Killing Eve Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Killing Eve Season 5: Everything We Know So Far


This British spy-thriller tracks a certain time in the life of MI5 (British Intelligence) investigator Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh). She is on Villanelle’s (played by Jodie Comer) heels with the express aim of bringing down the psychopathic assassin one way or another.


The series was adapted from Luke Jennings’s Villanelle novels. The TV series emulates the original plot and sees both protagonists developing a mutual romantic obsession with each other, which threatens to ruin their core missions.


So far, the show has enjoyed four seasons comprising thirty-two episodes in total. The first season aired in 2018 and the fourth one went on the air in 2022. A touch of dark comedy enriches the plot, which has been acclaimed for its screenplay and performances.


In fact, each season had a different female head writer on screenplay. Outstanding writing talents in this regard include Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emerald Fennell, Suzanne Heathcote, and Laura Neal. Noteworthy co-stars in Killing Eve include Fiona Shaw, Owen McDonnell, Harriet Walter, Gemma Whelan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Anjana Vasan, Turlough Convery, Robert Gilbert, Camille Cottin, Sean Delaney, and Kim Bodnia.




Official Announcement for Killing Eve Season 5


The show had a great run for all of four seasons, but this spy-thriller seems to have been shot down after that. No official reason was provided, but the cancellation was confirmed through an announcement in March 2021.


The timing was kind of odd, because just two months before that announcement BBC American confirmed Killing Eve season 4 was on the way. Some fans have speculated that the show was not going in a fun direction after the first two seasons.


So maybe that was the original reason behind the cancellation of Killing Eve season 5.




Previous Seasons & Episodes of Killing Eve


A security role at MI5 bores Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh). She got that task due to an inelegant investigation involving an important witness, which later saw her fired.


But Eve has always been passionate about catching female assassins. This later brings her into MI6’s covert division where she is given the Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) file. This heartless assassin is infamous for causing her own brand of chaos on the world stage under the auspices of a secret society called The Twelve.


When Eve and Villanelle’s paths eventually cross, obsession and attraction take root, pushing them closer to one another and farther away from their individual missions. The show is no stranger to violent encounters and dark agendas.


It has capitalized on both so far. The lead ‘good guy’ Eve attempts to solve crimes connected to the secret organization The Twelve. In direct contrast, Villanelle goes about fulfilling their contracts.


However, a new killer comes on the scene, laying the groundwork for both Eve and Villanelle to work together. This unpredictable mission takes them both to Rome where, as expected, the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan and everything that can go wrong, does.


Around season 3, which takes place six months after that debacle, we see Eve quitting MI6 and living down low. Around this time, Villanelle has chosen not to work (rather, kill) for the Twelve anymore.


But the organization continues its murderous agenda, which ends up claiming the life of someone close to Eve. Once again, Eve and Villanelle are set to cross paths with one another.


By the time season 4 comes along, Eve is ready to visit justice on The Twelve. Villanelle, meanwhile, expresses a keen interest to change for Eve’s sake. Clashes unfold between them despite the fact that both women want to see an end to The Twelve.




Where to Watch Killing Eve


All four seasons of the remarkable woman-led spy-thriller series Killing Eve can be streamed on HBO Max and AMC+ in the USA, Crave and Club Illico in Canada, and SKY TV and BBC iPlayer in the UK.




Killing Eve Series Google Trends Analysis


Most spy-thrillers have a steady fandom who adore such stories, mainly because of their impactful entertainment value. Things weren’t all that different for the TV  series Killing Eve. Fans have had plenty of wonderful things to say about the show,  even though interest in it gradually declined during its last two seasons.


Many expressed how impressed they were at the show’s hooks and intrigue value. Some viewers went on to praise Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing skills, which made the show feel memorable and relevant.


The assassin elements used in the series impressed a lot of viewers who didn’t expect the show to pull it off so well. On a related note, the characters sharing a  same-sex (lesbian) love bond made plenty of different people appreciate the series.


Online comments even expressed admiration for the consistency in Killing Eve, and how well they balanced complex themes and tropes. The plot twists, shooting locations, and layered characterisations were also duly appreciated.



Expected Plot of Killing Eve Season 5


Since the show has been cancelled, it can be challenging to predict what the future may hold for the characters in season 5. But there is still ample room for relationship growth where Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) are concerned.


Then there are the members of the covert organization called The Twelve whose story can be branched out even further. The series boasts some amazing intertwined character arcs, making it thrilling and intriguing.


This also leaves plenty of room for branching out select character arcs in season 5 that haven’t been fully explored so far. The electric tension between some of the characters, especially its protagonists, can result in interesting storylines worth expanding.


April 2022 gave fans confirmation about a spin-off centring around Carolyn Martens’ early life at MI6. It was in the early stages of development at that time. Its content could have served as a spark for whatever may have followed in Killing Eve season 5.


But the show has been cancelled after four seasons, so all we have are speculations.



Top Characters in Killing Eve


Here’s a show whose story is carried on the backs of strong female characters and meaningful context. Every season brought something interesting and here are some of the characters who made it so.


1. Eve Polastri

 eve polastri


She used to be an MI5 Security Officer but was fired from her job. However, her passion and skill drew the eyes of MI6 agents who made her one of them and tasked her with investigating the whereabouts of an international assassin called Villanelle.


Eve and the assassin end up falling for each other and endangering their respective missions and goals. Eve Polastri is played by Sandra Oh.


2. Villanelle



Aka Oksana Anatolyevna Astankova, Villanelle is a conflicted and complicated orphan turned assassin who works for The Twelve and later develops a desperate need to leave them and their murderous agendas behind.


She is tailed by Eve, with whom she later falls in love, further complicating the dangers and burdens she already has in her life. Villanelle is played by Jodie Comer.


3. Carolyn Martens

Carolyn Martens


Heading the Russia Desk at MI6, Carolyn certainly has a lot on her plate. But Eve and Villanelle add to it in ways she didn’t foresee. Carolyn was herself a field agent who, in the 80s, did remarkable work recruiting people who would later become some of the agency’s finest assets.


This may be classified information but Carolyn is credited for saving the world on more than one occasion. Carolyn Martens is played by Fiona Shaw.


4. Konstantin Vasiliev

 Konstantin Vasiliev


One of the most ruthless and capable handlers working for the secret society calling itself The Twelve, Konstantin is a Russian Intelligence Officer who has collaborated with numerous deadly assassins, the latest among them being Villanelle.


Konstantin Vasiliev is played by Kim Bodnia.


5. Hugo Turner

Hugo Turner


Though he is one of MI6’s youngest agents, Hugo passed Eton and Oxford with barely any effort. His influential family connections dragged him into the Secret Service, a place he’d much rather avoid than join.


Hugo was part of Eve’s mission to Rome where he barely survived when things went downhill. Hugo Turner is played by Edward Bluemel.



Important Crew Members in Killing Eve


A show like this needs every spy – sorry, crew member – on board to see the mission – pardon, the series – through to the end. Killing Eve was rife with amazing characterization, superb locations, notable costumes, gripping stunts, admirable production design, and more.


All of this was possible thanks to a talented crew. Here are just a handful of them who helped make the series a hit.


1. Damon Thomas – Director

Damon Thomas – Director


Damon helmed the most episodes in the overall series and directed some of the most memorable sequences in the show. His previous work includes hit TV series like Dracula, Beethoven, Dirk Gently, Riviera, Penny Dreadful, In The Flesh, Lightfields, Sirens, Prisoners Wives, and Horizon.


2. Luke Jennings – Author & Writer

Luke Jennings – Author & Writer


Few but diverse visual-media credits define Luke’s filmography. He’s worked on Dawning of the Dead (TV series) and Young Sherlock (short). But the most important credit for this British author is his Villanelle series of novels from which the Killing Eve TV series was originally adapted.


3. Phoebe Waller-Bridge – Head Writer

Phoebe Waller-Bridge – Head Writer


Her producing, writing, and acting contributions are fast becoming an inspiration. Phoebe has been part of some amazing productions, including Fleabag, Solo A Star Wars Story, and Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny.


She has also worked on hit projects like His Dark Materials, Staged, Crashing, Man Up, and Goodbye Christopher Robin. In Killing Eve, she played the role of a head writer.



Top 3 Shows Like Killing Eve


With a story defined by a same-sex romance between a female spy and the MI6 investigator chasing her, it can be tricky to find similarities out there. But here are a few shows that bring a similar flair for action, drama, intrigue, and thrill.


1. Nikita



Strong female characters immersed in espionage and personal drama feature in this hit series. Just like Killing Eve, this one too has a secret organization responsible for weaponizing the lead character when she was a kid.


This truth compelled Nikita to work with Alexandra Udinov to bring the agency down from the inside. The titular character thus becomes a rogue assassin with justice on her mind.


Bringing the story alive along with her are outstanding artists like Lyndsy Fonseca, Shane West, Devon Sawa, Noah Bean, David S. Lee, Michelle Nolden, and Aaron Stanford. Nikita is currently streaming on ITVX, Roku, and Apple TV.


2. The Americans

The Americans


If you liked Killing Eve’s spy-action then you will probably cherish what this spy-family drama (set during the American Cold War era) has to offer. Here’s a show about a husband and wife (Elizabeth and Philip Jennings), with their two kids, all four of whom are Russian spies working to stay undercover in suburbia as they try to realize a Soviet agenda.


Normal friends and nosy neighbours add to the fun and suspense in this series. It features amazing artists like Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Keidrich Sellati, Holly Taylor, Margo Martindale, Frank Langella, Costa Ronin, and Noah Emmerich.


The Americans is currently streaming on Disney+, FX Now, Sky TV, and Hulu.


3. Barry



Here’s a fun-funny story about a hit man called Barry Berkman who, despite having a career awash in cold-blooded murder, decides to stop. He apparently finds that challenging to do.


One of his trickiest missions becomes a trip from the Midwest to LA where he is obligated to kill an actor who is having an affair with a mobster’s missus.


As he gets entangled in the city’s theatre arts scene, his past catches up with him. Barry tries to surrender his bloody career regardless, resulting in a dark comedy that’s as intense as it is hilarious.


Some great performances in this series come from Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, D’Arcy Carden, Kirby, and Sarah Burns. Barry is currently streaming on Sky TV, Crave, and HBO Max.


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