My Hero Academia Arcs In Chronological Order

My Hero Academia Arcs In Chronological Order


My Hero Academia is an anime that changed the shonen game for the audience. And that’s one of the many reasons why people look up to this anime so much.


It is entertaining in terms of action, drama, storyline, worldbuilding and so much more. And so, a lot of people wish to get into the My Hero Academia series but aren’t sure how they can do it.


Therefore, to eliminate all forms of confusion, I will be listing down all the arcs in My Hero Academia and give you a gist of what happens in all of them.


So if you are ready, let’s hop into it.




My Hero Academia Arcs In Chronological Order


The chronological order of arcs is the order in which the events of the story took place. And so, this order is extremely important if you wish to understand the premise of the show in the best way possible.


Make sure that you keep your eyes open here and give this show its time.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

Entrance Exam Arc

July 7, 2014

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

August 4, 2014

Battle Trial Arc

September 1, 2014

U.S.J. Arc

September 29, 2014

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

December 8, 2014

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

June 8, 2015

Final Exams Arc

September 28, 2015

Forest Training Camp Arc

December 7, 2015

Hideout Raid Arc

March 28, 2016

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

July 11, 2016

Shie Hassaikai Arc

January 16, 2017

Remedial Course Arc

December 11, 2017

U.A. School Festival Arc

February 5, 2018

Pro Hero Arc

May 28, 2018

Joint Training Arc

August 20, 2018

Meta Liberation Army Arc

March 4, 2019

Endeavor Agency Arc

September 2, 2019

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

December 9, 2019

Tartarus Escapees Arc

March 29, 2021

Star and Stripe Arc

October 11, 2021

U.A. Traitor Arc

November 29, 2021

Final War Arc

February 14, 2022




Important Arcs of My Hero Academia 


All the arcs in My Hero Academia are extremely important as they set up the show for the greatness that it offers. There might be instances where you will feel that the arc is getting boring but don’t bother.


Because the very next arc will end up entertaining you from the core. Here’s a quick summary of all of them.


1. Entrance Exam Arc

The series has begun with our main character Izuku Midoriya as he tries to get into UA High, a school meant for people who wish to be heroes in the near future.


And although he doesn’t have any supernatural power, also known as Quirk, he still applies for it with the hope of handling the matter on his own. Things start to get better when his childhood hero All Might ends up giving him his own power.


And now Deku is going to prepare for the entrance exam at UA High with the intent of clearing it and making it to the prestigious institute. However, that won’t be easy.


2. Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Izuku manages to get into the prestigious UA High. However, troubles haven’t left him yet because he managed to get in with a lot of luck involved in his selection.


Therefore, his class teacher Shouta Aizawa decides to conduct a Quirk Apprehension Test which would give him an idea of his students’ quirks and allow him to evaluate them. Since Deku (Izuku)  hasn’t been able to master his quirk yet, he might be in danger since anyone who fails this test might end up getting expelled from the academy.


All of Deku’s dreams might shatter in just a matter of seconds.


3. Battle Trial Arc

This arc is all about the application of quirks in a realistic situation. After all the students get their costumes, they are sent for combat against each other in a team format.


This is where things start to get interesting since these guys would have to find a way to outperform their opponent team and manage to secure a path towards victory.


Our boy Deku would have to find a way to win against his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo. However, Bakugo doesn’t seem to be all that interested in friendship and he will try his best to put an end to Deku’s hero career.


4. U.S.J. Arc

This arc is where the anime really starts to make a name for itself. This is where all the characters go and practice in a specific location called Unforeseen Simulation Joint.


The idea here is that these students would have to hone their rescue skills so that they can become incredible warriors on the battlefield. However, this won’t be easy since the league of villains managed to interfere in their training and caused havoc for everyone present there.


Now it’s all on All Might to make sure that these monsters don’t hurt the students any more than they already did.


5. U.A. Sports Festival Arc

This is one of the best arcs in the entire series. And that’s because it is a tournament arc. We all know how much we love Tournament arcs. And the UA Sports festival will entertain you from the core.


The idea here is that this festival will feature a lot of new events since the entire academy will be facing each other. The festival will feature multiple competitions and the winner of all those competitions will be looked upon as the next potent hero of the country.


This is going to be absolutely insane and you wouldn’t wanna miss out on it. Make sure that you give it a go.


6. Vs. Hero Killer Arc

This arc is placed in Hosu city where our beloved characters will be facing a freak of nature for the first time. They will be going up against the Hero Killer.


This man is nothing less than fascinating as he keeps on pushing the same ideology of a corrupted society filled with fake heroes. He isn’t a villain. He just wants ‘Hero’ to be a pure-hearted profession and not something is done for the sake of profit.


This is why his ideology is going to carry the rest of the series. And you will be shocked knowing how well things go because of him. This arc is incredible.


7. Final Exams Arc

Time for the final exams of this year. All our students have managed to make it to the end of their year and now is the time that they start preparing for the exams.


And while the written exam won’t be an issue, the practical exam is going to be a nightmare. Why? Because our beloved students would have to fight their own teachers in this exam.


And that would be anything but easy for them. There’s a reason why people look up to the show so much. It just keeps on adding more and more difficulty, which makes it more and more fun for all of us.


8. Forest Training Camp Arc

Forest training camp was supposed to be an attempt to make sure that all our students learn something new about their hero profession and the activities involved in it. However, things take the turn for the worse when Tomura Shigaraki from the league of villains, manages to pave his way to the place.


And he ends up kidnapping one of the students from the group. The most formidable villain in the entire series is going to make his appearance. And let’s just say that taking him head-on will be nothing less than a nightmare. This arc is unreal.


9. Hideout Raid Arc

This arc is all about securing Bakugo and putting an end to everything that’s happening in the series. The idea here is that All Might will be teaming up with some of the most potent heroes to rescue Bakugo and get him out of trouble.


While the league is trying to convince Bakugo to join them, All Might prepares a plan to protect him. However, soon enough, this rescue mission would end up becoming the last fight for our man as this is where things will reach their conclusion.


The symbol of peace will be having his toughest battle against his arc nemesis.


10. Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

This arc talks about the Provisional Hero License that will allow our students to work as heroes legally. However, this entire exam will be a test of everything that constitutes a hero, including attitude.


And that’s exactly why people have realized that this exam is not going to be a joke. All our characters will be working in a team with the intent of securing their individual license.


However, two of our beloved students won’t be able to make it. And let’s just say that those two are going to be the most unexpected ones from the bunch. This is why the arc is so good.


11. Shie Hassaikai Arc

This arc is filled with unreal action. And that’s why it is so impressive to the audience. The arc talks about Sir Nighteye, one of All Might’s former Sidekicks, who will be hiring Deku as an intern.


Deku will learn a lot with the intent of getting control of his quirk. However, he will also end up getting involved in a case that will shape the series forever.


This will be the involvement of the Yakuza and a magical girl in the series. A quirk that can control time? Things are going to be rough for the students and everyone involved in that fight.


A lot of hearts will be broken.


12. Remedial Course Arc

A short arc focusing on Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki as they try and get their provisional license along with other students from other schools. This is where they get to know about two students from Shiketsu High School as well.


Just in case you don’t know, Shiketsu is the school that happens to be in direct competition with UA High. And that’s why this meeting would prove to be a lot more valuable than what meets the eye.


The reason why people appreciate this arc so much is that it explores our two characters very well for the audience.


13. U.A. School Festival Arc

UA High seems to be having its school festival ahead where there will be countless events such as dance, singing, beauty pageant, etc. This is why the school festival will be something that will be worth your time as we will take a step back and try to understand what is done by all these students during their school years.


There won’t be many fights involved in it. However, we will see a new villain pop up in the series. And his battle with Deku will be a remarkable one.


Therefore, if you are yet to watch the show, make sure that you give this arc a go. It is absolutely stunning.


14. Pro Hero Arc

This arc is focusing on the actual heroes in our series. The pros. These guys are going to be having their pro hero ranking released soon. And so, they would have no choice but to be competitive with each other.


The reason why this arc is so important for us as viewers is because it allows us to get an idea about the characters that are at the top of the charts.


And so, if you are someone who wishes to get a glimpse of how things work in the world of My Hero Academia then this is the arc for you.


Make sure that you give this arc a try and entertain yourself to the brim.


15. Joint Training Arc

This is going to be the arc that will introduce Shinso to the general public. After all, it will be a game-changer for the audience as this man seems like Aizawa’s son.


And although that’s not the case, Aizawa did raise him well enough to make sure that he stands on his own feet against his opponents. The entire arc is filled with a lot of hype moments including the one where Deku will get used to his new quirk.


Let’s just say that this one will change the way you look at My Hero Academia altogether. And that’s why it is a must-watch arc for all those who are a part of it.


16. Meta Liberation Army Arc

This arc will be focusing on our villains. This will be an attempt by Tomura Shigaraki to secure a name for himself in the world of evil. He just wants to destroy.


However, he lacks the power necessary for absolute destruction. And let’s just say that this arc will change the course of the show forever. You might not realize it now.


However, soon enough, this arc will be the reason why Tomura Shigaraki will be the most formidable opponent in the entire series. Keep your eyes open. You are going to be witnessing a monster in the making.


He is absolutely unreal.


17. Endeavor Agency Arc

This arc talks about our main characters getting back to their work-study. However, this time around, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki will be learning under Endeavor. And that’s just the beginning of the show.


After all, this arc will be the reason why people will start respecting Endeavor so much. My man is a beast and the subtle things that heroes have to do, in order to make sure that they save as many lives as possible are what will be portrayed here.


All those who were looking forward to Endeavor, this is your moment to be happy and appreciate him.


18. Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The best arc in the anime so far. It is absolute chaos and you can’t beat that. The idea of this arc is simple. The League of Villains took over the Meta Liberation Army and created the Paranormal Liberation Front.


And this group is huge and powerful. The villains are planning to launch an attack on heroes and destroy society altogether. However, thanks to Hawks, this won’t happen and things will be taken care of by our beloved heroes.


That is until Tomura Shigaraki will wake up. The moment he is up again, things will take a turn for the worst.


19. Tartarus Escapees Arc

The Paranormal Liberation War arc will absolutely annihilate the system. And it won’t even be the end of misery for our heroes. And that’s why Izuku Midoriya will leave UA High with the intent of searching the league of villains yet again and taking them down.


He will be teaming up alongside All Might and the other top 3 heroes so that he can prepare himself for the inevitable battle against All For One. He must master the full power before he goes up against the final opponent.


And that’s exactly what we will be witnessing in this arc from our boy.


20. Star and Stripe Arc

This arc will feature a new hero named Star and Stripe. And who is she? Well, she is the number one hero from the USA, who will be joining Deku and all of Japan’s heroes with the intent of stopping Tomura Shigaraki.


Once All Might realizes that Tomura will be getting his strength back, he goes on to the foreign nation to seek help. And Star and Stripe make her appearance at that moment.


However, Tomura seems to have changed his plans and now he wishes to acquire her quirk for his own good. This is going to be insane and you can’t beat that.


21. U.A. Traitor Arc

Things are on track and it’s all going to happen now. The most notable class of UA High is on its way to making a difference and changing the way things are working in their world now.


The idea is simple. UA students are supposed to go ahead and take down One For All, Tomura, and the remnants of the League of Villains. However, the infamous UA Traitor makes his appearance and it is because of him that things start taking turns for the worst.


All that was planned will be gone for good. And that’s exactly why this arc is going to be a rollercoaster ride.


22. Final War Arc

This is the final war. The last stretch, where everything is on the line and nothing can be ignored at all. There’s a reason why it is one of the most anticipated arcs of the show.


The story focuses on All For One having an edge over his opponents and taking down the heroes one by one. However, soon enough, things start to get interesting when a certain someone’s help changes the way things work in the series.


There’s a reason why people look up to this arc so much. It will give us the chills we need and the entertainment we want. That’s why it is placed here on our list.






1. How many arcs are there in My Hero Academia?

There are a grand total of 22 arcs, running across three sagas in the story. All of these arcs consist of all 377 chapters of the Manga. The anime has covered 18 out of the 22 arcs of the core story with the final few seasons covering the rest of it.


2. Is MHA in its final arc?

Yes. My Hero Academia seems to be reaching its conclusion very soon with all the formidable opponents coming together and fighting all the potent heroes of Japan. This war is going to be game-changing and you can’t beat that.


There’s a reason why people appreciate the series so much.


3. Which is the best arc in My Hero Academia?

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc has been the most entertaining arc in the anime so far. The show just doesn’t stop with its high-octane action during the entire season. And that’s why this arc is often considered the best arc in My Hero Academia.


4. What is the longest arc in MHA?

The Paranormal Liberation War arc is also the longest arc in the series. It spans 54 chapters of the manga and 18 episodes of the anime. This entire arc is filled with a lot of content with almost no break whatsoever, making it extremely entertaining and worthwhile for the audience.


5. Will Season 6 of MHA be the last?

No. The 6th season features the Paranormal Liberation War arc which is considered to be one of the finest arcs in the show. However, this is the 18th arc in the series, meaning that there are a lot more arcs yet to be discovered in the anime.


This is why the 6th season is not going to be the last for My Hero Academia anime.


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