser, a New Zealand director, made a significant impact as the director of several episodes of the Netflix series “Tidelands.” Known for his versatility as a filmmaker, Fraser brought his expertise in storytelling and visual direction to the show.


His work in “Tidelands” is characterised by a keen eye for atmosphere and a focus on character development. Through his direction, he skillfully navigated the complex and multifaceted world of the Tidelands, capturing the lush coastal landscapes and the dark, mysterious undercurrents that define the series.


Fraser’s directorial contributions were instrumental in bringing to life the show’s intricate blend of crime, supernatural elements, and family drama, making “Tidelands” a visually captivating and narratively compelling series for its viewers.


3. Writers -  Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath

Stephen M. Irwin


Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath played significant roles as writers for the Netflix series “Tidelands.” As an accomplished author with a background in mystery and supernatural thrillers, Stephen M. Irwin’s writing contributions have shaped the complex relationships, the mysterious world, and the overarching story arc of the series.


Leigh McGrath, with his background in writing and production, made contributions that have included scripting individual episodes, developing character backgrounds, and helping craft the dialogue and interactions that drove the narrative forward. Together, Irwin and McGrath collaborated to create the rich and intricate storytelling that defines “Tidelands.”


4. Music – Matteo Zingales

Matteo Zingales


Matteo Zingales is an Australian composer and musician who contributed to the success of the Netflix series “Tidelands” with his work on the show’s musical score. Zingales crafted a musical score that complemented the show’s themes, setting, and narrative, enhancing the viewing experience for the audience.


His music contributed to the atmosphere, mood, and emotional depth of the series. While the exact measures of success for Zingales’ work on “Tidelands” may vary, his contribution as a composer has played a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality and impact of the series.


5. Cinematography – Robert Humphreys and Bruce Young

Robert Humphreys


Robert Humphreys and Bruce Young are both accomplished cinematographers who made substantial contributions to the Netflix series “Tidelands.” Robert Humphreys is an experienced Australian cinematographer known for his work in both film and television.


His role as the cinematographer in “Tidelands” involved overseeing the visual aspects of the series. His expertise in capturing the coastal landscapes and the atmospheric elements of the series would have been essential in bringing the world of “Tidelands” to life.


Bruce Young is another accomplished Australian cinematographer with a strong background in the film and television industry. His expertise in camera techniques and visual storytelling would have contributed to the overall cinematic quality of the show.



Shows similar to Tidelands


1. Siren



“Siren” is a television series that originally aired on Freeform, a cable and satellite television network in the United States. The show follows the story of a coastal town where the arrival of mysterious and dangerous mermaids disrupts the lives of its inhabitants. ”Siren” explores themes of mythology, conflict, and coexistence between humans and these mythical creatures.


It is currently available on the Disney+ platform.


2. Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her


“Pieces of Her” is a Netflix series based on the bestselling novel by Karin Slaughter. It’s a gripping thriller that delves into dark family secrets and the impact of a violent event in a small Georgia town.


The story revolves around Andrea Oliver, played by Toni Collette, who unexpectedly unveils her mother’s hidden past, shattering the image she had of her mother. As she delves deeper into the mystery, Andrea unravels a complex web of deceit and danger.


The series combines intense drama, mystery, and suspense as it explores the themes of identity, trauma, and the secrets we keep. “Pieces of Her” is a suspenseful and character-driven narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.


3. The Gift

The Gift


“The Gift,” known as “Atiye” in Turkish, is a supernatural drama series on Netflix. It follows the life of Atiye, a talented artist in Istanbul, who becomes obsessed with an archaeological discovery that unveils mysterious symbols linked to her past.


The show explores themes of ancient mythology, spirituality, and the supernatural as Atiye embarks on a quest to unravel the enigma of her family’s history. As she delves deeper into her ancestry, she discovers an ancient connection to a powerful secret that holds the key to her future. ”The Gift” offers a blend of mysticism, suspense, and family drama, making it an intriguing and visually captivating series.


4. Invisible City

Invisible City


“Cidade Invisível,” or “Invisible City” in English, is a Brazilian Netflix series that blends folklore, urban fantasy, and crime drama. The show revolves around an environmental police officer who stumbles upon hidden mystical creatures from Brazilian folklore in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.


As he investigates a mysterious murder, he uncovers a world of shape-shifting entities, supernatural powers, and ancient myths that coexist with modern city life. The series beautifully interweaves Brazilian culture and legends with a contemporary narrative, creating a unique and visually captivating story that explores the collision between the natural and supernatural realms in an urban setting.


5. The Irregulars

The Irregulars


“The Irregulars” is a Netflix series that reimagines the classic Sherlock Holmes stories from a fresh perspective. Set in Victorian London, the show follows a group of misfit teenagers who assist Dr. Watson in solving supernatural mysteries plaguing the city.


These youths, known as “The Irregulars,” possess unique powers and connections to the occult. As they venture into the eerie and paranormal underbelly of London, they unearth dark secrets, face otherworldly threats, and grapple with their own troubled pasts.


The series blends the iconic detective genre with elements of the supernatural, making for a compelling, dark, and suspenseful narrative that offers a new twist on classic literature.


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