Kill La Kill Season 2 : Everything you need to know in 2021

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kill la kill season 2


As an anime fan, you may have come across many titles that feature action, sex, and slapstick comedy at a snail’s speed.


While some titles are pure fanservice shows at a rabbit’s pace. With Kill la Kill, which amalgamates magical girl, action, sexual content, and even comedy.


You are sure to be served up a great mug of anime that will be nothing but a satisfying drink.


From the creators that brought you Gurren Lagann. Yes, you read that right! Kill la Kill is an offering by the studio Trigger that will have your face smashed with unrestrained lunacy and copious amounts of fanservice.


The final episode of Season 1 was released in March of 2014. An OVA titled the Kill la Kill Specials was released a month later after the last episode aired.


Since then, there’s been nothing but silence from Trigger’s end. 7 years in, we’re wondering why there hasn’t been a reboot of a new season for the show?


A show that floored anime fans across the world. Here’s everything we know so far.


Also, a slight note of caution, ‘Spoilers Ahead’.



Everything We Know About Kill La Kill So Far


Kill La Kill or Kiru Ra Kiru is an anime series produced by Trigger. Ryuuko Matoi, a vagrant teenager and also the protagonist of the show, is in search of the killer who murdered her only family, her father.


The only piece of the puzzle to link his murder, is missing half of his very own invention, the Scissor Blade.


Armed with a giant half scissor and a temper reaching Mount Everest, Ryuuko’s quest leads her to Honnouji Academy.


Honnouji Academy is no ordinary school. It has a totalitarian regime that is presided over by an egotistical student council, Lady Satsuki Kiryuin.


Along with her lackeys known as The Elite Four. Where rank matters, Satsuki honors the high achievers and risk-takers, special clothes known as “Goku uniforms”.


These “Goku uniforms” have the ability to bestow upon its wearer superhuman strength and unmatched agility with other unique abilities.


This is because they are constructed using an alien material known as “Life Fibres”. Ryuuko gets defeated by a student in the Goku uniform and is forced to retreat to her home which has been razed.


There she finds, “Senketsu”, a sentient seifuku is a Kamui. Upon drinking the blood of Ryuuko.


The sailor uniform transforms into this battle armor; amplifying her superhuman abilities as well. Ryuuko heads back to the academy continuing her search that will lead her to the killer of her father.


Armed with the Senketsu and the half Scissor Blade she wants to be done with this chapter of her life for good.


Now that you’ve been given a low down to the plot of the series. Kill la Kill was broadcast in Japan between October 2013 until March 2014 with 24 episodes.


The same year, an OVA was released as the 25th episode of the show which appeared in September of 2014.


One might ask, ‘so, what about the source material?’, to answer the question. The manga adaptation of Kill la Kill began at the same time the anime series was released by Trigger.


Its serialization began in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine that ended in March 2015.


It’s unusual for an anime series, but the creators wanted to continue with the style and flow of successes they managed to achieve with Gurren Lagann.



The Ending Of The Kill La Kill Season 1


mako mankanshoku from kill la  kill anime


Towards the end of Season 1, Ragyo Kiryuin, the main antagonist of the series has the ability to summon the Life Fibres at her will and begins to destroy the Hannouji Academy.


As Ryuuko and the team arrive at the grim scene, Satsuki reveals that she had in fact built the Hannouji Academy to decimate Ragyo, and stabs her from behind.


Satsuki continues to attack her mother by revealing that she was used as an experiment for the Life Fibres and how Ragyo even disregarded her newborn sister because of a failed experiment.


As Ryuuko tries to attack Ragyo, she survives all her attempts due to her unsevered Life Fibres and ends up stealing the Junketsu for herself.


As the COVERS begin to gather up in the sky. Ragyo wants to end Ryuuko and attempts to pull her heart out which is when it is revealed that she is her own supposed deceased daughter.


The COVERS begin taking over Japan, but Ryuuko has been in a state of coma since the last battle.


Here Ryuuko learns that her father Isshin Matoi was in fact, Soichiro Kiryuin, the husband to Ragyo and father to Satsuki.


And, he is also the Senketsu. He faked his own death to raise Ryuuko and prepare her to fight against the Kiryuins.


The shock of this revelation jolts her back to life and she sets off on a rampage vowing never to wear the Senketsu again.


Now unwilling to be a part of any team, Ryuuko heads to the academy to end the Kiryuins.


Despite having paper clones of Ragyo and Nui appearing in front of her. Ragyo ambushes Ryuuko and forces her to wear the Junketsu to rewrite her memories.


Later, Ryuuko is confronted by Satsuki who dons the Senketsu. As they battle on the warship, Naked Sol, Ryuuko battles with having to furlough her Junketsu and her anger to win this fight.


But then, the Senketsu latches onto Ryuuko’s body to save her. Now protected by her father, she battles Nui and discovers the second half of the Scissor Blade on her and severs her arms.


But Nui is rescued by Ragyo’s assistant Rei. Satsuki asks for Ryuuko’s forgiveness and asks her to punch her as an act of punishment.


But Ryuuko accepts her apology and allows her to fight alongside her. Satsuki then reveals how Ragyo plans to transmit the Primordial Life Fibre’s signal to earth.


She wants to create a Starseed Cocoon Sphere that will absorb all the humans into a singular Life Fibre.


Now ensues the battle for survival. As the team reaches the Primordial Life Fibre to battle Ragyo, who has her own set of irrepressible blades.


As Ragyo falls into Ryuuko’s trap. She along with the help of her team and the students of Hannouji Academy launch the Naked Sol into the Primordial Life Fibre like a spear.


Whilst Ryuuko manages to cut through the Life Fibres as everything comes crashing down.


Ragyo encased in the Shinra Koketsu’s powers created by Nui using Rei as a power source for the Kamui, is able to revive the Primordial Life Fibre and fuse everyone with it.


But Ryuuko’s Senketsu is able to repel the Shinra Koketsu’s powers and is able to neutralize Ragyo's powers.


Followed by the Elite Four and the Nudist Beach destroying the uplink and Ragyo receiving a fatal blow from Ryuuko and Satsuki.


But this isn’t the end, Rei fuses herself with the Primordial Life Fibre and Ragyo with it.


Enabling them to manually activate the satellite signal which leads to the Starseed Cocoon Sphere being activated.


Ryuuko then assimilates all the Goku uniforms into her own to form the Senketsu-Kisaragi, which helps her battle Ragyo.


She then absorbs the Shinra Koketsu’s powers and is again able to neutralize Ragyo’s powers.


Unwilling to give up, Ragyo rips her own heart out and warns Ryuuko that the Life Fibres will return.


Ryuuko safely returns to Earth and now the people are free to wear anything they like.


This also becomes the end of the Hannouji Academy. The OVA that was released as the 25th Episode for the season, saw the return of Rei who wanted to avenge Ragyo’s death.


She kidnaps Satsuki and Mako and sends the clones of the Elite Four and Satsuki to battle Ryuuko.


She also launches a giant mech formed from the Hannouji Academy. The Elite four manage to kill the clones.


Ryuuko while being beaten down by Rei, receives the Rending Scissors and manages to transform them into the Scissor Blades Alumni Mode.


She then destroys the mech. Rei agrees to peacefully leave Satsuki and Mako. And they watch the Hannouji Academy sink to the bottom of the sea.


Mako then assures Ryuuko that the Senketsu is always going to remain hers. How does one follow up with such amazement after all of that?!



Official Announcements And Release Date For Kill La Kill Season 2


After such a turn of events, it only leaves the fans hungrier for a new season of more action.


After the conclusion of the previous season and the OVA, 7 years have passed by with barely any news of a possible Season 2.


Now, Kill la Kill was Trigger’s first production and since then they have produced a ton of different titles.


Little Witch Academia had only one season and then two different movies released. They are even working on the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners animated series.


Slated for release in 2022 on Netflix, yet no sign of Kill la Kill on their roster.


So, the question remains, is there going to be a Season 2 for Kill la Kill?


The information is inadequate as of now. There is no official word from Trigger whatsoever.


The only way this can happen is if the creators are able to come up with an original story like they did with the first season.


Also, if you look at Trigger’s anime title roster, you’ll notice that they do not create shows with multiple seasons.


It’s just going to be a waiting game from here on.



Source Material Information For Kill La Kill Season 2


Unlike most anime, Kill la Kill did not have a manga series that became overly popular, and then a demand for the animated series was made.


In fact, the creators of the Gurren Lagann used a similar approach by coming up with an idea for the anime series which was followed the manga.


Kill la Kill is written by veteran playwright Kazuki Nakashima and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi at his studio Trigger.


While the character designs were done by Sushio.



The manga series released the same day in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine as the first episode of the anime series was broadcast in October 2013.


The manga is illustrated by Ryo Akizuki. A total of three tankobons have been released with a total of 17 chapters which ended in March of 2015.


The storyline of the manga is pretty similar to the anime. However, there are minute differences in the character designs and some scenes.


The English publishers for the series are Udon Entertainment, who released the series between October 2015 until July 2016.



Hiroyuki Imaishi, formed Trigger in August 2011 as a successor to Gainax, following the success of Gurren Lagann.


Kill la Kill was the studio’s debut production and is an original work.


As someone who consumes a lot of Japanese content, one must have observed just how well the anime creators play around with puns.


The inspiration for the series was a bit odd, Imaishi, laid the foundation of the story based on the pronunciations of words like ‘seifuku’ (school uniform) which also means ‘conquest’ (Jap. seifuku), and fascism (Jap. fassho) which is nearly identical to fashion (Jap. fasshon).


Guess inspiration really does come from the places you don’t see the most, like puns in this case.


The series is composed by Kazuki Nakashima while it is scripted by Hiromi Wakabayashi and Hiroshi Seko along with Nakashima.


The character designs were done by Sushio while the music was handled by Hiroyuki Sawano.


Kill la Kill, the animated series was announced in March of 2013 and began airing on Japan’s MBS’ Animeism in October 2013.


There are a total of 24 episodes of 24 minutes each with one OVA episode, completing the first season and also doubling up as the 25th episode for the series which was unaired.


The Japanese voice actors cast for the show are, Ami Koshimizu of Bungou Stray Dogs and Gate fame as Ryuuko Matoi.


Ryoka Yuzuki from Code Geass and Hell Girl as Satsuki Kiryuin. Romi Park of Appleseed and AOT fame as Ragyo Kiryuin and joining them as the Senketsu is Toshihiko Seki of Inuyasha and Gundam series.


For the English dubbed version of the series, we have Carrie Keranen as Satsuki, Erica Mendez as Ryuuko, David Vincent as the Senketsu.


Stylistically, the first half of the series is all about the fight sequences.


Over the top fighting, not to mention all the fanservice served while the second half explores this holocaust-like scenery much like Gurren Lagann.


Ryuuko is established as this badass angry female fighter who is loved by many. Mako makes for a perfect sidekick and is also super funny.


Satsuki’s a villain turned deuteragonist of the series. What is noteworthy here is that, despite having a tight budget, the studio has created stunning fight sequences that look seriously cool!


All the characters are heavily sexualized. An anime quirk Trigger thought would work and probably it did too.


Great character designs plus great fight scenes equal to a success story. It was released in 9 Blu-Ray Discs and DVD volumes between January 2014 until September 2014.


It compiled Episodes 24 +25, the OVA, which became the bonus episode in the 9th volume.


The 9th volume released a month later in September 2014 concluding the series, forever, as some suggest.


The soundtracks to the series were also coupled along with the 1st and 5th volumes of the series.


DVDs of the making of Kill la Kill were included in the 3rd, 7th, and 9th volumes.


While the drama videos were coupled with 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th volumes. For the Anglosphere release, the volumes were split up and released at different periods according to different regions.


In North America, Volumes 1 through 5 were released as Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs between July 2014 until April 2015 which compiled all episodes.


In the UK, licensed by Anime Limited, volumes 1 to 3 were released with all episodes between November and December 2014 until July 2016.


In Australia and New Zealand, the series is licensed by Madman Entertainment, Volumes 1 through 5 released between October 2014 until June 2015 comprising of all episodes.


The trigger has since been responsible for bringing out other anime series for the Japanese and worldwide fans to enjoy.


Like, Promare, Little Witch Academia, Darling in the Franxx, Kiznaiver, and much more. According to Kazuya Masumoto, a board member and producer at Trigger.


When asked in an interview about which of their works truly define Trigger as a studio, he replied saying ‘Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia that garnered fans around the world would most likely be the ideal titles to define their style and image as an animation studio’.


Kill la Kill the Game: IF

At the Anime Expo that was held in July 2018, Trigger along with Arc System Works announced the launch of Kill la Kill the Game: IF.


They created a visually stunning Kill la Kill game that acts as an Action, Anime, and Single Player Online PvP game.


It was released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and for PC in July 2019. The storyline is somewhat close to the anime series.


The game is available on Steam for a paid download.



Expected Plot Of Kill La Kill Season 2


Let’s start by saying, there is no fresh source material for the series. The series is an original concept by an animation studio.


Season 1 along with the OVA ended the series leaving the fans with bittersweet emotions.


This means the story has officially ended. The manga merely imitated the anime episodes. So the manga was just a beautiful retelling of the animated story in beautiful black lines and crisp character designs.


However, if we are to see a new season, Trigger will have to come up with a completely new storyline with newer characters aiding the previous characters.


Rumour is that Trigger did want to create another season, however, there weren’t too many takers for it.


So, here’s another sign that we have to wait for and hope that it’s soon.



Popularity Information On Kill La Kill Season 2


Let's look at Google Trends and the global search for season 2.


Do you think the interest of people for next season matters for the team to produce next season?


Google Trends

google trend for kill la kill season 2


Probably not the best for an anime series to see such a dip in its searches on the internet.


But Kill la Kill had tremendous search results in 2014. Which later only dipped from 100 which is the peak of popularity to going below 25 post-2015.


Despite the OVA and game releasing, the Google Trends results aren’t too positive.


Google Search

search across globe


As you can see for yourself search for kill la kill season 2 has been falling throughout the years.


After such a long gap it still has 7,900 people across the globe searching on monthly basis. It is not much unlike the classroom of the elite season 2.


If the creators of the show renew it for season 2, we can hope it to make a tremendous success.



Online Reactions For Kill La Kill Season 2


In today's world, the online reaction is becoming more and more important to assess demand for any show.


As a creator, they can assess how fans have reacted to the anime. Whether the reaction was positive or not.


Most importantly they can know their mistakes that they made in the previous season like poor plot, character design, etc.


So, let's look at how some of you have reacted to the show.


Twitter Reaction

twitter reaction for kill la kill season 2


The official Kill la Kill handle on Twitter is @kill_la_kill. The account has 53.7k followers.


The page has a pinned tweet of June 2019 tweeting the release of the Blu Ray Box Set of the series.


No tweets about a new season, it simply talks about the goods available and all the events that took place in 2020.


More than 500 tweets were made using the #killlakill. And #KILLLaKill mostly features cosplay work and fanart.


There’s an official US page as well, by the handle @KillLaKillUSA which has 5,797 followers and was last updated in 2018.


Discord Reaction

discord reaction for kill la kill season 2


Kill la Kill has a Discord server of 4,956 members. The page discusses everything Kill la Kill, however, there are mixed emotions on wanting a new season.


Quora Reaction

quora reaction for kill la kill


The series created a lot of questions on Quora, some of which explored why the series ended the way it did.


While some even asked others if it was worth watching through all the fanservice.


Reddit Reaction

reddit reaction for kill la kill


The Kill la Kill Reddit page has a whopping 72.5k followers and was created in September 2013.


The only place where you get real views on topics, the fans here described as wanting a new season will only force loose ends on a great story.


Some even suggest that the characters made the show more than the storyline itself.


The truth is, Kill la Kill was a well-made story and that we may not be seeing a new season for the same any time soon.


Video Game

video game based on kill la kill


Kill la Kill the Game: IF, has a 7/10 Steam rating and a 65% Metacritic rating.


This arena battle game based on the anime series was something the fans had anticipated and the developers surely delivered.


There is a dedicated website to the game as well featuring all the details.


Online Streaming

Kill la Kill is available for online streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Channel 4 (UK), Crunchyroll, and HBO Max as well as Viceland and Adult Swim (Toonami).



Reviews And Rating Score For Kill La Kill Season 2


Does rating any indicator for season 2? Does rating give some hint about people's interest in this series and hence this can push forward for season 2?



IMDb rating for kill la kill


Kill la Kill has an IMDB score of 7.9/10, which is great! The popularity for the same has dipped just like the Google Trends report.


The reviews on the show are a good percentage of positives. Most have loved the excesses the show has managed to achieve making it a really intriguing and good watch.


My Anime List

review on myanimelist for kill la kill


The series has a MAL score of 8.09 and stands at #38 on the popularity index of the site.


A total of 1,335,798 members actively discusses everything about the show. Kill la Kill Specials has a score of 7.72 while the manga has a score of 6.90.


The reviews are pretty insightful and many put forth critical views given the show’s success.



crunchyroll review for kill la kill


On the streaming site Crunchyroll, the anime has 564 of its users rating the show 5 stars!


The reviews just like the rest speak of how stupidly good the show is.



Sales And Profit Information On Kill La Kill Season 2


Website & Merchandise Sales

The Kill la Kill website is regularly updated. The latest updates are regarding the studio holding events with all the shows they’ve created.


The latest update was in fact made in March 2021, but nothing about a new season has been disclosed.


The Products section on the site displays the series merchandise available for purchase.


Items like keychains, cosplay items, puzzle boxes, tank tops and shorts, t-shirts, emblem pins as well as the soundtrack CD.


The music to the series is equally popular as the show. Many critics have even lauded the choice of music for the fight scenes.


Some websites online also feature the figurines and chibi figurines of some characters.


Manga Sales

Now the manga series isn’t being printed anymore so the fans have been buying either second-hand or new copies at twice the prices available.


Just like Steins; Gate the manga has become a rare find. Surprisingly enough there aren’t enough sales details on the net, but the popularity of the manga series has been highly spoken of.


DVD/Blu Ray Sales

In its first week of release in January of 2014, Volume 1 sold a total of 9,415 copies.


March 2014, saw Volume 2 of the Blu Ray Discs sell 9,939 copies. While Volume 3 sold a total of 8,450 copies.


In May 2014, Volume 5 of the Blu-Ray Discs sold 10,039 copies. As of July 2014, Kill la Kill Volume 7 of the Blu Ray Discs sold a total of 9,348 copies in Japan.


From these numbers, you can tell that the sales from the first week of sales, the numbers of the sales have been consistent.


But the sales dropped post-2015.



Production Cost For The Kill La Kill Season 2


Now, it is a known fact that creating an anime show is no easy task.


Creating a 30-minute episode can cost between 100 million yen to 300 million yen.


Depending on the production scaling of the anime series, Kill la Kill was made with a minimum budget.


Given the fact that it is super heavy on VFX. And the story world itself is pretty intricate.


We could make a guess that an episode could have cost at least 250 million yen each or even lesser.


Multiply that by 25 episodes and adding a rough estimate of the DVD Blu Ray sales.


The series must have crossed the initial cost of production given its popularity was immense.



Potential Characters For Kill La Kill Season 2


Kill la Kill has tons of characters. However, if the series were to return for a reboot, here’s a few we’re likely to see returning,


Ryuuko Matoi

ryuuko matoi


Ryuuko is the protagonist of the series, a 17-year-old in search of the murderer of her dead father.


Armed with a half Scissor Blade that her father invented. She sets out on a journey that leads her to Hannouji Academy, where she enrolls as a student.


She is hot-tempered, determined, and an extremely strong personality. Towards the end of the series, it is revealed that she is in fact the daughter of Ragyo, Hannouji’s Director, and the sister to Satsuki, the villain of the series.


She is also the owner of the sentient Senketsu.


Satsuki Kiryuin

satsuki kiryuin


Satsuki can be considered as the tritagonist after Ragyo as she is the actual villain of the series.


Satsuki is Hannouji Academy’s disciplinarian who wields an extremely powerful blade known as the Bakuzan.


She is accompanied by the Elite Four, who are all armed with Goku uniforms made of Life Fibres.


However, Satsuki does not wear one since she has the blade for her protection. During the fight with her own mother, Ragyo, Satsuki reveals that she had built the academy only to make it her burial ground as she faced hardships growing up with a megalomanic mother.





The Senketsu is merely an outfit that is also an integral part of the story.


Ryuuko finds the Senketsu under her razed house that fuses with her body in exchange for her blood.


The Senketsu, a sentient uniform that has the ability to give its wearer immense strength and superhuman abilities and also acts as an indestructible armor.


Mako Mankanshoku

Ryuuko’s closest friend at the academy and also an integral character of the series. She isn’t exactly the combat-friendly type like the rest of the characters.


She has a low rank and since the academy bases much of its judgments based on ranks, Mako becomes Ryuuko’s main support system and only confidant throughout the series.


Mako is shown to live in the slums near the academy due to her lower ranking.



Other Decisive Factors For The Kill la Kill Season 2


As bleak as the chances look for a new season since many fans consider the story done. we can only hope for some kind of new material to come in order to get a new season.


Which could only mean a new storyline. But all of that depends on Trigger as they work on many projects at a time, so let’s hope that a new season or spin-off is on their to-do list!



Now we’ve mentioned, the show and the manga have some serious fanservice going on. That can somehow reflect on how sexuality and feminism are perceived in anime.


Many found this one aspect of the show is an absolute letdown. There are some who do not enjoy the skin show.


Sometimes it works for the story and sometimes it doesn’t. According to the Backloggers website, it attempts are starting a dialogue about how the anime explores sexuality as a whole.


Both male and female characters are represented as barely clothed or even nude at times. A lot of focus is given to the main characters, Ryuuko and Satsuki with skimpy battle suits and sexual innuendos.


However, if you were to change your perspective a little, this could also mean a way to be more comfortable with nudity and have a good self-body image.


Call it what you may, you can either watch the trailer or watch the series to make your own judgments about the same.





If we have to break it to you, with very little information about even a potential plot for the season like no game no life season 2.


The chances seem very low for a new season. And as we discussed, unless Trigger can come up with a new storyline based on the previous cast, just maybe we could have a new season on our hands.


But for now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for us to relive Ryuuko’s fights again.